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tv   Good Morning Tri- State 430 AM  ABC  March 23, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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morning drive. i'm timing out the second round of storms for later in the day ahead. the eyes and hearts of the world are with brussels this morning. morning.the city remain on lockdown...and an international manhunt is underway for this man.the suspected bomber that got away. 34 people were killed nearly 200 more injured in the series of bombs that rocked to belgian capitol early yesterday morning.this is video shot just moments after the explosion in brussels main airport.police there believe it was a three man job. (frederic van leeuw/belgian federal prosecutor ) "at the airport we have a photo of three suspects. we can assume that two of those three men have committed suicide - suicide attacks. the third
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and a hat is being searched at this moment." moment."the islamic state is taking responsibility for the attacks at the airport and a subway station. since june of 20-14... 75 attacks by isis have killed nearly 13-hundred people. around 2-dozen university of cincinnati students are in belgium this morning. thankfully, all of them safe... but still rattled by these attacks. 9 on your side's john genovese got to speak with one of them. john what did he have to say? terror rocking brussels. two bombs going off in the airport... then -- another at a subway station not far away03:39 "i kinda just pulled up a live update online -- i know a bunch of my coworkers had pulled up the same thing" 'david verchick' is a senior at the university of cincinnati. he's taking part in a co-op design program...
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'antwerp' ... about a half- hour train ride from the attacks03:55"at one point we did find out the antwerp central station was being shut down and evacuated and no one really knew why. we could see from the office window"on tuesday night -- around 2-dozen u-c students were staying in belgium -- all of them safe. most are on a trip through the college of business. david -- and one other... arrived there two months ago04:17"definitely that weird feeling of this could've been me, this could've been someone i know -- especially cause people from our office are always traveling to brussels and traveling to the eu and european commission"with police and the military on high alert. david says it's a solemn feeling -- and hours later -- the country's still in shock. in two days -- he and a coworker would've been passing through the same airport where it happened12:22 "it's just weird having things happen like so close. like i was saying again, it's kinda strange, could've been me, could've been someone i know
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miami university is known for its overseas studies program. the school tells us it had one student in belgium - who is accounted for and safe his morning. this morning, people around the world are showing their solidarity with the people of brussels. the eiffel tower is bathed in the colors of the belgian flag.... as is the netherlands royal palace in amsterdam. in new york... one world trade center is also lit up with the colors of the belgian flag. and here in cincinnati... the sign on the duke energy convention center is also lit-up with the belgian colors ... black... yellow and red. that's why you see the black band in the middle of the cincinnati sign. nine on your side will continue to work this story for you throughout the day. we'll bring you updates on
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three more states took to the polls yesterday.arizon autah and idaho all either hold primary's or caucuses.we'll start with the gop side of the isle. in arizona donald trump took home the win.he took 46 percent of the vote..and all of the states 58 delegates. delegates.while in utah texas senator ted cruz cruised to the wins there with a whoppig 71 percent of the vote.and all 40 of the states delegates. experts say it was trumps promise to deport migrant and build a wall that resonated with voters in arizona.while cruz ws expected to do well in utah after governor gary herbert and mitt romney both endorsed cruz last week. as it stand right now donald trump is firmly in the lead whenit comes to delegates.he's got 739, while ted cruz is second with 465.ohio governor
4:35 am'll take 1,237 to bring home the nomination. on the democratic side idaho and utah's arizona's 130 delgates were up for grabs. bernie sanders took wins in idaho and utah. utah.the tables turned in arizona however.hillery took that state with 44 percent ofthe votes. lets take a look where their delgate count stands hillary is in the lead with 1,681 delegates so far.sanders has 927. jennifer will call for graphic fullit's going to be another pleasant forecast today as highs top out in the mid-60s along with partly cloudy skies and breezy winds. but rain is returning soon. showers will be around for the thursday morning drive. i'm timing out the second round of storms for later in the day ahead.
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its a cincinnati treasure.. smale riverfront park. but now... nine on your side has learned the park board broke the law when it was built. how that could cost the city years from now. narrowing the risk of overdosing.the steps the c-d-c
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a newly released document could spell trouble for the city if says the construction on smale park violated the law and may leave the city at financial risk. risk.a city memo says contractors chosen for the job didn't have bonds required to cover their work if it isn't finished or done correctly. violating the city's municipal code.. and leaving the city stuck with the repair bill. on top of that, the park board apparently awarded contracts without the mandatory bidding process. which means the city may have paid more than it needed to.we're awaiting comment form the park board and mayor john cranley. meanwhile you can read the memo right now on the covington city commission has voted to support a needle exchange program. the hope is by offering heroin addicts clean needles... it will reduce the spread of disease, such as hepitius and
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dirty needles.. resolution calls for the exchange to be open three hours a day in a mobile van in the parking lot of saint elizabeth's hospital. "this is a larg and broad health issue, ublic health issue, really for the entire region. the kenton county fiscal court.. and the northern kentucky health department also need to approve the program before it can begin. the c-d-c is narrowing in on people who are at the greatest risk of unintentionally overdosing on the potent drug fentanyl. found fentanyl- related o-d deaths in ohio drastically jumped from 2013 to 2014... with more than five- hundred people dying that year. and the agency found that white men *without* college degrees and a history of substance abuse are at the greatest risk of encountering fentanyl. fentanyl has made its way into illicit drugs in two ways...mixed with heroin and mistakenly given out by drug dealers who thought it was prescription painkillers. jennifer...
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pleasant forecast today as highs top out in the mid-60s along with partly cloudy skies and breezy winds. but rain is returning soon. showers will be around for the thursday morning drive. i'm timing out the second round of storms for later in the day ahead. two bomb threats in two drastic measures to protect students. a heart warming story has a bittersweet update this morning on the five cheetah cubs born prematurly at the
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gmts anim"you're watching good morning tri-state at 4:30 on 9 on your side!" this morning north college hill schools are taking extraordinary security measures after two days of threats. there will be restrictions on what students can bring to school. nine on your side's evan millward has more on the
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it is getting old.chief ryan schrand/north college hill police department 162248 we've identified that it's the same caller, same cell phone, and have taken steps to remedy that.a clearly frustrated police chief.- partnering with schools here the rest of the week on heavy security changes. schrand 162401 they're not going to be allowed to bring purses, not going to be allowed to bring backpacks or any other items to carry stuff into the school for the next three days.two days - two calls - two threats - and two calls - two threats - and two means kids schrand 162430 this was the best do to salvage the in the morning will have schools multiple and that's pains the enforcement, this heard of you didn't have to deal with places, you've got attention to these things because his priority - this week - safe in school.the cell phone making somebody that's local, that
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how do you make something worthwhile out of something no one wants to have around?thsi morning the metropolitain sewer district thinks it has a way to put our waste to better use. use.m-s-d wants to build two bio-digesters that would turn the solids into a product that could be used as fertilizer or compost. other cities.. including louisville.. are already doing this. the process produces pellets that are then sold to fertilizer companies. right now on wcpo dot com and
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money m-s-d might be able to make from the process. aiming to put veterans to work. more than four thousand jobs are up for grabs at the 10th annual veterans job fair.'s going on at the kentucky career center in's going on from 10 a-m to four this afternoon.the first hour of which is reserved for vets and their spouses. kings island, pomeroy, wayfair...just a few of the companies that will be on hand. we ushered in spring on sunday, and with that, the officials start of tornado and severe storm season. season.and ohio wants you to tune in, take action, take cover.the outdoor warning siren test is taking happening this morning at's part of ohio severe weather part of the tornado drill the n-o-a-a will send the siren out over the's statewide and meant to encourage people to take action when they hear the warning sirens. the colerain towship departement of fire will be
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it will conduct a statewide test of the alert siren network.with tornados already wreaking havoc as close as dayton this year officials are stressing the importance of being prepared.for a full list of everything you can do to be prepared...we've got a ful lwrite up on wcpo dot com. now let's check in with with your nine first warning weather. weather. today's forecast will be partly cloudy, warm and breezy. temperatures will be in the mid-60s which is a repeat of what we saw yesterday. winds will continue to gust up to 20 mph. an area of low pressure rolls into the ohio valley on thursday. showers should move through as we start the morning drive, bringing in isolated downpours and a few rumbles of thunder. while we could see a few dry hours after the peak morning rush, additional showers and storms will develop in the afternoon hours. we could see an isolated stronger to severe storm with this afternoon round. it looks like large hail and damaging winds would be the main concern. cooler
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high of 490f. saturday is also rain free and mild with highs in the low 60s. we continue to keep an eye on the easter outlook. as i mentioned yesterday, the models were split between rain on sunday or monday. all the new information that came in this morning now points more toward monday for rain and dry through most of the day sunday. this could bode well for easter eggs hunts on
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no traffic issues, minute-by-minute updates on and at the bottom of
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a panel is looking at ways to lower ohio's infant mortality rate, which is among the worst in the nation. nation.the list of ideas is out ...including increasing the tobacco tax.. and raising the legal age for buying tobacco to 21. other recommendations include banning the sale of crib bumpers... and improving cultural competency among health care providers. the three leading causes in ohio are prematurity or pre-term births, sleep-related deaths and birth defects. a sad update ths morning on the story we brought you about the five cheetah cubs born prematurelly at the cincinnati zoo. the cubs were born by c- section at the zoo's breeding facility in clermont county. now.. their mother has died. zoo official say cheetahs are fragile animals.. and "willow" wasn't able to recover from the trauma of surgery. they tell us the cubs are
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shepherd named "blakely" is stepping in as a surrogate parent for the cubs. putting an end to waste.what starbucks is planning on doing with 100% of its leftover food. the fallout continues for carmaker volkswagen in the wake of that emmission cheating scandal.why kentucky residents who own one may soon
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it's going to be another pleasant forecast today as highs top out in the mid-60s along with partly cloudy skies and breezy winds. but rain is returning soon. showers will be around for the thursday morning drive. i'm timing out the second round of storms for later in the day ahead. starbucks lovers this is for you.the coffee chain is unveiling a new drink aimed at celebrating spring.the coffee chain is introducing the caramalized honey latte. starbucks says its made with a slow-cooked, caramalized honey sauce that gives it a unique
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iced or as a blended "frappuccino." starbucks is doing its part to curb hunger in the u-s. u-s.the company says it will aim to contribute "100%" of its left over food to 'feeding america' which runs a national network of food howard schultz says the idea came from baristas behind the counter.starbucks plans to give out 5 million meals this year -- including breakfast sandwiches, paninis and salads. changes coming for prescription opioids.the u.s. food and drug administration will require new warning labels for opioid prescription medications warning consumers, "about the serious risks of misuse, abuse, addiction, overdose and death." the fda made the announcement on tuesday. the most severe wrning label, a black box warning, will be required on immediate release formulations. kentucky attorney general andy beshear is suing volkswagen. volkswagen.the lawsuit filed yesterday claims the automaker's vehicle emission cheating scheme violated the state's consumer protections law.beshear is seeking civil
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the nearly 4-thousand volkswagens registered in the state.four other states - texas, new mexico, new jersey, and west virginia have filed similar suits. the f-b-i now believes it will take *two weeks - to know whether an alternative method to unlock a terror suspect's iphone will work.the government canceled a hearing with apple today - hoping it could get around the company to access the information on the san bernardino shooter's phone.the two sides are due back in court on april fifth. meanwhile, the gap between apple and rival cell phone maker samsung may have just closed. closed.this morning consumer reports magazine says the new galaxy s-7 may be the best smartphone ever!the magazine just completed its testing of the s-7 and says it is great in low light, has a super long battery life, and best of all is almost waterproof.. more on the brussels terror attack including the internationl manhunt.we'll also hear from a university of cincinnati student who was in brussels at the time of one of
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manhunt for a terrorist... overnight raids in belgium following the bombings that killed 31 innocent people.what we've learned overnight about the suspects -- and how it's impacting security here in america. caught in the aftermath...a u-c student studying abroad in belgium talks to 9 on your side about what it's like right now in the close he came to the disaster. good morning...some good news if you're stepping outside... it's going to be another pleasant day. day.9 first warning meterologist jennifer ketchmark with a look at your warm up. it's going to be another pleasant forecast today as highs top out in the mid-60s along with partly cloudy skies and breezy winds. but rain is returning soon. showers will
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morning drive. i'm timing out the second round of storms for later in the day ahead. in the live alert... and breaking overnight... we've learned the names of two of the brussels airport attackers. this... as authorities continue their manhunt right now for the third suspect... who escaped. escaped.this video shows brothers khalid and brahim el


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