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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  October 16, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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smell the odor of the dipak. since he was armed, for schools went into lockdown. >> police trying to figure out person responsible for bank . in that bank the robber also got away with cash but it exploded leaving a red stain on the wall and sidewalk. bank robberies are not common but the violent nature of this one was unusual. >> we were concerned about the violence in which the suspect displayed himself. reid: they are not connected. the suspect description is different. the suspect in arlington
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that woman who was gardening who the suspect ran by got a good look at him and is currently working with a sketch artist. phil: one of our viewers showing some video, hail on her deck this morning. so the hail precedes this. >> it was the first piece of warm air. now so cold that tomorrow night we have this freeze watch. we may have to wait till sunday for the city proper. if you have some tender vegetation you had better bring here is what is going on tonight.
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dropping off that we have to wait for the second wave of cold air and that will be happening tomorrow. a few clouds and perhaps some sprinkles and then the floodgates open up across the area. overnight we will see lows dropping into the 30' s and 40' s and rebound with some sunshine but we are stuck in the 50' s. not like the last couple days . highs only in the 40' s for sunday. i will detail all of that in a few minutes. phil: an anti--hillary ad has family members of benghazi victims fuming. they told pam cross about seeing this for the first time. him: she is talking about a tv commercial that included her dead son. hurtful. pam: hillary clinton the target.
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it begins with the face of glenn dority. actors speak for the americans who were killed in the embassy strike. his mother calls it shameful. >> it blindsided me. using him as a political pawn. and to have him speaking from the grave, it is cruel, it is hurtful. >> i would like to know why you like. >> this is not about politics, this is about respect for brave men who died fighting for their country. the mothers have teamed up demanding reform and they want the stop hillary pack two full the ads. no response so far. >> it just makes you cry all over again and you have enough tears, you do not need to go through that agony more than we have to.
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or political points using the this east is just plain wrong. and to the search for a missing hiker. the body of a woman found is said to be that of the westwood woman. more on what they believe in -- happen to her. >> investigators believe she was swept away and a swollen new hampshire river. neighbors had hoped claire marie concuzzo would return with tales of adventure. searchers got a tip that the hiker who disappeared was spotted in the white mountains a week earlier than searchers realized. the tip led to an area called
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garfield ridge. it had more than 30 inches of rain when she was likely crossing the river. new hampshire fish and game say conditions were treacherous. >> she -- i considered her a very experienced hiker. >> she set out to hike from mount garfield to bond cliff and disappeared along the 26 mile trek. >> it was in an area that would have been hidden from view from any other trail or anyone walking up or down the river. >> she worked in radiology. grief tonight. phil: hillary clinton and bernie sanders and a statistical dead heat. the boston globe suffolk
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university paul puts sanders and 35%, well within the margin of error. clinton had been trailing for weeks. she is campaigning in nashua, new hampshire right now. she was pushing the issue she thinks will leave sanders in the dust, that is gun control. she said she will hold the nra accountable if elected president. >> democrats are waiting to see if joe biden will jump in the race. he said biden has to decide for himself whether it makes sense to run. donald trump is holding a rally in king' s bro. we are hearing from a harvard student who made headlines after an awkward exchange earlier. tonight' s rally is being held tonight -- held at this
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>> you see the big crowd here and another at the gymnasium. take a look out side. thousands expected so a lot of excitement. the candidate is taking heat week. it was joseph choate -- cho' s questioned that questioned him on his facts. >> i just wanted to get the fact straight. >> are you from south korea? >> i am from texas. >> that baffled the student. >> i want to get my facts straight. south korea pays a hundred $61 million.
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or has i have aaron to our south korean that i might not have a legitimate right to ask that question. >> he said the microphone was taken away. back on campus he said his exchange illustrates what he sees as a critical problem for the campaign. >> the president needs to be able to listen and admit when he is wrong with i do not think esther trump really does. -- mr. trump really does. >> he is wildly popular . no response from the campaign. antoinette: saying goodbye with a touching tribute. phil: the special trip some firefighters took to honor their own. antoinette: the pet that is stirring up a lot of trouble. mike: cold air is poised to move in.
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i will show you the areas that could drop into the 20' s. phil: bob halloran spoke with
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antoinette: a special honor for police officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. a memorial ceremony was held today. nine officers were memorialized to you two were killed in the line of duty and seven officers were from previous decades. governor charlie baker was among the attendees. phil: the ladder truck that george hooper drove returned. fire fired -- firefighter hooper
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he is one of the first and last two drives that truck. it was sold to the ashby fire department but today served as the flower car in the procession. >> he could drive it around like a mini-cooper. he put it in places where you a truck that size. served as a mentor. they were among the many to pay tribute to him today. it was a wild morning and worcester. antoinette: two cars collide sending one of them into a liquor store. all of this caught on camera. phil: the cockatoo that is
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phil: burlington police have announced plans for a series of
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discouraging trafficking and crime. >> hopefully we will have zero there. and the clients will know enough because there is a chance they are running a sting. phil: police say names and photos will be distributed to the media if arrested. antoinette: this massive two alarm fire at a historic building in groton was not arson. five other towns responded just before 8 p.m. last night to help put up the flames on chris good street. the building involved is part of a baptist cap, 275-year-old dormitory. the most trouble cause was a propane torch igniting nearby would during a recent repair project but an electrical fire cannot be ruled out. phil: the wild smash and grab in
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linfield at 3:00 a.m.. someone drove their car through the glass and stole 24 coats. they cut off the security tags before stealing them. $6,600 worth of coats worth taken. antoinette: a car crashes into a worcester liquor store, the entire incident caught on multiple cameras. he had installed two dozen cameras. the owner got a call at 1 a.m. but when he checked his camera he saw the car that smashed through the doors. determined to open on time. >> wielded at nine and i told nine. i have never missed a day in 45 years. it.
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is this. that is what i do. suggests it on the street. one of the four people is being treated for nonlife threatening injuries. no one else was hurt. phil: the cockatoo you are looking at maybe enjoying dinner right now but residents say dino was he flew away from his owner in wing on the woodwork and shrieking outside bedrooms come don. they have tried to catch the bird or care for him. some of them even supplied corn. animal rescue officials have stepped in hoping to catch the dino in a
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mike: i remember chickens doing that. dino will need a blanket. that may slow him down. this is this morning' s radar picture. look down toward the cape. these fire up and move their way across. lightning, thunder, wind. it was concentrated in a small area. that was associated with the first wave of cool air. there is a second wave out here to the west. this one will come in tomorrow and behind it is when the cold air starts coming in. there is a few showers associated. the air is really dry. tomorrow you will see some clouds, perhaps a scattered shower or sprinkle and then partly cloudy.
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a spectacular sunset. just a little bit after 6 p.m. tonight. the winds have been out of the west at nine miles per hour. they will be busy as we head for the weekend. partly cloudy in chile. 38 to 46 for the overnight low . a slight risk of a few showers in the morning and partly cloudy in the afternoon. it is cooler tomorrow than it was today. also a northwesterly wind at 10 to 20. a little bit of a chilling factor. overnight, partly cloudy. this is what i mean by a scattered shower or sprinkle. then as we head toward the afternoon partly cloudy. we cannot rule out an isolated sprinkle. the biggest chance will be during the morning and i would say most of us will see nothing out of it but that threat will be out there. in the skies clear way and you know it will get cold out there.
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season settling in. look what happens, it blows across the land and picks up moisture and we get rain showers offshore. let me break it down for you. tomorrow breezy conditions and 56. a lot of you may be heading down the charles river because we have the charles regatta. hundreds of thousands of people along the banks. it will be breezy but plenty of sunshine. it will be cool. sunday, 48. 32 in the morning but the coldest morning maybe on monday morning. we will see a lot of the temperature dropping into the 20' s, boston down to 32. that will be the coldest of the cold. we will rebound but it takes a while to warm things up. we have to wait till tuesday when the warmer weather moves back in and we had an opportunity to see change in the upper air pattern forming us up
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to the 60' s. the mid 60' s by thursday. with that comes a chance for some rain. we could use some rain. temperatures will cool down toward the end of next week that the weekend ahead will be cool and breezy. phil: arlington police have released this sketch to us of a robbery suspect, the winchester savings bank was hit earlier. arlington police have been working with people who witnessed it. there is the sketch. if you know anything, please call arlington police. >> now, sports center five with bob halloran. bob: the colts the patriots are going to blow them out. they are candy waiting to be crushed. the colts are so bad you do not need a metaphor.
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the -- they were beat i 116 points. >> it is a completely new team. we have a new team. it is another part of the season where you have to continue to try to improve. bob: this is the tom brady courtroom sketch. they have a broken cell phone. looks like the cookie already crumbled. instead of a half patriot without -- puff pastry without the puff, they went with deflate-cake. let' s see if on monday they are selling the we just got steamrolled crate.
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he catches the ball behind the defenders back. we have not seen that before. that is a catch. s life changed. his hockey career ended 11 seconds after it started. i loved how much -- i learned how much he loved hockey and how the lessons have helped him and so many others. >> it challenged me. i thought it was tough. bob: he learned he was a lot tougher. >> one of the things i have learned is i' d do believe all of us have a spirit that is capable of doing things we never imagined. bob: he imagined himself laying in the nhl and believed he had the skill to get there. he never imagined raising
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millions of dollars and helping thousands of people. >> there is a lot of meaning. 20 years later i am proud of where we have been. bob: he is still strict -- struck by waves of sadness but there is an ocean of happiness thanks to his love of family, >> i love the sport. i had a love for the game of hockey. i am still so brokenhearted. i miss it. i miss it a lot. up: a night for travis roy, honoring him and his foundation. one night, $1 million raised.
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the first time today. see if you can help out and that is sports. phil: what a tremendous spirit and how much good he has done over 20 years. antoinette: the looking to raise additional revenue that could hit riders for the girl scout meeting...
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ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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antoinette: bob was telling us what he thinks of leaf-peeping. phil: better get out there and see them. bob: nice weather for this time of year. antoinette: who's toughest on spending? fox news did the analysis and jeb bush had the best record. billions in pork, vetoed. eight budgets, balanced. and tax cuts every single year.
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