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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 18, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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addiction, b also for the dramatically increasing number of families scarred by this deadly scourge. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: a hingham man comes home after weeks in an iranian prison. this morning a first look at the reunion with his family. emily: democrats divided. the issue sparking a battle between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. randy: disaster at a gas station. why this crash was not the end of the danger. on the eye for this monday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: 5:00 a.m. start this martin luther king day. in framingham. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price with cindy fitzgibbon.
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the snow we got over the weekend. cindy: a lot of spots anywhere from 1-4 inches of snow through the overnight. most of us will see much more than an inch additional accumulation but notice is still falling out there. so we've got what fell overnight and what is is falling now. you can see on the radar darker blue headed toward 128. that's where we do have more intense snow working on through. we do have a winter weather advisory up until 10:00 this morning. reduced visibility, slipper erodes. could be dicey driving for next couple of hours. everything is moving from west to east. the snow has let up in the intensity west of 495 but look at this band here. from waltham to needham, this will be closing in on you and working toward the coastline into the boston area. notice through 6:00 this morning, the focus is really shifting toward eastern and north eastern massachusetts in terms of the snow. by 8:00 this morning, it is really starting to wind on down. so it's just a couple more hours here with the snowfalling out there. i think most of us walk away with between about 2-4 inches of snow.
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had some higher totals so locally down this way there could be up to five inches of snow. we have an arctic front pressing in right now. behind this front, temperatures really fall off. in the 20's now but it's in the teens and even sub zero behind this front. that's the air mass that is working on in. notice we shut the snow off here by about 9:00 this morning. there will be breaks of sunshine this afternoon. temperatures hold in the 20's. when you factor in an increasing wind, wind chills going to be running in the single digits here as we get into the afternoon and this evening. so the cold is really on way. let's get you out to the roads right now. it's been a time of snow. a lot of the road crews have been working overnight. olessa: it's tricky on the secondary and smaller roadways. on the leverett connector you can only see blacktop for one lane. that will be the case along a lot of the major roadways. just drove in on 128, the same just be careful. let's see the rest of your ride. if you're traveling into town no construction this morning. as you head south so far we're
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not seeing any major problems just yet. so far the pike and route 9 are looking okay this morning. we're not seeing any major delays as you travel 93 southbound. budget in that extra travel time and expect possible minor delays for the red line this morning because of weekend track work. i'll keep you posted if any of those pop up. randy and emily. emily: right now a hingham native is back home, finally free after being held in an iranian prison for weeks. randy: the eyeopener's doug meehan is live in hingham with his emotional return. doug: good morning, everyone. matthew trevithick spent 40 days in that notorious prison in iran. now he is back with his family. here in hingham. this is our first look at trevithick as he arrived on u.s. soil. the first thing he did when he walked into logan airport was put his arms around his mother. the 30-year-old boston university graduate was studying farsi in tehran. that's when he was abducted though the details remain
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trevithick's mother got the call just before 5:00 a.m. on saturday that he was free and coming home. we spoke to the family before he arrived at logan. >> we're overjoyed he's out. we're just enormously grateful to everybody in the government. doug: trevithick was released on the same day that four other americans were freed by the iranian government in a separately negotiated prisoner swap. state department officials say the tense talks to free him were so precarious that immediate family members couldn't even tell anyone he'd been detained. the prison where he was held has a reputation for brutality against political prisoners. but the conditions trevithick encountered are unclear. we're live in hingham this morning, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: three of the four other americans released by iran are in germany after a brief stop in geneva. the fourth detainee chose to remain in iran. the state department says the americans will be checked out at a military hospital near ramstein air force base in germany before heading home. right now the state department
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contractors missing in iraq. there are reports that they have been kidnapped. the arab news channel al-arabiya claims the americans were taken by militias in baghdad. the u.s. embassy says it's working with iraqi authorities to locate the missing workers. sanders: i think secretary clinton knows what she says is very disingenuous. randy: sharp clashes as the democrats go head to head for the last time before the iowa caucuses. this morning tension is clearly rising between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the eyeopener's erika tarantal is here with the highlights. erika: two weeks from today voters will cast their votes in iowa so the stakes are high. clinton, sanders, and former maryland governor martin o'malley took the stage in south carolina last night. but the strain between sanders and clinton was clear. early on, sanders took clinton to task for what he says is a mischaracterization of his position on gun control.
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clinton: i have made it clear based on senator sanders record that he has voted with n.r.a. with gun lobby numerous times. sanders: the gun manufacturer's liability bill had some good provisions. erika: candidates also discussed race relations, the economy, and the opioid epidemic. a new "wall street journal"/nbc news poll gives clinton a 25-point lead nationwide. that's up six percent since last month. randy: the sanders campaign is promising to tone things down in one new hampshire community. police in epping say they were getting complaints about aggressive door-to-door campaigning there. there were at least three complaint calls last week. the sanders camp called the incidents a "rare exception" adding that they've trained thousands of volunteers. a number of republican candidates are headed for new hampshire this week. ted cruz is already there campaigning through thursday. donald trump has an event in concord today. and john kasich will make stops in plymouth, hanover, and
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emily: it is seeming less likely that the marathon bomber will face state charges for the murder of m.i.t. police officer sean collier. after dzhokhar tsarnaev was sentenced to death for the attacks, middlesex d.a. marian ryan vowed to immediately pursue charges in state court. but "the globe" reports she is now considering her options and has not asked that tsarnaev be returned to massachusetts. new this morning. startling new numbers about how many youths are escaping state custody. "the globe" reports more than 270 have taken off from department of youth services facilities in the last four years. that includes 18-year-old alexander mills who is charged with killing a new bedford cab driver. he's one of nearly three dozen escapees accused of committing crimes. the less restrictive facilities allow juveniles to attend classes or hold jobs in the community as they're being rehabilitated. randy: seven minutes after 5:00. right now the search for answers after a grim discovery in waltham. a couple found dead inside their
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police are treating it as a murder-suicide. they were called to the home on forest street saturday night for a well-being check. property records list the owners as kevin and jeannine o'connor. kevin was a bartender at fiorella's in newton. the restaurant owner says she considered him a part of their family. >> i worked thursday night with him. good-bye. he'll be missed. we're very devastated. we're still wondering-- we don't have any answers yet. randy: neighbors tell newscenter 5 they didn't know the couple well, but they do say they had a close family. right now auburn police are looking for the vandals who went on a bb gun spree. the windows of 20 cars were shot out last saturday night into early sunday morning. it happened on rockland road, summer street, and boyce street. anyone with information is asked to call auburn police. emily: the patriots' road to the super bowl goes through denver. it's brady versus manning again
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steelers last night. the patriots hope the outcome of this sunday's afc championship will be different than the last time they faced the broncos. that was thanksgiving weekend. the same game where rob gronkowski sprained his knee and was carted off the field. julian edelman did not play in that game. the pats lost in overtime. broncos q.b. peyton manning, not showing too much emotion about the matchup just yet. manning: i try to stay kind of in the moment, try to stay one week at a time, try to be patient and not look too far ahead. emily: this will be the patriots fifth straight afc championship and the fifth time brady has taken on manning in a playoff game. kickoff this sunday is at 3:05. a rockland family stunned by what two men did to their pet. randy: the attack in their own yard. and this crash through a convenience store was not the end of an ordeal overseas. the second danger triggered by
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emily: new this morning. save on your energy bills. three ways to lock in the heat and cut costs. erika? erika: now a hingham man is back home after spending weeks in an iranian prison. this is a first look at matthew trevithick's arrival on u.s. soil. the 30-year-old was studying farsi when he was abducted. cindy? cindy: you saw the snow coming down right now but it will be moving out soon. how much more when it's all said and done coming up. and the frigid wind chills on the way. that's in the forecast. the heaviest snow across eastern most massachusetts and temperatures may be in the 20's out the door right now but wind chills will be near zero by the
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>> communities united inc. celebrates 50 years. good morning, "eyeopener." randy: good morning to you.
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communities united incorporated serves 11 communities in the metrowest area. emily: those very enthusiastic folks are from waltham. show us what's going on in your community with an eyeopener wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. olessa: it's pretty but not fun to drive in. cindy: if you have to get out and about the next couple of hours you'll be dealing with the snow. the kids are off school today. they are going to wake up wide eyed. and use all that snow gear they've been waiting to use. these are live pictures from hingham where you can see like, oh, it is pretty. a very wintery scene out there but the snow continues to fly. and the intensity has picked up a little bit in the areas just west of boston. you see this band of blue right here just beyond 128 now closing in to the city. this is a pretty decent band of snow. there's another one here up in essex county. so we do have the snow with us for the next few hours. winter weather advisory until about 10:00 this morning.
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you can see as we get deeper into the morning hours, the snow is going to be letting up and the impact on your traveling is going to come on down. so between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning is when i expect it to taper off in general. it may linger just a little bit longer across north eastern massachusetts. overnight though the heaviest snow has been south of boston. places like rockland and hanover coming in with four inches of snow through the overnight hours. east bridgewater over three. you can see taunton about an inch-and-a-half. about a inch-and-a-half in sharon as well. you head to worcester county, ash burnham has seen 2.5 ismgs, worcester 1.5. westborough almost three and closer to two inches around south boston. you get the idea we've had a little dose of snow. everything is moving from west to east. we are seeing that lessening and lightening up up through worcester county. the focus is the band closing in on the boston area right now. within this, the visibility does drop just a little bit. notice in the next hour by 6:00 this morning, we're pushingome of that steadier snow off shore. by about 8:00 this morning, we're really starting to wind things down. we will see the clouds break for
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lunchtime and into the afternoon. so it's about a 2- to 4-inch snowfall for most of us although south of boston, locally some inches. look at the temperatures right now. we're running in the 20's. however, behind this arctic front coming on in, the temperatures really drop. back down in the teens, even sub zero back towards the lakes. this is the air mass that will be working on in. as the winds shift to the west this morning, temperatures will hold steady even though we get into sunshine this afternoon. by noontime, it's going to feel like it's in the single digits and teens and that gusty wind giving us wind chills close to zero by this evening. the winds will pick up. we do have a wind advisory overnight and into tomorrow on the cape where the winds could gust to 50 miles per hour. keep that in mind as you're heading out the door tomorrow morning. low temperatures dropping into the single digits and teens. with that wind blowing, it will feel much much colder than that. the wind, the cold, they are with us right on into wednesday. wind chills though sub zero throughout the day. tomorrow especially during the morning hours.
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i just want to show you friday night look at this storm that's going to be coming up out of the north. this has the potential to be a significant winter storm. however, the track is critical. a lot of things nied to come together but right now we do have the chance of some pretty good snow around here as we head into the first half of the weekend. we'll be keeping a close eye on that throughout the week. let's get you out to the roadsment doesn't look good out there. olessa: you can see some of the crews ahead of these cars. this is the pike eastbound by we've been see inning throughout the morning. if you can get behind one of those plows that's probably the safest way to go. you'll be in a back-up just like this one. let's see the rest of your ride. that's the story across the board. we are watching one accident early this morning. overturned car. this is 95 south by route 1. so there's an indication of how slick the ride is even that little bit of snow on the ground can do a lot of damage. you do want to budget in the extra travel time. pike and route 9 issue free. southbound same story 93 south just stop-and-go. 128 also you're going to find that one lane right now you're seeing that blacktop.
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just be careful. so far the traindz and buses doing okay. randy. randy: thank you. 17 after 5:00. right now boston police are looking for suspects after a dorchester man opens his door and comes face to face with a gunman. the suspect fired three shots before taking off just after noon yesterday. the victim was hit in the stomach, arm, and knee. the 30-year-old man was taken to boston medical center and is expected to survive. police are hoping surveillance video will provide some leads. a family dog is recovering at home this morning after an unprovoked attack. right now, police are searching for two men they say came into the family's yard in rutland and beat the dog. it was an emotional reunion yesterday for the thibodeau family. their dog abbie was attacked saturday morning and suffered serious head injuries. a family member heard abbie barking and chased the men away. >> i just can't imagine that anybody would do anything to a
5:17 am
her. if they did this to my dog, you know, whose dog is next? randy: abbie is now out of the hospital but still needs pain medication and special care. emily: your economy headlines this monday. overnight still recovering from friday's dismal day on wall street. markets here are closed today for the martin luther king, jr., holiday. later this week, investors will be watching for new numbers on housing construction and sales. boston-based fantasy sports site draftkings is pulling back on advertisements. the company was one of t.v.'s biggest advertisers during the opening weeks of the nfl season. draftkings says it wanted to become a household name. the site plans to invest elsewhere this year. they hope to open up contests in the united kingdom next month. new this morning. with the temperatures dropping, those heating bills are rising. but there are a few ways to cut costs. first, cover up those wall-mounted air conditioners. without a plastic film or air-tight cover, you're letting precious heat out.
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they should be swapped out at least every one to three months if you want it running efficiently. finally, upgrade your shades. dark, heavy shades can block heat loss in the winter. randy: some off-season renovations begin at fenway park this week. not something the boys of summer would recognize. a 140-foot snow ramp will be built on the field ahead of the "polartec big air at fenway." the event is happening february 11 and 12. it's a grand prix tour event which will feature the world's top skiers and snowboarders. a first of its kind in space. emily: what astronauts were able to grow for the first time ever. it's ahead. erika? erika: new at 5:30, a protest planned at boston's state of the city address. the issue leading parents to organize. and a woman attacked in chelsea. the ambush as she walked home from work.
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cindy: it is 5:23 on your monday morning. we have the snow flying out there right now. heaviest across eastern most massachusetts. take a look. i've zoomed in to a band right now. that is crossing 128 toward the city of boston. you can see the snow coming down
5:20 am
and needham headed right toward boston. we have another band up in essex county. from beverly to gloucester, you've got heavier snow. it's letting up though after worcester county. that will be the trend i think about by 9:00 this morning. the snow has tapered off. sunshine this afternoon but temperatures hold in the 20's. when you factor in the wind, wind chills by this evening in the single digits. they'll be below zero out the door tomorrow morning. emily. emily: cindy, thank you. the nation celebrates martin luther king, jr., day today paying tribute to his legacy. boston city leaders will host their 46th annual m.l.k., jr., breakfast this morning. it's hailed as america's oldest breakfast honoring the civil rights leader. randy: it is 5:24. time for some monday eyepoppers, olessa. olessa: and we're going pretty far for this one, but it's worth the trip. for the first time ever a flower has bloomed in space. randy: beautiful. olessa: astronaut scott kelly tweeting this photo from the international space station. the flower getting a little sun for the first time.
5:21 am
vegetables, like tomatoes, in 2018. randy: they'll stand up straight with no gravity. olessa: you can make your self-a salad up there. and take a look at this very close call in australia. a car just smashes right into a convenience store right as a customer walks in. the woman disappears from sight, and it looks like she was hit but incredibly the car just missed her. the drama didn't stop there. the collision triggered a gas leak. before they evacuated, two store clerks dragged the two people inside the car out to safety. that could have ended much worse for everyone. randy: nobody seriously hurt. olessa: incredible video. randy: quite the adventure for all of them. emily: guys, thank you. still ahead, putting lunch before lives. the phone call that may have emergencies. and a couple celebrates 82 years of marriage. their secret to wedded bliss, ahead. and take a live look here. this is our camera at the mass
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you can see the snow flakes falling there in front of the camera. of course, cars taking it slowly on the roadways. you do want to be careful this morning. if you have to go to work today, maybe give yourself some extra time and make sure you take it slow out there. the "eyeopener" continues right
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: finally home! a hingham native held prisoner doug: what his family says they're most looking forward to sharing with him. an alarming attack. story and the clues police are randy: and thousands pack a local beach to show a little boy how much they care. and the results are so much more than d-strong. on the eye. boston's news leader.
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"eyeopener." randy: 5:30 monday morning. an okay today. we're looking at a picture of the turnpike there. you can see the flakes are coming down pretty good flakes at that. thank you so much for joining us this morning. good morning. i'm randy price. emily: and i'm emily riemer along with cindy and olessa. obviously take it slow. if you have to go in, how long will this stick around. cindy: it is a holiday so not as many people out there. certainly no school kids. a lot of schools off today. you can see the radar right now. right over boston that darker blue you saw what the visibility looked like in that shot toward the pike. you can see in this shot as well the visibility has dropped to about three quarters of a mile so the intensity of the snow has picked up a little bit right in the boston area now. look as we move forward in time between 7:00 and 9:00 this morning how the impact lessens as the snow will be tapering off as the morning wears on. we do have the winter weather advisory up until 10:00 this
5:26 am
you can see right here closing in on boston really heavier from west roxbury down to dedham. we also have some enhancement here with a heavier band up around cape ann this morning. it's eastern most massachusetts now that the snow is shifting on through. notice how it lessens off to the west. we'll continue to pivot the steadier snow off shore in the next hour or hour-and-a-half or so. by about 8:30 this morning i think a lot of it is winding down. the snow will taper off here by mid morning. 2-4 inches on average for most of us. we have had higher totals south of boston where some spots could see up to about 5. much much colder air. the temperatures in the 20's this morning hold in the 20's throughout the day. even with sunshine this afternoon. when you factor in that wind, the wind chills dropping into the single digits even near zero in some spots by the end of the day. it will be a cold one indeed. we have the snow to contend. olessa: thank you, cindy. be careful. take it slow. here's a live look outside at
5:27 am
once again the flakes are blanketing the roadways. there is blacktop. the crews went through here not too long ago. it will be a slick ride. if you're heading town watching an accident with an overturned car. 95 southbound by route 1, one lane is is closed. an indication of how slippery the ride is. the pike and route 9 are in decent shape. you saw it live. north of town not seeing any problem spots just yet. budget in the extra travel time. trains and buts doing okay. emily. emily: thank you. right now a hingham native is back home in massachusetts after weeks in an iranian prison. matthew trevithick arrived at logan last night. the 30-year-old was released on the same day that four other americans were freed by the iranian government in a separately negotiated prisoner swap. randy: right now the state department is trying to find three american contractors missing in iraq. there are reports that they have been kidnapped. the arab news channel al-arabiya claims the americans were taken by militias in baghdad.
5:28 am
couple found dead in their officers were called to the home on forest street saturday night for a well-being check. property records list the owners as kevin and jeannine o'connor. right now there is a warning for women after a violent attack. randy: the eyeopener's kelley tuthill is live in chelsea with the alarming incident. kelly: police say the victim was just walking home from work when three masked men moved in. it happened on lynn street extension around 9:30 saturday night. the victim says the men punched, kicked, and slashed her face several times before taking off. residents say even before this incident, they didn't feel comfortable walking here especially late at night. police are stepping up patrols as they investigate this incident. live in chelsea, kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5.
5:29 am
right now the search for a hingham marine and 11 others missing in hawaii is entering day four. corporal christopher orlando was on one of two military helicopters that collided last week. the search is being slowed down by rough seas. orlando's family is thanking everyone who is praying for their son and the other marines. randy: we could know this week when aaron hernandez will face his next murder trial. a new date is expected to be set during a hearing tomorrow. the former patriots' star is accused of gunning down two men outside a boston nightclub in 2012. jury selection was scheduled to begin this month, but the judge agreed to delay the trial because of an appeal over evidence. hernandez is already serving life in prison for the 2013 murder of odin lloyd. new this morning. boston mayor marty walsh could face protests when he gives his state of the city address tomorrow. the eye's frank holland is here to explain. frank: randy, the issue is education. of the mayor's address. the question is will it satisfy some say they plan to protest
5:30 am
symphony hall. according to excerpts from the speech released to "the globe," mayor walsh will appeal to the public to recommit to helping every child in boston succeed. but these are the numbers that concern some parents. at least $20 million will be cut from the school budget this year. parents claim that will have a serious impact on special education services. but school officials say the cuts will also include new efficiencies to make schools run more smoothly. you can watch the mayor's speech tomorrow night right here on channel 5. coverage begins at 7:30 right after newscenter 5 at 7:00. emily: frank, thank you. boston police showing support for martin richard. commissioner bill evans ran sunday's marathon in houston, texas, in support of team m-r-8. the foundation was set up to honor martin, who was killed in the boston marathon bombings. commissioner evans has worn an m-r-8 shirt in every race he's run since the 2013 bombings. a heartfelt message from the
5:31 am
randy: the compassionate plea to drug users after a string of overdoses. and a show of support for a rhode island boy. the battle bringing a whole community together. emily: and ahead in news to go, love lost for tennis stars. how some of the world's best players are accused of ruining the game. p find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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and then he abandoned it. marco rubio. just another washington politician you can't trust. jeb bush. he's a leader, so you always know where he stands. right to rise usa is responsible for the content of this message. p the new caramel macchiato from dunkin' donuts. r let hand-crafted layers of espresso, milk, p and a caramel-flavored swirl uplift your mood. indulge in a hot or iced macchiato today. america runs on dunkin'. olessa: good morning. welcome back to the "eyeopener." live look outside. here is the expressway. this is by the south bay mall. you can see the northbound side very slow ride.
5:34 am
crews are out there doing their job. you want to take it slow. budget in the extra travel time. the roads are slick this morning. cindy once again timing out for a morning commute. cindy: this is the final burst of snow coming through. this will be tapering off mid morning. right now eastern most massachusetts looking at pretty good snow coming down. 2-4 inches for most of us. a little bit more south of boston. once the snow winds down, it becomes about the wind and the cold. wind chills are going to be below zero out the door tomorrow morning. it does look dry into friday. watching the potential for another storm later friday night into first half of your weekend. emily. emily: cindy, thank you. 5 on the opioid crisis in gloucester. an impassioned post from the police chief there after four overdoses in the span of 24 hours. chief leonard campanello writing, "the good news is all were brought back to us by the increased availability and proliferation of narcan," but campanello continued, impassionately speaking to those suffering from heroin addiction, writing, "you are important and worth it. there is no incentive or punishment that this disease responds to.
5:35 am
that can and should be yours." the chief appealing to anyone suffering from addiction, reminding them that the police department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week to help the community. last year, the department launched the angel program to help addicts rather than to punish them. randy: a hingham native is home after spending weeks in an iranian prison. his emotional return. and a 9-1-1 dispatcher accused of having an appetite for trouble. the call that could have put lives on the line. and a couple married for 82 years. their secret to a successful marriage, ahead. you can see the snow still coming down. it will few a few more hoursment cindy will be updating that.
5:36 am
meet the new, 3rd generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. and you could get a $100 rebate from your energy company. learn more at randy: good morning. 5:43 on this monday morning. the eyeopener team ready with your news to go covering a hingham native's homecoming, a warning for women in chelsea, education concerns in boston, and an intense debate for democrats. emily: we'll get to all of those stories. first we want to check in with cindy and your forecast. a busy morning for you. cindy: it started last night. snowing over the night for most areas. 2-4 inches before this is all
5:37 am
a little bit more in a few areas to the south. look at the totals coming in. waiting for some folks to wake up and update these numbers. around south boston a couple of inches. in loonen erg over three inches. you get the idea. south of boston four inches out of hanover, south weymouth three. you can see middleboro over three inches as well. we've had a little bit more snow here in some areas south of boston. slick roads, reduced visibility all a concern for the next few hours. the snow will taper off between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning. and it will linger perhaps a little bit longer here in north eastern most massachusetts. but we are looking at a decent snow band right now. cape ann gloucester. this does stretch south ward down to quincy and randolph as well. this is the last kind of final push here. this last little band rotating on through. you can see how things are letting up off to the west. that's why i say in the next couple of hours this will all be winding down. of us. a little bit more though in areas south of boston.
5:38 am
down. arctic front is what we're focusing on triggering snow now. 20's out the door here. behind this front it's in the toward the great lakes. this is your wind chill forecast over the next 12 hours. clouds break for sunshine this afternoon but it will feel like it's in the teens through the afternoon with winds up over 20 miles per hour. wind and cold the real focus as we head into the day on tuesday as well. wind chills out the door tomorrow morning. they're going to be running below zero. the wind chills will get no higher than the single digits throughout the day tomorrow. so cold and windy. sunshine tomorrow with the bitter cold wind chills and gusty winds will continue on wednesday as well. let's get you out the door right now on those roads. slick out there this morning. olessa: you can see that snow continues to fall here. this is route 1 in saugus southbound side moving to the top of the screen. very slow ride in both dresses. a little bit hard to see on this dark camera. that snow is blanketing the roadways. take it slow. heading south of town just cleared an accident 95
5:39 am
that crash had an overturned car involved with it. that's an idea of how tricky roads can be. you want to be careful. same story along the pike. the speed restriction is now in effect. 40 miles per hour as you travel out of sturbridge to the allston/brighton tolls. north of town so far so good as far as the accident and incident situation goes but not the most pleasant driving conditions this morning. budget in that extra time. trains and buses still running on schedule. emily, randy. randy: thank you. news to go continues in hingham where a man imprisoned in iran is finally home with his family. emily: the eyeopener's doug meehan is here with the sense of relief. doug: good morning. (audio breaking up) the entire community in hingham as a native son is finally home. check out the picture last night from logan. this is a grinning matthew trif i check keeping his mom amelia newcome very close as he arrived in logan last night. only hours before the b.u. graduate was being held in a
5:40 am
he was in prison for 40 days although the state department isn't saying exactly why. what we do know is that he was in iran studying a native language there. the 30-year-old released the same day as four other americans as part of a negotiated exchange for prisoners. we understand the thing he's looking forward to most about being back here in the usa is the big old hamburger. no word if the family is going to take him down to wahlbergers down the street live in hinge hl, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: thank you, doug. three of the four other americans released by iran are in germany after a brief stop in geneva. the fourth detainee chose to remain in iran. the state department says the americans will be checked out at a military hospital near ramstein air force base in germany before heading home. right now the state department is trying to find three american contractors missing in iraq. there are reports that they have been kidnapped. the arab news channel al-arabiya claims the americans were taken by militias in baghdad.
5:41 am
working with iraqi authorities to locate the missing workers. kelley: police say a woman walking home from work says she was attacked by three masked men. it happened here in chelsea on lynne street extension around 9:30 on saturday night. the victim says the men punched, kicked and slashed her face several times before taking off. the woman drove herself to the hospital to be treated for serious injuries. police have now stepped up patrols and are investigating the incident. live in chelsea, kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: in the final democratic debate before the iowa caucuses just two weeks away, hillary clinton and bernie sanders turned up the heat. clinton tried to highlight sanders' policy shifts tangling on healthcare. clinton: i'm not sure whether we're talking about the plan you just introduced tonight or we're talking about the plan you introduced nine times in the congress. sanders: that's nonsense. we're not going to tear up the
5:42 am
erika: the two frontrunners now neck and neck in iowa and new hampshire also sparred on gun control and wall street. in terms of national numbers, a new "wall street journal"/nbc news poll gives clinton a 25-point lead. frank? frank: boston mayor marty walsh will give his second "state of the city" address tuesday night. he's expected to face protests from boston public school parents. according to highlights of the speech released to "the boston globe," the mayor will increase his focus on public education and ask the public to help him improve b.p.s. some parents are concerned about proposed budget cuts of at least $20 million. they say it would would negatively impact special education. school officials say the cuts are needed to make b.p.s. run smoothly. you can watch the mayor's speech tomorrow night right here on channel 5. coverage begins at 7:30 right after newscenter 5 at 7:00. emily: frank, thank you. with the release of prisoners held in iran, sanctions have been lifted against the country. that means a new wave of oil will flow into the global market. with prices already at their lowest, it could mean another
5:43 am
iran is the world's seventh largest oil producer. randy: the nation celebrates martin luther king, jr., day today. boston city leaders will host their 46th annual m.l.k., jr., breakfast this morning. it's hailed as america's oldest breakfast honoring the civil rights leader. emily: the man accused in the deadly shooting of a utah police officer had both federal and state warrants out for his arrest. police say corey lee henderson was being sought by a gang task force when he shot officer douglas barney in the head on sunday. henderson was also killed in the police shootout. officer barney had chased henderson and another suspect, after they allegedly left the scene of a traffic accident. police are investigating the mysterious deaths of three people in new york. police are investigating a murder-suicide after a couple was found dead inside their waltham home. they were called to the home on forest street saturday night for a well-being check. property records list the owners as kevin and jeannine o'connor. neighbors tell newscenter 5 they
5:44 am
they had a close family. randy: there is a new burlington to help some employees get to work. working to bring a free shuttle to the city. burlington right to the community's growing dining hub. restaurant owners say their current and prospective employees have trouble finding reliable transportation especially when they work odd hours. >> one slice of cheese pizza. let me have a lunch special. emily: it seems like an ordinary pizza order. but that's actually a florida 9-1-1 dispatcher ordering pizza on the job while emergency calls were coming in. one of them from this optometry office. they say three calls went unanswered during a medical emergency. the sheriff's department says the dispatcher violated policy and has been disciplined. randy: trouble in the world of tennis over match-fixing. a new report, revealed by the bbc and buzzfeed news, claims 16 of the top 50 ranked players
5:45 am
throwing matches. the report from the tennis integrity unit states the sport has failed to act on suspicious behavior since 2007. the association of tennis professionals denies the claims and says it is investigating. emily: it's brady versus manning in the afc championship. the patriots hope the outcome of this sunday's matchup wille different than last time over thanksgiving weekend. that was the game that rob gronkowski sprained his knee and was carted off the field. julian edelman did not play. the pats lost in overtime. kickoff this sunday is at 3:05. the carolina panthers host the arizona cardinals for the nfc title. randy: a slight hiccup for a new satellite launch. the space-x rocket blasted off from california yesterday on its way into orbit to help monitor oceans. after separation, the falcon 9 rocket was damaged during a hard landing on earth. spacex is trying to develop re-usable rockets to help cut emily: new accolades for the
5:46 am
it won the top prize of best picture at the critics' choice awards yesterday. the film focuses on the pulitzer prize-winning "boston globe" investigation that uncovered the clergy sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. "spotlight" also picked up best acting ensemble. randy: a sign of solidarity for a rhode island boy who's garnered international attention for his battle with cancer. thousands showed up to misquamicut beach yesterday in westerly to write d-strong in the sand. it's part of of a movement for eight-year-old dorian murray whose cancer is no longer treatable. d-strong tributes have been seen around the world even in china. emily: a couple in california celebrates their marriage which has lasted longer than most people have been alive. nicholas and rafaela ordaz have been married 82 years. their entire family was there to mark the occasion yesterday. they say the secret is respect, affection, and letting go of the
5:47 am
nicholas, by the way, celebrated his 102nd birthday on friday. so, 102 years old, married for 82 years. randy: just forget the small things helps. cindy: maybe they just forget. you can see the radar still pretty active this morning, but the focus. i want you to look at the darker blue colors hugging the coastline now from boston up through the north shore and on the immediate south shore as well. this is where we do have the snow still coming down at a pretty good clip. you can see what it looks like in boston in terms visibility it is running just under a mile now coming in about 8 tenths of a mile with that reduces visibility along the coastline. this is where the focus is for the next few hours. 10:00 this morning. i think the snow will really ramp down in most areas by about 9:00 this morning. so we are in it for the next couple of hours. you can see that band shifting eastward now just beyond boston down towards quincy up toward lynne and over toward cape ann
5:48 am
south of town we have heavier snow down toward plymouth and bourne. hugging the canal this morning too. off to the west for the most part, we are seeing a let-up. you can see that one little burgsate here crossing 495 right now. so notice the improvements. by 7:00 this morning in the next hour, a lot of it is shifting off shore. we're looking at spotty snow showers persisting until about 9:00 this morning and then thereafter we're kind of shutting things off. the sun will emerge today. 2-4 inches from most of us. we have had some reports of higher totals though just south of boston where locally some spots could see close to fivisms of snow before this winds down. notice your temperatures this morning are running in the 20's but off to the west, it is syracuse is 15. it is below zero here back toward the great lakes. and this is the air mass that is working on in. arctic front crossing the area this morning. and so the temperatures won't really go up today. they'll hold steadier or fall a few degrees into the afternoon even as we get a little bit of sunshine to come out. the wind chill by noontime single digits, teens, by this zero.
5:49 am
morning as morning low temperatures going to be in the single digits and teens. when you factor in that wind it will feel strong all day long. winter wind advisory up for the cape. we could see gusts to 50 miles per hour. we have the wind and the cold with us the next couple of days. less wind by thursday. by friday we'll be watching a storm setting up to our south. this one, the track will be critical because this is the strengthening coastal system. the potential is there for a significant winter storm but the track is key. we're going to waicht very slows ly here over the next couple of days. the roads are snow covered and slippery. olessa: it is slick out there. crews and plows just went through here on the pike. this is by allston/brighton. you can see that blacktop. but that shiny sheen on the road indicating that it is slippery. there is a 40-mile-per-hour speed restriction on the pike from new york to the allston/brighton tolls right now. south of town we're watching an accident 24 southbound by route 44. one lane is closed. overturn car cleared away 95 south by route 1. that accident is now gone. the pike doesn't look so bad.
5:50 am
495 southbound right over by 93. beyond that, just normal delays starting to pick up. it is a holiday for a lot of folks so we're not seeing too much traffic out there. you want to budget in that extra travel time. trains and buses doing okay. randy: thank you. new this morning: thousands of young people escaping state custody. emily: the consequences causing scrutiny for a state agency. and save money on your heating bill. three ways to save by sealing in the warmth. take a live look here at the snow coming down across the region. at the top you're looking at our camera in hinge hl. on the bottom that's chelsea. on the right hand side the city of boston. still dark at this early hour.
5:51 am
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