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tv   9 On Your Side News 7  ABC  March 21, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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now at seven...hearts are broken... as the tristate remembers a kenton county woman who fell to her death at a nature sanctuary. what her former high school is doing tonight in her honor. more threats at tri-state schools...and it's taking a toll on students and teachers. what's being lost in the classroom -- when children are put in fear. a locked door is all that stands between a clerk and two would-be robbers...but hear why grant county investigators think this isn't the first time they've been shut out! nine on your side at seven
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a college student from kenton county who fell to her death during a hike in lexington over the weekend is being remembered tonight.. 9 on your side's tom mckee shows us how katie stewart's former high school is honoring the the bright and energetic woman young woman. faculty members here at notre dame acadeny came together monday night for a private vigil in memory of 2012 graduate katie stewart who died in an accident over the weekend." weekend." stewart, a senior at transylvania university in lexington, slipped and fell over a cliff saturday at the raven run nature sanctuary, where friends say she'd gone hiking. she was due to come home to lakeside park sunday to celebrate her 22nd birthday with her family and twin sister. sister. "we wanted to pray for katie and her family and to acknowledge the pain that they're going through with this loss." loss." notre dame academy president laura koehlsays the school made special mention of the fact that katie's died during the easter season. season. "this is the time when we
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passion -- the pain and suffering of christ -- and then ultimately the ressurection." ressurection." and while katie's death is tragic, koehl added the pain and sadness being felt will ultimately subside. "we also hope that at some point they can find hope in the care and love of others. the great hope is that god is there for all of us." us." kher father, tom, called her a smart young woman who easily excelled in her studies. her mother, stephanie, called her a jewel who spread beauty to the world around her. her. "the concensus here is that katie was a natural born leader gone way too soon. tom mckee, nine on your side, park hills." funeral arrangements for katie stewart are now final. visitation begins at 3:30 wednesday at saint agnes church in fort wright. the service follows at 7. three bomb threats against tri- state schools in a single day. they turned out to be hoaxes -- that school officials say are becoming a big waste of time.
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facing charges after posting this message on facebook... threatening to blow up several cincinnati schools. also today - north college hill high *and* campbell county middle school were evacuated after police say students made threats tgere as well. 'summit view academy had two bomb scares called in recently from a robotic voice. kenton county district spokesperson 'jess dykes' says the cost of these threats can't be measured. "we're losing academic instructional time with our kids - it's a waste of our time - and you can't put a dollar amount on that" that"even during an evacuation - districts are required to feed students scramble to put sack lunches together. some bus drivers are also called in on overtime. tonight -- a dozen fairfield families are trying to find new homes -- after theirs were destroyed by fire. fire.investigators say a crew doing excavation work hit a gas line -- sparking a fire that burned up part of "the villages of wildwood". firefighters say at one point
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though the building's roof,but tonight -- the big question -- is who was at fault for hitting the gas line. "it's really going to be up to the investigators to see where this line was whether it had been moved this complex was built back in the '70's so there's been a lot of modifications." modifications."the red cross is helping those displaced families find a place to stay tonight. tonight -- a driver is charged with vehicular homicide... in connection with a deadly crash near the combs- hehl bridge. cincinnati police say cory lippmeier was speeding and may have been impaired when he rear-ended another car on i-275 sunday happened around nine-30 on the ohio side of the bridge.scott petredis was traveling in the other vehicle and was killed in the crash. it's the second crash near that bridge in a week.tomorrow marks one week since a car went off the combs-hehl bridge -- plunging into the ohio river.crews will try to get the car out of the water this
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high, swift and murky for them to reach it.campbell county police say they now have an idea of who was in the car... after a family contacted them inquiring about a missing person. tonight -- traffic is moving again in west chester -- after a deadly crash shut down tylersville happened just before ten this morning. police say a driver ran a red light at kingsgate way... and hit two vehicles at the verne morlock of west chester was in one of those cars... she died at west chester hospital.two others inside that car were also taken to the hospital. family members of a st. bernard man -- who was beaten to death last year-- are angry that the people charged are taking a plea deal. deal.james kirby -- mario lewis -- and chasidy brewer all pleaded guilty to their involvement in the beating death of 73-year-old carl engel at his home last march. police say it happened during a botched burglary. today in court-- the victim's children begged the judge for stiffer sentences--- saying
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"it's been really hard to not hate the players, but hate the game. and our legal system, that's exactly what it is." is."kirby will spend 27 years in prison...lewis and brewer were given shorter prison terms. they were duped by a locked door...and police in northern kentucky say it may have been the *second* time that's happened to these would-be robbers.nine on your side's julie o'neill shows us why the suspects in that scene this weekend -- fit the bill for another investigation. it happened here at this marathon gas station right off i-75 in williamstown. the 57-year-old clerk tells me he started to go around back to put the garbage outheard somethinggot suspicious back inside and locked the door. the surveillance picture shows him looking at the two men, one of whom has a gun. it was scary because he had a gun. and he could've went ahead and shot me right
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but he didn't so.dwayne nickell is very familiar with what happened at the marathon 10 miles south of here a few weeks ago when a clerk averted an armed robbery when she thought to lock the door. the men had on similar hoods and clothing so police in williamstown and grant county sheriff deputies are working together on this pretty sure they're the same guys. they're asking people to share the surveillance pictures on their facebook pages to help catch these guys as soon as possible.the sooner the better for these clerks who have a healthy fear this will happen again. in williamstown, julie o'neill 9 on your side. a man hit by his own car! car!the mistake that led to a driver ending up underneath his he's doing tonight. "over the top" support for a northern kentucky landmark -- destroyed by tri-state folks are helping rebuild the rabbit hash general stores. winds pick up on tuesday from the southwest at 10 to 20,
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warm air building ahead of
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a tri-state man run over by his own car.. is expected to recover. happened this afternoon in springfield township.police say that man had stepped out of his vehicle -- but didn't put the car in park.he quickly tried jumping
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fell.his legs were hit by the car -- and it came to a stop. police say he was taken to the hospital only as a precaution. organizers say the support was "over the top"... to help rebuild a boone county landmark that caught fire last month. the "rabbit hash bash" held just over a week ago raised more than 11-thousand dollars. that money will help rebuild the rabbit hash general store... which caught fire in was built in 1831 -- and is on the national registry of historical places. it's a troubling issue that affects the lives of so many teens...and a tri-state group is getting students and teachers involved to stop teen suicide. suicide.the group is called "seas the day" -- that's s-e-a-s... an acronyn for "stay educated about suicide". suicide".and that education comes in the form of suicide prevention workshops and presentations... like this one from students in saint bernard. and the group has another important and tough job... grief services when a young
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w-c-p-o insiders can read how "seas the day" is working to make a trained counselor available for every tri-state student. text for's a vital tool for some people who just can't make a call. call.coming up -- what part of the tri-state is now covered under this new way to contact 9-1-1. mostly clear skies tonight over downtown cincinnati...and we're expecting a warm-up tomorrow!jason adams has the forecast -- you're watching
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you're watching 9 on your side at 7! your cellphone could become a lifesaver.that's the idea leaders in butler county say could be the result of the latest "text to 9-1-1" service. the motto-- call if you can, text if you can't. it's a tool meant to better serve those who are either hearing impaired --- or whose safety could be at risk if they actually *called* 9-1-1 for help.hamilton county has been using the text 9-1-1 technology for a couple years. 9-1-1 operators there say so far this year they've recieved close to 500 emergency texts. "it's another tool that enhances the safety of the citizens of the county and that's why we're pushing forward." forward."butler county plans to expand the text to 9-1-1 service to all of its county emergency communication centers within the next several months the nation's highest court will *not* take up the case of
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accused of in the death of his wife. wife.that's after an appeals court agreed that prosecutors withheld evidence in jim barton's trial.the former springboro lieutentant was convicted of hiring two men to burglarize his home -- and scare his wife into moving from their farm and into springboro.vickie barton was murdered and raped during the burglary 20 years now prosecutors must re-try barton or drop the case. hundreds line the streets to honor a central indiana deputy -- killed in the line of duty. the body of carl koontz was taken from indianapolis to a funeral home in kokomo this afternoon. he was shot and killed while trying to serve a warrant at a home.another deputy on scene was also hit by gunfire -- he was released from the hospital today -- and participated in the procession for deputy koontz.the fallen deputy's impact stretches beyond his department... he was also a resource officer at a nearby school. "we'd talk everyday and he'd always say hi when i passed
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would give hugs to everyone and hi-5's and make sure everyone was having a good day.""he was safe, he was well trained. he was a pro." pro."koontz was trying to serve a search warrant for syringes -- when he was hit by gunfire.that suspect was found dead in the home hours later. the images are indianapolis truck stop up in flames... causing two *million* dollars in damage!it took around 100 firefighters to battle the blaze.about 40 people were inside the building when it caught fire -- but no one was hurt. investigators don't know *how* the fire started... but a witness told fire crews they saw flames outside... and high building. president obama says the u-s embargo on cuba *will* be lifted... but he needs help to get it done. done.the president met with cuba's leader -- raul castro -- today in closed-door meeting.afterward -- castro said relations with the u-s could only be normalized when the embargo ends.president obama says that will happen --
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he can't do it alone. "the list of things we can do administratively is growing shorter, and the bulk of changes that have to be made with respect to the embargo are now going to rely on congress make changes." changes."but the two leaders do *not* agree on human rights and economic reforms.castro did answer one question on political prisoners -- but said he'd had "enough" when a second question came his way. a heads up for drivers downtown... the city is closing down part of walnut street this week-- to make repairs to a streetcar station stop.this is only a daytime closure... but it will shut down a lane of walnut between seventh and eighth street.
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an area of low pressure will be developing out in the plains states this week and we'll see a nice boost in temperatures ahead of it. winds pick up on tuesday from the southwest at 10 to 20, gusting to 30 mph. this is warm air building ahead of this next rain maker. while tuesday is breezy, temperatures will bounce back to the mid to low 60s with partly cloudy skies. warm air continues to surge into the tri-state on wednesday with a few more clouds expected. temperatures will be mild in the mid-60s. there will be a slight rain chance late in the day but right now it's only
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it's a memory he won't forget... and neither will *lots* of social media users! nine on your side talks to the man who got a quick solo at
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one of the hottest pop singers right now played for a big crowd saturday in cincinnati... and an ohio state professor may have the best memory of the night.terah stewart was in the crowd -- when rihanna put the mic in front of his face.
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"" you see that reaction from rihanna... nine on your side caught up with stewart today -- who said he was worried when he saw her face. "i don't want re-to put the mike in my face and for it to sound bad so that's what i was really thinking about." about."but he's grown quite a following since then...stewart says he gained more than 12- thousand instagram followers -- and constant emails and texts from people trying to
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that is 9 on your side at 7 for this monday.updates on all the day's top stories right now on wcpo dot com.our next newscast is tonight at 11...
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there's a freedom about asheville. an unspoken invitation to discover who you really are. here, the world is a big, beautiful place filled with adventure. take it in. come up for air. asheville.
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mysteries revealed. "the list" starts now. >> we're really getting a deal. how to decode prices in these three stores. plus taking you inside the home of the year. >> people can look at it for inspiration. >> our list of ways to make your house look like this. and we've got things covered. hello.


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