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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 22, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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a rider knows perfecting a wheelie takes hard work. what goes wrong when rubber meets the road. some guys try to lead a duck family back to the pond. but one -- >> strays away from the rest. >> why toes are more enticing than the water. >> ow! it's a sure sign of spring break. >> ranging hormones, the rock' em sock' em scene in the kitchen. and see the high-speed chase of the cutest suspect as ever. >> see him at 10 miles an hour. this i like to see because a guy here practicing his wheelies seems to be doing it around no one. i can't spot a single person in sight here.
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that's been modified for stunting purposes. these are bars in case he does go down and minimizes the damage done to the bike. well, something does happen. >> oh, the front wheel. >> the first attempt at the wheelie seems to go okay but he doesn't pull up as high as he wanted. he goes for it again. when the bike comes back down, it almost looks like he goes over the handlebars, maybe so far to hit the front wheel. you can see the bearings and the front plastics have been taken off. so nothing is in the way. his noggin and the front wheel. >> while still on the bike. >> i'm glad he had on a helmet with a shield. >> yeah. >> a similar situation, however, this is completely different. guys here on a bunch of different stunting-style motorcycles except they are doing it out in hollywood, plenty of cars and trucks around.
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t-shirt, jeans and riding the wheelie like a pure champ. he goes to ramp it up a bit, legs off to the side, here's where it all goes down. in the description, they say cause of wreck was brake failure. i disagree. cause of wreck is riding a ridiculous wheelie with your legs up in the air and your hands nowhere near the brake. the guy bounces off the pavement, quickly jumps to his feet, runs over to the bike and off he goes to ride. sometimes you find yourself in sticky situations. once you realize everyone is, you pick up your camera. that's what these drivers did. >> dude, it's like the whole mountain came down!
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highway when suddenly a landslide happened right in front of them taking down everything on that mountain. >> was the road blocked? where there cars on the road that got swept away? >> not sure what happened before the landslide but nobody was hurt. at one point people were on the side of the road so they must have had some type of warning. >> folks were like, let's turn around and get out of here. >> so lucky. this at a building in kazakhstan. yes, there's wind. >> where's the roof? >> and the roof is being raised. actually, it's been blown completely off. >> they're not supposed to do that. >> the builders at home are like, where did all the screws come from? this happened in poland, too. with this building the entire side of the building just comes off. >> oh! >> it's windy in that part anyway. >> it was like a sheet of paper.
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>> when you are building something and have to go to the city to code, you can't cut corners. you have to be very specific. >> cut corners, but in this case you can't. so nick and i were out to dinner with our mrs. the other night. >> we are not going to spring break. this is why. away. the guy in blue and his mrs., are coming back. before you know it, it's over. swinging fists and raging exactly exactly. >> would you go to a foreign country and behave like this? >> no, i don't get it. >> this guy takes the first punch of many. involved. it's brutal, guys are attacking
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behind and it gets particularly brutal. keep an eye on the l.a. lakers jersey. bang. >> he fell down like a giant tree. >> the guy in the white shorts that we saw in the beginning comes in and lands a monster on this guy. he goes down and is not moving. that guy in the gray comes in but the other guy in the other shorts here -- >> oh, wow. those guys could kill him. >> yeah, i mean, absolutely shocking. if you keep watching, cooler minds prevail. some girls get in the middle and i think as well some others as they get in the middle with sticks and it's ruining their business. watch the guy in the l.a. lakers jersey. he does start to move, he gets up and taken away to the side. some people are caring for him. people were able to break up the fight in time, but guys, i'm with you, everyone is saying the same in the comments as well. these people are coming into another country and getting trashed and hammering it.
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>> there's no need for it. one of these ducks is not like the other. this one man here trying to do the kind thing, leading the ducks back to water. >> come on, we're going to the lake. >> but watch this one out front. breaks away from the rest. >> don't bite my foot again. >> what? oh! >> i like how the guy is like, don't bite me again. how about putting on some tennis shoes? this next duck is a pet. her name is lucy. and let's just say lucy doesn't go after toes but will follow you into the pool. the person who posted the video says lucy will go under the water when they go under the water. so they used a gopro 4 black to show her in slow motion under the water. but the duck will follow you under the water. >> that was such a great shot. like something out of duck week.
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through the water. a drone stuck up in a tree. >> why these guys are going fishing. >> the intense rescue operation to get it back. and these little guys try shopping big. >> he wants the expensive stuff. >> see if people are buying the act they're selling. allergies with nasal congestion? find fast relief be brought to you by the makers of non-drowsy claritin. and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. meet the piadina the newest addition to olive garden's lunch duos menu paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian
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floyd doesn't believe he can get his taxes done for nothing. so we brought in dr. kaku to explain what we mean by nothing. it means it's free
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there's a world of fla closed captioning provided by --vo kids mix. 20 flavors kids love! tweet us @rightthisminute and follow the show all day long. when it comes to rescuing cats from trees, nick and i are
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they can figure themselves out. or help this drone rescue. that's why these guys have gone fishing. >> this is the third attempt because high winds were really hampering this rescue effort. >> the good news here is the one that is stuck has lots of things to hold on to. >> yes, they do manage to snatch it out of the tree before gently bringing it back. the cool thing is they have another drone but an entire fleet of drones to capture it from all the various angles you can see right there. this is this guy's making sure we record this on camera to show up. >> i'm really surprised they got it. >> you doubt the capabilities of men? >> she may still doubt the capabilities of men courtesy of our second video. things are going well right here and you can see the dad obviously said to the two kids, hey, step back. we're bringing it in for a landing and it's beautiful. he brings in this perfect
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he's going to land in front of his children and this is when they realize he's the greatest human being on earth. >> oh, yeah, so talented, well-coordinated, strong dad. >> absolutely nailing it. >> no, no, no! >> the thing is, listen to the drone die. and there's more. that was the final moment. that was when the drone just went -- may he rest in peace. it's not every day that you get really young boys going in to shop for very expensive items. but in this video, you see that these kids are doing just that in malaysia. this little kid walks into a jewelry store and starts talking to the sales rep about what she wants.
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stuff. one of them goes into the electronics store and starts asking for the -- yeah, i'm going to get this right now. but the little boy walks into a dealership and this is probably my favorite part of the video because he gets very demanding about what he wants. >> you can't try. >> the credit is they just keep selling. this kid would be a rich kid of kuala lumpur. >> the manager is confused. you can see he's like, oh, boy. >> the same time little boy is now at the lingerie store trying to buy stuff for his girlfriend who is about his size. for the most part, the sales rep is very confused, they don't know what to make of the
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because you're right, what if it is legit? >> you never know. >> did that guy take out the tray for him to look at the sxwrul jewelry? >> they are giving him exceptional service. >> some won't pull that out for the adults. >> at one of the stores he was at they actually ran his card. except it was declined. >> this kid is a legend. >> he's selling it. is this like a little actor? >> he's a star of the future. well, in the end, you see this man walks into the shop, reveals to everybody that they are actually being pranked. as you would expect, you get a big old laugh. and i have feeling you are going to be seeing these two little pranksters again soon. working hard for his rights. >> for him it's like, what
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>> next "right this minute." and still to come, a driver is just cruising along but -- >> he has no idea he's headed into the -- >> how this ride takes a turn for the worst. plus -- >> i have a really cool one for you today. >> jessica is back to hack your easter with -- >> nail polished painted easter eggs. >> intriguing. >> and super easy. >> see the simple steps to a perfectly painted egg. what body aches? what knee pain? what sore elbow? what joint pain? advil liqui-gels are so fast, they make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer than advil liqui-gels the world's #1 choice what pain? advil. (rebecca) i've struggled with depression. i thought i needed
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head on over to and find tons of videos and share them with your friends. i can still remember the wisdom imparted upon me by my mother when i was a young swaggering 17-year-old with a brand new driver's license. oli, i'm not worried about you but the other idiots on the road. like in these three videos, in the first one you can do nothing about. everything seems fine, this guy just driving on a dock. it's a little bit wet out there. as they start taking this long sweeping right-hander, he has no idea he's headed into the jewels of disaster. [ bleep ]. >> oh, shoot. >> somebody else on completely the wrong side of the road hits that car head-on. he's got nowhere to go and he banged into the car as well from behind. it doesn't seem to be too much of a bad -- no doubt the cars
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the second video from australia, we are riding on a truck. it happened so quickly and it's definitely not this driver's fault. and the suv on the left-hand side -- >> no. >> what are you doing? just drifts into the front of this truck and then causes his own pit maneuver sending the suv straight off the right-hand side of the road. >> looks like he fell asleep. >> yes. >> the guy in the truck said the driver in the suv actually tried to blame him for insurance purposes. but he got it all on camera. and he said, to quote, cameras don't lie, old mate. something else to be careful of, this, i believe is in canada and somewhat ironically on the back of this is a lawyer and car accident, give me a second. it's all happening because of this lady on the right-hand side.
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you're not supposed to undertake because, well, this can happen. the bus stop indicating, the scooter rider doesn't see it and tries to thread the needle before -- boink. ends up all the road, loses control. she falls over. now, the bus driver stops to call the police and it was established, the bus never touched the rider. just because she tries to go up the inside and she got crowded out. >> the worst thing to try to pass on the right. >> where the us the bus stop? on the right. oli, it makes perfect sense you're here in this segment with me about nail polish. especially buzz you have kids and you'll need the trick as we get closer to easter. because our own jessica ward is going to do nail polish painted easter eggs. >> intriguing. >> and super easy. >> do tell. >> the first thing you do is put
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>> she's dropping little drops of nail polish in the water. >> you can do whatever colors you want to do. >> it descends in the water. then when you drop an egg in it, it just picks up the nail polish. >> that's really cool. everyone's going to be unique. this is great, as well as the gloves and stuff so it doesn't get everywhere. >> your daughter is going to love this. tell us more about it, let's bring jessica out here. >> yay! >> hey, guys. >> these are cool. >> i know. and they are really easy to make, too. i did four onset and am curious if you can find them. >> i literally just spotted one by the camera. >> oh, there's one up there. >> well spotted, christian. this is good. >> so where is the fourth one? do you give up? wait, kris christian's still looking. >> wipe that smirk off your face, sam. >> i give up. >> maybe look under the desk. >> oh, well, where we are.
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>> oh, you're kidding! that was cool. very, very cool. >> here, i'll show you one. so this is sort of what they end up look like. >> that one is pretty. >> and i'll show you this one, too. this looks very abstract. >> oh, i like the gold. these are hard-boiled but you can string them out -- >> i hard-boiled these so if you're hiding them they don't break as easily and -- >> trust me, hard boiled. >> well, if you want to make them at home, go to our website, click on tv show and our app and you'll find everything you need and all the instructions to make it. this little suspect makes a stunning cupcake confession. >> oh! >> but see why she's not going to let dad bring her in to do
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it's no surprise why this police video has gone viral. >> 222! we have a black female running. a felony suspect. going to be westbound at paramount. >> let's go to where it all started, the interrogation. >> are you aware we have had several cupcake thefts in the kitchen? >> yeah. >> all right. do you -- >> i had four. >> oh, you did it? >> clearly hasn't watched a lot of "law & order" yet. >> you have to lawyer up, man. >> you know what? you have to go to jail. i'm not going to jail because i didn't do it. i'm here and --
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the cutest police chase i think we have seen on "right this minute." >> he is super cute. >> he's going to be westbound on paramount, 10 miles an hour, apparently no traffic. send backup! send backup! the next one, very cute. this little boy not in trouble but he has mommy wrapped around his finger. why? because he loves her. >> i love you. i love you. i love you to this day. i love you in this day. >> he loves her all seven days of the week. this little boy, he really knows how to pour it on. >> i love you so much. >> you do? you're my favorite big boy. >> yes, i am. >> you can see why he loves his mother because he has a cheesestick
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love to anyone if i had a cheese stick. >> i have a kiss for you. >> you have a kiss for mommy? >> i want a hug. i love you, too. thank you for joining us. we'll see you on the next "right
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