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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  October 6, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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and that's what's making news in america this morning. >> stay with us for "good morning america." have a fantastic tuesday, everyone. erika: good morning. it is tuesday, october 6. i'm emily riemer. here are some of the stories we are following on the "eyeopener" for you right now. families of crew members on board that cargo ship lost at sea are praying for answers as the search continues in the bahamas. the local families holding on to hope. a pilot dies during a flight bound for boston. first officer who quickly took control. disturbing new details in the investigation into a worcester toddler's death. the findings of a city report. those stories in just a moment. first though, last night's stunning sunset. quite the colors burning up the sky. just take a look at this. media. plenty of our viewers, of
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course, sharing their photos with us like this one. this is is from medford. cindy, just an incredible site. cindy: beautiful. what made that sunset so spectacular were clouds and the light kind of reflecting off them. we have seen the clouds clear on out through the overnight hours. the last place hanging on to a little bit of cloud cover the outer cape and nantucket. here too clouds are exiting. you can see the hurricane joaquin getting close to our latitude but still moving away. high pressure nosing in. today will be the brightest and mildest day we've had around here in about a week so good things to tell you about starting out chilly though. we're supposed to be right now the cape. to the north and west mid 30's around orange at 37. just 40 in beverly. it is a cool start. temperatures will come up after we get toward about 8:00 a.m. we'll see temperatures climb by lunchtime into the mid 60's and a few communities today under a lot of sunshine hitting that 70-degree mark. lowell, lawrence, to nashua should be about 67 in boston today.
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coolest on the cape with a bit of a sea breeze kicking in. all in all we are in great shape today weatherwise. the weather is turning around. let's get you out to the roads this morning and say good morning to olessa. olessa: thank, cindy. if morning, everyone. it's a quiet start. a live look to start things off. here is is a check of the zakim bridge and the leverett connector. that overnight construction is left over. let's check the rest of that ride. overnight roadwork remains as you travel 93 southbound. the zakim bridge and on the expressway by storrow as you travel south we have construction 93 both ways by route 28 and once again by route 24 and by route 138. more construction 128 both directions. great plain avenue to route 9. and then as you travel past the entrance to the pike those ramps are still closed for the early morning hours. construction on the pike by newton corner. no problems north of town. so far we're expecting the trainsnd the buss to start the morning on schedule. erika: thanks so much for that, olessa. stories we're following right now.
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investigation in marlborough. the flames broke out in the back deck area of a home on versailes street just after eleven last night. police tell us the fire is not considered suspicious. nine people were forced out of the two-family home. emily: new details in the death of a toddler in worcester. "the telegram" reports before gigi brown was found dead last week, she lived in an overcrowded apartment infested with bed bugs and roaches. city inspectors also found a water leak and electrical issues. it's still unclear how she died. erika: the white house has withdrawn beverly scott's nomination to serve on the national transportation safety board. according to "the herald," white house officials say scott asked that her nomination be withdrawn for personal reasons. the former head of the mbta stepped down in february as the system was crippled by snow. the carolinas are struggling to rebound from historic flooding. president obama signing a disaster declaration as the death toll stands at 13. this morning, mandatory evacuations are still in place in some parts of the state.
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there's still a threat of flooding with rising rivers and weakened dams. drinking water has been contaminated for tens of thousands. >> we're not holding up well, not at all well. emily: a mother holding back tears waiting for new information about her daughter and the many other people feared lost at sea. this morning we're expecting to hear from investigators searching for that lost cargo ship. erika: right now that ship is nowhere to be found but those who know the crew are still not giving up hope. this damaged lifeboat was recovered yesterday. but still no sign of the 33-passenger crew. among them, jeffrey mathias, the engineer of "el farro" who lives in kingston with his wife and three children. keith griffin, a winthrop native, was also on board. his wife is expecting twins. and this woman is from massachusetts. she says her daughter, mariette wright, is happiest on the ocean. mother: she loves the sea. she could live without being on
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the sea somehow or somewhere. and that is her life. and now i'm so afraid she's lost it to the sea. erika: a moment of reflection is set for this morning at mass maritime academy. another vigil will take place at maine maritime academy where four crew members graduated. the ntsb is expected to hold a news conference around 7:30 this morning. you'll be able to watch that live on and our wcvb mobile apps. a pilot dies midair. his co-pilot forced to make an emergency landing. a doctor on board that flight says he was told 57-year-old captain michael johnston died of a massive heart attack. that plane from phoenix was bound for boston but made that emergency stop in syracuse. passengers say ambulances were already at the gate when american airlines flight 550 touched down. phillip greenspun is a former delta pilot who now teaches at east coast aero club. he, like the passengers on board, applauds the co-pilot.
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>> it is a lot more work to fly an airliner by yourself. so, you know, you have to run the checklists. you have to manipulate all the switches. you have to fly the airplane. erika: greenspun said the captain's critical condition, combined with good weather and a lengthy runway, likely contributed to the first officer's call to land the plane in syracuse. emily: right now, seven people are recovering after an amtrak train derails in vermont. the train was headed to washington, d.c., when it hit rocks that had fallen on the tracks outside of montpelier. embankment, sending passengers flying. threatening injuries. a crew member is in the hospital. massport scheduled to conduct an emergency response drill. at worcester regional airport the drill will include a plane crash scenario for responders to and response in the event of a the airport will remain open during the drill, which begins
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erika: it's 4:36. a new push today to get double murder charges against aaron hernandez dropped. lawyers for the ex-patriot will try to get charges tied to the 2012 murders of daniel de abreu and safiro furtado dismissed. prosecutors say hernandez shot the men after an encounter in a boston nightclub. the defense claims insufficient evidence was presented to a grand jury to establish probable cause. the trial is scheduled to begin in december. emily: right now a popular fantasy sports website is under fire responding to serious accusations. erika: the eye's sera congi is live at the state hous ewhere draft kings is already facing scrutiny. sera: erika and emily. the state is already looking into these hugely popular websites and whether they should be allowed to operate in massachusetts. now "the new york times" reports that a draftkings employee accidentally posted data online showing which nfl players were being picked the most for fantasy football lineups. that same day, that employee reportedly won $350,000 on fanduel, a competing website. both sites were quick to release
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a statement saying they have strict policies to make sure employees do not profit from information. saying quote, "employees with access to this data are rigorously monitored by internal fraud control teams, and we have no evidence that anyone has misused it." "the times" reports both sites have temporarily banned employees from playing in games or tournaments on any other site. draftkings is boston bases. it has three million active users and has been valued at more than $1.2 billion. live at the state house this morning, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: thank you. police say a man was driving the honda when he smashed into an illegally parked van on river street. the van lifted off the ground and landed right on top of the honda. both vehicles slid another 40 feet. the 32-year-old driver is being
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cited for negligent operation. erika: a warning to residents in merrimack valley to be on alert. that's a coyote on the prowl in lawrence. this picture was taken near cyr drive. police are asking residents to keep pets inside and cover your trash. and of course stay away from the coyote if you spot it. it's now just 4:39. commitment 2016. new hampshire's senate race heating up. emily: the new candidate who's got her sights set on washington, challenging senator kelly ayotte for her seat. and in the wake of that deadly oregon shooting, hillary clinton is revealing her gun control plans. the sweeping changes she's calling for and the law she says needs to be repealed. erika: and a mom looking for an area to pump breast milk leaves a newton mother just stunned. the image sparking outrage on social media right now. cindy: we have much warmer temperatures on the way plus my timeline for our next chance for showers.
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emily: commitment 2016 democratic frontrunner hillary clinton calling for sweeping changes to combat mass shootings and gun violence. she talked about her plan while campaigning in new hampshire. clinton: when this happens people are quick to say that they offer their thoughts and prayers. that's not enough. emily: clinton says a 2005 law that shields gun manufacturers from lawsuits needs to be repealed. she also says expanded background checks are needed for gun shows and online sales. gun-shop owners in new hampshire maintain background checks are not the problem. two republicans hoping to be president will be stumping in the granite state today. former new york governor george pataki will hold a meet and greet in lebanon before heading to keene. he then travels to rye for a town hall meeting. and marco rubio begins a two-day
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visit in new hampshire today. he'll attend a house party in bedford tonight, and tomorrow he has events in dover and wolfeboro. erika: a new focus on the new hampshire senate race now bound to be one of the toughest in the nation. democratic governor maggie hassan says she will run. she will challenge republican senator kelly ayotte next year. ayotte says she welcomes hassan to the race. here's how tight this race could be. a wmur poll shows ayotte leading hassan by just two points, 45 to 43 percent. emily: in economic headlines this morning, foreign a.t.m. fees hitting a record high. how much it's now costing you to withdraw your money. and a local mom's travel nightmare sparking outrage. the newton mom told to breast pump in the pet relief area. the airlines response to the incident. if you are heading out, you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or anytime on
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night. cindy: i don't know what is happening here. this is not planned. we're all feeling blue today. erika: we're all connected. emily: the sky was like on fire. i missed it but we had so many pictures. cindy: it was amazing. we'll share a few more of those with you coming up. the clouds have moved on out. we have got clear skies over boston. that means a return to sunshine today. it's going to turn milder this afternoon as well. our next chance for rain is not coming in until friday. it's tuesday morning so that means most of this week is looking pretty nice. and temperatures are going to be coming up.
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yesterday we actually cracked the 60-degree mark in boston for the first time the entire month of october we made it to 61. we're going a little bit above the average this afternoon. average high temperature now for us is 65. our first 60's right. right around 70 tomorrow. we'll start to cool down a little bit on thursday. notice the temperatures a little more seasonal than lately. that being said, it's starting out chilly this morning. there are a lot of 30's showing up north and west of town. bedford is 37. we're down to 39 in nashua. 39 in fitchburg. you notice it's the mid 30's jaffrey, keene and orange. worcester right now is 46. boston still holding at 50 degrees but those cold pockets we typically find around norwood at 35 and taunton at 40. we're still holding on to the mid 50's on the cape where the clouds have been slowest to depart. notice that trend. they are inching on out of here. you can see as you look out in the ocean there's the hurricane joaquin. high pressure now nosing in so that persistent wind we've had the past couple of days has
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with this high nosing in, we are today. it's a bright, cool start. upper 40's. by noontime we'll be run inning the mid 60's. lots of sunshine. notice the winds much lighter than they have been the past couple of days so a sea breeze may develop this afternoon but it's very pleasant. as well. i think away from the coast from the merrimack valley around lawrence back to nashua, we may sneak up toward that 70-degree mark out through metro west as well. 67 the best we do in boston today. 68 in taunton. notice on the cape, the coolest spot holding high temperatures there in the lower 60's. it will be kind of a chilly overnight once again. lots of 40's when you're waking up tomorrow morning. the skies are clear tonight. there could be just a little bit of patchy fog developing. in case you're wondering, joaquin still a category 1 hurricane here. the winds are 85 miles per hour but notice it is a good 500 miles southeast of nantucket right now. and continues to pull away to the north central atlantic. so we are saying good-bye to joaquin here. much nicer weather is coming in. lots of sunshine today. very warm tomorrow.
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should be the warmest day of the week on wednesday. temperatures making a run towards 70 degrees even in boston. look at that. lower 70's, the merrimack valley metro west down to taunton as well. the warmest day of the week on wednesday. a cold front comes through with passing clouds. it cools us off a little bit with thursday. we focus on friday. that is our one opportunity to see some wet weather. should be a dry start in the morning. this front approaches in the afternoon with a period of showers and as long as this front is progressive, we should clear it out on saturday. i do want to caution you, one of our computer models is developing a wave on this front. that may slow things down a little bit on saturday but right now clearing skies on saturday with temperatures cooling off. notice it's only around 60 on saturday, wamming up to near 70 by columbus day on monday. notice sunshine each and every day here through the holiday weekend so a much nicer forecast than we were telling you about a week ago. the pattern has turned around. olessa: i like the 70's for tomorrow. so far it's a quiet start on the road. overnight construction still in place. a live look at the zakim bridge
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and the leverett connector. a live look outside. let's check the mapsment see that overnight construction that remains. 9 picking up that roadwork along the zakim bridge. also construction clearing over by storrow drive on the northbound side of the expressway. final stages as you travel 93 here both ways by route 28. once again by route 24 and then your project by 138 as well as some construction that's picking up on 128 near great plain avenue. making your along 128 the ramps to the pike are still closed for another 10-15 minutes and then some construction by newton corner on the pike. north of town no problems to report at this point. so far the trains and buses, we're expecting them to start the morning on schedule. emily. emily: topping economic headlines this tuesday. asian markets hit a two-year high overnight as it looks more likely that the fed reserve will not raise interest rates this year. stock futures are lower at this hour following monday's big gains on wall street. the dow added 304 points. a major recall for a popular cereal that's a staple for many families. general mills is recalling 1.8 million boxes of cheerios and
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honey nut cheerios labeled gluten-free that actually contain wheat. the company started shipping the new gluten free recipe in july. you can see which boxes are affected right now on and our mobile apps. erika: it'll cost you more these days to withdraw money from a foreign a.t.m. than ever before. a recent survey found the average fee to withdraw cash is $4.52 per transaction. boston falls right under the national average at $4.44 per transaction. one analyst says banks are raising those fees because people are getting smarter about where they pick out cash. emily: trending right now. this is where a massachusetts mother was instructed to pump breast milk at a washington airport. the image sparking outrage on social media tonight. the newton mom asked for a private place to pump at dulles airport, and she was stunned when a united airlines employee showed her to the pet relief room.
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there was a fire hydrant in there for dogs to pee in. obviously all these signs that say this is where dogs go to the bathroom. it's pretty much ridiculous in 2015 that we have to talk about this. i think it's a teachable moment. people can learn from this experience. you know, it's upsetting that i had to go through this. emily: liz says she was also denied access to the united club area because she is not a member. she says united did reach out to her via twitter, but the airline erika: an unusual rescue in manchester new hampshire. that's a nine-year-old boy trapped in a tree. witnesses say he climbed the tree to see fire trucks that were responding to another call. branches, 12 feet off the ground. firefighters actually needed to use the jaws of life to rip apart the branches and get him down. he was stuck for about 25 minutes. the boy is bruised and sore but will be okay.
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emily: closer than he wanted. erika: ahead in your news to go, riders who use the commuter rail often deal with problems causing those trains to run behind schedule. emily: the new plan from the mbta that officials are hoping will cut down on all those delays. erika: then new on the eyeopener at 5:00. sneaky reasons you're eating more than you should. the meal mistakes and how to avoid them.
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erika: it is now 4:55. time for your early "news to go." emily: this morning we expecting to hear from investigators searching for that cargo ship lost at sea near the bahamas. at least three people with massachusetts ties were on board that ship. right now that ship is nowhere to be found. the ntsb is expected to hold a news conference around 7:30 this morning. you'll be able to watch that
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wcvb mobile apps. erika: this morning we've learned the name of the pilot who died midair on an american airlines flight bound for boston. the first officer forced to make an emergency landing in syracuse. a doctor on board tells the globe 57-year-old captain michael johnston died of a massive heart attack. emily: california is now the fifth state where terminally-ill patients can be prescribed life-ending drugs. governor jerry brown signed the legislation into law yesterday. brittany maynard brought national attention to the issue last year. she was living in california when she was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer and moved to oregon to take medication to legally end her life. a new push today to get double murder charges against aaron hernandez dropped. lawyers for the ex-patriot will try to get charges tied to the 2012 murders of daniel de abreu and safiro furtado dismissed. prosecutors say hernandez shot the men after an encounter in a boston nightclub. but the defense claims insufficient evidence was
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presented to a grand jury to establish probable cause. erika: the head of m.g.m. re-affirmed his commitment to springfield despite a recent proposal for a drastic redesign of the original plan. m.g.m. wants to delay the opening by a year to september 2018. referendum on that design change. mbta will be out by the end of the month. according to "the globe," they will take effect by the end of the "t" says departure times will not be drastically different, but commuters can expect a, quote, "significant" reduction in delays. they can also expect more trains during rush hour. the white house has withdrawn beverly scott's nomination to serve on the national transportation safety board. according to "the herald," white house officials say scott asked that her nomination be withdrawn for personal reasons. the former head of the mbta stepped down in february as the system was crippled by snow.
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erika: royalty at the museum of fine arts in boston last night. her royal highness princess beatrix of the netherlands helped open a spectacular exhibit of 17th century dutch painters featuring 75 works, many of them never seen before in the u.s. wcvb boston is proud to be the media sponsor. our own heather unruh emceed the event. you can see the exhibit from october 11 through january 18. emily: i wish she had her tiara. erika: heather? emily: both of them. cindy: yesterday we did something we haven't done all month long in boston we actually got up over 60 degrees. it's been a cool month, as you know. we've had the wet weather off and on. things are turning around. in fact, we are going to see nicer weather coming on in. and it is the time of year as we head into columbus day weekend that we start to see the leaves changing. it's a little behind this year. this picture from west central new hampshire, you can see there
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another picture coming in from bolton showing you that, yes indeed, we are starting to see that change. if you're thinking of heading north this weekend to take in some of the foliage, we are seeing peak foliage conditions across far northern new england but a lot of moderate color out through a good portion of central new england. we're starting to see the splashes of color around here. usually it takes closer to halloween before we really get into it on tape cod. nonetheless we'll see a return to sunshine around here. mostly sunny skies. milder than it has been. temperatures in the mid 60's to around 70 degrees. we'll be warmest away from the coastline today with lighter winds allowing a bit of a sea breeze to settle on in. we're seeing high pressure move in now. joaquin will continue to press up into the north central atlantic. with this high dominating our weather the next several days we're talking about a good amount of sunshine. we're in great shape today. tomorrow should be the warmest day of the week. we're up around 70 degrees in most spots. perhaps warmer in a few areas. cooling down on thursday but still dry.
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