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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  January 31, 2016 10:00am-11:00am EST

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>> [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] danielle: a spring-like day in january. how long this trend will last and the next chance for some showers. antoinette: children pulled from a house. investigators describe unsanitary conditions. the charges two women face, and what family members are saying about the situation. doug: all eyes on iowa as the presidential candidates aim for key voters. the local students getting a one-of-a-kind lesson on politics. >> you are watching wcvb. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. antoinette: it' s sunday, january 31.
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this is looking into downtown boston this morning. temperatures are soaring today. good morning to you. i' m antoinette antonio. doug: i' m doug meehan. just checking to make sure it is january 31. i cannot believe it. it is like my goodness, get out there and start rolling out. antoinette: i heard heard people are taking out their votes. danielle: 48 on nantucket. 46 in plymouth. 37 in keene. winds risk of the south and west from 10 to 60 miles per hour sustained right now, that is coming in. s in a lot of locations. area right now. high-pressure pulling away. we are watching our next storm system out to the west.
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with the weather is a warm front. warmer air is coming in behind it. that warm air over knoxville, tennessee, is heading in our direction. we will have about when we will see the 50' s and much-needed rain coming up. antoinette: thank you. right now, three children are in state custody after being found in filthy conditions in this worcester home. drug charges brought against two women who lived there. the children ages six, five, and three. doug: the eyeopener' s frank holland is here with the deplorable conditions inside the home and reaction from family members. frank? frank: worcester police used some disturbing details to describe the home where one of those women lives with her kids. police were there executing a search warrant on friday night after they pulled over sheyla montalvo and her girlfriend, natasha riley-murphy. they say the home on king street was infested with animal feces, mice, and garbage. police also say they discovered oxycodone pills, marijuana, hundreds of bags for distributing drugs, and $3,400
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the two women were arrested on drug charges. the six-year-old, five-year-old, and three-year-old in the home were placed in dcf custody. montalvo' s mother, gladys santana, was inconsolable as she sifted through the house of squalor where her grandchildren live. she admits she had not been upstairs for a long time. >> i am just trying to think of my grandchildren. an opportunity to have them in my life. frank: the three-year-old and s children. was just visiting. montalvo and riley-murphy will be arraigned at worcester district court on monday. and the final push in iowa this weekend for presidential the state holds its critical last night, the focus was on those crucial undecided voters. phil lipof is in des moines with
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phil: from new hampshire to iowa, donald trump flying in on his private jet, looking up to fire up his supporters. mr. trump: this is crunch time. this is what it is about. we have to get out and caucus and do what we have to do. phil: also not wanting to waste a second precious time, the ted cruz campaign signing up people with several hundred supporters. 10 minutes away at the same time -- >> it is hard to me what january -- i want to say these two words, madam president. phil: debbie gifford introduced hillary clinton but said nothing thing over her campaign. state department says there was top-secret information in 22
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account as secretary of state. we found a group of students from emerson looking to study. >> i am here mainly to learn more about how the caucus works and how the campaign works here. >> i want to see the difference between hillary and bernie and what separates the two. phil: like so many others here in the hawkeye state government that is why the caucus is up for grabs on both sides. now we are just about one day away. the business for all campaign today will be making phone calls, going door-to-door, making sure they have a commitment from their supporters to physically get out monday night and go to caucus. antoinette: according to the latest poll in iowa, hillary clinton and donald trump are leading the pack. the des moines register bloomberg politics poll finding the democratic race is in a statistical dead heat with clinton three points ahead of bernie sanders at 45%. on the republican side, donald
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ted cruz with 28%. marco rubio is trailing in in third, 15 points behind trump. newscenter 5' s phil lipof is following the candidates every step of the way through the caucuses. look for his reports tonight, tomorrow, and on the "eyeopener" tuesday morning. doug: right now, denver police trying to figure out what sparked a chaotic scene at a motorcycle expo. one person was shot and killed and several others injured during the melee. witnesses say a brawl started on a stairwell and quickly spun out of control. gunfire forcing hundreds to hide under tables. police say multiple people were also stabbed. three of the injured are in critical condition. at least one person was taken away in handcuffs, although police say they have not made any arrests. >> you' re a rider. >> / you ar you are aware of what goes on here.
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s expo events have been cancelled. now for the murder of an everett the middlesex county d.a. say jose ardon and christian nunez-flores, both 17, were arrested in malden yesterday. death of 19-year-old omar reyes whose body was found on january 3 under the tileston street bridge. both teens will face a judge for arraignment tomorrow. antoinette: still no word on what caused a minor derailment on the d branch of the mbta green line yesterday. service between reservoir and beaconsfield was affected. there were seven passengers onboard at the time. nobody was injured. regular service is back up and running this morning. doug: new this morning, two juveniles are under arrest in peabody. police say they pulled a bb gun on another boy and stole his cell phone yesterday afternoon outside the welch elementary school. both suspects will be in juvenile court tomorrow charged with armed robbery and assault with a dangerous weapon. police say another similar incident is also under investigation right now. a 17-year-old is behind bars in vermont right now charged with an armed robbery in new
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state police say the teen robbed the common man store at the hooksett rest stop at gunpoint just after midnight yesterday. he allegedly showed a handgun , demanded cash, and then ran away. he was later arrested after a 30-mile chase down i-91 in vermont. state police say he lost control and crashed a stolen van. antoinette: right now, a warning about a scam that' s been reported in several local communities. alleged chimney sweeps telling home owners they are required to get their fireplaces cleaned. newscenter 5' s sera congi explains what' s going on. sera: police are warning about a scam involving potential to be sweepers. luckily, a neighbor sleep in. chimney cleaning with dirty tactics. an elderly resident was approached by two men in a white van with chimney sweep markings are you it is a think that of activity being reported in other
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>> the fire department is requiring the chimney to be cleaned according to the. sera: residents reported getting phone calls and police warned that any claims time to fire departments are not true. >> across-the-board, no fire department would engage in any agreement with private companies or acquire anyone to have dick their chimney cleaned. sera: police are warning everyone to be on the lookout. >> checking them out to see who they haven' t worked for. have them leave brochures and information. if they really are legitimate, they will come back another day. sera: police are investigating the incident that happened on garden street. they are hoping anyone with information will come forward. antoinette: on the way this morning a new weapon in the , battle against the zika virus. doug: what researchers hope they can unleash with some genetically engineered mosquitoes. also a home knocked down before , its new owners ever moved in.
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for other homes in the area. danielle: we will be flirting with 50 today. how long the winter warm up lasts, and when we could see rain and even a thunderstorm. antoinette: the sag awards, often seen as a window to the oscars. how a boston-based film handled
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antoinette: demolition day in san francisco. this dream home sold just a few that' s because it was threatening the neighborhood. doug: newscenter 5' s frank holland is back to explain the danger. frank: this is really a story about one man' s dream being crushed. unfortunately, i mean that literally. ronald martell and his family had not even moved into their san francisco home when he got demolished. the house sunk more than a foot and separated a foot from the curb when a neighbor noticed and called the city. the city building department decided the home was threatening it' s still not clear what caused
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s not just that home in a precarious position. five others are also on a slippery slope. now, those homeowners are worried they could be next. >> you wake up one morning and the comment is you may have to lose your home. that' s pretty scary. frank: demolition is almost done, but what triggered the slide that stole martell' s dream home remains a mystery. for now, no other homes are being torn down, but homeowners are required to have an engineering firm prove their house is not at risk. if they can' t, their home could face the wrecking ball as well. >> now, your stormteam 5 forecast. antoinette: you were just talking about this being flip-flop weather. one of my viewers since i went to grab bagels and all of the kids were wearing shorts. danielle: that is the green light to go to the stores. even if their parents say no,
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it will be a warm day today. it has been a warm month of january. yesterdays high in boston was 43 degrees. we will finish out this month on a high note as temperatures continue to warm up today 250 in boston -- to 50 in boston. back to 45 on monday. that is still 10 degrees above normal. 50 degrees on wednesday. as you look over the city, a mix of sun and clouds out there. looks like it is beginning to thaw out a touch. we have a strong wind out of the south and west from 10 to 20 miles per hour today. you see the camera shaking a touch. it creates a little bit of a wind chill so it feels more like the upper 30' s. still, very mild for this time of year. we should be around 36 degrees. clouds a stick around. temperatures will want up to the upper 40'
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around is south shore, 48 degrees. me. county, mid 40' s. 45 bumgarner. -- 45 in gardner. as we look ahead to the next the mid to upper 50' with clouds around and a shower or two. a lot of sunshine on tuesday but temperatures fall back behind s on the cape and islands. s today. tonight. tomorrow morning, parts of the area could wake up to some fog. mild and breezy through monday. this cold front will bring a couple of showers after 4:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and south and
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we will be cooler as we head into tuesday. notice i said cooler: uncle. two -- notice i said cooler, not cold. another chance of rain on wednesday. everybody has a chance of rain. it will be very widespread. on monday, it will be very warm. we will be flirting with near record high temperatures. not necessarily going to make it, but upper 60' s is the record. we will be in the mid-50' s low 60' s in worcester. when all is said and done, we could see .5 inches to over one inch of rain in some locations. there can be the potential for some flooding out there because of that. winds will be very strong that day. they couldn' t make it to winter advisory criteria.
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the latest track has this further offshore so we will have to stay tuned. either way, we are back in the 30' s by next weekend. antoinette: muscular. -- much cooler. thank you. here' s a check of other stories we' re following right now. doug: while a vaccine for the mosquito-borne zika virus is currently being developed, research is also moving forward on other ways to defeat the virus. genetically-engineered mosquitoes could become the newest weapon to help reduce mosquito populations. "the new york times" reports a british company is working on genetically-modified mosquitoes that can pass on a deadly gene to their offspring. those mosquitoes would die off before they can reach adulthood. antoinette: president obama is preparing to make his first visit to a mosque as president. the president is scheduled to visit the islamic society of baltimore on wednesday. he is expected to hold a roundtable with community
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contributions to the nation. doug: cleveland browns quarterback johnny manziel is in trouble with the law again. texas police are investigating assault allegations by his ex-girlfriend. the incident allegedly happened early yesterday morning. police in fort worth say manziel has not been arrested. the nfl says it is aware of the allegations and is looking into it. >> now, sportscenter five with bob halloran. bob: the nhl all-star weekend in nashville. music city is hockey town for a few days. patrice bergeron wearing black and gold. p.k. subban is wearing a younger marriott and w -- a jaromir jagr wig. you pretty much looks like that without the mask on. second time participating in the shooting accuracy, patrice bergeron gets the bass and shoot it up the place.
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but he is a deserving all-star with a world of respect around the league and he will represent us well in the game tonight. finishing off a home and home series with the orlando magic. that will be tonight at 6:00 p.m. in orlando. that is sports. a eat day. doug: having a shot at chewbacca. the stars shining in hollywood last night for the 22nd annual screen actors guild awards. antoinette: the movie "spotlight" won the night' s top honor, best ensemble in a film. it tells the story of the pulitzer prize-winning "boston globe" investigation that uncovered the clergy sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. also among last night's win ners, rhode island native viola davis, star of abc' s "how to get away with murder." she won for best actress in a television drama series. from living in more than a dozen foster homes to ivy league aspirations. doug: we are going to introduce
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fitchburg high school, and why he says he stays so optimistic. speaking of optimistic, my goodness, right? boats in the water. no ice in the harbor. let' s go sailing. danielle:
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congress doesn't regulate wall street... wall street regulates congress. it's a rigged economy that sends most new wealth to the top 1%. and it's held in place by a corrupt political system r where wall street banks and billionaires buy elections. my campaign is funded p by over two and a half million small contributions. rpeople who know you can't level the playing field r by taking more money from wall street. i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. join the fight to take back our government.
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the month of january has been a warm one. so as december. right now, we are tied for number one in terms of going back to 2001 and 2002. today is the last day of january and it will be a little warmer than average. we will make it to number one. now we just have to get through all time. temperatures will reach about 50 degrees today. winds of the south and west at 10 to 15. a mix of sun and clouds today. a chance of showers on monday. let me show you this on future cast. we start out the day dry and mildly couple of showers around 4:00 or so. we turn cooler on tuesday. doug: thank you. from making sure homework gets done to teacher conferences, parents are typically the driving force behind a student' s success. antoinette: but this week' s a-plus didn'
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encouragement, bouncing around homes. meet skyler robinson of fitchburg high school. >> i taking ap government, av literature. that, you would think he had step of the way. >> i did not know either of my parents. >> he lived in 13 different foster homes until the age of into an abusive family. but you could not tell by the enthusiasm and optimism he radiates. >> it is for the best, no matter you can always find a silver lining. >> you like to show that on program. is what he really wants to do. alexander.
10:23 am
she finds even more inspiration in skyler, remembering the first day she met him. >> he got up, shook my hand, and said are you mrs. alexander? i am skyler. i said this will be a great school year. it can be a little rough around the edges, but we are good. >> everything i have been through has maybe miami there is nothing that can change that. if i have not got all the adversity i faced, i will not be the person i am today. >> and that is why he deserves this aplus. antoinette: skyler is now waiting to hear back from harvard, boston university, northeastern, columbia, nyu, and ucla. he sent harvard is his number one choice. he wants to be a teacher. if you know an exceptional student worthy of an a-plus? -- a-plus, submit their name right now at
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s and ap classes, he wanted to set the bar really hyper himself. doug: and he want to be a teacher by think he is already doing teaching to his classmates. antoinette: the political action may be in iowa this weekend. doug: but the campaigning is still going strong in the granite state. the candidate who' s trying to capture a bigger portion of the spotlight. a late night fire in brockton. the concern that forced the evacuation of people in neighboring homes. antoinette: we take another live look from winthrop this morning over the harbor. does anyone else want to go for a boat ride? doug: still a few boats out in the water.
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president who has everything it takes to do every part of the job she'll never let anyone privatize social security and medicare... or shut down planned parenthood... she'll take on the gun lobby... finally get equal pay for women... and stop the republicans from ripping all our progress away. so on february ninth, stand up for hillary. because if you want a president who knows how to keep america safe... and build a stronger economy... hillary's the choice. "i'm listening to you, i'm fighting for you, and with your support, i'm going to deliver." i'm hillary clinton and i
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>> now on newscenter 5 eyeopener. danielle: january ends with a big thaw. how long the warm weather sticks around. antoinette: several cars burglarized and some others torched. the search for an arsonist in portsmouth, new hampshire, this
10:28 am
the final pitch before the first ballots are cast. >> you are watching wcvb, fox news leader. good morning. this is newscenter 5 eyeopener. doug: good morning. it is sunday morning. we have you at 10:31 a.m. antoinette: we have a very nice 15. doug: taking the sailboat out a little much. danielle: you will go around, that is for sure. 50 degrees already on the vineyard. 44 in norwood. in the 30' s and worcester at nine degrees and 42 in boston. through the next 12 hours in the boston area, we will see temperatures warm up and the upper 40' s low 50' s for high.
10:29 am
through the afternoon. the same thing goes for the south coast as you warm up to the low 50' skies. still a warm day. enjoy it. a dry day. not looking for precipitation. 50 in boston. 45 in worcester. high pressure pulling away but we have a lot clouds and we are low pressure. this will bring us our next tomorrow afternoon. you notice the rain impact. it is low for tomorrow. dry on tuesday. high on wednesday. we will talk about how much around. antoinette: thank you. commitment 2016 this morning. the state of iowa gearing up for caucus day. with the race so close, the candidates are out all over the doug: the eyeopener' holland is here with the latest poll numbers and the candidates
10:30 am
s final push. frank: right now, the presidential candidates are in search of every last undecided vote. in the last poll before voters speak for the first time this season, donald trump leads ted cruz by five points while hillary clinton and bernie sanders are neck and neck. the countdown in iowa is getting ugly. >> ted cruz, who was not one on u.s. soil. >> republican donald trump and marco rubio attacking ted cruz. >> he decided to run a very deceitful campaign. people see through that. >> six weeks ago, everyone in the field was attacking donald trump. now everyone in the field is attacking me. frank: nearly all beginners are crisscrossing the hawkeye state. hillary clinton joined by former president clinton and her daughter chelsea in an interview with cnn. she addressed the state department decision to declare 22 e-mails sent from her private account as top-secret. >> i did not send or receive any classified e-mail.
10:31 am
hall now critical in getting undecided voters. >> when i am looking for is the genuineness that you can only get from a person. frank: bernie sanders is also drawing big crowds. he is confident he can win on monday and in november. >> many polls out there suggest we can beat people like donald trump and beat them pretty badly. frank: clinton and sanders are tied in the polls. the campaigns are going back and forth about whether the two will cherry debate again next week before the new hampshire primary. we could also see three more debates through the spring. antoinette: canvassers for hillary clinton are kicking it into high gear this weekend with the your primary nine days away. among them, boston mayor marty walsh. yesterday, he made a stop at the montessori school in manchester, telling the crowd that clinton will work to improve the lives
10:32 am
>> is the most qualified person in the primary goods you ready for the final . you want to vote or so many you think and win -- can win. antoinette: several grassroots campaign events are scheduled for today as well. doug: while most of the candidates are out in iowa today ahead of tomorrow' s caucuses, republican john kasich is continuing to rally voters in new hampshire. the ohio governor says he' s a candidate who can bring people together amid the increasingly nasty battle among his rivals. the latest new hampshire poll numbers show kasich in a tie for second place with senator ted cruz. kasick insists a strong finish in the granite state will bring new national interest to his candidacy. >> when you get endorsements here in this great state, it shows you you have the ability to reach out and win a general election so you can begin to
10:33 am
doug: kasich is in salem this afternoon for a town hall before heading to bow for his 86th town hall event in new hampshire. antoinette: violent and dangerous prisoners on the run in california are back behind bars this morning. the two men broke out of jail more than a week ago. newscenter 5' s pam cross tells us how they were finally caught. pam: the remaining two escaped inmates back in custody captured saturday in san francisco. >> the entire state can replace iron believe. pam: this was a key moment in the investigation. the first fugitive 24 hours earlier surrendering. >> we are good friends. constantly. pam: he saw a white van at 30
10:34 am
the trio used to escape. >> he fled the area on foot. >> there might be another person in there. pam: officers discovered the other escapee hiding in the van. officials want to know how they escape in the first place. police believe a somehow coaxed his jailhouse english teacher in giving them more than english lessons. >> a google image show of the entire joe complex. it played a significant role in the planning. pam: that feature now convicted of helping them escape. the sheriff saying they will be kept in a different area and will not be held together. doug: thank you. the state fire marshall' s office is investigating a two-alarm fire in brockton. this picture sent to us from our partners at the enterprise. the fire was reported just after 9:00 last night.
10:35 am
street was vacant, but firefighters were concerned the flames would spread. residents of the homes next door were evacuated as a precaution. firefighters say the roof did collapse onto the third floor. nobody was hurt. antoinette: the fbi and state police are investigating claims of abuse at a private school in western massachusetts. agents and police were at the eagleton school in great barrington collecting evidence yesterday. the specifics of what was taken have not been released. the school caters to boys with disabilities. a new move in the investigatn into sexual abuse at a prestigious prep school in rhode island. the attorney conducting an independent investigation at st. george' s school wants to talk to all of the alleged victims and witnesses. earlier this month, the school opened a new investigation into acts committed by employees during the 1970' s and 1980' s. that' s after former students called for the probe. doug: multiple charges for a man who allegedly assaulted a new hampshire state police trooper
10:36 am
authorities say 33-year-old douglas gray was pulled over and given a sobriety test. that' s when he appeared to reach for a pocket knife and attempted to run. gray allegedly assaulted the trooper who had to use a stun gun to get him under control. antoinette: some non-profits in connecticut believe their funding may dry out when general electric leaves the state. they held an emergency summit in bridgeport yesterday to address the company' s plan to move here to boston. the non-profits depend heavily on g.e. funding. they said the move will take away millions of dollars from their social service programs. a tragic ending in the search for a missing 13-year-old girl from virginia. doug: where her remains have been found, and the suspect charged with her abduction and murder. frank? frank: right now, the search is on for an arsonist in portsmouth, new hampshire. that suspect wanted for breaking into nine cars, setting some of them on fire. we' ll show you what police are telling the public to do. danielle? danielle: it' s going to feel more like april than january. just how warm it'
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she can get all the car insurance options her little heart desires. or the might do the hard work of making money. women don't have jobs. is this guy for real? with -- that's enough out of you! the name your price tool,t only from progressive. pwhere is your husband? antoinette:
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made an arrest in the abduction and murder of a 13-year-old girl. investigators say they identified the suspect. virginia tech freshman david eisenhauer is being charged with nicole lovell' s murder and abduction. investigators say they identified him through tips on social media. antoinette: right now, police in portsmouth, new hampshire, are looking for the person who broke into several cars, setting some of them on fire. doug: the eye' s frank holland is back with the details as police ask the public for help. frank: the crimes are certainly disturbing, but police do not believe the cars or their owners were targeted. this morning, they are searching for the arsonist and telling people in that area to be careful. this is just one of the cars the portsmouth police say was the target of a car arsonist. in all, nine vehicles were either broken into or lit on
10:40 am
>> some of the owners could not remove the owners could not recover whether or not they lock their doors. it is highly likely they were unlocked. frank: police say it happened on chapel street around 2:00 saturday morning. there was a fire set that was put out by police. the respondents way vehicle later fully engulfed in flames. police received seven more calls throughout the day. investigators believe they are all connected. >> they are really kind of spread out through downtown. there is a hit on ourselves and mentoring to the south of the city. frank: the investigation is difficult. >> we are ramping up our patrols. certainly difficult to do so when you do not have an area of concern. frank: police are encouraging people to lock their doors. they say this is a crime of opportunity. >> the people that are doing this are going up to the car doors. if they are all locked, it is a target. frank: in the end, cars were vandalized on eight different
10:41 am
could possibly be more. police say if you think you were targeted, don' t touch anything and give them a call. >> now your sports team five forecast with daniel. danielle: member last year? how could you forget it. on average, we should be around 22.8 inches of snow. no real snow in the forecast just yet. we are talking about rain showers this week and really some spotty showers on monday afternoon south and east of the mass pike. we are dry tuesday, bolivia wednesday. rain chances bump up to a high risk and even agents for thunderstorms. we will talk more about that threat in just a second. first, here is the area of low pressure in a warm front that can bring us showers as early as tomorrow afternoon.
10:42 am
we see showers bring up on radar not making it to the ground because the air is so dry. as you look over boston, that camera shaking a touch right now. 42 degrees currently but the wind is out of the south and west. anywhere from 10 to 20 miles per hour, and that is where it is going to stay. a breezy afternoon and temperatures warm into the low 50' s for boston to the south shore to the islands and cap e. for tonight, dropping back into the 30' s and 40' s. there will be some patchy dense fog developing for tomorrow morning. as we head into the day tomorrow, we will warm up into s in most locations. it will be mostly cloudy. there is that chance for a shower or two through the afternoon. let me show you this one from bringing in the mile d for monday. a
10:43 am
cooler air moving tuesday in tuesday. heavy rain mid-day on wednesday and evening. temperatures also on wednesday so that is what i reading the or two. sunshine. here comes the rain. heavy rain and thunderstorm activity at the potential for even some flooding in some locations. as we look ahead totally cool down thursday. friday which are critical we do. we are watching the system right now, and but it may brush our coastline. it is five days out so there is a lot to fine-tune but the
10:44 am
from yesterday to today, the model shifting it further offshore. it may not impact us at all as it goes further out to sea, but we do turn much colder into next weekend. we are back in the mid-30' s by saturday. antoinette: thank you. the very first votes in the nation will be cast in iowa tomorrow. doug: the new bush in the poll numbers. into dcf custody in worcester. the terrifying find inside this p find your sweet spot today with dunkin's chicken apple sausage sandwich. enjoy sweet apple and savory sausage together for under 400 calories.
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antoinette: doug: commitment 2016 all about the iowa causes this weekend. one thing that will be crucial there is going concern they might be hindered by the snow . and bloomberg politics released their last poll before the hillary clinton leads bernie sanders by three points while donald trump has pulled ahead of ted cruz with a five point advantage. phil is following the candidates every step of the way. look for his reports tonight, tuesday morning. antoinette: right now, three after they were found in filthy conditions in this worcester home. the children ages six, five, and three. police went to the king street home friday night after they her girlfriend, natasha riley-murphy.
10:47 am
with mice, animal feces, and garbage. the two women were arrested on multiple drug charges. both are expected in court tomorrow. doug: two teens are under arrest right now for the murder of an everett man. the middlesex county d.a. say jose ardon and christian nunez-flores, both 17, were arrested in malden yesterday. they are accused in the shooting death of 19-year-old omar reyes whose body was found on january 3 under the tileston street bridge. both teens will be in court marshall' s office is investigating a two-alarm fire that destroyed a home in brockton. the fire was reported just after 9:00 last night. the triple decker on enterprise street was vacant, but firefighters were concerned the flames would spread. residents in the homes next door were evacuated as a precaution. firefighters say the roof did collapse. no one was hurt. the stars shining in hollywood last night for the 22nd annual screen actors guild awards. doug: the movie "spotlight" won the night' s top honor, best
10:48 am
it tells the story of the pulitzer prize-winning "boston globe" investigation that uncovered the clergy sex abuse scandal in the catholic church. also among the winners, rhode island native viola davis, star of abc' s "how to get away with murder." she won for best actress in a television drama series. antoinette: a long-lost story by peter rabbit author will be published this year. it is being published more than a century after she wrote it. peter rabbit has a cameo appearance in the book, but he is older, slower, and portlier. the manuscript was discovered in 2013. the release date chorus coincides with the 150th birthday of the author. doug: didn' t you already come out? antoinette: i should know more about kids books but i do not. danielle: the warmer weather has burned stubbornly sticking around this winter, and that' s
10:49 am
in new hampshire. doug: the annual black ice pond hockey tournament is underway this weekend at white park in concord, but with some different equipment. players have traded their in their skates for boots because of poor conditions. organizers say the warm weather and bright sun is taking its toll on the ice, so they have to are moving indoors to the everett arena. antoinette: it is not the same. doug: you crash and burn and it can really hurt. danielle: not so fun. you think you want to go on side with the warmer weather but that is one activity you want it to be called old for. it will get weak and crack, not a good idea. a lot of things will be thawing out or melting because we already 50 in the vineyard and lower 50' s and it will spot.
10:50 am
tomorrow, some spots may see the upper 50' s. mostly cloudy and a chance of a couple of enormous showers south and east of the mass pike. groundhog day, but i really love that rodent. thunderstorms likely and it will be windy. we turn colder into next weekend. watching the oceans for right now heading more out to see. antoinette: it is about what miss g says. doug: it is not personal. danielle: i am the forecaster. doug: you are the weekend warrior. details later tonight. antoinette: have a great day. doug: see you. >> this is an editorial and channel 5 president. >> this month, we have been showing the contrasting
10:51 am
illustrated by the state of the city and commonwealth addresses and polarized awkward state of the union. is it any wonder americans questioned the effectiveness of federal government while local optimism abounds. blue-chip companies like general electric company don' t on the probable enthusiasm. governor baker and mayor walsh enumerated to a congressman' s and cooperation, crystallized by baker' s account that ge could not see an inch of daylight between boston' s democratic mayor in massachusetts republican governor. to tackle hour-long remaining to do list, they need to further nurture their relationship and bring the legislature along to complete the cycle. in particular, the governor laid out a lengthy agenda aggressively fighting the opioid epemic , taking a lead on clean energy generation, and lifting the cap on charter. -- charter schools. needed a leader sufficiently address potentially crippling
10:52 am
traffic congestion, and dangerous bridges, especially in the seaport district.the focus of so much excitement and urban growth . while team management and transparency is approved, we are in for a long ride before we arrived at a public transportation system that can adequately service state needs. if our local leaders can remain focused on solutions and politics, victories can come. we only hope it will affect the presidential candidates mornings. they' re bad breath, bad hair and a bad case of the mondays.
10:53 am
help you pull it together. p they' re showering, shaving, and shuffling. p and bathrooms that get big families out the door. they' re number ones, number twos, and a number of ideas for three. life' s morning madness. and comfortable, organized r
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