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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 3, 2015 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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joaquin won't factor into our weekend, but cool, rainy weather wil when we could see some sun. phil: disturbing text messages sent to a high school class president. >> i have been in the same class with these kids for three years and all of this comes out, it was shocking. phil: the meeting tonight to set things right. j.c.: wounded hero. the navy vet who took on the oregon campus gunman. and the massive fund-raiser for his recovery. phil: rebuilding the mortgage process. the new federal law taking effect this weekend, how it makes it easier to understand your loan. j.c.: right now after battering the bahamas for days, hurricane joaquin finally pulling away. the massive storm moving at snail's pace. phil: meantime, a frantic search continues for a cargo ship with 31 americans onboard, last seen near the bahamas. j.c.: dramatic images as the coast guard rescues a dozen
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people from another cargo ship as it took on water north of haiti. joaquin is a dangerous category 3 hurricane at this hour. phil: stormteam 5's mike wankum joins us. mike, you've got new information on its track. mike: it has not changed much, it is still a dangerous category three. watch what happens. it starts to make little bit of a turn think of north. that is the turn we have been waiting for. that means things will start to happen quickly. you can sites category three. gusting to 155 and now, moving to the northeast at 10 miles per hour. it had been sitting in one place for a long time. going to maintain that category three stats that you looks like until we get to earllely sunday morning. then, once it starts to move over colder with aer, starts to loosen that intensity. for us, about 426 miles offshore. come pair that to the earlier update was. that was only 300 miles. you get the idea. this thing is shiftings way further cough shore as we speak. however, we're going to have see impact from it along the yews we
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tonight, we got the rain. we got a lot to go through. i will talk about that, be when it will clear out, we can possibly see a little sunshine. j.c.? j.c.: thank you. we will continue to keep a close eye on joaquinon air, on-line, you can track it hour by hour, minute by minute in real-time on the mobile ab. phil: the new president of a high school class becomes the target of a racist, text attack. tonight, he is standing tall. phil: and meeting tonight with the parents of all the students involved is moving a bad situation toward forgiveness. right now our john atwater is live at lowell high school. john? >> it was difficult. we all cried. we're work on healing. >> it is a difficult step. a meeting friday might the
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the text messages is helping to heal wounds. after anya voted senior class president this week, a racist text rant went viral. >> i was shocked, hurt, disappointed. >> one with included think n word, another black people, rule out blacks. make lowell high school great again. even lynching was mentioned. >> what happened if. >> very worried about safety and stuff. we know, we're confident that things are different. >> the district has suspended six student and the parents are hopeful that dislynn and open dialogue can help their son and his classmates move pee beyond a painful chapter in their senior year. >> we don't hold anything our hearts. we learn from this and move
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forward. >> police have been investigating, but at this point, they do not plan on filing any criminal charges. live in lowell tonight, john at water, wcvb newscenter 5. phil: tonight we are learning more about the controversy surrounding the swampscott high school football team. school officials say sophomore players on the team had been performing exercises while completing naked last friday night at the direction of upper class players. swampscott has forfeited their game this weekend. students could face disciplinary charges, as well under go an anti-hazing education program. j.c.: tonight, we learned the names tef nine killed and the hero who stepped forward. all of this as a small oregon community struggles to come to we were the tragedy. our mary saladna has more. mary? mary. j.c., we're trying to learn what was on the thumb drive and a stack of papers. the sources say, he left behind
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a message of hate. a chilling new portrait is emerge of 26 year old chris harp mercer. lasted a point army bassic training in 2008. discharged for failing to meet minimum standards. he lived two miles were the campus he attacked. they found seven weapons in side of the apartment. >> neighborle watched him get rid of the belongs the day before the massacre. >> i saw him in the dumpster. mary. merse had six guns, a flak jacket, extra ammunition found at the scene. the jacket had steel plates along with five magazines. mary. he listed organized religion as one of dislikes. among the nine people who died, 18-year-old rebecca, she just started classes on monday, 19 year, she dreamed of being nurse
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son of a local firefighter, and larry levine, assistant professor of engp lynn at the school. in the, the military vet and young father-turned student-turned hero because ef actions yesterday. he took seven bullets to the legs and stomach trying to lock him. >> tried to lock the door to keep the dunnman were coming in. got shot three teems, mary. the gunman kept shooting anyway. are the hospital bed, he told abc news, i hope that everyone else isok. i am worried about everyone else. tonight, a gofundme page for chris is breaking records. in a matter of hours, already up to $470,000. a long road to recovery but he will survive. i am mary saladna, wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: tonight, with are hearing from a family too understands the or horror.
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their child killed in the sandy hook elementary school shooting. michelle moved her family to sudbury following the massacreful her 7-year-old daughter was fatally shot at sandy hook. michelle says focus needs to be on the families of the victims. >> the early days for us are were about breathing, putting your feet on the ground, very basic things that everybody takes for granted as a part of normal every day life. those things are now enormous challenge for those families because they are broken. sky with. heather: michelle launched a national org fyzation called safe and sound promoting school safety. flags at half-staff at hanscom air force base in bedford tonight. two airmen deployed from the pace, killed in a military transport plane crash in afghanistan. our reid lamberty is live in bedford where there is both
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reid? reid. 14 people are killed in a crash in afghanistan, two of whom called hanscom home. it is devastating times. reid. flags in bedford has v been lowered at half of sta. the airmen killed were members of the 66 security force of squad cron, the base commander, colonel, knew both airmen. >> they were incredible airmen who served their country voluntary andp lost their lives protect thing great nation. reid: engine failure likely caused the transport plan to crash at jalabad airport and denies early claims that enemy fire was the cause. the names will not be leased this 24 hours after all families have been notified. the hanscom airmen were among 130 security force troops at base, all of whom are now working with heavy hearts. >> we will remain steadfast in the call coming we have to
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protect thisnition and they continue do their jobs? neither is a massachusetts nate but both lived here. they were four months into a six-month deployment. the individuals who parished in this this ins he dent were serving their nation with great dedication and distinction and we will forever be in their debt. names of the u.s. military members who died in that crash in clueing the two from hanscom could be leased as early as tomorrow. live in bedford tonight, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. [chanting] j.c.: a vigil is held tonight far brockton man struck and killed by hit-and-run driver. today marks what would have been carl evaniancey's 33rd birthday. it was one year ago thatiancey was leaving work at a shaw's supermarket on belmont street when he was struck while crossing the road. surveillance video shows a minivan leaving the scene. police are still searching for a suspect.
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anyone with information is asked to call brockton police. phil: prosecutors with drew a request to have ronald paquin committed as sil,ly dan did gerrous person. by the way is required under state law for civil commitments. 72-year-old paquin plead guilty to child rape charges for molesting a boy between 1999 and 1982 bill ascertained to a search. was released were custody tonight. j.c.: to the continuing coverage of the open yid crisis. lor treat lynch visiting in finding the growing drug problem here and nationwide. speaking a at pedicle conference, link says the crisis in can conquered by fighting on four fronts, monitoring and education. prague.
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we have targeted the illegal supply chain. we are thwarting doctor's and we have disrupted so-called pill mills? last year, open yid overdoses took the lives of 12 hub00 people in massachusetts. lynch reminded doctors and pharmacists that overprescribing pain pills for what starts as a legitimate ned call need is what leads to addiction. announcer: fex on wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: a new take on neating between pope and kentucky county clerk kim davis. what the vatican is saying how to and who else the pope neat day. phil: the latest on joaquin. >> any time a buyer buys a house, they have anxiety. phil: taking the ves out of getting a mortgage.
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j.c.: a new take on a meeting between pope and kentucky county clerk kim davis. what the vatican is saying how to and who else the pope met that day. the vatican releases a new statement on the pope's contro meeting with kentucky county clerk kim davis. a spokesman says that meeting last week in washington should not be considered a form of "support" for her position, it was just a brief greeting. davis was jailed after refusing to sign marriage licenses for gay couples. the vatican says the pope francis met with many people during the u.s. stay. among them, a former student, grassi, an openly day can
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with his long time part mer. phil: new at 11:00 bying a house, for most families, it's the largest, single purchase they will ever paque. and it cap be one of the most stressful. now a new federal law taking effect this weekend designed to change all that. >> people are going to be much more clear with what they are getting themselves into. ed: real estate agent has held his share of nervous hand through the process. >> any time a bir is going to bay house. they have anxiety. when they don't know the numbers, the nerve goes up. phil: adding three extra days plus the new forms should in sure any are asked and answered before the closing. every way you need do the math to understand what you are getting into is document. >> it will make people sleep a lot bert at night. phil: homebuyers may experience some delays, even little frustration with their closings during the transition period
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with you but net,s expect everything to be back on rack by december. heather: it withs a night of fun tonight. the event get dressed and give back was held at the terminal. a portion of the proceeds will benefit the national education for assistance dog service organization. right to there you see marathon bombing survivor jessica as well as spreed the first caring award to michael mccormick, a personal stillists who has helped them with prosthetic friendly play. karen anderson was this on's emcee. phil: wonderful event. heather: just wonderful. phil: it is a special event. look. we are taking a massive hurricane, mike, that really, people up and down the east coast think they are being affected by the hr cane, but they are no. it is a separate system.
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at this time is giving this rain, the wind we got going on today. joaquin is way down to the south yet and has not makeed in to the whole thing. right now, it may be offshore. we may have got in the are in out of the system already. we got a little rain lout tonight. it is not heavy but it has been persistent throughout. if you have been out, use the windshield wipers. the steady train to cape. that was earlier in the day. we're seeing been as down here. here rain will be lift teg way northward. there was some rain throughout, too. there almost three inches of rain today. remember wednesday, everyone got three to four to five inches of rain. today, it was toward the cape. you are seeing ah inch and a half to almost three inches of rainfall. everyone has a lot of water this week. now here is the timeline. morning at 6:00 a.m. yes. there are still show we'res ut there. you notice where they are at south of the pipe. as we get to the afternoon. a lot of clouds. a lot of sture. we could see little patchy drizzlele but we could see a few
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spinning areas of the choud cover especially off to the west. don't plan on muchp. is a possibility as we look for tomorrow afternoon. however, i think on sunday afternoon, if you are inland, away from the coast, i think you will be seeing a little bit of sunshine break through. not a lot with you better than we have seen today. well, let's talk what is examining on now. it is not bad against the coast. we got 50's. is blowing across warm ocean waters so to speak. but it is howling wind that doesn't feel comfortable. you get inann. the wind is less. look at that. -wises down to 45 degrees. most of of the south shore, the crepe the lower 50's now. these temperatures won't drop off today. they won't climb much tomorrow either. 53 inston. theres the wind. ton the authority east now at 22 miles per hour. we had wst wind gust today along the coast over 45 miles per hour. it is another windy day tomorrow. why inhigh pressure though north. low pressure to the south. this is getting the in to the coast. you will hear about tremendous flooding down parts of the carolinas, parts of west
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virginia and throw in more moisture. not the hurricane are you but you from this system. what it has been doing doing for us. squeeze play has been going on. we had these north early wind. those winds will stay strong tomorrow. the nation alal weather service says put a wind advisory out for the cape. for nantucket until. again, tomorrow, wind gusts 45 to 50 miles per hour. it seems possible. of the other things the wind is doing is we had high astronomical tide. this is basic tide. the wind has opinion pushing a storm surge in this we have the bubble of water that keeps moving in if. so at high. >> tide, that is why i tomorrow afternoon, coastalled into advisory around the tide of high tide at 4:00 in the afternoon. we may see flashover and minor coastal flooding and we saw it today. we receive it tomorrow. we may see it sunday as well. just pause the holds in willing. tonight, some rain, the steadiest of it to the south. 42 to 52 degrees rest. if you are inann, chilly. tomorrow morning show we're then
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with maybe a spot of drizzle here or there. then this is what i mean. am is not going anywhere. the wind is going to stay out there howling as we to tomorrow. we got joaquin. that is the hor easter. there is where joaquin is. it is going to be move mooing well offshore. almost 400 miles cough shore. this is going to be happening monday fight. a hong way out there. you well see some ocean swells in this. you will see wave action going on. some strong rip currents as well. overall, we're is ming out on this one. most of the east coast as well. here is the way it looks. cool, a hint of sunshine for sunday. as far as joaquin question is concerned. well, moving the weighing on through with a little bit of breeze. that is all the winded we are talking about. then you can see it. it is windier today. then behind it. oh, that was whatp happens man hi times after hurricane. skies start to clear away. you get the cobalt blue sky, beautiful conditions and check out temperatures. they will warm up as well. looking really nice as we get
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past the hurricane. phil? phil: thanks. she is still on maternity leave. a breast cancer survivor herself, kelly emceed a benefit at the boston har for lo toll celebrate young and strong event honors young women pat listening the disease. >> they looked beautiful. they are growing sog fast. the babies cute. phil: all right. he is a love story that got a start at the wedding. >> the ring bear and the flower girl who met all those years ago, head back down the aisle together! we'll hear from are them next. phil: and right after wcvb
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>> a north carolina couple takes a walk done the aisle far second time. heather: the bride and groom were just five years old they served as ring bear and now we're girl in the friend we wedding. 17 years late, he they walked down the same aisle, at the same to say "i do." >> i have to walk done the aisle with her. >> she crash on me. she got on my nerves. i can remember too. >> reconmecked in high school and not long after the grown-up
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shopping of hess own. ed: great story. j.c.: yeah. ed: a couple of rngs are, big papi. we know the red sox certainly not going to the playoffs and still a ton of fun to watch
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phil: the red sox and the cleveland indians in the final series of the year. that is for both teams. the 37 homer of the yearn the fourth inning. big bobby had two hits on the night and cut the lead to 4-2. chiefland had the shoes on tonight and they got for seven run ares on ten hits in four and
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a third innings. indians win this game by a score of 8-2ment the red sox only a two-game left in the season. >> the catch of the night. watch this. may be of the year. tushed inp bye-bye jays' center. did you see this ini will show it to you again. he goes high into the air to catch what is sure to be extra pace hit. that is a perfect huge catch. >> the pat rae why its' players are enjoying their week the weekend off but the head coach work never stops. what does bill bell ry check hope to gain from the time-off work on things we need to work on based on the first three games, you know, practice situations. now theng thises that have come along the way we need clean up and talk about a little bit with tare job of coach cooing and do their job of executing the feel and understand the situation. >> the bruins in washington in
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preseason if i nal hi tonight in the nation's capital. the pru in withs scored the only, the only goal of the game early. he scores from close if. that dave the quick 1-0 lead an pom miss to be more physical and agrees think of we're and certainly there see this here. that is one of five tonight. things got in tense. the players actually wound up well yelling at each otherle from the penalty box and didn't stop. they within the game 2-1 in the shoot-out. opening night next thursday at the garden. as for the celtics they practiced today over in waltham. tonight, t are overseaing to europe the team has stopped in milan, italy, madrid, pain, two preseason games. for the player, it is nice get away. >> we are all we got out there. we don't know too.
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we are going out there as one. will end as you little longer. >> we want to win and play well in and more than anything, this is a our preseason and in continuing on and off the coast. go toward opening night and that means not only david lee was kind if you to join bob bob hall are a in they will call breakfast you can see the full chat this sunday night. the sports center, a spoil are alert, i don't think it is a spoil are alert. be about orders cheeros for reek past. i know. >> if it had been captain crunch. >> yeah. >> bob. >> serious. >> a real cliffhanger. >> not a dry weekend. >> no. >> lots of rain. tomorrow morning and then it tapers off. we may see sunshine on sunday.
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then keeps can tracking out to sea so i think monday, maybe actually crearing away. >> there is nothing funny that weekend forecast.
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