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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  January 31, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> wcvb newscenter 5 at 11:00 starts right now. heather: a local firefighter under investigation right now. >> the facebook post that says some lives should not be saved. >> behind the scenes on how the campaigns are trying to lock up votes. >> i will show you how long it is until the rain moves back in. >> the major decision coming tomorrow on dealing with the zika virus. >> traveling in a high-speed t ube. a local student is behind it. heather: a facebook post has a local firefighter under investigation. reid: the post says a life-saving drug is a waste on addicts. a lot of people are upset. nicole: several people reached out about the facebook posts. the mayor and fire chief have launched an investigation. the posts in question were firefighter'
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personal facebook account. it called narcan "the worst drug ever created." the post suggests letting overdose victims die. some called the comments disgraceful and say the firefighter income -- in question should lose his job. we talked to one man who drove straight to the fire department after seeing the post. he lost his son to an overdose in may. >> i was not going there to start a fight or anything. i know most firemen are great people. that guy, i wanted to bring a picture of my son when he was in his uniform not that long ago. nicole: the firefighter in question was not there. he said, "our first responders take our jobs very seriously. we have a mission to protect and save lives. the post sends a different
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it is not confirmed whether the firefighter actually made this post. the mayor tells us at a meeting -- that a meeting will be held tomorrow morning. we could not reach the firefighter in question and got no response from the union. reid: some breaking news from boston, where a three-year-old was rushed to the hospital with some sort of trauma. boston police are on the scene right now and they are investigating exactly what happened. the three-year-old has been taken to boston medical center. we will bring you information as soon as we get it. heather: after hearing from the candidates for months, voters finally get their say. the iowa caucuses will be held tomorrow. phil' s life in des moines with the final push. phil: not one of these candidates is going to rest until each and everyone one of their supporters goes out to caucus. >> can you tell us how it feels the night before?
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stretch. another massive crowd. >> it sounds like you want to make a political revolution. phil: all of the candidates out late into the night. both sides. in the hawkeye state, it will be here. just ask donald trump. >> if your doctor says you not make it, it does not matter. get out and caucus. phil: you can see people everywhere. they are making phone calls and signing below. very prominently displayed, a quote from bernie sanders. it says there is an excitement in his campaign not found in clinton' s. she came from chicago to help. >> i am excited to be here and i am very energized. i feel like there is great energy here.
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phil: coming in first is not always a must. >> i am always -- i am 80 years old. i do not know if i' m going to be around. this could be my last chance to vote. phil: we spent a while with john. he is a, thoughtful, strong guy. he will be around to vote for the next president, you watch. but he is undecided right now. he said he will watch newscasts all day tomorrow, listen to the candidates, and make up his mind as he goes to caucus. that is why this thing is not over until it is over. reid: after iowa, it is on to new hampshire. new polls show the front runners have big leads. bernie sanders is ahead of hillary clinton by 23 points. sanders with 50% of the poll. clinton with 34%. for the republicans, donald
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cruz is next with 12%, followed by marco rubio with 11%. heather: case it is putting everything on a strong showing in new hampshire. he was the only candidate there today while everyone else campaign in iowa. he outlined plans to reduce debt, create jobs, and own homes. >> there is hope. if you are drug addicted, there is hope. if you are the working poor, there is hope. if you have someone in your family who is developmentally disabled, there is hope. if you are a member of the minority community and for so long, you feel as though the system has worked against you, there is hope. heather: case it does -- kasich does not plan to be in iowa tomorrow. he will host three events in new hampshire instead. reid: clouds are making their way back to boston -- plow teams mode -- making their way back to
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washington, d.c. needed help to clear more than 20 inches of snow that fell last week. >> all in all, a job well done. we made a difference. now it is time to get these guys home to their families. reid: the convoy consisted of over 50 contractors. heather: you are looking live at the boston skyline as we wrap up the final day in january. very mild. now. mike w.: usually when we say we are wrapping up january, with a, thank goodness. this one has been incredibly mild. i want to show you temperatures today. our low temperature this morning, 38 degrees. look at where we are supposed to be for our high temperature. we did not even get that cold last night. today, 57. not that far off the record highs. one more day of it tomorrow. overall, still nice.
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at this hour, we are still above where we should be for the daytime highs. even as you head towards -- a few clouds are starting to roll in. they are going to keep the temperatures on the mild side overnight tonight. we do have a couple of things to watch. this may give us a few sprinkles . we start off mild and warm-up really nice. the clouds are coming in during the afternoon. they hold our temperatures back a little bit. if they hold up a little bit longer, we could be dealing with temperatures around 60 degrees tomorrow. the next couple of days. i will show you the temperatures the mild air. and also, a chance of rain made. student is not suspicious. a custodian found the body morning.
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released on the circumstances surrounding the death. police are only saying that the body is that of a 28-year-old student who did not live on campus. heather: mansfield police are investigating the death of a man whose body was discovered around 7:30 this morning. police have not released his name publicly let -- yet, but they began the search sunday afternoon. reid: the world health organization will hold an emergency meeting tomorrow. julie mcdonald explains the action that could be taken. julie: world health leaders say the mosquito-born zika virus is america. not the case in the u.s., but heard of people in more than 11 elsewhere and came home. >> a doctor advised me that she would tell us not to go on the
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area. looking forward to an for a year. their plans have changed. amanda is pregnant, which means risk. the virus is linked to a birth defect that could lead to severe developmental issues. feel sick. >> a high percentage of people are getting bitten and do not have any symptoms at all. this is what makes it very hard to track the virus. : and hard to treat. no medicine or vaccine. rental fees. accommodating. either way, they would rather be safe than sorry. >> apparently, it is all about safe and not wanting to make the situation any worse than it is in the united.
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the meeting of world health leaders tomorrow will focus on what experts know about zika and how it affects the brain and what countries should be doing to keep people safe without disrupting travel and trade. heather: the longtime girlfriend of james whitey bulger will be going in front of a court. catherine grieg is serving an eight-year prison term for helping bulger avoid capture. she plans to plead guilty wednesday to disobeying a judge' s order to test about other people who helped him stay on the radar. he is serving life for murder and racketeering. reid: a man is recovering from serious injuries he suffered what cutting would be the accident happened in the woods. nuns made a life-saving call for help. rhondella: doug is in the hospital.
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for the nuns to hear him, he must have been 100 yards into the woods. >> it is on his leg. rhondella: a 74-year-old out cutting wood was trapped. quest you can almost see the house. rhondella: a neighbor points out how far into the woods he death they must have been. a nun out walking and praying called 911 for doug goldman, who was down on the ground for two hours. >> he does things the right way. >> i think they have a day of recollection. that was great. they save this guy' s life. rhondella: the sisters across the street are proud. >> they don' t get out much. it is good to see them in the
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we do not get much publicity. rhondella: goldman is known as an outdoorsman. >> he was doing really well. rhondella: i reached him by phone and he said he is ok. >> next on newscenter 5 -- heather: under arrest in the kidnapping and murder of a 13-year-old girl. the two college students behind bars tonight and the question that is not being answered. mike w.: more mild weather on the way. i will show you when we have a new rain showers.
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the fight against poachers takes a deadly turn. a helicopter was shot out of the sky in tanzania. he managed to crash land the chopper and save his wounded colleague, but the 37-year-old pilot died before help arrived. reid: a chilling murder mystery unfolding in virginia. two virginia tech students have been charged in connection with the death of a 13-year-old girl who vanished just days ago. two virginia tech students are under arrest. >> late saturday night, the investigation led us to david eisenhower, a virginia tech student. has been charged with kidnapping and murder. he knew the victim and use the relationship to his advantage. he is an engineering major and a
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baltimore. a second student charged as an accessory, accused of helping eisenhower dispose of the girl' s body. she was last seen in blacksburg on wednesday. her parents say she disappeared after climbing out of the bedroom window. more than 1000 volunteers searched for days. she had a liver transplant as a young child. >> i did not think that would happen to her. she was always the cutest thing. >> police found her body 80 miles away. devastated to learn that my daughter has been found dead. i am so in shock nothing more to say. students are being held without bail. they are searching on the campus of virginia tech. police are not saying what they' re looking for. heather: it was a big win by
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the initial concept came from the cofounder of spacex. more than 100 universities competed for the rights of this event. they will be tested on a special track that is being constructed in california. the hyperloop is a high-speed ground transport concept to move odds of 20-30 people through a 12-foot diameter to ube at roughly 700 miles per hour. more than that. it is a phenomenal idea. mike w.: you want to take time and spend it walking outside. tomorrow is not going to be too bad, either. the seven degrees, the high temperature. look at these readings. these are typical of what we
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if you felt like going into the yard, i would not blame you. we push ourselves into the number one slot. december-january, the warmest ever recorded in boston. a year ago, we were closing in on over three feet of snow already. so far this year, only about 10.5 inches of snow. the high temperature last year was 21. the low was 11. that makes today he' ll even nicer. notice how the warm air is down to the south. we do have one little breakaway area of cool air that will come in. we go up and down a little bit and then come back up. the cool air is going to win out towards the end of the week. you cannot have temperatures 20 degrees above average for too many days. it is still 43 degrees out there. there is not even much of a windchill index out there. tomorrow morning will sort out nice as well. still very mild across most of
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it has been doing a lot of melting as well. partly cloudy, mild. tomorrow, some afternoon clouds. 60 is guaranteed. if they move it a little earlier, we are stuck in the mid-50' s . tomorrow' s high temperatures will look like this. about 56 degrees in middleton. bedford, about 57. we will drop about 10 degrees on tuesday despite the sunshine. then we will warm up on wednesday. notice what happens here. same things through worcester county. only in the 40' s on tuesday. we will be back up on wednesday. not even a hint of snow there. usually when we talk about rain in january and the viewer, we start talking about rain. it is the 40' s on tuesday. there comes the rain on wednesday. temperatures spiked backup in
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s. one out there. as far as records are concerned tomorrow, it will be close, but break. there. establishing new records tomorrow. speaking of the sun, let' s break down what is going to happen tomorrow. spotty showers in the forecast. this is not going to amount to much. a cold front will come through in the afternoon. a few sprinkles might develop. some cool weather starts to move in. groundhog day, 46 degrees. tuesday night, the warm air starts turning up. by the time we had to wednesday, rain moving across the area. this is going to be downpours.
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maybe just a glancing blow across the coast. notice the temperatures are back in the 30' s. we are not going to see those it is like we saw earlier in the week. reid: you usually have to wait for the springtime.
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reid: spring is a great time to ski new england, but you usually have to wait for spring. heather: we have not even
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thousands of skiers and scope -- and snowboarders took to the mountain today, still clinging to winter, making the most of new england. even though they would love more fresh, natural snow, they are pretty happy with the turnout. >> we were thinking the mid little bit. it got people excited to come out and ski. thousands of people having a actually happened. this is our chance. heather: they stayed open until midnight last night and had one of their best attendance nice. >> now, sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike l.: they used to have a ski like mike contest one time. the celtics five-game winning streak came to an end in orlando. the magic blow them out in the fourth quarter. 119-114 is the final. the celtics had their running shoes on early in this game.
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fire from re-point line. 7-12 in the first quarter alone. that is the best since 2003. 23 tonight for isaiah thomas. he has the celtics up by 14 with that bucket. less than four minutes to go , tied at 72-72. the main man for the magic was evamn fournier. he had 24 points. in get interesting late in the game with 14 seconds to go. smart hits a three and he is fouled. the celtics make it a one-possession game. but they lose 119-114, the final. in nashville, the nhl all-star game. the national hockey league donated $200,000 to lang and her recovery and rehabilitation.
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member of the bruins. he did not score a goal. he was voted the m.v.p. and he gets a brand-new car as well. super bowl arrivals. there they are. the denver broncos the first two touchdown at san jose international airport. 3:00 local time, 6:00 our time. about an hour after they deplane, the carolina panthers pulled into town as well. they were practicing down there. the game was down there. the fans spending most of the time in san francisco. australian open. novak djokovic bidding to become a six-time winner at the australian open. he did it against andy murray
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6-1, 7-5, novak djokovic. his six australian open title, tying him with roy emerson. o.t., i am joined with bob labelle in studio to talk about the patriots, the super bowl, the red sox, and all other interesting topics. jerry york, the coach of boston college, 1000 when --- 1000th win.
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. tin fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security tincreases benefits and cost of living adjustments p and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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heather: was a bit of a bumpy box office debut for "the finest hour." reid: it came in fourth, taking in about $10 million. it stars chris pine and casey affleck. the film cost $80 million to make, so a $10 million start is not a fast start. so what was number one? that would be "kung fu panda 3." reid: they want something when three. heather: you have has -- you have had a chance to take it the into february. mike w.: it warms of a little bit and we get more daylight. we are running way behind
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with the extra day, we could make it up pretty quick. not this week. we start off with groundhog day. cool on tuesday. warmed back up on wednesday. it has rained for everyone. not a hint of snow.
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