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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 4, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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there will -- the judge will have discretion, but he sister is tearfully pleading for time served. kath -- catherine greig did not appear, but her attorney said greig will plead guilty to a contempt charge. she refused to el it the grand jury if others helped her boyfriend, james "whitey" bulger during his 16 years on the run. >> she will not talk to the grand jury and so will plead guilty. reporter: she says her sister should not receive more prison time. she is already serving an eight-year sentence for con conspiracy to harbor a fugitive and identity fraud jie. she is ready to move forward and i am ready to move forward. she has been in there for enough time. longer than one of the guys that killed five people. reporter: she becamey -- emotional talking about her twin. >> i miss her. i #-d -- had don't forget not just the time in jail, but for 16 years she was gone.
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in fact, at one point i told myself i have to tell myself she is dead because i can't go on like this. we are very, very close. i miss that. i really do. reporter: you want her to come home? >> yes, i want her home where she belongs. reporter: she has been corresponding with bulger who is serving a life sentence in florida. he is sorry she is suffering. there is no date for her to return to court. wcvb newscenter 5. heather: the mental health evaluation for the babysitter accused of kidnapping a toddler from her home has been extended. she was undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at the worcester recovery center since the november incident. a court psychologist testified that she does show signs of mental illness. hannah is charged with kidnapping a 2-year-old girl and beating her and leaving her on the side of the road. the little girl is recovering. the man arrested after police say weapons were found in his car near gillette stadium
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the bail was set as $17,000 for matthew bronson of connecticut. he is facing a list of charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. foxborough police say he was drunk and acting suspiciously on friday before the winter classic. they say the weapons found in his car included a sword and meat cleaver. ed: the man accused of beating a boston police officer ended up facing a judge today. look at surveillance cameras that captured 23-year-old bowman pumping the officer while he sat in his cruiser. the officer called for help. he said, quote, you are all doomed and you are going to die. a lawrence man is out on bail tonight. 23-year-old robert ibar was pulled over in medford on saturday night. state police say when the troopers started speaking to him ibar drove off dragging the officer for a short distance. ibar pleaded not guilty at his arraignment and was released on $500 cash bail.
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after a car crashed into a utility pole bringing down wires with it. both sides of the highway were shutdown for several hours and the driver was not seriously hurt. heather:a nightmare on wall street. 2016 is off to a very rocky start. in fact it was the worst start 2008. we remember that year. j.c. monahan is here with more on what caused it? reporter: it started overseas, heather, with losses in china big hit. the dow lost 276 points and the nasdaq 104 points. analysts say china's stock selloff coupled with worries about the mideast contributed to the problems. it was the worst in two weeks and brought stocks to the lowest level since last autumn. it could have been worst. the dow was 400 points lower before climbing partially out of the hole by the end of today's trading.
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ed: to commitment 2 wrr -- 2016 and former president bill clinton campaigning for his wife. julie mcdonald is live now at the second of president clinton's stops. reporter: it is the second of which is just letting out now is the former president's first public event for hillary's campaign. she has called bill her secret weapon and admits as president she would value his advice. supporters told newscenter 5 it only makes sense to see hillary's other half on the campaign trail. restoring sprues spare tee -- prosperity and rebuilding the middle class and giving kids their dreams back, former president bill clinton highlighted what this election is all about and why his wife is the best one for the job. >> i do not believe in my lifetime anybody has run for this job at a moment of greater importance who was better qualified. reporter: he pointed to hillary's accomplishments as
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experience will serve her standing against terrorism and making the right decisions about national security and immigration. >> we don't want to run away from the place we have been. america is the place that welcomes all people who are willing to treat other people treated. reporter: it success resonates with one woman who came here. >> i was born in a camp and i immigration. it hits home for me. i mean, my children are first reporter: another memorable moment for supporters, how clinton ended his speech, on a personal note recalling meeting his wife 45 years ago at yale law. she wanted to provide legal services to the poor, and he says everything she touched she made better. >> explaining the experiences she had before she was given anything. so really just trying to
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to help. reporter: and early on in this morning's speech, clinton did epidemic. he praised the governor for making narcan more available and praised his wife $10 billion plan to increase funding for prevention and treatment. live in new hampshire, julie mcdonald, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> he will quickly cut the oil. ed: you aring looing at donald trump's ad. he is releasing his first ad tonight and the coverage continues with reid lamberty who is live in lowell. reid? reporter: the arena is named after a prominent massachusetts democrat, but tonight it is the republican front runner who will take center stage and be in the spotlight. donald trump will in less than an hour take the podium and dais what is expected to be a near capacity crowd of
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ahead of trump's scheduled speech. >> how do you racist. >> t-r-u-m-p. >> the warm welcome does not extend far beyond the walls of the arena. a group has gathered to voice their opposition to trump's stance on a variety of issues. many here are opposing trump's proposal to ban muslims from coming into the country until, in his words, we can figure out what is going on. other accuse the billionaire of being a racist. donald trump leads the polls across the board and in iowa and new hampshire where the new commercial will hit air waves tomorrow. trump is pledging to spend $2 million a week in those two states leading up to the iowa caucus and new hampshire primary. live in lowell, reid lamberty, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> we are worried our
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available. heather:as president obama prepares to unveil gun restriction, gun stores are seeing a surge in sales. harvey: windchills are into the single digits and the actual air temperature is getting down there too. the coldest weather by far so far this winter. i'll let you know how long it will be with us. ed: do you remember the play tom brady suffered an ankle sprain? that's the good news. what he is saying about his recovery for the playoffs. heather: what he did before the game yesterday that one
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>> you're watching newscenter 5 at 6:00. ed: president obama will announce he is bypassing congress and taking executive action aimed at curbing gun violence. heather: and gun sales are surging in some areas. rhondella is live in north at tell attleborough. reporter: right now before
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police chief. the sales are up more than 50% in the last month. everyone is filling out a background form checking the criminal history. >> a lot of people are buying small guns that are easy to put in their pocket. reporter: business is brisk at gun shops. gun manufacturer stock is up. this shop owner says his customers worry about president obama's plan to bypass congress to reduce gun violence will make guns harder to get. >> the president is talking about how many of these transactions could take place and at one p -- and a what point do they need to do a background check? >> we have a frequency of mass shootings. reporter: gun owners ant pate a crackdown on unlicensed dealers and more back ground checks. >> no criminal comes in here
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out page after page of forms and sits while i do a federal background check. in massachusetts we have to do the second background check. reporter: the president admits new gun laws can't stop all mass shootings like when 14 were killed in san bernadino last month. but doing nothing has consistently backfired. >> it is an infringement on our freedom, yes, but in this day and age things are really, you know, getting out of hand with this terrorism stuff. reporter: massachusetts has some of the strictest gun laws. a shop owner says some states don't check mental illness citing privacy so there could be some changes to come that would be welcome. rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. ed:wasn't it a week ago we were running around in shorts and t-shirts? what winter? heather:not today. it will get your attention when you step out the door. harvey is tracking how long it will last. and he wasn't tom pea terrific
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beforehand tom brady scored a
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ed: on new year's eve police traced a 9-1-1 call to 19-year-old dillon lydon. they say dillon denied throwing something on the grass and it turned out to be a stun gun and possessing them is illegal here in massachusetts. they found lydon was carrying illegal fireworks and faces several charges. heather: the state's highest court has ruled to stop a couple from becoming foster parents because they spanked their children. they say they used corporal punishment on their biological children, but would not spank any foster children. they say the decision infringed on their constitutional religious rights. the supreme judicial court
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rights are outweighed by the need to protect foster children. ed: gas prices are falling. the average price is down 2 cents from last week to $1.96 a gallon. that's three cents below the national average. 5 year ago at this time, the average price in massachusetts was 40 cents higher at $2.36 a gallon. heather:yesterday's pats-dolphins game was a nightmare for most fans, but for just one it was a dream come true. this 13-year-old miami teenager battling a rare abdominal cancer got to meet the patriot quarterback tom brady before the game. ernesto is undergoing chemo and so this was a big pick me up. he took some pics and even signed his hoodie. ernesto met other members of the pats and dolphins as well and some of the dolphin cheerleaders. ed: the kicker there.
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heather: so something good came out of it. that's okay. game. we have to deal with the snow and the cold. the snow is very, very localized now and even more so than it was earlier. visibility has come up in most places. plymouth is up to six miles. light snow and providence nine miles. i want you to notice that even though the area has gotten weaker and it has tended to shrink a lot there is still a concentration in plymouth county sliding down to cape cod that will go on awhile longer in plymouth county and in bands along the cape. that's right in there as you can see. here is a look as we show you and zoom into the roadway that are being impacted. definitely route three and 3a down to 6a as you enter the cape , and route 44 is near the northern edge of the snow band as it continues to drift more to the south with time. as far as the winter weather advisory, that's for the cape and the islands until 7:00 a.m.
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on a northerly wind it is localized and cold air over the warm waters relatively speaking and it picks up moisture and deposits it. it depends on the wind direction. when it is out of the north, northeast the band on the south shore can be affected. when it is more northerly it is the cape. the cape keeps the snow squalls the longest into early tomorrow morning and then it should come to an end. the rest of us will be completely clear. the only problem is we have the bitter cold. in fact, it has already moved in. after that one to four inches of snow from plymouth county across the cape in total, we then wind up with the bitter cold. it is currently only 1 degree in rutland, vermont. 3 in burlington, vermont. bitterly cold air and the coldest obviously by far we have seen so far this winter season. boston is now down to 22. the wind is north, northwest, but that's 18 miles per hour. so with temperatures as low as 5 and teens and low 20s in
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wind gusts. we have windchills that are as low as 0 in worcester. the windchill in boston will drop below 0 as you head out tomorrow morning with a temperature of about 12 and a wind of 15 miles an hour. in worcester the temperature early tomorrow morning will be even colder. however, look at the readings tomorrow afternoon. though still cold we have the benefit of full sunshine. that is the good news. and then there will be some additional good news if you don't want the cold to stick around too long. this time around it won't. as early as wednesday afternoon we will be back up into the 40s. why such a quick change? well, this cold shot courtesey of the jet stream retreats back up to the north and allows the milder air to return. and that will be important as we get toward the weekend. our next bout of precipitation are likely to be during next weekend. right now we lean more toward rain for the most part and boston, the coast and southeastern mass, some mixing possible off to the north and west. and then as we start next week
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begin to return again. this time it appears that colder weather may be more longer lasting in time. it may not be as cold as what we are experiencing right now, but it doesn't look like -- that looks like it is a little speak. tonight. i'm meteorologist harvey leonard . phil: accord -- ed: according to the sheriff in oregon those who set fire to the ranch have turned themselves in. the ranchers have turned themselves in. that story is breaking and we news. >> now sports center 5 with bob halloran. >> when you see the hits tom brady took, the 300-pound man ambivalent to the destruction he caused rolling over brady's ankle and he is con torting in ways only a gum -- gumby doll
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the mri does not lie. brady gets away with a sprain and he has two weeks to recover. he took the hit and was taped up and stayed in the game. afterwards he admitted that he was pretty sore. today he he said i've had worse injuries before. no biggie. >> i'm doing all right. i'm doing all right. we will see how this week goes. there will be some treatment and as always a lot of guys are banged up. it is part of football season. i will just work hard to get the right treatment and i have always dealt with injury. i am confident that i know how to deal with injuries. i will try to go and believe me there is -- i will be doing everything i can to be out there. there is nothing else in my life that is a priority at this point other than getting to feel like i'm 100%. >> so it is a good thing the patriots got the first round
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of the patriots two weeks to heal. they will host either cincinnati, houston or kansas city on sunday, saturday, january 16th. bad coaching or just bad luck may explain why tom coughlin is out of a job. he resigned as head coach before the giants could fire him after leading the giants to a third straight losing season. this year the giants lost four games in the final seven seconds. so 6-10 could have been 10-6 with a few breaks going the giants' way, but they couldn't. the pressure was on coughlin to walk away. but it is clear at 69 years old and with two super bowl rings at the expense of the patriots that coughlin can still coach. >> he does a great job and he definitely has not failed. i feel that we as players, we failed him by not playing to the level that we could.
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back on the field at gillette stadium they will have to remove the egg the bruins laid on new year's day. the winter classic was a classic fail as the bruins came up small on the big stage. and their punishment for their embarrassing effort was returned to a training camp mentality the last two days of practice. hard skating and back to basics they upset and they played one of their worst games at the worst time. the bruins are putting them behind them. >> as with any other games in the season when you have a bad game and you just have to move forward and get ready for next time. >> we need to win some hockey games here. we have sliped a little bit and we have to get our game back on track. we have some challenges and we have to work on some of those kind of things. we have to overcome them against teams playing well right now. >> the bruins are off until tomorrow when they host washington. celtics are in brooklyn of the it is time where the boston
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>> i remember when that used to be all the time. heather: coming up at 11:00, the teen taking action on fare increases. how much more you could be paying and when those increases will go into uh ect if. that's -- go into uh ect if. that's after an annul "bachelor." first "world news" with david muir. >> schools close and they are prepared to use force. and the con problem station at starbucks. the mom who returns after her credit card number was allegedly stolen and used. she find the clerk. you will see it on newscenter 5. >> on "chronicle" one house too many angles and another none at all and sounding the bells in a steeple-topped home. and animal house times two and three.
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new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. r eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... p because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. r ever new england. eversource. >> one week from today newscenter 5 launches not one, but two newscasts. it is a fast-paced look at all of the big news at 4:30 in the afternoon. heather:and more in depth coverage. ed: and harvey will be here from 4:30 until infinity. harvey: you wind us up and we
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of truth to that. harvey: anyway, we have the snow in plymouth county moving on to cape cod and bitter cold for all of us. it doesn't last too long. ed: i am disappointed in the finished. 2-4 in the last six games? couldn't beat the jets or dolphins to get the number one seed?
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