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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 21, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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emily: overdose reducing narcan used on a baby. the near tragedy after another child died there randy: -- a puppy lemon law. it is on the high for this morning. -- the eye for this morning. announcer: you are watching wcvb, boston' s news leader. good morning, this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. randy: a snowboarder out running an avalanche. he lives to tell about it. that is ahead.
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good morning. i am randy price. emily: i am emily riemer. cindy: everybody is talking about this storm. let me tell you what is happening now. these are the washington warnings out ahead of these warm. those are winter storm warnings. it is a blizzard watch around washington, d.c. this is not just about snow. there will be a lot of wind with this. we will be on the northern edge of this system, getting fringed by it as it goes by. huge impacts on travel this weekend. we will just be on the edge of the heavier snowfall. you can see the energy here, dropping down to the gulf. once it picks up the moisture,
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patchy clouds exiting this morning. lower 20' s along the coast line. we have dropped down to eight in orange. temperatures will come up into the 20' s to near 30 degrees this afternoon. this weekend, snow moves in saturday afternoon. we will talk about how much snow, coming up. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: so far, not seeing any problems in both directions of the southbound side. starting to pick up some of the rush-hour delays. watching an accident causing a heavy backup. the crash is here in wilmington. delays back beyond 495. once you get through that, you are in good shape.
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stop and go ride down to the spot pond, leverett connector. watching a crash route nine east. one lane is closed. south of town, you are doing ok. trains and buses are running on schedule. emily: right now an investigation is underway after narcan was used to save a one-year-old child. randy: and that' s not the only alarming part of this story. the eyeopener' s frank holland is in worcester with what we know . frank: this morning we know that toddler is expected to survive. police are now looking for anything that could have contributed to the child' s apparent overdose. it happened in an apartment here on wellington street. the telegram reports that is the same apartment where 2-year-old gigi brown died back in september. no charges were ever filed in that case and investigators have not said how the little girl died. the apartment where both
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incidents happened is leased by gigi brown' s grandmother. as we' ve reported, city inspectors had expressed concerns about conditions in the apartment. the child in this most recent case is recovering and is now in dcf custody. narcan is most often used to -- often used in opioid overdoses but in this case inspectors say a heart medication may have been involved. we' ll bring you more as we get it. emily: the opioid crisis in massachusetts is expected to be one of the issues governor baker talks about in his first state of the commonwealth address tonight. and new numbers are shedding new light on the epidemic. 57% of those who died of overdoses last year which one he five years old to -- were 25 years old to 44 years old. 83% were white or non-hispanic. and most of them three quarters were men. it' s the first time we' ve seen a real demographic breakdown of
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you can watch the governor' s tonight right here on channel 5 or streaming live on our wcvb mobile news apps. right after newscenter 5 at 7:00. randy: a narrow escape in quincy, as a taxi cab explodes this morning, we' re hearing from the man who watched it all unfold. that was one of six explosions john mcdonald heard and captured on his cell phone yesterday, as he stood on his balcony along school street. the cab driver and passenger had already gotten out but were still too close to the flames. that' s when mcdonald says the taxi driver jumped into action and save them both. >> he picked her up and moved her away from the situation. randy: the cab driver and the woman, in her 80' s, are both doing ok this morning. it' s unclear what caused the explosion. emily: this morning a new poll showing a big gap on the road to the white house. donald trump getting 34% in the new wmur-cnn poll of new
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ted cruz is 20 points behind him , followed by jeb bush and marco rubio. but it' s someone who' s not on that list, who' s heating things up this morning. the eye' s erika tarantal is here to explain. erika: we' re talking about sarah palin a no show on the campaign trail with trump in iowa. but she made good on her endorsement in oklahoma. campaigning with him there, she brought up her 26-year-old son track' s arrest this week for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and threatening to shoot himself with an assault weapon. palin says her son, a veteran, is coping with post traumatic stress. and she took aim at president obama. >> it is a shame that our military personnel has to question if they are respected anymore. it comes from our own president. erika: palin' s resurgence prompting this plea from democrat hillary clinton' s campaign. it reads donate to make sure this is nothing more than a bad
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snl skit. palin' s support is firing up conservatives for trump, who so far has dodged questions about whether palin would be his v.p. pick. randy: right now, a new drive to make the roads safer. lawmakers taking up a bill today to get cell phones out of your hands behind the wheel. the eye' s todd kazakiewich is in newton with what it means for drivers. >> i am behind the wheel, but this vehicle is stationary. i am not driving now. the bill would make it illegal for us to touch our phones while driving. that means snowfall phone calls, not using the phones for gps. the statistics are alarming. one in every four highway death can be attributed to distracted driving. lawmakers say that is not enough. the first offense carries a fine
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some supporters say hands-free is not risk free. >> there is no difference in the cognitive distraction of the phone call. >> road safety experts believe this is a step in the right direction. senators will talk about potential amendments to this bill. we will keep you posted as the bill makes its way to legislature. reporting live, todd kazakiewich. randy: a hearing is set for today on the state' s so-called puppy lemon law. that law provides protection for people who buy a sick puppy without knowing it. the proposal would ban the sale of puppies and kittens under eight weeks old. it also involves more regulations on certain breeders. a separate bill would require owners of rented or foreclosed properties to check for abandoned animals. emily: the mbta' s troubled green line extension project may be drastically cut back. the head of the t' s fiscal management board says the project' s budget needs what he calls brutal cuts. the green line extension was originally supposed to cost $2
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billion, but project managers now say it could cost at least $3 billion. extending train service to somerville and medford is the focus of the project. new overnight, asian stocks tumbling again. wall street turmoil creates jitters worldwide. dow futures are down again. the dow shed 249 points in the trading yesterday. more problems with the patriots and footballs. emily: the scramble before saturday' s big game with the chiefs. and a snowboarder survives an avalanche, only to be blamed for it. what a ski resort says he did wrong. randy: and new this morning, protect your home' s value, by avoiding mistakes. the 3 things that could hurt a future sale. cindy? cindy: all is quiet weather-wise today.
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>> good morning from the new testament school line a south plymouth. randy: we love plymouth. we have a lot of friends there. emily: we also love the wake-up calls. you can upload them in the ul ocal section. cindy: blizzard watch for washington dc -- for washington, d.c. a
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much to do with the snow reducing visibility as it does the wind. combination. concern as well. you can see the it will impact a lot of the country. d.c. it has been 94 years since d.c. has had a snowfall of more than 20 inches of snow. probably get close to a foot around the new york city area. we are on the edge of this storm. i do not see us getting a ton of snow. we will get some. the wind will come in off the ocean. we have a full moon. the tides are going to be running high.
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there will be minor to moderate coastal flooding and likely some beach erosion as well. the wind this morning is lighter, out of the northwest. high temperatures in the 20' s to near 30 degrees. a northwest wind of 10 to 20 will hold those wind chils. you see the clouds are exiting. we are watching this. this spin in the clouds. this is the energy dropping down to the gulf of mexico. it will allow this storm to blossom. severe weather over the deep south. heavy snow on the northwest side. heavy snow on saturday morning. to our
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south, it will lift northward. let me show you the timing here. by lunchtime, northern edge of the snow starting to impact the south coast of new england. towards 5:00 in the evening, the snow will reach up towards the mass pike. during the evening hours, ma come up to the new hampshire border. there are still a question as to just how far north the snow will get. there may be some lane mixing in. snow will continue during the overnight hours during saturday and pull away on sunday morning. i want you to notice the sharp cut off. notice the potential for more than six inches south of boston. boston to worcester is in between with one to three inches. these amounts could fluctuate. the snow will exit on sunday
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a nice moderation 98 temperatures. we will be around 40 degrees here next week. olessa: we are building the delays. the expressway by the gas tank, volume picking up in full force. let' s check out the rest of your ride. 93 southbound, watching this accident, wilmington, 125. a lane closed and delays active 495. once you get past it, more delays down to spot pond pasty leverett connector. we are watching an accident by route nine. as you head south of town, some delays on route 3. 25 minutes braintree to boston. emily: we' ve learned of more problems with game footballs, as the patriots march down the road to the super bowl. this one' s more like
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deflategate. the nfl' s game crew forgot to bring the kicking footballs and air gauges to gillette stadium on saturday. they were left behind at a logan airport hotel. a hotel worker and state police detective drove the balls to foxboro an hour before kickoff. the league will not comment and says there were no issues with the balls used. newscenter 5 is heading to denver with the patriots. mike lynch and bob halloran will be reporting live from denver beginning saturday night and all day sunday. and we' ve been getting some great fan photos from patriots ' nation. this is mackenzie. her grandmother says she has not missed a game yet. randy: the tv is getting low marks in keeping those trains running. ranked third in the nation when it comes to breakdowns.
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24. a spokesperson questioned the data, saying there is no universal standard for mechanical failure. home improvement can boost your home' s value. but this morning some real estate pros tell good housekeeping there are some things they' d never do on their own homes. like install wall-to-wall carpeting. taking care of the hardwoods may be a big chore, but it is a value that sticks. another one, install built-ins. you may love them but will the person looking at your house? if they don' t, that' s a hard installation to undo. and finally, many say they' d think twice about permanently converting a bedroom. every bedroom is a coveted space and the buyer might have different ideas of how they should be used. a snowboarder in california triggers an avalanche on a back-country run. lucky to survive. snowboarder christian michael
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the avalanche. he could be prosecuted for this. the ski resort says he and his friends went into a closed area. the snowboarders say they did not know the area was closed. a pop song for some parents-to-be. emily: the pregnancy announcement going viral this morning. erika? erika: new at 6:30, a patriots linebacker, to the rescue. darius fleming' s heroic move off the field. and a hanover man is determined to find treatment for als. the new collaboration, that
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marco rubio thinks it's unfair to criticize him for missing votes. "but i am going to miss votes, i'm running for president." but he's been missing votes for a long time. "one third of all of his missed votes in 2015 were missed before he announced he was running for president." over the last three years, marco rubio has missed more votes... than any other senator. washington politician marco rubio. doesn't show up for work, but wants a promotion?
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right to rise usa is responsible
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emily: sum up just after 7:00 a.m. the next several mornings, the middle of february, you want to look up in the predawn sky. you will be able to see five planets in alignment. this has not happened since 2005. it will be visible for the next
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few weeks. temperatures are called. we will come up near 30' s this afternoon. a bit of a wind out there. all eyes on the weekend storm. snow moves in from south to north. emily: thank you. it is time for your thursday eyepoppers. we may not always love the snow. olessa: but this guy does. an artist in wisconsin is well-known for his impressive winter sculptures. this year, yoda. this couple setting the bar high when it comes to pregnancy announcements. this couple reworked the lyrics to the whole song all of uptown funk to celebrate their big news.
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they wanted to celebrate and a big way. i think they did. congratulations to them. randy: new evidence for a 9th planet. the discovery that could make up for pluto' s demotion. and amazon is offering a refund for a popular holiday gift. the hazard that has the company reaching out to customers. >> this is an editorial by the general manager. any person may apply for a job with the city of boston. the requirement on the website . the application on this rule is inconsistent and loose. it has mayor walsh making another set of proposals to compel residency. the planet knowledges the application of these procedures has provided loopholes and
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grandfather clauses, ensuring living in boston was a suggestion rather than a requirement. boston' stationary at the 600,000 level. the pool of applicants has the mentalist. skill increased. each weekday, those commuting to work more than double the total inhabitants. it leads to many prospective employees on the sidelines. they can also be expensive. the current boom includes affordable housing, mostly to those who can afford staggering prices. perhaps the mandate should only apply to department heads and key positions. citizen residency should be a
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world-class and should
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>> stocking up. as the mid lostic braces for a big storm. cindy is tracking our chance of seeing the storm. >> narcan to a 1-year-old, that is not the only alarming think about a scare. >> a patriot is off the field. >> i could not get up myself. >> the smashing heroics that have nothing to do with the playoffs. >> and taking action to end a.l.s. >> we have no treatment, why. >> this man
6:29 am
a power team to find him a cure. >> 6:30 on this thursday morning. taking a live look here from washington, d.c. pretty much a parking lot there during rush hour. they got a little bit of snow overnight in the area. it looks clear. but they will get a lot more, you're tracking that. good morning. >> all right. they have practice run on -- >> yeah. >> on shutdown. >> just under two inches from the system last night. nothing to do with the storm coming this weekend. they will probably get two feet or close to it. not just the snow, but the wind. a blizzard watch up through in the washington, d.c. area and also island. this is snow and wind, and then it will hit areas to the south the hardest. in fact, take a look. it is from south of new york city, through d.c., baltimore,
6:30 am
feet, perhaps more. the heaviest snow should target areas to the south. we are going to ride the edge and get snow out of this. the timing looks to be saturday late day to sunday morning. this is going to interrupt travel. the storm is going to organization here. it will run into the moisture in the gulf of mexico. it will evolve in the next 24 hours. the clouds are clearing out. clearing skies this morning. temperature down to 8 in ore, 15 in wooster and in the 13's in boston. 30 degrees this afternoon. lot of sunshine, not as much wind, the wind out of the northwest 10 to 20, but the wind chills in the teen. we will watch in the storm bring in snow to our area saturday afternoon and move in sunday morning. and we will talk about more coming up. out to the roads right now. >> so far we're doing ok. thank you, cindy. the expressway normal delays on the northbound side. there is that volume, and southbound is looking busier
6:31 am
now, the maps to see the rest of the ride. 93 south, we are watching an accident. just cleared. the delays ease out. stop-and-go to the connector. eastbound on route 9 just cleared an accident by oak street. and the expressway, 25 to 30, so normal volume there. trains and buses okay. >> thank you. is recovering after emergency crews use narcan to revive the child. this happened at the same apartment where a 2-year-old girl died back in september. >> right now it is still unclear what caused this to explode in quincy. the driver and passenger just got out of there and the cab burst into flames. this man reported it all. they were not injured. >> and state lawmakers will
6:32 am
phone use. >> i could not get out myself. >> a member of the new england patriots came to the rescue. this morning we're hearing from the driver who was pretty lucky thanks to the playoff the field. >> we are live at gillette stadium,. reporter: and emily, patriots will be back on the practice field, including linebacker fleming who is nursing a lot of stitches after a pretty impressive act. rescuing a woman who was trapped in a car. fleming was on route 1 last thursday heading home from practice and saw that three-car crash. a 25-year-old woman trapped inside of the car. fleming did not hesitate. >> the doors wouldn't open. so then i was just like, i got to get her out some way. she was trying to kick the window. it was not doing much damage. so i started kicking the window.
6:33 am
it broke. >> the entire front of the car was smashed. and it was smoking a little bit. and obviously everything died inside of it, i could not -- i was obviously at the time scared. reporter: that woman did not want to be identified, saying that she doesn't want -- the attention, but wanted to thank fleming. and fleming moved to kick in the window left him with 22 stitches, but that clearly did not effect him on the field. he was able to suit up with all of the stitches just in time for the playoff win a couple of days later. reporting live, news 5. >> all right. new evidence this morning that -- the pats in denver will cost you a pretty penny. no surprise there. one ticket search engine put the average
6:34 am
and -- seats as low as $219, and for those rockefellers out there, field level sideline seat for just under $10,000. that's the highest price for an a.f.c. championship game since 2010. of course, you can stay home and let news 5 take you there. mike and bob will be reporting from denver on saturday night and sunday. >> today, the state should get an update how much money the slot parlor is making. they will give their quarterly report. the casino generated $11 million in december, but the cash flow has been down every month for the past five months. >> a man trying to cross a busy street is dead. the victim was hit trying to cross route 9 in framingham last night. our partners report that the 25-year-old was in the crosswalk when he was struck. the driver who hit him was questioned by police.
6:35 am
police impounded the car. and lawmakers are crashing over whether to admit syrian refugees
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress.
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most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system r where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded p by over two and a half million small contributions. rpeople who know you can't level the playing field r by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight
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>> good morning. welcome back to the eye-opener. a live look outside by the expressway. a busy ride northbound. you can see the delays. there south of town, 95 watching an accident by route one. the rest of the area in pretty good shape. >> we are in great shape today weather-wise. another cold day, we're starting out with teens and lower 20's across the area. not quite as much wind the past couple of days. the wind chills will come up to the teens. high temperatures near 30. and a lot of sunshine today. sunshine, and less windy tomorrow. here we go with the weekend. snow moves in from the south during the afternoon and evening hours and exits first thing on sunday morning.
6:39 am
we will talk about the timeline ahead. >> thank you. a hanover man on a mission to cure a.l.s. erkkevin is launching a new partnership today. the father of three is looking to find a treatment for a.l.s in four years. despite the ice bucket challenge, there is still a lack of funding and cuwardination in the field. and as a successful small business owner he believes he can change that. >> i spent my entire life building teams, but more so getting the best out of people. i knew that can happen when people come together as a team. >> they founded the a.l.s nights. former the partnership with the best medical minds in the field, that partnership formally launches today.
6:40 am
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>> good morning. 6:44. the team is ready with your news to go. we are in newton and foxborough this morning. >> and sharp comments on the campaign trail. first, this video in from washington, d.c.
6:42 am
just a dusting of snow there and total gridlock. cars spinning out. people stuck, and walking on the highways there. kind of gave up on that. >> i came in during the evening commute, just a little bit. we're going to get a lot this weekend. >> wow. >> and it is the weekend. so not just the wind, a blizzard watch up for the washington, d.c. area and also around new york city this weekend. if you are drinking of traveling south, think again. a tough weekend. you can see that area of snow, the bull's-eye targeting the mid-atlantic state to western north carolina. look at the snowfall totals. washington, d.c. to baltimore, 8 to 24 inches of snow expected. philadelphia over a foot. and new york city close to a foot. you get the idea. all ofhis to our south. we're going to be on the edge of the system. kind of a tough call how far north it will get. we will get into some snow, it comes in from the south on saturday afternoon and evening and exits on sunday morning.
6:43 am
not just snow, but wind concerns and coastal impacts. the wind are going to be gusting 40 to 50 miles per hour, and less to the north. that wind coupled with the high tide due to a full moon could lead to concerns here with coastal flooding and beach erosion. and the 11:00 p.m. saturday night and 11:00 in the morning on sunday morning. here is the storm, the energy is dropping southward it is going tonering act with the moisture from the gulf of mexico. so really in the next 24 hours this thing ramps up. ice in the carolinas, heavy snow by saturday morning. new york city to washington, d.c., not here yet, the snow will spread up from the south slowly on saturday. this is a brand new timeline just in. by lunchtime not anything anything. and 5:00 to 6:00 the snow comes up south of boston and then into the night time hours it presses up close to the massachusetts turnpike and the new hampshire
6:44 am
border overnight and then before it exist -- exits on sunday morning. so the amounts may be held down for you, but six inches or more south of boston. one to three around the pike and the city. a sharp drop off to a north. nothing to an inch of snow. so quiet the next couple of days with sunshine and all eyes on the weekend storm. now, the roads. getting busier. >> yes. definitely picking up the delays after a live look to the express way. let's get to the maps and see the rest of the ride south of town. we're watching an accident, 95 has a lane closed. and once you get there it is a half hour trip for you into boston on the expressway north. eastbound on the pike 20 minutes right now, 495 to 128. the accident cleared on route 9. one lane closed heading east. and now a disabled car on 93 southbound. trains and buses doing ok. >> thank you.
6:45 am
rescuers save a baby with narcan can, the drug used to revive victims. frank? reporter: this morning we know that little boy is expected to survive. police are now look for anything that could have contribute today the appearance overdose of the 1-year-old. the telegram reports to rescue where 2-year-old brown die, the tragic death of that lint girl happened in seattle. it is not clear how she died. the apartment where both incidents happened is leased by brown's grandmother. now, narcan is used to treat opioid overdoses, in this case, a heart medication might have been involved. frank holland, news 5. >> thank you. and governor baker is going to address the opioid crisis in hesitate of the commonwealth speech tonight here. our coverage begins at
6:46 am
7:30 right after news 5 at 7:00. >> today, state senators would debate a bill to make it illegal for us to use the phone for anything while driving. this is known as a hands free bill and if goes beyond the 2010 law. distracted driving accounts for one out of every four highway deaths. the bill being debated today, does not completely band the use of phones with accuracies, such as blue tooth. reporting live, behind the wheel of a stationary vehicle, news 5. >> sarah palin is firing up conirvatives and taking aim at president barack obama, campaigning in oklahoma with donald trump. >> our best deserves a commander and chief to go do their job. >> she brought up the need to support veterans and -- her son was arrested this week for
6:47 am
assaulting his girlfriend and threating to shoot himself with an assault weapon. palin's endorsement is a blow to cruz. right now, trump with 34% of new points behind. out to you. >> thank you. linebacker darius fleming is being hailed a hero this morning after he witnessed a crash and then rescued a woman who was trapped in her car. >> it was, it was a freaky situation. i wasn't expecting -- to be in that situation at all. i'm glad i was. >> he did the right thing. and very heroic. reporter: that woman not wanting the attention, but wanting to thank the pats linebacker. fleming was on route 1 on thursday heading home from practice and saw the three-car crash. he kicked in the window to get the woman out, forcing him to
6:48 am
all of this happening just two days before the pats playoff win here add gillette. reporting live, news 5. >> 10 minutes before 7:00. a narrow escape. a taxi cab exploded. it happened yesterday afternoon. a neighbor caught the fire and explosion on his cell camera. firefighters arrived here at the scene within minutes. it took them seconds to put the fire out. the passenger and the driver got out safely. today a lawyer for the woman charged in connection with the house of horrors in black stone will try to get the chargers dismissed. they want murder charges dropped against murray after skeletal remains were found inside of a filthy home. murray's lawyer will also try to suppress evidence. >> u.s.-led air strikes in iraq and syria have killed risus fighters in the past three
6:49 am
military officials are saying that is hurting the group to recruit new troops. defunctions from the group appear to be on the rise. >> u.s. senate democrats blocked a house group to ban syrian and iraqi refugees from coming into the country. this is after republicans refused the democrat commitments to the bill. the house republican bill would have required background checks. >> detroit is hoping the courteds will put an end to the massive teacher sick out. more than 85 of the district schools have closed. the school district filed a lawsuit to try to stop teachers from calling in sick. it was going to coincide with president barack obama's visit. >> we're getting older. more americans are living past their 100th birthdays. according to a health expert, it is up by 44% since the year
6:50 am
heart disease is the leading cause of death for people in that age group. major airlines are preparing for the huge snowstorm heading for the northeast, and the mid-atlantic, american, southwest, and delta are among the top airlines issues travel waivers for passengers flying this weekend. the airlines will be deciding later today if flights will be canceled. >> amazon is offering refunds for hover boards this is after concerns are growing. the consumer product safety commission is investigating three dozen cases where they bust into flames or started smoking. despite the refund, amazon is still selling them on their side. the buffalo bills make nfl history. the league has fired the first-ever female coach. smith will serve as a quality control
6:51 am
she has been an nfl employee since 2003. >> patriots fever weekend. taking on the broncos this sunday in the semi-finals. and news 5 will be there for you. mike and bill will have reports from denver on saturday night and all day sunday. >> scientists have solid evidence that a ninth planet does exist in the solar system. planet x is as big as neptune and far away to take years to circle the sun. the planet is not seen yet, they used computer modeling and mathematics to determine it is there. they expect a telescope sighting in five years. all right. very complicated. i'm going to take their word for it. >> okay. thank you, guys. good morning, everyone. a live look outside here. moving to the top of the screen. you can see the brake lights lighting up, a lot of delays.
6:52 am
this is by route 1 a lane blocked. and 24 is also slow approaching 128. and route 3. and the expressway is a half hour. and watching an accident 128 northbound by route 9. one lane is closed. and then travel the pike, 20 to 25 minutes. 495 to 128. and north of town, a disabled car here by river road, heavy delays there. ride. the trains and buses are operating on schedule. cindy, anticipating the storm. looking better for the weekend. >> the impacts will move in late on the day on sunday and look at this, we had clouds overnight, the clouds are exiting. 22 degrees in boston. the winds close to 10 miles per hour. and we dropped into teens in many of the suburbs. the temperatures pickup through the low to mid-20's, and 30 this afternoon. with the northwesterly wind, 10 to 20, the wind chills will hold in the teens. a lot of sunshine today, and a high temperature around 30 degrees.
6:53 am
so quiet today and tomorrow. all eyes on this here, the developing storm picking up moisture from the gulf of mexico today. there will be icing down through parts of the carolinas. heavy snow into the deep south and the mid-atlantic states. and saturday morning, washington, d.c. to new york, snowing hard, blizzard conditions expected. it will take a while for the snow to push northward. we will ride the northern edge of the storm and stronger winds off of the ocean. so in the morning hours it is quiet. and about 5:00, the timeline slowed down the arrival of the storm. it will creep up from south to north. there are questions how far north it gets. the potential is there overnight into the early hours of sunday morning for the snow to push up towards the new hampshire border and mixing with that, easterly wind changing things to rain at the cape. the potential is there for six inches south of boston. south. 1 to 3 around the city, but the
6:54 am
amounts could fluctuate. an early call. the storm is out of here sunday afternoon. and by early next week the temperatures around 40 degrees on monday and tuesday. so not just the snow, the coast will be impacted by strong winds. we will watch the high tide on saturday night and sunday morning. >> thank you. thank you for so much for joining us.
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