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tv   9 On Your Side News 6  ABC  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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two explosions went off in the departure hall of brussels airport...these images showing a check-in counter destroyed... and flames still visible as people try to get away in the moments afterward. an hour later -- one explosion at the maelbeek subway station. "can't explain. it looked like war. it's unbelievable. it's really hard." and tonight -- president obama is ordering flags in the u-s to be flown at half-staff through saturday.and as so many mourn -- belgian police are looking for one man... he's on the far right of an airport surveillance image that's being circulated across the globe. "we're safe... send prayers". the collective words of nearly two dozen u-c students and faculty who are in belgium. belgium.they're miles away from the terror... but it's certainly a frightening experience for them. them.nine on your side's tom mckee has been in contact with them... he's live with what
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it's been an unforgettable trip for 19 college of business students and two faculty members.they went to paris, then to brussels, but were in antwerp when the bombs went off 35 miles away.that fact alone is bringing a sense of relief to the campus tonite. the horrific pictures from brussels began to fill television and social media screens early tuesday.almost immediately, messages started appearing saying that 19 uc students and faculty members from the college of business were safe in antwerp, some 35 miles away.robert capannari tweeted pictures of himself in paris earlier in the trip adding uc students in belgium are safe.faculty member suzanne masterson e-mailed, "we're together in antwerp, booked into a new hotel and looking forward to a group dinner later this evening."she added the linder college of business is working on the logistics for the remainder of the trip, but concluded, "for now, we're grateful to be together and safe."many students are in the kolodzik business scholars program and
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they're safe, staying in contact with uc and asking for prayers sent their way."uc vice-president greg vehr says the school was in close contact with the group in belgium. "the issue is to try and make sure that they're safe, convey that message back to their family members and then to move on with determining whether or not they can continue their travels or if they need to come home." home."one parent tweeted thanks to uc for all it was doing to make sure that the students abroad were safe. safe. "attacks anywhere in the world can affect the university of cincinnati because we have students across the world studhing and involved in co-op programs." miami university has one student in belgium who reportedly is safe.procter & gamble has 1,100 employees working in brussels.the company says it's working to confirm their safety and is asking them to work from home until further notice.tom mckee, nine on your side, live at the university of
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terror is a fear on so many people's minds -- and a group in the tri-state is tracking everything that's happening in brussels... to keep *you* safe. safe.nine on your side's john genovese is live -- with how the tristate is keeping watch. cincinnati police are busy coordinating their plans for several big events happening in the next few weeks. but the regional fusion center focuses on combating terror in the tri-state.. and they say.. it's a mission that takes everyone. chaos in brussels. tuesday's attacks - claiming dozens of lives. injuring hundreds more. 00:07"the radical islamists that are embedded - especially in northern europe - have been working toward these types of events for a long time" local terrorism expert ed bridgeman says the attacks follow a pattern. we've seen them before - and unfortunately says.. we'll likely see them again 01:02"its indicative of how they operate of going after the high casualty type
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areas at rush hour time" here at home of-thousands are in the works. the reds opening day parade is just weeks away. the flying pig marathon - not long after. 17:09:41"we're monitoring all of our areas. sharing information both on the federal and local levels throughout the country." captain mike hartzler says there are no immediate threats to the region. still - at the area's 'fusion center' - he works with local and federal agencies. his mission - tracking and thwarting potential attacks before they ever take shape 09:58"people need to remember - this type of violence knows no age, no gender, no race - it's just violence at its extreme." his main takeaway for all of us - if you see something, say something. terror - he says - can happen anywhere. it's all about being vigilant and prepared. 11:46"we live in a world - and especially in the united states - we're a free country, people travel about,
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from all of this - officials say everyone should feel empowered to speak out. if you're out and about or feel like something is out of the ordinary.. law enforcement says the first thing to do is give them a call. john genovese 9oys nine on your side's coverage of the terror in brussels continues online...visit w-c-p-o-dot-com -- the nine on your side app -- and follow us on social media. we continue to follow breaking news out of denver... part of denver international airport evacuated because of a security threat. this is a live look in denver -- roads to the west side of the terminal blocked off.our sister station in denver reporting that t-s-a officials detected something suspicious inside a package found near a door at the american airlines counter.flight delays certainly are possible if you're heading that way so check with your airline. a violent fight at a kenton county high school caught on
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over the internet -- the student sharing it questioning the actions of a teacher nearby. nine on your side's evan millward is live with the latest. or in this case - a teacher's lack of action.when we show you this video - taken here inside scott high in taylor mill - you'll see two students swinging - and a teacher standing by watching.tonight the student who posted it - and raised questions about that teacher's inaction - says she may get kicked out. nicole williams/scott high school freshman 0059 that was like the craziest girl fight i've seen.nats - fightit starts with name calling -nats -williams 0031 they got into a conflict over text messaging or whatever- and spirals into kicks and chaos.williams 0054 there was hair pulling, punching and then the one girl slams the other into the wall. nats - slam into wallnicole williams is a freshman at scott high.she didn't take this video - but she posted it on facebook.williams 0138 my point was like schools go on and on about how no bullying and how it's not
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supposed to be safe at school. but if i were them i wouldn't feel safe at school.william says a teacher - seen in this video - stood by and watched it she says she may get kicked out of school for not taking the video down. williams 0308 whether i deleted it or not, he still said he was going to suspend me either way.kenton county schools acknowledges the fight - and the video -jess dykes/kenton co. schools spokesperson 5633 this is under investigation. we take any kind of violence in our school like this very seriously.and spokesperson jess dykes tells nine on your side there's a privacy concern with that video floating around.dykes 5836 we ask that our students be good digital citizens. there are students that ask not to be photographed or videotaped per their parents, there are minors.nats - fightwilliams 0042 everybody had their phones out recording it. william tells me there may be a dozen or more other videos like the one she posted.the freshman has been in trouble before - but now she says her future is uncertain.evan 0323 so are you afraid that you aren't even going to be able to go back to school?williams
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because this is my freshman year of high school and this is my last semester of high school and i'm worried he's not going to let me back. williams' mom tells me nicole is suspended until a hearing on whether or not she will be expelled. ive also reached out to the mom of one of the girls involved in that in taylor mill, em, 9oys. stopping excessive pay...the plan from the cincinnati's top
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it will cost twice as much to fix... so now butler county leaders aren't sure it's worth fixing up a building full of historic war artifacts. commissioners thought repairs to a crumbling ceiling and other issues at the "solders sailors and pioneers" in hamilton would cost 500-thousand dollars.but a restoration group says it's closer to a million dollars.
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price "astronomical".the *hamilton* community foundation previously pledged money to the repairs -- but be done. revisit policies and make sure its up to date... that's one way cincinnati's police chief wants to curb expensive overtime. overtime.this comes after an internal audit foundalmost a dozen officers making between 15 and 70 thousand dollars extra in overtime.chief isaac met with the rules and audit commitee today.much of the blame has been put on former chief jeffrey blackwell -- but stop it. "this is a policy issue and we want to make sure that we are up to date on taht and we can provide clear direction on what's appropriate and what's not appropriate" that audit found the highest percentages of improper approval happening in the chief's office and the community liaison unit. weather and sports are ahead,
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the rumor mill continues to swirl around mick cronin. the story upcoming in sports. growing city roots... (sot) "turning these vacant lots into beautiful market gardens." the plan to provide organic produce... grown in the city where you live and work. (sot) "there are all these vacant lots that the city has available... i'm gonna farm them."you're
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right now -- covington leaders trying to decide whether to
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want to grow crops in the heart of the city. city.and as the city continues to boom with unique small businesses -- our scott wegener tells us *who* will harvest the benefits. "well, it may not be what old macdonald had in mind, but this vacant lot in the middle of covington could be on its way to becoming a commercial farm."covington's already embraced community gardens, even growing chickens chickens but this is different-- something called a c-s-a. "community supported agriculture style farming." what's the difference?"a community garden is run by volunteers."not so with a c-s-a."this is a market garden or a working mini-farm, so it's managed by farming professionals, and it's managed year round."those farming professionals-a local start up called yogi and the farmer-that's right--not only will they grow fruits and vegetables, they also plan yoga classes among the growing greenery."for me, it's a trifecta."covington's economic development manager, geoff
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project.not only, he says, would it make use of a formerly blighted vacant lot, it brings a new business to town and.."it brings fresh, local, sustainable food to the heart of covington."yogi and the farmer already opened a plot of land on lee street, but this lot will triple their production.which brings up another difference--who can actually get the produce.yogi and the farmer sell *shares* to individuals or businesses for six hundred dollars.then for twenty six weeks you can go to their farmer's market and pick up twenty dollars worth of locally grown produce. "that may include five to seven different kinds of vegetables."scott wegener, nine on your side, covington.., if approved, crops should be
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weather summary: wednesday's forecast will be warm and breezy again. temperatures top out at 640f with partly cloudy skies. then our cold front arrives on thursday. this will bring in chances for showers and isolated thunderstorms during the day. right now, it looks like our better rain chance is in the morning hours with a few more spotty showers behind
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it seemed like it wouildn't happen last night.....but the rumor that has uc's mick cronin going to u-n-l-v just won't die. it started over the weekend that the rebels were interested in hiring cronin. he texted reporters last night that he hasn't met with any other schools. schools.but today the las vegas review journal reported that the board of regents in las vegas is considering a contract to pay mick more than two million dollars a year. the paper says that's more than double what u-n-l-v has ever paid a coach. this is the season of great speculation. one report said
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sean miller, now at arizona, was in pittsburgh and was considering the open job with the panthers.. miller quickly shot that down. he wasn't in pittsburgh..he was in tucson. tucson.pittsburgh is looking for a coach to replace jamie dixon, who after 13 years with the panthers is taking over at t-c-u, which is his alma mater. another move toward player safety in the nfl. the chop block is not completely outlawed. you can't hit an opponet low which he's engaged high with another player. that's a 15 yard penalty. meawhile the extra point...which was moved back to the 15 yard line as an experiment in 2015 will become permanent. nfl owners believe that the longer extra point is now a meaningful used to converted 99 percent of the he's down to 94 percent. one coach meanwhiled is lobbying for the nfl to expand the use of replays. ravens head coach john harbaugh says the fans now have a better view of the game than the
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watching their smartphones. and he also says it's time to clarify what consitutes a catch...he says it should be a three step rule: baseball this afternoon, big crowd to watch the reds and the cubs in goodyear. alfred simon, back with the reds, started the game and retired all nine batters in three innings of work. the bullpen tho didn't get it done..the cubs are leading 9-6 late in the game. last night the reds got blasted with eight runs in the fourth innings in a 8 to five loss to the san diego padres. this was one of the big hits...will meyers with a two run home run against the reds
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the guy that meyers took out of the park last night was sent to the mnors today. cody reed was one of four players re-assigned to the minor league camp. we're likely to see him before the season is over. finally..major league baseball came to cuba today....former indian and red sox great luis tiant threw out the first pitch along with cuban legend pedro luis lazo. the tampa bay rays beat a cuban team 4-`1 nine on your side continues in
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that's nine on your side at six for this tuesday. tuesday.coming up next -- an hour-long special edition of world news tonight -- focusing on the terror in brussels.then
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will immediately follow.don't forget -- we're always on with breaking news, weather and
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tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight." the deadly terror attacks in brussels. at the airport. >> stay down. the americans caught in the middle of it all. three deadly explosions rocketing the city. tonight, isis reportedly claiming responsibility. dozens killed. more than 200 hurt. this image leading to an urgent manhunt at this hour. what authorities have spotted in the surveillance photo. passengers escaping the subway in the dark and smoke. i talk with the american man who pried the door open. >> it was a nightmare. >> and the virginia woman who hid behind the counter at the airport with the ticketing


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