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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 25, 2016 2:30am-4:00am EST

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good morning. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following this morning on "world news now." it's all over for the blizzard of 2016. there's no more snow in the forecast for now. but there's plenty of clean-up ahead. in particular in washington and baltimore. federal offices in d.c. closed today. >> officially, washington got a little more than half as much snow as baltimore because the national weather service snow measuring device at the airport stopped working. it was buried by all the snow, full coverage straight ahead. and american airlines flight from miami to milan, italy forced to make an emergency landing in canada overnight after severe turk lens.
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injuries are not life-threatening. and it will be denver versus carolina at super bowl 50. the panthers rolled over the arizona cardinals, 49-15 for the nfc title. the broncos held off the new england patriots 20-18. those are some of our top stories on this monday, january 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> feel as cold inside as it does outside. >> that's because it's a reflection of your heart. >> i have a cold heart? >> yes. >> oh. >> sorry. >> that is -- started the show on a negative note. >> well, but it is kind of cold in here. i mean, karen is like bundled up back there. >> if you notice in the back, most of the producers have ski jackets. >> exactly. and gloves. >> there you go. we're going to talk about the blizzard of 2016. it really brought the eastern
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morning. the hardest cities appear to be washington and baltimore. >> private vehicle travel is restricted and limited mass transit service. new york and philadelphia doing much better by the way. to recap, all federal offices in today. schools in the d.c., baltimore and philadelphia areas and many surrounding communities also have a snow day. amtrak is running today but on a modified schedule. and if you're hoping to fly somewhere, call your airline check the flight status. >> it's too early to assess the full economic impact of the storm but estimates put it at $500 million to $850 million in lost productivity. leisure businesses like hotels and restaurants, even tourist attractions completely lost the weekend. retailers did, too. but may have made up some of the difference as people prepared for the storm. state and local governments are spending almost millions of dollars just on the clean-up alone. so there were a number of building collapses caused by the heavy snow and high winds
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redskins practice facility in northern virginia. it deflated. the team says it will reinflate the facility when conditions improve. we're going to get more now on the blizzard of 2016 from you abc's ray raimundi. >> millions of americans digging out from all that snow. a bird' eye view from this drone flying high above baltimore, providing a snapshot of the monstrosity of snowy literally crippled the mid-atlantic and major northeast cities. western pennsylvania feeling the effects of the winter wallop as authorities scrambled to reopen a section of the pennsylvania turnpike near pittsburgh where hundreds of vehicles were left stranded. new jersey also getting slammed. the major issue? flooding. chunks of ice and feet of water lined the streets as many homes where is submerged underwater. tragedy also striking after a mom and young son are killed by carbon monoxide.
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try, try. and the paramedic try, try. so. >> in maryland, a celebration after a couple was forced to make a special delivery of this healthy 7-pound baby named hanna inside of their home after they were buried inside. >> happy birthday. >> yeah. >> reporter: and in new york, a ghost town at one of the city's busiest transportation hubs. penn station almost empty. cancellations all over the boards. >> i do not remember it ever looking this empty. i just took a picture of it myself because i want to remember how empty it is. >> reporter: so the good news, forecasters are expecting temperatures to rise here throughout the northeast. but the bad news is, that means all the snow will be melting which can cause flooding and which can cause black rice on the roadways when the temperature drops at night. we do know schools here in new york city are expected to be open on monday morning but many other schools across the northeast will remain closed. reena, kendis, back to you.
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we'll turn our focus to another story we're following this southern california. a manhunt under way after three jail. the orange county sheriff's department says the three men managed to get tools and cut through steel bars. they then got to the roof and repelled down. the mother of the youngest inmate, jonathan thieu appealed to her son to turn himself in. jonathan, i miss you, honey. i want you to -- i want my son back, jonathan, please. >> the sheriff's office says all three men are considered dangerous. the reward for their capture has grown to $50,000. >> a shoot-out at a mississippi gunshop left the owner and his son dead. the sheriff in pearl river county says the pair got into an argument over $25 service charge with two customers who also afterwards where are exchanged,
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no charges have been filed. >> a planned community meeting over the tandoff in oregon canceled because of safety concerns. an armed group has been occupying a federal wild wife refuge since the start of january. the judge in charge of the community meeting said he became aware of plans to protest the meeting. that might force the closure of the county cannot senior center where it was being held. next to politics and the race for the white house. one week from today, the first voters weigh in at the iowa caucuses. it's crunch time for the candidates. most of them spending the weekend there. donald trump drawing his usual crowds and protesters, too. here's abc's cecilia vega. >> reporter: donald trump kicking off his sunday on the campaign trail, right here in an iowa church. and he ended it with a rally surrounded by 2,000 supporters. >> so, this is crunch time. >> reporter: and one protester. the man in the red turban interrupted trump as he spoke about terrorism. >> bye. >> reporter: security escorting
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wild. >> usa! usa! >> reporter: and from trump? >> he wasn't wearing one of those hats, was he? was he wearing one of those? and he never will. >> reporter: that double-digit lead, largely due to first-time caucus goers, backing the brash billionaire, like the young family i met today. you are going to caucus for donald trump? >> we are, first time. >> reporter: why? >> he is relatable. >> he's not the politician you see every year running. whatever. he wants change. >> something different about he's not scripted. >> reporter: his gop rivals, still hoping for a victory of their own. >> voters here take their vote very seriously. >> wow! >> reporter: it was texas senator ted cruz's younger personality on full display in this new clip posted on youtube. >> what i want to do in life? >> reporter: the lanky teenager, talking about his life goals, seems to know exactly what he wants. >> take over the world, world domination, you know, rule everything. rich, powerful, that sort of stuff.
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>> i wanted to take a break from things on facebook. trump and sarah palin, played by none other than tina fey. >> right wing bitter clingers of our guns. >> reporter: a lot of laughter last night, but the race is just as heated on the democratic side. it is a battle for turnout at hillary clinton's largest event. 600 people turned up to see her. for bernie sanders, that number more than 2,000. cecilia vega, abc news, des moines. >> ted cruz in texas. that video's great. come on, he was skinny then. >> don't make fun of him. >> if the election wasn't strange enough, michael bloomberg is exploring a third party run. abc news has learned he will decide after super tuesday on march 1st if trump or cruz looks to be the republican candidate. and sanders the democrat.
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clans he will jump in. if clinton is on track to win the nomination, the odds he'll run will drop to zero. you can't make fun of people's weight. >> i was just saying he was quite skinny as a young man. >> okay. >> moo a dashcam video went viral for all the right reasons and sparked a stunning second act. bobby white responded to a complaint about kids making too much noise. his dash board camera rolling but instead of shutting down the kids' game, yep, he played some hoops with them while also neighbors. >> millions saw the video inshrewding shaquille o'neal helped the officer make good on his promise with backup. that was an impressive pickup game. >> he's beating up on the kid. >> that's just wrong. >> typical shaq. >> somebody should foul him. typical.
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part of it but he wants nothing to do with shaq still. >> coming up, a new twist in that oscar outrage. the latest hollywood heavyweight to sound off on the lack of diversity in this year's class of academy award nominees. >> and the growing number of dogs on antidepressants that's fuelling this growing trend of medical intervention for pets. >> first look at the lovely temperatures around the nation. of course, we've got to pay attention to great falls and by that i mean great falls, virginia, which got 27 inches of snow. >> you faked us out. >> completely. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by resolve. v (ugh.) v does your carpet everr feel rough and dirty? don't avoid it,t resolve it. p our formula with a special r conditioning ingredient, softens your carpett with every use. t it's resolve,
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for your joints, cartilage and bones. and unlike the big osteo-bi flex pills, it's all in one tiny pill. move free ultra. get your move on. well, this is an unbelievable photo or is it a photo bomb? a huge hello from this breaching humpback whale. those stunned paddle boarders in hawaii getting the surprise of
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a few feet closer and they might their boards. pretty cool. come on, that had to be kind of scary. >> sometimes scientists believe they're doing there because they've got parasites on their back. photobombing. they could be saying get out of my way. >> impressive. actress kerry washington is going to harvard because a scandal star has been named the hasty pudding woman of the year. the university's famous theatrical organization will honor her with a roast and parade through harvard square on thursday. joseph gordon leavitt been honored as the group's man of the year. this is always a fun deal they put on. >> they eventually pick two fantastic actors there. >> she once gave the commencement address at george washington university, and i thought she was a tremendous speaker. really, really great. >> also her alma matter. >> that's right. >> let's move onto the run-up to the oscars. the academy awards with anger
2:45 am
diversity among this year's nominees. >> some of hollywood's biggest names threatening a boycott. it appears the academy is set to make some major changes. here's abc's chris connelly. >> reporter: still reeling from the widespread outcry and the prospect of high profile absences from the oscars after for the second straight year, none of its 20 acting nominations went to a person of color. overlooking such performances as i had ris elba in "beasts of no nation." >> what are you doing here? and not giving a best picture nod to straight out ta compton". the academy of motion picture arts and sciences on friday announcing what it called a necessary step to aid diversity, bringing sweeping changes to its membership's vogt eligibility requirements for the award. going forward, members who had been given lifetime voting privileges now getting them for a ten-year stretch renewable for another ten years only if that person has remained active in
2:46 am
the initiative couped with efforts to enhance the diversity of the academy board an outreach to new members aimed at doubling the number of oscar voter who are women and minorities by "20/20." on social media, selma director a va did you ver nay calling at changes one good step on a long journey. the announcement coming in the wake of some saying they would skip the ceremony in response to the nominations. director spike lee awarded an honorary oscar this year. as well as jada pinkett smith and her husband will smith. who spoke earlier this week to robin. >> we're uncomfortable to stand there and say that this is okay. >> chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. . >> all right. coming up, when love isn't quite enough for your pet. >> why a growing number of dog owners are putting their pooches on prozac. is that for real?
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>> reporter: at the end of her workday, morgan hates to keep her partner waiting. >> out the door, running to get the subway. >> reporter: it's not so much that he's jealous. he just misses her more than he should. >> there is a part of me that feels guilty just because i know that when he gets stressed, he is very distraught and it's hard to watch. >> reporter: unconditional love isn't always healthy. >> hi. i know. i know. i know. it's okay. >> reporter: morgan accepts that about a puppy who suffers from a very real, very human disorder. separation anxiety. and like an anxious human, there's powerful medicine that can help. that's right. this melancholy mutt is on doggie antidepressants a sort of prozac for puppies. >> the problem is just like with us, we often turn to the drugs as the first line of treating the problem. that's the mistake.
2:49 am
writer loor ra author of "animal madness," says our pets have deeper emotional lives than most of us give them credit for. >> what sort of emotional complexity is there for a dog. we like to think he's wagging his tail because he's happy to see you when you come home but maybe it's because he's hungry. >> we're like that, too. are we happy when we sit down in a restaurant because we're with good friends or about to eat? it's safe to say that other animals particularly dogs can be happy and sad and anxious and fearful. >> we're going to present him with a closed fist with a treat snee he is meeting with trainer erica. >> he's like oh that's what you were looking for. >> it gives him that extra help to succeed, according to his owners. >> you still have to do the behavior modification and be extremely diligent and dedicated because the prozac is not going to solve the problem. you'll see, he's just howling. >> morgan and jason show him in
2:50 am
he's been alone for five hours. >> he's pacing. now he's whining. so he's clearly stressed. and this video, watch as he opens the refrigerator door. >> that's not half as bad as what he can get. stressful. >> reporter: we take it to dr. breakman. >> he's howling even while he has his head in the refrigerator. poor thing. >> heart breaking, isn't it. >> it's so sad. he definitely has separation anxiety and perhaps he could benefit from medicine. >> reporter: at least for now, the drugs are working for him. >> it's tremendously helped. prior to putting him on this medication, he could not be alone. for more than two hours. now the seven-eight hour mark. >> david wright for "nightline" in new york. so the prozac worked. >> you think so? >> i have no problems with that. the problem was when she put him on viagra. that's where you cross the line, don't you think?
2:51 am
>> what do you think of that? >> i think he needs a good farm, a little running around. maybe a mate. >> yeah, or learning how to -- p everyone loves the way dark clothes make them feel. and no one wants that feeling to fade. t that's why there's woolite darks. it's free of harsh ingredients, keeping dark clothes looking like new for 30 washes r so your love for dark clothes will never fade. woolite darks. (coughing) coughing disrupts everyone's life. that's why there's delsym. delsym's advanced time release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. p it's not always as easy for me as it is for him... it's easy for me cause look at her.
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good for theater goers looking to relive the winter of 1823. the rev that. the" took top billing this weekend at the box office taking in $16 million. "star wars" the force awakens after five weeks came in second with just over $14 million. and right along too butted into third place with just $1313 million. >> okay. and if you can tind some good that came out of this weekend's blizzard, it could be a sense of a force re-creation on the part of mother nature. >> who doesn't remember the excitement of a snow day as a chide hearing that school was
2:55 am
now we all got a taste of that excitement. once again, here's abc's john donvan. >> every now and then nature takes over this way the spaces we consider our own. a soft reminder of how cities clean up nice in a snowfall and belong also to other species who norm mali try to keep out of the way. so in had the nation's seat of political power, they went for a stroll down an empty avenue this was washington wag. people came out too, plunging in, playing when not plowing. this set of three kids all dressed up, will they even remember this day? then too there is the silence a big snowfall brings. so with the sound track turned down everything pops in a different way. and the motionless respect shown by a guard at the tomb of the unknown soldier without even a shake of his head sure it's cold outside when the world looks like this but there's something warm too in being reminded that something bigger than this can get us all to stop and listen while we wait for the sun.
2:56 am
one of those i thinks in the package touched so many of us. 24 hours a day, 365 days out of the year, the third u.s. infantriry regimen's old guard continue guarding the tomb of the unknown soldiers despite even this historic blizzard. kind of forget the duty that they continue to carry. >> they're there 24 hours a day. no doubt. so we survived the blizzard. in our own separate ways. i plan on staying indoors the entire time and then saturday at 12:00 came, and you see there's a live picture and the streets are clear. but saturday at 12:00, i ran out of food and alcohol. so i had to make a run for it several blocks in manhattan. >> you do look very sad there. >> this was a vista down sixth avenue here a shot that i took. >> doesn't look that bad though. it looks slippery. >> it does. >> you can see the wall on the left side. >> but the good thing. >> that's my little boy. there he is.
2:57 am
>> he waited patiently all weekend to be able to do this. we explained he couldn't do it
2:58 am
this morning on "world news now", the great big dig. >> the historic snowfall totals throughout much of the east as cities shut down by the blizzard, they start to show signs of life and how travel across the country is impacted with well over 10,000 flights cancelled. we are live with the very latest. >> one week away to the iowa caucuses and the candidates turn up the heat on the campaign trail. huge crowds coming out for sanders and trump. and what the gop front-runner may have said about a turbin-wearing protester. >> a cry of innocence everyone steve avery, the focus of the making a murderer series, speaking out from inside prison claiming that the real murderer may still be on the loose.
2:59 am
of the case have to say about it. and snowed out rather than staying shut in from the storm, yeah, plenty of folks braves an the blizzard and had themselves a ball of a time, including a pair of pandas. see them? they were all snowed in, too. is it better for them? you decide on this monday, january 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." so you survived. >> so quote destiny's child, i'm a survivor. yes. and i got to admit that i was a little bit scared at one point out of alcohol. you know, and then ran down the street and there was nothing open. >> i told you, you know, i e-mailed you on friday night saying you should take this seriously. you thought delivery would happen 24 hours in new york. >> it's always there for you. >> they shut down the city including transportation including the pizza guy.
3:00 am
that was tough. >> this really was the blizzard of 2016. deal. government offices of course, and many public schools and well in d.c. will still be closed snowstorm. up the road in baltimore, a snow effect. with only half the streets cleared so far, the clean-up in the region is expected to take days. >> and it will take awhile to get the nation's air travel system back up to speed because so many airlines use east coast airlines as hubs. nearly 1200 are already crossed off for too today. the jersey shore, man it wasn't the snow but also the flooding. we're talking high tides, strong winds. they brought extra water ashore. chunks of ice. you could see them floating down residential streets. some of the residents had to be helped out of their homes and many furnishings complete loss for these folks. >> that's got to make it even worse when you have the snow
3:01 am
back in new york city, life is getting back to normal after the second biggest snowfall in history. >> major streets are cleared but all that snow is piled high making it so difficult to get around. >> yeah, let's get a live update from abc's ray raimundi. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning to you, kendis and reena. yeah, listen, the main focus for city officials here is to make sure that all the roadways particularly the streets, transportation, schools, are all fully operational. just in time for the morning commute which is literally just hours away. millions of americans digging out from all that snow. a bird's eye view from this drone flying high above baltimore providing a snapshot of the monstrosity of snowy literally crippled the mid-atlantic and major northeast cities. western pennsylvania feeling the effects of the winter wallop as
3:02 am
turnpike near pittsburgh where hundreds of vehicles were left stranded. new jersey also getting slammed. the major issue? flooding. chunks of can ice and feet of water lined the streets. as many homes were submerged underwater. tragedy also striking. after a mom and young son are killed by carbon monoxide. >> and i try, i try, my nephew try, try. and the paramedic try, try. those people work so hard. >> reporter: in maryland a celebration after a couple was forced to make a special delivery of this healthy seven-pound baby named hanna inside of their home after they were buried inside. >> happy birthday. >> yeah. >> reporter: and in new york, a ghost town as one of the city's busiest transportation hubs. penn station almost empty. cancellations seen all over the boards. >> i do not remember it ever looking this empty. i took a picture of it because i want to remember how empty it is.
3:03 am
is, forecasters are expecting warmer temperatures throughout the week here in the northeast particularly here in new york. the bad news, the melting of all the snow that may cause flooding and refreezing temperatures with overnight temperatures dropping. city schools here in new york will be open. as you mentioned before, many schools across the northeast still remain closed. kendis and reena, back to you. >> ray, it looks like the wall between east and west germany there behindyou. it's pretty high bank. >> absolutely. >> you know, we know there's a bit of city to city controversy brewing over the snow total amounts. tell us a little bit about that. >> yeah, absolutely. you know, it was first predicted that washington, d.c. our nation's capital and baltimore was going to be the bull's eye of the storm. but they actually wound up getting a little less snow than we got up here. new york broke records. it was the second snowiest snowstorm on record near in the city. we were .1 inch from breaking
3:04 am
it seems like the storm was fit and made for new york city as we got the brunt of this massive and epic blizzard of 2016. >> ray, leave it up to to you to tear down that wall, my friend. >> break it down. >> you got that right, absolutely. >> ray raimundi. with us for the next couple of half hours on blizzard. thank you. well, new york's three parents by the way resumed operations on sunday. >> washington airports hope to do so today. here's david kerley. >> reporter: so much snow to clear. plows and trucks working all day at an empty washington, d.c., airport. no planes, no passengers. a ghost town. >> please maintain control of your personal belongings. >> reporter: some hopeful passengers in new york -- >> i just want to get out of here and go home. >> reporter: -- told they are going nowhere. >> i showed up at the airport today thinking that my flight was okay and the airport was closed. >> reporter: already more than 800 flights cancelled for tomorrow. bringing the storm total to about 12,000, as all that snow is moved.
3:05 am
a lot is going on behind the scenes, and workers have to be able to get to their positions in order for the airport to re-open. the closure of the major airports in the east has a ripple effect across the entire country -- delays and cancellations. and even overseas, some international flights can't get in. michael kurth is stranded in brussels. >> in total, it will come out to be about 48 hours or more of travel. >> reporter: amtrak rail, running reduced service during the storm, is coming back. regional and city rail, far from full service at new york's penn station. >> we got stranded and had to stay one more night. >> reporter: but a few flights starting to take off from northern airports. this one at new york's laguardia. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> slowly but sure by getting back to business. let's see what the situation is for stranded travelers as well as those of us staying put. >> we get to accuweather's paul williams who has the forecast. morning. >> thanks.
3:06 am
skittish about the mere mention of the word snow. we're not expecting anymore snow. but the snow we have will complicate matters because it's melting right now. there's so much of it, and we're expecting a tremendous amount of icing to occur because those puddles are going to freeze overthroughout the overnight period. tricky driving as a result of that. we're looking for the messiest of weather along the mississippi rafer valley region. cold weather just to the west of the rain and snow and stormmaker. snow up towards the great lakes. mixture of freezing rain and sleet throughout the ohio valley region showers in the deep south culminating in thunderstorms. >> breaking news overnight, severe turbulence on a flight from miami to milan has forced the plane to divert to canada. the seven people have been hurt and taken to a hospital. among those are three crew members at least four ambulances and a fire truck were dispatched
3:07 am
in st. john's in now foundland. american airlines spokesman said none of the injuries were life-threatening. the airline is working to get the other passengers back on their route to milan. one week from today are the iowa caucuses, the start of the presidential primary season. look at the latest poll showing donald trump now surging ahead of ted cruz there. fans keep flocking to his rallies but so do protesters on sunday. trump was talking about 9/11 and san bernardino when a protester raised a banner that said stop hate as the protester was led out, the crowd chanted usa. then rumph said this. >> he wasn't wearing one of those hats, was? >> he and he never will. it appeared to reporterses there that trump was referring to both the man's turbin as well as perhaps also to a different man wearing one of those trump's make america great hats. either way, it was totally red
3:08 am
>> meanwhile, bernie sanders is filling auditoriums in iowa at a packed rally last nights, the senator got hot. took off his jacket and threw it into the crowd. he joked that's all that's coming off. his fans roared. >> good stuff. set. it will be the carolina panthers versus the denver broncos. cam muton led carolina to a cardinals. he threw for two touchdowns and ran for two more. one of those td passes was for 85 yards. yes, meanwhile the carolina defense smothered the cardinals offense. by halftime the panthers led 24-7. this will be the team's second visit to the super bowl. and the afc championship game featured two legendary veteran quarterbacks. but it will be peyton manning who squares off against cam newton.
3:09 am
and the patriots 20-18. brady's two-point conversion attempt was intercepted in the final minute of the game. earlier with a clans to tie the extra point. the first time had he missed a conversion after 523 attempts. >> oh. you know who else stole the show? peyton manning's son. absolutely adorable 4-year-old marshall joined him at the press conference there afterwards. isn't that incredible? he looks just like little mini me. >> totally riley curry moment. >> did he speak or. >> he just kind of lingered around. but he was the star attraction there. >> that's cool. >> dad's big moment. dad's hid together super bowl young man. >> coming up "the mix," the big blizzard and lighter moments from people making the most of the big storm. >> but first, some new images of the earthquaking that shook alaskaing this weekend. buildings swaying back and
3:10 am
shocking residents as the ground rimabled beneath them. >> first steven avery's letter from inside. the strange warning the making a murderer subject sent our abc station. >> and remember, you can weigh in on our facebook page, nn and twitter @abcwnn. you're watching abc "world news now." t. i'm gonna take mucinext sinus-max. too late, we're about tot take off. r these dissolve fast. rthey're new liquid gels. and you're coming with me... wait, what?! you realize i have gold status? do i still get the miles? new mucinex sinus-max liquid gels. dissolves fast r to unleash max strength medicine. r r start the relief. r r ditch the misery. t let's end this. v (ugh.) v does your carpet everr feel rough and dirty?
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3:13 am
a corner of alaska is
3:14 am
some shaking caught on camera. the 7.1 quake struck early sunday morning centered 160 miles southwest of anchorage. it's the large earth ghak decades to hit the region and triggered a gas leak causing four homes to catch fire. no one was hurt. 30 homes in ken nay why evacuated as a precaution. >> a manhunt under way for three dangerous inmates who managed to escape a maximum security jail. they cut through half inch steel bars and rappelled down the roof of a makeshift rope at the jail in santa ana. among the escapees a suspected gang member being held on murder charges. $50,000. >> the true life television drama of another murderer sparking quite a bit of controversy. >> for the first time since the documentary making a murderer" the man at the skew of the case is speaking out. dan harris 0 traveled to
3:15 am
>> reporter: in a new letter to our abc station in milwaukee it, steven avery, the convicted quill killer at the heart of the new netflix documentary series "making a murderer"" writes the real killer is still out there. who is he stalking now? much of the letter is a response to an interview his ex-girlfriend gave to hln in which she turns on the man she once defended. >> what do you want people to know? >> the truth. >> which is? >> what a monster he is and he's not innocent. >> reporter: we the jury find the defendant guilty. >> avery was convicted in 2007 of killing 25-year-old teresa haulbeck. the documentary raises questions whether he may have been framed by local law enforcement officials who he was suing at the time because they had put him in prison for 18 years for a rape he didn't commit. he was later exonerated by dna
3:16 am
>> we're at the family salvage yard. >> i recently went to wisconsin to investigate the case. i met the former prosecutor who sent is avery to prison. ken who says he's being bombarded by online threats. >> just examples upon examples of what i would refer to as cyberbullying. >> reporter: i also met avery's former defense attorney dean strange whose emotional and eloquent defense of avery made him a digital age folk hero. >> all these years later, do you still believe members of the department framed stephen avery? >> i'm still left with real reasons to suspect that. >>. >> reporter: one of the local sheriff's deputies who strange accuses of possibly planting evidence, lieutenant andrew cobourne, recently spoke out for the first time since the documentary. "you know all these allegations against myself and our agency are totally false. be careful what you wish for. if stephen avery is ever freed,
3:17 am
neighbor." dan harris, abc news, new york. that's scary stuff. >> quite a mystery. >> coming up, thousands of people found themselves stranded in cars during the weekend's blizzard. what you need to know to survive the next time you head out into the cold. you're watching "world news now."
3:18 am
essage cc1 test m there's a very real danger that whiteout conditions can strike without warning. >> if you're on the road you need to be prepared. rob marciano explains. >> it can happen in an instant. you're driving in an unfamiliar area and suddenly you're lost or worse, stranded in the snow. it happened to four men in oregon. their gps sending them the wrong way. >> we didn't know how long we were going to be there. >> the men hunkering down for 18 hours till help finally arrived.
3:19 am
what do you need to do to survive? >> above all, do not leave your vehicle. >> bruce gordon is an expert with the minnesota department of public safety taking me through his survival tips. >> so we're stranded now in the middle of nowhere. temperatures in the teens. what should i do? >> stay cool and stay warm at the same time. >> telling me to keep calm and bundle up. then. >> make your car visible. tie a rag or some brightly colored ribbon so people can find you. run your vehicle about ten minutes for every hour. have the heat running during that time and charge your cell phone and probably the most important thing is, stay with your vehicle. don't leave this car. but i had to ask, my instinct to survive is to leave the vehicle and go find help. how do you keep from doing that? >> fight the instinct. keep your wits about you and stay with this vehicle because it's your best shelter. >> don't forget to pack this. a simple survival kit. complete with a whistle, that bright rag, hand warmers, emergency blankets, protein bars
3:20 am
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3:23 am
new from mucinex fast max. r that's max-strength r r r t let's end this. mix." athletes are such superstars. >> yeah. >> they don't miss practice even blizzard conditions. we're talking now about west virginia's university swim team. take a look at this. >> no, they didn't. >> in speedos, jumped in the snow in the middle of a blizzard to practice their swimming laps. and then they realized it's a little bit too cold to wear your speed os. >> a, there can be so many jokes about this but going to let that go. wow, really guys, in the snow? >> it lasted about 6 1/2 seconds. that's about it. >> some great form i have to say. gave them a five.
3:24 am
>> impressive. get back in there. >> very nice. this is our blizzard edition of the mix". you know, there were some beautiful video over the weekend where we saw tian-tian from the national zoo just rolling around in the snow. whenever we see the pandas in a zoo, it's just beautiful. just awesome. well, yeah, then there's this guy who is also in maryland. and. >> that's not a real panda. >> it's a true panda. nice panda form. he decided he would get dressed up in his panda suit and challenge tian-tian to his own like snow battle there. >> let me guess, more people watched this than tian-tian. >> yes. you know weddings still continue on in the middle of a blizzard. you think about the people who had plans and didn't cancel them including this young couple that just got engaged. they told their engagement photographer we're going to take
3:25 am
of a blizzard in baltimore. this couple, they're from baltimore and they took these photos in fort meade, maryland. >> very, very cool. wind. >> a lot of times you'll have people who say we want the most ideal conditions for our engagement photos but they decided they'll go out and they weren't wearing a whole lot. i got to admit. >> they looked kind of cozy >> love warms. there you go. >> love conquers can all. >> yeah. okay, so this is from washington, d.c. take a look. police car right there in the u street neighborhood and take a listen. do you recognize this. >>. do you want to build a snowman >>, or course. >> do you like it? >> i love it. >> he was playing the sound track for "frozen." do you want to build a snowman. >> although his partner did not
3:26 am
>> it's being played over and over and over again.
3:27 am
this morning on "world news now," the toll of the storm. the deadly blizzard hitting the east from all sides, trapping residents, stranding drivers and even flooding out areas along the coast. we're going to have the latest forecast straight ahead. >> one week from the iowa caucuses. the latest poll has donald trump surging ahead of ted cruz while hillary clinton promises her own political movement and tina fey? she replies as her alter ego sarah palin on "saturday night live." >> new this half hour. crash for cash. >> the growing insurance fraud scam that has crooks triggering accidents on purpose to cash in on insurance money. what you need to know. >> and the blizzard of 2016 seemed to bring everyone out
3:28 am
celebrities, how some of them spent their snow day. that's ahead in "the skinny." it is monday, january 25th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." survivors. you survived. >> i did. we lost power saturday morning, a city bus hit our power lines nearby, like about a block away. so i never thought we would lose we've been telling, warning people what to do. >> yeah, exactly. >> you don't think that you would -- >> did you guys just panic and run outside scared? >> i would have, but you know, i'm from florida. that was a worse situation to be outside in the cold. >> absolutely. i have my big measuring tape here. this is about how much new york city got. just about 27, less than 27. >> wow. that's very scientific of you. >> that's a lot. it's almost the size of my head. it's a very scientific measure
3:29 am
new york city. >> there are some hopeful signs this morning. >> things are getting back to normal. >> new york and philadelphia lifted their snow emergency. but there's still plenty of clean-up under way. >> so washington and baltimore are still restricting travel with all government offices including federal and local closed. and schools are closed, as well but we have to mention more than two dozen deaths were blamed on the weather. airlines canceled more than 14,000 flights over the weekend. and the snowfall in new york city missed setting a record as we mentioned just short of 27 inches. baltimore had about 30 inches of snow but the official measurement in washington is only 17.8. even though it seemed like so much more. and it probably was. can you believe this, the measuring device at reagan national airport was buried in the snow and stopped working. kendis, they could have used your tape. >> they could have. >> it will be days before the nation's capital is dug out. with more, here's abc's rob
3:30 am
>> reporter: the snow's stopped falling, but for millions still reeling from this monstrous blizzard, the battle is not over. firefighters in virginia struggling to dig out hydrants buried under three feet of snow while battling a blaze. up and down the east coast, roofs collapsing under the weight of all that snow. dozens displaced from this apartment complex in virginia. this church in pennsylvania caving in just hours before sunday services. even the redskins' practice dome deflated. the big digout, that is, if you could even get to your car. new yorkers climbing four or five, six-foot drifts to reach them. the view from above capturing the scope. the nation's capitol shut down. winds gusting to 75 miles per hour at langley air force base. new york city suddenly finding itself in the bull's-eye. >> people have to take very seriously what's going on here. >> reporter: the city grinding to a halt. >> just give us time. everybody stay in their house and we should be able to do our job. a new jersey mom and her son tragically lost to carbon
3:31 am
up in a running car. in central park, 26.8 inches of snow, a 24-hour record, and just 0.1 of an inch shy of the all time record set back in 2006. the biggest snow storm on record in baltimore, 29.2 inches. cracking the top five in d.c. and philly, too. our gloria riviera in reston, virginia. >> reporter: the plows have been but all that snow has to go somewhere, and look at this. it's a snow wall and it's past my waist and it's barricading every car on the block in. >> . >> reporter: there are plenty of cars entombed in snow like this in new york city and a lot of piles like this across manhattan. you get two feet of snow in a tight space like the city and it's hard to get rid of and to work around. mother nature not expected to help much. we'll see a bit of a warmup but not till tuesday or wednesday. rob marciano, abc news, new york. >> tuesday or wednesday seems so far away. the storm buried the inland city
3:32 am
under 16.9 inches of snow. roads. so people spent the weekend shoveling their neighbors. in the mountains, mountains of west virginia, more than twice as much, 40.5 inches. at jfk airport here in new york, 30.5 inches, baltimore bwi, 29.2, newark 28.1. don't forget the national zool in washington they got 22.4 inches. >> time to go snow boarding in west virginia there. pretty cool. as for new jersey, coastal residents, it wasn't so much about the snow but about flooding. the storm brought extremely high tides and big waves, as well. stores and homes were flooded and the entire streets turned into waterways as you saw there with chunks of ice floating in them. most of the water has now receded. now the mud and debris left behind. one shore community fared well throughout. belmar had built a huge wall of sand to keep the ocean where it belonged. >> well, our coverage continues
3:33 am
outside our studio in new york. >> ray, what's it look like right now? >> reporter: well, kendis and reena, believe it or not, 24 hours after this storm hit us, new york being the bull's eye as both of you two mentioned, it's a nice calm here outside on the streets of new york. but many people across the mid-atlantic are digging out of this epic blizzard of 2016. this was the second snowiest snowstorm here in new york and we were just .1 inch from breaking the all-time record right here in new york. of course, the main concern moving forward is for city officials to get the city back to normal, and that's including making sure all our subways are back to normal and particularly the commuter railroads in time for the monday morning rush. of course, this storm also came with its tragedy. 27 deaths in total as a result of all the states that were affected as a result of the storm. five of those deaths happening right here in the new york city
3:34 am
on inhaling of carbon monoxide and also people shoveling snow here. we do know schools will be open many schools across the northeast are still going to remain closed. of course, travel a really big deal, as well, reena and kendis. >> speaking of travel, ray, i know a friend of mine who has been on the phone within united get herself and her infant back >> what can people expect at the airports today? >> reporter: that's absolutely right. airport officials are saying that 14,000 flights were canceled as a result of this blizzard. the goal and focus now is to make sure that all airport operations across the mid-atlantic regions affected by the storm will be up and running by monday morning at the earliest. reena and kendis, back to you. >> quite a big effort for the airlines. and ray, i guess you were talking really loudly to set off some guy's alarm. ray raimundi, thank you.
3:35 am
with the snow? it appears there won't be a second act for this blizzard. >> the latest from paul williams. paul, good morning. >> thanks, kendis, reena. well, we have a good news, bad news thing. the good news, no more snow in the early part of the week. the bad news, the leftover snow will make things a little slick for us. in the northeast the normal amount of seasonable cold in place. a high pressure system swings towards the northeast. here's the changeover. because the snow will melt quickly, we're going to having widespread black ice possibly throughout not only new york but throughout the mid atlantic all the way down towards kentucky. kendis, reena. >> thank you, paul. we're going to move on now to the race for the white house. the iowa caucuses exactly one week from today. on the republican side, there's a new fox news poll that indicates donald trump surging past ted cruz and now the front-runner, marco rubio, ben carson and rand paul behind them. in new hampshire, trump is holding a comfortable lead over
3:36 am
bush filling out the top five there. on the democratic side, there was a fired up hillary clinton addressing an enthusiastic crowd of some 900 iowans last night. she took a page from bernie sanders playbook promising her own political movement. some of that fire probably came from a new endorsement from the boston globe urging new hampshire readers to support her in the next month's primary. sanders is a frontrunner in new hampshire. isis has released a new video online praising an the november paris attacks. much of the video so graphic we can't even show you. it's titled "kill them wherever you find them." it is almost 18 minutes long and shows the attackers in syria and iraq sometime before the paris assault and includes a threat to attack britain. the president of iran visits italy and france this week in an effort to boost economic ties. hassan rouhani arrives in rome today. he's going to meet with the pope at the vatican tomorrow. the visit had been scheduled for november but put off after those
3:37 am
just about everything closed. what's left to do in a major snowstorm but go sledding. that's just what a group of nuns did in central park this weekend and with the wind picking up their habits as they sped down the slope, who could have blamed them? we call them the flying nuns i guess. >> they were sailing down those hills. >> they seemed to really enjoy it. >> good for them. >> yeah, a little outing. everyone loves a good sledding in the snow. >> 26 inches, they were having none of it. >> coming up in "the skinny," how the other half survived the blizzard of 2016. >> by other half, we mean the 1 percenters. we're going to check out how some of the biggest celebrities let down their hair and took advantage of their big snow day. and slamming the brakes on a crash for cash scheme. how one man managed to scam insurance companies out of thousands of dollars. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by pampers. r, brought to you by pampers. music throughout "
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3:41 am
watch and listen to this incredible wipeout. a thousand-foot drop down a slope in alaska, that's world champion free skier angel collinson tumbling out of control as the camera rolls until finally a huge sigh of relief. >> i'm okay. i'm okay. >> thank you. >> okay, so get this. amazingly, she only injured two fingers, slightly injured them. and she's said to be physically okay. you heard her. >> oh, my gosh. that gives me shivers just to watch. look how quickly she goes tumbling down. >> that's a different form of
3:42 am
> my gosh, unbelievable. well on to gas. the average national gas price is now well below $2 a gallon. the lundberg survey says prices have gone down 14 cents over the past two weeks to $1.91 a gallon. that's actually the lowest in about seven years. and 16 cents less than a year ago. so fuel up. >> yes, time to fuel up. one man has also allegedly been cashing in with his car. but it hasn't been at the gas pump. >> he's accused of being a professional victim, triggering car accidents convincing the other drivers it was their fault. they're waiting for the big insurance checks till someone hit the brakes on his scheme. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: prosecutors say navid monjazeb made a lucrative habit out of crashing into other drivers, filing fraudulent collecting thousands of dollars. he allegedly did it nearly two one victim's car had barely a scratch. but monjazeb claims his car looked like this. he's now facing charges
3:43 am
reckless endangerment. one study estimates in 2012 fake or inflated car accident injury claims added up to as much as $7.7 billion. as one of monjazeb's alleged victims found, that cost gets passed on. >> my rates went up, and i had to pay to fix my own car because i only had liability on it. >> reporter: authorities say the schemes often involve multiple cars and fake witnesses. >> the victim slams into the second car which is filled with three or four passengers, all of whom will claim injuries. >> reporter: some drivers are now turning to dash cameras, popular overseas for catching everything from meteors to plane crashes. this driver in georgia used a dash cam to prove another car ran a red light, hitting him. >> there's no other way to be sure that you can prove in court if you need to that the accident was not your fault without having some kind of video evidence. >> reporter: manjazeb's lawyers did not return our calls, but authorities say they've now put the brakes on his alleged scam. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. sure he's not the only one
3:44 am
>> gosh, i believe now in the dashcam videos. put them in your car. when we come back, we'll check out how some celebrities survived the big snow. >> let's hope they survived. and guess which member of which boy band is now a daddy. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this from our
3:45 am
text1 plain
3:46 am
okay. so the "skinny" is going to answer the question, did you know that celebrities, well, they're just like us? >> really? >> there are many that were snow survivalists. >> we just couldn't resist checking how the other half made it through the blizzard. turns out they're not just different from being us mere mortals. ivanka trump making snow angels on new york's park avenue. >> then there's actor hugh jackman playing out his inner child with a snowball fight. >> don't forget. >> pretty cool. >> it is pretty cool. justin theroux showing off just how deep those snow drifts were. oh. sinks all the way in. he gets lost in there. you don't even see him, huh? >> mr. aniston. not bad. so perhaps the most creative is hilaria baldwin taking advantage of the travel ban in new york city doing a yoga pose in the
3:47 am
>> she loves her yoga poses. >> don't we all. very nice young lady. coming up next, to a bit of comic relief from the campaign trail you might say. >> last week's endorsement of donald trump by sarah palin was a perfect excuse for "snl" to reprise tina fey's now legendary alter ego. >> she's a real pistol. she's crazy, isn't she? [ chirping ] is what the lame stream media is spinning. heads are spinning. they say trump and his trumpeters are right winging the bitter clinging proud clingers of our guns but he can kick isis ass because he commands fire. he commands >> i hope nobody's allergic to nuts because we got a big one here. >> oh. >> by the way, that $695 beaded bolero jacket of palin's sold
3:48 am
sach's, amazon and ebay. now we know who definitely managed to get her hands on one. we are thankful she did. >> we've got some glad tooifdings to mention for a boy band member who is now a daddy. >> louis tomlinson confirmed in a series of tweets that he and briana jungwirth welcomed a bouncing baby boy. >> 24-year-old tomlinson tweeted i'm pleased to say my baby son was born yesterday, smiley face. he is healthy and pretty amazing. smiley face. i'm very happy. >> smiley face. the couple has reportedly named the boy sydney rain and sorting out custody. because not i don't know are they not married but they're not even together anymore. >> finally, we have t minus 13 days away from the biggest sports day of the year. >> the countdown to super bowl 50. oddsmakers didn't wait till the carolina panthers finished off the cardinals to install them in as the favorites in the big game in california. >> the panthers are now a
3:49 am
ever broncos with the oddsmaker at las vegas superbook. so place your betts s now, folks. >> okay. >> who do you think is going to win? >> i'm thinking the panthers. >> i'm thinking my tampa bay buccaneers. be buccaneers. e buccaneers. buccaneers. buccaneers. cold and flu. but disinfecting with lysol can. p because lysol wipes and spray are approved to kill more types of germs than clorox. including those that can make you sick. for a healthy home this cold and flu season... lysol that. >> important message
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release formula helps silence coughs for a full 12 hours. all night... or all day. they say the neon lights are bright on broadway, on broadway >> sorry, they've already kind of cleaned up there. >> streets are pretty clear there. >> live shot of new york city, times square. >> yeah. you know in pittsburgh, january's probably the worst month to have your furnace die. that's what happened to one military mom whose husband was serving in the national guard. >> she felt lucky enough to find a repairman on short notice but then her luck really changed. here's abc's john donvan. >> reporter: what this furnace in bridget stephen's house near pittsburgh needed the other day was a spark. because it was dead, cold broken. >> i felt that it was freezing
3:53 am
so i checked the thermostat and saw that it was only like 50 degrees in the house. >> reporter: now, normally, main furnace fixer, her husband his country. still, with two kids at home, anyway, by text. >> he gave me a couple of tips, working. >> reporter: so bridget gave in and called this guy, paul betlyn who headed right over, even though -- >> i'm not supposed to be doing work. i just had a knee replacement. >> reporter: and so, paul betlyn goes inside this thing with a screwdriver, while bridget watches, and just chats. >> you know, my husband really would have probably been able to figure this out, but he's getting ready 0 deploy. >> reporter: well, betlyn gets the thing going again. the furnace got its spark, and so did he. in his heart, when he wrote out the bill. >> i couldn't say it because i would break up a little. it was a little emotional. so i wrote night call, deployment special. $1. >> reporter: that's right. what would have been a bill for
3:54 am
one buck. and even that, he would not take from bridget. >> thank you, very, very much. >> you're welcome. >> reporter: "it's the kind of thing you just read about, she told us, but never think will happen to you." which is why for this family of four, one far away, the house and home feel especially warm. and not just because the furnace is back working. john donvan, abc news, new york. >> i love that story. folks serving our country never get enough of that. >> not at all. you had a similar emergency, didn't you? >> not to that level. our power did go out. i learned some things i have to tell you. one is following your local police department and your power company because they were so great at getting updates up on twitter. my neighbor's getting all this information. where are you getting this from. turns out, she was just following twitter, the police also you got to fill your bathtub with water. i told the kids we can't go to the bathroom. suddenly everybody needed to potty. not going to make that mistake again. not going to do that next time. >> that's a good mental image of what your household looked like this weekend. this twitter thing, it might
3:55 am
3:56 am
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