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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  March 22, 2016 10:00am-10:30am EDT

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okay, everybody. >> a popular blogger shows fans his monday morning. suddenly the -- >> it gets a bit interesting. >> the minute a boring commute becomes anything but. >> what was that? a kayaker gets up close with nature. >> you've got to be careful. >> why he got a warning to back off. three guys hooked it all the way to arizona. may. >> hear their inspiring reason
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>> we are walking back home. plus, the answer to a deprived underwater questionnaire. and -- >> so good. >> somebody's a little wobbly. >> all after a few big drinks. >> why daddy is the designated driver after this one. >> it's a party. let's go to chicago. ben brown is a daily blogger on youtube. he updates videos every day of his occurrences. he has a million subscribers that watch him on his channel. ben is having a bit of fun. he is doing a bit of touring, checking this place out, and he got together for a photo shoot on instagram. i always try to get my head around the city bloggers because sometimes what they say is mundane, nobody would want to watch this video.
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gets a bit interesting. oh! >> what was that? >> well, that was a car accident. basically, these guys are driving along and got smashed from the side. you can see it from the chase car behind. >> oh! okay. >> t-boned. >> it doesn't look as intense as the first shot. they got hit pretty hard. >> you can see it again from this angle as the air bags deploy on the right-hand side of the car. you can kind of see that moment of shock on his face because it's more explosive, he got ringing in his ears and his face is confused. every looks around. >> are you all right? >> you can see in this angle, you can see everyone sees it coming. and then -- >> oh, my god. >> enough. once you get out, you see the aftermath and the longer blows. there's not that much damage to the car. >> i'll tell you why, the car hit the wheel of their car. it impacted probably the strongest part of the car right on the axle.
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up, there's an ambulance there just in case. now funny enough, the biggest bit of damage to ben, he shows us. >> look at my jacket. the jacket got melted by the air bag. >> no way. >> yeah. from the explosion in the air bag. but let's be honest, in the grand scheme of things, that's not bad for a car crash. >> when you go back and watch it. it looks like the other car is the one at fault here. i want you guys to pay very close attention to where all the pedestrians are in this video because that is very important to the outcome. that yellow ball is pointing out everyone critical to this video. 54-mile-per-hour wind, watch what happens. >> no! >> oh goodness, right where they were just walking. >> exactly. watch that again, that roof flies off but then it folds in half.
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a good old moment there, sensed something was happening and stepped in pretty quickly once it came. >> nobody hurt. this next video i still want you to look up. because something is going to come down. >> again? what the heck? >> what the heck, christian? somebody was upstairs in a store working in a certain area and fell through the roof into a pet store. the amazing thing is, no reports of animals being hurt. you can see this employee gets up like, was that you? >> i was expecting someone to fall through the ventilation job. no, someone just fell down. >> there was work going on but they don't detail the work he was doing. >> the work was he was installing a flooring upstairs. >> and just stepped where he had to.
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but you've got to be careful because where there's a baby, there's a momma. this is stewart gap. he's kayaking in south africa. what you see to the left of him, those are seal pups. he got a little too close and this happened. >> whoa! >> yeah. that's the momma. she was not happy. she head butts the kayak and bites it. just enough to go, get away. >> look at that, you see her mouth open up and then just shoves her whole body weight into it. almost knocks him out. >> momma gave him a warning. look at the damages to his kayak. >> better than his leg. that's for real. >> he's lucky she let him go with a warning, a serious warning. >> i'm sure he'll be more cautious. moving over to the kroog
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national park, these elephants are hanging out. but look at the baby back there. >> oh, he wants to cuddle. >> the folks taping the video said it looks like he's having a little bit of trouble with his trunk. >> it looks like he's mimicking what the other members are doing, flop his ears, look aggressive. >> he's got an itchy nose. >> babies are so cute. it's amazing in the meantime. looks like this guy has been sentenced to hard labor at the beginning of this video, just a ton of elbow grease workout in the middle of british columbia. chainsaws, shovels, axes. but this is what mark walls calls fun. because when you see what he's done, it all makes sense. mark is building himself a trail. a racetrack so he can practice in the offseason in the hills.
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how good mark is. watch some of the stuff that he can do. look at that, right up the trunk of that tree. this is, i think, my favorite part right about here. he comes ripping through, huge air, and then into the slow motion. >> gorgeous. most of us with walking through the trees and nature. for him, he's like, what can i make into a ramp? what can be a trail? what can i ride my bike on? >> not only does he look at it to see where he can ride, he also knows the forest well enough to know what he can ride through. boom! he just tackles that rot up ten tree, rides right through it. that's a guy who knows his bike. mark says building your tree keeps you fit and focused in the offseason and prepares you to
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checkered flag. she's with her man on a dive to get certified. but before she's done -- >> she just has to answer a multiple question. >> find out why this underwater test ends with a perfect score. and see why this kanga mom ain't the best at crossing the road. >> oh! paired with your choice of unlimited soup or salad starting at just $6.99 think of it as a quesadilla that speaks fluent italian olive garden the cadbury bunny because only he brings delicious cadbury creme eggs. while others may keep trying, r
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floyd doesn't believe he can get so we brought in dr. kaku to explain what we mean by nothing. it means it's free
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closed captioning provided by -- tastes great and helps reduce cavities up to 40% for better checkups. act kids. animals really think like humans sometimes. let's start right here, these animals, a kangaroo and her little joey hop across the street to a local watering hole. it's a nature area in australia. >> it looks like somebody's front yard. you can tell by the way the
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they do that. >> when animals cross the road, when they see the headlights, that's when they say, let's scare some humans. because as soon as we see the headlights, watch what mom does. >> oh! >> near miss, you guys, near miss. >> worst timing ever. >> yes. burglar. she thought it was a burglar trying to break in. just a turkey. >> why is a turkey trying to break into my house? >> once it hit the window, the woman finally has some words. >> don't you break that glass. >> the turkey -- have you ever seen one in the street? you should head the other way. >> get. go! go away from my house! get away from here! go! go! go!
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you tell your friends, don't be coming up in here. alison here is wearing the pink gear. she's on her certification dive, her last dive down there with the up instructor. he's checking she knows how to use the equipment, how to handle an emergency. >> it is multiple choice. >> you just remember it. coming along in the cool journey is her boyfriend, her man, thomas. once they get to the bottom, you can see that the divers just toss over a board with some writing on it. and she does have to answer a multiple question. this is what it reads. alison, this weekend you conquered scuba and became my dive buddy. i am looking for you to be my lifelong buddy.
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yes or no with a box next to it. she's considering her options -- finally, she decides yes, i'm going to marry you. yeehaw! >> not thumbs-up. that's terrible. you need to do this, okay? >> but now he's down there, he tries to throw out the ring. >> i feel like there's a barrier, where's the hug and kiss? where is the big embrace? >> wait, hold your horses, it is time for a big old smooch. i think they had a really lovely proposal. it's very meaningful to them. and now they'll be able to dive around the world together for many years to come. a few weeks ago i was on a motorcycle ride through arizona. a couple guys just were walking down the street in the middle of nowhere. i just had to know what i was seeing. so chris cook walked over to me
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introduced himself as part of the 2700 mile rotund channel. three guys, his brother joe and his friend jason rodgers, set out from buffalo, new york, last may and started walking. it all started when jason was going to go in for a gastric bypass surgery. the doctors said he needed to lose a little weight first so he started walking around the neighborhood, one mile. then he finally realized instead of just walking around the neighborhood, why couldn't he just walk across the country? and that's where i came across these guys on their way to parker, arizona. they traversed hundreds of miles and were trying to raise money to fund their journey. so far they have raised about $10,000 of their goal of $14,500. i just thought these guys were super inspirational. joining me is jason rodgers and chris cook, two of the three guys from the rotund challenge. jason, you're the guy who was facing this gastric bypass surgery.
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this crazy idea? >> i just really got bored and as my weight was coming off, my spirit began coming back. i thought it would be pretty cool to do the trip across the country and asked the two cook brothers if they wanted to join me. >> are you still walking? are you having your surgery? what's next? >> surgery was delayed. when we were at the california border, we had 230 miles left. >> it's one thing to drive across the country, what do you think is different about walking? >> the thing is different, we probably came of our abc stations can join us. >> announcer: this is an abc news special report. now reporting, george stephanopoulos. the president now in havana, cuba, set to make an historic speech, he's going to begin by addressing the terror attacks in brussels.
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i want to bring jon karl, our white house correspondent, back in on this. jon, the president always travels with his national security team, is always on duty, but this was not expected here. waking up this morning to the news, two deadly terror attacks in brussels, 31 dead, 187 wounded. but you say the president, after he addresses the attacks this morning, he's going to continue with the trip? >> reporter: there's no indication that anything is changing on his schedule. this was to be an historic day and is an historic day here in cuba. the president here in cuba, obviously the first president to visit since calvin coolidge but also addressing the cuban people on live television, something we haven't seen a u.s. president ever do and now very much overshadowed by events in brussels. the president will begin his speech by talking about the terrorist attack in brussels. he was awakened early this morning way before dawn and briefed on this, has been briefed steadily throughout.
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as you point out, he has his national security team, the full contingent, ability to communicate. he's got his national security advisor here, his secretary of state, but the intention here is for him to continue on his schedule, a schedule, george, that includes this afternoon a baseball game here in cuba. there's no indication that any of that is being changed. >> right now, thank you, jon. the president about to speak at that grand theatre in havana, cuba. it comes in the wake of these terror attacks in brussels, belgium this morning. right there as the president comes to the podium. [ applause ] >> thank you, thank you. thank you so much.
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to president castro, the people of cuba, thank you so much for the warm welcome that i have received, that my family have received and that our delegation has received. it is an extraordinary honor to be here today. before i begin, please indulge me, i want to comment on the terrorist attacks that have taken place in brussels. the thoughts and the prayers of the american people are with the people of belgium, and we stand in solidarity with them in condemning these outrageous attacks against innocent people. we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium, in bringing to justice those who are responsible, and this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together, regardless
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of terrorism. we can and we will defeat those who threaten the safety and security of people all around the world. to the government and the people of cuba, i want to thank you for the kindness that you've shown to me and michelle, malia, sasha, and my mother-in-law marian. [ speaking foreign language ] [ applause ] >> in his most famous poem, jose marti made this offering of friendship and peace to both his friend and his enemy. today as the president of the
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the cuban people -- [ speaking foreign language ] >> there you see president obama in cuba speaking to the cuban people beginning his remarks asking the cuban people to indulge him for his remarks on those deadly terror attacks in belgium this morning, saying the american people stand in soul solidarity of people with belgium and saying the united states is going to do whatever is necessary to help the belgian authorities track down and got those responsible for these attacks today. i want to bring in richard clarke, former counter-terrorism czar for several united states presidents. we're getting a better sense of exactly what happened in belgium this morning, richard clarke. it looks like a suicide bomber at the airport, a separate attack in the metro, coordinated attacks, the timing about an hour apart, reminiscent of the terror attacks in paris four months ago. >> and probably planned by the same people who planned those
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and for the four months since the paris attacks, french and belgian police have been cooperating, trying to track down this cell and the logistic support network behind it in brussels. but they've failed. a week ago today they stormed an apartment thinking it was empty, thinking there might be bombs or other material in it. the police were shot on their way in. then friday of last week they raided another apartment and found the ring leader of the paris attacks from four months ago. after that second raid, on friday, they said they now have evidence that other attacks were being planned. that's what happened today. and that the support network was much bigger than they had been thinking for the last four months. george, there's no way around this. the belgian police are going to be criticized for not being able to stop this attack when they knew for a very long time that the cell was out there planning
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>> we've already seen some of that criticism. secretary clinton on the program earlier saying that this is a call for -- a reminder that we need some relaxed laws for how the belgian authorities carry out their raid, saying there had been no nighttime raid and perhaps that might have helped them get to the bottom of this. i want to bring in martha raddatz for more on that. martha, after those paris attacks four months ago, you spent time on the ground in this neighborhood of maelbeek where the terrorism was able to continue despite the increased focus by belgian authorities. >> reporter: they clearly have support from some people there in those neighborhoods where they were searching 24/7 for days and days and days, and that months. but as we've been reporting this morning, the terror network was apparently bigger than they thought in belgium, so they had more people they should have been tracking and were not tracking. they will try to do that again now.
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intense hunt not only then but now after the arrest of salah abdeslam and whether they got his cell phones, whether they got information from him, they learned some things and they were still not able to stop this attack. now, when you go to an airport and you have a big suitcase, people aren't going to stop you. and if you're outside the security, that is not suspicious. the same thing at a metro station. they're not going to stop you with a bag. if you look around, basically everyone looks suspicious at an airport and at a metro station. so these are very, very difficult things to look at. we've also got, george, as you know, the military campaign. i was just off an aircraft carrier, i was just at an air force base in the persian gulf and saw that military campaign which indeed has stepped up. i was also there last year. they're carrying out many more strikes. they say the intelligence has improved. we also lost a u.s. marine in
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against isis. so there is a presence on the ground, in the skies, going after these targets, but they talk about the root of the problem, the roots of isis are real problem. >> that is the problem, martha. i want to bring in matt olson, the former head of the national well. what we may be seeing here is precisely a reaction to the kind of progress that the u.s. military says is being made in iraq. you see a strategic lashing out in europe. >> i think that's exactly right, george. there has been progress on the ground in iraq and syria, but as these groups, as isis comes under that kind of pressure, the concern is that they will take steps to show their relevance and to carry out the kind of attack that we saw this morning in brussels. i think as martha raddatz said quite correctly, it's very difficult to stop one of these attacks at an airport or at a train station. targets. the key is getting good intelligence so that we can
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they're able to be carried out. >> which means right now, richard clarke, the pressure is going to be increased on belgian authorities to try and get more information from the man they now have in custody, that attacker from paris, salah abdeslam. >> they have him in custody and they've been questioning him since friday. they undoubtedly got some information from him, but if he knew these attacks were going to take place and didn't tell them, that's going to be a real problem. the issue is again going to be raised, you heard donald trump saying it recently, do you use torture. torture doesn't work, george. let's just get that straight. all the experts in this business know that you can torture people, they'll give you information, but that information may not be true. >> i'm here with our chief justice represent pierre thomas as well on the situation of what's going to happen here at home. the big concern would be are there copy cats out there who would be inspired by this attack. >> we know for a fact that law
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hundreds of individuals here who have been monitoring and communicating with isis via social media. the fbi in the last 18 months has arrested over 70 people, many who were trying to go to syria but in recent months they've been finding person after person who were in some cases planning to attack inside the united states, sort of similar to what we saw in san bernardino. so that is the active threat, copy cat people here radicalized online who identify with isis. >> they also want to prevent these lone wolves who might be inspired to act from creating networks of their own. >> exactly. if you think about what happened in france and belgium now, the fact that this man was wanted for four months after paris, they were looking for this man for four months, could not find him, that is unacceptable. u.s. law enforcement officials tell me it speaks to the terror network that supported him and the fact that european authorities have to except up their game.
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carp in havana, cuba. in the president's speech saying we are thinking about the people of belgium and will do whatever we can to help the authorities get to the bottom of this but the president seemed to strike a note of business as usual, to keep on going. >> reporter: it was striking to me, george, how short his remarks were on this. as you mentioned, just a few sentences, strong words, called the attacks outrageous, called for unity, global unity in the fight against what he called the scourge of terrorism, but then he went right on with the rest of his speech. he did speak this morning with the prime minister of belgium and offered all assistance, anything necessary the united states can do in helping with the investigation going forward. but once again, a very measured response, and as you remember, we saw this back in november with the paris attacks. the president gave an equally measured response and was
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political opponents here in the united states and with the charpie hebdo ebb -- charlie hebdo attacks. >> thank you, john. i want to go to john cohen, former homeland security official. we just heard from pierre thomas, the kinds of things that homeland homeland going to do. talk more about the beefing up of potential soft targets here in the united states. >> we're going to see an increased police presence at transit facilities, rail stations, airports, tourist sites, government buildings. the idea is to have an armed visible presence to persuade people from carrying out attacks in this country. a little bit different threat here aside from simply being concerned about copy cats. we've also mainly seen active shooter type attacks in this country, so the types of
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that type of attack versus an explosive eventings attack is a little bit different. >> we're going t take a break. for some believe it or not -- >> this is a dance competition. >> see if a slight miscalculation cost her the win. >> how did that happen? her rally driver sticks the landing but not for long. the amazing angle of what it's like to stop, drop, roll. a man spots something from -- >> up above a 250-foot cliff. >> the risky move to save a helpless creature.


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