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tv   9 On Your Side News 5  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EDT

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take a look - a clear sign on solidarity..the eiffel tower lit up in red, yellow and black. e colors of the belgian flag. good evening - we begin with those breaking developments from brussels, belgium. least 34 people dead - and nearly two-hundred hurt including nine americans. americans.this all started with two explosions in the departures area of the brussels airport at about eight a-m brussels time.about an hour later - an explosion at a city subway station. belgian security says it's still early in the investigation - but there may be a link to the paris terror attacks in november.presdient obama addressed the attacks while in cuba today. "we will do whatever is necessary to support our friend and ally, belgium in bringing to justice those who are responsible." the president ordered flags to be flown at half staff.other new developments:police confirm a third bomb was found at the airport. it did not go off.explosive devices
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and an isis flag.belgium's prime minister says the country will observe three days of national mourning. concern about the bombings in belgium reached across the atlantic ocean back to the queen city. city. that's because nearly two dozen university of cincinnati students are in that country tonight. tonight. nine on your side's tom mckee has new information on where and how they are right now. nineteen students from the college of business are safe tonite in antwerp, about 35 miles from brussels, where the bombings took place. some are from the business scholars program.c student are their co-op in told they're just fine as the u-c students have been in europe for several days -- first in paris, then in brussels and now antwerp. but, the terror so close by in belgium is something that nobody there or here at home could have expected. expected. "when you travel abroad, when you study abroad, these things can happen. when international students come
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greg vehr is u-c's vice- president for communications and says the school has been in constant contact with the business school students and faculty members plus the co-op students. students. "they're together. they're safe. they're reconfiguring their plans and it looks as though everything is fine." fine." that's good news to united states. "we have faculty members there with them who are working with them, making sure that they are safe and that they're in touch with their parents via e-mail or however they choose communicate." while the bombings come as a scary surprise, they won't stop u-c from sending students around the world to learn. learn. "our intention is to make sure that students have this opportunity to study abroad and that we communicate in situations like this that they're safe." i've been in touch with several of the students this afternoon. coming up at six, hear what they have to say about their experience. tom mckee, nine on your side, at the university of
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with several big events scheduled for the coming weeks - nine on your side wanted to know how local police are preparing.our john genovese explains why *you* are the one tool officers can count on - john? john? we're told these attacks serve as yet another reminder of how important it is to have a plan in place. in just over a month hundreds of thousands will make their way downtown and police say they'll be ready. isis - claiming responsibility for tuesday's terror in brussels. the chaos... on the minds of law enforcement here at home23:13"it's just a reminder that we have to be on our toes constantly" on the same morning the vice president stopped by the city- cincinnati police captain mike neville says keeping things secure surroundings is always the priority24:47"we do give it a little more attention. again, we prepare for it. i know that our people were getting prepared for the visit all through the weekend" in less than two weeks-tens-of- thousands will descend on and around downtown for the 'reds'
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after - swarms of runners from all over are set to take part in the 'flying pig' marathon 24:27"we really try and make these events as safe as we can. this is not incident driven - it's a full operational perspective we have all the time - but we just need to know whats going on so we can communicate with the other entities to stay on top of what the world has" in today's day and age - police say they're always monitoring threats and attacks - even around the world. but the best asset - neville says - is the community staying alert. 25:05 "we know hundreds if not a few million people are gonna make their way downtown at any given time and we look forward to those crowds coming and we prepare for that" coming up at 6-i'll tell you how the regional fusion center is reacting to these attacks. and what local terror experts say to watch out for. john genovese 9oys surrounding countries remain on alert - especially at airports.homeland security says there are no specific threats to the united states -
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security nationwide ... especially hubs like new york's penn station ... and major cities like washington and chicago. and we're on your side with breaking developments from brussels.on right now - a live blog with new information coming in. and stay with us for a one- hour special of world news tonight.nine on your side at seven will follow at 7:30. a mother who injected benadryl into her son's feeding tube - will be out of jail in one week.nine on your side's briana harper reports on why she'll be out so soon - and how that child is doing now. we want you to know we've taken steps in this story to protect the identity of the child. in seven days jessica valik will be released from jail.but despite her pending freedom she wont be allowed here at
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hospital or have contact with her son receiving treatment here.*pkg*stone-faced during sentencing.that's one way to describe jessica valik as she heard from a judge what her social worker, cincinnati children's hospital"as a grave concerns for (bleep) to return to his mothers care."to protect the victim we're not mentioning the boy's name.(kind of awkward-- you can reword if you'd like)valik is accused of putting benadryl inside her four-year-old son's feeding tube.a crime police say happened at cincinnati children's hospital while the young boy received treatment for a rare skin disorder known as eb."(bleep) experienced large open erosions and half-dollar blood filled blisters which is not typical for eb during jessica's valik was originally charged with felonious assault and misdemeanor child endangerment. but once she entered a plea deal those felony charges were dismissed.julie wilson// hamilton county prosecutors office spokesperson "but as sometimes happens after further review, discussion with the witnesses and considering everything we know about the case everyone was in agreement that this was the appropriate outcome."a judge sentenced valik to 180 days in jail.and due to time serve-- she'll be released in a week. and as far her son."we have seen market progress. (bleep) is walking the halls of children's and spends the majority of his days out of
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interacting with his environment."(briana)agian the four-year-old is continuing to receive treatment here at children's hospital with his grandfather by his side. requires frequent transfusions and doctors has improved. jessica's father plans to seek permanent custody of his grandson. briana harper 9 on your side. a father now admits to shooting up heroin in his cincinnati children's. wesley landers, who is from alabama, changed his plea to guilty.police say the man was found unresponsive in the hospital room in january.he also had a gun and syringes with may remember landers' wife was found dead of a heroin overdose the same day.landers is expected to be sentenced on thursday.the couple's two daughters are being cared for by their grandparents. firestorm of school threats. threats.a teen boy answers to charges today in court.we'll tell you who came to the boy's defense in the courtroom.
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and groom run into a hitch on their way to the alter.the roadblock one couple faced on their wedding day - and what
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new information at five - a teen accused of sending bomb threats to several schools denies all the charges against him. him.the 15-year-old was in court today.police say he
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schools on social media - and referred to himself as the "new osama."his priest - who asked not to be identified - spoke on his behalf in court. 10:36 - 10:48"nor is there anything to indicate ... cc or nothing at all" all" that priest says he hopes the teen gets the help he needs. april fourth. breaking news in that accident on the combs- hehl bridge that sent a car into the ohio river. four accident reports have just been released in the crash last tuesday. they indicate several cars rear-ended each other.. and at least one did a "180" as a result of the impact. but.. the reports do not say anything about the car and driver that went into the water. the boone county water rescue team says it won't be able to reach thet car until
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earliest. rescue crews say the river's conditions are too dangerious for divers. a couple encounters a hitch - while getting hitched... hitched... "i should've ignored it but i could see it. they started lining up and blocking the roads" roads"why this bride says she was "trumped" on her wedding day. and a fitness trend has women measuring their waistlines.we have the backlash to this social media challenge. your seven day forecast is
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5 a bride and groom trumped!a couple who planned their wedding a year and a half in advance says they hit a major roadblock the day of their wedding. wedding.the phoenix couple explains their hitch was traced back to a rally for presidential candidate donald trump. "i kinda anticipated the protesters just cause its been happening in other places." kerry burd'sheart sank from the moment she learnedthe gop's top candidate, donald trump would be holding a rally the same day as her wedding - the rally just five-hundred yards away. away. "i should've ignored it but i could see it. they started lining up and blocking the roads"protesters aiming to stop trump blocked the roads along with kerry's bridal party and guests...sending the bride out in her robe to reason with both sides hoping they would give a bride a break. break. "plead with them and say 'hey i planned this wedding a year
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just happens to be the same day as my wedding --just please make sure that all my guests that came to see me and all my friends could make the wedding."it didn't work -- her bridal party, photographer and wedding coordinator were all stuck... "i was pretty upset, i tried my best but i was pretty upset for awhile."but it didn't stop saying "i do." do." "i think our guests maybe didn't even notice but the vows were great -- the wedding was great."leaving this couple tell. "we had this nice little wedding planned in our little town of fountain hills and a bigger event came to town and kind of 'trumped' it" the photographer was three hours late - so the bride didn't get the photos she was hoping for. in spite of the chaos - the couple says they had a beautiful wedding day. we are on your side with a warning - hamilton county residents will likely hear
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but it's nothing to be concerned about.the county will test its outdoor tornado sirens at 9:50 a-m.this siren test was originally scheduled for earlier this month. for information on siren testing in clermont, butler and warren
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wednesday's forecast will be warm and breezy again. temperatures top out at 640f with partly cloudy skies. then our cold front arrives on thursday. this will bring in chances for showers and isolated thunderstorms during the day. right now, it looks in the morning hours with a
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the only local helicopter first in the tri-state.
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"the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in chopper 9." swallowing a dangerous mix... mix...many seniors make a potentially deadly mistake when it comes to their medicine.what you may be doing
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paper thin!a fitness challenge generates women on both sides of this social media craze are reacting. new at 5:30...don't like those new credit card readers at kroger and other tri state stores?you may change your mind when you see john matarese's report on how vulnerable your old credit
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tonight in healthy living - a warning for, or perhaps your parents, are likely taking a dangerous combination of medications and dietary supplements. a professor at the university of illinois says this is a major public health a new study - one in six seniors are combining prescription drugs with over-the-counter medicines and vitamins ... combinations that could result in death or other health risks. now to backlash over a fitness challenge that's going viral. women are holding a normal piece of computer paper - called a-four paper - over their waist... just like this. on one side you have women showing off their thin waists using the hash tag "a-4 waist." but here's how other women responded - one, holds up her degree from new york
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twitter says, "does this degree make me look fat?"there are lots of responses similar to this online. many voicing concerns as well on the bigger issue of body image and the dangers of teens thinking this is how you determine the way you should look. much more to come on 9 on your side at's anchor working on. next at 5:30....a sign of the times. times.tri-state police have a warning for parents this easter.the heroin epidemic may interrupt your easter egg hunt this year.we'll show you how. and we are following the latest breaking developments out of belgium.we're speaking with one of the most famous belgians in cincinnati.hear
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breaking news developments
5:30 pm this hour at least 34 people are dead. nine americans are among those hurt in the attacks. attacks. the bloodshed began at the brussels airport around eight o'clock their time.two explosions went off - sending a wave of panic through the hour later -- another explosion.this one at a subway station. a manhunt is now underway across europe looking for those behind the attack. belgian police released this picture -- it's believed to show the possible his time -- it is unknown who they are or even if they are still alive.president obama has just ordered all flags to be flown at half staff until march 26. one belgian most tri-staters would know.he opened the popular restaurant chain "taste of belgium." belgium."our tony mirones caught up with him today, to find out how his family and friends are faring back home. we think you will be interested in how he copes with terror. ((traffic nats))the taste of belgium in over the rhine is the first of small chain of


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