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tv   World News Now  ABC  January 26, 2016 2:37am-4:00am EST

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don't get too tired. >> flow, not at my age. >> hundreds of accidents since saturday's storm hit. that 85-mile stretch of pennsylvania turn people finally reopened after more than 500 cars got stuck for hours. this church group making due too, celebrating mass in the snow. and the problem here, just take a look. some treats here in new york still haven't been plowed. many people here say they've never seen this much snow. gio benitez, abc news, queens, new york. >> with no school, no work and not much else open in washington, d.c., the nation's capital is turning to its most regloved resident. >> giant pan dap tian-tian. not disappointing anyone. a sequel to his viral video over the weekend. look at that. the national zoo still closed though. but there's always the panda cam and videos like this one. the earlier video got more than 55 million views on facebook. that's what everybody was doing
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>> it's calming. > i don't know if it's because in china they're not used to the snow, right? pandas, it's hot. bamboo. oh toin toin is like what is up with this, right? it's colder? >> okay. >> they are used to snow. >> the florida girl misspoke. >> we just found out from our beijing bureau. bob woodruff is over there. >> coming up, getting out of debt. for so many americans it can feel like a daunting challenge. rebecca jarvis will talk with one expert who's been there and done that. >> how did i not know that pandas are not used to snow? you can find your own love. why not hire cupid yourself? an old world idea of match micking updated. but first a look at today's highs across the country. >> great falls is back. 42, that is balmy. break out the sun tan.
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>> pretty impressed. >> a little q tip. i think it was bowny ta applebaum. >> no idea what you're talking about. >> okay, so you may think you live alone or with just your family, but you're wrong. a new study finds that humans share their homes with hundreds of species of bugs, flies, spiders. beetles, lies. >> ugh, and more. >> a study of 50 homes near raleigh, north carolina more than 100 spears per haas. the good news, most of the species are benign, most. >> that's gross. i have two questions. >> no, what happened here? >> in the world? >> oh.
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the monitor and saw us. >> i can't even joke around about that, guys. >> what does a tribe call quest have to do with that? >> they're bugging out. >> oh, bugging out. >> bugging out. okay. and then the other thing is in the chat notes here from the producer, i'm sure this is from matt, the technical terms for bugs is and throw pods. people who study them are etymologists which has nothing to do with entenmanns cookies. commute. good schools having the right supermarket nearby by be the key to a home's val. homes within a mile of trader joe's or whole foods are worth twice as much as the national average. within two years of a trader joe's opening nearby, home prices surged 10% more than in other neighborhoods. >> but not whole foods? >> they didn't look into that.
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but it doesn't help your personal balance sheet in your mireded in debt. >> for many americans, climbing out of debt can feel like an impossible challenge. but it doesn't always have to be. here is rebecca jarvis. >> ever wonder what a shark would say is the best way for you to build wealth right now? ask shark kevin o'leary and he'll tell you. >> saving money is the key to long-term success. if i was in debt, i would do whatever it takes to save all my napkins when i went to a fast food restaurant so i didn't have to buy them. debt is a killer. >> one in three american households lives paycheck to paycheck with the average home carrying $130,000 in debt. tiffany, otherwise known as the budgetnista says she began her climb out of deep debt when she had no job. >> i was a preschool teacher and lost my job. >> you're almost $300,000 in debt at the time.
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that $300,000 in debt was cutting back on housing costs. first, moving in with her parents, then friends. >> a lot of my friends thought i was crazy. >> she used the website magnify money to identify zero rate credit cards to transfer her existing card balances to that involved no fees allowing her to fay down her debt faster. today she is the owner of a successful financial advising business and using hard earned savings to travel the world. >> what's the lesson you want people to take away from your story. >> if i can dig my way out, honestly, anyone can do it. >> rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. i love that that she was able to dig herself out. >> yeah, and her advice, of course, only works if you're single. families can't as readily move in with their parents. >> speak for yourself. i've always my husband we're
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it's a great motivator. and friends. >> you got to put your pride out of the way when you need to get your debt in order. that's the message from reena this morning. >> financial advisor reena ninan. >> coming up, when you're looking for love, it keeps taking you to all the wrong places. >> how match making is enjoying a new resurgence among today's modern singles.
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st message
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well, a warning for women. a new statement from the american heart association says symptoms that can signal the need for immediate medical attention are different in women than in men. women may be more likely to have unusual symptoms such as shortness of breath, nausea or vomiting and back or neck pain. it goes on to say women are less likely to receive clot bursting medication once they get to the hospital. >> so let's turn now to a matter of heart and that age-old struggle for many who are looking for love. >> and today is increasingly hectic world, modern singles are finding growing difficulty in finding the one. with more and more turning to a new take on an old world idea of match making. we're up "up all nightline" with abc's lip say janis. >> reporter: while millionaire
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famously found love for the rich. >> meet my millionaires. >> you could say anna is more a $1,000 matchmaker. her match making costs 3500 bucks for three months or up to $5,000 for half the year. >> at the point they're willing to pay $3500, are they desperate. >> i had that same question when i started this job and i have not yet met a desperate person. >> you've not met a single desperate person? >> no. >> you haven't met a woman desperate to meet a man whose biological clock is ticking? >>. >> we do not promise deadlines. people normally have a lot going on in their lives that they're happy with and it's this one missing piece. >> she works for the national match making company three-day rule jokingly named for this bad advice from the movie "swingers." >> i used to wait two days to call everybody. so i think three days is mine. what do you think. >> two is enough not to look anxious.
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you're seeing with people coming in who haven't been successful dating on their own. >> i think modern dating is challenging. the system itself, it's great how many options we have these days with apps and web sites but it also leads to a bit of dating add sometimes. >> she and her colleague heather only take on eight new paying clients a month. >> are you guys single? >> those who don't pay to become clients end up part of three-day rule's free pool of lower priority potential matches. >> hi. >> hi. >> are you eply? >> yes. >> so nice to meet you. i'm anna. >> on this day, anna meets with a potential new client named analyst sa. >> i'm totally going to spill this. >> i had been on a couple tinder dates and just like wasn't finding what i was looking for. some of them were just like bad. >> yeah. >> bad. i've been on a lot of bad dates. >> i'm sorry. >> they spend more than an hour
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relationship history, profile and dating desires. >> how tall are you? >> 52 1/2, 5'3" on a good day. >> how about religion. >> is that part of your life? >> yes, i'm a christian. i true try to go to church every sunday. >> do you smoke at all? >> no, that's a deal breaker. >> in the end analyst sa decides to give the free database of singles a try. >> i'm excited. after like talking with anna, i was just like, there are a lot of things that i am like looking for so i just feel like it's nice to have somebody else take that difficult part out. >> she won't be guaranteed any dates. but if she eventually decides to pay up, anna will be there to help her get to happily ever after. for "nightline," i'm linzie janis in chicago. >> what do you think? >> i guess it makes sense people will do that. tinder and grinder are basically
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i can't keep my hands to myself my hands to myself >> this next story is not about keeping can your hands to yourself. there's a new gym in austin, texas where young people are building more than just muscle. >> focusing on at risk youth helping them build up their bodies and their minds to help them rebuild their lives. nicole row sales of kview has the story. >> this isn't your typical gym. they have dumbbells and speed bags but it's what they teach
2:56 am
>> this is professional arm wrestling team here in austin into bone breaker barbell is a new fitness center started by big bald mike. he along with arm wrestling professionals have joined together to help kick start pulling for the future, a foundation for troubles youth overcoming addiction. >> learning respect for themself. >> teams from a drug and alcohol rehabilitation center will have a chance to train with the top coaches in the state all in exchange for good glades and behavior. >> showing them how to use their strength and help other people. >> he 14-year-old destiny sanchez has been competing in arm wrestling for years and says it's important kids have an outlet. >> having something to doing to get your mind off everything that you're going through at home or whatever, it's good for you. it's good for your health. >> jared holds multiple national titles and says there are rules and regulations involved. >> most people think of arm
2:57 am
it can't be further from the truth. >> it's set up, technique, it's speed. >> big bald mike believes it's their chance to become role a difference. >> you did something right. you were consistent. you were transparent. you let others know what you were doing. as a result, you have your dream. >> in austin, nicole row sales, night beat. >> i would do whatever big bald mike tells me to do. he's a big man. >> do you know he's vegan. seriously, he's vegan and lost 150 pounds when he hit rock bottom and decided to stop eating animal protein. >> whoa. >> i always eat animal protein when i'm buffing up for the miss universe pageant. >> i've met a number of questionable women in thailand that look liking that with those arms. you want to go at it? >> are you ready? >> thumb. >> you're going down.
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this morning on "world news now," presidential hopefuls making their final pitch. >> the democrats taking the teenage last night, clinton and sanders energized in front of the iowa crowd while donald trump takes a break from the hawkeye state with less than a week to the caucuses. >> breaking overnight, more than a dozen rescued at sea as a yaut yacht sinks off the coast of florida. the coast guard jumping into action with the 100-foot boat taking on water. >> road rage caught on camera two drivers going at it with bats in the middle of the road. the scene playing out in traffic at the enraged strangers attack each other. and the super bowl match-up. the old guard versus the new.
2:59 am
for the big game. and the average price of a ticket just to see peyton versus cam, oh, and coldplay, as well and beyonce. it is tuesday, january 26th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> hey, everyone. good morning. it is getting down to the wire. >> the super bowl is almost here. >> i wasn't referring to that, but you're probably right, too. >> the super bowl of politics. it is almost here. let's say maybe a week from today we might note from right now who have won the caucuses. remember four years ago, it took awhile before iowa decided the results with rick santorum. it is exciting. we've been talking about it for so long. >> looking forward to having chinese that night. >> why, is that a tradition? >> i always like to watch the night before, you know. it's going to be a long night for us. hunker down before we get to the broadcast. we'll have all the latest stuff.
3:00 am
and some politicians might be eating some crow that night after the results. >> well, said. >> but like we were saying, six days and counting. it is crunch time for many of the candidates. and the first voters will be heard in iowa next monday. >> last night the three democrats vying for support answered an their questions and made their final pitch. >> a new poll shows hillary clinton with 52% of the vote ahead of bernie sanders by double digits. he's at 38% while martin o'malley at just 2%. >> but clinton could lose in the first two contests and that could injure her long-term prospects. kenneth moton has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: with one week to go before they face the iowa caucus voters for the first time, the three democratic candidates for president appeared one by one at an iowa town hall hosted by cnn. some polls have bernie sanders edging out hillary clinton. >> establishment politics is just not good enough.
3:01 am
we need a political revolution. >> reporter: though statistically out of the running martin o'malley isn't breaking stride. >> i need the o'malley supporters out there to hold strong and move forward like iowa does. >> reporter: and clinton still the front-runner nationally but she needs every vote she can get in the hawkeye state. >> i've been on the front lines of change and progress since i was your age. i have been fighting to give kids and women and the people who are left out and left behind a chance to make the most out of their own lives. >> reporter: the gop front-runner had his attention on new hampshire. >> being. >> reporter: the granite state's primary is in two weeks. >> my new battle is with a gentleman named ted cruz. >> reporter: in iowa recent polls have him leading cruz. >> 177 hours. that's how long we've got till the iowa caucuses. >> the endorsements areal rolling in for the candidates.
3:02 am
governor and gop candidate rick perry endorses ted cruz. reena and kendis? >> thank you, kenneth. we'll get to breaking news right now coming from south florida where some 13 people have been rescued from a sinking yacht. the coast guard says the 106-foot boat started taking on water 13 miles off the coast. this is at fort lauderdale. all passengers were able to get help. a mechanical problem may have caused the yacht to sink. >> more than 40 deaths reported from this weekend's blizzard. watch as the snow buries the cars in this northern virginia parking lot. we're talking 24 to 30 inches of snow fell in the region. schools are closed for another day in washington. baltimore as well as philly. and suburban communities. federal offices will again be closed today. themation's capital. but in new york city, roads in manhattan are mostly clear but other boroughs and suburbs still
3:03 am
>> this is not right. they're not doing anything. >> i didn't think it was going to be this bad. no transportation, really? not everybody has a car. >> it may be days before all public transportation is roing again. warmer temperatures over the there. so air travel is still a mess after the storm. hundreds of flights already canceled for today and more than 16 flights were canceled yesterday and 2,000 delayed. united airlines has the most headaches. it has hubs in newark and washington dulles airport. the problems in the east affect flights all across the country as planes and crews are stuck in the wrong places. >> there's a new ruling in the legal battle between detroit and its teachers. teachers protested outside the croom where a judge denied the request for a restraining order. strikes are illegal but teachers have staged several sickouts to draw attention to poor cans low pay.
3:04 am
february. >> the governor of michigan may be forced to reveal more details about his handling of the water crisis in flint. governor rick snyder's e-mails and other communications have been subpoenaed as part of a class action suit. alex perez reports on how the investigation into the crisis is heating up. >> reporter: the michigan attorney general announcing an independent team is now leading an investigation into the mishandling of the water crisis in flint. water, he admits, remains unsafe. >> i would certainly not bathe a newborn child or a young infant in this bad water. >> reporter: a warning the family of 2-year-old sincere smith wishes they would have had sooner. that rash on the toddler's face, his mother says, caused by bathing in the lead-contaminated water. these heart breaking images. some children in tears, as they lined up with families to get and the anger here only growing as monthly water bills continue
3:05 am
>> we're paying for this water. and this water is poison. >> alex perez, abc news, chicagoing. > clean-up is under way in philadelphia after hundreds of gallons of home heating oil spilled in the skuk counsel river. the river runs through the center of philadelphia. more than 4,000 gallons spilled from a tank. about 200 gallons of red dye fuel went into the water. the city says there is no threat to the water supply. the two wildfires that burned in northern california last fall did at least a billion dollars in damage. this is according to the latest estimate from the state department of insurance. the price tag does not include damage to communities infrastructures and utilities. the valley fire destroyeded nearly 2,000 struck furpz the beaut fire burned about 00 homes and businesses. in the meantime, indiana's controversial religious objections law may have cost the state about $60 million in lost
3:06 am
industry group that says a dozen conventions picked cities other than indianapolis, all of that because of the uproar over the law. critics say the law makes it okay to discriminate against gays based on religious objections. that bad. hard to believe? the villain and storm troopers delivered new hope to a 4th grader in nebraska. he was born without an arm but limitless technology, a non-profit organization arranged for replacement limb at no charge. >> very cool. so it was made with a 3-d printer. >> crazy, huh? >> darth was accompanied by members of the legions central garrison of storm troopers. you know them, of course. >> or course. >> and after the assembly, they and alvin showed off the arm to his classmates. i was reading some of the comments be this. some guy was like this is nice and all, but what about that
3:07 am
i guess that's not a common one. >> the droid over there. >> oh, i didn't even see that. >> is that a common one? i have no idea. >> that looks like cell la tore or something. are we going old school? >> you're going e man? >> i couldn't remember the show where that came from. >> e man and shera. >> there already 30-year-olds that are like what are they talking about. >> i have the power. >> my god. >> do you remember that? >> shera. >> folks, coming up in the mix breaking down the strangest laws that still exist. >> including why aren't we talking about thunder cats. that was a better cartoon. first the nurse accused of faking cancer going to great lengths to garner sympathy and money. the friend who held a fund-raiser for her shocked by what the police are saying. > another scene to be shocked by. two strangers attacking each other in a fit of road rage using weapons right in the middle of traffic.
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a couple things about this. this is not a scene from he man and cell tore. nor is it from florida. a driver whipped out his camera and captured an ugly road rage incident in austin, texas. wow. video shows a man wielding a baseball bat confronting the driver of a pickup truck who grabs a pole. the two go at it like ninja warriors.
3:12 am
down but it's a good thing they didn't resort to guns. >> this have been incredibly ugly. this would freak me out. freak me out. well, anyway, a georgia nurse is facing charges for faking a cancer diagnosis to scam donations. investigators in the county say that mary bennett used her medical training to convince potential donors she had stage 4:ovarian cancer and used the donations to fund trips around the southeast including one to new orleans to meet ventriloquist jeff dunnham. >> curt held a fund-raising dinner for bennett. >> i couldn't believe it. for days i still couldn't believe it. now i believe it. >> bennett has been charged with theft and forgery. >> okay, so in jail this morning, two would be carjackers in florida who tangled with the wrong victim.
3:13 am
was of a mom fighting off people trying to save her vehicle. she's telling her story with gio benitez. >> a trip to the gas station turning into a heroic moment for a florida mother. watch as she fights off two armed menace they allegedly try to steal her car while her children are still inside. >> he got in. >> she was traveling to miami with her 1-year-old daughter and 7-year-old son when she stopped to get gas. while at the pump, these would men juan carlos gonzales and nicolas rosato tried to carjack her. >> i was just thinking he's going to take it and the kids are in there. >> that's when she sprang into action. a security camera at the gas station capturing it all. the protective mother sprinting around to the driver's side door, diving into the car after one of the men pulling him out of the vehicle and stripping off his mask. the two would be carjackers are then seen running off camera,
3:14 am
getaway car. >> i didn't even think about the guns or what they were going to do to me. i just thought about getting the kids out. >> her son evan watching the whole thing from the back seat. >> my mom was yelling at him. saying get out of the car. get out of the car, get out of the car right now. >> reporter: the suspects spotted by police less than a mile from the gas station. authorities arresting the two men and their alleged get away driver identified by police as rebecca utria. the trio facing charges for attempted armed carjacking and eluding police. gio benitez, abc news, new york. >> terrifying. one was as young as 17 years old. one of the tips, park in the station. it's hard are for them to get around. as a mom, i hope that i would have instincts. this. your kids are in the back seat, them. >> she ran on instincts.
3:15 am
released from jail. a frightening encounter indeed there. do you leave your kid in the car when you go inside? >> i never do that. no. i don't go at night, too. just a personal thing. but they also happen during the day so. >> never know. >> coming up in our next half hour, the emergency playing out on the west coast. take a look at these cliffside houses teetering on the brink in danger of falling over the edge at any moment. where police have been going door to door telling residents to leave before it's too late. >> first, what's being called the super bowl for the ages. the young star up against an all-time favorite. ending? you're watching "world news now."
3:16 am
nderline test text1 italics
3:17 am
so while the panthers and broncos practice for super bowl 50, san francisco drivers are many streets in downtown san francisco are closed for construction of super bowl city abother preparations for the football championship. traffic will be a mess for the next two weeks. mind you, san francisco is something like 40 minutes away from where game is being played. carolina panthers fans can't get enough of the super bowl. some stores in charlotte opened up early yesterday morning so fans could guy championship gear and the people were out in force at 6:00 a.m., souvenirs for the very hot nfl team have been big sellers all season long. >> i would imagine so. going to the game won't be cheap either. see the geek says the average
3:18 am
than $5300. that's almost two weeks before a super bowl in six years. the highest was less than $4,000 but prices usually drop as the game approaches but not always. do you get them now, later? i guess if you're going to go, you need to get your ticks. >> yeah, or you could wait around and see. play. amazing. > come on. >> when the denver broncos face off against the carolina panthers in less than two weeks, it will be a match-up that will bridge like two generations together. >> the two quarterbacks facing off against each other, a young star and a favorite. here is ryan smith. >> denver wins it, heading to super bowl 50. >> reporter: super bowl 50 will be a game for the ages. >> they take him down. >> reporter: 39-year-old peyton manning, the oldest quarterback ever to start in a super bowl. >> here comes cam. >> reporter: taking on 26-year-old cam newton, making his debut there.
3:19 am
superman reputation with an >> he's in for the touchdown! >> reporter: and manning surviving an epic nailbiter against legendary rival tom brady. >> this is a sweet day, a sweet victory. >> reporter: but manning may be feeling his age. espn has seen firsthand how excruciating it is for manning just to take off his equipment. >> after games, he's often in so much pain that someone is helping him sort of yank his cleats off one inch at a time. >> that led to talk this super bowl may be manning's last game with his son marshall as his side. >> just a few minutes. >> and silently stealing the show, manning wouldn't predict his future. but a win in the super bowl could make for a storybook ending on football's greatest stage. ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> and some time for some analysis right now from reena. >> i didn't know. >> with the game. >> it's going to be a good game.
3:20 am
commercials and the opening act is going to be amazing. >> the opening act? >> the national anthem. it's huge in my book. that says everything about the super bowl. it sets the tone. very important. >> and the defense? p it's not always as easy for me as it is for him... it's easy for me cause look at her. aw... so we use k-y ultragel. p it enhances my body's natural moisture r so i can get into the swing of it a bit quicker. p and when i know she's feeling like that, p it makes me feel like we're both... r
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and keeps working. not 4, not 6, but 12 full hours. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this. all right. everyone, it's time for "the mix." a university in illinois compiled across the nation the wildest craziest loss still on the books. take a look at this one. in maine, it is actually illegal to keep your christmas decorations up after january 14th. >> that should be a crime. >> january 14th. you're right. martin luther kick, we moved onto the next holiday. >> yes. >> and my home state florida, you know i love my florida. >> what you got. >> if an elephant is left tied to a parking meter, you still got to pay the parking fee. just as if it was a vehicle. we're big on our elephants. go big or go home. >> what if it's an em 1992 now that's a different type of
3:24 am
books. in connecticut, a pickle cannot legally be a pickle unless it bounces. it's too cool in connecticut. those folks have too much time on their hands. >> who knew there were pickle laws. we were talking about the big super bowl match-up involving the patriots versus the cardinals in san francisco in two weeks. oh, wait. that's how these guys thought it would be. this one fan patriots fan burke o'connell decided is he would get a tattoo before the championship game on sunday. saying the patriots win be super bowl 50. >> no. >> and then there's jose. the cardinals fan. yeah, super bowl 50 with the cardinals. that can't be undone. >> oh, it can be. >> it can be undone but it's a little embarrassing. those. >> it's like you're jinxing your team, folks. it could be their fault they
3:25 am
>> i would not. >> it wasn't the kicker's fault for patriots fans. it was that guy burke. >> you know, airbnb has very interesting properties. >> absolutely. >> apparently, there reinforce an igloo. right? but in brooklyn in particular, there's a group of guys, 2-year-old art director patrick horton built an igloo and put it up on airbnb, $200 a night. apparently they must not have had a good heating system because airbnb bounced them saying it had to be removed from the search. >> it would have been accepted if it was in williamsburg, brooklyn but it wasn't. >> check this out. it's so cute. this kid from childbirth nearly, he's had this little ducky beaker with him. he's now become part of the family. dad bought beaker when one day
3:26 am
look at that. >> i want a beaker now.
3:27 am
this morning on "world news now," blizzard blockage. days after the big storm, plenty of residents and travelers still stuck. streets unplowed, flights canceled and schools and offices shut down. we're going to having an update with the latest. >> back to back, hillary clinton and bernie sanders making their case for the white house overnight. the iowa town hall as the primary race narrows. >> new this half hour, brink of disaster. >> the california town in crisis, cliff erosion threatening to send buildings into the ocean. residents literally on edge. and fresh drama for week 4 of "the bachelor," which takes a detour through las vegas with ben standing at an altar in a tux.
3:28 am
who's the new front runner? we'll have a full report in "the skinny." it is tuesday, january 26. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> i'll tell you, i needed a shower after watching "the bachelor." >> was it that -- >> you weren't the only one. >> don't you think, jack. >> exactly. it was a pretty saucy episode. well, ben. he knew how to party. >> how can you be boring in >> exactly. >> even i would put my books down. >> and that anchorwoman, whoo. >> we're going to hear more about the anchorwoman. anchorwoman. >> you can take and chore woman to vegas and you never know if she'll come back. just turn loopy. >> i don't think she was there at the time. but i'm sure they saw some other shows.
3:29 am
with the blizzard clean-up. east coast. another day off for washington students, baltimore, philly and their suburbs. >> that's because so many streets are still not plowed and travel is limited. open again. outside manhattan driving can also be a problem. mass transit is resuming but is still fairly limited. >> federal government offices are closed again today in washington. more than 40 deaths have been blamed on the storm from accidents, snow shoveling, heart hundreds of flights have already been canceled today. >> the problem for the airlines is that planes and crews that are needed in unaffected parts of the country may be stranded here. the hardest hit airline is united which has two hubs in the region, newark and washington dulles airport. washington is having trouble de-icing or digging out rather. more from abc's david kerley.
3:30 am
front end loaders, trucks, even a rail yard plow are still working to reopen the capital. >> we are still in a snow emergency. >> reporter: washington looking like a ghost town. some highways, single-lane trenches. in the suburbs, officials say it could be wednesday before residents see a plow on their street. >> it's a mess. total mess. >> reporter: it has been a mess in the skies, too. more than 1,600 flight cancellations as planes started flying, and passengers returned to airports. in chicago, juan reyes' first flight was scheduled for saturday. >> that was canceled and they rebooked me on sunday, and that was canceled. >> reporter: some of the snow from the historic storm now being melted at reagan national. this is what that deserted airport looked like in the middle of the blizzard saturday. a day later, sunshine and heavy machinery. these crews are working to clear a foot and a half of snow from the equivalent of 200 miles of roadway to get aircraft like this back in the air. runways clear, but service will be limited for another day or
3:31 am
so this city will come back to some life on tuesday with commuters coming back in to the expect it to be a smooth commute. david kerley, abc news, >> thank you so much. difficult for firefighters in baltimore last night. they had to slog through raging row house fire. the narrow street in front of that house completely blocked by snow up to five feet deep. no way for fire trucks to get close. destroyed and other homes nearby suffered smoke damage. >> it does seem as if the presidential campaign has gone on forever but next monday, the first voters will finally have their say at the iowa caucuses. last night, the three democratic candidates took part in a town hall in iowa. bernie sanders was asked a big question people have when they hear he is a socialist. >> but just to be clear, you are going to raise taxes to do this. >> yes, we will raise the -- we
3:32 am
but also let us be clear, chris. we may raise taxes, but we are also going to eliminate private health insurance premiums for individuals and for businesses. >> hillary clinton, this was kind of awkward, was asked about sanders inspiring new tv ads including the one that uses simon and garfunkels's wonderful song "america." here is her answer. >> you campaign in poetry, you govern in propose. we need a lot more poetry in this campaign and in our country so i applaud that. i love the feeling. i love the energy. i obviously respect senator sanders greatly and appreciate what he has done in this campaign. but i believe that i'm the better person to be the democratic nominee and to be the president and commander in chief of the country. >> that's what you called a pivot. martin o'malley is pitching himself as a candidate for the
3:33 am
doesn't get enough votes at next week's caucuses, his supporters will have to switch to one of the others. >> decision day coming around. meanwhile, republican donald trump is threatening to boycott thursday's debate on the fox network. the front-runner is demanding that anchor megan kelly be removed as a moderator. trump you'll remember tangled with kelly during the last fox date. he says she isn't fair to him. so far fox is holding firm reminding trump even if he's he's president, he won't get to pick the journalists. that is true. >> true. so a key law enforcement official in europe is warning that isis is planning other large scale attacks on european cities similar to the one in paris. the official said this was part of the terror group's new combat style capability to carry out large attacks. those attacks will focus primarily on soft targets because of the impact that it generates. and a top french official says isis has created a whole industry out of the production
3:34 am
the french interior minister claims isis got blank passports from its operations in libya, syria and iraq. last month, abc news reported that u.s. intelligence suspected isis had acquired thousands of blank syrian passports and at least one passport printing machine after taking over government offices in syria. now to the hunt for those dangerous escapees in southern california. sheriff's officials in orange county say they believe the three men are still in the area because of their close ties to local gangs. and they're pleading for anyone with information to come forward. here's abc's kayna whitworth. >> reporter: the manhunt intensifying for those three escaped inmates. now on run. police say the three men cut through metal grates in their cell, making their way through plumbing pipes to the roof. there, they rappelled down the side of the jail using that rope made from bed sheets. >> we think that it would be highly unlikely for someone else in there not to know what was going on. >> reporter: you can see in this surveillance video a shadowy
3:35 am
they believe that's one of the men on the roof. the fugitives, accused of violent crimes from murder to attempted murder, kidnapping and torture. they were last seen at the maximum security jail near dawn on friday, but weren't discovered missing until late that evening. once they escaped, they found themselves here. a densely populated area full of government buildings and neighborhoods. >> authorities saying they think the men are still somewhere in southern california. embedded somewhere in the community. >> reporter: but authorities are worried that people in that community may be too fearful to come forward. kayna whitworth, santa ana, california. >> turning to sports, serena williams is heading to the semifinals of the australian open defeating maria sharapova in straight sets earlier today. 6-4, 6-1. >> the first set was neck and neck. williams breezed through the second. williams has won their last 1
3:36 am
also note, in the last six times that williams qualified as one of quarterfinal at the australian open, she's gone on to win the tournament. so we wish her good luck. >> she just needs they and three more. >> there you go. do the math for us. >> all right. so speaking of sports, the seventh place finisher at a half marathon in alabama never bothered to register before the race. ludivine somehow escaped her backyard and made her way to the starting line and ran the entire 13.1 mile course. look at the dog. >> there's good reason. the 2 1/2-year-old hound dog had no trouble keeping up with the pack. isn't that clever writing? her time was a little over an hour and a half and marathon officials awarded her a medal on a ribbon just like the other finishers. >> ah. how do you only come in seventh? >> seventh? i find seventh impressive. i would be grateful if i finished the marathon. >> well, that's true. but i would think that a dog
3:37 am
all right. coming up, a california city on edge. take a look at this building right here. hanging off the side of the cliff. as the earth gives out to erosion. what's being done to try and prevent a disaster. >> and in "the skinny," sophia vergara suing a beauty company. what she's saying they did without her consent. but first, kendis, why don't you do the honors. >> there's no love for great falls today. >> there's rain in some parts. >> why did max take it off? >> we should go to orlando. 74. >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by mucinex dm. mucinex dm. janet? cough if you can hear me. p don't even think about it. i took mucinex dm for myt phlegmy cough. p yeah...but what about mike? rhe has that dry scratchy thing going on. t guess what? it works on his cough too. cough!t guess what? it works on his cough too. t what? stop! don't pull me! spoiler alert! she doesn't make it! p only mucinex dm relieves both
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3:41 am
atlanta has been killed while on vacation in the caribbean. investigators on the island of grenada say jessica colker was stabbed to death as she walked a beach and her husband was able to escape the attack. reports say a recently released ex-con is being questioned by police. >> back here at home, a crisis is playing out on the west coast as dozens of cliffside homes literally teeter on the brink of disaster. >> crashing waves and powerful rain from el nino are accelerating the erosion of a coastal wall in the neighborhood outside of san francisco. abc's neal karlinksky has the latest. >> reporter: el nino's fury putting lives at risk. a drone capturing that dramatic moment as part of this hillside outside of san francisco shears off, putting apartment buildings and homes in danger. >> people's houses are now on the edge of the cliff. >> reporter: weeks of heavy storms and high surf pounding
3:42 am
the new worry as officials ask roughly 100 homeowners to move out, fearing their apartment building could now be at risk, too. >> we've been losing four or five feet a week in the past couple of weeks here. >> reporter: one of the things they're trying to do to help these people is put boulders in place to gok block some of the waves and erosion but it's just not enough. many people who live in the apartments teetering on the edge are not at all happy about being asked to leave. neal karlinksky, abc news. >> pictures near san francisco. when we come back, the bachelor takes a detour inside a las vegas wedding chapel. our senior bachelor analyst will have a full rundown. >> "the skinny" up next. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:43 am
3:44 am
skinny, so skinny topping our headlines this morning, week four of the bachelor takes a detour to las vegas. >> joining us with the details is "world news now" senior bachelor analyst, jack sheehan. >> hello. >> you out of breath? >> single rose this week. it's raining here. let's get right to it. 14 women started this week. vegas, baby, vegas. one-on-one date. jojo and our man ben, it didn't start off too well. the helicopter there blew over their table.
3:45 am
really got going. you know, a little helicopter ride around kind of thing. folks, jojo is in it for the long run. jojo gets the rose. moving on. the group date. this was a talent show. maybe we should say lack thereof. there was dancing. there was cello playing. >> there was all sorts of other stuff going on. but olivia was the star, the unwilling star i would say. >> is that a talent? >> it was allegedly a talent. this was no doubt the most cringe worthy moment of the season so far. probably in like a decade or so of bachelor, bachelorette and "bachelor in paradise" material. this was absolutely horrible. there's no other way to say it. unfortunately, afterwards, she
3:46 am
olivia actually got the rose. moving on, becca one-on-one date with ben. little white chapel. ben got down on one knee. >> no. >> just kidding. >> they -- he got down on one knee? >> he got down on one knee. he was in a tux. ben has been ordained so he can carry out these wedding things. that's what they did. it was really nice. becca we should say gets the rose. then the two-on-one date. you know that there are these twins. >> who doesn't like twins? >> emily and haley. they took a limo out to see their mom. they had some time. they're talking to ben. you get the idea. the thing is, it was both of them in the limo on the way to mom's house. >> only one of them went back. >> haley thanks but no thanks. you get the idea. so now we're getting down to the nitty gritty.
3:47 am
11 women got roses. there was also obviously haley's gone, amber didn't get a rose. better luck on "bachelor in paradise." rachel, she didn't get a rose. the kiss count, the kiss count stops at eight. >> wow. >> yeah. he was kissing women with the same regularity as carolina was scoring touchdowns. >> nice. >> tell you what. next up, vamos, mexico >> they go to mexico. >> analyst out. >> all right. >> got to get to mexico. he's got a week to figure it out. >> his lips were busy. even little ben got a kiss. >> good wrap-up. thank you so much, our senior bachelor analyst. >> next up, after all that, sophia vergara is suing a beauty company for $15 million. >> the "modern family" star filed a lawsuit against venus
3:48 am
skin frightening massage in 2014 even posting a photo of herself after getting the treatment with a poster of marilyn monroe looking on. >> since then she claims the company has been using that image without her permission and without paying her and tmz is reporting vergara wasn't even that happy with the treatment in the first place, describing it as a waste of money. >> i'd like to know how much that costs for the skin knight tightening just in case can i know a friend. speaking of money, we're getting new details about that sparkly bolero jacket worn by sarah palin during the donald trump endorsement. sac's amazon and ebay. it appeared tina fey got her hands on one spoofing saturday night live. >> it turns out not "saturday night live" made one. a side by side comparison shows there was no difference. take a look. designers at "snl." look at them putting it >> you can't tell the difference at all.
3:49 am
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avoid a septic disaster. rid-x. the #1 brand used by septic professionals in their own tanks. i'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt so sexy it hurts >> you think you're too sexy for anything? there's now a way to definitively gauge your desirability rating. >> apparently it's inside the popular dating app tinder and it promises to help you find the perfect match. >> you know who i found on tinder? i found a -- a bunch of girls who aren't interested in me. "blackish" that's a problem they're if you like and left if it's a
3:53 am
three using a new supersecret formula, a desirability rating. >> the desirability rating is a measure of the swipe left, swipe right ratio. >> they still show you potential matches based on interests, location, age, et cetera, but now the first ones you see will be folks in your league. >> individuals are presented with individuals who are also at their same level of rating. >> how do you know this? >> i know everything. >> reporter: actually journalist austin carr uncovered the truth. one of the only people on earth who know their rating. >> you get a sense of how many are swiping right on you and how desirable you are as a human being. >> reporter: tinder told austin his rating when he was writing about the app for the magazine "fast company." >> my score came out to 946. i would like to think it's out of a scale of 1,000. that would make me feel a lot better. >> desirability is far more nuanced than whether someone is physically attractive or not. >> the average they say is about 800 so chin up, austin. most of us will never ever know.
3:54 am
their measure because it's constantly changing. >> would you want to know? would you? be honest. >> they're probably not rating him very well. >> nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> based on what i'm getting on this, this tinder. >> we did find your profile. we know you recently joined. we're going to pull it up. look at your hair profile. >> everybody would love that. >> that was back when you had hair. >> now, that would increase my desirability score way more than the one i'm using right now. >> really? a dead skunk on your head increase your clickability or what do they call it? likability? >> desirability. your wantability, your lustability, i just keep swiping playing the numbers game and it's not working. > how come nobody's matched with you? >> i don't know. there's got to be some desperate people out there. i'm going to keep my tinder profile for another half hour. >> we've got lots of updates and more news from abc coming up. >> announcer: this is abc "world news now" informing insomniacs
3:55 am
this is abc "world news now" informing insomniacs
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