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tv   ABC World News  ABC  October 18, 2015 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight". fall freeze. early snow and bone-chilling temperatures. the freeze dipping down into the south. is the cold here for good? race for the white house. donald trump claiming he could have prevented the 9/11 terror attacks. and vice president joe biden telling supporters he has a plan to win. danger zone. a high school student collapsing during a game. he's the sixth football player to lose his life this season. are these kids playing too hard? stopping the attack. the army veteran who saved 16 children in this library from a man who barged in armed with knives. and, cliff diver. a mountain biker takes a nosedive off a cliff.
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terrifying moments. what's more amazing, how he got off the mountain. good evening. thanks for joining us on this sunday. i'm tom llamas. for much of the country tonight, a stark warning that winter is near. in northern new york state, inches so far. tomorrow, for millions, it's going to be a very cold rob marciano starting us off tonight. >> reporter: across upstate new york, a blast of winter bringing sangerous conditions along with more than 50 accidents in syracuse blamed in part on icy roads. up to nine inches of snow in and look at how fast the weather changed. just north of syracuse, this is what it looked like here last week, but today --
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thought it was christmas. >> reporter: enough for 3-year-old liannah ariola to build her first snowman. her mom telling us -- >> i have not seen this snow this early in a long time. >> reporter: that cold extending to michigan. temps in the mid-30s for these marathon runners in grand rapids. in northern michigan, nearly a half-foot of snow. and a fall wedding with a cold taste of winter. and in southern california, an early storm has valley residents cleaning up. >> very little we can recover. >> reporter: neighbors coming together. most do not have flood insurance. >> you've just got to think about what you can do this hour, this moment, this day and then move on from there. >> reporter: harsh conditions on both coasts. as far as southern california is concerned, el nino, they expect
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rest of the country this winter? >> not only in the southwest, but the southeast, too, will see more moisture. it will be cold enough for snow tomorrow. boston, 32, we haven't seen that this early in a long time. milder weather, the return comes tuesday. 60s and 70s. thunder on the road to the white house tonight. donald trump seeming to blame president bush for the 9/11 attacks. and joe biden revealing to some supporters, he has a plan to win. here's devin dwyer. >> reporter: a blame game over the nation's deadliest terror attack. donald trump saying he could
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have stopped the hijackers. >> if i were running things, i doubt those people would be in the country. >> reporter: a bold claim, says jeb bush. this new video mocking trump's ability to be commander-in-chief. >> he's an actor playing the role of a candidate for president. not boning up on the issues. >> reporter: angered by the statement that george w. bush is responsible for 9/11. >> i'm not blaming george bush. but i don't want jeb bush saying my brother kept us safe. >> reporter: meanwhile, joe biden nearing a decision on a 2016 campaign. the president of the firefighter's union saying they discussed a campaign strategy. tonight, biden is holed up in his new york city compound after speaking the other night. >> as my son beau used to say,
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>> reporter: his potential rivals are pushing forward on the campaign trail, and lampooned on "saturday night live." >> i own one pair of underwear. some of those others, they have three or four pairs. >> reporter: larry david stealing the show as bernie sanders. and clinton is about to testify before house republicans on the benghazi attacks. tom? >> devin, thank you. manhunt under way. and mexican officials say they're closing in on the notorious drug lord, el chapo. he was last seen on video on the day he escaped from prison this summer. they now say they've tracked him to the mountain where he's hiding, and they believe he's injured. >> reporter: tonight, mexican authorities confirming joaquin el chapo guzman barely escaped near the sinaloa mountains, where el chapo has his infamous cartel. the mexican government says the kingpin suffered "injuries to his leg and face" during that operation.
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residents in this village describing an all-out siege. this woman showing where she hid as bullets ripped through her home during a firefight. it's the closest law enforcement has apparently come to recapturing el chapo since his brazen prison break. media inside the altiplano maximum security prison. there's that surveillance camera. the surveillance camera, just released for the first time this chapo removing his ankle monitor. he disappears in the shower. he just ducks and goes right into that hole. all right, we're inside the el chapo tunnel. the freshly-dug one-mile-long tunnel. these are the stairs he uses to climb to freedom. and here it is. this is the house where he just walked into and disappeared. guzman's sinaloa cartel is believed to be responsible for thousands of deaths in this country.
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$5 million reward for information leading to the capture of the elusive el chapo. gio benitez, abc news, new york. turning to the middle east tonight. there are new physical barriers between ill israelis and palestinians. this 15-foot wall. a visible sign of the tensions between the two groups. here's alex marquardt. >> reporter: gunfire at a bus station in southern israel. an armed palestinian killing one israeli and injuring nearly a dozen others. it's the latest in two weeks of lone wolf attacks and growing clashes which israel accuses palestinian leaders of inciting. this has become a daily theme, almost, in the west bank. palestinians say it's motivated by israeli infringement at the holy al aqsa mosque and young
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anger erupting over israel's occupation. in jerusalem, the city that israel calls its undivided capital, tonight the divisions, physical and emotional, are growing between its residents. this wall went up just a short time ago here in this palestinian neighborhood, adding to the roadblocks that already surround it. measures the police tell us are necessary to stop the attacks, but ones that also fuel the palestinian frustration and anger. as israeli residents worry about the next attack, many palestinians now show their i.d.s to leave their neighborhoods. stop and frisk is on the rise. the violence also boiling over to biblical sites. joseph's tomb in the west bank, revered by jews, was torched by palestinians. with neither side taking steps to ease the tension here, secretary of state john kerry is now getting involved. due to meet this week with thursday and with the palestinian president a few days
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tom? >> alex, thank you. and back here in the states, a colorful festival turning into a nightmare in the blink of an eye with bullets flying. one person dead and five are wounded. tonight, with the gunman still at large, witnesses are urged to step forward. phillip mena has the latest. >> reporter: chaos in the streets of downtown ft. myers, florida. thousands of people running for cover saturday night after gunfire rings out at the annual zombicon festival. >> four or five shots at the same time. >> be advised, everybody's running down broadway, everybody's running. >> reporter: the ghoulish costumes, complete with fake blood, only adding to the confusion. >> we didn't know if it was real or fake, so we kind of ran and were like, was that real? when we went back, people were screaming, no, it was fake. >> reporter: five people injured in the shooting. one man shot dead. >> he was laying on the ground
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>> reporter: 20-year-old tyrell taylor, a football player at a local junior college, killed. tonight, investigators searching for his killer are also hoping the public can provide more clues. phillip mena, abc news, new york. out of texas tonight, a story we're reporting more and more lately. another friday night lights tragedy. a high school football player, collapsing during a game. cameron matthews, the latest to lose his life. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: in tribute and in grief, classmates and teammates circled the football field where matthews collapsed. moments after telling the coach he didn't feel right. he was airlifted to a nearby hospital. he died the next day. >> so many people gathering here, it's very fitting, at the football stadium, where he spent so much of his time. >> reporter: just weeks into the football season, matthews is the sixth player to die.
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his death is football related. since 2005, the deaths of 36 football players have been attributed to on the field injuries. two weeks ago, 17-year-old kenny bui died days after sustaining a head injury in a game in seattle. an autopsy concluded he died of blunt force trauma. catastrophic head injuries occur much more frequently at the high school level. one theory why -- few high schools have the sideline medical staff that college and pro teams do. >> they're still not getting the same medical care that the average college player is getting. >> reporter: with two more months of high school football, tonight the concern -- the likelihood there will be more injury. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. police in sacramento are looking for the suspects that attacked french train hero spencer stone. he was stabbed several times and
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the assailants escaped in a car. stone was released from the hospital on thursday. and the government could release new rules about drones. word is everybody would have to register them. including the hundreds of thousands of shoppers expected to buy one this holiday season. aditi roy on what's behind the move and what you should expect. >> reporter: tonight, the faa is set to unveil new rules for the drone owners across the country requiring those operating the gadgets to register their devices. the registry, just the latest move to regulate an exploding market in unmanned aircraft. some of those drones posing real danger in the air and on the ground. and we'll lose an airplane. >> reporter: from close calls with commercial jets, to whizzing drones forcing no-fly the rest of us on the ground, on guard too.
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in new york and california. hitting children on the ground. an estimated 500,000 drones already in the air and now those skies are about to get a whole lot buzzier. another 750,000 drones are expected to be sold this christmas. those new rules on drones could be in place by christmas. details of part of the government plan will be announced tomorrow. tom? >> thank you. we have much more ahead on "world news tonight." up next, the 75-year-old army vet that saved the lives of 16 terrified children inside a public library. what he's telling us about how he stopped massacre. and the little pink pill that some women are saying changed their lives and saved their marriages. turns romantic why pause to take a pill?
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settings for a knife attack. inside a public library. during a children's chess class. but luckily, the instructor was no ordinary teacher. a retired army veteran that had 50 years ago. >> units to the library. >> reporter: in a public library in illinois, a violent attack. a man wielding at least two hunting knives. >> he has knives. he has cut another person. >> reporter: 19-year-old dustin brown allegedly burst in some people. that's when he met his match. >> good morning. vernon was teaching a chess class. >> i thought it was a really bad halloween prank. this is the real thing. >> reporter: he put himself and 16 kids.
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>> they got up and ran out. just like little mice going down the hole, they were gone. >> reporter: the children, ages 7 to 13, all escaped unharmed. mom sandy rossi got out, too. >> the kids were definitely i was very afraid too. alone. then the attacker turned on him. attempted murder. he was already facing 22 counts of child pornography. >> i thought maybe i could persuade him just to give up the whole idea. that wasn't to be. >> reporter: vernon's hand was slashed, but he's expected to make a full recovery. today at church, he was greeted as a hero. david wright, abc news, new york. >> one tough teacher. we thank david for that report. still ahead on "world news tonight," big news from a galaxy
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worst prognosis a doctor could ever give parents. a nung mother and father told their child was not expected to survive. but a second opinion turned it all around. here's john donvan. >> reporter: what a reversal of fortune. and she's still only ten weeks old. > i'm thinking that i love this little girl. >> reporter: abigail jones, born with a tumor in her brain. she was born. just as they also knew she would have down syndrome. >> they felt like that the tumor was malignant. that it was cancerous. it was huge. >> reporter: when her parents were advised that surgery was too risky, they took her home, loved her, took pictures, and waited for the inevitable. >> we didn't even set up a nursery or buy anything past newborn and three months clothes. >> reporter: but the expected downturn? it didn't happen. the pictures show it. abigail these past two months was eating, growing, thriving, and then a doctor contacted at boston's children's hospital offered a different opinion. >> he said we shouldn't give her a death sentence right now.
6:58 pm
>> reporter: instead, they decided to go for an operation in boston, only ten days ago. >> the doctor came out and told us that he got the tumor out and they did not think it was malignant and he did not think it was going to come back. >> reporter: the future looked entirely different. >> that's the best feeling there is, to make funeral arrangements and then to call them back and say, we're not going to need you anymore. >> reporter: and those two parents looked at their baby knowing she had tomorrow back. >> we have a newborn two-month-old. >> yeah. >> reporter: john donvan, abc news, boston. >> we thank john for that story. g.m.a. first thing in the morning. david muir is back here tomorrow night. i'm tom llamas in new york. have a great evening.
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