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tv   On the Record  ABC  October 11, 2015 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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karen: ed: right now, it' s time to go "on the record." this morning, house speaker robert deleo. we cover everything from the battle over uber, to rebuilding schools. plus, presidential candidate carly fiornia grabbing attention with the bay stater she' d consider for her cabinet. is -- >> term limits -- should we have them? finally? >> the inside word from washington to beacon hill. today' s newsmakers are going on the record. ed: good morning, i' m ed harding alongside newscenter 5 political reporter, janet wu. our guest this week is speaker of the massachusetts house robert deleo. speaker deleo, thanks for
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joining us. may i say, you look marvelous. speaker: thank you. ed: how much weight have you lost? speaker: close to 60 pounds. i feel more integrated than ever. it has given me a whole lot more energy. i am excited about it. ed: every politician in the bay state, watch out. [laughter] janet: in a world where cell phones and cars are in just about everyone' s life, do you think it' s time to ban the use of handheld cell phones while driving? many states have mandated hands free devices, should massachusetts join them? speaker: i was one of the folks who voted against the law that was proposed, i forget how many years ago. but of course, technology was a whole lot different than. i will tell you that both the
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chairman, lackner, both spoke to me very recently about this and said that we have to sit down and talk about it. because of lewd tunes and other various ways of talking on a phone while driving without actually holding it -- this could be dangerous. janet: so you might change your mind? speaker: i' m open to it. janet: do you use the phone while you are driving? speaker: yes. i don' t want to say -- [laughter] janet: you actually hold it up and use it while you are driving -- do you feel guilty about it? speaker: no, only if i should start to deviate from the lane a little bit. ed: here is the thing i noticed. where do you draw the line?
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people put makeup on while they are driving, if you have a cup of coffee, you are not looking at the road. people drive with their knees and eat. where do you draw the line? speaker: that is a great question. i was a huge -- of texting while driving. you are looking down quickly , while at least if you are talking, you are looking ahead. there are so many different factors that you could go into. i think in terms of trying to get the enforcement of it, probably, someone seeing you with the phone in the hand, texting is easier than finding someone for eating. janet: to stay with the automotive theme, the taxi industry and the uber/lyft battle is coming to a head. will the legislature deal with this before the end of the year
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for both sides? speaker: i' m not sure if we will be dealing it before the end of the year. we might finish it at the end of the year. i have kind of thing keeping up with the debates with the chairman. he helps me that it has been a very contentious issue. i think that was readily seen at the hearing. but my feeling is that in terms of uber, they do have to play by service. in terms of the checking of records and criminal histories. insurance, if you are carrying have a ford explorer. it would be great.
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do i just decide to take people around? i think it requires a little more enforcement on uber. on the other hand, i will tell you that people who use it love it. i almost see it in just my office, but it seems like the younger people seem to be more in tune with it. ed: oh, yeah. speaker: when i talked to the younger folks, they use uber. janet: are you hinting that you [laughter] thought. is sunday, there are football games going all day long. draft kings and fan duel are making a lot of money and headlines here in massachusetts. the attorney general is looking into it. is there a role for the house and senate to play here and what
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speaker: there may be. i am awaiting the report of the attorney general. especially in light of the insider trading situation, or you have draft teams betting on the fan site, making $350,000. they are right to look at it, i know the treasurer is looking at it. she may want to run it like she does the lottery. also, i am anxious to see what happens -- new york has taken it even further by calling for an inquiry. there are questions that have to be answered. what the role that the legislature will be, i don' t know.
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legislature may take part. able to be done through the governor' s office. door. the door to you would be open if there was an indication to you -- speaker: if i felt it was being run properly, i am open to talk about it. janet: would you have a bigger share in the revenue from these games? speaker: i think the state should get its fair share. ed: overall, they are talking about aliens of dollars. -- about billions of dollars. speaker: if i may, back in 1991, i was on the committee that dealt with gaming at the time,
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to betting on pro football in the state. i will never forget this. they used to bring in the commissioner of the league at the time, and i remember that as a freshman rep, i shouldn' t ask questions, but i did. i said, why don' t you print points in newspapers if you don' t want people to bet? ed: what was his answer? speaker: he said, oh, the paper controls that. janet: he always looks for an excuse. [laughter] speaker: what weekend is this? ed: columbus day weekend. [laughter] speaker: my name?
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you have talked publicly about your recent weight loss so we have a weight theme this morning. first question, this weekend, we' ve got the legendary topsfield fair, famous for its giant pumpkin weigh-off. pumpkins must weigh 350-pounds to even enter the competition. what was the weight of this year' s winner? speaker: 2000 pounds? ed: actually, about half of that. the state fish is a cod, and in fact, a sculpture of it hangs in the house of representatives. they normally weigh about 10 to 20 pounds. what was the weight of the heaviest cod ever caught in massachusetts? speaker: are you going to give me three possibilities? [laughter] ed: 400 pounds, 250 pounds, 92 pounds. speaker: 92 pounds. [laughter]
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quiz. the speaker is 242 -- 2-2. the patriots are undefeated right now, and of course, we believe headed for another super bowl. 6-foot-6 defensive tackle alan branch is the heaviest player on the team. how much does he weigh? speaker: 330 pounds? ed: 350. a different kind of "wait" now, w-a-i-t. marriage licenses have been in the national news recently. how long do you have to wait to get one in massachusetts? speaker: wow. three days? ed: you got it. some great seafood restaurants on the north shore. what is the weight of a chicken
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speaker: a chicken lobster? one pound? ed: brilliant. janet: you cheated on a few of those. [laughter] i won' t accuse you of cheating. the mbta is struggling on so many levels, money as well as getting ready for winter. the t is now considering putting alcohol ads back on their properties to bring in another $9 million. good idea? speaker: i would rather not see that being done. having said that, if you are talking about children or people with alcohol issues, watch tv or open up a magazine. online. i'
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real effort against in stopping people from having alcohol if you put the ads on. ed: -- speaker: we talk about the need for revenue, but every time we seem to think of an idea, somebody says we can' t do that because of this and that. ed: last week, we had tommy chang sitting where you were and he and mayor marty walsh say they' ll need $1 billion over 10 years to rebuild the school structures. they will obviously need help. speaker: there is a strong support , education has always been one of our priorities. we have also been very good in
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taking money from the sales tax. i' m not sure if this could go under that, that portion of the budget. having said that, i think it is open for discussion. it wouldn' t be $1 billion immediately, but it is something that we can discuss. janet: i have to ask you about the south boston indycar race. do you think that is a good idea? speaker: i' ve never been to one of those, i can' t say i am a nascar fan. this was something that interested me. i think it caught the attention of a whole lot of people. but now i think the major question is funding. i am told , i' m not sure if it is true, but the folks who live along that area have approved it. so i would like to see it
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happen, i think it would be a big moneymaker. ed: why did interest you? speaker: i' ve never seen it. janet: would you be willing to put infrastructure money into it? speaker: it would have to be something we talk about. you know how it is relative to the olympics and taxpayer money -- we have to look at the sponsors, how do they raise their money? when the tall ships come in, we do look at that as a major interest for people to want to come into the city and pay money. so maybe this could fall under that category. ed: thank you for your time.
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>> on beacon hill this past january, the massachusetts legislature got rid of a four term limit for house speaker, paving the way for robert deleo to continue in that role. term limits in general, for them or against them? t come soon enough. really good? >> that is just the way it goes. a good thing. because then, you know, you get rid of some of the people that just keep getting elected and elected because they have name recognition.
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we got rid of term limits for what do you think of that? >> i think more than just the speaker. >> do you think politicians should be limited? >> i do, i think they could get complacent and not work as hard. roundtable, we' re joined this week by democratic analyst mary anne marsh and republican analyst ginny buckingham. it is critically acclaimed. janet: are there any consequences for speaker deleo' s reversal on term limits? >> no, he is running the show. >> the media cares about it and the public does not. ed: carly fiorina says that if
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if she were, who wouldn' t want charlie baker? >> he is now the governor and same thing as a former republican business owner who wants to be ceo of the country. janet: patrick kennedy confirmed this week a lot of what' s been said for decades. his book talks about the mental and lists and addictions that he and his family have suffered. what is your review of what you have heard? >> the truth can be hard to find in politics. i give him enormous credit for the courage to talk about something no one wants to talk about. >> i' m not a fan of kiss and tell books especially when other people aren' t here to tell their side of the story.
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for his own recovery, i think i would be more understanding. janet: what do you think of the understanding that a lot of what is in this book is in other books in the bookstore? >> that is rationalization. ed: if we ask joe kennedy if patrick actually broke the said. >> there is no kennedy code. ed: that was quick. he said there is no kennedy code. >> i think that was joe kennedy speaking the truth. that is his belief. i think we have every reason to believe what he has to say. >> ted kennedy jr. thought he broke the code. janet: hillary clinton is seeing her numbers is new hampshire and iowa below bernie sanders. she' s doing more interviews she' s moving to the left of sanders on gun control.
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had said in new hampshire. >> the gun industry and gun sellers are the only business in america that is totally free of liability for their behavior. >> in iowa. there weren' t 20,000 people at bernie sanders rally this week. i went there and i found that out. she has always been to the left of bernie sanders on control. that should tell you everything. >> it is a low hanging fruit. but she has always been there. ed: marco rubio is this week' s new shiny object among establishment republicans. he' s climbing in the polls, he' s stood out in debates. now that the spotlight and scrutiny will be focused on him, what do you see happening? >> i think it' s is more about jeb bush fan marco rubio.
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rubio was everybody' s favorite, he has come back again, but we are not talking about jeb bush and that says more than anything. ginny: it is his moment , but i think he needs to go back to florida and run for governor and get some experience under his belt. ed: we continue on the record,
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feel connected, on every screen r we are broadcasters; always here for you, wherever here may be. tell them
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>> rob: it looks like political handlers won' t be leaving the granite state after the nh primary in february. governor maggie hassan announced she' ll be running for sen. kelly ayotte' s seat. they' re predicting it may be the hottest and most expensive senate race in 2016. how do you handicap this? ginny: it is governor gridlock against a very well respected she will have an advantage. mary anne: i one. kelly, forgot who that was. she will realize she is in the race of her life which she will lose. next senator.
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>> hillary clinton, the confession that benghazi was never about anything other than e-mail. she has finally hit her stride. ed: she does seem to have hit her stride. ginny: i would give it courage award to patrick kennedy for people with mental addiction. ed: thank you for joining us. we hope you have a great columbus day weekend. we will see you next week.
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