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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  November 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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national captioning institute, caption content and accuracy. visit] ed: right now millions of thanksgiving holiday. just this week the fbi and homeland security warned of the to the one in paris. jc: tonight president obama is assuring the public there is no credible threat here in the u.s. the president addressed the nation after meeting his top security advisers saying americans should not let their fears keep them from flying, shopping or going out in public. ed: in the fight against isis, french lawmakers have voted to continue airstrikes against the terror group in syria beyond france upped their attacks following the paris attack that killed 130 people. jc: after meeting with french president francoise hollande today, german chancellor angela merkle vowed her country will do everything it can to prevent future isis attacks. germany currently provides weapons and training for kurds fighting against isis in iraq. here at home, law enforcement are on alert. ed: security has been stepped up at logan airport. newscenter 5' s pam cross is live at logan tonight, pam? pam: some of the people equipped
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to prevent attacks the president talked about are walking these corridors and it' s not just logan, we found extra security elsewhere as well. this is about what you' d expect on the day before thanksgiving, big crowds at south station headed home. add the threat of terror and you add officers and a sense of watchfulness. everywhere, officials are saying there is no need to worry, but they are vigilent. it starts at the top. president obama: as americans travel this week and with their loved ones, i want them to know that our counterterrorism, intelligence, and law enforcement professionals at every level are working overtime. pam: at logan airport, state troopers carry visible weapons and have the k-9 units working out. travelers reminded again to travel light, come prepared to wait and stay alert. preparation is a message law
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to teach. after the marathon bombing, boston police conducted dozens of trainings with schools, hotels and others in case of a terror action. >> everyone should enjoy their thanksgiving and go about their business. pam: two weeks after the paris attacks 47 million americans hit the roads, rails and air, some nervous, but they' re all moving. pam cross, wcvb newscenter 5. >> live sky5 is in the air. in both directions, traffic moving normally. quite different from the way it was yesterday. >> it certainly is. tuesday is the new wednesday before thanksgiving. we are starting to see some delays, especially route one northbound. i guess you can say its normal delays.
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let' s go to the maps, not too bad further north, looking pretty good here leaving the city, getting past 128. a little busy on 128. we do have a crash on 495 north. a good amount of volume on the masspike, but it has eased down in the last hour here. a little bit heavier after 495 and on towards route 84. 495 to 84 will take you close to one hour. south of town, the expressway. altogether, boston to braintree about 22 minutes. more delays getting up towards route 24. a couple of break likes -- brake lights getting down to 24. a little heavier through the foxboro stretch getting down through 495.
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jc? in needham, another chilly day in our future. harvey has the thanksgiving forecast. harvey: we could see it coming if we looked at the middle of look at this wedge of warmth. certainly early this morning, 30 in boston. light and we are back down to the freezing mark in orange. 20' s overnight tonight at boston temperatures will not fall that there through the overnight period. in terms of the outlying areas, s it will warm up fairly quickly tomorrow. starting, most areas will be in s. we have the clear
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skies comments out over the northwestern part of the country, some snow going on, we will a you know about the changes that will occur here in the latter part of the holiday weekend. ed: tonight we are learning more about the person killed in that car accident tuesday at a natick shopping center. newscenter 5' s reid lamberty is live in natick tonight, reid? reid: a 73-year-old grandfather of five who would routinely visit this shop along with his good friend. yesterday the pair walk out of that shop together and met a terrible fate. despite their profound grief, the family of ken mcdonald says they will celebrate thanksgiving dinner. 73-year-old mcdonald died yesterday from his injuries after an out-of-control car hit him in the parking lot of the shopping center in natick. sharon witnessed it all. she was only steps away from being hit herself. >> it was going at a high-speed
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reid: witnesses say the car jumped the curve and hit three men walking out of the shop were fatal. two other men suffered critical injuries. we have learned the driver of the white buick is in the late 80' s. -- in his late 80' s. his father, a vietnam that, would often visit this tool store with his good friend who serious injuries. as bad as it was, sharom lam had the driver continued straight and not which the car against the building. >> it was busy here yesterday. coat factory. reid: natick and police still s crash. be filed.
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ed: the search is on for a police officer. the officer was working at detail when he was hit. jc: sky 5 over sharon this afternoon, flames sparked inside a two-car garage on may street. investigators believe the fire was accidental, possibly caused by some type of cans being stored. no one was hurt. children' s hospital over a popular garden. the acclaimed hospital is planning to construct a $1.5 billion clinical building. the problem, it' s planned for the half acre prouty garden. the well known garden is an enclosed green space and some patients and staff have protested the loss. the hospital says the clinical space is essential and there will be a new rooftop garden. critics call it short sighted. >> at best, it' s going to salt our space problem for 10 or 20
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years at most and then we will be right back where we started, only theprouty garden will be gone forever. jc: he' s one of 70 clinicians who oppose the demolition. plans for the 11 story building have been in the works since 2012. ed: the judge plans to rule whether daily fantasy sports are legal in the state of new york. dozens of lawyers packed a courtroom involving fan duel and draft kings. the new york attorney general wants to shut those sites down immediately, calling them illegal gambling operations. patriots and broncos meet in a highly anticipated primetime showdown sunday night, but there is one very familiar face who won' t be there when tom brady and company take the field. >> is the first time in a while tom brady will play against a team with peyton manning out of uniform. manning had a walking boot with a torn plantar fascia. danny
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amendola walking gingerly but better than people anticipated when he left the field sunday night. meanwhile, brady, manning, night. >> i haven' t thought about it s a lot of work preparing for this defense. you' re right, t play ball, there' s no way that has more respect for peyton than me, his brother' s accomplished, it' s me. >> coming up at 6:00, what thanksgiving means to one patriot and more. jc: police in chicago expecting more protests after the release of this video showing an officer fatally shooting a black teen. ed: tonight a new demand from protesters, who say justice took too long in this case. jc: investigators hoping you can identify this man. the thousands of dollars in merchandise he' s accused of just
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ed: u.s. military officials say the deadly attack on a hospital human error. more than two dozen civilians were killed when the hospital was mistaken for a taliban compound in october. some american soldiers and airmen have now been suspended and will likely face disciplinary action that could include criminal charges. ed: activists are calling for an independent review after they say it took too long to bring charges in the shooting of an unarmed black teen by a chicago police officer. hundreds took to the streets
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released showing the police shooting of an unarmed black teen. the shooting took place more than a year ago but only now has the officer been charged with murder and the surveillance video released. community leaders want answers and accountability. >> it is unfathomable and acceptable -- unacceptable that it would take a year when all the facts in the case were known the night that it happened. ed: protesters are planning a black friday demonstration along chicago' s magnificent mile. jc: the search continues tonight for the person who left a newborn baby inside the manger at a new york city christmas nativity scene. a church custodian found the newborn, with his umbilical cord still attached monday. the abandoned baby was wrapped in towels inside the holy child of jesus church in queens.
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the baby believed to be only 4 to 5 hours old was taken to a nearby hospital. he is said to be in good condition. a parish family has already come forward, hoping to adopt the child. police in several new hampshire communities are looking for this man. he' s accused of stealing 100 cans of baby formula this past weekend from walmart. investigators say he hit the the store in tilton two different times. the formula is worth more than $2000. anyone who may recognize him is asked to contact police. >> take a look at the full moon. sky 5 is getting this picture for us now. it' fact that we have darkness. you can see detail their. >> they call that the full beaver moon. you remember the show to beaver." >> is that jerry mathers? >> the days have been pretty decent. >> 52 in detroit.
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-- detroit had a big snowstorm. not here yet, but here is some good news. travel delays, not much in terms of air travel around our area or around the country. there really isn' t too much nasty weather around the country. there was a little patch of snow, one area you see parts of idaho here, and northern portions of nevada and northern portions of utah. there' s a little storm spinning out here and a little bit north most of the country is high and thanksgiving. this morning was another cold places like jeffrey and pittsburgh. boston' s lo w w was 30. that night with the clear skies and dry air and light winds, it is not it is cold as outlying areas.
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once more the skies are clear. the air is still pretty dry, and here we go. suburbs dropping quickly. it' s going to be only a slight drop tonight because the temperatures 42 and the breezes off the water. the water temperature is still in the upper 40' s. it will not get too much colder in boston tonight. elsewhere, it' s already below freezing in jaffrey. some cold spots will get into the 20' s and low 30' s. we have a nice bounce back coming back tomorrow. tomorrow morning starting out around 7:00 or 8:00 as you start thinking about heading to the boston is already around 40 degrees, and those cold spots should see the temperatures moderate by the time the games are starting. as middle of the country. detroit, s, almost 60 degrees.
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even more of it come friday. here are the high temperatures to expect tomorrow. pretty balmy for thanksgiving day. as we go out in time, because the windsor from the southeast and south, a little off the water, some low clouds may for later tonight into tomorrow morning. they may then break up at times it still might be somewhat persistent in some areas. even if you' re in an area [no audio]
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>> we had some technical difficulties in the middle of the forecast. i' m back to let you know there is one part of the weekend that may have wet weather. saturday morning some showers could come through the area. if you' re down your the south coast and the cape, there could be wet weather lingering in the afternoon, some clouds in boston, and sending clouds off to the north.
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here is the next seven days overall. again, it' s going to be in the 40' s by the time the high school football games are kicking off. 50' s lunchtime and afternoon and driving home in the evening back in the 40' s. pretty mild stuff. if you' re thinking of doing some shopping in the predawn hours of friday, he will be unusually mild. look at that high, predicting 62 on friday. that' s pretty mild stuff. we mentioned a period of rain could come in on saturday. after that, temperatures are no rmal. it looks like there will be a rain event around to stay afternoon, tuesday night. it looks like there will be rain. no signs of a significant snowstorm, at least not in that seven-day period. jc: jc: emmy award-winning soap opera actor david canary has died. he played twins adam and stuart chandler on abc' s all my children for decades. the 77-year-old died of natural causes earlier this week in his
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connecticut home. [inaudible] >> raised concerns about misleading testing reports on airbags for decades, according to "the wall street journal." the paper reports that workers believe that people had information that led to massive recalls over airbag explosions. the problem has led to the recall of more than 19 vehicles in the united states r . jc: thanksgiving upon us. nearly half of the estimated 136 million shoppers are expected to do it online. we have some of the best deals and some new shopping tools. jc: reporter: it' season of the year. some shoppers were lining up early this week. this year you may not need to leave home to get them. here is abc' s rebecca jarvis with the author of "bargain fever."
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are matching their in-store deals with online promotions so you don' t have to worry about going to the store and finding that elusive deal. a reporter: adobe coach the numbers on 55 million products and found the best days to shop online for jewelry, shop thanksgiving day. for electronics, thanksgiving and black friday. for clothes, thanksgiving and the days following cyber monday. and for toys, get clicking next monday. consumer savings expert said use an online shopping tool like shop genius or invisible hand. they run in the background and alert you before you purchase if retailer. in general,' tis the season for the deepest discounts and tech, through black friday. re planning to hit the stores, you can load apps like shop sebi -- shop savvy and red laser on your phone.
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to go shopping with. jc: it really is. you know the term potus. ed: my favorite one is flotus. obama announced a new term, totus. it stands for turkey of the united states, and just a short time ago, a pair of gobblers named honest and abe got official thanksgiving pardons. president obama: it' s hard to believe this is my seventh year of pardoning a turkey. time flies, even it turkeys don' t. ed: oh, look, the turkey interrupted the president. i love his daughters ignore his jokes. two
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turkeys were pardoned. one got to appear on camera. both birds will live out their days at a nearby farm. jc: abe is the totus, whereas honor is the totus in waiting. he said if abe cannot fulfill his duties, honest abe will step in -- honor will step in. ed: next, the health that if it' s a dog has to offer. tens of thousands of dollars in stolen and counterfeit items found on the shelves of a boston
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>> our respect and gratitude goes to those on the front lines of national security, who have kept us remarkably safe at home. more thoughtful people have entered into the heated national discussion on refugees hoping to
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some of the more extreme voices on both sides of this issue are being challenged. we celebrate the innovators that commonwealth a true player in the global economy. we are equally grateful that we live in a city that views nonprofit work as a vocation and true civic responsibility in support of the community. local food banks are a powerful force all year, but especially this week. [indiscernible] that is complement it by a network of top-notch community health centers that fill the gap in coverage for so many. new england sports fans are always blessed, and we offer a thank you toast to david ortiz. big papi' s announced retirement gives us plenty of time to honor his leadership on the field and off, especially when in the wake of the marathon bombing, his colorful vocabulary set the tone for boston strong. the new england patriots may not
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beloved elsewhere, but here at home they continue to be world-class and we love that. and from anyone here at wcvb to you and your families, our very best for a happy thanksgiving. >> s news leader, 5:30. ed: airports are busy as millions are in travel mode. security is tight days after the paris terror attacks. threat in the united states. jc: that officer was directing traffic on franklin street. >> second live look over boston, everything looks pleasant. it might be a chilly night out there. jc: kevin brennan has been moderating the day before thanksgiving -- monitoring the day poor things giving traffic. kevin: today the stragglers,
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