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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  November 27, 2015 4:30am-5:00am EST

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randy: good morning to you. it is friday, november 27. i' m randy price. emily: i' m emily riemer. here are the stories we' re following on the eye right now. the black friday frenzy is underway in framingham. randy: security tight. the measures in place at this hour to make sure that shoppers are safe. emily: caught in the crossfire. cindy this year with a check of the forecast. cindy: it is so mild out there. right around 50 degrees right
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a lot of the suburbs at 50 degrees for the overnight. we do have a fair amount of clouds out there. the fog will be locally dense until 7:00, maybe 8:00. we have southwesterly winds which is pushing in very mild air. we' re starting out here if the. sunrise today at 6:49. we' re jumping into the lower 60' s this afternoon. 64 in morrisville. mild today but changes are coming. a cooldown over the upcoming weekend. we say good morning to jeff. jeff: good morning. we are dealing with a very nice
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not too many people are working. the roads might be a little slippery. most of the traffic be around the halls a shopping area. looking over at the leverett connector. no rush hour this morning. enjoy the ride. randy: thank you. a former police officer is now dead. police were called to bryan s home around 3:30 yesterday morning. the 24-year-old was indicted last week on charges stemming from a false bomb threat at millis high school the same day he allegedly staged a shootout with a non-existent driver. police say there are no signs of foul play. emily: the man see here jumping charges. the secret service says joseph caputo got onto the north lawn wrapped in an american flag.
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the secret service cannot say where he is from. asians are looking into how he got over new spikes on the fence. president obama was inside celebrating thanksgiving at the time, but agents say nobody was ever in danger. randy: russian president vladimir putin says he' s ready to cooperate with the u.s.-led coalition battling isis two weeks after the paris attacks. putin made the comment after a visit with french president francois hollande in moscow. but putin is also standing firm, saying syria must decide the future of its president bashar al assad. the united states and france say assad must go. right now extra steps are being taken to make sure your shopping experience is a safe one. this is video from the wrentham outlets where you will see an increased police presence. it is one of the shopping square you will see increased security this morning. emily: the eyeopener' s frank
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holland is there with why police say this specific spot needs that extra enforcement. frank: shoppers are being greeted by bargains but also heavily armed police and bomb-sniffing dogs patrolling the mall. it' s just part of the increased security measures this year following the terror activity overseas. police say the wrentham outlets carry a unique risk compared to other malls because it' s an international tourist destination. >> they have busses here that run from airports, from boston and rhode island hotels. it has a diverse crowd, and it is the classic soft target. we' re more vulnerable. >> i think it' s great. i think the more security, you feel protected, you want to feel frank: shoppers we' ve caught up with so far say they are not letting recent events take away from the annual tradition. as you can see, things already had. frank holland, wcvb newscenter 5.
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emily: big crowds in framingham are taking advantage of those black friday deals. randy: that' s where we find the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio live this morning. antoinette: good morning to you. the doors have been open here since 1:00 this morning. this is a very busy area on black friday. it is not too bad around here. you can still get in and find a time of parking. not huge crowds. you are not alone if you are heading out. about 136 million people expected to shop this weekend. $80 billion between black friday and cyber monday. the average shopper expected to spend $800 this holiday season. as for the big items this year -- apple products and "star
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wars" merchandise. with the movie coming out so soon. a lot of popular items. you go with the classics. markers and crayons in all colors. these are going for $10. people really love these. this little dance -- $24.99 is actually sold out. we' re going to keep on going throughout the store and show you some of the good deals and let you know what to expect on black friday. emily: you have all of our shopping lists? antoinette: everything for you, for randy, for jeff, for cindy. emily: thank you.
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right now police in norwood are looking for this man seen on surveillance video allegedly stealing a jimmy fund cannister it happened yesterday at ajay' s market. the can was sitting right by the register to raise money for cancer research. norwood police. randy: right now boston police are investigating the city' s latest homicide. an innocent bystander shot down near fenway park early thanksgiving morning. that victim would have been celebrating his 30th birthday today. jepthe chery was shot and killed as hundreds fled from the bar who' s on first after someone opened fire. the 29-year-old was a conductor for the commuter rail. boston police do not believe he was the target. just moments before the shooting on yawkey way, boston police officers were in the bar, inspecting it. its license has been suspended multiple times. back in september, it was cited after two women were shot. as far as the shooting, no arrests. emily: there is a new effort
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underway to make sure bars do not sell alcohol to convicted drunk drivers. the sale to intoxicated persons program will be in effect through new year' s eve. it' s run by the state' s alcoholic beverages control commission who will work with local police departments that have identified high-risk locations in their communities. "the new york times" is taking donald trump to task. randy: the critics saying he hit a new low. the new controversy for the presidential candidate and his response to the demands for an apology. emily: a major recall linked to an e. coli outbreak at costco stores. the produce causing the contamination. cindy: a mild day today. . the mildest we have seen all week.
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mr. trump: you have received this i. -- this guy. emily: "the new york times" demanding an apology from donald trump. the newspaper saying the republican presidential
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candidate was making fun of one of its reporters with a disability. trump' s comments happened earlier this week at a campaign stop in south carolina. "new york times" reporter serge kovaleski lives with a chronic condition affecting his joints. it limits the flexibility in his arms. through his campaign, trump has been accused of offending mexicans, veterans, and women. this morning, he is standing by his comments, saying he was mocking a flustered reporter. he tweeted, "if mr. kovaleski is handicapped, i would not know because i do not know what he looks like." trump wants "the new york times" and the reporter to apologize to him. he accuses them of using the controversy to grandstand. randy: a marathon attack survivor has lots to be thankful for tonight. dic donohue' s big announcement about some major changes ahead for his family. plus, finishing the mission that their friend couldn' t. the push to save the lives of local veterans in the name of a one who lost a health battle of
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>> black friday. there were more people on the roads coming in.
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>> they are going to shop. [laughter] >> there you go. cindy: we' ve had years where it has been cold or snowing. here we are talking about the mild temperatures. 59 yesterday on thanksgiving. cindy: this is it. we' re cooling down back closer to seasonal averages, 48. we have this warmth surging up the eastern seaboard. 58 in detroit to 23 in minneapolis. there is a cold front. this front across our area on saturday. we have the warm wind this morning. we do have a lot of clouds and quite a bit of fog.
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notice it is fairly widespread in connecticut, rhode island, and parts of new hampshire. the visibility may drop sharply when you run into it. you may run into patchy areas of dense fog locally. noticeably the wind is staring -- stirring out of the west and then you start to dissipate. look at these temperatures. we have lower 40' s on the cape right now. 51 degrees in boston. temperatures coming up in the 50' s today. by lunchtime, very close to 60 degrees. many of us will jump over the 60 degree mark. upper 50' s in the worcester area. lower 60'
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when we get deeper into the afternoon, we are seeing some sunshine. there are some showers associated with the front. saturday, a lot of cloud cover, and those clouds could be stubborn throughout the day. staying in the 40' s tomorrow with a lot of clouds. this front is moving slowly across the area. a little bit on the cloudy side on saturday. take a look as the front crosses. lunchtime. i think the clouds remain. until sunday. mid 40' on monday. late tuesday and wednesday, our next chance of any rain.
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with temperatures back into the lower 50' s. we had snow in the season at this point before. there is a mild pattern for the next 10 days. jeff: dark but traffic is light. we' re not going to have a rush hour to worry about morning. heavier traffic than normal is people are doing black friday shopping. let' s take a look at travel time. of the expressway, only 10 minutes between braintree in downtown austin. -- b os oston. the turnpike in very good shape, 15 minutes from 495. we do not expect much of a change for later today. randy: thank you. activists protesting the shooting of a black teenager will try to discourage shoppers
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s busiest shopping districts on this black friday. 17-year-old laquan mcdonald was shot and killed by a police officer. the video shows the black teen being shot 16 times by officer jason van dyke last year. he was charged with murder this week, and there are now calls for the state' s attorney to be held accountable, as well. emily: economic headlines on this black friday. today retail stocks will be the center of attention when the stock market re-opens after the thanksgiving holiday. so far trading overseas has been lower. wall street was shut down yesterday, and investors are still nervous about the tension between russia and turkey. randy: a farm in california now says its vegetable mix is believed to be the source of the e. coli in costco chicken salad. taylor farms pacific in tracy, california, is recalling the mix of diced celery and onions. costco says it uses the one supplier for those ingredients
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five people have been hospitalized so far. that number is expected to grow. boston-based partners healthcare will soon be making money off of software it developed to perform genetic tests. according to a report in the "boston globe" gene-insight is being sold to sunquest information systems next year. that company will then sell the software to other hospitals and partners will get royalties from the technology. it' s part of a growing trend -- more boston hospitals are making technology deals, as more health information goes digital. veteran stepping up to take over his final mission. they' re carrying on his campaign to raise awareness for veteran suicide. we first introduced you to justin finch last year, an army major and iraq war veteran battling stage-four colon cancer. finch said his own struggle with pts inspired him to help others dealing with the invisible wounds of war. he died in october and now friends have taken over his
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mission. >> he showed me the true definition of selfless. he was on borrowed time and he gave everything. >> his mission is what got me out of my dark place. the camaraderie, it helped me find and seek help that i needed. emily: the group takes part in the carry the fallen ruck march to boston every year, which follows all 26.2 miles of the boston marathon route. a check now of the stories trending on the eye this morning. we' re talking tom brady' s thanksgiving. not sure if he eats turkey, but it appears he played the role of a turkey for his kids. randy: he writes on his facebook page, "so thankful for everyone' s support this year.
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and he posted this clip. [gobbling] emily: lost in the leaves. very cute. marathon attack survivor dic donohue sharing what he' s thankful for this thanksgiving on social media. the mbta officer tweeting out, "thankful for the newest addition to the donohue family, set to arrive in april." donohue was critically hurt in the shootout in watertown days after the bombing. he and his wife, kim, are already the proud parents of a little girl. just ahead this morning, your early news to go. the search is on for a killer right now as we learn more about the victim of yesterday' s shooting near fenway park in boston. randy: plus, progress in the efforts to build a permanent memorial to victims of the rhode island nightclub fire. the goal that is close to being
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emily: time for your early news to go. randy: police are searching for someone outside a bar near fenway park. jepthe chery was shot and killed as hundreds fled from who' s on first bar after someone opened fire. police say he was an innocent bystander. chery was an mbta commuter rail conductor and today would have been his 30th birthday. emily: the white house locked down yesterday after a scare involving a fence jumper. the secret service says joseph caputo got onto the north lawn wrapped in an american flag. he will face charges. agents are trying to figure out how he got over new spikes on the fence that were just installed this year. president obama was inside celebrating thanksgiving at the time, but agents say nobody was ever in danger.
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randy: russian president vladimir putin says he' s ready to cooperate with the u.s.-led coalition battling isis two weeks after the paris attacks. putin made the comment after a visit with french president francois hollande in moscow. but putin is also standing firm, saying syria must decide the fate of its president bashar al assad. the united states and france say assad must go. a permanent memorial for station nightclub victims is one step closer to reality. the station fire memorial foundation has now raised $1.3 million. the foundation recently received several large donations, inching closer to the $2 million they need to complete it. 100 people died in the fire nearly 13 years ago. emily: top news for patriots fans.
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number of injuries on offense. danny amendola, who also suffered a knee injury monday, was upgraded to limited participation for practice yesterday. christmas spirit tonight with s. mayor marty walsh will be on hand along with plenty of special guests and of course santa clause himself. this year' s tree stands 46 feet tall and is a gift to the city from the department store. those festivities begin at 5:00 this evening. randy: the weather looking pretty good. cindy: so mild. this is the day to take advantage of because it is going to be warmer than yesterday. we were in the 40' s since the weekend. another above average day for the month. we' re running about three and a
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you can see the search of warmth coming out of the deep south. single digits in the dakotas. teens in denver. the dividing line providing some ice. the snow is flying around the denver area, a few inches. stormy weather for the midsection. one more quiet day in the northeast. fog and low clouds, and temperatures come up into the low 60' s. we are watching a frontal boundary. tomorrow we will see a lot of clouds and it will be a little bit stubborn. temperatures around 50 degrees. sunday is the brighter day but it is going to be chillier.
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