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tv   The Now Cincinnati  ABC  March 22, 2016 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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first at four -- new information on the bombings. `we now know that at least 31
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are hurt.that death toll is likely to rise after a series of explosions in brussels today.two at the airport and another in the subway. subway.we want to get you straight to 9 on your side's craig mckee.he is tracking the breaking details for you. information on these attacks has been coming into the newsroom at a fever pitch all day.the pentagon reports an american service member and his family were among those injured in the attack.and a lexington woman and her husband are among those still missing.they were at the airport at the time of the blasts.that airport and schools in brussels are expected to be open tomorrow. tomorrow.and we've learned during a raid in brussels just this afternoon -- authorities found chemical products, another explosive device filled with nails and an flag belonging to the islamic state. isis has claimed responsibility for the attack. police are scouring belgium at
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the men they say is directly linked to today's attacks. authorites have released this photo of the suspects they say were involved.two of them were killed in suicide attacks.the third is on the run. this is a closeup of that suspect.he is now one of the most wanted men in the world as of this hour.and belgian police are hoping others have seen him.they're asking anyone with photos of him to hand them over. the attacks started just before nine this morning, belgium time.two explosions ripped through the departure hall at brussels airport. people were told to stay away from the airport -- which was evacuated.then just before ten -- another explosion rocked the city.
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crying the subway train near european union headquarters was the third and final blast. terrified passengers were forced to evacuate through dark tunnels.cell phone video taken by someone evacuating takes you into those tunnels. they'll never forget. (pierre meys, spokesman of the brussels fire brigade) :00 "i can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable it's really hard. it's really hard to see. see.:21 i saw many injures, i saw people dead everything broken. it's just terrible". immediate thoughts here at home turned toward those in that part of the world.that includes 19 university of cincinnati students who are in antwerp -- about 30 minutes
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capannari was among those who took to social media in the aftermath -- to let people know they were safe.[reference twitter page] i'll keep watch for any new developements -- but for now -- julie, tanya back to you. airports around the world -- including o'hare in chicago -- took immediate action. action.9 on your side's kristen swilley went to our international airport and spoke to passengers there about what they were seeing. seeing. kristen: there are no flights to or from europe at cvg today. that's simply the way
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travelers i spoke to say brussels was top of mind. vo: nat sound: *suitcase rolls across the floor*sot: karlie connor, 6 seconds "it's just heartbreaking. i mean it needs to stop somehow. i don't know how. it's tough to see." vo:in the middle of cvg's midday rush, some paused to share memories of a city touched by terror. sot: jacqueline reynolds, 6 seconds "it was upsetting this morning. it's very upsetting to hear what's happened." vo: for jacqueline reynolds the news of the attacks in brussels was startling. she just got back from belgium after traveling on business for more than a month. many of her colleagues are still there.sot: jacqueline reynolds, 9 seconds "anything can happen anywhere, but i feel am concerned about that region right now and all the people over there." vo: cvg officials tell us security operated normally. wait times remained normal. but the concern is still here.sot:
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kind of scary for us. i mean coming to an airport, you never know what can happen." vo: one mom we spoke to has been to belgium too and worked for many years as a pilot. sot: 6 seconds "it's a time to really be aware and take it very seriously. the things we're all exposed to and were in a dangerous situation."vo: her husband just left paris today.sot: 4 seconds "he said security was pretty crazy when he got to dublin unlike anything we see here in the states typically." vo: she has fond memories of belgium and its citizens. sot: 11 seconds "it's really beautiful. they're such kind, open minded people. it's surprising to see so much hate in the world. it's very sad to see these wonderful people in these historic cities under attack." vo: flights to paris are scheduled as normal for tomorrow and the rest of the week. reporting at cvg... kristen swilley...9 on your side side the now's anne mcnamara takes a look at raids leading up to today's attacks. she asks a terrorism expert -- why
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screams - today's attack
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belgian police have been following terror cells there for months...right after was on a 4- day lockdown.days later...police raided a small town south of the city -- looking for accomplices. and on new year's eve...there were no celebratory fireworks because of a terror alert. the 100- thousand people who usually fill these streets -- stayed home. 7:13 to understand brussels is to understand a city that's not just the capital of the kingdom of belgium -- it's really the capital of europe -- it is a city which has an enormous out on a daily basis - it is truly an international city. become a target -- for terrorism. for the now...i'm anne mcnamara. so far...police in belgium and france have arrested nearly 30 people -- they believe -- were involved in the paris attacks that killed 130 people. we will keep updating you on the attacks in brussels -- but we have some other news we have to tell you about today. turning to weather -- it was a blustery day - what can we expect as he head towards evening? here's 9 on your side
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we'll see a nice bump up in temperatures as we surge into the mid to low 60s. today's bigger weather story will be the gusty winds. southwest winds will be strong, gusting at times to around 35 mph. wednesday's forecast will be warm and breezy again. temperatures top out at 640f with partly cloudy skies. then our cold front arrives on thursday. this will bring in chances for showers and isolated thunderstorms during the day. right now, it looks like our better rain chance is in the morning hours with a few more spotty showers behind the front that afternoon. we are also keeping an eye on the easter weekend ahead. right now, it looks like we could see rain showers on sunday but the timing is still a little split in the extended weather models with one pushing the rain chance into monday. check back as we are watching it closely! president obama is leaving cuba.this is a live look at air force one.his depature follows a baseball game that
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we'll take you to that game still head here on the now cincinnati. vice president joe biden made a brief stop in cincinnati a few hours ago.but only a handful of people caught a glimpse of him. this is the vice president's motorcade as it pulled away from the westin hotel in downtown cincinnati.biden spoke at a private fundraiser for former governor ted strickland.strickland is running for senate against incumbent rob portman.biden's appearance shut down the roads around the westin for several you can imagine, cincinnati police and secret service agents kept a close watch on things.we talked to someone who was inside the event.they say biden spoke for about an hour.. emphasizing how he thinks the country can help people. in about a week a mother accused of harming her sick child at cincinnati's children's hospital will once again be a free woman. the nows briana harper breaks down the plea deal that decided this mother's fate.
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for the past several months jessica valik's four-year-old son has remained here at children's hospital getting treatment for a rare skin disorder while his mother remains behind bars. jessica valik is no longer all smiles pictured here right alongside her son. instead she's spent the last 173 days in jail. she's accused of injecting her son's feeding tube with benadryl. "as a parent you can't understand how a mother could do something like this." the four-year-old suffers from a rare skin disorder known as e-b. and instead of helping his treatment hamilton county prosectors say valik was harming her son. julie wilson// hamilton county prosecutors office spokesperson "the good news in this case is that the hospital caught it quickly and that's one of the other reasons for the plea is that we didn't have as a result of what she did any serious damage to the child." valik entered a plea deal and was convicted of misdemeanor child endangerment. a judge sentenced her to the maximum penalty-- six months in jail. due to time served
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in seven days. valik is also ordered to stay off cincinnati children's hospital property and avoid any contact with her son. we're told jessica's father has become the primary caretaker during the boy's stay here at children's hospital. the family is originally from new york and that's where the grandfather plans to seek permanent custody here soon. reporting live briana harper the now cincinnati. and our breaking coverage of the attacks in brussels... far from over.this is a live look at the effile tower all lit up in honor of the victims of today's attacks.the very latest breaking details --
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introducing longhorn' s big, bold, steaks. our new 10 ounce filet. our 16 ounce t-bone. and our fire grilled 18 ounce outlaw ribeye. only at longhorn steakhouse. you cant fake steak. a live look at the effile tower lit up this evening in honor of the victims of
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belgium. other countries like germany are also sending support to belgium.meantime -- british citizens have been warned not to travel there unless necessary. security's has now increased at airports and other places here in the u-s this afternoon even though no direct threat to the united states is known right now. now. police officers at the dallas-fort worth airport are heavily armed, some have semi- automatic rifles. this is where american airlines is based - today the airline dispelled rumors that one of the explosions in brussels happened near its check-in counter. similar scenes across the country right now. this is o'hare in chicago. and in new york city, they've increased security at all mass transit systems, bridges, and tunnels. the mayor of new york said today, terrorists "try to use death as their tool, their aim is to spread death, and we answer them with life." runs=:12mayor bill de blasio |
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afraid and we refuse to change who we are, but we are going to respond to their efforts to create chaos by showing them order, by showing our society functioning, our city functioning.:" functioning.:" he also said there is no known credible threat of terrorism right now - the increased security is out of an abundance of caution. the department of homeland security is monitoring developments in brussels and also says there is no evidence the u-s. former toronto mayor rob ford -- known for his outlandish today at the age of 46. we told you last week here on the now, ford was battling cancer, and checked into a hospital last week.his family says ford was sedated toward the end of his life to help with the was mayor from 2010 to 2014 and was currently serving on city council.he gained worldwide fame in 2012 when cell phone video surfaced on him smoking crack cocaine and he spent two months in rehab. there's a study underway right now to fight cancer. it
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happen, but if it works, it could be the key to treating and preventing this killer. the now's tania rogers found, this long-term research involves thousands of people across the country. ----dr. michael kasper, a radiation oncologist, says he knows the importance of eating well and exercising.- "i do notice that i have more energy. i'm not sluggish when i'm not having that cookie after lunch, or having that extra piece of cake.dr. kasper is used to checking up on patients, but now a national study is checking up on him. --"it's now examiming environmental factors, genetic factors, and lifestyle factors, so we will know about supplements for instance, and know about obesity and its affects on cancer."---- -- the american cancer society is doing the research. they're following 300 thousand participants for the next 20 to 30 years.---- the study was started in 2006-
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from all walks of life who don't have cancer... the study wants to know what they're eating, if they're exercising and their living environment.---- --"does diet make a difference if you change your diet at a different point in your life. maybe you always haven't eaten healthy but you do now. maybe you haven't always exercised, but you are starting to now. maybe you did not protect your skin when you were younger, but you wear sunscreen now." researchers are hoping the study will yield answers in the cause or prevention of cancer. participants are hopeful. --"i'm a volunteer with the american cancer society so volunteers are doing this because we want to help we have lost family members."-- "we've decreased the cancer rate the death rate of cancer by 20 percent, so we are moving the ball forward and we are winning the fight."for the now, i'm tania rogers. rogers. the american cancer society has done two other large studies in the past - the first one dating back to
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julie and jason chat about weather we'll see a nice bump up in temperatures as we surge into the mid to low 60s. today's bigger weather story will be the gusty winds. southwest winds will be strong, gusting at times to around 35 mph. wednesday's forecast will be warm and breezy again. temperatures top out at 640f with partly cloudy skies. then our cold front arrives on thursday. this will bring in chances for showers and isolated thunderstorms during the day. right now, it looks like our better rain chance is in the morning hours with a few more spotty showers behind the front that afternoon. we are also keeping an eye on the easter weekend ahead. right now, it looks like we could see rain showers on sunday but the timing is still a little split in the extended weather models with one pushing the rain chance into monday. check
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what would you do to never have to pay taxes again?turns out -- a lot!what some say they're willing to give up -- when the now cincinnati
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the big headline today, the terror attacks in brussels. cincinnati-based procter and gamble has more than one thousand employees in brussels and spent the day making sure each and every one of them was okay.we know three missionaries were among those hurt today during the series of explosions at the airport. they were there to say goodbye to 20 year old fanny clain, a fellow missionary, who was headed back to ohio.she was already through airport security at the time of the blasts. people are using cartoons today to show their support for brussels. you may have seen this one on social media. newsy's elizabeth hagedom shows us another cartoon showing solidarity with brussels. tintin is weeping antu/status/712229072512884736 for brussels. following tuesday's terror attacks, the belgian cartoon robotekc/status/712 233260600918016? ref_src=twsrc%5etfw was widely illespennelle/status/
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airemac94/status/71 2210694259744768 on social media https://www.instagra tintin's official twitter < ntin/status/7121850 20501381120> account also weighed in. in belgium, tintin is a national icon. in the series, he's a fearless young reporter. brussels is his hometown. french comic artist joann sfar drew tintin comforting his sidekick captain haddock with the caption, "me too, captain, i sometimes think about moving to the moon."another unlikely symbol of solidarity egan__sheets/statu s/712235996465799168? brussels' famous statue aylordpeuple/status/ 7122463954371911 69?ref_src=twsrc%5etfw, manneken-pis oycemors/status/71 2243948081782785 ?ref_src=twsrc%5etfw. fw. and our own kevin necessary has made a tribute in honor of today's terrorist attacks in brussels.feel free to share this on your facebook and twitter'll find it by checking on the 9 on your side pages. you have less than a month left to get your taxes filed. but you may be surprised the lengths people say they'd be paying taxes. taxes. nearly 30-percent say they would actually get an i-r-s tattoo. 16-percent
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country. and eleven-percent would clean chipotle's toilets. that's according to a new survey from website "wallethub." "tracking terrorist attacks in europe... i'm andy choi with what's becoming an all too
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welcome back to the now cincinnati... we're tracking breaking updates in the brussels terror attacks. right now police are still looking for the man they believe is responsible. he was captured in a surveillance picture that
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police believe the two on the left committed a suicide attack. isis is claiming responsibility for the attacks in brussels but belgium's prosecutor says it's too early to link today's attacks to the paris attacks. at least 30 people are dead in brussels and more than 2-hundred hurt. three americans are seriously hurt. the prosecutor says raids are happening across the country right now. we're learning so far police have found chemical products, a new explosive device with nails and an isis flag. with the terror attacks in brussels we're looking into the city's background. 9 on your side anchor carol williams in the newsroom with a look. brussels is known as the "capital of europe" and is significant as a center for international government and business. business. the city is the seat of the european union. it's also home to the headquarters of nato and other important european institutions including the european parliament. brussels has a very mobile and international population. more than 60-percent of the
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born there, according to a recent report from the "international organization for migration." that's second only to dubai. there is also a growing number of muslims in brussels. the most recent estimates from the "pew research center" show muslims now make up around 6-percent of the total population of belgium. brussels is believed to be the most islamic city in europe. today's terrorist attack is a frightening reminder about the world we live in today. it's hard to believe that 15 years ago, the united states forever changed when terrorists hijacked airplanes and crashed into the world trade center, the pentagon, and a field in pennyslvania. the now's andy choi is here with how the attacks have increased in recent years: since 9-11, the attacks have increasingly focused on targets in europe. before today, the most recent large-scale attack was of course the paris attacks last november. that investigation remains active right now, with another
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past friday.===vo=== 130 people were killed in paris... nearly 4-hundred injured. and much like today, it involved a series of attacks at essentially the same time, targeting cafes, restaurants, and a concert hall. all victims at random... people merely living their lives on a friday night.===vo=== paris, just ten months before, endured the charlie hebdo shooting. al-qaeda claiming responsibility... killing 12 people inside the offices of the political satire magazine that published controversial cartoons of the muslim prophet mohammed.===vo=== you'll also recall last year, a train attack stopped by three americans, a brit, and a frenchman, who worked together to stop the suspect on the train headed towards paris. ===vo=== unfortunately, this train bombing in madrid spain killed nearly 2-hundred people back in march of 2004. ===vo=== a year later... more than 50 people died in london when bombs went off on three subway trains and a bus. andy looklive cam tag= we've tracked at least six
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tied to isis or al-qaeda just in europe in just the past three years alone. compared to three attacks in the ten years following 9-11. reporting for the now, i'm andy choi. in addition to attacks in europe, there have of course been, and continue to be, other attacks in the middle east and other parts of the world. closer to home -- we're keeping an eye on the weather. some pretty strong winds today. we'll see a nice bump up in temperatures as we surge into the mid to low 60s. today's bigger weather story will be the gusty winds. southwest winds will be strong, gusting at times to around 35 mph. wednesday's forecast will be warm and breezy again. temperatures top out at 640f with partly cloudy skies. then our cold front arrives on thursday. this will bring in chances for showers and isolated thunderstorms during the day. right now, it looks like our better rain chance is in the morning hours with a few more spotty showers behind the front that afternoon. we are also keeping an eye on the easter weekend ahead. right now, it looks like we could see rain showers on sunday but the timing is still a little split in the extended weather models with one pushing the
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things are moving once again this hour on the combs-hehl bridge.a crash this morning blocked all of the east bound lanes right before the bridge. drivers had to use the shoulder to get around. it's the third serious crash in that area in the last week. the first -- last tuesday when a chain reation crash sent a car plunging into the ohio river below.that car will not be recovered until at least thursday.that's the earliest dive teams think they may be able to recover the car involved.surveillance video shows that car hit the water. witnesses report seeing up to three people in the water. a big night for parents in the madison school district. tonight is the first school board meeting since a shooting february 29th. 29th.four students were hurt in that incident and a 14 year old student has been charged. and coming up thursday -- it's
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parent training program called "stress response and crisis intervention.the district has implemented other changes since the shooting -- like security wands and a check in program for students. students.tonight's school board meeting is at six at madison junior/senior high school. ohio attorney general mike dewine says *no to a move to legalize medical marijuana and industrial hemp in ohio. ohio.the move means *grassroots ohio, the group behind the bill, will have to rephrase the petition and resubmit it before the measure can appear on a ballot.dewine found at least two issues with the measure, as it was written. grassroots ohio plans to make the necessary changes and resubmit its petition to dewine's office later this week.dewine has already approved one medical marijuana ballot proposal and will make a decision on a third measure by friday. a new law in indiana means authorities can withhold some using body cameras. will now be protected under law in certain circumstances.if someone challenges the decision to withhold that video, the law enforcement agency will have to prove in court that
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someone or influence a jury. the families of anyone featured or involved in the video will be allowed to see the video twice but would not be given a copy. some happy news, after the break.a love story fitting of a castle. castle.white castle that is! the wedding that might just set a new trend here in cincinnati. a live look at the airport in brussels this's night there.earlier today -- dozens were killed in two blasts near the departure hall.we aren't sure how many americans were killed.we know some were hurt and there are reports that others are missing including a
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today-- a local couple said 'i do' in an unlikely location. white castle teamed up with 96 rock radio to host the big event at the sharonville restauarant. we were there.. to find out how and why.. white castle was the
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13 06 14 we moved back to cincinnati where im fron in 2006. as soon as we got back in town we stopped at white castle, she had never been before so it was the first place we ate it's where their story began in cincinnati. and white castle is where robert stevenson and katherine kitchens will begin their next chapter as a married couple. 13 28 11 finally having a wedding 10 years later. at the white castle. we'll never forget it. laughsopen 21 48 51 music 22 27 00 love between a husband and a wife means caring as much about our partner as ourselves. the minister, the flowers, cake.. and bridal party all made it feel like your typical wedding. but this was anything but ordinary. in fact, it was quite a surprise to katherine.. who found out robert had won the unique white castle wedding package from 96 rock's radio contest.. 14 00 16 she didnt
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until he got home. 14 27 39 so really the first that she heard about it was me telling her that i had won. so that was it. she was pretty surprised. surprised is an understatement.the annual contest is a big hit -- and comes with everything from the food to fashion and then some. 15 43 00 we have a lot of cravers who have special moments at a white castle. either their first date was at a white castle or they met at a white castle. and that's exactly why the now stevensons were chosen. 27 32 00 it is my privelege as a minister in the state of ohio to pronounce you husband and wife. 14 47 00 its good times, we're non traditional people so i thought we could relaly go along with it and have a good time with it. 28 11 39 end song and hugs the couple's kids emma and travis were especially excited for the big day. the family even had a free limo ride
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now here's carol with what we're working on in the newsroom. newsroom. of course, we're keeping a close eye on brussels, after today's terrible events... and you can't help but wonder, could it happen here? coming up next at 5, our john genovese looks at a local collaborative effort to protect us from terrorism...and what's being done to ensure safaety at upcominbg big events, like opening day. and who would have thought that right in the middle of urban cincinnati, corporations are growing crops? our scott probably didn't know. know. and tom mckee has been tracking down information on some uc students in brussels....and how they're
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we're following breaking developments in the attacks in brussels today.president obama has just ordered flags here in america to fly at half staff. meantime -- belgium's health minister has just updated the number of casualties.31 dead and 250 wounded.the now
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you're watching the now on wcpo 9 on your side... today is the last day for the american israel public affairs committee conference in washington and this morning's attacks in brussels greatly impacted discussion. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu joined those in attendance by video chat.he said the nations must join forces to destroy the unified threat of terrorism. (benjamin netanyahu/ israeli prime minister) the chain of attacks from paris to san bernardino to istanbul to the
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brussels and the daily attacks in israel. this is one continuous assault on all of us. us.netanyahu said the basic demand from terrorists is that we should all just disappear -- but stressed that's not going to happen. today president obama says we'll do whatever is needed to support belgium and bring the people behind the attack to justice. no super for presidentruns=15 name: "this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. we must be together regardless of nationality or race or faith in fighting against the scourge of terrorism." terrorism." the presidential candidates are also responding to the attacks. donald trump tweeted "do you all remember how beautiful and safe a place brussels was. not anymore." in an interview today he says he would "close up our borders." ted cruz posted on his
4:47 pm
patrol and secure muslim neighborhoods in the u-s before they become radicalized." and our own john kasich says "we must strengthen our alliances to root out evil." the democrats are also responding. hillary clintons saying "we can be strong and smart without advocating torture or bigotry." and bernie sanders tweeted "we stand with our european allies to offer any necessary assistance." voting is happening now in three states. check out the lines in phoenix this afternoon. republicans and democrats are both voting in arizona and utah. just the democrats are voting in idaho today. here are the big things to watch. ted cruz will be trying to stop donald trump's lead in utah. if you get half of the vote there you get all the delegates. bernie sanders is looking to beat hillary clinton in utah and idaho. there will be no showdown in federal court today between apple and the f-b-i. f-b-i. the department of justice asked the judge to delay the hearing, because it says it may have found a way to unlock the i-phone belonging to one of the san
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investigators have been pushing for apple to unlock the phone, saying it may have information about the attack, or other possible plots. but apple refused, saying it could compromise the security of millions of i-phones. for now, the court case has been continued. we'll keep you posted. president obama just left cuba after his historic two- day trip to the country. country. this afternoon he spoke directly to the cuban people live on state t-v. his message.. "it's time now for us to leave the past behind." no super for presidentruns=13 name: "it is an outdated burden on the cuban people. it's a burden on the americans who want to work and do business or invest here in cuba. it's time to let it's time to lift the embargo." embargo." the president also called out cuba's president raul castro who was in the audience. saying "i believe citizens should be free to speak their minds without fear." after the speech president obama met with a group of cuban dissidents. he says they've
4:49 pm
courage. castro denies knowing about any political prisoners. we've told you about the airlines gearing up to fly to cuba. it looks like you'll be able to cruise there soon too. carnival just got approval from cuba to begin what are called "cultural exchange" trips beginning in may. carnival is the world's largest cruise line. as part of the cruise, visitors must spend at least 8 hours a day involved with a cultural experience. travel restrictions still exist for cuba - it's not as simple as just booking a trip even so, an estimated 3-and-a-half million americans have gone there since restrictions have started to relax. the now's laura harris is in cuba right now where major league baseball is holding its first game in nearly 20 years but with the attacks in brussels of mind. it's been an interesting experience since we got to the ball park around 9:00 this
4:50 pm
through security just fine, but we are being told other people had to go through an x-ray machine, patted down, and then they were allowed to come.the stadium holds about 55,000 people so you can there was also a moment of silence for the victims in
4:51 pm
we'll see a nice bump up in temperatures as we surge into the mid to low 60s. today's bigger weather story will be the gusty winds. southwest winds will be strong, gusting at times to around 35 mph. wednesday's forecast will be warm and breezy again. temperatures top out at 640f with partly cloudy skies. then our cold front arrives on thursday. this will bring in chances for showers and isolated thunderstorms during the day. right now, it looks like our better rain chance is in the morning hours with a few more spotty showers behind the front that afternoon. we are also keeping an eye on the easter weekend ahead. right now, it looks like we could see rain showers on sunday but the timing is still a little split in the extended weather models with one pushing the rain chance into monday. check
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a twitter rant costs an assitant athletic director at a florida college his job -- after one of those tweets goes viral! viral!j.j. downum took aim at professional golfer ian poulter during the valspar championship at innisbrook. poulter wasn't doing that great and in a series of
4:53 pm
after the match, poulter sent a tweet of his own, calling out downum and florida southern college, where at the time, downum still worked. 1:00 it's pretty embarassing for the campus and the athletes and everything. everything.1:14 there is also a side of this where it is a bit of an overreaction too. too.downum was hired in 2014 and fired last week.he has since deleted his twitter page. more than 60 pounds of drugs -- found while someone tried to smuggle it onto a plane! plane!but *who was trying to get away with it?that shocking answer -- next on the now cincinnati. a live look at the damaged airport in brussels right now. dozens were killed in two blasts near the departure hall earlier today.belgim's interior minister now says they knew an attack was being planned but they had no idea of the scale.authorities say there is no information of
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a flight attendant is a wanted fugitive right now, suspected of trying to smuggle drugs. take a look at what security found when they picked her for a random screening at l-a-x. 66 pounds of suspected cocaine. they say the flight attendant ran away before they could search her bag. she hasn't been identified and we don't know which airline she worked for. the union for l-a-x police officers is pushing for all airport employees to be screened, calling the airport the top west coast target for terrorists, and saying screenings could stop an
4:57 pm
a pilot program in detroit is making headlines today after it helped police arrest three suspects in a shooting -- just hours after it happened. the program links security cameras at gas stations around the city, directly to the police when those cameras captured a woman hiding a gun in her underwear before opening fire on a driver... officers reacted quickly. :20 (jaquelyn, gas station employee) "i love it --- just think --- without the green light --- went unsolved." :34 (jaquelyn, gas station employee) "it's crazy - too many guns out here for real --- it's like the wild wild west." the program costs business about five thousand dollars for all of the equipment but police say businesses make up that cost because someone at the police department is always watching. a new orleans teen makes a big impression and lands the job -- when he stops a robbery during his interview!witnesses say the thief grabbed cash from a register at the popeye's restaurant location when when the cashier screamed
4:58 pm
:10 (devin washington/stopped thief)"saying 'we're being robbed,' i guess he reached his hand in the drawer and he was trying to run to the door and one of the managers did this [gestures] and he ran into her, and i just got up." the teen restrained the suspect and held him in an arm lock until police arrived a few minutes the time it was over that suspect was charged with robbery and that teen had landed the job.he says he will work after school to support himself, his three year old daughter and buy a car. that's it from the now cincinnati. cincinnati.the team is tracking the very latest on the terror attacks in brussels. 9 on your side at 5 starts right now. :02 - :04"run run run run run" run"deadly explosions rock brussels and isis claims responsibility.the hunt tonight for others tied to the attack including one man seen at the airport. students safe after the attack! where u-c students - overseas in belgium - are staying
4:59 pm
your security top of mind. police ready to protect you ahead of large downtown events. 23:13"it's just a reminder that we have to be on our toes constantly" the number one way you can help police protect us all. a mother who admitted to harming her son - will be out of jail in the courts plan to keep that young boy're watching nine on your side at five! haunting images from inside a brussels subway and airport. three explosions in all -- belgium raising its terror threat to its highest level. :39 - :45(pierre meys, spokesman of the brussels fire brigade) "i can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's really hard." hard."now a worldwide search for those responsible.police released this photo from inside a brussels airport. police say the men in black carried out suicide bombings. they say the man in the tan jacket is a suspect - but
5:00 pm
take a look - a clear sign on solidarity..the eiffel tower lit up in red, yellow and black. e colors of the belgian flag. good evening - we begin with those breaking developments from brussels, belgium. least 34 people dead - and nearly two-hundred hurt including nine americans. americans.this all started with two explosions in the departures area of the brussels airport at about eight a-m brussels time.about an hour later - an explosion at a city subway station. belgian security says it's still early in the investigation - but there may be a link to the paris terror attacks in november.presdient obama addressed the attacks while in cuba today. "we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible." the president ordered flags to be flown at half staff.other new developments:police confirm a third bomb was found at the airport. it did not go off.explosive devices


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