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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  October 15, 2015 1:07am-1:37am EDT

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ed: the fiery blast in the middle of a medfield street. heather: local school workers in training, how they are learning to save kids in a shooting. ed: 5 investigates, why the state is locking up women who haven't committed a crime. heather: breaking news on an airport security glitch causing travel delays. abc news reporting the problem involved a department of homeland security computer system, a system that checks passengers against a terror watch list. logan airport, among the airports affected, but no major delays reported there. a difficult story at new york's jfk where they were significant delays. around 9:00 p.m., the system appeared to be coming back on-line. ed: also breaking tonight, the fbi is now launching an investigating into draft kings. they want to know if the business breaks federal law. the wall street journal reports the boston fbi office has
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hub-based business. it is reportedly part of at department of justice investigation into the legality of daily sports betting sites. we've reached out to draft kings and haven't heard back from them tonight. heather: several animals left for dead inside this westport home. police there call this an absolute house of horrors. the scene getting worse at every turn. good evening, i am ed harding. heather: and i'm heather unruh. three people face criminal cruelty charges. newscenter5's jorge quiroga is live in westport with the conditions uncovered. jorge: trash and fleas, police finding horror at every turn. >> three of the animals were dead, and ey were able to recover three live cats, which one died the next day. jorge: as dragon, lizard, the remains of a second dog in a closet. a paperback book in the mouth. >> it was the fleas that were all over the animals sh.
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air which made it appear as if that poor animal was breathing are bush it was dead. the stench overwell with aming. the homeowners, nicole and anthony, abandoned their home after splitting up. >> they were there dally, must have been watering the dogs, but no one has liveed in that house for years. jorge: the assist and accountant in town listed that address. we were told she doesn't live there. others strying to make sense of it. >> it is a shame. because the animals have to pay. >> it is unfortunate because pets depend on us to take care of them. to leave them like to, suffering, it is, it is unfair and criminal, cruel. jorge: according to police, they were first called to the house by the police who said sneeded a help with a bad case of flea infestation.
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tonight she, her hus pan, a 17-year-old juvenile are charged with felony animal cruelle ty. in westward, live, ho jorge cue dring. , wcvb newscenter 5. ed: breaking news on former nba star lamar odom. investigators revealing tonight that a 911 caller told them that odom had been using cocaine and taking an herbal form of viagra before he was found unconscious in a brothel out of las vegas. search warrants issued for his los angeles home tonight. the ex-husband of reality tv star khloe kardashian is now on life support. a 6'10", odom could not be airlifted to the hospital because he was too big for the chopper. heather: new at 11:00, a local teacher covering up, hiding from the cameras.
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sending to a student! wcvb newscenter 5's john atwater is live in southbridge with the charges against him. john: heather, he is back home tonight. we are trying to give you the opportunity. john: he arrived home on the disturbing allegations against him. he sent ten naked fot toes of himself to a 17-year-old student he taught. >> the student never communicated back to the teacher. never said anything. just he mained silent. the 22-year-old teacher sent the pictures twice through facebook. rumors started circulate through school and the police stepped in. john: teacher caught in a position of trust. >> it is singing to hear allegations like to. john: the first year on the job teaching language class at the cool, but police say he met the student through it up church function two years ago. u send your kids to learn, not receive pictures from teacher. john. the second time a taper in
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southbridge has faced charges in. this summer, a middle schoolteacher accused of trying to buy child sex shows on-line. the crimes aritelated about but have a message. >> children have any information or anything that they think they should be disposed to police or something they have done inappropriately by a position or person of trust. please contact us. john. again, that teacher ac home tonight and will be in court tomorrow morning which happens to be the 23rd birthday. live south bridge tonight, john john at watt, wcvb newscenter 5. 3:00 ed: right now, some families are still without gas after this fire in medfield this afternoon. flames erupted from a gas main that was being worked on along south street. there is no damage and nobody is hurt. but repairs could take hours to finish. heather: looking live over boston tonight. clear and cool. temperatures dropping into the 30's in some spots.
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the way? mike: we have warmer temperatures. heather: we will feel it. mike: you will feel it a lot. we got readings in the 40's. a a weak cool front passed through. the cool air, the clear skies flowing in. we have the winds out of the northwest now at 10 to 15 miles per hour. they were pulse sy. it settled down a little width. it continued to do that. high temperatures today, some places getting close to 70 today. that is it for while. not going to see anything that warm for a long time. overnight tonight, a lot of 30's showing. the city of boston down to 44 that is in the cool stuff. tomorrow, sunshine all day. look. we parly get to the 60's as we talk about highs for tomorrow. it has a trend over the next several days. keeps going down further and further. that is right. 48 sunday. we talk the threat of frost and the chance of shower withs on friday. ed: now accused of fake mental health systems.
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case end hopes to appoint another mental health experts that should be people. the 16-year-old ariel fused to enter court today. he tells the psychologist. he wants someone to shoot hem he is hearing voices in this his heated. prosecutors are not big it. >> everything that has happened the last 2 hours is not real. fake. it is fake. >> chism is charged with killing and raping math teacher in a danvers high school. jury selection expected to be delayed not until the miffed next week. heather: pa, sheers holding 101-year-old vigil toll keep the stit u it a church open. the group has opinion occupying st. francis church since the boston diocese tried to close it in 2004. tonight's rule aring says the pa, ner cress passion on property owned by the archdiocese. ed: pressure is growing on the
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vice president. hillary clinton's campaign manager says the vice president needs to make up his mind. all of this following in the's debate in vegas which the clinton calm says with was sk ry for her. mo decision cret let the vice president. local political analysts agreed that the vice president is feeling the heat, though. >> if you are joe biden, you watched the depate f. you will rethinkng things quickly. falter. she didn't falter last night s. she had the pest performance. ed: the next debates in i would. ed: secretary of state john kerry is heading to the middle east as new violence erupts there. a series of knife attacks by palestinians has left eight israelis dead since last week. over two dozen palestinians have been killed in clashes with the israeli forces. the state department says kerry was planning to visit europe
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this weekend; the side trip to the mideast was added because of the attacks. heather: pam crois here with the growing trind. disturbed by repeated mass violence who wants a simple tool in every cool school and a empowers school workers to save lives. >> hard lay week oar month goes by, that there is not enough mass shooting event or mass casualty event. david king never thought he would be here preparing school nurses for the hov rick are incident. the mass general surgeon finished in 2013 before the explosion then spent hours treating the wounded. >> we learned it at the navy yard. it is repetive recognition, that we can and should do something. if he is teaching school nurses to use soldiers they car fly bat. >> the nurses believe the nothing and the tight save a life if they are confronted with that situation.
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mary: the movement is growing. >> they are the first right? they are the immediated responders to those incidents. >> we're in a society that is not as simple as it onces a. guns are going to be there. violence of course to exist in the city, towns, knee toad have have the tools to help us take carve kids, fact ty, staff. if mary: the imagine is well. >> i am living with the acute recognition like all other americans are. 3:00 and that, that can happen to anybody. heather: kim is active army batter. he has seen them save limbs and lives. the streets should have the samele tools. i am pall pam krause, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: it is legislation. making massachusetts driver's license compliant with the federal real i.d. act. a bill filed today would tun requirements to obtain a license
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wanted cripple into get i.d.'s. the real i.d. act turns a lapse this the place of pat port. heather: 5 investigate ares goes behind are passer. can why the state is lock up? woman whole have not come ited a crime. ed: far in the loose in the mall. the unbelievable escape plan. mike. when the chill arrives and when we warm back up. heather: work, threats, stroke risks.
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ed: women stent prison. one bake per administration wants to stop. heather: karen anderson got likessive access to explosion the program. >> you are strip searched. you are given clothes. it makes your heart sink knowing you cannot get out of this room. reporter: liz is still shack bin the 23 days behind bars but was not underarrest and had not come pitted a crime. >> i was confused. i wanted to mow why i was there. >> she sectioned by police. section 35 of a state law lets people be held if they r at risk of harm. police found her passed out with prescription drugs near pi. list doesn't have asics be diction problem but speaking out to help those who did do. >> 5 investigates has an exclusive look when treatment beds are not available. mci framingham a were ison.
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>> i with ath i was shocking. i was scary. it was shocking. 1:00 pit was very difficult to situation. reporter: after short time in the detox unit, she was sharing this video and the testimony wrest accused criminals. >> was in tem dating. there were girls who were waiting try for murder, for armed rob pri, for many different crimes. cells like. they have a sink, toilet, desk. bunk with other women who are also here for addiction. reporter: the women who can be committed up to 90 days in prison don't have access to the inmate substance abuse program. hundred of women have been houseed in cells like to one. reporter: the problem is not new. newscenter5's susan reveals the horrors for adopted women in her series punishment would you tell crime. >> i was locked up to 23 hours a day in a cage.
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was searched like a felon. >> they vowed to fix the problem and only used framingham as last resort. 5 investigates found more than 1,000 women were if sent to this prison for substance "eyewitness news" last five years. >> it isn't ply doesn't make sense. >> the a. >> claiming discrimination, harsh conditions wile the women are bared from the treatment they need. >> this kind of a approach is unconstitutional. and also an effective and it is not saving lives. >> questioned the beaker administration why they are boeing used in prison. >> our goal is to actually end a long-stand practice of sending committed womenle to fra framingham to treatment. do you say to people? there is no question. administration will ebb that rack is. it is outrageous. is frust are a it are aing to think that so many people that neat help are not getting the hp
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>> they are starting to big build new beds intonate. it will stop sending the sive silly come it med women to prison. karen be a derson, newscenter 5. heather: new research tonight on threats on the job and how kite affect the health. high stressed jobs are linked to 22% higher rite ks. women are more effective. they feel like they have there little control such as being wait ses or nurses ad post the greatest wrist. thy tend po to smoke more and have diet exercises. ed: of course, driving can stress at her. you are looking live at the prig there is a stressful time. being a weatherman has to be highly stressful job. heather: that is true. meteorologist: check in duringbly arrested. ed: harvey gets rattled. heather: that is right. meteorologist: we have some of
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those days coming, but right now, going to talk about a little bit of a cooling trend. i want to show ul the average day for the first frost. in boston, november 1st. don't know we are actually going to get freeze aring temperatures in the city of boston about it will be close. certainly out in these areas. this is typical this time of crear. we would get the firstst from across the area. today, actually, not only today. wholele week. look at temperatures in the up thisser 60's. mid 70's. we have don't used to that. we bring them does this normal oral below normal. that is going to feel colder. away. think. look at the air. it is so dry. another cold front col com through on friday that may squeeze a few drops of rain on it. notice how that has droppedded off. we got them into the 40's as well. a lot of places will be dropping think of 30's even the city should drop off to 45 degrees
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for overmeeting to low. clear skies throughout. any answering we build up today, going to be chilly. 38 toll 460 degrees. tomorrow, maybe few afternoon clouds butle really a delightful day. 58 toll 64 and i know it is col canner than today. you get more sunshine than what you had for today. let's talk about tomorrow. you well see high temperatures generally in the lo 60's. you get-wise county. upper 50's. buister is 58. holding that temperature for friday. a chance of showers: of one inch thin start to see the downward trend on saturday. only lower 50's. most of the south shore from the shoreline will be in the low 60's. the capes going to be like worcester county. per 50's to around 60. again, reb remember, are it us all fun. >> here is that front. please fight the way through on friday. bow ind it, the coldest air of the season. they will be colder within withs. at least it will give you an cd.
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you see what it does, it triggers offshow you we're. the first is during the morning. maybe a a continueed threat. i think you will be dealing with just clouds across the area. saturday, there is a little disturbance coming through ear. look atta. up to the authority. there is slow snacks showing up on the forecast map. show you what is that going to hab be happening in. for tomorrow, season. >> i cool. 62. not pad. then we talk friday. chance of showers. let me give you a breakdown in this. hour by hour. as we talk about what haps pen hearing. we'll talk area of just a little bit of of light rain working the way through. not much happening. the threat will be out there. this is 8:00 in the morning. a few more showers but don't get going too much. i am not not look for much of it. we have a few flurries on saturday up to the north. that is snow. this is going to be happening during the early morning horse once the sun comes. you it warms up. now speak of non-en warming.
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just to thor 46 tuesday we start to warm up. this is what i mean. a quick warm-up or cooldown we are taking. a fast warm-up. we get little bit cooler. the jet stream changes. we are back to sunshine. tem are too in the 508's, 60's. even outside chaps we can see 70's. but the weekend, oh, i think we may have frost. physician ed weather. >> there you go. real think ty tv star faces accused of doing a two-step
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heather: the star of hit show dance mom has been indited. fashion 20-indictment on charges and falsepack rupt sy decoration. prosecutors say she opened bank accounts to hide her income and made multiple false claims the dance stewed yes and could serve up to five years in prison. she could also pay up up to $5 approximately men fines. heather: mike wankum told us. we need tempps to dip down to freezing. mike. well, for those with folks who love the golden temperature, 32 degrees. wallle la. the folks at sunday river resort in maine are ready to go. although, this is, i x bt to be honest with you you. this is not today.
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>> i think skiers knew. he want to make sure we are clear. they will be open monday. they are still there now. there is not. sunday river wants you to know as soon as there is flow. they are jumping on it and open. you can go go there. temps will be cold enough you have to make snow. that is what you need. >> a lot of water. tell you what? there is one exciting inning i'm chris bosh. when i was sidelined with blood clots in my lung, it was serious. p fortunately, my doctor had a game plan. treatment with xarelto . hey guys! hey, finally, somebody i can look up to... ...besides arnie. xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin, there's limited information on how xarelto and warfarin compare in reducing the risk of stroke. you know, i tried warfarin, but the blood testing and dietary restrictions... don't get me started on that. i didn't have to. we started on xarelto .
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>> milton high school wildcats reinvigorated f. that is tomorrow night at 6:00. now to the seventh inning of the fifth game of the bluejays rangers' game. texas had runner on third paisan fun began. watch the throw pack.
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a athrothat hits the bat of the party in. now it started. 3:00 dead ball. he waves the arms. watch the unarer. he comes home. the rule is clear. fm the beater is struck by the catch ear throw back to the pitcher and no intent ape the batter to sper fer. the wall is alive and in play f. that is what happened. that pot them all a riled up. players ejected. people throwing cans on kneeled. after three errors, the bluejays tight up in the pot tom half of the seventh inning if. the pest was dote come. >> the pest was yet to come. >> deep left field. [cheering and applauding] watch it by batista near. i was not trying to show anyone up. was caught up in the moment. twice, bench clearing incidents that this thing was full of
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that alone lasted 53 minutes. 53men00 ms. the final out. >> incredible. >> what a finish. a game! so now, the plu jays will play which team for the american league championship certainlies? they will play kansas city royals. retired late 19 astros in a row from the end of the second the eighth ending. a popped. hits a throw-one homer . of difference are in the film as kansas city royals got to slid out in the feinthen ending to preserve a 7-2 win so the royal and the plu jays for the series. thes can be away the wenner. patriots' left tackle placed on ir. he his since over. he faces church ry. this tweet from him today,
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obviously from the younger day thanks for the well wishance prayerancep have the pythons back in no tie. the patriots ton dodge questions that are being asked about reen vag tour and making them pay for deflate game game sunday might. 3:00. >> i amro pot. 3:00. >> i am a human. >> no doubt. no doubt. >> human. >> like i said. >> very good team. it is, you know, a challenge to ply ob the road. we have been there a few times. >> they dat good tame. they won three straight. that tough game. >> i hope we do our pest. thank you, guys. >> thank you. >> all right. bruins dev let aing colorado 5-0. with a night for pass ball. >> did you say 5-0. 5-in 0. >> wow. >> that is lenges. >> say what? >> can we have another one like to tomorrow. >> could be. never know. >> maybe that is turning point. >> yeah.
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remember the day back when? cool. probably pack >> announcer: the following
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