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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 27, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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>> harvard street, at least one of the subjects suffered from gunshot wounds and multiple stab wounds. the second was at least multiple stab wounds. >> the man jumped or dumped between st. mary's and the pier school. ordered to stay in place as parents waited outside. >> i thought if they were searching for the suspect he might be in the school and i'll come down here. get him if i have to. >> go straight by. >> this car, a white ford focus, new york plates, rented out of new jersey, looking for that car and the driver. >> we don't know exactly how the people got out of the vehicle, whether they were thrown out or they jumped out. but we know the car fled from the area right away as well as what may have been a fifth subject fleeing on foot. >> witnesses said that fifth guy didn't really run away. he sort of just walked away. really cool, as he walked from the car.
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and obviously the driver of that car in brookline. jack harper, newscenter 5. >> to pittsburgh with breaking news, a murder suspect wanted in police and u.s. marshals are closing in. live on the scene with an update. >> the crime for which he was wanted happened last week in police able to find him here where he took matters into his >> police warmed his apartment this morning. >> as they did, william shot himself in the head. >> the 43-year-old was hospitalized in critical condition, but the whereabouts of the woman police say he kidnapped remain unknown. >> >> from virginia to massachusetts, there were different things the police had been doing along the route that we presume he was taking. we've just got to continue to let them do their job and hope we can find him. >> the former mother-in-law, last friday, william took her
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rural virginia home. tying them up, strangling his taking off in the couple's caravan with the grandmother. >> there is an active and >> the 43-year-old william is a fitchburg native. overnight, officers spotted the stolen caravan and they were basement apartment in the home. william has a checkered past. department. i've been here for 30 i know him. i know the family. we're not a very big community but he was known to us. >> police say he did target his over an assault for which he spent time, over which he may >> live in fitchburg, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> we're learning more tonight about the trial of the bomber. documents just unsealed revealing details from the hours after the arrest, that never came out in court. >> kelly is live at federal court in south boston. she's been going through the new
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new details about the f.b.i.'s hospital interrogation of tsarnaev but they don't reveal the contents of the interview. however, for the first time as the opposite of remorse. reporter: at trial he testified for the prosecution explaining how he lent his gun to tsarnaev, prosecutors called him an important and credible witness who helped debunked the theory of who the mastermind was. they pushed for his release in december after serving 17 months. documents reveal when the defense wanted to call silva as a witness prosecutors said there is reason to believe that silva has a mental illness that affects his ability to perceive, recall and relate events accurately. another controversial witness, noted death penalty opponent. prosecutors tried to have her barred.
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should be permitted to confront her with those statements so the jury can determine whether she's someone who simply accepts any prisoner's statement that conforms to her beliefs and rejects those that do not. prosecutors went on to say that the sister is not the only person tsarnaev has spoken to since his arrest. he also made statements to two f.b.i. agents at beth israel in which he expressed the opposite of remorse. >> there are many, many more documents that remain sealed and the subject of ongoing discussions between the defense and prosecution and we may learn more about those in the coming weeks. live in federal court, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> the search is on for the person who spray painted all over the boston public library. someone saw it happening and called police. power washers had to be brought in this morning to clean it off the building. police are checking the surveillance cameras for leads on the suspect. >> vandalism at a cemetery under investigation tonight in quincy.
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headstones were knocked over another the cemetery on c street overnight. some of them date back to the 1800s. >> police say the cemetery has been targeted three times in four months the deadly freak accident on 128, a close call for another driver. he tells newscenter 5's rhondella richardson it could have been him. he's live in lexington tonight. a very close call. >> that's true. offering his deepest condolences to the victim's family down the street. they live here and the witness says he's going to live his life with more gratitude, patience and compassion after what he survived. >> this man was driving his truck on route 128 in lexington yesterday and saw it all. >> it was almost like boom and zoom. gone. >> he's talking about the tire that flew off this pickup, the flying damage ram tire crashed into the roof and windshield of a camry and 26-year-old charles of lexington was killed.
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has a chance to birthday. >> it bounced over the south side from the north side. and just took one huge bounce and come right over this truck. me. >> the truck. >> it was just huge. a frightening experience. i can only imagine the grief that his family is going through. >> the accidents so close to the victim's house, several neighbors were driving grief that his familyby. >> could have been from anywhere. >> i blasted myself a couple of times. thank god, my heart was literally beating out of my chest. >> got real emotional a couple of times. he saw the crashed up victim's car sliding, he says, almost scraping the jersey barrier for
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to a stop. investigating what caused the tire to come off the axle of a 19-year-old car, that woman not charged at this time. >> live in lexington, rhondella wcvb. >> commitment 2016 right now. democratic candidate bernie sanders had a high-profile meeting today with president obama at the white house. it was the first extended meeting between the two since sanders began rising in the polls. the president has not yet publicly supported any democrats. donald trump still tonight is saying he won't participate in that fox debate tomorrow night, calling moderator megan kelly a third rate reporter and bimbo after making the announcement. why trump's words never put a dent in his popularity. >> i'm not a fan of her, she's a third rate reporter. she frankly is not good at what she does. has even called bimbo. >> trump gets away with it
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media he's magic. he plays them, he knows exactly what buttons to push. >> yesterday a reporter tried to ask why he's changed his position to pro-life. trump refused to admit he was ever pro-choice ending the exchange with, i'm just asking you to apologize. >> okay. forget you. >> his base does not want him to be held accountable for those kind of things. the more outrageous he is the more he expresses what might be called their political angst. >> doesn't he worry about extending his base. >> it's a much smaller group that's voting, they have different motivations and rationale to vote. >> when a reporter tries to pin hill down on his marital infidelities. >> i'm a religious perch, i'm a good person, i give money to charity, a lot of money to charity. you can bring up whatever you have to bring up. >> there is an age old media relations trick there where you basically say look of here, i'm good, and i'm doing the nondenial, denial, don't look at
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>> i could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot somebody and i wouldn't lose any voters, okay? >> the irony, criticism he had, he's probably correct. he has a base that will probably follow him through thick and thin. >> rosenthal said, however, once trump moved significantly away from his base his feet may be held to the fire. the real test will be the nomination if he gets the party nomination. >> phil's reports begin tomorrow at 4:30. >> the first steps of a dramatic transformation taken today. >> pushing back the start of the school in one local district. why it's considering the big change and concerns about the impact outside the classroom. >> storm developing off the southeast coast. i'm looking to how close that will come to us come friday. i've got the latest. >> and the man who drops the ceremonial puck
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>> governor charlie baker has put out his budget for 2017. a virtually $40 billion budget. $39.6. spending plan is $335 million in the red brought into the balance by diverting millions from the state's rainy day fund and does not include new taxes. >> we continue to make critical investments in our communities, in public schools, in the department of children and families, in our efforts to combat the heroin and opioid epidemic. work force training programs and transportation, to name a few. >> as the governor just said that budget includes more money for the opioid treatment and that includes funding for 195 new beds in residential facilities, $140 million for department of public health programs, $30.5 million in new
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workers and $187 million in contract assistance for the mbta. >> breaking ground today on a massive new development that makes major changes for a boston neighborhood. phase one is expected to take three years, including restaurants, stores, more parking, and a new entrance for north station. phase two will be a tower with apartments and a hotel. phase three, an office tower developers stay project will help to revamp the economy in the west end. >> have you noticed all the growth going on. >> massive cranes everywhere. >> a good sign. >> wouldn't we all like to set the alarm just a little later in the morning. >> what alarm? >> good point. >> my kids have one. >> could be a reality for high schoolers in newton one day.
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get more sleep. >> research has shown that later high school start time can improve academic performance. pam has more from newton where school leaders are considering pushing back first period. >> i feel drowsy at school which usually affects my school work. >> she's a high school sophomore who also works part time after school. she could lose cash if newton begins the school day later but there are good reasons to make a change. >> when kids don't get enough sleep, it adversely affects their emotions. they become much more volatile in their emotions. >> the doctor says more sleep means better mental and physical health and improved school performance. >> it's important that schools don't start at 7:00 or 7:30 in the morning. >> >> making a start time change is complicated for a lot of logistical and financial reasons. >> there is a lot at
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>> extracurricular activities. the arts. >> student employment. family concerns. >> they don't have as much time to work because it conflicts with homework. their sleep and it pushes the pendulum back the other way. >> it's a good first job. >> when my alarm goes off and i end up sleeping for an extra half an hour i feel more ready for the rest of my day. >> on average i get about five hours of sleep. >> i personally don't think that we should start school any later. >> no decisions have been made yet but with health as the key issue it seems likely in years to come teens could hear that school bell ring a little later. >> in newton, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> it has pluses and minuses. >> five hours of sleep, that's just a little too short. >> too little. >> a teen needs more than that. i agree with you completely. >> we're looking at what happened last year at this time because we were just completing the
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two of them were right around the two foot mark this boston and the first one, yeah, this this boston. >> we're not going to have a repeat of that coming up in the next couple of days. but i wanted to show you this ocean storm that makes its closest pass to us very late, well after midnight thursday night, and on into friday, is pretty far out. much of the moisture is out to sea but it may brush east of new england and try to interact with this disturbance which could moisture. on top of that, it's pretty borderline whether it's going to be rain or wet snow or just snow showers. but it's still a little bit tricky and something to keep in mind, especially for friday in eastern massachusetts. >> but as for now in boston, we're 41 degrees. the air is pretty dry. skies are in the process of clearing and the temperatures are starting to cool down off to the west where it's now in the 30's. and certainly the temperatures will be a little bit colder tonight because it is a little bit colder off to our north and
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nonetheless we could see a few upper teens in places like orange. about mid-20's or so in boston. right around the freezing mark down on nantucket. tomorrow's temperatures, with the help of some sun for a while in the morning before the clouds thicken up in the afternoon will bounce back into thor 30's and lower 40's. but the temperatures above us will still be pretty chilly so if we do get any moisture in here late tomorrow night into friday it could either be rain or wet snow. by the way i'm showing you this down in florida, where there was at least one confirmed tornado and one injury earlier today. that is showing you that there is a lot of activity going on there. a lot of energy in the atmosphere and still some potent downpours and thunderstorms occurring. notice how the cloudiness extends north and east. this is where we're going to get our storm development and it will continue to progress north and east. so you can see the heavy-duty moisture remains out at sea but a little strip of it may clip eastern mass, either late tomorrow night and or during the day on friday. so that's what i wanted to kind
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be updating you as i see more information. we're just a little colder tomorrow but still around 40 degrees. not a bad day. friday is the day, that's the one that we'll follow that storm, again, it will be a close call brushing the cape with system rain late tomorrow night and rain or wet snow possible for eastern mass on friday. it clears up friday night. look at what happens after that saturday starts off a little chilly in the morning. approaches or touches 40. sunday likely will be 50 or higher as will monday a very weak cool front will come through on tuesday. knock us down to maybe 50 or so, and then before wednesday, we may bust into the mild air as the storm tends to move up to our west, driving warmer air in. beyond that seven-day forecast it looks like the pattern will turn back to a colder one, much more about that coming up a little later tonight at 7:00 and 11:00. harvey leonard. >> sports center 5 with mike. mike: more changes in foxborough.
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conditioning coach since 2011, those are the folks that take the fall when a team has an unusual number of injuries and the patriots certainly did. this move comes two days after the patriots offensive line coach, dave -- today, bill belichick addressed the coaching change. >> his contract is up and we talked after the game, and we're going to go in different directions on that one. really have a lot of respect for dave and i also -- had a lot of success offensively last year and this year. >> after nearly pulling out of the australian open last weekend andy murray has advanced to the
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lasted four hours. >> plays on friday in the semifinals. federer in the other semifinal. >> there have been 55 college coaches who reached the milestone with an 8-0 win -- he talked with coach act his accomplishments. >> the boston college eagles come off the bench to celebrity their fourth national championship. >> four banners up, five national championship banners overall. those are the numbers that really matter to jerry york. >> you want to hang banners. >> but the numbers that's his and his alone is 1,000. jerry york is the only college hockey coach to reach 1,000 wins.
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the game. he says, jerry, i know just what you mean. >> inside this case are four national championship trophies. coach york has sent 65 kids to the nhl. he's certainly had a lot of good players here at boston college but he's most proud of the fact that he's coached a lot of good, young men. >> i'm just proud that, you know, our players, when theft left the schools i've coached at, they have become the very best person they could be, the best hockey player he could be. >> people ask me is he that that nice of a guy? he is. >> it's a tremendous accomplishment for you and your program. couldn't be happier for you. >> the amount of wins that you've had, it's staggering. >> 1,500 wins would be even more staggering and york has his sights set on the next milestone with a few more banners raised along the way.
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>> all my daughters went to boston college, a lot of their friends are hockey players. every single one, i consider them first class student athletes and great kids and it's because of jerry york. >> i won't bore was the details but he's a stand up man. he helped me at work one night and i will never forget him for what he did that night. it's a long story. it was a touching story. he's a great man. he really is. >> good. >> an honest good man. >> coming up, at 7:00, proof that boston is booming. it can be found in the vibrant expanding restaurant scene. a look inside one hotspot that has a front-row seat to the new towers and development. >> new at 11:00, some call it racist, others call it a tradition that must stay. the heated battle over a local high school mascot but first a.b.c. world news. >> five days to iowa. the new vow from donald trump and what megan kelly is saying.
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asking us about this weekend. are we going to see snow? i said, i don't think so. i think it will be too mild. >> on friday, either some flurries or squalls, a slight chance of accumulation in some spots. otherwise, the weekend gets milder. >> look at the 50s. you're saying mid-50s. >> sunday and especially monday look mild. wednesday looks wet. >> it will be gone by then if we don't a every auto insurance policy has a number. but not every insurance company understands the life behind it. those who have served our nation have earned the very best service in return. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an auto insurance quote and
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