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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  December 14, 2015 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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seeing it, but the is a bigger problem right now and that is fog. jc: evening commuters are dealing with the pour visibility. harv? harvey: all of this bright light and low visibility and miserable. it is a half mile on block island and providence. nobody has great visibility. it is a little better in boston for the moment. that's going to go into affect -- stay in affect million 7:00 p.m. the advisory may have to be extended. the wet weather is not coming in the next hour or two, but around 8:00 ready to enter the birkshires. the heaviest could be southeast mass. a rumble of thunder cannot be ruled out with this. it will become very, very mild and humid for this time of the year overnight. it does clear up by the end of
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temperatures are 40s north of boston and 50s to the south. with a southerly wind the warm air will be coming in and temperatures rising toward 60 overnight tonight. it will be very mild to start the day tomorrow. but look at the wind. that's the next thick to deal with tomorrow and we will talk about that. ed? ed: the jury has gone home for the night. no verdict in the case of philip chisim. they cot the case this afternoon -- they got the case this afternoon and had some complicated issues to sort through. let's go now live to rhondella richardson. reporter: they have three hours of deliberations under their belt. they have gone home for the day, but they have aggravated rape, murder and armed robbery and there is the possibility of not guilty by reason of insanity. >> this is the woman who was wounded in the woods and not a mentally ill child. it was not someone powerless to voices in his head.
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psychotic episode. he was under the command of those hallucinations. reporter: it has been an emotional three-month trial of the murder of the popular high school math teacher, colleen ritzer. closing arguments at times too much for the victim's mother. >> she is lying on her back and carving away at her neck. >> he was not himself. >> i am not going to stand here and tell you there is something wrong with philip chisim. how could i? philip chisim was not suffering from a mental disease. >> he left his knapsack, shoes, socks, jeans and even left -- in the knapsack there was his student id. >> there is not one single person in this courtroom who wants to believe a 14-year-old boy could have done this and not be crazy. but doing something so awful does not make you crazy. >> if you have a reasonable doubt, you have a duty to acquit.
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pieces of evidence with them in that jury room where they are deliberating including the box cuter and the autopsy photos. live at salem superior court, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> no bail for the suspect in the triple shooting. he shot and killed them inside the apartment. a third person who was shot and badly wounded. quill's family said he and johnson and a mother of three were engaged and trying to start new lives. >> they were both great and they were both amazing people. amazing people. >> they were trying to get their lives together. >> police say the shootings were drug-related. >> tonight police need your help finding the driver who hit a woman and left her for dead. police say there is no question that the driver knew
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>> he did get out and inspect the damage, and the amount of damage we anticipate we will get to. 2 would indicate that he was aware that he struck a person. >> that suspect is described as a middle aged white man. his car is a black, boxy station wagon type and perhaps a volvo and did not sustain much damage in the accident. >> a disciplinary hearing was held for the mbta driver at the controls of the run away red line train of the but he was president there today. kelley tuthill was live in boston with details of the meeting. the driver could be fired as i understand it, kelley. reporter: that's correct. and his attorney says his client is being treated for stress and said that he couldn't make the hearing, but they held it anyway. we have no word on disciplinary decisions that were made. the governor honored two mbta workers for stoping the run
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they worked together to clear the tracks and to cut power to the third rail. >> you two performed in an exemplary ways and made strategic decisions. >> the driver of the rain was supposed to appear at a disciplinary hearing, but his lawyer said he is being treated for stress and told the mbta he wouldn't be able to appear. he was not offered an alternative date and the hearing went on without him using his statements to authorities from last week. >> they work with operations and the other transit police who were involved in this investigation, they make a recommendation and it is my responsibility to carry out whatever action needs to be done. >> so far investigators say it appears vasquez rigged a court around the throttle and forgot to set an emergency brake before exiting the train. >> i hope the public understands that the system worked. we had several break downs in the normal operating
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able to intervene and bring a conclusion. >> the gm obviously well aware that this situation did mott help the p -- did not help the public confidence in this struggling system. and we are awaiting word for what came out of the disciplinary hearing. kelley tuthill, wcvb newscenter 5. >> now to the fight against isis. the u.s.-lead coalition is hitting the terror group harder than ever. that as new questions are being raised about the visa program and the current screening process. >> for anyone wondering what if anything has been done to help isis. simple. you are next. >> that message after his rare visit to the pentagon was top security officials. >> we are hitting isil harder than ever. last move in november since
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>> questions about miss -- missed cues in the san bernadino attack. malik had extensive postings regarding jihad, but she still got a visa to come to the united states and a secret policy prevented officials from searching social media as part of the screening process. >> the primary concern is that it would be viewed negatively if it was disclosed publicly and there were concerns it would be embarrassing. >> just last year officials asked for new policies allowing them to look at social media posts, but they were de thighed due to civil rights and civil liberties. >> had they checked out malik a little more, maybe she wouldn't have got a visa and those people in san bernadino would be alive. >> the current policy is being reversed, but they say even the in you pilot programs are not a widespread policy. a somber day for a
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the nation. it marks three years since the mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school. flags are flying half staff in honor of the 20 first graders and six teachers were killed. this is the first time the anniversary has fallen on a school day. a moment of silence was held at the high school and middle schools, but the lower grade schools are trying to keep the day as normal as possible giving parents an opportunity to discuss it with their children at home. a new billboard in boston honoring the sandy hook victims. the nu -- newton-based group chose today to unveil the board which was designed to highlight the effectiveness of the massachusetts gun laws and encourage congress to take action. ed: prices at the gas pump are at their lowest in six years. they report the average price for a gallon of self-serve regular is at $2.04 and massachusetts is currently three cents above the national
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gas in their cars, how is it looking? just past 5:00 in the evening. you can see all of the blurry headlights because there is fog everywhere and they are trying to leave boston on the pike. the brake lights are going into town. it looks slow as it would coming out and do go -- and to go into town is slow as well. we will start south to route 3. if you are going north upper deck 128 a half hour as well. looking at the alerts beware of that. we are talking 15 minutes and i guess by experience it is slower than that. you are slow from the tolls and the western tolls to 495 and it will take you a good half hour. that's what traffic looks like. >> be very careful. >> gop candidates are fighting for the top spot. >> there is a new poll that reveals a big shift in iowa. donald trump's reaction to the latest numbers. >> and the tornado caught on camera by the driver on the side of the road. ed: bill cosby responding to
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the suit he filed here in massachusetts. heather:and it is a feel good story of the a special reunion
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smie commitment 2016 and ted cruz is surging ahead weeks before the caucuses. most republican voters say they still prefer donald trump. we go live to the busy washington news bureau. >> republicans are holding their final debate of the year
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showing ted cruz is gaining momentum. for weeks donald trump has been at the top of the gop field. a new national poll keeps him well ahead of his opponents with 41% of support. >> so there is the combination of his celebrity and ability to play the press. >> but this iowa ted cruz is picking up steam. >> who was the right judgment? >> two recent polls show him as the favorite among unlikely caucus goers. a third poll has cruz tied with trump for first place. >> ted cruz knows how to play iowa. he knows he is stoking the fire of the evangelical vote. >> i have farber judgment than ted. >> trump has criticized cruz after the senator predicted the collapse of trump's campaign during a fundraiser last week. meanwhile he has refrained from going after trump publicly. >> that's his strategy from the beginning.
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power -- power and trump's lead and being able to move ahead of trump in that way. >> nine republican candidates will be debating in "prime i'm." chris christie is back on the main stage. wcvb newscenter 5. >> he could win new hampshire and iowa and if he does there will be no stoping him. he told students it would be one of the biggest political upsets. up next, why he says he is not getting a fair shake from most of the media and how he thinks he can beat hillary clinton. deliberations under way in the trial of a baltimore police officer charged in the death of freddie gray. he is charged with manslaughter, assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. gray died a week after his neck was broken while riding in the back of a police van. they blame porter for failing
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seatbelt and five more officers are awaiting trial. look at these raging flames. that's a massive warehouse fire in columbus, ohio. several propane tanks exploded and it caused the flames to shoot 100 feet into the air. collapsed. students from two area schools got the day off because of the fire. neighbors in a nearby apartment complex were forced to evacuate. ed: a tornado comes barreling toward this couple and they captured it all on their cell pone video. cell phone video. it smapped trees in half and it leveled dozens of homes it ripped a steel facility in two and incredibly no one was injured. tornadoes this time of year? it is the middle of december. >> first of all you know a good chopping of the country is -- chunk of the country is above average. >> including us. >> and there is a secondary
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november and sometimes into december. spring into early summer is what we think of as the primary season. >> right, right. harvey: let's check to see how it is playing in our weather. that was the storm in texas yesterday. now there is a storm around the great lakes and then we have this warm front that will move through the region tonight and actually send our temperatures up. then that's the band of downpours that will be moving through this. poor visibility in boston and in other areas it is worse. it is 49, but light out of the northeast. then the temperature will actually start to go up. a dense poking advisory is in affect for 7:00. and that may need to be extended in some areas beyond that. especially north of boston. even the warm air is coming over the -- the water that is
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that -- partly cooler. it is a quarter of a mile and worser as well. a quarter mile lawrence and portsmouth. be careful on the roads with the poor visibility and nighttime and a little dampness in the air. notice the warm air is in hartford where it is 58 degrees. the wind is now out of the south . it lets us now the front is lifting to the north. this is like washington now 63. they were 70 earlier in philly. 60 in new york and 60 --61 in syracuse. for us we will go from the -- well you may see slightly cool air that is over us. and we will go into the warm air tonight and it will still be warm tomorrow. it won't be until tomorrow night we cool down. as we go through these changes
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during the day tomorrow. first let's deal with the rain. 8:00 tonight getting into southern vermont and extreme western massachusetts. moving quickly to the east. these are downpours that could have embedded thunder especially across rhode island cape. downpoursdownpours and maybe a rumble of thunder from the west. and then by the latter part of the morning commute it clears up, but then it gets windy and we will see the temperatures steady and then start to fall. wednesday will be a chillier day, but a bright day with a good deal of sunshine. the temperatures are not that low because they will be rising. you will booy about 60 degrees -- you will be about 60 degrees heading out tomorrow. as we talk about the high temperatures tomorrow, they will be in the early part of the day and then drop.
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20 to 40 miles per hour winds and gusts a little higher than that. check out the next seven days. i want to talk about the gusts tomorrow. look how warm it starts. it will fall slowly later in the day. we are talking about gusts that are getting stronger during the course of the day. some of the higher elevations of worcester county, it will be a windy day for sure. then the temperatures are closer to average. that's still a little above for the high temperatures. and then the next system is slated for thursday as we have another system not that dissimilar to what we are having come through the region. chillier weather will move in for friday night, saturday, saturday night and sunday. temperatures will be back to normal for the upcoming weekend. windy conditions as well. then the temperature starts to inch up early next week and it
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could be very, very mild by the time we get to christmas eve. of course they will stay on top of that situation for you. ed: you have that assignment, harv. heather:you want your white christmas, don't you? ed: yes, but i will be in atlanta. we'll take you on board lucy's love bug. the girl who inspired the mission to deliver comfort and quality of life. >> the first "star wars" movie audiences have seen more than a decade is here. at 5:30, the red carpet hype for the premiere. >> and this little girl who wished for christmas cards is now getting a new surprise. that's comping up at 6:00 on newscenter 5.
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heather:a big change may be coming for the tobacco laws in boston. this thursday a vote is set on a proposal to raise the age to buy paw tack bow products to -- tau tobacco products by 21. he hopes it can discourage young people from taking up smoking. it could go into affect early next year. a similar bill is looking to increase the statewide age to 21. ed: new research shows helicopter parenting may be hurting your child.
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too involved and too hands on are taking over doctors visits for their teenagers and as a result these teens are not learning to take control of their own health. some strategies? have your teen write down their own questions before they see the doctor and have them check in at the front desk themselves and have them fill out the forms. wait for them to speak first during the doctor's visit. heather:a mom's mission to keep her daughter's legacy alive. she is spreading her little girl's vision across new england. that vision is helping kids cope with cancer. >> lucy was my daughter and was diagnosed with the adult form of leukemia. >> she passed away at the age of 12 after a four-year battle with cancer. that's the terrible part of the story. the beautiful part is lucy's
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>> we deliver love to children with cancer and help them get involved in activism and fill philanthropy. she said i see all of these kids suffering and not a lot of money for cure. what can i do to help children feel better? for lucy interacting with horses helped her get through with treatment. same with bell who receives therapeutic horseback riding lessons paid for by the love bug. camille has a rare type of bone cancer, but a japanese form of accu acupuncture helps her cope with the pain and stress of treatment. part of the funding comes from school children who raise money through various projects. >> lucy taught me what children needed. it was her idea and not mine to create this. >> wcvb, newscenter 5. ed: lucy taught her. heather:lucy was a special girl. ed: the connecticut woman
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of her dog with its mouth duct taped shut. the time she could face for animal cruelty. >> when it hit the internet went like wildfire. but it is not exactly the real thing.
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this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30. ed: right now, jurors are done for the day in the philip chism murder trial. they must decide if chism was insane when he murdered a teacher. heather:and deciding whether a driver of a run away bus should be fired. his lawyer says he is being treated for stress. ed: and right now it is fog slowing the evening commute. strong winds and heavy rains are coming next. it looks like it has thinned out a little bit. harvey: the first thing is the fog. now the dense fog advisory has been expanded until midnight which makes sense. we have very low visibilities. that's what the .3 is rounded off to. there it is until midnight tonight. now, the next thing after that is the band of rain. this will be in the form of
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