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tv   On the Record  ABC  December 20, 2015 11:00am-11:30am EST

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ed: it' s time to go on the record the topic this week, the wynn casino in everett, the scope of the project, the political battles, and what it will mean for the bay state' s bottomline. and more trouble with the t change the message with a strategic photo op? and ted reinstein with a gift list for politicians this holiday season. >> from wcvb boston, the inside word from washington to beacon hill, today' s newsmakers are going "on the record." [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] ed: good morning it' s time to go on the record i' m ed harding along with political reporter janet wu. our guest robert desalvio, president of wynn everett, now for the scope of this project, the new $1.7 billion development will be built on 33-acres on the
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everett. that means 4,000 union construction jobs and 4,000 operational jobs, 2000 of which would be union and $250 million , in annual tax revenue for the state. it will all be done by 2018. am i right on everything i just said? >> yes you are. thanks for having me. janet: essentially told you the city of boston is frankly not appropriate. your team is talking to the mayor' s team privately. frankly, is there anything left to negotiate? robert: we will continue the discussions. it is important we keep talking levels. the boston transportation department between mr. wynn and the mayor himself, and now the state looking at the overall issue.
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are all -- there is a lot to talk about but we are getting us. janet: i know steve had a private meeting recently. from your side? robert: i think the most important thing is mr. wynn it was the second meeting. they met late last year. size to talk. whenever you can get the people in the room and get the issues on the table and learn a little bit about each other, you can try to move forward. ed: when boston mayor menino negotiated a deal of suffolk downs, that deal is far more generous. you want to be a good neighbor and have a comfortable
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robert: it is important to the project. we are in the greater boston region and there are tremendously good things about boston, whether it is the airport, cultural, and all the things we will work on . yes, of course we will have a great relationship and we think we will wind up with a good agreement between the city for the kinds of things that are important. we will mitigate impacts for traffic and be a great citizen for the boston area. janet: are you prepared, the to boston? s competitor was offering. robert: money issue. table. the gaming commission was active working with us during the process to make sure a very for boston.
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certainly we are always willing to chat about how to structure works. but i do not think this is a money issue. one-on-one meeting. relationship has been say? obviously there were things along the way but we are that behind us and moving forward here the fact that the two of them got together for a second time is important and we will continue to foster the relationship. ed: steve wynn called the mayor irresponsible and told him to get off his that. -- his butt,. -- his butt. robert: i cannot speak directly for steve, -- mr. wynn, but they have gotten to learn about each other.
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opposed to dwelling on the past. janet: i know you' re saying the money is not an issue, but i think the mayor would disagree and he feels you need to commit more money, especially to the infrastructure around the area. are you prepared to offer more money to get things done? so there is no negotiating there? robert: an interim plan we will 100% fund. plus, we have committed to another 25 million dollars for the long-term solution in sullivan square. there was recently a transportation bill passed in congress that enables massachusetts to get serious dollars for loss of project, one of which would be sullivan square. when you look at what is available through the gaming commission and the litigation fund, through wynn putting in 11
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going to the recent bill in money to fix sullivan square. janet: you' another dollar on the table? ed: mgm in springfield is shrinking its project and plainridge has seen a major dip in its revenues. won' t you have the same problem and what are prepared to do about it? in other words, is gambling as lucrative in this market? robert: we are a completely different business model than what mgm is proposing for springfield or what is being done in plainville. plainville is a smaller, slots only market. when you look at what we will do, we are a five-star resort, 630 hotel rooms, in a local market with over 4.6 million people in the greater boston area. we work heavily on promoting international tourism.
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we are in the middle of 4.6 billion people plus access to logan airport with over 50 day. a good piece of the business comes from international. the way. we are bullish on the market. ed: are you ready for the pop quiz? let' the role of gaming in presidential politics. question 1: two casinos in las vegas have hosted presidential primary debates this year. can you name both locations? robert: yes. wynn and the venetian. ed: you got it. which former president claims he financed his first congressional campaign with money he won playing poker? multiple choice. teddy roosevelt? bill clinton?
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lyndon b. johnson? robert: i will guess lyndon b. johnson. ed: that was my guess. richard nixon was the answer. to be clear, it is not casino.
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ed: we continue with the otr pop quiz, this time focusing on games of chance in massachusetts. we are talking about casinos. this is number three. according to the mass gaming commission, how much gross gaming revenue did the plainridge park casino generate during its first month of operation last july? multichoice. $8 million $18 million $80 million what' s the miniumum age for purchasing a lottery ticket in massachusetts? 18. last week, the massachusetts gaming commission announced it hired a new executive director.
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robert: um. ed: close. the jordan. -- [indiscernible] janet: so every casino is massachusetts you' ll have a unique problem. when it comes to look or licenses. the laws here stop serving at 1:00 a.m. you' re planning to have a smaller venue without liquor right now, but will you try to get this changed? robert: there has been discussion about common laws about getting extended hours. i think it is a localized issue. we also come under the regulatory scheme of the gaming commission. i do think in that discussion should be on the table. communities neighborhood bars and those kinds of things.
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international tourism, people are expecting to be a later. being given. ultimately, in our case, at the local level. discussion, absolutely. -- how are they going to fix your business? robert: i do not think it affects our business. i think they are operating in a different sphere. t they take the clientele you might need? casino operation but also a sports bar because that is allowed in nevada. that business complements our business out there. people come in and some might be interested in sports. they might come down and do bets on games but the partners there
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there are complementary things a model we think is in direct competition. everybody, what are the odds on the patriots going to the superbowl? robert: i will make my commitment it is a patriots packers super bowl. ed: do you want to go the next step? tell you later. ed: thank you for joining us and happy holidays.
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ed: it is christmas and it is a political show. leaving aside who has been naughty or nice, our shopping
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bernie sanders, you might want if you will catch hillary. as for jeb bush, it looks like you might need several pairs if you will catch up in your race. i say that with an exclamation point. boston mayor marty walsh, you have spent much of the last year with steve wynn. why not have him over to your em sock ' em, and call it a day. these. for the junior senator ed markey, there are those who invisible. are a couple of tricks in here to help you reappear. if that does not work, this
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>> she is not even running. as we are about to enter the final season in boston, a few things for retirement. you will finally be able to lounge around at night and watch the game in something unlike some pictures from a few years back, enjoy an adult beverage or two while you do. cheers and thanks. for massachusetts governor charlie baker, if the t should break down this winter, you will need one of these, like one for every commuter, with the uber app already downloaded. four democratic front runner hillary clinton, can you really have too many flash drives? i suggest the whole rack and color coordinated for christmas. and
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it is not easy finding something for the man who has everything, including at this point a lead in the republican polls for president. but we think of donald j trump could use a friendly reminder about now about one of the central themes of christmas holiday. namely, good will toward men. all men and women. so a little something to put outside your house or your tower or your country, we would like to think as welcome mats go, the donald would even agree this one is huge. happy holidays, everybody. [laughter] is phenomenal, it will be huge and they will pay for it. our analyst this week, maryann morrison. i think that was very good parent one-stop shopping for her went to one mall and got everything he needed. janet:
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this past week, is it fair to say the main challenger going to iowa and new hampshire will be ted cruz and marco rubio? >> i think so and i believe you saw them fighting over things like immigration because they believe that. i think this christie is a sleeper candidate. if anybody will make a strong run at trump, they need then carson to be strong. he has to be there to divide the outsider load. if that does not happen and carson continues to fade as he has been in the polls, it will be hard to topple donald trump. >> cruz and only cruise -- cruz. the fact is donald trump could lose iowa and new hampshire and everything after that. if he wins iowa and new hampshire, then he wins. ed: bernie sanders is frankly angry at the lack of coverage of his campaign. polls show him with about the same support as donald trump
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the second -- gotten second compared to donald trump. what if anything is wrong here? >> i think he is a crybaby. if he is really concerned about coverage, he should point the blame at the democratic party. even with the debates they do have, they do it on nights when no one is watching. what does it say that the only democratic debate in new hampshire will be held on a saturday night before this miss? he should blame his own party. ed: saturday night is the least feud night on television anyway. >> no one is getting except donald trump. republican. when bernie sanders was pulling he got covered. t this the best news
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ernie is not getting anything and donald trump is taking away the headlines? >> you always want some coverage because you cannot win everything. it is nice to get coverage. janet: let' s change the conversation to local issues. runaway problems, apparently they do not need that whether to get bad press. the governor control the message by honoring two workers. but did it work? >> a few months ago, it is the big problem. we are basically experiencing summer in december. we all know at some point like last year, the snow will fall and a lot of it. there will be more than one did -- more than one conductor leaving. .: every time i come on the show and we talk about governor baker, we' re talking about that. i do not think that is necessarily a good long-term
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i hope when he comes forward with his state of the state speech early next year, that he brings forth an agenda that is big and bold and ambitious enough so that he does not have to address questions about whether or not 57 buses will get to independent square on time. governors are about bigger things than bus schedules and trains that do not arrive on time. >> if it does not work, it does not work. >> bob sat in this share this morning. he essentially said negotiating is over. how will this end with the city and all of this stuff? >> i will put my money on the mayor. he may not get everything he wants in a financial settlement, but if you have to choose between an out-of-state casino operator and your own constituents, you will not lose by choosing your own constituents. he is fighting hard for them
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boston has serious medication concerns about the impact that casino will have on neighborhoods like charlestown. janet:' tis the season to make announcements where you want to say you got something done but maybe you do not want everyone to know that you probably did not get everything you wanted your it i would say between now and the end of the year when we talk to clients and say, if you have bad news, it is now the time to put it out. he might make the announcement at the end of the year. janet: is it possible to walk away with a look of a win? >> anyone in charlestown could not deny if he goes down, he went down swinging for them. he will get more than he would have otherwise. it probably will not be perfect.
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ed: tom brady has been politically in conversation this week. take a look at this picture. number 12 posing with number 40 one. george w. bush and houston right next to the locker room right after the patriots won next week in houston. two days later, brady said, i am done asking questions -- answering questions about my friend, donald trump. is he ever done talking about donald trump, or is he sending a message out here upfront?
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go, that would be "huge." [laughter] i think they have a friendship but i think brady is smart enough to realize a sports figure should not get involved in politics at least not while they are active. wait for retirement. ed: i often think, why is it anyone' s business who thomas brady would be friends with or embraces politically? >> he just point out why marco rubio will never win the primary. he will never be the nominee. politics and sports are inextricably linked. especially on this show. the photo with george h.w. bush, that is a courtesy. he would do that with any former president. when it comes to donald trump, tom brady knows he needs to stick to the patriots mantra, do your job. politics is over and it will not help him win the super bowl and
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>> ted cruz showing him ahead of donald trump in iowa. erik: the definition of clinical courage is when a political figure takes a position at odds with his base. i think it goes to jeb bush for challenging donald trump. ed: thank you all for joining us. i know this is the last show we do before christmas. let me just say happy holiday to whatever holiday you are celebrating. thank you for joining us. rosemary, get well.
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