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tv   Newscenter 5 at Six  ABC  January 30, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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m bank and california manhunt over tonight. the tip leading police to that prison escape be that spent more than a week on the run. >> this is wcvb newscenter 5 at pam: right now, three children six. taken into state custody after
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in a worcester home. drug charges against two women who lived there. the children are ages 6, 5, and 3. good evening i' m pam cross. and i' m reid lamberty. police say they found deplorable conditions when they served a search warrant last night. right now, our juli mcdonald is live in worcester with new information. juli. juli: it all started friday afternoon when police pulled over two women. they found deplorable conditions inside. $330 in cash, marijuana, and packaging materials. even more disturbing, the conditions where children were eating and sleeping inside this home. police say they found a mice infestation here.
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in animal feces be at they saw what they -- they sigh cap with a live mouse inside its mouth. one was 24 years old, the other 29 years old. we spoke with the mother of one of those women and the three children who are here at the time, removed from the home by the department of families. we got a look inside the home. we are going to be bringing you more information from her about this family here. julie mcdonald, newscenter 5. reid: regular service resuming on the mbta' s green line tonight after a minor derailment. service between reservoir and beaconsfield was affected, seven passengers were onboard at the time. nobody was injured. shuttle buses were brought in to transport them. no word yet on a cause. pam: taking a live look at the boston skyline on a saturday evening, it' s looking like
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thaw. stormteam five' s mike wankum joins me with a quick look at the forecast. reid: to commitment 2016, and iowa being criss-crossed tonight by presidential candidates. the state holds its critical caucuses on monday. our phil lipof is live in des -- missing snow showers across parts of the granite state today. we are seeing clouds rolling in a little bit. they will be around tomorrow morning and clearing away before we head to the afternoon. tomorrow here is the way it shapes up. the clouds in the morning, sunshine in the afternoon with high temperatures at the 50 degree mark in many locations. check out the temperatures. there are some bumps in the road and rain to talk about.
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critical caucuses on monday. our phil lipof is live in des moines and phil, candidates from both parties are just about bumping into each other. phil: can you believe that? this is a big state. ted cruz and hillary clinton held dueling rallies in the same town at the same time just a few miles apart. newscenter 5 was at both. about 40 minutes north of des moines, senator ted cruz holding a rally in a hotel. >> someone who is going to reform our health care. the secretary is going to do all those things. phil die hard supporters buttons : and t shirts and in true iowa fashion undecided voters as well. >> i haven' t made up my mind yet . >> if i have an opportunity to hear from each candidate and
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lens, i try to do that. >> glenn beck did the introduction. >> all of us are here today because we are bankrupting our kids. because our constitutional rights are under assault each and every day. >> outside that packed event you can see the diehard supporters, hillary clinton not far from anyone' s mind. just 10 minutes, holding her own rally across town. introduced by her daughter, clinton took the stage with gabby gifford and her husband, astronaut mark kelly. this group of students on hand to listen. >> it is time we stand up for something better. [indiscernible] phil: two days away until the caucuses, and the candidates
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in this state and voters willing to change their not -- change their mind between now and monday. we are going to bring you live reports until we have the winners. wcvb newscenter 5. pam: senator bernie sanders keeping a packed campaign schedule as he pushes for an upset victory over democratic rival hillary clinton. in a new sign of just how competitive their race is, both camps have agreed to hold another debate next week ahead of the new hampshire primary. and their discussing three more in the spring. reid: donald trump arriving in iowa but not before delivering an air show to the hundreds of supporters waiting for him at the airport. after touching down, the republican front runner talked about the fox news debate he skipped earlier this week. he again called ted cruz not being born on u.s. soil, a problem. pam: fellow republican candidate john kasich rallied voters in new hampshire today. the ohio governor says he' s a candidate who can bring people together amid the increasingly nasty battle among his rivals. the latest new hampshire poll numbers show kasich in a tie for
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cruz. kasich insists a strong finish in the granite state will bring new national interest to his candidacy. kasich will campaign in new hampshire through monday. >> you get something like the low, it shows you have the ability to reach out and win a general election so you can begin to bring about the conservative principles. >> case it will campaign through monday. -- k sick -- kasich will campaign through monday. reid: right now, one person is dead, several others hurt after violence erupts outside of a motorcycle expo in denver. police say the victims are suffering from shooting and stabbing wounds. this happening just feet from the denver coliseum. so far, no arrests. all 3 of the violent inmates who escaped from a california prison are back behind bars tonight. the final two rounded up in san francisco today when an observant resident called police.
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on the capture. lauren: off the streets and back in custody, the remaining two californian escaped inmates, captured today in san francisco. >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief. >> this may have been a key moment, the first fugitive caught on camera, calmly surrendering in santa ana. >> he wants to make sure he gets -- >> investigators believe he was in charge of transportation. that same one spotted in a san francisco whole foods parking lot this morning. >> officers approach the van. >> we have
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>> officers have discovered the other escapee hiding in the van. >> now officials are working on transferring the pair back to orange county, and learning about how they escaped in the first place. somehow coaxing his jailhouse english teacher to give them more than language lessons. >> showed an image of the entire complex as she played a significant role in the planning. suspicion of contribute to the s escape. back behind bars. the share of telling us they will be kept in a different manner and area than before, making it clear they will not be held together. >> the push to stop the mosquito world-wide effort. the chances of a vaccine. also ahead
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>> what you need to know about a scam coming up next. >> more weather heading our way -- more wet weather heading our way. >> later in sports, the boston college eagles battle the second best team in the nation and the eagles were the second best team
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pam: two arrests tonight in the murder of an everett man. the middlesex county d.a. announcing jose ardon and christian nunez-flores, both 17 were arrested today in malden. they are accused in the shooting death of 19-year-old omar reyes whose body was found on january 3 under the tileston street bridge. both teens will face a judge for arraignment on monday. reid: new at 6, a new move in the investigation into sexual abuse at a prestigious prep school in rhode island. the attorney conducting an independent investigation at st. george' s school wants to talk to all alleged victims and witnesses. earlier this month, the school opened a new investigation into
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employees during the 70' s and 80' s. that' s after former students called for the probe. there is no statute of limitations on rape in rhode island and state police are investigating. pam: work on a vaccine for the zika virus is underway. research moves forward as the disease continues to spread rapidly. brazil' s president agreed on the importance of working together. in a phone conversation they agreed to prioritize building a network to fight the disease. the first stage of vaccine testing on humans could happen as early as august. >> the goal is to get this on the shelf. we probably will have a phase one trial in fourth to six months and something available in a year. if the trial is successful, it could be ready to go for a public health emergency by october at the earliest. reid: some good news from the weather department.
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winter warmup. pam: and coming up next it was the papal ride that swept the internet during the pope' s visit to the u.s. reid: how much the pope mobile sold for at auction. but first, a check on conditions
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reid: a warning tonight about a scam that' s been reported in several local communities. alleged chimney sweeps telling home owners they are required to get their fireplaces cleaned. our sera congi explains what' s going on. sera: police are warning about a s. chimney cleaning with some 30 tackett. an elderly resident in the neighborhood noticed -- it is the same kind of activity being well. >> they are claiming the fire cleaned. >> a good neighbor stepped in and the teat of men left
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calls and police warned that any claims tied to fire departments are not true. >> i doubt a fire department would engage with any agreement with -- >> be on the lookout and that any potential home service. >> check them out, see who they have done work for you have them leave rushers and information. if they are legitimate they will come back another day. >> police are investigating the incident here on garden street. in sharon, wcvb newscenter 5. >> one of the fiats used by pope francis during his visit is show. all auction proceeds will benefit charities and the archdiocese. >> now your form cap -- know
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mike: if you don' t get a chance to watch her car in the next couple of days, don' t worry, mother nature is going to do it for you. what a delightful day, temperatures in the 40' s. these are still well above normal. 38 degrees in boston. the wind chill index, we haven' t talked much about that. here are the current temperatures. with that wind out there, we are not going to get that cold. that is why temperatures drop off. tonight partly cloudy skies, relatively mild. a southerly breeze continuing. i do think there are more clouds in the morning then the afternoon.
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and a few places are getting close to the 50 degree mark. at bedford, about 50 degrees tomorrow. there will be some cooler temperatures coming in on tuesday. this is kind of a one date reef event. same thing for worcester, you will see 54 on monday. we get a brief shot of cool air moving across the area. upper 40' s to around 50 degrees. there is still quite a bit of snow out there. speaking of down the road, remember last year at this time? we had 39.9 inches of snow. typically we' ll may have 22 inches. i also want to point that out because we have some cooler
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let me break it down and show you what i am talking about. as i mentioned there are going to be a lot of clouds in the morning. this cloud cover breaks up. we are looking at partly cloudy skies. as we look toward monday, this little coastal area. i have a slight chance of a spot shower. i don' t think most of us will see it. we will see these warm temperatures. this features a system coming to the west. we start the day with cool air in place. as we get wednesday coming in, look what happens, that mild air comes across the area. how much rain hour talking about? half an inch. some places could pick up as much as an inch in rain. then the cool air comes back in on thursday.
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one to watch as we had later on down the week. at us. notice the temperatures. the week. a little closer than we are pam: local restaurants team up with the greater boston foodbank today. the 34th annual super hunger brunch drew diners from all over the boston-area. participating restaurants include 80 thoreau, blue ginger, and the fireplace in brookline where wcvb' s own ericka tarantal all proceeds go to the greater boston food bank. which provides nutritious meals to those in need. >> now sportscenter 5. bob: let' s talk baseball feels like spring and spring training starts in just 20 days so, let' s hear from red sox president dave dombrowski and peter gammons talk about how less offense is
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how they play. >> it is more like when i started. you don' t have as much per se offense. a players have a tendency in their early 30' s as more of a decline. still putting up huge numbers. >> i think that is changing. i think we' re going to go back into the first inning again. bob: less offense in the game puts a premium on pitching and the red sox put their money where their mound is trading for closer craig kimbrel legally promising $217 million to david price and they added two other bullpen arms sox era last year was ranked 25th out 30 teams . nhl all-star festivities taking place in nashville this weekend and the nhl taking the opportunity to donate $200,000 to help denna laing in her re-hab laing, a member of the boston pride, suffered a severe
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stadium. boston college hoops winless in the acc facing their toughest challenge of the year at north carolina against the second ranked tar heels and the eagles were making a game of it early garland owens with a couple of slam dunks. the first one made it a one point game. but by the time he slammed this one, the eagles were down 14. and the eli carter deep 3 put b.c. down 11 at the half. unc had a 15-oh run in the first half and scored the first $10 points of the second half tar heels just have too much talent b.c. loses, it' s going to be fun following the local girl megan khang from rockland, mass could be at the beginning of a great career just 18-years-old playing in her first lpga tournament two shots off the lead through 54 holes. shot of the day ha na jang a 3 wood to the par 4 8h hole remember this is a par 4 and she runs that one up and in a hole
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albatross that it is. you don' t see shots like that very often but today on this very special day you' re going to two of them. here' s the other one jason gore at the farmers insurance open and his second shot to the par 5 18th hole-in-ones get all the attention but the albatross is much more difficult and you get 2 for the price of one tonight. australian open women' s finals angelique kerber in her first grand slam final and the 6-time champion serena williams. yes, it' s kerber in a big upset serena with a chance to tie steffi graf' s record of 22 grand slam singles titles loses in three sets.
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she had the french, wimbledon, and u.s. open. coming up new at 11, this man accused of attacking a new hampshire state trooper during a traffic stop. the struggle to get him into the custody and what investigators found on him, leading to more charges. first it is world news. >> coming up on this special edition of will is tonight, donald trump unloading one more blistering attack. our team right here on the ground. two dangerous fugitives captured
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mike: a mild next few days when rain arrives.
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