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tv   9 On Your Side News 530  ABC  March 22, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

5:30 pm this hour at least 34 people are dead. nine americans are among those hurt in the attacks. attacks. the bloodshed began at the brussels airport around eight o'clock their time.two explosions went off - sending a wave of panic through the hour later -- another explosion.this one at a subway station. a manhunt is now underway across europe looking for those behind the attack. belgian police released this picture -- it's believed to show the possible his time -- it is unknown who they are or even if they are still alive.president obama has just ordered all flags to be flown at half staff until march 26. one belgian most tri-staters would know.he opened the popular restaurant chain "taste of belgium." belgium."our tony mirones caught up with him today, to find out how his family and friends are faring back home. we think you will be interested in how he copes with terror. ((traffic nats))the taste of belgium in over the rhine is the first of small chain of
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native jean-francois flechet. ((nats))he's been monitoring what's happening back home all day while trying to work at the same time.jean-francois flechet/beglium native"it's really sad and upsetting, it's not something you really expect to happen in a place like brussels."his family and friends are safe, but his parents have concerns. jean-francois flechet/beglium native"my parents are a bit shaken because they were suppose to be in brussels tomorrow, so with a 24-hour difference that would have been a very different situation so they are very fortunate that it didn't happen to them."while keeping up with the news of the manhunt for the terroists, he's reading all of the editorial cartoons.he says, it's the way belgians cope, with a bit of artistic humor. jean-francois flechet/beglium native"in belgium there is almost no topic that is too serious to make fun of or laugh about it, it's kind of an there's been a lot of characatures online by different belgian artists, characaturing the suicide bombers and basically capturing the reaction of belian people and at the end
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will prevail and not them." flechet's love for his home country goes deep.deep enough that he encourages others to go visit when the get a chance. jean-francois flechet/beglium native"make sure that you go there and visit the city don't listen to the nay sayers in the media, it's a beautiful city and on average its very safe. what happened today is an isolated incident and it's really really sad."for now, flechet get's back to work, and waits for justice.tony mirones 9 on your side, over-the-rhine in a show of support -- the taste of belgium's rookwood location will show an animated version of one of the political cartoons tonight. and stay with nine on your side and wcpo-dot-com for the very latest on these attacks. tonight at six -- we check in with tri-state law enforcement to see how they are combating any threats right here at home. there will also be a special hour-long edition of "world news tonight with david muir" -- followed by nine on your
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tonight is the first madison school board meeting since last month's shooting. shooting.four students were hurt and a 14 year old student has been charged.on thursday -- the school begins a three- part parent training program called "stress response and crisis intervention."the district has implemented other changes since the shooting -- like security wands and a check-in program for students. it's a terrible thought but organizers of easter egg hunts
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to take a minute to look for syringes in the grass. grass.that's right--with the heroin epidemic such as it is police and organizers of needle exchange programs want adults to take a minute and do a sweep of open areas where the eggs will be placed.9 on your side reporter jay warren has more on the story from over the rhine-- "a simple caution from those on the front lines in the fight against heroin before you send kids out looking for eggs this weekend make sure yourself looking for needles before the grass here at washington park is dotted with eggs and kids looking for them there will be a check for foreign objects before hand-- the same goes for buena vista park in newport where kids will also be searching for eggs this weekend--newport's police chief tom collins explains the risk is that after someone shoots up the needle gets discarded((chief tom collins/newport police department))"when people pull up and they use the needles they discard them and they really let's be honest they don't care about themselves
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someone else."neighbors near buena vista say they've noticed a dramatic decrease when it comes to the presence of drug users at night but nonetheless egg hunt organizers will do a quick check here too and that's good news for families who will be down here this weekend((jake colwell/parent))"that seems like a good investment a little bit of time to make sure that you don't have to spend a lot of time dealing with a lot worse scenario." ((tim lee/grandfather))"it's important that we check at this park when we do have the easter egg hunt and i'm glad that you guys are here so that now that everyone knows so check your parks and check where your neighborhood and everywhere you do your egg hunts you don't know."and so before your kids take to the ground to find those eggs make sure you've done a little looking too((sot))"it's something that you hate to think about it's one of those things you don't want to address but the reality is that these things are out there what we need to do is plan for them."--------jay look live---------"so again for parents and the organizers of these events you're urged to just take a little bit more time before sending the kids out there looking for eggs. jay warren 9 on your side over
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it's back to the drawing board for a pro-marijuana group. group."grassroots ohio" will have to rephrase the petition and resubmit it before the measure can appear on a ballot. ohio attorney general mike dewine found at least two issues with the language. grassroots ohio plans to resubmit its petition to dewine's office later this week.dewine has already approved one medical marijuana ballot proposal and will make a decision on a third measure by friday. the "i-step" student exam is almost officially a thing of the past. past.indiana governor mike pence signed a bill into law this morning repealing the "indiana statewide testing for educational progress." exam. 20-17 will be the last year students will take the test. the state legislature approved the measure earlier this month. the bill also lays out a plan to study other testing options for indiana students. kentucky attorney general andy beshear is suing volkswagen. volkswagen.the lawsuit was filed claims the automaker's vehicle emission cheating scheme violated the state's consumer protections
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penalties and restitution for the nearly 4-thousand volkswagens registered in the state.four other states - texas, new mexico, new jersey, and west virginia have filed similar suits. the tenth annual "northern kentucky veterans job fair" is tomorrow. tomorrow.job seekers will be able to apply to over four- thousand positions at the "receptions banquet and conference center" in erlanger. it will be open to veterans and spouses from noon to 1-pm. the general public is then free to attend from one to four p-m. next on nine on your side at 5:30...president obama wraps up his historic trip to cuba. cuba.we'll show you how he made a symbolic jab at the the cuban president before hopping on air force one. and starbucks has a plan to help the hungry.see how the coffee giant hopes to tackle the country's hunger problem with the help of its baristas. don't like those new credit card readers at kroger and other tri state stores?you may change your mind when you see
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your old credit cards are ....coming up. "the only helicopter bringing you breaking news in the tri-state.chopper 9 taking a live look at the roads this evening.i'm dan carroll in chopper 9." you're watching 9 on your side
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president obama is on his way to argentina after a historic trip to cuba. cuba.the highlight of the day was a nationally televised speech to the cuban people.the president also met with political dissidents -- many of who were imprisoned for speaking out against the castro was a symbolic gesture.just yesterday cuban president raul castro falsely denied his country was holding political prisoners. i have come here to bury the last remnant of the cold war in the americas. [ applause ] i have come here to extend the hand of friendship to the cuban people. president obama will hold a town hall meeting with young latin american leaders in argentina tomorrow. starbucks may soon donate all of its leftover food. food.the company is looking at ways to donate one-hundred percent of its unused food to food banks across the country. it's currently looking at how
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safe until it is consumed.the c-e-o -- howard schultz -- says the idea actually came from baristas behind the counter. your nine first warning forecast is coming up. card skimming shocker... card readers?... john matarese shocking surveillance video (sot) "there's been no technology and we don't anticipate that there will be (nat)... the local this international crisis...
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you're watching 9 on your side at 5:30. so you're not too thrilled with those new chip credit cards, that slow down the checkout line?you may change your mind when you see consumer reporter john matarese's story on just how vulnerable your old credit cards are.but first....getting banned from amazon for making too many returns! craig....every amazon shopper has returned things.but tonight comes a report about a shopper banned for making too
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returns!british news agencies report that a man in england had hit amazon account shut down, after making 37 returns in a very short period of time. amazon is not commenting.but with any store, be careful how much you return or exchange. while apple has just announced a new, smaller iphone, samsung is launching its new galaxy s7. s7.and tonight our partners at consumer reports magazine say it may be the best smartphone ever!the magazinejust completed its testing of the s7 and says it is great in low light, has a super long battery life, and best of all is almost waterproof.. wondering why stores are making the switch to those clunky new chip card readers? you may wonder no more once you see this next report... which shows just how vulnerable your old credit card is to scammers. its now been two weeks since
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on their new chip reader terminals.shoppers are relucantly making the switch to the new chip cards....even though many people find the new card readers much slower than swiping. swiping."i do not like the chip card!" card!""they're a little inconvenient!"but you'll understand why stores are making the switch to chip when you see this amazing video....just released by the miami florida police the man on the right, as the clerk turns around to grab a pack of cigarettes.he snaps an illegal credit card skimmer on the top of the stores card reader in just 3 seconds!from that point on, he is secretly recording every customer's credit card number, until he comes back a few hours later to remove it. see, once everyone is using these new chip cards, those credit card skimmers will become useless.and thieves will have one less way to compromise your card. card. "there's been no successful hack or breaks in technology and we don't anticipate that there will be ."randy vanderhoof is with the group of us banks, businesses and
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make the switch.he says the new cards cannot be duplicated by card skimmers.shopper melissa sipples says while the new cards are slower, she's ok with it if it prevents this. this."i think a lot of people are upset about that, but they need to realize its for their own good, and it's more security for them in the long run!" if you still have old style cards, you should recieve new chip versions by the end of this year.finally, our insider deal of the week this buy one get one free golfing at any cincinati rec commission golf'll find details to that and other insider deals on so you dont waste
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today's gusty winds will continue to give us an elevated fire risk through 8 p.m. the counties included are highlighted below but all of the tri-state should avoid outdoor burning regardless.wednesday's forecast will be warm and breezy again. temperatures top out at 640f with partly cloudy skies. then our cold front arrives on thursday. this will bring in chances for showers and isolated thunderstorms during the day. right now, it looks like our better rain chance is in the morning hours with a few more spotty showers behind the front that afternoon.we are also keeping an eye on the easter weekend ahead. right now, it looks like we could see rain showers on sunday but the timing is still a little split in the extended weather models with
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into monday. check back as we
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this lot is set to get a makeover... but you'd be surprised what's coming to covington!at six... why a
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remind you of a barnyard. a big night on 9 on your's tonight's
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a texas man is thanking several bystanders for pulling him out of his car as
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flames.the driver slammed into a tree and the fire shot high into the air.good samaritans saw what was going on and quickly ran to his rescue.they were determined to do anything to get him out -- all while the driver was passed out at the wheel. the door was jammed. the river's seat was jammed and the only thing i was able to do was bend part of the door down and that's when we were able to pull him out deputies say alcohol may be a factor.the driver suffered severe burns to his legs and was flown to the hospital.he is expected to one else was injured. terror in brussels a concern for folks in the tri-state... tri-state...nine on your side's carol williams shows us who you might know that's in belgium right now. college students -- business professionals... the tri-state has several connections to the terror attacks today. six -- what students
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brussels just days ago are saying tonight. a fight caught on camera at a northern kentucky school!but tonight -- the student who *captured* the scene says she's in trouble!what the school is saying about this
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tri-state students and teachers close to terror... "go!" the messages from parents and a u-c faculty member -- after deadly bombings the capital of belgium. caught on camera... students at a kenton county school fighting in the hallway! why one parent says the teen *behind* the camera is being treated unfairly. farming in the city...produce and dirt -- in an unusual place!the benefit it's providing to tri-state shoppers.nine on your side at six starts now. at least 34 killed in brussels belgium by terror atttacks...chaos at an airport and a subway station... station...and tonight -- belgium's interior minister says police knew *something* was going to happen in would be *there*. belgium sits north of france... the capital brussels is centrally located in the country.the airport and subway station where the attacks happened are about four miles
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two explosions went off in the departure hall of brussels airport...these images showing a check-in counter destroyed... and flames still visible as people try to get away in the moments afterward. an hour later -- one explosion at the maelbeek subway station. "can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's really hard." and tonight -- president obama is ordering flags in the u-s to be flown at half-staff through saturday.and as so many mourn -- belgian police are looking for one man... he's on the far right of an airport surveillance image that's being circulated across the globe. "we're safe... send prayers". the collective words of nearly two dozen u-c students and faculty who are in belgium. belgium.they're miles away from the terror... but it's certainly a frightening experience for them. them.nine on your side's tom mckee has been in contact with them... he's live with what


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