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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 1, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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moines right now. is one of the busiest and -- places right now. >> it is home to the mustangs. it is an empty gymnasium right now, but different in two hours. there will be four corners, clinton, sanders, o'malley and a corner for undecided. they will spend time convincing each other to come to one corner. it ends when the candidate has the highest percentage of people in their corner. what is so interesting about this caucus site is this is the gymnasium. come out and let me show you across the hall is the cafeteria. at the same time the democrats are caucusing, the republicans will be caucusing over here. that's what makes this location so special. we will continue to stay here. we will be live throughout the democratic uh -- caucus and republican caucus. we will have more on how many undecided voters there are in
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40% could change their mind over the next two hours. it will be interesting. wcvb newscenter 5. ed: donald trump surrounded by his family as he campaigns in iowa. the trump family will be spreading out to caucus locations tonight. trump is focusing his attacks on ted cruz who is the closest republican in the polls to trump. cruz is pushing hard in iowa trying to reach as many voters as possible in the final hours. he is focusing his attacks on trump as he tries to overtake the front runner. hillary clinton stopped by her campaign today to thank the workers ahead of tonight's caucus. she is locked in a tight contest between her and bernie sanders. bernie sanders stopped by to talk to his campaign workers. sanders telling supporters that he and clinton are in, and i quote, a tie game. he says his success depends on
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john kasich is on to new hampshire and choosing to focus there instead of iowa. he meld -- he held several events and will be joined by jeb bush and chris christie. after iowa all three democratic candidates will be in new hampshire on thursday night for a do bit at the university of -- for a debate at the university of new hampshire, the final showdown before the february 9th primary. look at that. this is amazing. this is february 1st, harvey? is that today or is it may 1st? harvey: it is your imagination. it is not real. not only that, but it is warmer earlier than it is now. norwood 67. beverly 65. lawrence 63. fitchburg 60ly. very near records today in someplaces. there were actually records broken. they broke the old record of
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very close to records in boston. look at the radar. you can see the cloudiness and rain moving in. as we look out in time and you can see that the records were almost broken in worcester and boston. as you can see the temperatures that have fallen back to the 50s now, we are going to notice they drop back to close to freezing north and west of boston and even a little below by tomorrow which may feel chilly because of how warm it was today. the rain will flirt with the south coast into early tonight and the clouds will leave by morning and you will have the benefit of a good deal of sun. it will be a lot cooler than today. then bigger changes are coming in terms of moisture and temperatures in the middle and latter portion of the week. ed: right a little boy 3 years seld suffer -- is suffering life-threatening trauma. rhondella richardson has more on the family and its involvement with dcf, rhondella.
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children and families had an open case on the 3-year-old before today. he is in critical condition. he left his home here unconscious and he and his five-month-old sister are now in dcf custody pending the outcome of the police investigation. boston police have been in and out of the home all day. the family lives on the second floor. the driveway was taped off,. the 3 wreerld is suffering -- 3-year-old is suffering from an undisclosed life-threatening injury. >> it saddens me. i had no idea the child was that critical. >> that neighbor is president of the neighborhood association and says police are not a common sight at the home. police responded to the house last night after 9:30 and that's when the child was rushed to the hospital. ed: another round of bomb threats.
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canceled. police are investigating. lexington received a robocall threat. classes continued as they performed sweeps in those schools. . ed: new at 4:30, the worcester woman facing charges after being found in a house of squaller. they were arrested after police say they found them in this apartment infested with mice, animal feces, garbage. the couple's two children who are six and three were found in the home and they were in the custody of dcf. ed: two students were arraigned for the murder of a 13-year-old girl. her body was found near the border. david eisenhower is charged with first degree murder and abduction. police believe he, eye eisenhower, knew her and lured her out of the house.
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disposing of the body -- charged with disposing of the body. ed: we are learning more about the amtrak derailment. evidence released today cli two transcripts with the engineer. he says he has a memory gap and didn't remember going so fast. they are declaring an international emergency over the spread of the zika virus. it includes independent experts to assess the outbreak. they were focused on the violence between brazil and the number of babies born with abnormally small heads. >> experts believe a relationship between the zika virus during pregnancy and microcephally is strongly suspected it. >> the last time an emergency
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there is one massachusetts man who has become infected by traveling through an area where the virus is being transmitted. the cdc says the chough chipotle outbreak appears to be over. the company revamped the food safety procedures as a result, but chipotle stock took a major hit in 2015. the stock was up sharply in late trading. ed: a mega merger in the medical world. it makes tests used to diagnose the flu, hiv and several other diseases. they make infant formula and medical devices. the deal has to be approved by regulators. there were two meetings in boston and another on thursday. that will be in newton.
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another for nearly 10%. the decision is expected at the end of the public session and would take affect in july. ed: the state will hand out $2. million in federal grants to fight the epidemic. the money will be handed out to district attorneys and law enforcement agencies to help with pro cussing on in-- focusing on intervention and treatment as well. two men facing a judge have been charged in the murder of everett. they are accused in the shooting death of 19-year-old omar reyes. reyes' body was found under the to towsend street bridge. ed: the two remaining escaped inmates in california were returned to a jail in orange county. all three are expected to face the judge on new charges. the inmates planned their escape for six months and then abducted a taxi driver and drove to northern california
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argued -- fiewj fiewj -- him. that lead to one of the escapee turning himself in last friday. ed: check this out in los angeles this morning. propane come buttables fuelled the file. they knocked it down before time. it is unclear how it started and the cause remains under investigation. ed: raoul castro had a state visit to france. it is the first time it happened in two decades this after a breakthrough deal in paris that tightened cuba's foreign debt -- actually lightened it. days after france hosted iran. ed: historic move at one of the most holy sites. the western wall will have a prayer space for mixed gender ceremonies and nonorthodox jews. they say it is a win for israel recognizing diversity
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isit will take 12 to 18 months. ed: rescuers are racing to tow this cargo ship. the ship was adrift for five days and it was 26 miles from shore. will -- the modern express drifted along as it was towed to port. the case that is headed to the state supreme court was sentenced to life in prison for the 2010 shooting of four people including a 2-year-old. his lawyer sent letters to jurorss in the case and wanted to know if they were influenced by the sandy hook mass shooting. the d.a. says the letters are intimidating the jury members and she wants him banned from communicating with the panel. a mural in newtown high school that paid tribute to the
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students. they wrote in a letter to families that the mural was creating difficulties for some recovers. the mural was created in 2013 as a form of art therapy by a senior at the high school. she is now a student at bu and disagrees with the administration's decision, but the decision has been made. ed: two people recovering after a ski accident. two lift chairs collided yesterday and several people lowered down. the injuries are not believed to be serious. the ski lifts will be inspected before running again. ed: there is a new addition coming to newscenter 5. maria stefanos will be joining us. she will anchor at 7:00 and 11:00 and the new 10:00 news cast coming at the end of february. we welcome her to a nice
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now time to flash floored to 5:00. aaron hernandez is rooting for the patriots, but there is one person in the patriots organization he doesn't miss. and a daughter fights to keep her father out of jail. the story of pain and punishment . new at 7:00, hot rods custom made and built by you. the massachusetts company that is making dreams come true for car hobbyists. >> we started the month of february, butt feels like we started the month of may. look at those dazzling digits. temperatures are coming and
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ed: breaking news at 4:30, a firefighter suspended over his facebook post. the fire chief says the firefighter admits to making the post which says the life saving drug narcan should not be used on over dose victims. he will be suspended 90 days return. he will need to go through sensitivity training and social media training. post. let's take a live look at traffic. the light of day is staying lighter longer each day. the traffic into town is
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i just hit the update button so let's see what traffic looks like. not much red out there right now. we are talking 11 minutes upper deck to 128? not bad at all. 9 minutes and all green. you slow a little at the tolls, but that's not bad. western tolls 495 and 495 in both directions right now moves nicely. that's traffic at 4:45. ed: people are dealing with strong winds and falling trees. a driver was killed by a fall entry in san diego county. it was part of a severe weather system that also brought snow to parts of that state. and what would have to be considered a sign of spring. this popped up today. a viewer sent us this picture. many viewers have been sending us pictures.
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harvey: it is still warm and we can't stay this warm. but it is 55 in boston and 58 in l.a. it is just about the same. we were actually warmer for awhile. ed: wow. harvey: what is down is up and what is up is down. that's why we are the wrong coast and we are the right coast. ed: that's what i hear. harvey: look at these temperatures. it is hard to believe it is february 1st. 65 boston. one shy of the record. 66 in providence. wooser within a -- worcester within a few degrees. now you can see the sky condition has become cloudy. the front is coming through and there is a little moisture pooling along the front. 55 is the temperature in boston. wind to the west and brisk at 18 miles an hour. the barometer is rising rapidly. it has let us know the cold front has come through and the
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we are down 10 degrees from the high temperature even though for february 1st it still feels pretty nice out there. it has dropped farther to the upper 40s for springfield and orange. the temperatures are mild to the south and as you look at the overnight lows, once the front is now through, little by little it will be turning cooler. there could be a period of rain along the south coast and the cape and that will be before the chillier air gets settled in. by tomorrow morning these temperatures are still above average for this time of year. but a lot cooler than what you may have gotten used to early this afternoon. 33 in boston and 28 in worcester . here is that little bit of rain. do you see how it is around new york city and across long island and it will flirt with the south coast and the cape for a few hours and move farther offshore to allow clearing to come in by morning. even now we are seeing on radar a bit of rain for parts of the cape at this particular time.
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it is in control to start the day out. for much of the day tomorrow, the clouds are heading in ahead of the system. it looks like in eastern massachusetts most of the rain will come in a little later in the day on into the first part of wednesday night. that's what we are talking about of the now here is a closer look at the time line of this. do you see the rain that is still flirting with the cape and the islands that may hold true about 8:00 tonight. then it moves offshore and the skies can clear and the chillier air moves in. you will have a lot of sun tomorrow. but 40s, not 60s. that's a lot different. then come the clouds by wednesday morning. notice later on wednesday the steadiest rains are still really metro west west. so it is close whether the evening commute will have a good deal of rain in boston. it will across worcester county. i think it could be reaching
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that eventually will move through and clear away. the chances of rain, i do have a low in there because there is still the chance along the south coast of the cape. no chance tomorrow. thursday young will be dry. wednesday particularly the pm hours meaning afternoon and night is when we will likely get wet. cooler tomorrow in the 40s. actually that wet weather is going to be accompanied by gustily southerly winds on wednesday afternoon into wednesday night which will send the temperatures back into the 50s all over again. we'll have lingering clouds for awhile on thursday as we turn cooler i think most of the additional moisture will be offshore. then it is colder for friday, saturday and sunday. we will also see an increase in cloudiness. right now, it is still pretty mild and about to cool off some. ed: let's check your health. boston medical center has a half million dollar grant to create a program that will
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it will cooperate nate with the community health center. it is set to start later in the spring, but they say they aring a septembering referrals right now. ed:cvs is getting ready to announce they will sell narcan without a prescription. it is offered over the counter across the states including in massachusetts. the drug to treat over doses is becoming increasingly available. this is in ohio we are talking about. ed: still ahead, a new effort to give you free time behind the wheel. and did you ever wonder what it would be like to surf a massive wave like this? how about falling off the massive wave like that? let's check the numbers on wall street this monday.
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ed: in hawaii a surfer free falls off a wave and we are talking about four stories. he was on top of the wave and then there he goes. the surfboard and the wave breaks and he goes over. he says it felt like being in a car crash and he says he was blind cited -- blind sighted by the sea spray. because of el 19yow he decided to ride it and tried to ride it.
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the savings rate for december was the highest it has been in three years. it was about 5.5%. despite the holidays consumer spending was flat, but economists say as they start 2016 they expect the job market to boost economic growth. general motors is kicking into gear to get self-driving cars on to the road. they created a team to focus on the specific goal and they started to work on it today. other companies including google are also developing what they call autonomous cars. ed: a big first for the pope. he is working on a in you way to spread the message to children that will put his face on the big
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ed: cindy crawford says her days as a model are now numbers. she will retire on february 20th. she said after 30 years of modeling she can't keep reinventing herself and she feels there is nothing else in the modeling world she needs to do. she is stepping aside, and the pope is jumping into a movie. he is getting ready to appear on the big screen. he will make a cinematic debut in a movie about the gospel. he will play himself in a movie called "beyond the sun." he asked the film makers to
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it is the first time a pope has been featured in a movie. all of the profits will be donated to charity in argentina. >> now on newscenter 5. ed: struck in the street and dragged for miles. the arrest in a disturbing crash and an update on the victim. >> the final push to convince iowa voters. why some are on to new hampshire. ed: rooting for the patriots and revealing how he feels about robert kraft. harvey:when our next significant rain will be. >> and hurt in the bombing, and now she is ready to run. the special cause behind her journey. >> from boston's news leader 5:00.
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hitting two people under the
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