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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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she was able to veeinto the shoulder. this is an active investigation. traffic has picked up the cause it was backed up for miles. we do know that the victim who died here today is from lexington. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: more breaking news, key court documents will soon be unseald in the marathon bomber' s case. they could shed light on both the crime and the trial. among the items that will be released, search warrants and photos. some of the information was used in court, but there is likely to be meant here he never used. heather: right now, police are investigating the death of a man found on the train tracks in worcester. they say may not have been killed by the train. newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich is live with more on the investigaiton. todd: tonight, investigators are waiting for the results of the
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answer the question of how the man died. just as mysterious is why the elderly man was on the tracks in the first place especially, late at night. >> given the condition of the night, the darkness, the location, you know, we' re just not sure. todd worcester police aren' t : sure why a 74-year-old man was lying on the train tracks when a csx freight train came rumbling through. hector luis ramos was struck by the train at 11:15 sunday night and pronounced dead on scene. in this video we shot today, you can see crime scene tape, marking the location, just under the lincoln street overpass. >> once investigators got on the scene and started looking at the totality of the circumstances leading up to the incident, and evidence at the scene, they were able to at this point conclude that it may be suspicious in nature, but, again, nothing is through. hector luis ramos was struck by the train at 11:15 sunday night ruled out. todd initially, it wasn' t clear : who the man was because he had no identification on him, but police later learned the man was hector luis ramos, a worcester it' s still not clear to killed ramos, or if he was already deceased or incapacitated when he was
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back. >> investigators are leaning toward it being a suspicious cause of death now. it' s still undetermined at this point what the cause of death was. we' re not ruling out anything at this point. todd police say there were no : witnesses, aside from the train personnel. there are surveillance cameras on the train. investigators are reviewing that video for any clues. reporting live in worcester, tk, -- todd kazakiewich , wcvb newscenter 5. break snarling traffic in a busy the break was first reported before noon in the area of 36 the surrounding streets are still closed tonight. the mwra building on nut island has been knocked down more than 24-hours after it started. a crane was brought in this morning to help crews at the quincy water treatment plant. the fire was burning in duct work more than 100 feet underground, reducing visibility and making it difficult to ed police are still
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argument over a parking space. tonight, boston mayor marty walsh is warning that if there are acts of violence involving so-called space savers the city will take action. newscenter 5' s pam cross is live in dorchester. pam: that is the question. was snow rage of the reason? if so, lacks parking rules may be on their way out. the mayor' s office calling for common sense and courtesy. this is a storm in years past, plenty of space savers. if there' s violence like the shooting in dorchester the mayor says the policy may be cut meaning -- if we have acts of violence around space savers, we will take action. there will besavers in the city of boston. reporter and don' t think about : saving a space before snowy weather. >> the space savers come into play if you have to shovel, not
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reporter: roland levesque says he won' t take a marked space again. he needed to park sunday night near his apartment and moved a trash barrel. >> i drove right into the space and pushed it with my van. >> this is the result, you think? >> yes. reporter: a $350 tire was slashed. he thinks it was over the space. monday in an apparent squabble over a shoveled out parking space, the driver of the toyota was shot, the person with the gun drove off. >> this last weekend' s storm didn' t even come close to having to save a space, it snowed it melted, it went away and i think that people have to use a little bit of common sense. heather: boston police arrest a man accused of firing shots near the todd show tell.
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police say the 34-year-old andrew flach got angry when he couldn' t leave the hotel with his drink. after leaving the hotel and firing off a shot, police say he was able to get a cab. he was caught after police fired the gun again. police say they were able to connect him to the taj because he left his credit card at the
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no one was hit by the bullets. ed: right now the driver and one passenger hurt in a bus crash in warwick rhode island are in critical condition. a second passenger was treated at a hospital and released. the bus slammed into an auto crossing 4 lanes of traffic. police are investigating if the driver suffered from a medical condition. collects a show of support tonight for the family of a fallen local marine. corporal christopher orlando died when two helicopters crashed off hawaii. jack harper is livening them with more on tonight' s tribute. >> christopher orlando used to hang out here. this evening, his friends will honor his family. >> it is such a difficult situation. >> he has invited the town to
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history by saluting a family who comes home without their son. >> i have a son who is of age and i think he is going to go serve his country next year. i can' t comprehend it. i don' t even want to think that way. it' s unimaginable. >> here at the cracker barrel and over at the main fire station all along the route, the family will see the people of paying him say gain -- the people of hingh am saying thank you very much. >> a new report of the death of a navy seal from bedford. petty officer first class william blake marston was killed last year in a parachute training accident in florida. investigators say that he became unconscious after exiting the plane. they also found he should not
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first place due to a discrepancy over his certification. heather: the mfa gets a special new painting. the first museum in new england to get this famous artists work. harvey: we will let you know when the wild weather returns and if we will see any flakes.
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heather: framingham-based staples is reportedly laying off hundreds of employees. forbes magazine says the layoffs are hidden in a larger move by staples to streamline its organization. the layoffs reportedly affect senior and junior employees. no confirmation directly from staples. the framingham company' s planned merger with office depot has been held up by a federal
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merger anticompetitive. ed: the massachusetts board of education has voted to back a state takeover of the southbridge public schools. the board voting today to authorize the state education commissioner to appoint a receiver to oversee the schools basically holding the powers of a school superintendent and school committee. the move comes after the school system was designated as chronically underperforming. a recent review found southbridge to be among the state' s lowest-performing school districts on the mcas exams. two other school districts, lawrence and holyoke, are currently under state control. heather: the museum of fine arts is adding to its collection. the museum has purchased this 1928 painting by frida kahlo. it depicts two mexican women set against dense tropical foliage. it' s the first painting kahlo ever sold and it' s also the first work by the artist to enter the mfa' s collection. the painting will be on display starting tomorrow until march 1 when it will be re-installed in the art of the america' s wing. ed: we hit 50 today but that won'
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s talking a cooldown later this week. plus a trump campaign sign , burned. pannouncer: where do you line up with john kasich on the issues? take the kasich quiz! forced obamacare expansion in ohio. voted for massive defense cuts and defended the process that closed pease air force base, which cost thousands of local jobs. even had the worst rating on spending of any governor in the country - republican or democrat. john kasich - wrong on new hampshire issues. right to rise usa is responsible
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ed: commitment 2016. the latest abc news-washington post poll shows donald trump has a commanding lead nationally. the poll finds trump getting support from 37% of registered republicans and
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ted cruz comes in second with 21%. marco rubio third with 11%. trump today picking up the endorsement of christian conservative leader jerry falwell, jr., the son of the late televangelist. it' s a big blow to ted cruz, who formally launched his presidential campaign at liberty university, where falwell is president. heather: trump sign burned. the first in the nation primary may be in new hampshire, but apparently political emotions also are running high here in massachusetts. janet wu reports one donald trump supporter in hull found an unpleasant surprise when he went to work this morning. janet: is it another sign that donald trump' s campaign is on fire or is it more evidence that emotions have run amuck this election year? >> once in while some one will knock a sign down, but not destruction like this. janet paul gratta has been an : active in hull and state republican politics for decades. he' s had signs supporting his candidates here in front of his construction business for over 20 years.
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midnight, someone tried to torch his trump sign made of a near indestructible plastic. the first hint of vandalism actually came two weeks ago when he first had the 200 dollar sign made. >> somebody came and wrote spray painted nope. and they knocked the sign over but lighting a fire to a sign, i don' t think that' s happened a while in massachusetts. if it gets that bad, we' re all in trouble janet: -- >> maybe we are. there' s a great deal of emotion and anger that' s been brought into this argument. some of it unfortunately is beginning to show itself in some very ugly ways. let' s face it, there hasn' t been exactly a humble or thoughtful discourse from all sides in this election. janet so do voters on both sides : of the aisle believe they now have a permission slip to express their frustration through out of the box antics? >> if you wanna vote against trump go to the election and vote against him. but please, leave the signs alone. janet: he says the street was dying anyway but he has turned to the investigation over to the state fire marshal.
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s phil lipof will be reporting live in iowa for the week leading up to the caucuses beginning thursday right here on newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: what a difference a year can make. this is not today, new york, washington, philadelphia. this is a year ago in worcester. it was the beginning of the snow blitz. 21.6 inches during the storm, one of the top 10 biggest on record in boston. heather: the cars were buried. almost three feet of snow. harvey: that' s right. worcester had over 34 inches. boston, number 6, 20 4.6.
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impactful individual storm because it had the most wind as well and there was not too much prior to that. although we did pick up a storm two days prior of around 3-6 inches in the region. that' s the difference of a year. how about a difference of just a couple of days? visibility was down to a quarter mile or less. today in marshfield, 54 degrees. also, the big cities to our south were around 50 today. in boston today, to give you a little perspective, we made it above 50, but so did natick, danvers, and plymouth, and that is well above the average, about 15 degrees higher of the -- than the average high temperature of 36 for today.
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s a mild wind. the wind is gusting from the southwest, so that keeps it a mild night. there is chilly air off to the southwest. tomorrow at this time, i expect us to be at least 10 degrees chillier than we are now. that is bitter cold when you consider we are in the winter. still above freezing in boston, but because this cold air mass will be coming in, trying to be offset by the sun, we will only have maybe a five degree temperatures jump. tonight, everybody dips below freezing and it won' t be quite as mild on thursday either with highs in the upper 30' s to very s. as for any precipitation, the front coming through tonight that makes it chilly tomorrow might have a little bit of rain
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a breeze and chillier temperatures. thursday, we get weather from the west and the south. there are a couple of storm systems to watch, but it doesn' t actively link up. if the to do link up a little bit, we could have snow late morning. right now, it is not likely we will have much more than the reason. for the next seven days, notice it is windy and cool tomorrow. thursday night into friday morning, we will watch that just in case things change. saturday on the cool side, not really cold. look at sunday and monday. quite mild again, somewhat
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middle. i will check on the storm for you again in seven. >> not many of you would turn down an all expense paid trip to honolulu would you? not many of you just finished the grind of an nfl season. none of the 7 patriots selected for the pro bowl will play they have all bowed out many of them are dealing with injuries, including tom brady end run gronkowski. -- and ron gronkowski. matthew slater gave a pretty good reason. he is going to be a dad. he says that' s more important to him than football at this stage in his life. meanwhile, bill belichick is already on the move. this is a shot of him at a practice today in mobile, alabama.
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missions we come up with to see gems. that is where you find these guys, at the all star games, scouting, wearing out the souls of your shoes. boston college has announced its season for next year. they will play georgia tech in ireland. clemson is the number one football team in the country until they lost to alabama. they will play uconn at home on november 19. tonight is the final game for star break. the anaheim ducks are in town , just when the bruins got a bit of steam in their game, they are going to have to hit the pause button. >> you can' t complain , but we are always looking for better.
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learning a lot this week. we do have to be a little better . >> not going to complain about where we are in the standings or how hard we have had to work to get there. >> australian open, one of the men semi-finals is set and it is a dandy -- novak djokovic and roger federer.
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manning having met 17 times. this will be the 45th meeting between roger federer and novak djokovic. each has won 22 times. how about that? heather: you got harvey' s attention. ed: he was closing his ears. heather: new tonight on newscenter 5 at 7:00, depression screenings now being recommended for all adults including pregant women and new moms. tonight a local mom shares her , story. ed: and then they let 11:00, the -- new at 11:00, the coffee health myth debunked. the new discovery and the impact on your health. but first abc' s world news tonight with david muir. david: we remember an american actor we could never forget.
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at 7:30 p.m., high end addresses for rent. a place where everything is free for the taking. plus, comparing and contrasting boston'
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heather: i wanted to stay
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so mild. harvey: tomorrow will be a little cooler, but you will get another chance on sunday. heather: nice. is the kissing ball still up? >> still up. >> i think i am a little angrier about the super bowl today than i was. it'
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