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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  January 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> now on newscenter 5. >> cleaning up and eating out. >>the areas hit hardest by the big storm and the problems that linger. >> i' m track ing how long this warm-up a less. >> tragedy on the boston street. snow. where the investigation stands right now. >> from boston' s news leader, this is newscenter 5 at 5:00. with that tragedy during a storm cleanup killed by a snowplow. reid: julie mcdonald joins us with where this investigation is focusing.
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releasing the name of that man in this busy that accident forced the closure of two blocks for hours. just as people were beginning to dig out from the storm. >> anytime you have an exit like this, it is tragic. julie: an accident in broad this morning. a private plow truck hit and killed a man in his skis and the street. a shovel could be seen close to where the victim was struck. >> it is a tragic accident. unclear as to how it happens. how much the sun had to do with it. again, the accident reconstruction team will determine speed. jue lie: the plow driver was cooperative and no charges have been five. witnesses described what they saw but investigators are working to piece together what happened here. >> if anybody in the area to see
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julie: i did engineering to find out if they were releasing more information about the driver or a statement about the tragedy. the woman i spoke with said it was only their weekend answering service and she herself had no further information. reid: right now a whitney man is accused of driving under the influence and firing a gun at a plow truck driver. plymouth police tell us the 60-year-old brucke e o' brien took aim. police are still investigating. brockton police have a suspect under arrest for reportedly stealing a vehicle and causing a chain reaction crash. this happen this afternoon at the intersection of pleasant street and reynolds memorial highway, route 27. suspect' s suv hitting multiple
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the area has been reopened. digging out from more than a foot of snow. blizzard like conditions in some towns. nicole is defined joining us in falmouth. the jackpot area for this storm. nicole: looks a bit different around here than it does run the boston area. we are in east falmouth. about 15 inches fell. a lot of cars still covered in a lot of folks say they were not so much. >> here we go again. nicole: strong winds and blinding snow missed most of the boston area but left a mark on the cape. >> i cannot stand it anymore. jackpot when it came to totals. >> we did some shoveling.
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luck and we were hard pressed to find anyone feeling lucky. >> visibility was zero that is my truck over there. it was horrible. nicole: with december feeling like spring, there was hope that maybe winter might take a break this year. >> january 20 something was when we had it last year. here we are again. nicole: in fact, that was january 28 last year. they had 25 inches during that time period. a little bit less last night. reid: as we move up north, strong ways in winthrop as the there was some flooding. water shedding doubt part of the parkway near the line with revere. snow totals. there was about july -- a boundary line. mike: you had to the south and it is unbelievable.
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hours, that system dropping heavy snows down the coast. this really was the area that saw the most snow. west harwich, 15.5 inches of snow. you look at east falmouth, 15.3. hyannis comes in at 14. and then we get down to 13 inches of snow. it seems to be focused at the cape. closer to the canal than anything else. it dropped off dramatically. you see how much across the canal, plymouth did not get tenant no. lakeville seven inches. see how it tapers off as you start to head in this direction? north of the city, you start inches of snow. a dramatic fall off. that storm system is out of european we had sunshine today. that in combination with the shape. we have cloud cover coming in. this will be moving in tonight. what this will do is prevent our
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it will get cold tonight that not as cold as it could be. the clouds are in by 10:00 tonight. they stay with us through tonight and by tomorrow morning they clear away. we have another day of sunshine coming in here. a decent day, monday was sunshine that is not bad. temperatures climb up. we get above the freezing mark again. we got even warmer temperatures to talk on tuesday but it comes with a price. some rain. we will talk about showers in the forecast in a few moments. reid: of course, the storm is impacted crashing waves are spilling over rhondella richardson joins us conditions. rhondella: we are live at birth landing in plymouth. the severity of the storm, take a look at the water in plymouth. it hits that wall and piles it on the parking lot. it is not as bad as it could be. this is the debris from the water. and usually it is on the road on
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there is still plenty of splash over by long beach in plymouth. >> i went down by the harbor and the seas were angry. the water was coming up over the wall. >> it was a lot worse. it was easy for us this time. rhondella: landmark more scenic.with a black and so saturday nights blizzard conditions hit marshfield, plymouth and the island. the snow piled up in plymouth but the wind is what everyone is talking about. were you worried? >> the wind last night. thought maybe we would lose some trees or lines. we lucked out. >> shaking the house. the dog did not want to go out. >> whiteout conditions. roads were slippery. rhondella: everyone realizes the storm could avenge -- could have been much worse. >> i can deal with this. >> hard on the sidewalks. you have to be careful stepping in the streets. people are not watching. >> wind y
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cold but enjoyed it. mother nature is fun. rhondella: look at the stuff that piled up with the snow. we are right next to the main road. a lot of times this flight. not this time. -- a lot of this time this floods. reid: concerns about the coastlines any road and during the storm. the town had completed a project to restore the dunes. engineers are working the project were out there this morning to say the beach was protected. >> we were expecting some erosion. that' s exactly what happened. the dune did its job. reid: last year -- it was one of the hardest hit spots but the winter storm. people in boston getting shoveling done early in the south end. they were not complaining. many comparing the were to
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>> we cannot compare anything to last year. it was so traumatic. reid: city dpw crews were out all night clearing the roads. by this morning, all of the main streets were in fact plowed. our local cleanup is nothing compared to what is happening further south. this is a convoy of heavy equipment a mile-long. it' s trouble. we have cruise leaving from massachusetts early this morning for washington. there is that video. crews from west bridgewater arrived there this afternoon ready to clear the feet of snow s capital. d.c. needs all the help he can get because they are not used to this type of weather. >> they are just not set up for it. their people not used to that type of work, the hours. they don' t have the proper equipment. reid: same crews spent a week in d.c. in 2010 when back-to-back storms dumped 40
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for this latest on, two feet of snow in washington. part submitted medic are car dealing with more than three feet of snow. it will take a long time to get things back to normal. reporter: the storm is over but millions of americans are still stuck at home. >> fi you -- if you do not need to be on the roads, you should not be on the roads. reporter: especially in york city were plows are working overtime. not to mention all the cars buried in the snow. >> you do not need to move your car. leave your car for the whole week. reporter: life is returning to the streets of the big apple after an almost total transportation shutdown. people forced to walk in the road to get to work. complex. >> i work at a vet hospital. 24/7. reporter: new york measure 26 inches, shy of the all-time record. in the washington, d.c. region
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clock from the highways to the runways desperately trying to get the airports open. the city counted 17 inches. the surrounding area covered by more than 2 1/2 feet. this practice facility for the washington redskins no match for the blizzard. the dome crushed by the weight of the snow. philadelphia. this church roof. buckling and crashing >> opened up the door and looked up. a gaping hole in the roof. reporter: in new jersey, coastal communities dealing with the one-two punch of snow and icy floodwaters. >> this usually happens in the summer. reporter: so far no major damage. governor christie: take your time as you drive around that you are free to go out. reporter: in new york, the subways are back the airports will not be fully operational until monday morning at the earliest. reid: the candidates coming out focusing on i will.
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the move donald trump made today that we have not seen from him on the campaign trail before. plus, people in new york city taking a break from the cleanup to enjoy the snow. also, keeping children come and
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a pair of republicans are in new hampshire. one is governor chris christie back on the campaign trail after making a trip back home yesterday to deal with the blizzard. today, governor christie made a few stops in new hampshire including the town hall in portsmouth. john kasich is wrapping up a to a day visit today. -- a two day visit. the most recent poll shows kas ich tied with christie for fourth place in new hampshire with 6% of the vote. donald trump only back in new hampshire tomorrow but today he is in iowa where several as the clock ticks down to the caucuses. trump spend time going to church. after he commented on one of the readings, focusing on humility. mr. trump: just got back from church. it was really good. church today. i don' t know if that was aimed at me perhaps. reid: perhaps.
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of the candidates for a debate in iowa later this week. tomorrow night he will hold a rally in farmington and newscenter 5 will be there covering appeared on the democratic side, hillary clinton is also in iowa along with cory booker. this her second day campaigning in the state were she is working to get voter support a head of a caucus on february 1. spending the weekend in iowa -- bernie sanders. more set for tomorrow. several new polls show him leaving clinton in iowa. there could be a late entry in the race for the white house. billionaire media mogul michael bloomberg reportedly considering an independent presidential run. the former new york city mayor has been a republican. he has been a democrat. and he has been an independent during his political career. you have two gop chair jennifer moran says she believes his candidacy would hurt the democratic nominee. bloomberg is expected to make a
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back to some snow video. you may find this brave or stupdi id but a snowboarder and a skier take advantage of the snow in new york city. getting towed behind a jeep. that looks like times square. only in new york, because you literally see everything in manhattan. they got a job. mike: i saw this video earlier. it is amazing. we didn' t see where the cops pulled him over. reid: it' s actually -- probably has a good a chance of skiing than he does on four we heels. mike: people get a little bored. they also got really close to some records. coast. let me show you what we have going on. this really just clobbered the mid-atlantic states and moved its way up to new york. when you put all the statistics together, who got what? washington, d.c., just under 30
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baltimore post on a number 1 -- the snowiest they have ever had. philadelphia only the top six. and new york city just missing number one by this much. they ended up with 26 inches of snow. two to almost three feet of snow we are talking about in the south. around here, let people were talking about the wind. look at this wind gust yesterday -- 75 miles an hour, hurricane strength. many locations well above 70 miles an op-ed even cape anne. hour wind gusts. does it go down as an official visit? yes. we had reduced visibility and the winds. it goes down as a blizzard in nantucket and shadow. and the vinyard for four hours straight. this was an official blizzard. over a year. how about the snowfall totals? check out the cape. some of these totals -- only 10 and a half.
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a little -- nantucket kept it under 10 inches. now, let' s go to the city. this varied even within the city. east boston, which is where we get the official record, 6.1 inches of snow. you go to somerville, it is a little less than five. j.p. just under five inches. marblehead picking up six inches. as you travel towards winchester, it dropped below for. -- below four. north of that, i will show you that later on. you can see it was barely any snow to talk about. new hampshire are going, what storm? we have fresh fallen snow. there are some ice on nthe charles river. a nice day. a lot of melting and still above freezing. 34 degrees. the air is extremely dry. a lot of that water evaporated quickly. there might be a patch here or there that melted during the day. be careful.
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windchill index is manageable at 29. this is what i mean. bedford has dropped to 28 degrees. melting going on. could be freezing up and get a thr just fine. back porch. next couple of that dense would typically be warmer than us but because of that snowpack. tonight, partly cloudy skies and patchy black ice. seasonable, 34-28 38. high pressure and control but watch. to the west, we have a cold front coming in. ahead of it, mild air surging in on tuesday warming up nicely. then that frontal bronzer comes through and we start to talk about cooler temperatures. -- that frontal boundary comes through tomorrow sunshine
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that sets us up for tuesday. that is the temperatures are in the upper 40' s in most spots for tuesday. but we' ve also got a chance of seeing scattered showers in the forecast. you see what is happening is that frontal boundary i was showing you is going to come in give this a chance of some rain. . then it kicks on through. eventually a shot of colder air comes in. the cold air does not get us on wednesday because we have temperatures in the 40' s. thursday, back into the 30' s. i do want to point this out -- down the coast trying to work its way northward. this is going to happen friday. look at the track on this thing. it is very similar to what we just went through, which would meet if this were to hold true and it is very early, is what snow at the cape. we will keep an eye on that one. that is not until friday. behind it, it cools down a little bit but then starts to warm up. overall the week ahead, nice melting taken place. shower activity on tuesday but
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keep a close eye on. tantrums and helping young emotions.
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reid: preschoolers are known for being volatile but a program is helping children as young as 15 check with mindfulness.
5:23 pm
emily: prek kids in need of practicing an adult concept -- mindfulness. prompts like this book are now a regular part of their regular routine. >> it is like emotional awareness. emily: as part of a study with harvard, the school is teaching mindfulness techniques, trying to give these little ones tools to calm down when they feel their emotions syrup. >> - their emotions flare up. >> i notice you are frustrated. maybe we can breathe and we will guide you through it. emily: thgou rough techniques like a balloon game, children fill their belly with air and blow it out. the benefits extend far beyond this classroom. study' s lea researcher.
5:24 pm
feel centered and be aware of the emotion but not run by it. it is a skill. success at school and workplace. emily: the study will continue to the school year but dr. hinton says you can talk to your kids about these skills at any age. the benefit would be the same. reid: and coming up a big surprise for a group of very lucky kids in florida. shaq showing up for a game in the street. the unique police call that started it all. a new safety net for loved ones with alzheimer' s. the cutting edge that a local comic and locate them quickly if they go missing. mike: this storm is gone. now we have temperatures flirting with 50'
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> from boston' s news leader, this is wcvb newscenter 5 at 5: 30. reid: a man is dead during a storm cleanup in dorchester. he was sharply when he was hit by us know - a snow plow. a suspect under arrest for this wrong way crash in brockton. police believe he was driving a stolen -- suv. there are some minor injuries. southeastern mass digging out
5:28 pm
there. this was a walloping storm, but the cape and south shore and a nonexistent storm for the rest of us. mike: it could go from that much snow to almost no snow in the matter of a few miles. you can get out of the snow-- totals. you can see, the cape 15.5 inches. the cape has had more snow this winter than most locations we call steve country. it has been that kind of winter so far -- more snow than locations we call ski country. hyannis 14 inches. yarmouth 13 inches. these are impressive totals. through the south shore coming across the canal and the totals drop off. only a half foot of snow. did it come down. it was a slippery snow. to the north, an inch or two
5:29 pm
once you go beyond 495, it was flurries, little coating. sunshine. check out the temperatures. some spots have dropped to the upper 20' s. we see some cold to measures over the cape tonight. anything that mother today is freezing up. there could be some patchy ice out there p at overnight lows in some locations will drop into the teens. chile stuff out there. that is why i say there may be a little bit of ice. we have got some cloud cover coming in that will protect us a little bit as we head through the overnight hours but it will clear away as we talk about tomorrow morning. in fact, tomorrow is looking like a very sunny day across the yard. temperatures warming up nicely into the 30' s. ride afternoon with a light westerly breeze. beautiful monday. some rain. moments. video of the storm. while it was raging, this is happening in rhode island --
5:30 pm
bad news for commuters in the new york city area. the long island railroad may not be restored for days because of the storm' s impact. jim a rough reports problems will linger for a while a long east coast. jeremy: all along the east coast, the hum of digging and scraping and long. crews -- and pl owing. cities like washington, baltimore and philadelphia are working to get metro, and train and bus services up ahead of the morning can you. >> i want to thank the city workers for their work. jeremy: in new york, even though the travel ban has been lifted, officials are urging residents to stay off the roads. >> leave your card. don' t try to shove whatever today. unless you have an emergency. jeremy: washington, d.c.,
5:31 pm
snow removers and cancel schools. in new jersey, several cities were inundated with high water that cause power outages. officials say the worst appea rs to be over. governor christie: we have done very well. we have no concern about flooding or damage from flooding anytime soon. jeremy: drivers in three states strata for hours. we are not in the clear just yet. >> some of our highways look great. it is down to pavement and you might be cruising along at 50 miles an hour and then you had snow. we have been very lucky with no fatalities. we want to keep it that way. reid: new at 5:30 a deadly crash in new hampshire involving two men from massachusetts. police in lincoln say a man walking last night was hit from behind and killed. kristin corrosive from our sister station wmur has the
5:32 pm
kristin: this portion of mainstream and lincoln has been marked. an investigation into a pedestrian accident continues. >> it is a tragedy. kristin: it happened saturday night. >> when they arrived on scene' s there was a victim from a pedestrian who was struck imo to. -- who was struck by a motor vehicle. kristin: the victim was hit from behind while walking with a group. he suffered severe injuries. he later died. >> a tragedy can happen and it did last night. kristin: the driver from east bridgewater massachusetts faces charges. investigators say larkin cooperated with police. >> he was later arrested for aggravated dui. he was charged and held. he needs to come mto court -- come to court later in the month. >> we are still investigating what actually occurred last night.
5:33 pm
tin: during investigation, impacting businesses. >> we are very concerned. kristin: kelly and her husband own a restaurant close by. >> our initial response was, my goodness i hope it is not who we think it is. once we did find out, it was as usually. we also had teary eyes. it is unfortunate. it can happen anywhere. street. be really careful. reid: right now police in methuen what your help tracking down a man accused of breaking into a pizza shop. a suspect was caught on video before 6:00 yesterday inside romano' s ppizza. -- pizza. a man stole the say from inside the building. the suspect has a distinctive way of walking they hope will identify him. police investigating back-to-back break-ins in their town.
5:34 pm
vape city smoke shop before 4:30. two people using a tire iron to smash the door. they got a second call just before 5:00 this morning for an attempted break-in at a liquor store. the door and a liquor store was smashed but no one got in. massachusetts -- executives are considering what they can do to help the nation' s growing opioid crisis. holding a panel discussion on the epidemic wednesday morning. 300 life and sciences execs are expected to attend and the attorney general is scheduled for opening remarks. still ahead, the importance of a good nicely. we can all pay attention to this one. a new call from pediatricians to make sure you get your kids in bed early. a pickup game with shaq.
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a dub me and reports, dr. say there is one change you can make right now to help your family -- as dog me and reports. than one third of children were over these -- were obese. the conjuring factor is lack of sleep. >> sleep is important for so many things ranging from good growth, your immune system, heart health, good behavior and the ability to focus and concentrate and learn well in school. not enough sleep made -- may make you want to eat more and carbohydrates. doug: that can cause a host of health problems. >> too much beating along with obesity can cause heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes -- too much eating along with obesity. we want everything in balance, that includes the intrusion, we do recommend that kids get the right amount of sleep recommended for their age at least an hour of exercise a day
5:39 pm
doug: how much sleep do children need? according to the cdc, newborns should be sleeping on average 16-18 hours a day. preschool-aged kids -- 11-12 hours. and school-aged children should sleep about 10 hours a night. doctors say one more thing -- make sure to monitor what your children are eating. no amount of sleep can battle the balls if they are not getting a healthy diet. -- battle the are not getting a healthy diet. reid: shaquille o' neal went out kids and south florida after a neighbor called police on them for playing too bubbly industry. shaq heard the story ad nd of bobby white who decided to shoot hoops with the kids. the game has gone viral. shacks apprise the officer and the kids -- surprised the officer and the kids and play
5:40 pm
hasty pudding, the nation' s oldest the article group will honor kerry washington as the woman of the year this thursday. the group chose washington for her talent and for breaking down barriers in hollywood. previous winners include meryl streep, elizabeth taylor and amy poehler. thursday' parade and a celebratory roast in washington' harvard. the blizzard is gone. changes are coming. this warm-up last coming up. >> while the patriots have
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reid: what do you do in a blizzard? people in washington are making the best with a massive snowball fight. organized by the d.c. snowball fight association. they put together citywide fights. it started in dupont circle this morning. last for hours and the fight was star wars themed. participants were encouraged to dress as a star wars character. why not? mike: there is an association for having a snowball fight? reid: do we have one here? mike: i do not have a membership it may be put a team together and see how it goes. let me show you some of the snowfall totals. the heaviest down to the south, especially the cape. just the right combination. you had to have plenty of moisture, colton matures and the wind on top of it. -- cold temperatures and the
5:43 pm
wa hole over 13 inches of snow. we had winds gusting to 70 miles an hour over nantucket. as you head towards the city, it goes down to boston with 6.1 inches of snow for the year. as you travel towards winchester, it heads to the west, four or five pages of snow. i will have got a little bit off the ocean. you travel to the north and west, the cape was almost nothing. how does the stack up for the year? one year ago today we had an additional five inches of snow. we are running close to where we were last year. and both are running way below normal. we are supposed to have 20 inches of snow in boston. this was an awful lot like last winter. what happened? something very interesting happened. remember this?
5:44 pm
and 27, we pickup two feet of snow and that was the beginning of four major storms over a three and half week period. we got slammed. do we have to worry about that this year? probably not. we are running warmer. it does bring back haunting memories of last winter. today, 36 degrees. we were on the cold side this morning. there is the record you do not want to break -- 13 degrees below zero. since 1882. it is going to stand one more year. a beautiful night in the city. fresh fallen snow, reflection of the lights over the city and 34 degrees. the wind out of the west-northwest. the wind chill index is manageable. anything that melted today is starting to freeze up again. high pressure is in control to my. that will allow plenty of sunshine but i got this cold front to the west. i had of it, we warm up nice and mild temperatures coming in. it gives us a chance of rain on tuesday and warmer temperatures as we start to talk about wednesday' s forecast. let me break it down for you. tomorrow plenty of sunshine
5:45 pm
cold sunshine and it will be a chilly start with the sunrise at 7:05. plenty of sunshine in the afternoon. as we finish the day, we get a few more clouds. but that that sunset can in and closer to 5:00 every day. on tuesday, here is the good news. look at the temperature -- 48 degrees. maybe flirting with the 50 degree mark. the holdback may be the computer models are sing a little bit warmer. that snowpack we have to melt off. that might not happen fast enough. overall, nice january day coming our way. remember that cold front i was showing you? here cmoes -- comes some rain. most of it will look like it is towards the late afternoon towards the evening. i' m calling it a partly cloudy day wednesday because this system comes through and clears on out and the cold air does not catch up with us yet. we get up to 40 degrees. you see this pocket of cold air wednesday morning. it is not get here on wesley, it
5:46 pm
36 degrees for the high temperature. the computer models are not an agreement with what is going to happen. one of our more reliable ones is saying friday morning at 6:00 a.m., a low pressure system offshore. this is a snow shield it will start to send out and it will list across the area on friday. could be some snow, most likely spot -- exactly where we got it over the weekend. down towards the cape. by the way, once this moves through, we get one little shot of cooler air with clearing skies on saturday. we warm back up into the 40' s. we talked about sunday. a week from today back in the 40' s. the big story this week is going to be tuesday. high impact they with warmth coming in. a lot of melting taken place. not a lot of sunshine and perhaps a few scattered showers but that is what i think you will be noticing -- the warmer temperature. anytime you flirt with 50 after a blizzard came through it really is nice whether we are talking about. -- nice weather we are talking about.
5:47 pm
>> the broncos finishing up their afc championship game in denver. it did not start well for the pats. for the broncos, peyton manning threw his first of two opening half touchdown passes. tom brady was pressured and harassed by the denver defense. the patriots trailed the broncos 20-12 in the fourth quarter. related columbus blue jackets at the garden and the bruins prevailed and issued out 3-2. second period, no score. brad marchand gives the bruins a one 1-0 lead. 3:32 later, that would be day pasternak scoring his fifth goal of the year. so, columbus would tie the game 2-2. in the shootout, th score for the bruinsey giving them their fourth win in the last fivve
5:48 pm
the bruins will head to snow in philadelphia. that is where the celtics are tonight. i guess the 76ers. they were supposed to had to philadelphia for the game against the 76ers last night. that blizzard forcing postponement. they left for the game at 9:00 this morning. the 76ers, by the way, have the worst record in the nba having won only 7 games. mike lynch is in denver for the patriots-broncos game. we will be live tonight starting at 11:35. he will have all post him reaction as well as take a look at the nfc championship game that happens between carolina and arizona. still ahead, the search for a missing child. four adults with special needs.
5:49 pm
reid: lojack is helping people find missing loved ones with cognitive disabilities. mike wankum tells us the cutting-edge technology is different and more reliable than gps or cellular technology. mike: it is every parent' s nightmare, missing child, compounded because the child has special needs and cannot communicate. >> your life flashes before you. >> the day he did it, i was like he' s gone.
5:50 pm
mike: he son is autistic and he has a history of wandering from his neighborhood. nearby woods are the oceans him attractive to a child but can quickly become deadly. imagine a loved one is loss and they do not have the mental capacity to find their way to safety. with this technology, police can find them in a matter of minutes, not hours. lojack is best known for recovering stolen cars. the company has taken that same tech elegy and put it in this bracelet called safety net for a child or an older adult suffered from alzheimer' s, it can be a lifesaver. >> it' s radio frequency tracking as opposed to gps. it is directional right to the transmitter. mike: a handheld antenna pinpoints the exact location. it is not impacted by the weather even if the person is hiding, something that happens with young children. >> says 2012 we had for successful life saves. minister. minutes. it sure beats conventional
5:51 pm
mike: a conventional search can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars requiring additional personnel, vehicles, search dogs and even helicopters. for those that can pay, safety net is $330 a year. but marshfield has found it so cost-effective they can get it to those in need for free. >> talking about saving lives in minutes count. this equipment certainly works. mike: while marshfield has had four saves, the company says they are three saves every week across the country. you can find a link inside the story on reid: a lot of families are appreciative of that. mike: it is incredible. it happened so quickly. that is scary for parents. reid: it is. switching gears to we get a check on the weather. mike: nice day. afternoon. you did not have to shovel. neither did i, my wife did.
5:52 pm
48 for the high. it comes with some showers. it is not a lot of rain. but it will be a chance of showers, especially during the afternoon. then we head towards wednesday. it is still that transition day. relatively mild at 42. the cold weather does come in towards thursday forecast. there is a chance we could see snow on friday. guess where it would be? tour the -- twoard oward the cape. i didn' t shovel i broomed it. reid: much more to come, we will continue to talk about the blizzard cleanup happening in southeastern massachusetts. a police chase, a wrong way crash. sending several people to the hospital.
5:53 pm
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m tracking how long this warm-upast.
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