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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: i'm tracking some of the coldest weather of the season. when that big chill sets in and how long its going to last, doug: a woman sexually assaulted on a boston street. the clues police have about the man who ran off. karen: dozens of families forced out of their apartments after a fast moving fire. the damage and and how long before they can move back home. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: good morning, everybody. saturday, january 2. i'm doug meehan. look who is here. karen: i am here. karen anderson in for antoinette this morning. doug: you're awake? probably ran three miles before
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you're pumped up and ready. karen: energized with you. doug: it's good and fun. it's a saturday, people. just if you haven't remembered it was a long weekend. they want to know what the weekend is going to be like. here's danielle. danielle: doug, karen, good morning. we're starting off with temperatures in the 20's and 30's. it is 26 degrees this morning in worcester. it is 29 right now in plymouth. 31 in boston. but temperatures today are going to warm up with some sunshine as we head through the afternoon. the other big player is this. we have winds out of the west. they're anywhere from 10-15 miles an hour. that's where they're going to hang around all day long so that creates what's known as a wind chill. that wind chill will be with us throughout the entire afternoon. with those winds anywhere from 10-15 it's going to make it feel more like the 20's all day long although temperatures today should warm up into the mid to upper 30's to even 40 degrees in some locations. now the big story this morning,
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some of this may be making it to the ground. some of this may be in the higher atmosphere and drying out because we have very dry air over top of us. but we are watching a system up to the north and west. you can see this. this is going to bring in the coldest air we've seen thus far this season. we'll talk when it gets here and how cold we get ahead. doug. doug: danielle, thank you. right now boston police sending out a warning to dorchester residents after reports of a sexual assault. the eyeopener's frank holland is here with the details and, frank, neighbors are on alert! frank: doug, people who live in the area say they feel relatively comfortable walking alone, but the brazen attack has them reconsidering that comfort level. 29-year-old woman just after 6:30 in the morning. the female victim was attacked early friday morning just before sunrise as she was walking down a busy, well-lit stretch of columbia road. the victim told police the man grabbed her from behind near
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then sexually assaulted her before he ran off. the residents here say they'll now be taking extra precautions. >> i started like looking around just to make sure no one is like around you trying to hurt you. >> make sure i'm with two friends, not by yourself. frank: neighbors are hoping that some surveillance cameras in the neighborhood can help them. anyone with information is asked to call boston police. karen? karen: right now two men are recovering from serious injuries after being hit by a car in essex. they were trying to cross main street near c.k. pearl restaurant when they were hit. both were taken to beverly hospital. essex police say the woman driving the s.u.v. did stop. she is expected to face charges. new bedford police are investigating a deadly new year's eve shooting. the victim, 24-year-old aaron gant, was shot on grinnell street near pleasant street just after 7:00 thursday night. he was rushed to st. luke's hospital, but doctors were
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suspect. doug: right now about 200 westborough families are out of their homes after an apartment complex fire. flames broke out in the trash room of the fountainhead apartment complex on route 9. the fire was quickly knocked down. but significant water damage forced firefighters to cut the power. >> the elevators are out of service. the electrical system is out of service in various areas of the building. we've had the remove 200 families to another building for now. we're looking for temporary shelter for them for the night. doug: families are hoping to be let back into their homes today. the red cross is helping out. four people are seriously hurt after an a.t.v. crash in fitchburg. two of the victims are young boys. fitchburg police believe the two recreational vehicles collided thursday night. witnesses came on the scene and called for help. >> it was all right out in the middle of the road. it was really, really dark. then when we got out, we saw the a.t.v., we saw another a.t.v. the little boy was screaming
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help him. doug: one of the adult victims had to have his leg amputated. police are trying to determine if alcohol was a factor and whether any charges will be filed. karen: there is an all out manhunt going on right now in israel for the gunman who started shooting outside a bar in tel aviv. newscenter 5's phil lipof has more on this brazen terror attack that happened in broad daylight. phil: the attacker paces, even pretends to shop before head to go door putting down his backpack and opening fire with an automatic weapon. the bar next door sprayed with bullets as people dry desperately to run. the quiet new year's day in two dead. seven wounded. the motive of the gunman reportedly an israeli arab is unclear amid reports he was mentally unstable and smiled during the attack. >> and i hid myself under the bar. even i wait for him to finish but it was like. phil: israel is hardly new to violence and terror while europe
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as it starts to grapple with the new reality and new possible threats. in france, soldiers guarding a mosque fired at a driver who twice tried to ram them. they wounded the attacker who ended up in a ditch. french authorities say they are investigating the motive. munich shut down two train stations on new year's eve after intelligence warned of a specific threat involving isis suicide bombers. a top german official calling the situation there in europe, quote, a general permanent terror threat. phil lip offer of, wcvb, newscenter 5. karen: ves investigators say isis is behind the new year's eve terror threat that forced the evacuation of two train stations in munich. a german security official says islamic state extremists planned to blow themselves up at locations across munich thursday night. police no longer believe an attack is imminent but urge everyone to stay vigilant. doug: commitment 2016. the road to the white house runs through the bay state today. democratic candidate bernie
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here. the first at u-mass amherst at 1:00. then he'll head to north high school in worcester for a rally at 5:00. donald trump making his latest appearance in a terror group's recruiting video. al qaeda's somali affiliate al-shabaab's latest video features a brief clip of the republican candidate calling for the "complete shutdown of muslims entering the united states." this comes amid recent accusations from hillary clinton that trump's statements were being used by terrorists for recruitment. the republican front-runner will be back in massachusetts next week. trump will speak at the tsongas center in lowell at 7:30 monday night. more fuel for the clinton campaign. the democratic front-runner has raised $55 million in the fourth quarter topping her $100-million goal. in all, the clinton campaign has collected $112 million for the primary since launching in april. clinton has headlined at least
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karen: 5 on the opioid crisis. the stunning numbers from 2015 are still being tabulated, but the resolve to fight back is also growing. state police alone responded to more than 750 suspected heroin deaths last year. that doesn't include the state's major cities. kevin doherty: those numbers are miniscule to the amount of people that are actually out there suffering. karen: revere firefighter kevin doherty knows the pain behind the numbers. doherty: a family lost a family member. a friend lost a friend. mother, father, siblings, children. that's the worst part. karen: for dohertyy it's personal. he's in recovery. back in may "5 investigates" profiled the revere firefighters teaming up with substance abuse experts visiting homes where they had responded to heroin overdoses. since then, they've visited 60 homes and are working with other cities and towns while receiving national recognition. doherty: we know that we're kind of doing something right. we're hoping that in 2016 more cities start doing what we're doing and we can start working
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karen: in 2015 massachusetts state police responded to 755 suspected heroin overdoses across the state. the average victim, 36 years old. worcester, springfield, pittsfield, or boston. doherty: until we find a cure or a solution-- i don't know if we can use the word "solution"-- solution to this problem and this epidemic, these numbers will continue to rise. karen: doherty says as long as the state continues every effort possible to combat this epidemic, with a new year there's renewed hope. what do you want people who are struggling to know? doherty: that everybody gets a second chance and that there's a lot of help out there. karen: i asked state police how those numbers compare to last year, but they don't have that information because this is the first full year they have kept track of suspected heroin deaths. doug: a major shift in texas. the new law on the books that allows gun owners to carry their weapons in public,
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a couple's lifesaving plan that their doctors are calling a near miracle. danielle: our next chance for snow. and when we'll see the coldest air of the season move in. doug: plus the new year gets off to a late start. the mix-up in chicago that kept the party going just a bit
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karen: we're now back with frank holland. and frank, the new year holds a lot of promise for one manchester man about to undergo a kidney transplant. extremely difficult to find a match for him, but he found his perfect match in more ways than one. >> when i met jack, i just felt like there was just something very special between us. frank: soon there is going to be something very special shared by this couple. they have been in inseparable since they started dating this past summer. kidney. i need a transplant. match. snarng when he was 26 years old
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that organ donation gave him 19 years. >> since then i've been doing dialysis three times a week. and back in march i decided i wanted to have another transplant. we started searching. frank: jack's friends offered but no match. then michelle came into jack's life and changed it. she called to be tested without jack even knowing. doctors call it a near miracle and scheduled a kidney transplant right before valentine's day. >> i want to have that time with him. and i believe that he's my future. and i just-- i want to help him have a healthy life. >> incredible. what she's doing is unbelievable. i love her. very thankful. frank: michelle and jack's love story actually started at the stonebridge country club in goffstown where they both love to play golf, but their paths never crossed until this summer
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looking for his perfect match. as corney as it is, he found it in more ways than one. karen: hopefully they'll be back on the golf course soon. frank: absolutely. thanks, karen. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. doug: she's back, boys and girls. a little trip to san francisco and glad to have you back. watching the hockey game yesterday. a little bit of snow. a little, little bit of snow. any chance it's going to continue. danielle: there will be more in the forecast for some areas. this morning some areas could be waking up to a couple of flurries around but no significant snow until monday into tuesday. we're going to watch this system very closely because it really looks ocean effect but we're talking about at the coastline on monday afternoon, evening into tuesday we could have some snow and maybe in accumulating snow as temperatures will be dropping rapidly because of this cold front you see up to the north and west. right now we're under a couple of systems that are coming on through.
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flurries, some clouds move in. but for the most part it is going to be a dry day today. a couple of flurries on the map out in western mass, the berkshires and near worcester county now. some of these may be snowy in the upper atmosphere not actually maybing it to the ground as of yet. you could see a couple of them. they start to intensify more. you would be inside of 495 near metro west as well. maybe boston seeing a couple of flurries this morning. as we get towards afternoon, we actual actually are going to see a lot more sunshine through the day. that will allow our temperatures to warm up into the upper 30's. however, we still have that pesky wind out of the west through the afternoon so that will keep our wind chill values in the 20's for the most part. so it's still a chilly day. if you're headed out, make sure you bundle up. notice there could be some snow showers especially up in northern new england for all you skiers looking pretty good this weekend for getting some snow up through northern new england. right now 31 degrees in boston. it is 26 degrees in worcester.
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in the mid 30's already on nantucket. but then you factor in those winds out of the west. and they're anywhere from about 10 to 15 miles an hour right now. that makes it feel more like 14 degrees in worcester, more like 17 degrees in pittsfield. so it's a chilly start out there. everybody waking up to feeling like teens and 20's this morning. and through the day, we should be as warm as 39 in boston, i think, 40 maybe along the south shore. low 40's on nantucket with some sunshine and then maybe a couple of afternoon clouds. tonight the 20's and 30's. it's a chilly night but not too, too bad. and then tomorrow most places should rebound into the upper 30's and lower 40's. in fact, them is a better day, i think, in terms of the temperature and a little less wind out there. but watch what happens. we're going to watch this system come through on sunday. it will bring in more cloud cover through the afternoon. and then it's going to bring in the coldest air we've seen thus far this season.
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start to turn out of the north and east. and we start to get these ocean-effect snow showers ongoing for parts of the cape, the islands, and maybe even you folks up on cape ann and gloucester could be seeing some as well. when all is said and done, we're expecting from this system anywhere from one to three inches. of course, this is all going to depend on where those bands actually set up and get going. the whole thing though is while a lot of us may see no snow at all, you are going to be talking about temperatures that are very chilly. these are your high temperatures on tuesday, folks. you are in the mid 20's overnight lows in the teens and single digits. yes, it is the coldest air all season. however, we start to mild or turn mild, excuse me and warm up by the end of the week. karen and doug. karen: thank you. time now is 5:18. stories we're following right now on the eyeopener. doug: gunfire has erupted at an air force base in india near the pakistani border. officials say at least four of the attackers and two indian soldiers have been killed in the
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the gunmen invaded the living quarters of the base but have not been able to gain access to fighter helicopters and other equipment. karen: texas residents are allowed to carry their handguns openly in public. an open carry-gun law that governor greg abbott signed in june went into effect yesterday. it allows anyone with a concealed weapons permit to carry their holstered weapons in plain sight. courtrooms, schools, and bars are off-limits. doug: the justice department is launching a criminal investigation into how blue bell creameries handled the ice cream contamination linked to 10 reported cases of listeria. three people believed to have been sickened by blue bell frozen treats died last year. an investigation by the centers for disease control and prevention showed the listeria outbreak dated back to 2010. karen: the reusable space-x falcon 9 rocket -- last seen plummeting toward earth before making a dramatic upright landing -- is ready to fly again.
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launch last month. the rocket is back in its hangar at cape canaveral, but no word yet on when the next launch will be. >> now sportscenter 5 with bob halloran. bob: the electricity of the winter classic did not give the bruins any kind of jolt. instead it was lights out for them against montreal. and here's what the home of the patriots looked like with 67,000 fans filling all the seats and the standing-room only section. bruins and canadiens ready to go. hollis ton native mike conned on's goalie mask reminding him to do his job. tuukka rask also looking for inspiration from the champion patriots but it's montreal's big day. max match receipty redirects it home. montreal the much better team cruising to an easy 5-1 win. the local kid making 27 saves. >> yeah, probably the most special. i love friends and family here tonight. yeah.
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what a crowd for new year's day. it could not have been scripted any better. bob: the patriots who are not in florida and will not play tomorrow include medalman, high tower, vollmer and jones. that's sports. have a great day. doug: thank you, bob. the new year sorta got a late start in chicago. instead of a ball dropping at midnight, there was a rising star. but the countdown was a bit off. at midnight, the star showed there was still 27 seconds to go the glitch left onlookers a tad confused. >> a couple minutes of us, you know, being loud. >> it wasn't so much of a big deal because we're just-- everybody was just enjoying, you know, being here. doug: you get a longer kiss. clearly, the countdown hiccup did not stop the party. wedding gifts that might just spark a new beginning.
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worthy cause. doug: and some live pictures out right now from the city cam. it's dark. it's early. and a little chilly. danielle is back with your forecast. is it true?
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so far we've only seen .9 inches of snow so it looks like we might surpass that record. last year we had 2.9 inches of snow. the normal is 9.4 inches of snow. remember last winter. it was still pretty snowy after january 23. as far as snow impact this week, well, monday and tuesday they're on the high side and medium side especially at the coastline and at the cape. we're talking about ocean-effect snow showers so not everyone is going to see this. of course, it's really for you folks at the coastline where you could see anywhere from 1-3 and done. in terms of what everyone else temperatures. we'll be back in 20's for high temperatures by monday and doug. doug: danielle, we have a story a local couple planning a wedding is taking a different approach when it comes to gifts. they want their guests to help them make a difference in the lives of others. our sera congi shows us how. zoe: i've never been a white dress wedding girl.
5:24 am
goler are getting married, but they vow to defy tradition. zoe: can we make that something that has an impact in a way that's meaningful to us. stefan: we are kind of firm believers in doing things the way that we want to. zoe: this is the school i went to. sera: the bride-to-be has special ties to the african country ghana. she's visited three times as a high school exchange student and then teacher at the new life international orphanage where education is lacking. zoe: when kids aren't in school, they're working. sera: instead of conventional gifts, zoe and stefan are asking their wedding guests to donate money towards building a school in ghana. a key step out of poverty. zoe: you can leave that and you can get a job and you can support your family and you can buy a house and you can eat healthier. you can just start rising out of poverty. sera: they have a gofundme page raising nearly $9,000. they hope for $50,000. zoe and stefan's honeymoon will be in ghana to begin
5:25 am
stefan: we're very proud to be part of something that's a little cutting edge. zoe: yeah, we're definitely hoping that this is a trend. sera: their wedding in two weeks will be like a fund-raiser, taking vows of love and generosity. stefan: the end result is going to be your own and something that you're going to be vastly proud of. sera: in somerville, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: awesome. karen: inspiring. doug: somebody getting a toaster will feel guilty at their wedding. wow, we should have done something nicer to somebody, right? another drone too close for comfort at logan airport. karen: how close it came to a packed plane. an historic cemetery hit by vandals again. the reason it's being targeted and why this time it's so much
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." danielle: our next chance for snow. and the coldest air of the season moving in. doug: a life lesson for a young boy from brazil. the incident on thin ice and the rescuers who helped save him. karen: and a close call near logan. the police investigation after a drone comes dangerously close to a plane. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." doug: good morning, everybody. karen anderson and i just chitchatting enjoying the
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it's real early. you never-- i never get to see you. it's nice to see you. karen: it's great to have you back. doug: and danielle is back. just a little time for snow in some spots. danielle: snow and cold air moving in. the coldest air we've seen thus far this season. don't shoot the messenger, folks. just telling you what's going o we're starting the morning in the 20's and 30's across the area. 26 degrees in worcester right now as well as out in western mass and pittsfield. it is 31 degrees in boston. 29 in portsmouth. 34 on nantucket. but take a look. you see this purple color and this white color. yeah, we're going to take this cold air from canada and bring it right down into our area. the other thing we have to talk about though is these winds out there today. you can see they're sustained anywhere from 10-15 miles an hour. so that creates what's called a wind chill value. so wind chills this morning starting out in the teens and 20's. unfortunately, even with some sunshine today and the air
5:28 am
upper 30's today, it's going to feel more like the low 30's and upper 20's due to the winds but we will see a lot of sunshine even though this morning some areas starting out with some flurries around. upper 30's, low 40's for highs today. but again big changes coming. we'll talk about when the cold air arrives ahead. doug and karen. karen: thanks, danielle. in the news, boston police are sending out a warning to dorchester residents. doug: the eye's frank holland joins us with that, plus the other stories we're following right now. good morning again, frank. frank: good morning again, doug and karen. residents in the area are on assault. around 6:30 early yesterday morning. she was walking alone down a busy, well-lit stretch of columbia road when police say the man grabbed her from behind near annabel street. threatened her with a weapon and then sexually assaulted her. police say that man then ran away after the attack. there is an all out manhunt right now in israel for the
5:29 am
people. at least three others were wounded before the attacker fled. the shooting was captured on surveillance cameras from a shop next door. media reports say government officials know who the shooter is. the road to the white house runs through the bay state today. sanders is holding two events here. 1:00. school in worcester for a rally at 5. karen? karen: a little boy in acton, rescued after falling through a neighbor proving to be a lifesaver. our todd kazakiewich talked with a grateful family and the man who saved the day. victor: i was just walking. i leaped in the ice and i fell through. todd: 11-year-old victor lima and his family just moved to acton from brazil in the spring. he now knows the meaning of the term "thin ice." on wednesday victor fell through the ice on top of the pond outside his family's apartment. father: he's just thinking
5:30 am
over there. todd: thankfully the pond is not very deep. victor knows how to swim, but his clothes and the frigid water had him struggling to get out. victor: my shoes were so heavy, i can't walk. i get off my shoes and keep walking and i go, "help, help." super cold. i think it's four or five people todd: one of those people was neighbor ty lamb. ty: i broke the ice and i broke a path out to him, and he was out there and i grabbed him. todd: others on shore helped victor and ty scale the steep, slippery ground. the actions of quick-thinking rescuers ensured victor was rushed to the hospital before suffering any serious injuries. ty: i'm an old army soldier, reconn scout. i think it's just in our background. victor: i think it's super cool that they helped me. super nice of them to help me. todd: victor says he and his friends will no longer play near the pond.
5:31 am
distance. reporting in acton, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: another close call involving a drone near logan airport. pilot: a drone off to our right. about 700 feet. just saw it a few seconds ago. doug: that's the pilot of a jetblue jet landing at logan around noon yesterday. it's the second time a pilot has spotted a drone in the last week. an air canada pilot says a drone came within 100 feet of his plane on christmas day. both flights landed safely. state police are investigating. massport is reminding everyone that it's illegal to fly a drone within five miles of an airport and 400 feet high. karen: new this morning maintenance workers for the green line raked in on average more than $32,000 in overtime pay last year. a "herald" investigation finds that's more than double the overtime pay for blue line workers and far more than what
5:32 am
the other lines received. right now the "t" has launched its own audit of overtime spending over the past two years. in 2015 alone, the "t" had a $75 million tab for overtime for its 6,500 employees. the green line with some of the most noticeable payouts. doug: anger and disbelief in west bridgewater right now. a cemetery that has been a target of vandals in the past is hit again. as newscenter 5's jack harper reports, dozens of gravestones and monuments are damaged. >> the oldest stone in there is broken in half now. that was 1751. that's our oldest. jack: this is the fifth time vandals have targeted the pleasant hills cemetery, third in the last year. this time, 33 stones were hit. >> it's very tragic. i don't know what else to say. jack: the damage is throughout the cemetery. pretty much hit or miss. these are the graves of elvis westerlund's grandparents and their parents. >> it's devastating. it's awful.
5:33 am
something like this. even when i just pulled up and saw all of them down, i can't believe it. >> i have to contact living relatives, if there are any, and welcome their new year. and then after that, all the ones that there are no living relatives, i have no idea what we're going took. jack: lauren de laney and other volunteers oversee this historic cemetery. all the damage hurts. this time for her it's personal. her great grandmother's grave hit. >> i'm glad my mother is no longer with us. because she would be down here crying her eyes out right now. jack: west bridge rfer water police theorize this could be some of the other people involved in other incidents here. especially back in november. they're not sure. if you know anything, they'd like to hear from you. in west bridgewater for newscenter 5 tonight, i'm jack harper. karen: the man charged with possessing some of the guns stolen from the u.s. army reserve center in worcester will be back in federal court on
5:34 am
tyrone james of dorchester is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. james is accused of helping to broker the sales of the stolen guns. james walker morales, the former u.s. army reservist accused of stealing the weapons, allegedly brought them to james to try to sell them the day after the robbery. a bar owner in rochester, new york, says his business was the intended target of an alleged new year's eve terror plot. federal officials said on planned to attack a bar but authorities did not reveal which one. says investigators told him that his place would've been targeted. he also says he's seen lutchman before. >> he's been around the neighborhood for quite some time. it's a panhandler. a lot of the businesses have asked him to leave. he's been a to few of them. >> including yourself. >> including myself. karen: a criminal complaint says lutchman wanted to bomb and kidnap party revelers to prove himself to isis. lutchman was nabbed after he met
5:35 am
the justice department. he's been charged with trying to provide material support to isis. doug: investigators in dubai still trying to determine the cause of a spectacular fire in a luxury hotel. flames engulfed the 63-story building just as crowds were gathering for the city's new year's eve fireworks display. crews have been on the scene assessing the damage. 14 people suffered minor injuries when they were evacuated from the hotel. a photographer stuck on the 48th floor made a frantic plea for help on social media. >> i need help. i'm here on the 48th floor, help. i prayed that if this is my last chance, then so be it. doug: he was rescued by firefighters about two hours later. karen: now to that historic flooding in the midwest. things are finally starting to get back to normal after hundreds of homes and business were damaged. in missouri, all interstate
5:36 am
residents around st. louis are assessing the damage. dwight davis lives just southwest of st. louis in sunset hills. he was able to save his house. >> we started building the house about two days ago right when it started coming up, about 6:00 a.m. we started. we started going with about 70 volunteers. sunset hills really came through. they had sandbags coming for us, sand and everything. karen: the record floods are blamed for at least 22 deaths in missouri and illinois, and at least four people are still missing. the threat is not over yet. all that water now is heading south to arkansas and louisiana. doug: protests after a grand jury fails to indict two police officers who shot and killed a 12-year-old boy. the demands they are making and where they are staging their latest protests. frank: the state of new york is looking for pay back. the money it wants fantasy sports companies to refund to gamblers who lost cash on their
5:37 am
danielle? danielle: a seasonable day on tap, but i'm tracking a temperature drop. just how cold it's going to get. >> she said if i was going to wear such a revealing costume to reveal my stomach that i should work on my stomach. karen: one comment from a beauty competition judge started her downward spiral. how this taunton girl battled back from anorexia, and the timely message you got people working incredibly long hours. median family income today -- $4,000 less than it was in 1999. p the bottom line of this economy is that it is rigged. p what this campaign is about is to demand that we create r an economy that works for all of us r rather than a handful of billionaires. if you work 40 hours a week in america, you should not live in poverty. i'm bernie sanders,
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doug: 5:44 on this saturday morning. and frank, there's new trouble to start the new year for two fantasy sports sites. frank: the new york attorney draftkings and its rival site fanduel to turn over profits made in the empire state to the that's around $200 million. lawsuit that would also require the sites to pay a hefty fine to the state. it's the latest move in new york's attempt to shut down the popular fantasy sports sites, calling them illegal gambling. good news here. drivers can expect to continue seeing low prices at the pump in the new year. fall as low as $1.79 a gallon in the next month.
5:40 am
prices in years. the average driver saved $550 over the course of the year when compared to 2014. that helped power consumer spending stimulated the economy. will be released. million jobs were created in 2015. that would be a more than 5.5 million over the last two years, the most in a two-year period since the dot-com boom. frank holland, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> now your storm team 5 forecast with meterologist danielle vollmar. doug: step outside this morning. it's a little chilly but certainly been worse on january 2, i guess. danielle: it's going to get worse. doug: then there you go. danielle: as we head towards next week, we're starting out with the coldest air we've seen thus far this season. it's going to be chilly, folks. get ready. 39 degrees today for your high. tomorrow 42. actually running above normal. but then look at monday and tuesday. wow.
5:41 am
comeback. we are in the upper 20's on monday. mid 20's on tuesday. and starting out in the teens and single digits. so cold air is coming. and with that there is a threat for snow for some. we're going to talk more about that in just a second. but the cold air is obviously coming up from north from canada and even out west. look at minneapolis right now at 15 degrees but we are checking in this morning in the 30's. we have this cold front we're watching. this is going to come flew actually tomorrow and bring down that real he'll cold air. but out ahead of it another little disturbance pushing on through and that's generating this morning some flurries out there especially some lake-effect flurries coming off ontario into western mass, southern vermont. some of these may be making it to the ground, you know, around, say, the worcester hills through boston and then out towards the berkshires. but it's very light in nature. this is going to pass on through very quickly. in fact, most of the day today is actually going to be sun-filled.
5:42 am
through the afternoon. notice though real snow showers ongoing up through northern new england. so for all of you ski lovers, you're going to get more fresh powder not only today but also for tomorrow. in terms of the temperatures, low 30's in the south shore right now. mid 30's on the vineyard. and nantucket. upper 20's though through the merrimack valley. as we go through the next 12 hours for you folks there, you're going to warm up into the mid 30's through the afternoon. and notice though there could be some more afternoon clouds. i think the farther north and west you live in boston is is the better chance of seeing some more clouds but i do think down along parts of the cape and the islands you're going to stay pretty sunny today in the upper temperatures. so again the high temperatures look like this across the area. upper 30's right around 40 degrees. then for tonight, we drop back into the 20's and 30's under partly cloudy skies. and tomorrow i think there's going to be more clouds around. we're still going to have the wind.
5:43 am
upper 30's and low 40's so not a bad day overall. and it's pretty much a dry day. but here comes that cold front bringing in that arctic air. and then those winds turn to the north and east so so on monday afternoon into the evening, there's going to be the chance for some ocean-effect snow showers. they're going to start to impact parts of our coastline and could bring some accumulating snow because the temperatures will be so cold. so we're talking anywhere from cape ann down along the south shore, the cape, the islands could see anywhere from 1-3 inches depending on where those bands set up. either way you look at it, everybody else is seeing the chill. look at these high temperatures as we head towards tuesday. mid 20's but starting out the day in the teens and the single digits. wind chill values could be at wind chill advisory criteria tuesday morning. so be aware of that. it is going to be cold on tuesday morning. we do start to moderate though as we head towards the end of
5:44 am
doug and karen. doug: danielle, thank you. 5:48. some of the other stories we're following right now on the eyeopener. karen: protests continuing in cleveland over a grand jury's decision not to indict two officers who fatally shot 12-year-old tamir rice. more than 120 protesters marched to the home of the county prosecutor tim mcginty. there, they laid on the ground for four minutes representing the time it took to get tamir medical attention after he was shot. the group wants mcginty to resign or to be removed. unforgettable in every way doug: so sad. natalie cole, the voice behind unforgettable music, is dead at the age of 65. the grammy-winning singer died thursday night after complications from on-going health issues. the singer's 1991 album "unforgettable with love" sold nearly 14 million copies. the album featured reworked versions of her father nat
5:45 am
including "unforgettable" in which cole sang along to her father's track. karen: take a look. shovelers were back at lambeau field yesterday morning, clearing snow ahead of the packer's big game against the vikings. tomorrow's game will determine the nfc north champion. more than 250 people showed up to help out, and they got paid $10 an hour for the service. this was the second day of clean-up. on thursday nearly 800 shovelers turned out. doug: here's what the home of the patriots looked liked on new year's day with 67,000 fans filling all the seats and the standing room only. bruins and canadiens ready to go. holliston native mike condon's goalie mask reminding him to do his job. tuukka rask also looking for inspiration from the champion patriots. but it's montreal's big day. max pacioretty bats a puck out of the air and brendan gallagher
5:46 am
the year, cruises to an easy 5-1 win. the local kid making 27 saves. college football and we start with the grand-daddy of them all. the rose bowl. stanford and iowa. and it was quite the day for christian mccaffrey this kid is unbelievable. first play from scrimmage and he's gone 75 yards for a touchdown. he'd finish with a rose bowl record 368 all-purpose yards, 66 more on the punt return. so, he's good and stanford is much better than iowa. they win, 45-16. karen: as new diets start for many this new year, we introduce you to a taunton teen with a special message. she posts inspriational messages daily to her anoxeria awareness facebook page to remind others worrying too much about body image can be unhealthy. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson has her story. rhondella: taunton high senior haylei conte has a ballet bar in her room and a wall of dance competition awards; yet in this
5:47 am
judge crumbled her world. haylei: she said if i was going to wear such a revealing costume and show my stomach that i should work on my stomach, so i automatically assumed she means i'm fat. i felt horrible about myself. rhondella: that was two years ago and the beginning of anorexia. pegi conte: it was my mom's birthday. she had eaten two tablespoons of ice cream and went ballistic. and i said, "oh, my gosh, what is wrong, haylei?" rhondella: the 15-year-old haylei did this self-portrait. and she lost 45 pounds. haylei: i went all the way down to 80 pounds. it was very, very fast. rhondella: she was told not to dance because her heart could stop. specialists did get her healthy. haylei: i was tired, nauseous, pale and you could see my bones. rhondella: a month ago she competed in the miss taunton pageant. she didn't win the crown; but dancing, she did win scholarship money and "the most talented" category spreading a weighty
5:48 am
judge. haylei: i had fallen victim to my mirror, scale, and measuring tape. rhondella: with so many new year's resolutions focused on diet, haylei wants her struggle to help others susceptible to anorexia. haylei: if you're thin naturally, it's okay. you're not automatically anorexic. if you're thick, you're not fat. you're just who you are. i mean, be happy with whatever you are. rhondella: haylei's mindset was the biggest problem. her family was her savior. mom went to school for half the year to sit with her at school lunch, and her twin sister threw out the scale. in taunton, rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. karen: what a difference a powerful and strong message. doug: hopefully, you know, especially the young kids will hear that and say, okay. get some help. karen: coming up next, you could call a new hampshire couple a perfect match. the lucky and potentially life-saving coincidence that is bringing them closer together. and a set of twins with a definite distinction. the frequent question twins face
5:49 am
answer. tt2wat^(@%4 bt@q9op tt2wat^(@%4 "a@q)c4 tt2wat^(@%4 bm@q"h8 tt4wat^(@%4 " dztq l
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for this great offer. get out of the past. get fios. (cell phone rings) where are you? p well the squirrels are back in the attic. mom? r your dad won't call an exterminator... can i call you back, mom? r he says it's personal this time... if you're a mom, you call at the worst time. it's what you do. r if you want to save fifteen percent or more
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you switch to geico. it's what you do. where are you? it's very loud there. are you taking a zumba class? danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. starting out the day in the 30's, but you look off to the west and you see cold air that is going to be headed in our direction. in fact, we have to talk about december because december was the warmest on record. and today and tomorrow, we are
5:52 am
should be this time of year but look at monday and tuesday. the coldest air all season is making its way in along with that cold air though is coming the chance for some ocean-effect snow showers especially at the coast monday afternoon into the evening into tuesday. best chances anywhere from 1-3 inch s is really going to be the cape and the islands but everybody along the coast has to be aware of that because it is going to be cold enough to see some ocean-effect snow showers. karen? karen: thanks, danielle. twins share lots of things but these two siblings won't have to share the same birthday. they were born on different days and different years in san diego. a baby girl was born one minute before midnight on new year's eve. her twin brother was born two minutes after midnight on new year's day. both babies are happy and healthy. one is just a little bit older.
5:53 am
the boy will be telling her that all the time. hey, you're totally a year older than me. karen: coming up, the story of a couple with a different take on wedding gifts. doug: how their big day could make a big difference for children in africa. daunting numbers in the opioid crisis. after devastating news in 2015
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