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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  WCVB  October 18, 2015 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." mike: the early feel of winter this morining. when we'll see temperatures head the other way. sera: unraveling the story behind an amber alert. the reason police in pennsylvania issued the urgent call for help, and what's happening to the mother and child now. frank: and a delayed homecoming for national guard unit. the important message behind the ceremony. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." sera: good morning, everyone. it is sunday, october 18. i'm sera congi in for antoinette. frank: and i'm frank holland. a frosty start to your sunday especially up north. take a look at this snapshot taken from mt. washington observatory. snow! there's actually snow up there. over to you.
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a jump on winter. this morning as you step outside winter as well. we have a freeze warning out for all these areas until 9:00 this morning. if that's not enough, well, if you didn't get freezing temperatures last night you'll get it tonight because there's a freeze warning out for tonight as well. those areas that may not have gotten to 32 degrees last night but i think it will be another cold day out there. check out the current temperatures. 20's inland. boston still holding on to 36 degrees. but, boy, that cold air is out there. refreshing this morning. the skies are clear. we had an interesting thing last night. a few sprinkles moved through and a few flurries. that's out of here. we're looking at basically a clear sky. as we saw yesterday afternoon there may be a few clouds that come back this afternoon. we break down for you what's going to happen today. starting the day off with sunshine. we'll warm up but not much. look at that. high temperatures only into the mid 40's. a northwesterly breeze. we'll talk about much warmer temperatures coming down the road. all that in just a few minutes. sera: thank you. this morning we're learning new details about yesterday's amber alert that ended at children's
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hospital in boston. this mother under arrest; her baby now in state custody. frank: police in pennsylvania put out the alert fearing for the safety of the child. newscenter 5's reid lamberty explains how the mother and baby ended up here. >> she was just getting the best medical afence for her child as she possibly could. reid: tiffany cherry is a 36-year-old mother who drove over 300 miles to bring her sick infant son to one of the nation's best hospitals where he was born less than three months ago. >> she made a decision in her heart as a mother. friend. friday afternoon cherry took her son to a health clinic near wilkes-barre pennsylvania. doctors there said the child was severely dehydrated and in need of medical attention but rather than taking her son to a hospital in pennsylvania, police say cherry decided to drive to boston. >> she didn't like the medical advise she was getting.
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get dehydrated or abduct her child. she wanted to get the right medical attention for her baby. reid: an amber alert was triggered for the mother and infant son friday afternoon after they left pennsylvania. a nurse at boston's children's contacted police after realizing she had just admitted the infant boy. >> she went straight to the child with her child. they found her in the place they needed to find her. reid: cherry was arrested on a child endangerment warrant out of pennsylvania and several outstanding warrants out of massachusetts. her son is now in the custody of d.c.f. tiffany cherry is originally from north andover according to a friend. she will be arraigned on monday morning on charges related to that amber alert and those in massachusetts one of which dates back to 2002. in boston, i'm reid lamberty, wcvb, newscenter 5.
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sera: new this morningb oston police say a man from mattapan is under arrest, charged with assault with a dangerous weapon. 20-year old gerard moore was arrested on roxbury street friday night. police say moore was threatening people around the dudley square station. he refused to drop the weapon, which turned out to be this b.b. gun. he was also cited for carrying a pocket knife. frank: a state trooper who was injured in a collision on the mass pike is out of the hospital this morning. the crash happened in newton frid night. the driver of a tractor-trailer that struck the trooper's s.u.v. is now facing charges. investigators say the trooper was parked at a construction site when he was hit from behind. a plymouth man is in custody right now accused of driving the wrong way on route 3 early yesterday morning. police got a number of reports of a car headed south in the northbound lanes. the driver hit at least one vehicle. 26-year-old kevin palmer was arrested in bourne. he's facing several charges including driving under the sera: the longtime girlfriend and fugitive companion of boston will be back in a federal courtroom tomorrow. catherine greig is facing criminal contempt charges. she's been refusing to testify for months about whether any
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other people were helping bulger during his 16 years on the run. she's already serving an eight-year sentence for identity fraud and conspiracy to harbor a fugitive. also in court tomorrow the man accused of killing a mother in swampscott. jason fleury is set to have a bail hearing. the convicted sex offender was arrested in virginia back in august and has been held without bail since then. he's accused of killing jaimee mendez whose body was found along king's beach in january. frank: a former uber driver is behind bars right now after pleading guilty to rape and kidnapping charges. alejandro done, who stayed out of the courtroom last summer, was accused of picking up a woman in december 2014 while driving for uber. after she got cash from an a.t.m., she was driven to a secluded location and sexually assaulted. done was sentenced to 10 to 12 years in state prison. he still faces rape and assault charges in separate cases between 2006 and 2010. a tragic story out of connecticut this morning. a man who was working inside a
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smokestack on the yale university campus died after he fell 50 feet down the chimney. that man was working to upgrade yale's central power plant when he fell from a ladder. it took officials about an hour to get him out of the chimney. the man, who is from oregon, later died at a hospital. the incident is under investigation. sera: although belated, it was a warm welcome home in concord for the new hampshire national guard's detachment 18. governor maggie hassan and senator kelly ayotte were among family and friends who attended the special ceremony. the group returned in july from a nine-month deployment to the middle east. the unit has been on a break for a few months and is now preparing to get back to work. frank: a unique approach to connecting with the community the police department here in concord, massachusetts says it plans to issue up to 200 "citations" for good behavior. that could include something like wearing a bicycle helmet or looking both ways before crossing a street. instead of a fine or a court appearance, these citations can be redeemed for two scoops of ice cream at "reasons to be cheerful," a local cafe.
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sera: unique idea. frank: i'll take that. coming up, israel on alert amid an outbreak of violence. sera: the march for peace as the number of attacks on the streets of jerusalem rises. frank: the cleanup after massive mudslides cover a major highway in southern califionia. the progress and the damage mike: a cold start to your sunday. the outlook for the rest of your day and when we will see another
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frank: 5:10. this is not where you want to be-- inside a car being moved by a mudslide. right now crews are digging out dozens of buried cars in california under several feet of mud. the mess has a parts of a busy highway still shut down. sera: dozens of homes have also been damaged and the clean up is extensive. crews clearing mud-blocked roads in southern california. racing against the clock and mother nature. saturday morning, construction equipment arrived to aid in the digout before another round of weather hits. >> they're expecting more rain this afternoon, and if that
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do is probably clear all the personnel that are working in the area just in case there's more mud slides. >> it's pretty scary to see the water on both sides moving very quickly and rising very quickly. i was thinking about i was going to go out the sunroof to get on top of the vehicle. sera: thousands of cars and trucks remain stranded after thursday's massive mud slides. >> i cannot get across to go home. sera: this video shows just how fast the onslaught of mud and water swept across highways and neighborhoods. >> i've never seen this before. sera: as road crews work families and business s are clearing out leaving mud-caked belongings out as trash. the roads still so covered it's hard to see the curve. >> we had a couple firefighters stop to give us sandbags. >> they were three inches thick in mud. we've been cleaning off and pressure washing all of that. doing a lot of clean up. it's been crazy. sera: now everyone is holding their breath for a possible round two as more rain moves in.
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sera: no mud slides to worry about here. my goodness, i see some 20's on that map, mike. oh, my goodness. mike: some people had to bring the ice scrapers out. a little frost outside. sera: here we go. mike: we're going to warm things back up again. here's the problem we have. look at the temperatures we've been through the last week. we were into the 70's. then the 60's. yesterday in the 50's. this has been a really fast cooldown. so that's why this morning it feels all the colder out there. a couple interesting numbers to keep in mind. boston back in 1898 only got to 45 degrees for a high temperature. if we stay below that, that would be a record for today. worcester by the way had a little bit of snow yesterday. last night there were snow flurries. since 1989, the coldest it's ever been on this date is 35 degrees. i don't think that will be a record. we're close to record levels. how cold is it out there? step out this morning in nashua. it's 28 degrees. fitchburg is 28. worcester is 29 right now. boston is above the freezing mark. orange, look at that.
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26 degrees right now. you head through the south shore most of the temperature s are above the freezing mark but only by a little bit. the cape is very fortunate in the fact that you are surrounded by relatively warm ocean water. that's why the readings are only into the 40's right now. chilly day out there today. in boston it's 36 degrees. here's something else. the winds are out of the northwest at 13 miles an hour. to dig this graphic out we haven't to use this for months. i've had to add the wind chill index to it. it feels like 28 degrees. chilly morning this morning. the winds are out of the northwest. they're going to be that way all day today. they'll be picking up in intensity as we head through the afternoon at 10-20 miles an hour. we don't have to worry about any clouds at all this morning. there is a deck of clouds to the west. with the heating of the day relatively speaking we may have some clouds pop up again as we head through the afternoon. here's the way it looks on our future cast. around 4:00 we get these little clouds. we saw that yesterday. and one or two of these could put down a sprinkle or perhaps a snow flurry but don't worry. most of us won't see any. there will be no accumulation. overnight tonight the skies clear away.
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we're back into the freezing temperatures again. mostly sunny today. afternoon clouds. 44-48 degrees. then tonight with evening clouds, those will dissipate very quickly. we'll clear out things overnight and again 24-34 degrees for the overnight low. the wind will be dying down a little bit as well. you may have noticed this yesterday. sunset keeps getting earlier and earlier. we are now before 6:00 which means we have to wait until march before we get it back above 6:00. halloween 5:39. we change the clocks had year november 1. that's when the sunset is at 4:38 in the afternoon. checking out some peak foliage. very nice colors as you look to the north. moderate clouds around the city and patchy clouds down to the south shore. overall the colors are coming on very nicely. let me break down what's going to happen over the next several days. the morning lows that we had going on out here this morning, you can see that we actually had some of the temperatures dropping off into the 20's. there. what's going to be happening over the next several days? we'll be talking about these
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cold temperatures obviously. hopefully they'll be history. we get to talk about the warming trend that will be taking place in the extended forecast. let me show you what that extended forecast looks like because it is a whole lot warmer than what we have going on right now. so right now it's on the chilly side. and then we're going to warm things up. here we go. i wanted to pop that one up there for you at 5:00 in the morning. we want to share what's going to be happening with you on that search-day forecast. here it is. you'll notice the temperatures warming up very nicely as we head towards the middle of the week look at that. 60, 65 degrees. the next chance for rain isn't until thursday. after that, the temperature s will cool back just a little bit. overall a chilly weekend coming our direction with a little bit of a warm being trend as we head for the first part of next week. frank and sera. sera: thank you, mike. the time now is 5:15 this morning. checking some of the other stories happening right now. frank: hundreds marched through the streets of jerusalem for a peace rally last night. they're calling for an end to israel over the past month. despite new security measures, it shows no sign of abating. five palestinians were shot yesterday after a series of
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stabbings in israel. sera: a fire that went through a church in st. louis yesterday is now under investigation. officials say they believe it was arson. the new life missionary baptist church is now the fifth house of worship burned in less than two weeks. investigators are searching for clues that could link these fires. church members are holding service on the lawn today. these six church leaders and parishioners are now facing charges including manslaughter and assault for brutally beating two brothers in a church sanctuary last week in upstate new york. among those accused-- the boys parents. 19-year-old lucas leonard died and his 17-year-old brother was hospitalized in serious condition. all six have plead not guilty. frank: astronaut scott kelly has now spent more time in space than any other american. today marks 385 days, setting a new record for his stay aboard the international space station. nasa says he is scheduled to complete his mission on march third.
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days in space. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: good morning, everyone. the time is almost here. the patriots and colts starring in "revenge of deflate gate." the patriots maintaining all week long, just another game. >> every week we just want to win. so that's what motivation is coming in, preparing the whole week and going out there and when you prepare all week, you put everything out there on the practice field. in film. you're preparing your body mentally and physically. you just don't want to go out there and not compete on sunday. >> it's the aim questions every week. we're getting ready to play a game on sunday. we're going to do the best we can to prepare for it, be ready to go. that's what we do. bob: college football. eagles at clemson last night. first quarter and b.c. on the center field comes over and picks off the pass-and-runs it back 28 yards deep into tiger territory. geoff smith gets the nod as the
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he tosses a five-yarder to david dubek and the for example aals are in the lead 7-0. clemson with the eagle defense for 420 yards, 500 yards total. watson, 51-yarder to scott. 34-17. later tonight on sportscenter 5 ork t. mike lynch talks celtics and the entire day in the nfl, baseball play-offs and a few other things i'm not thinking of right now. that's sports this morning. have a great day. frank: on the health alert. the battle against breast cancer now has a new ally-- the u.s. department of defense. the federal agency announcing it's giving $10 million to two boston hospitals to research aspirin. newscenter 5's emily riemer explains how this old drug could start a new revolution. carol matyka: i think women would be excited about the opportunity to participate in something like this. emily: since her breast cancer battle 21 years ago, carol
5:19 am
breakthroughs come and go. she's now an advocate for the national breast cancer coalition. carol matyka: hope is not a emily: but incredibly aspirin could be. shows that to be true, i'm beyond excited. emily: this familiar white pill on the radar for researchers after dr. michelle holmes published a 2010 study suggesting women with breast cancer who take aspirin actually live longer. dr. holmes: if it really works as well as we think it might, it would be available in every corner of the earth. emily: right now doctors aren't sure why aspirin may prevent breast cancer from recurring in other parts of the body like the liver or bones. but there are some theories. dr. eric winer: it may do that by suppressing inflammation. it may do that by changing platelet function or blood-clotting function. emily: the only way to know whether aspirin has any effect-- a large nationwide study involving 3,000 women with stage 2 or 3 breast cancer. half will take aspirin; the other half, a placebo. researchers from brigham and women's hospital and dana farber
5:20 am
cancer institute will analyze the results. dr. eric winer: we really need an answer. emily: dr. eric winer is the director of the breast oncology program at dana farber and one of the doctors who successfully appealed to the u.s. defense department for funding. dr. winer: if aspirin isn't useful in preventing recurrence, we need to know that. if it's useful, then we desperately need to know it. emily: that's because aspirin is not only widely available. it's cheap. a year's supply costs just $6. dr. winer: at a time when the cost of medical care and specifically cancer care is escalating, aspirin is a pretty inexpensive drug. emily: and if the study confirms what researchers hope it will, aspirin could have an enormous impact, saving 10,000 lives per year in the u.s. and 75,000 in dr. winer: the sooner we know it, the better. emily: doctors caution don't start taking aspirin until researchers have time to collect and evaluate the results. though the side effects are generally minor, they could be major in some people.
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it's still possible aspirin could have no effect at all. emily riemer, wcvb, newscenter 5. sera: the study will begin in the next few months and take at least five years to complete. ramping up to help a neighbor in need. the volunteer effort boosting a needham family and why the special project means so much. sera: and it's only october, but a major ski resort is ready to welcome skiers. the early opening ahead. that's not so hard to believe as you step outside. it's chilly out there. you want to layer up this morning if you're heading out for a run or a walk. mike wankum has the details coming up.
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frank: 5:24. welcome back. the ski season starts today-- at least at killington mountain in vermont. you can take a run while you take in the foliage.
5:23 am
the beast-- as it is called-- will open to season pass holders at noon. the chairlifts will be ready to go for everyone else tomorrow morning. sunday river is also expected to open tomorrow. sera: oh, boy. mike, look at all that snow. mike: it seems early, doesn't it? yesterday worcester picked up a trace of snow. not measurable. but still a little snow around the area last night. here's what will happen today. lots of sup shine out there. as we go through the day today, high temperature topping off about 48 degrees. a northwesterly wind will be afternoon. if you didn't have freezing conditions this morning, you will tomorrow morning because later on tonight, the lows are going to drop off like this. we'll see 20's and 30's across the area. it will be another chilly one but we keep talking about this warming trend. here it comes on tuesday what happens is the winds start to go in a southerly direction. as they become strong from the south they'll warm us up. by tuesday we're talking about temperatures into the 60's. then on wednesday it looks like
5:24 am
by thursday could be 6degrees. behind that little chance of rain on thursday colder air does move back in. the coldest days are right now and on tomorrow as well. so those are the two chilly days in the forecast. look for high temperatures just into the upper 40's. frank: thanks a lot, mike. it's the mystery of the missing ronald in northampton. offering a reward to get their beloved ronald mcdonald statue back. the family is asking for the public's help finding this three-foot tall icon which was stolen from the yard of their summer home in everett back in august. is very rare. they've been tracking it on social media and even put up fliers offering a $300 reward. northampton police are also on the case. close to a decision on a white house run. sera: the potential signs that have political watchers buzzing. a run to remember. a wave of support for the legacy of a murdered journalist. how the event is being marked
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frank: and a live look at the zakim bridge this morning. it's 34 degrees outside. a very chilly start to the day series brewer. one touch,
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." mike: a winter chill this morning. the areas that dipped below freezing overnight and the outlook for the work week ahead. frank: breaking overnight festival goers running after a
5:28 am
the deadly shooting. sera: and shining the spotlight on the opioid crisis. the effort to raise money and awareness after another lost fight in the battle against addiction.. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." frank: and it's 5:0 on this chilly sunday morning. i'm frank holland. hope your day is getting off to a great start. sera: and i'm sera congi. if you're heading out for a run or a walk this morning, layer up. mike: i would wait an hour or two. we do tend to get frost this time of year. it's not that unheard of. we have frost warnings out until 9:00 in the morning for almost all areas. worcester county has already had freezing temperatures there. them twice. we had the freeze warning until 9:00 a.m. tonight we have another freeze warning going into effect because there may be areas along the coast or the city of boston or down through the south shore and the south coast that did not get freezing temperatures. that does include the cape that we have the freeze warning out for later on tonight. what are the temperatures out morning?
5:29 am
over the cape it's in the 40's. relatively warm. look at this. head for springfield it's 24 degrees. worcester is 29. boston did not get freezing at least not so far. it looks we'll be seeing temperatures climbing into the mid to upper 40's. there's the satellite picture. all nice and clear to start with but we will have some clouds. as we saw yesterday they kind of build up during the afternoon and one or two of those could bring us a sprinkle. i'm not looking for much out of it. it's going to be out there. today if you're planning anything, plan it around sunshine with a few clouds later on today. check out the high temperature. just 48 degrees. we're supposed to be in the low 60's this time of year. the northwesterly wind is going to have a little bit of a bite at 10-20 miles per hour. over the next three days it's cold and then look at this. by tuesday we're up around 60. we'll talk more about that warming trend. all that in a few minutes. frank. frank: thanks a lot, mike. breaking overnight. one person has died and four others were injured after a shooting at the zombie-con festival in downtown fort meyers, florida. police are still searching for a suspect right now. the annual festival was expected
5:30 am
art fest. sera: right now, this mother is under arrest and her two-month-old baby in state custody. tiffany cherry set off an amber alert yesterday when she took off with her baby from pennsylvania. she was arrested at boston children's hospital where she brought her son to be treated for severe dehydration. frank: right now a plymouth man is in custody accused of driving the wrong way on route 3 early yesterday morning. 26-year-old kevin palmer was arrested in bourne. he's facing several charges including driving under the influence. commitment 2016. the political world still waiting for vice president joe biden to make a decision on a white house run. he had a closely watched speech last night, but he's keeping the meanwhile, on the republican side, two candidates go at it on twitter. vice president joe biden started running on saturday away from questions about a possible 2016 campaign to the sidelines of his granddaughter's delaware cross country meet. the v.p. officially undecided
5:31 am
pressure is higher than ever. his boss, president obama says everyone should give biden space. prez: you can direct those questions to my very able vice president. >> i'll tell you what, didn't it make you proud to be a democrat? frank: many biden supporters and even hillary clinton have recently nudged biden to make a decision. the vice president's inner circle even sent out an email describing the campaign he would run but is that a sign? >> i think he's even closer now to getting in. his staff wouldn't be doing those things having those meetings unless he was getting ready to get in this race. frank: on the republican side a fresh feud between two of the top contenders. >> i like george bush. he's a nice man. reporter: donald trump complimenting george w. bush after launching a harsh critique of him during an interview with bloomberg tv. >> when you talk about george bush, say what you want. the world trade center came down during his time. >> you can't blame george bush tore that gee was president, okay. >> jeb bush fired back sharply on twitter. how pathetic for trump to criticize the president for
5:32 am
9/11. we were attacked and my brother kept us safe. trump reacting in typical fashion on twitter calling jeb pathetic. the g.o.p. candidate s will meet face to face in their next debate in just 11 days. hillary clinton will be off the campaign trail next week, headed to washington for that public showdown with house republicans over the benghazi attacks. meanwhile, sources say vice president biden's decision is imminent. sera: republican candidates are out campaigning in new hampshire this weekend. senator ted cruz held a rally at the hopkinton fairground in contoocook yesterday, then stopped at a 603 alliance event at the fairground. the g.o.p. hopeful railed against what he calls corruption in washington and said his supporters are grassroots conservative activists. and senator rand paul is back in the granite state for a three-day trip. he stopped at tucker's restaurant in hooksett for a meet and greet. with 15 candidates vying for your vote, paul says he's trying to set himself apart from the pack with his budget plan. this morning senator paul will
5:33 am
8:00. frank: 5 on the opioid crisis. the tragedy of heroin addiction touching so many massachusetts families. 27-year-old kali dargoonian was found dead from an overdose at her andover home a few weeks ago. last night family, friends, and neighbors gathered to raise money and awareness in the hairdresser's hometown. the "andover cares" fundraiser featured local bands uniting to take on the epidemic. kali's mom says enough is enough. >> something has got to be done. i mean it's an he dim being. people need to be educated. they have to learn and listen. we need to get the word out. i mean, get this off the street. frank: kali was a successful business owner. her family says her death is a painful reminder that addiction does not discriminate. newscenter 5's ed harding was on hand to host the event. right now, police are investigating the death of a teen in new hampshire. police say she may have died from a drug overdose. officers were called to the riviera motel in rochester early yesterday morning. the body of the 17-year-old girl
5:34 am
was found in one of the rooms. her mother and a male friend were in the room as well. police are calling the teen's death suspicious, but there haven't been any arrests. sera: hundreds of people taking international journalism with the first annual run to honor james foley. he was murdered by isis last year. conflict journalists and hostage families. yesterday, a celebration of his life and mission in rochester. they run for a mission. every stride inspired by one man. diane foley: it's just a gift. it's just jim, you know. jim was loved. sera: over 1,000 runners and walkers taking part in the foley foundation 5k in honor of rochester, new hampshire, native james foley. the young journalist covering the conflict in syria was killed while being held captive by isis. john foley: he would have loved being here today. sera: foley's father john and his mother diane joined in the event. a bitter-sweet journey to the
5:35 am
john foley: sadness and joy. the sadness is just because we miss jim. the joy is that so many people wanted to do this for jim. diane foley: i'm so grateful because this helps his spirit of goodness to continue in the world. sera: while the heart of this race may be here in rochester, new hampshire, there are runners taking part around the world. in london and hong kong and all over the globe, another 900 ran virtually alongside the outs in new hampshire. lynn smith: james foley is everything that is good about the world. and anything that i can do to support his legacy, it's personal. personal for everybody in new hampshire. sera: the money raised from the event will help conflict journalists, hostage families, and others in need. diane foley: i was just so proud and grateful for jim's life because he challenges us every day to keep going and to keep fighting for the things he believed in. sera: james foley would have celebrated his 42nd birthday today. frank: it's game day in indy but
5:36 am
the patriots still don't know if they'll be up against quarterback andrew luck today. luck is listed as questionable but seems more probable than not. meanwhile, patriot linebacker dont'a hightower has been ruled out for tonight's game. hightower suffered an injury to his ribs last week in dallas so no hightower chasing either luck or maybe matt hasselbeck. coach: we don't have any control over that. we just have to defend that they'll do. we'll prepare for the things-- what we think they have done and what they will do and whatever they decide to do, they decide to do. frank: also out for the patriots, defensive end trey flowers. and later in sports tom brady's dad wants junior to set career highs in points and touchdown passes tomorrow. sera: planning for a major event in boston is in the works right now we're talking about grand prix boston. the idea is to bring indy-car racing to the streets of the seaport next year three days over labor day weekend. but can boston attract the projected 120,000 fans? >> we're not looking for one
5:37 am
specific demo that is a motor sports. you could actually come to this event for three days, not see a-track motor sports activity and still have a heck of a time. sera: and our political analysts break down the democrat's first presidential debate, watch o.t.r. this morning at 11:00 with ed harding and janet wu right here on channel 5. and volunteers stepping up to help a neighbor in need. frank: the request on social media that triggered some much needed support. >> women here behind bars in prison for addiction, not for committing a crime. mike: we are waking up to a winter chill. my timeline for a warmup, but what we will have to get through
5:38 am
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offering a deal on grad school undergraduates there. starting in 2016, the 25% discount will be available. it's officially called the "lifetime learning membership." it's designed to prepare families for the ever-changing the tuition break will apply to class taken on campus and online. volunteers were out in needham
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to a man in need. frank: angelo terrazzino is a leukemia survivor. but he's recently had some major setbacks preventing him from getting around his home safely. so his daughter took to social media to ask for assistance. the "random smile" project stepped up to the plate. volunteers showed up to help build a ramp to the back entrance of his home. >> right now it's very difficult. somebody has to go over and pick him up and carry him out of the house. we'll take that out of the equation. so at least he'll get out of the house now very easily and like i said hopefully he only needs this ramp for a couple of months and he'll be able to walk out in a couple months. right now this alleviates one problem they have to think about frank: the next phase of the project will be the addition of an indoor stair lift so that angelo can safely get to his bathroom and bedroom. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist mike wankum. sera: i have a lot of friends this weekend who went on hikes yesterday. it's that kind of weekend. mike: it's refreshing. sera: a good word.
5:42 am
mike: a nice way of putting it. frank: you speak for yourself. i was going to smile. i don't know if it's refreshing. mike: it's just 29 degrees right now. this is october. if it was december i could live with it a little bit better. a lot of you are headed to the head of the charles today. if you're headed down to the banks of the charles, i will tell you it's going to be a cool, breezy day. the first rowers don't take off until 8:00 this morning. there will be big crowds going on. over 400,000 expected at times over the weekend. wow. we'll see temperatures climbing off 45 degrees by 1:00. when the boats come down the into the 40's. those are very exciting but the wind is not conducive to the rowers. they don't like to have that. we'll keep an eye on what's going to be happening out there. happening out there. lawrence is dropping to 32. freezing mash. you're at 30 right now. look at these cold temperatures. fitchburg, orange, jaffrey, keene all into the 20's right now. it's a cold start to your morning. it is still relatively above the freezing mark down to the south. i'm surprised really that
5:43 am
taunton-norwood area which gets so cold would manage to stay above the freezing mark at this point. if we don't freeze today, we'll freeze in the overnight hours tonight because we have another shot of cold air coming in. it's 36 degrees. the winds are out of the northwest. there's that wind chill index. 28 degrees. you need a jacket out there this morning. clear skies right now but there are some clouds out here to the west. it does tell you that this afternoon as we saw yesterday afternoon we'll get those clouds to bubble up during the day. the timeline on this is 4:0 in the afternoon. you you see what happens. an occasional cloud or two. if you look really carefully you start to see a little bit of precipitation there. it is cold enough that there could be snow flurries with that. most of us won't see anything. just want to give you a heads up that that might be a possibility. tonight the skies clear away. it gets cold again out there. overnight tonight low temperatures will look like this. boston should drop below the freezing mark. again you'll see temperatures into the 20's. areas in worcester off to the west these are chilly for this time of year. more like december weather than anything else. how about today? today high temperatures will be
5:44 am
there is not going to be much variety. in worcester only 43 degrees for a high temperature today. it's going to get better though. by monday you're up to 47. by tuesday almost up to 60 degrees in worcester. most of the south shore today will be in the mid to upper 40's. bridgewater should be about 48 degrees today. and we'll warm up a little bit more on monday and really warm things up as we talk about tuesday's forecast. let me break it down for you in our seven-day forecast. you'll see what happens. today sunshine with those afternoon clouds in here. about 48 degrees. tomorrow as i mentioned it going to be a chilly start to the day. we'll call on average about' 28 degrees. again many of the readings dropping below freezing again tonight. so another cold one out there. we start to change things up. tuesday we start getting a breeze up out of the south. there will be a warming breeze for us. that's why the high temperature will climb up to 60 degrees. nice day coming our way tuesday. wednesday we have some showers which will start to come in but before those showers get here, we get into this mild weather pattern. then those showers start showing up on thursday. as they move in with two chans for rain.
5:45 am
one is during the morning. the second chance will come in during the afternoon. not a lot of rain and frankly we could use the rain but we do have that chance of seeing some showers in here on thursday. behind it by the way, slightly cooler temperatures move back into the forecast. we'll be seeing high temperatures into the upper 50's at this point. so that's amazingly cool weather we're talking about for your sunday and monday. we'll be warming things up really nicely by the middle of the week. frank: thanks a lot, mike. time right now is 5:47. checking some of the other stories happening right now. sera: olympian oscar pistorious is preparing to be released on parole a year after he was sentenced to five years for killing his girlfriend. the track star will be placed under house arrest tuesday in south africa. his release was delayed several times. prosecutors are appealing the culpable homicide verdict, arguing he should be found guilty of murder instead. his appeal will be heard in november. frank: residents in the philippines are braving the elements right now as super typhoon koppu makes landfall. thousands of people have been forced to evacuate.
5:46 am
the storm uprooted trees, knocked out power, and destroyed homes. officials say flooding and landslides are possible as the storm slowly moves out over the next couple of days. some residents in central texas are starting to return to their homes as firefighters gain more control of a masive wildfire. the hidden pines fire burned thousands of acres, destroying homes and businesses. officials say that fire is now about 50 percent contained and it has not spread. power is already being restored in some areas. no one has been injured since the fire started on tuesday. sera: el nino is bringing more a sea snake was found in ventura county. a surfer discovered the highly venomous creature washed up on shore. these snakes are not typically found along the california coast. the last time that happened was 1972. frank: women sent to prison even crime. it's a practice that some have called barbaric, one the baker administration says they want to stop. "5 investigates" karen anderson got exclusive access to expose
5:47 am
karen: women fighting addiction >> it makes your heart sick knowing that you can't get out of this room. karen: liz wasn't arrest and hadn't committed a crime. >> i want confused. i wanted to know why i was there. police. section 35 of a state law lets people with addictions be held if they're at risk of harm. police had found her passed out with prescription drugs nearby. liz says she doesn't have an addiction problem but is speaking out to help those who do. "5 investigates" got an exclusive look at where liz and many women end up when treatment beds aren't available. m.c.i. framingham, a prison. >> it was shocking. it was scary. it was very difficult situation. karen: after a short time in the prison's detox unit, she was sharing this area and the rec yard with accused criminals. >> that was very swim daight.
5:48 am
were awaiting trial for murder, for armed robbery, for many different crimes. karen: the women sleep in 8x12 foot cells like this. they have a sink and toilet, a desk, and they bunk up with other women who are also here for addiction. the women who can be committed for up to 90 days in prison don't have access to the inmate substance abuse program. hundreds of women have been housed in cells like this one. karen: the problem isn't new. 25 years ago newscenter 5's susan wornick revealed the horrors for adicked women in here series pun inment without a crime. >> i was locked up for 23 hours a day in a cage. i was chained. i was man akalled. i was searched like a felon. karen: back then state officials vowed to fix a problem and only used framingham as a last resort but' 5 investigates found more than 1,000 women were sent to this prison for substance abuse in the last five years.
5:49 am
karen: the a.c.l.u. filed this lawsuit claiming discrimination, harsh conditions, all while the women are barred from the treatment they need. >> this kind of approach is unconstitutional. it's also ineffective and it isn't saving lives. karen: we asked can the baker administration why addicted women are still being housed in prison. >> our goal is to actually end a longstanding practice of sending civilly committed women to m.c.i. framingham for trial. karen: what do you say to people who have heard this for years. >> there's no question this administration will end that practice. >> frustrating to think that so many people that need help are not getting the help that they need. karen: the administration has already started building new secure treatment beds in taunt often. we're told the governor plans to file a bill tomorrow that would eventually stop sending these civilly committed women to prison. karen anderson, "5
5:50 am
sera: taking the plunge. frank: the daring jump and why people were lining up to take it. only 34 degrees there. you might want to layer up if you're going for a run this morning. stay warm out there or just stay in and watch the "eyeopener." some of my competitors plan to reduce the use of antibiotics over the next few years. r but what are you having for dinner tonight? rtry perdue simply smart and harvestland . rtwo trusted perdue brands of chicken raised with
5:51 am
mike: we have a chilly morning out there this morning. temperatures in many spots have dropped below the freezing mark. some places are into the 20's.
5:52 am
boston is still holding above the freezing mark at this point. plymouth is also holding the temperature above freezing but not by much. it is a chilly, chilly start out there. we have the clear skies going on. notice some clouds out to the west. we may see some of those bubble up again this afternoon as we saw yesterday. it's going to be a sprinkle or flurry out of it. not looking for too much out of it. what i am looking forward to is a nice little warming trend. that will come in here on tuesday. a chilly night tonight. by tuesday we're up to 60. on wednesday and thursday even though we have a few rain showers we may actually be back up into the mid 60's, above average for this time of year. it feels good after the frost of this morning. frank? frank: thanks a lot, mike. taking the plunge. thousands of thrill-seekers in fayetteville, west virginia, having some fun yesterday. it's the one day of the of the year that's it's legal to jump off the new river gorge bridge. i didn't think it was parachuting off a bridge. base jumpers tested their nerves. that's 876 feet down to the river below. i just can't believe it. i'm afraid of height.
5:53 am
the bridge is the third-highest in the country. i would never ever ever do it. here's a better one. on the loose, police in stat onisland found themselves in a wild chase yesterday. sera: they were after this little guy, a one-year-old kangaroo belongs to a man from upstate new york who brought him down to show him off to a friend. the animal i a parentally he is camed through the gate of a neighbor's yard making a brief run for it. he didn't get very far. he was probably so scared too in the middle of statten island. buster's owner is not facing any charges. frank: that's the official cute animal video of the day right there. coming up, a mother due in court; her infant son in state custody. sera: the friend who believes tiffany was only doing what was best for her baby. the decision that triggered a two-state amber alert. a safety investigation at yale university. the worker killed on campus. frank: also a look at the beautiful skyline of boston. 34 degrees out there. we've been talking all morning. a chilly start to this sunday.
5:54 am
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