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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  WCVB  November 16, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00 starts right now. heather: kate hudson' s health battle new clues in the hunt for the paris terror suspects. ed: and new controversy. >> i am not interested. into massachusetts. harvey: how much colder it will be an timing some rain for later in the week. ed: a beverly man is accused of trying to kill his estate -- his estranged wife in her home be heather: john atwater is life for us. john: tonight, that woman has life-threatening injuries. i spoke with her sister. she is obviously shaken. she is at her sister' s bedside in the hospital right now. there is a large police presence here at the house as detectives try to uncover what led up to
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investigators say 45-year-old axel scherer came to this home to try to kill his estranged wife, strangling her inside. neighbors heard nothing, but late this afternoon, they saw teams of detectives swarming the house inside and out. >> we saw the paramedics run upstairs and then they came downstairs and they had someone on the stretcher. john: the woman was rushed to the hospital with critical injuries. neighbors say they have two young children. they were not home at the time. >> there was a whole living room full of police officers. they were kind of scrambling around. john: police spent hours at the home as they investigate and try to uncover a motive, which they are not revealing. they are charging axel scherer with attempted murder and strength relation to john: -- and strangulation.
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ed: a patriots star is revealing and off the field struggle. his baby boy' s battle with cancer. mike lynch is life. mike: hudson solder, the infant son of nate solder, has kidney cancer. he made the announcement tonight was speaking at a dollar -- g ala. a tumor was found on his kidney and he has artie begun chemotherapy. he' s only four months old. , was diagnosed with testicular cancer. he was treated and played in beating cancer. solar -- solder tore a bicep muscle earlier in the season. this was tweeted out earlier. t it just melt your heart to look at him? there he is right there, hudson solder.
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we send all of our thoughts to nate solder, hudson, and we will see you in sports. ed: we turn our attention to the paris terror attacks. the manhunt is intensified for our planet. the suspect is now on the run. heather: security is being ghosted at home as isis warns be the next target. some u.s. senators are looking to close the doors to syrian refugees, fearing isis killers could be hiding among them. ed: massachusetts and new hampshire are two of those states. jor ge is live at the statehouse tonight. jorge: syrians coming to the united states must meet a strict criteria for refugee status. only 150 have resettled since the civil war began. half of them are children. >> people like us , we live, we
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worked, we were very happy over there. we never thought of leaving syria. jorge: she and her husband, their kids, the family left war-torn syria in 2012, getting to the u.s. was not easy. >> there are no refugees entering the u.s. without going through the long process of the background check that takes up to two years. jorge: news that one of the attackers had a syrian passport has other states putting on the brakes to programs allowing syrians to resettle in the u.s. >> i am not interested in i would need to know a lot more than i know now the or i can agree to do anything. jorge: advocates say the ones coming to the united states have to be vetted by the fbi and homeland security. only a tiny fraction get in. >> the republic has a right to know what the process will be. jorge: they say shutting the door on people like them is
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exactly what isis wants. >> those communities do not really know who are syrians, what they can do. they will not kill you. they will be people who can really contribute to their communities. jorge: u.s. state department says even if a state like syrian refugees, it really cannot reject them because once a refugee gets legal status in the united eights, they have the freedom to move anywhere they want. ed: france is declaring war on isis and the hunt for a suspect is going beyond that country' s borders. heather: phil with where this investigation is turning. phil: it is all over the map. tonight, there are raids and arrests to tell you about. we have a clearer picture of the horror of that night. the alleged eighth attacker on
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which investigators call a breeding ground for terrorism, police moved in, blocked off streets, surrounded an apartment faces. gone. his brother was also detained and later released, saying he had no idea that both of his brothers, one who died in the said. horrifying video as the gunman began shooting inside the concert hall. now these pictures of the moments just before life in paris changed forever. smiling faces, hands in the air, enjoying the music. she took the pictures on her phone and then it in a closet for three hours. -- hid in a closet for three hours. >> people were running and screaming, gunfire.
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phil: a massive anti-terror crackdown in france. 150 raids in all. 31 reference -- weapons found, collision of cause, bullet-proof vest, even a rocket launcher. 104 people on house arrest across france. now we learned there were 19 different nationalities among the dead. the french military carry out retaliatory strikes tonight against isis in syria while the world continues to grieve. heather: a new isis video is making a direct threat on the united states. several terrorists are positioned in front of a truck saying that, as france was attacked, so will be washington, d.c. city leaders say they are ready. >> we are always at a heightened level of security because of our locale. heather: the new video says any country that participates in airstrikes against syria will be attacked.
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touching down in the state of kansas. they have done some minor damage, but the question is, how serious are they going to be? direction? harvey: we do not have to worry about that. there is still a tornado watch in effect for kansas, oklahoma, and texas until 2:00 a.m. let' s show you that behind me. while we show you how chilly it is becoming in our area. the temperatures are dropping. earlier today, it was relatively mild. it will be a lot colder when you wake up tomorrow morning. we are already in the 30' s. 41 now in boston, taunton and plymouth. a chilly northerly wind is taking over and the skies are clear. as you head out tomorrow morning, there are going to be 20' s around lawrence, nashua, boston close to the freezing mark. be prepared for it
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to be a lot chillier tomorrow morning then it was this past morning. we will have full sun tomorrow, but with a cool air mass, it will be 40' s in the afternoon. heather: more than a dozen weapons are somewhere out there after a nighttime heist at an army reserve facility. we are getting new details about how those eaves -- the ives pulled it off. mary is live in worcester with what we have learned. mary: this was a well-orchestrated breakin. more than a dozen firearms missing, including assault rifles. a break-in at the army reserves center, well-planned and brazenly carried out. a thief broke into the alarmed building through the roof. once inside, they cut a hole in the top of the weapons fall. through a structure made with reinforced steel and concrete. they got away with extreme weapons, six assault rifles and 10 nine millimeter handguns.
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the break-in first came to light when an employee spotted smoke coming from the building early sunday morning and called 911. the worcester city manager says investigators are searching for one unidentified man. federal investigators say the break-in does not appear to be tied to terrorism. state and local officials call it cause for serious concern. >> i am just concerned about the fact that these high caliber weapons were stolen from a military facility in the first place. >> whether our job is local or something bigger than that, the timing of this, a difficult time particularly in light of what happened in paris. mary: a burglary of this kind is the first for the army' s 5000 standalone armories. they have been working on procedures to make them more secure since july. when a man opened fire on a reserve center in chattanooga, killing four marines and a navy sailor. sources tell us there are strict protocols as to how and where
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these weapons are stored. there are injured detection systems to protect them. what is not clear is what went wrong. ed: fantasy sports websites draftkings and fanduel have lost the legal route in their attempt to stay in business in the state of new york. those two sites were denied a temporary restraining order that they try to get against new york' s attorney general. he would that they engage in illegal gambling and told them to stop taking action. tonight, a draftkings spokesman said the fight will stay in the game in new york until a court hearing scheduled for next week. heather: the hunt for the black boxes on the doomed el faro cargo ship has come up empty. the ntsb says it cannot find the damaged recorder and will stop searching for the wreckage of the ship. the ship that trapped in hurricane joaquin and lost engine power. the people from massachusetts were among the 33 who died.
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danvers high school teacher will face fertility tomorrow. phillip chism was charged with the murder of 24-year-old colleen ritzer. the method teachers mom is scheduled to take the stand at the trial. prosecutors say that he planned the attack and knew exactly what he was doing. the defense admits he killed her, but claims he was mentally ill. a police officer says he was unfazed shortly after his arrest. >> he appeared to be staring off in the distance. >> would you characterize him as dazed? >> he was not understanding. not guilty to murder, rape, and robbery in the 2013 attack. unsanitary, infested. 5 investigates safety concerns. ed: why coffee drinkers are living longer than everyone else every day to do the trick.
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harvey: cold air moving in. just how chilly it will be when you head off to school and work tomorrow. people are sick and tired of establishment politics,
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ed: it is a place many homeless veterans turn to for much-needed services. heather: as kathy curran tells us, some veterans believe that the center is leaving our soldiers behind the -- behind. what you will find some of the most vulnerable men and women who served our country' s taking shelter at the new england center for homeless veterans. where they promise them a safe, warm place to stay. >> none of that has come through. >> bedbug infestation. >> we took a look at city records from the past 2.5 years.
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boston police for reports including illegal drugs, assault, and illegal firearms. more than 400 emergency medical calls last year. other records show the center is infested with bedbugs. there are roaches in the kitchen, rats in the basement, and mice. steve kelly is an army veteran who has been renting a room here for four years. >> many veterans really need help and do not go there because the conditions are so bad. the general condition of our living areas, certainly not luxurious. they are not palatial, but they meet standards of sanitation. of the center that offers more than just shelter to veterans, including employment assistance and substance abuse counseling. >> some veterans are saying that they do not even want to come in place they have to go. >> we are very concerned about the services, the living conditions, and the support that
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we can provide veterans. >> it is a constant struggle. >> this veteran says that bugs have left scars all over his arms and legs. he did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation. other veterans we spoke with said video and photos showing a cockroach climbing the wall and dirty, ripped mattresses. lets these men and women put their lives on the line for america for freedom. the living conditions that they are in right now. >> we discovered 32 men who live registered sex offenders. considered the most likely to reoffend. s signature $250 a plate gala. just part of the millions in donations and grants pouring in each year. million renovation. the project will modernize the
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century-old voting and create an additional 35 apartments for veterans in need. >> veterans lived here for as long as it is necessary for us to help them get into permanent, independent living. >> this is where hundreds of homeless veterans sleep at night and here is where they will be staying in the future. >> did you really have to sacrifice us for it? >> as far as the constant bedbug issue, the center plans to buy bedbug-resistant mattresses to help with the problem. the renovation is supposed to be completed in about a year. heather: so drink coffee, live longer. guess what? here is a nice hard. no caffeine required. a new harvard study links daily java consumption to a lower risk of death. the same results were similar for both caffeine and decaffeinated coffee drinkers.
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no more than five cups of coffee a day. ed: did you say five? i would be like this. heather: i have had up to three harvey: i am one of the rare people who is not a coffee juncker, but i think i should change my mind. heather: maybe. harvey: the skies are clear around the region. it gives me a chance to remind you over what is going on over the next couple of nice. it is a meteor shower. it is going to be overnight tuesday night, early wednesday morning. the skies should be clear. 2001 was a great show. this year, expecting about 10-15 per hour. if you see a shooting star, do not be shocked. it is the latest meteor shower. look at the high temperatures. isn' t it a nice day? we have chilled white a bit since then. so far, this month has only had two days with a high temperature below average. for the month, almost seven
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boston is cooling off steadily tonight. we are down to 41. we have dropped 20 from the daytime high. that is a chilly direction coming from the north. indeed, it has already dropped into the 30' s. almost down to freezing in concord, new hampshire. boston will be close to the freezing mark. although it was comparatively mild, keep in mind, it will be a lot chillier tomorrow morning. during the day tomorrow, high temperatures will not be anywhere near what they were today. still, and ok late november day with a lot of sunshine and the wind will not be too strong. this is the cold front that has come through in the last number of hours. it settles farther to the south overnight, allowing cool, high pressure to build in our direction. in texas tomorrow and wednesday. eventually, that system out in the plains states and midwest will move eastward and does promise to give us what weather, which could arrive later
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appreciable rain is likely with that system. here is a look at a lot of sunshine for you tomorrow. and lots of sunshine on wednesday. high clouds started to come in from the west. eventually, low house will come in from the ocean and then we will start to see the rain approach. thursday morning, most likely dry in most areas. thursday evening, the commute could be wet. here is some of the heavy rain to come through thursday night into friday. that is the timing that we are looking at so far. so there you go. bright, beautiful, but chris day tomorrow. more sunshine on wednesday, turning cloudy on thursday with the rain later or at night. friday, we continue with the rain for at least part of the day. how much rain could we get? looking at one model, and inch plus is very possible between late thursday and into friday. as for the weekend, it looks like it is going to be a chillier weekend. there could be some snow flurries on sunday. perhaps in the higher elevations. that is an indication of the
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chillier temperatures that will be back. november day coming up tomorrow. heather: we will take it. ed: he promises. we will take it. heather: dunkin's new sweet black pepper with double the slices of caramelized crispy pepper bacon. it's the bacon experience you've been waiting for. bacon up.
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catch holiday-cookie cheer on the tip of your tongue with dunkin' donuts' holiday- cookie-flavored coffees, lattes, and macchiatos. enjoy every sip of the new snickerdoodle macchiato. mike: the bruins are making the lists and checking them twice. get it? checking, hockey term. ok, whatever. the team arrived at target for the annual holiday shopping trip. area kids in boston hospitals. heather: you are so letter. once again be free at a mall in new jersey. i know you are saying, it is always free, right?
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parents complained about the $35-50 for the adventure to santa fee. year. ed: i was going to fact that the patriots are going to be the only undefeated team. but what you said at the beginning of the news, that young man, the most adorable little boy. mike: we will have to show it again in sports. nothing but great thoughts for him. julian edelman is in the back of our minds, too. he is going to be ok. we are pulling for hudson solder.
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>> now, "sportscenter 5" with mike lynch. mike: as we told you at the top of the show, hudson, the son of nate solder, has kidney cancer. sol der made the announcement today while giving an emotional speed. a tumor was found on hudson' s kidney. he has already begun chemotherapy treatment. this picture was tweeted out by nate solder tonight. is your heart just melting looking at this little guy? four months old, he looks so healthy and strong. he is in good hands right now. you know his dad had testicular cancer a year ago. he beat it and we are wishing the same for hudson. #hudsonstrong if you want to follow his progress on twitter. julian edelman had surgery on his foot and they told people
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with edelman, six weeks is doable and realistic. it really want him back in six weeks. check out the calendar. six weeks from now, december 27, the patriots play the jets. the following week, they play in miami. they will probably have secured a bye by then. eight weeks would be the bye week. the ninth week would be the first time the patriots would appear in the playoffs should they get a bye. that appeared likely now. this tweet tonight from julian edelman. "tough times do not last, what tough people do." moving forward, tom brady, what is next? >> i have chemistry with guys on our roster, whether it is danny, joe has been a great player for us, there are still plenty of guys that i have a lot of confidence in. we are to work hard this week to figure out what each and everyone'
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our office and see if we can find a way to move the ball and score some points. the clock has started on next week. we have the bills coming to town. it is a lot of work today. we' re going to put the giants behind us and turn our attention to the bills, who are hot. mike: that game is on channel 5. our pregame show kicks off at 8:30 and all of it is right here. the patriots are the only undefeated team in the afc because one touchdown scored tonight by that guy, deandre hawkins of the houston texans and houston beats the cincinnati bengals in a game completed just moments ago. meanwhile, down in houston, the celtics against kevin mchale' s rockets. they got 23 from isaiah thomas and 21 from avery bradley. the celtics blow it open with a 32-13 run. they win 111-95.
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the rockets have lost four in a row. there you go. a jampacked sports night. all the best for hudson solder. heather: looks like a tough little kid. great smile. ed: it just melt your face. heather: it does. feeling for what the family has gone through.
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