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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's randy: a fire burns for hours in the underground obstacle making it tough to fight the flames. building in rhode island trapping people inside that vehicle. the scare on the road before the moment of impact. randy: spending money to save money. the new effort to save a "t" expansion project on the eye for this tuesday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." >> he wanted a match. i wanted to tangle with him. erika: also on the eye this morning. the tussle of a lifetime. why a previously undefeated
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meaningful match. good morning, i'm erika tarantal. emily is off. thanks so much for joining us. randy: and i'm randy price. danielle is in for cindy today. danielle: you know what? we are warming things up today. if you like 50 degrees. erika: who doesn't. danielle: who doesn't. this afternoon we're going to be there in a lot of spots so enjoy it especially the farther south and east you go. so you folks that got all that snow this weekend, going to do a lot of melting especially this afternoon. right now we're starting off in the 20's in jaffrey. 22 there. 31 in worcester. 24 bedford. 25 taunton. look at the cape and the islands already in the 40's today. so as we go through the next 12 hours, say, in the boston area, we are going to warm up into the mid to upper 40's, maybe pushing 50 degrees. and there are going to be some clouds around. you're going to notice those winds out of the south and west at about 10-20 sustained. gusts over 30. that's how we warm up so much especially the farther south and
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but we are watching a system. it's off to the north and west right now but already starting some showers in upstate new york. all of this is headed in our direction. and we could have a couple of rain showers as we head through the afternoon. best bet though after lunchtime i think really deeper into the afternoon and evening where you're going to see that chance for a shower or two. so enjoy today as we warm up into the upper 40's, low 50's. with mostly cloudy skies. now let's see the roads. good morning, kevin. kevin: good morning, danielle. thank you very much. a tough start here on the southbound expressway this morning. pike. brighton stretch. we are dealing with a rollover crash eastbound pike at the weston tolls. not really affecting anybody. hopefully you'll get out of the way shortly. goetz go to the maps. expressway. we have a jack-knifed tractor trailer taking out the right lanes here at furnace brook park way. curiosity delays jammed up to furnace brook.
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it's delaying the opening of that h.o.v. lane. now up to the north, we've got slowdowns on 93 up by 495. again by 128. that's normal stuff. 128 northbound we've got a truck off the road at route 38. it sounds like that ramp may be shut down. if you're taking the trains, most trains are starting the morning on time. red line southbound reduced speeds over the longfellow bridge again today. that's going to cause minor delays on the red line this morning. randy. randy: k.b., thank you. right now investigators are trying to figure out exactly what sparked a stubborn fire at a quincy water treatment plant. firefighters staying through the night battling flames that have lasted more than 15 hours. erika: the eyeopener's doug meehan is live at the scene with doug? doug: erika, randy. believe it or not, this fire was originally put out yesterday but it reignited later in the afternoon and it is still yet to be extinguished. hard to believe really. firefighters saying the flames are burning 100 feet below ground inside a massive duct system.
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that large underground space below the plant filled with water making it very difficult to get below. >> we can't get in to see whether it's isolated to one area, whether it's more expansive. we don't know. doug: it's not clear what triggered the blast, but one worker believes it may be connected to a fan that was on during routine maintenance. five employees spent the night in the hospital, treated for smoke inhalation. wastewater treatment was diverted to deer island while this situation is being handled. here. many you know where that is. if there's any updates, we'll be sure to bring them to you live. wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: right now investigation in warwick, rhode island. a building, trapping several people inside. side of the building just to get the crash happened around 7:15 last night on route 1.
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an auto-parts store. the impact lifting the building's roof. melissa gervais's mother was driving by when it happened. >> there were no lights on. there were no-- nothing was on the bus. it swerved in front of her car, over, and then went right into the building. erika: the driver and three passengers were trapped until emergency crews arrived. eventually they were pulled out, none of them seriously hurt. investigators are now looking into a possible medical episode. randy: new this morning. the state is about to shell out millions to try and save a troubled mbta plan. the eyeopener's sera congi is live in boston with the last-ditch effort. sera: randy, the "t" is looking to spend $6 million to try to get the green line extension project back on track. costs for the project soared a billion dollars over budget.
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altogether. but yesterday, the t's financial control board voted to spend up to $6 million to study the project. three firms will come up with a redesign and a new price tag to try and slash costs and save the 4.7 mile expansion into somerville and medford. the board is expected to decide by may whether to go ahead with the green line project. ahead in our next half hour, the other development at that meeting that may not make red line riders very happy. live this morning in downtown boston, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: the hingham community is honoring a local hero tonight. corporal christopher orlando was among 12 marines declared dead last week after his helicopter crashed off the coast of hawaii. his family members will fly into logan this evening. they'll be escorted home by state and local police. as a show of respect, members of the community are asked to stand
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american flags. a murder trial is set to get underway in salem today. cheng sun is one of two suspects accused of killing the owner of a chinese restaurant in ipswich five years ago. police say tony woo was beaten to death during an attempted robbery at the majestic dragon. erika: right now boston police are trying to track down the suspect who shot a man after fighting over a parking spot. this happened on nightingale street in dorchester yesterday. neighbors say two men got into a fight after one of them parked in a shoveled-out spot. >> he was laying on the floor trying to stand up from the floor so we knew he was not dead. the ambulance came really fast. >> did you hear the gunshots? >> one gunshot. erika: the victim is expected to survive. police say they know who they're looking for. right now weymouth police are investigating several bomb threats called in to businesses around the community. that includes the police station, south shore hospital, and several supermarkets. the calls started coming in
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out, but nothing has been found. randy: commitment 2016. republican presidential front-runner donald trump is threatening to boycott thursday's fox news debate. after a highly-publicized altercation with moderator megyn kelley, trump has threatened to hold his own town hall event instead. that's as he ramps up efforts in new hampshire just two weeks from the primary there. he targeted opponents in farmington last night, taking aim at jeb bush and ted cruz. but he accused all candidates of being in the pocket of big money donors. the billionaire businessman telling the crowd that the same greed that made him wealthy will make this country strong. trump: my whole life has been about taking. and now what am i going to do? i'm going to take and i'm going to be greedy for the united states of america. randy: trump will campaign in iowa tonight. trump is missing out on a key endorsement. "the boston globe" is backing john kasich in the new hampshire
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"the globe" says the ohio governor is the most likely republican to be successful on the national stage. new jersey governor chris christie also picks up a local endorsement. "the boston herald" is supporting the republican in the granite state primary. the paper calls christie a trusted leader with a real shot of uniting the g.o.p. erika: in the race between the democrats, a new poll shows hillary clinton's lead shrinking in iowa. with the caucuses less than a week away, clinton is just six points ahead of bernie sanders. martin o'malley trails far behind. the candidates all appeared at a town hall meeting with undecided voters in des moines last night. sanders: we are the only country on earth that allows private insurance companies to rip us off. we spend three times more than the british, 50% more than the french. we can do better than we're doing right now. clinton: there are very different visions, different values, different forces at work. you have to have somebody who is
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erika: for his part, o'malley says he's confident his numbers will much higher than polls are predicting. newscenter 5's phil lipof will be reporting live in iowa for the lead-up to the caucuses beginning thursday on newscenter 5 at 4:30 p.m. he'll join the eye the morning after the votes are cast. randy: and this morning we have a warning for millions of women. erika: what an entire continent of women is being asked not to do. and new fallout for the group behind a now-infamous undercover video. the charges stemming from a sting at planned parenthood. randy: plus a high school wrestler was undefeated until this match. but he wouldn't change a thing. the moment making a dream come true. danielle? danielle: mild today with temperatures near 50. the chance for spot showers and our next snow potential ahead. first here's what you can expect when you head out the door in
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which delights everyone, including pepper's twins with jimmy dean delights, good mornings
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>> good morning, "eyeopener." randy: loving that enthusiasm from the kids at nixon elementary in sudbury. if that doesn't wake you up, danielle got them all fired up about weather. danielle: that's right. erika: it's really exciting for kids. they get to meet you too. danielle: yes. i like to make them little mini-meteorologists. erika: inspiring new meteorologists every day. keep those great wake-up calls coming. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. kevin: a beautiful day. danielle: we warm up to the mid 50's. remember a year ago today.
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danielle: yes, we do. january 26 of 2015 was the beginning of our snow blitz. this was worcester one year ago in the aftermath of that storm. 24.6 inches was recorded at logan airport during this storm, making it one of the top 10 biggest snowstorms on record in boston. i kind of like to hide my eyes to that because that was a lot of snow. that was the beginning, as you can see. it was our number six storm. then a couple weeks later we had boston. winter. that's for sure. there's talk about where the snow is right now. real he'll we've only picked up so far this year 10.4 inches we're on target to last year at 10.6 inches. remember this day and the day after we really increase those numbers. and the normal average should be around 20.8 inches of snow. right now as you look for our precipitation chances this week today it's in the form of rain as temperatures warm up into the upper 40's, low 50's but thursday and friday, there could be a chance of some flurries and some snow showers. if this system were to get a little closer, maybe even accumulating snow.
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that one in just a second. first today. here's this area of low pressure. already you see some rain showers out through parts of upstate new york. all of this headed in our direction. right now we just have some clouds around this morning. and temperatures are starting in the 20's and 30's the farther north and west you go. look at the south and east. 40 on the cape. 43 already on nantucket. an indication we're going to warm up today. one of the reasons why, we're going to have very strong winds out of the south and west at about 10-20 miles an hour sustained. gusts 30-40 so be aware of that. temperatures though topping out upper 40's boston, low 50's along southeastern mass. here come those showers by 12:00 in and around the interior region. and then as we head towards this afternoon and evening, they shift farther south and east. by 8:00 near the south shore, the cape and the islands, they are very much hit or miss. so not everyone is going to see
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tomorrow we're going to turn breezy and then thursday into friday we are watching this system. right now it's an ocean storm. and the latest models keeping it off shore and not linking it up with that other system but that other system still could give us a couple of snow showers and flurries. you know that track is going to be critical. any shift closer could be the potential for more snow. right now not looking so bad. the weekend looks really good. kevin: today and tomorrow, both good. we'll take it. looking pretty good in the weather department here. not so much on the roads, danielle. you're looking at a live shot of the gas tank. you see those red lights. the brake lights heading northbound. i guess that's a good sign but nonetheless we've got further trouble, farther trouble down to the south a little bit more. let's go to the maps and i'll show you what i'm talking about, trying to tell you what i'm talking about. the expressway southbound. we have a jack-knifed tractor trailer crash here that's taking out the two right lanes southbound on the expressway at furnace brook park way. everybody can see it from the
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making this big mess here. you have 93 and 128 back on to 24. that's starting to affect 24 traffic as well. and route 3 northbound brake lights here from derby street right up towards the expressway. this also delayed the opening of the h.o.v. this morning and the last i checked it's still not open. mass pike so far so good. framingham-natick, we are dealing with a roll voafer crash in the clearing stages right at the weston tolls down the embankment. normal delays on 9 as well as route 3. 128 north a truck off the road by route 38. it has the ramp shut down. randy. randy: k.b., thank you. the anti-abortion group that filmed planned parenthood employees allegedly discussing selling human organs has been indicted. a houston grand jury charged the center for medical progress with "tampering with a governmental record" although it's unclear which record was supposedly tampered with. the activists say the undercover videos showed planned parenthood was illegally selling fetal
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organization denies. new concern for health officials that the dangerous zika virus is spreading to north america. now south american governments are asking women to avoid pregnancy. the mosquito-borne virus is linked to birth defects and paralysis in 21 countries and territories. brazil and colombia are among the countries asking women to abstain from having kids. in el salvador, women are asked to avoid pregnancy until 2018. erika: it is now 6:19. a look at your economy now. asian stocks plunge this morning after a renewed slump in oil prices. that's keeping investors around the world on edge. the dow fell 208 points yesterday to close at 15,885. right now, stock futures are sharply lower. cell phone giant sprint is chopping more jobs as it tries to cut costs and turn around its business. the wireless provider notified employees at six customer service centers yesterday that it would be closing the stores or reducing staff there. sprint has cut 2,500 jobs since last fall.
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workforce. medical marijuana is in high demand around the state right now. that's according to new data from the state department of public health. right now, there are just four dispensaries in massachusetts, but patients say that's not nearly enough. "the globe" reporting those locations have been dealing with a shortage and unable to keep up with the demand. >> it was a win-win in my book actually. he won. i won. erika: a norton wrestling champ undefeated no more. another wrestler's wish come true. randy: and the match turned out to be a memorable one for both athletes. norton co-captain deven schuko taking on dighton-rehoboth legend andy howland. howland, who has special needs, had been looking forward to competing with top-ranked schuko. and he ended up winning. the match went on without fanfare, but it was something to
6:21 am
there. >> deven has natural respect for any wrestler such as andy. and i think deven just proved there that it's never wrong to do the right thing. randy: a recording of the match was posted on facebook and has since gone viral. erika: pinned! there he is. a great story. okay. coming up, think before you act. a premature patriots tattoo. randy: why one man says he does not regret his incorrect super bowl ink. then new at 6:30, reason to be an upset red line rider. the new report on why trains are always packed. erika: plus burned by a common device. the explosion that sent one man to the hospital. weekdays at 4:30 a brand new year, a brand new newscast. newscenter 5 at 4:30. a fast-paced look at the day's biggest news stories from
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i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. look behind me. boston checking in at 29 degrees. you see cleveland at 46. detroit at 44. warmer air is headed in our direction. for today. so temperatures today warming up into the upper 40's and low 50's. there will be some clouds around. there could be a chance for an afternoon hit-or-miss rain shower. but we turn colder as we get towards thursday and friday. and that's where we're watching our next system where we could see flurries or even snow showers. erika and randy. erika: danielle, thanks so much. it is 6:25. time for your tuesday eyepoppers. randy: feeling adventurous? here's an air b-n-b listing for you out of brooklyn, new york. a group of roommates built an igloo in their yard and welcomed guests. it looks kind of cozy inside. the men say they spent three hours during the storm putting
6:24 am
they must have been bored. unfortunately, air b-n-b removed the post but not before it went viral. erika: apparently you need a roof that doesn't melt to qualify as an air b-n-b. no regrets from a confident patriots' fan over his latest ink. burke o'connell got the super bowl 50 champs tattoo on friday before the patriots' loss in denver. o'connell says it doesn't matter since the patriots are champions, win or lose, with four super bowl rings already. the artist behind the tattoo says he went along with the plan because he has faith in the patriots, some of whom he's worked on before. i mean, no regrets. a die-hard fan. randy: as long as you have more skin to go. erika: he has so many kind of distracting. next year. scoring more help to send the kids to college. three steps that could earn extra financial aid. randy: plus this dog needs help.
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: an explosion sparks a stubbon fire in quincy. doug: the concerns at a water treatment plant and what's made the flames so tough to fight. sera: a new report showing why the ride on the red line can be so frustrating. and the trouble commuters could face this morning. erika: and road rage to the extreme. the battle that unfolded right in the middle of traffic on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's randy: 6:30. we'll show you sky 5 over the southeast expressway. this is a problem kevin has been talking about this morning. the traffic is moving smoothly once again. kevin will be updating you on that. good morning.
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i'm randy price. erika: and i'm erika tarantal. erika is off. danielle is in for cindy. kevin in for olessa stepanova. hopefully things will smooth out. kevin: not so bad in the weather department. danielle: kind of quiet after this weekend. we're talking about temperatures in the upper 40's, low 50's. we will take that. yes, we will. and the farther south and east you go, the warmer you will get. so that means you folks that saw more snow this weekend should have a good melting day on hand. already 40 on if cape. 43 degrees on nantucket. but still in the 20's in boston. low 30's in worcester. and 20's through orange, keene. 33 back in pittsfield. the winds are pretty gusty out of the south and west. you're going to feel them through the day. we warm up into the upper 40's, low 50's but notice there will be some clouds around and a chance for some showers from this system. the future cast shows you what happens. by lunchtime, a couple of hit-or-miss showers out there especially through the interior.
6:27 am
chances for the showers going to be in southeastern mass through the overnight hours. at the bus stop this morning, breezy. on the way home mild. now how are the roads, kevin snerch pretty bad especially south of town here along the expressway. sky 5 over a disabled tract ever trailer. it actually jack-knifed on the southbound side of the expressway by furnace brook parkway. they're in the process of cleaning that up right now. this is delaying the opening of the h.o.v. lane this morning and really jamming things up on the northbound side. let's go to the maps quickly. we've got delays here coming out of the braintree split up to this tractor trailer scene. delays on 93 are pushing solid back to 24 and route 3 are solid back to derby street in hingham. other problems on the mass pike. slowdowns out of natick. a rollover vehicle here by the weston tolls. up to the north we do have a truck that went off the road here route 38 woburn. not really slowing things down. you're seeing your normal stuff on 93 from wilmington down into stoneham. overall it will take you about
6:28 am
down to the lower deck. erika. erika: k.b., thanks so much. some of the stories we're following right now on the eye. fire crews are still dealing with the aftermath of a small explosion at the mwra water treatment plant in quincy. the flames reignited last night. five workers were hurt in the blast. randy: investigators believe a medical condition may have caused a public transit bus to slam into a building in warwick, rhode island. the driver and three passengers were hurt but not seriously. erika: right now police are search for the suspect who shot a man while fighting over a parking space in dorchester. it happened on nightingale street. police say it started when one of the men parked in a shoveled-out spot. right now red line riders are bracing for what could be another morning of delays on the rails. congi is live in boston with the new report adding insult to injury. sera: randy and erika. the delays this week on the red line are caused by some track but a new report is shining a light on some chronic problems
6:29 am
commuters. officials say the mbta is now behind on about $1.5 billion in upgrades or fixes for red line trains, tracks, and signals. as we've reported, the line's on-time performance struggled to beat 75% last year. and that's not the only problem this new report is exposing. ridership on the mbta is up about 6% since 2008. but ridership on the red line specifically is up nearly 15%. the report found from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 on weekdays, many stations attract more riders than the line can handle. the good news-- data shows the "t" did break down less often last month, compared to the same time last year. live this morning in downtown boston, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: new this morning. a new report finds many mbta employees are hanging on to their sick days possibly using them boost their pensions.
6:30 am
employees banked more than 380,000 sick days by the end of 2014. "the herald" reports 11 workers had saved at least 300 sick days. a union deal lets workers use that time to up their pension instead of the usual one-time payout. >> he was burnt so badly it was down into his flesh. randy: a new hampshire mother demanding answers after her son was injured by an electronic cigarette. the cigarette's battery exploding in his pocket. matthew gilson suffered burns down his hands and legs. his recovery expected to take months. you can see the smoke here captured on surveillance where gilson works. he was taken to mass general with second- and third-degree burns. his mother admitting it could have been worse. >> if my grandson had been here and he had picked that up, it would have killed him. it would have killed him. randy: gilson's case is now under investigation. it comes just about a week after a somersworth, new hampshire,
6:31 am
e-cigarette exploded. 5 on the opioid crisis. narcan will now be available at nashua, new hampshire, schools. the school board voted in favor of making the medication available in the case of opioid overdoses. the district's superintendent urging the board members to be proactive in a district with more than 11,000 students. he says it doesn't even have to be administered by a medical professsional. >> it's easy to administer as a nasal spray. there are no known allergies to it. if you administer it to someone who is misdiagnosed who is unconscious, you're not going to harm them. randy: school nurses and principals will get training before the overdose-reversing drug is actually made available. erika: right now a desperate plea to help this dog. the pitbull was found yesterday starving, freezing, and abandoned on the side of a road in dedham. the two-year-old is being treated at the animal rescue league in boston.
6:32 am
the pup was extremely weak and could have died from the exposure. if you have information about how the dog got there, or the owner, you're asked to call dedham police. randy: 6:36 this morning. looking at having to pay for poisoned water. erika: a lawmaker's new demand in response to growing outrage in michigan. new this morning. help getting financial aid. three ways to ease the cost of sending the kids to college. randy: and ahead in news to go. sticking it to a fellow driver. the unusual road rage showdown
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light & fit, 15 delicious flavors, each 80 calories.
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kevin: good morning, everybody. welcome back to the "eyeopener." troubles on the expressway this morning. jack-knifed tractor trailer in the process of being cleared southbound side. really jamming things up on that northbound side and delaying the opening of the h.o.v. lane. any troubles in the weather department this morning? danielle: temperatures are going to be warming up really nicely today. you can already see the 40's out in the ohio area. that's what is headed in our direction. upper 40's, low 50's through the afternoon. notice i leave in a spot shower. best chances of a shower after lunchtime. really later on this afternoon into the evening. erika. erika: danielle, thanks.
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for kids and parents especially when it comes to financial aid. but there are a few steps that could increase your odds. first, do the math before you fill out your fafsa. money you've saved in your child's name reduces your aid by 20%. money saved in your name may only reduce it by about 6%. second, make sure you understand the questions. misinterpreting what counts and what doesn't can change how munch money you get. and finally, don't wait too long. some aid is on a first-come, first-serve basis so those who file earlier might get more help. randy: spending millions to save billions. the new idea for the green line expansion plan. and a health benefit to beards. the protective value of the bristles. plus living on the edge. the threat to dozens of california homeowners. we're live along memorial drive in cambridge looking across the city of boston. quite a few people out there running. mild temperatures this morning for the middle of winter. the "eyeopener" continues right
6:36 am
weeknights at 7:00, a brand new year, a brand new newscast. newscenter 5 at 7:00. local journalists going deeper into the big stories of the day
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randy: good morning. 6:44. news to go time. everything wrapped up in about 15 minutes but before we get underway with our local stories we want to show you this. fire and ice in baltimore.
6:39 am
these massive flames and the snow-blocked streets. major cities in the mid-atlantic are still digging out from this weekend's blizzard. erika: quite an image there. we've had some melting around here. we're getting pretty warm today. danielle: we're already in the 40's on the cape and the islands this morning. obviously that's an indication the warm air is here. we'll do melting especially for you folks in southeastern mass. and you actually picked up the most snow this weekend. this is a good day for you. 43 on nantucket but it's 29 in boston. 31 worcester. 20 back through orange. 25 in keene. now today we're going to warm up into the upper 40's in boston. low 50's along the south shore. upper 40's even on the north shore. you're going to feel those winds too out of the south and west at about 10-20 miles per hour. we're going to keep a lot of clouds in the forecast associated with this area of low pressure already bringing some showers to upstate new york and pennsylvania. all of this headed in our
6:40 am
of isolated hit-or-miss showers around. that will continue to be the chance through the afternoon. and then that chance shifts further to the south and east. and we could see hit-or-miss showers later on this evening. for tonight, we drop back into the 30's. mid 30's in boston. it's a cloudy day. and then the next three days look like this. 41 tomorrow. so still mild. but it is cooler and breezy. i'm excited about that. chilly. there could be some flurries on thursday. more on that ocean storm coming up. now to the roads. kevin: good morning. we're keeping an eye sky 5 over the scene of a jack-knifed tractor trailer early on this morning. the southbound side of the expressway by furnace brook parkway made for big northbound curiosity delays. let's go to the maps and show you what i'm talking about here. southbound expressway at furnace brook, there's your delays here on the southbound side. northbound all jamming up here back into route 24, 93 northbound, route 3 on the brakes right around derby street
6:41 am
hingham getting up into the braintree split. the mass pike delays from route 9 on over towards west newton. that will take you about 33 minutes to get from framingham into the allston/brighton tolls. up to the north, normal stuff on 93. andover most of the way down as well as route 3. if you're taking the trains, expect minor delays here. the red line southbound due to reduced speeds over the longfellow bridge again this morning. randy, erika. randy: firefighters in quincy are still on the scene of a stubborn fire at a water treatment plant. erika: the eyeopener's doug meehan is live at the scene with the challenges they're facing. doug? doug: erika, randy. i checked with quincy fire department this morning. yes, they're continue to go fight this fire. they're continuing to rotate through crews throughout the morning. it's been a battle to say the least. yesterday afternoon a small explosion occurred when five workers were updating and outdoor control fan. those workers suffering minor smoke-related injuries and spent the night at the hospital. now the problem with fighting this fire is that it's located in the bowels of the building some 100 feet under ground.
6:42 am
one, and it has the latest waste water treatment equipment. it is still unknown exactly what caused the explosion in the first place. the extent of the damage to plant also still unknown. live in quincy, doug meehan, wcvb, newcenter 5. sera: the mbta is spending $6 million to try and save the green line extension project. costs for the project soared $1 billion over budget. the plans are to expand the green line nearly five miles into somerville and medford. now the t's financial board has approved hiring a firm for $6 million to revamp the project and slash the price tag. the board is also considering scrapping the extension altogether. that decision is expected in may. live this morning in downtown boston, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: the mbta will hold a second day of public hearings on proposed fare hikes. today's meeting is in brockton. expected to jump as much as 10% the most expensive scenario
6:43 am
$49 million for the cash-strapped agency. randy: a wild ride is under investigation in warwick, rhode island, after a public transit bus slams into a building. it happened around 7:15 last night on route 1. the bus hit a utility pole, then swerved across four lanes into an auto-parts store. nobody was seriously hurt. investigators are now looking into a possible medical episode. erika: the superintendent of boston public schools met with students at boston latin yesterday to discuss race relations. a group of students there have been protesting racial intolerance they say was ignored by administrators. superintendent tommy chang, the headmaster at the school, does have a plan moving forward. that includes providing opportunities for students to voice their concerns. randy: a murder trial is set to get underway in salem today. cheng sun is one of two suspects accused of killing the owner of a chinese restaurant in ipswich five years ago. police say tony woo was beaten to death during an attempted
6:44 am
erika: a second suspect goes to trial today in the murder of this stoneham army veteran. joseph puopolo was shot and killed more than two years ago. police say he was a bystander when a drug deal turned violent. jessie williams of medford will face murder charges today. another suspect, eugene tate, was sentenced in november to life in prison. randy: a whitman man is out on bail this morning after a case of road rage. police say bruce o'brien fired three shots at a plow driver in plymouth over the weekend. o'brien was trying to pass the plow but says the driver tried to run him off the road. so he claims he fired warning shots at the ground. o'brien pleaded not guilty yesterday and surrendered his gun to police. erika: a criminal investigation in michigan over flint's growing water crisis. the state's top prosecutor is now expressing outrage that residents are still paying for the contaminated water. the attorney general's office says it may take steps to stop billing. high levels of lead have been
6:45 am
the municipal system to a local river to save money. randy: a prosecutor attacked in a new mexico courtroom. surveillance captures a defendant shoving the prosecutor to the ground yesterday and punching him. the man had just been convicted of sexual assault. other deputies jumped into action to tackle the man. he could now face new charges. a case of road rage sparking a violent confrontation on a street in austin, texas. the whole thing caught on camera. the two men involved had been making rude and obscene gestures at each other from their cars. when they hit a red light, they got out and went after each other-- one armed with a bat; another a long pole. it didn't last long. both men took off just as the light turned green. erika: donald trump may not be showing up to this week's g.o.p. debate hosted by fox news. the republican front-runner threatening to boycott thursday's event after a highly publicized altercation with moderator megyn kelley. trump tweeting that based on her
6:46 am
she should not be allowed to be a moderater for the debate. fox has refused to pull her from the debate. randy: trump will be back in iowa joining other candidates. newscenter 5's phil lipof will be reporting live in iowa for the lead-up to the caucuses beginning thursday on newscenter 5 at 4:30 p.m. erika: the president is banning solitary confinement for juveniles in federal prisons. president obama says the method can cause long-term psychological effects particularly on young offenders and the mentally ill. the practice will only be used as a so-called "last resort," when prisoners are a danger to themselves or others. randy: the president of the citadel says he is setting up a task force to study and make recommendations for ways to promote diversity among students and staff. this comes as 14 cadets at the south carolina school face punishment for photos taken in december showing cadets dressed in what appeared to be white the panel will include members of civil rights groups and the
6:47 am
erika: evacuations in effect along the california coastline. take a look at this home dangling over a cliff in pacifica. part of the coast has crumbled there over the years threatening several homes and businesses. the bruins head home tonight after an exciting win over the philadelphia flyers. the b's got on the board early with a power-play goal from patrice bergeron. brad marchand added one of his own during a power play later in the first. but it's 2-2 with less than two minutes in the third. brett connolly with the tip-in. b's win, 3-2. they take on the ducks tonight at 7:00. the celtics take on the wizards in washington, d.c. the wizards try to work some magic after the weather kept them from playing for five days. but they were no match for isaiah thomas. he had 23 points on the night as the c's cruised to their third straight win. 116-91 the final. they host the denver nuggets tomorrow night. randy: not surprising at all. tom brady and rob gronkowski have politely declined an all
6:48 am
they will not play in sunday's pro bowl for various and obvious reasons-- injuries and exhaustion among them. jameis winston will replace brady at quarterback. erika: finally, a new study that may surprise you this morning. apparently your beard could keep you healthy. researchers at brigham and women's tested 408 male hospital workers both with and without beards. they found that the clean-shaven participants were three times more likely to carry dangerous drug-resistant bacteria. i mean, it's a consideration. randy: i need to grow a little more. erika: for your health. kevin: you have to step it up, randy. get the rest of it going there. we've had big troubles on the roadways this morning, guys. the expressway southbound sky 5 over an earlier jack-knifed tractor trailer. everybody is in the cut-out now. it delayed the opening of the h.o.v. lane. it look like that has been reopened. curiosity delays on the northbound side are really
6:49 am
let's go to the map quickly. we'll show you those delays here northbound 93 north all the way back to route 24, route 3 on the brakes out of hingham trying to get up into braintree. up to the north tough ride on 93 from 125 andover all the way down to the city. 128 northbound you've got a truck off the road here at route 38 northbound side. jamming things up on the southbound. take you about 30 minutes to get from lynnfield down to woburn. not too bad in the weather department this morning. danielle: not at all. 29 degrees currently in boston. we have some clouds around though and those winds shaking the camera just a bit. you're going to feel them this afternoon from 10-20 miles an hour. it's a warming wind. upper 40's in boston. low 50's on the south shore and the cape. we're watching this system you see out to the west could bring us a couple of showers especially this afternoon and into the evening. so a medium chance for that. we're dry on wednesday. look at thursday into friday. a chance for some flurries or snow showers. let me show you how everything plays out.
6:50 am
to have a cold front come through. it's dry but it brings in colder air. then we're watching this upper-level low disturbance. we're also watching an ocean storm. right now the latest models keeping this farther out to sea. not linking these two up. but this one still could give us some flurries or even some snow showers thursday into friday. but again that track is very dependent and is very key in this forecast. so we're watching this very carefully. right now models keeping that track farther off to sea which would mean it would miss us. however, we're still a couple days out. carefully. i gets closer and we could be talking more on the way of accumulating snow. either way you look at it, it's a pretty quick-moving system out of here by friday night. nice. at least the back half when we start to turn milder back into the mid 40's for highs. enjoy today. it will be near 50 if not above. erika: great. danielle: hey, i love it. afternoon. erika: quite different than a year ago for sure. we'll enjoy it. thanks so much, danielle.
6:51 am
erika: thank you so much for joining us. if you're heading out, remember you can watch the latest newscenter 5 newscast right now or any time with the wcvb mobile app. randy: we thank you for joining us. we hope you have a fantastic day. as always, we'll see you again tomorrow morning starting bright
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