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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  February 1, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> wcvb newscenter 5 at 11 starts right now. ed: breaking news in the race for the white house, donald trump falling short in the iowa caucuses, ted cruz takes the republican side in iowa winning 28% of the vote tonight. j.c.: donald trump and marco rubio battling for second place. rubio, the surprise showing of the night. ed: for the democrats it's too close to call. two candidates are already dropping out. our phil lipof is live in iowa tonight as you look like at ted cruz's headquarters. we await to hear from the winner tonight. phil has the breaking details. phil. phil: ed, j.c., we want to show you the middle school gym here in des moines. it is getting back to normal right now before, there were 800 democrats in this room and all convincing each other who to vote for. just across the hall from here
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school, the republicans caucused, about 400 of them. this is one precinct. ted cruz did win this precinct like the state of iowa. he finished an impressive first. there was a lot of talk about the ground game in iowa. it's important to shake hands and meet voters more than once. people want to meet you two or three times. ted cruz was first. donald trump finished second, but the real big showing of the night and probably what donald trump is most upset about is that marco rubio finished right on his heels. it was a very strong third place finish for marco rubio. just a short time ago, we heard from both rubio and donald trump. donald trump: we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easely the hell they throw up there. iowa we love you and thank you. ted cruz: tonight here in iowa,
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after seven years of barack obama, we are not waiting any longer to take our country back! phil: we are still watching the ted cruz campaign headquarters, people want to hear from ted cruz tonight. he is taking his time coming down to declare the victory. he is the clear winner. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sanders still entirely too close to call even at this hour in this state, we're talking less than a percentage point right now. remember, there are 1,600 plus precincts in this state, 99 counts. they have to tally up all of the votes, especially when it's this close on the democratic side. we'll be here through the night and on the i-tomorrow morning monitoring this for you and we'll be back in a few minutes to give you a firsthand look at what it was like in this gymnasium when the democrats, 800 of them strong were trying to convince each other who to vote for. you want to stay tuned for that.
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ed: we're going back to cruz headquarters. they're calm because the candidate is not there. ted cruz winning in iowa tonight. we're joined now by our political analyst, mary ann and pat. what is the big story tonight, cruz won, trump didn't win or rubio was a tight third? pat: well, i think the big story tonight is what is wrong with the people of iowa if you're donald trump. this was a bad fall for him. again, ed, we're not in iowa anymore. this is new hampshire. marco rubio is a big story. ted cruz winning is a big story. right now right here in new hampshire you got to remember, there are several other customers, bush, kasich and christi who are still in this race. it's not built for ted cruz, it's built for rubio and the others, it resets tomorrow. ed: regardless of what happens tonight between sanders and
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slip a piece of paper between them in the end. a loss tonight would leave hillary clinton 0-2 to start out the primary/caucus season and that's not good. mary ann: no, it's not whether she holds on tonight by the skin of her teeth or she wins, a piece of paper she is in the fight of her life now. no more talking about a firewall or any of that if she has any chance to win new hampshire, she has to pull out some kind of win tonight. even after that, ed, she is in a log dogged fight with bernie sanders who is raising gobs of money off of low donors, $27 a person, $20 million this past month before and she has to see what is in front of her. the tougher it is, the better she does. really it was going to be this hold on by two or three points. we'll see how it turns out without some kind of win in new hampshire. if she goes over two, surviving the 11 days between new hampshire and nevada and trying to win there, unchartered territories.
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her life. she has to try to win it tonight, tomorrow, and the next two weeks and probably the next month to come. ed: thanks so much. breaking at this hour, two candidates have been dropping out of the race, former maryland govnor martin o'malley is ending his campaign and mike huckabee is doing the same. he won in 2008 and finished in the basement tonight and suspended it. j.c.: after iowa, all eyes turn to new hampshire, some candidates are already there ahead of next tuesday's primary. it's about to get more crowded. jorge quiroga is live. jorge. jorge: the new hampshire primary is one week from tomorrow and more than one candidate is hoping to launch a comeback here. ignoring iowa, jerk bush at a town hall meeting more crowded. jorge quiroga is live.
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jeb bush: the polls are less relevant. the people of new hampshire are going to anxiety how this plays out. jorge: 35% of republican voters still on fence, people like cheryl and mark dennis. cheryl: i was happy to hear that he was working bipartisan. jorge: clearly at ease in this give and take format, bush with the establishment mantel. jeb bush: that's what i have learned from my dad and brother. jorge: covering a lot of ground from social security to a cyst pushing trust and experience. jeb bush: we're in dangerous times. you need a serious person with a steady hand. jorge: chris christie canvasing for votes. chris christie: i understand there are undecided voters in this state and this room. i hope there won't be by the time i'm done tonight. i'm happy to be back. jorge: those coveted voters not giving anything away. >> i'll make my decision
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>> i think i'm probably 90%, i'm 90% there. jorge: she is going to wait until she is 99.9% sure. also betting theous on a granite state comeback, a breakthrough here, ohio governor john kasich. live from manchester, new hampshire, jorge quiroga, wcvb newscenter 5. ed: a look at the percentages, it's razor thin, you can see the vote difference, we're talking three vote difference between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, martin o'malley has dropped out of the race. we are watching that as it continues tonight. to other stories of this night, she hid in court draped in a jacket. tonight we are seeing the face of a driver accused of dragging a woman three miles through boston. tonight she is telling police they have it all wrong. reid lamberty has her side of the story. reed.
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walking at this intersection in chinatown. they live a couple blocks down the road. we caught up with a witness and saw a body lodged under a car. she hid under a coat accused of dragging a woman under her s.u.v. >> it was horrible, terrific. i was scared and crying. reid: elizabeth saw it and thought she was looking at an animal or a bag stuck under the white toyota. she saw it was a person. >> i saw no head. i saw no hands. i didn't know if she was alive. reid: a stomach turning scene that started in chinaton when she was accused of hitting a husband and wife, the 48-year-old female dragged under the car for three miles to dorchester. >> she was driving, thought that the car was operating in a strange way. she pulled out of the exit and at that particular point in time saw the person. reid: witnesses tell a different story who said she got out of the car. >> she got back in her vehicle
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away. reid: his client in chinatown visiting friends last night and tonight that husband and wife remain hospitalized. the 48-year-old woman suffering traumatic injuries. she also appeared to be in shock repeating -- >> i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i don't know, i'm sorry, that's what she said. reid: bail set at $5,000 cash. prosecutors want any blood that may have been drawn to be tested for drugs and alcohol, in boston, reid lamberty, wcvb newscenter 5. j.c.: a roxbury toddler hospitalized with life threatening trauma. john atwater is live with the investigation going on right now. john. j.c.: police sent much of the day investigating here. what happened here tonight, it's still a mystery. investigators were in and out of the second floor unit for much of the day after the 3-year-old who lives here was rushed to the hospital with
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police say he was unconscious when police responded to the home last night. the boy has a 5-month-old sister who also lives here. she was not hurt, but the department of children and families took custody of both children during the investigation. d.c.f. already had an open case on the 3-year-old boy before police responded to his home last night, but the details of the agency's involvement is not clear. it's also not clear what happened to the boy at the home. police will only say that he suffered serious trauma. >> it offenders me. i had no idea that the child was that critical. i'm concerned. j.c.: so the investigation continues tonight. police say that boy is still being treated in the hospital. john atwater, wcvb newscenter j.c.: quick punishment for a weymouth firefighter whose facebook post drew outrage. he called narcan the worst drug
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letting drug addicts die. he posted it on his personal facebook page over the weekend. he is suspended 90 days without pay. >> a firefighter three years ago gave me narcan to save my son. he had three relapses and died, so i don't know what or why he would say that. j.c.: there were more 180 overdoses in weymouth last year. ed: a dramatic chase ends with the help of two police chiefs. the two men robbed a bank and fled on 15 leading pursuit on a pursuit of speeds that were more than 100 miles an hour. it ended in taunton and the a chief ran the car's bumper. >> i heard it as the vehicles were approaching.
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>> i have been in pursuits before. of this the longest pursuit i have ever been in. ed: two suspects in custody tonight facing numerous charges including armed robbery among those. a scary and false encounter for a massachusetts congresswoman last night. they swarmed the home of katherine clark after receiving a computer generated phone call saying an accurate shooter was at the house. she introduced legislation back in november aimed at combating those type of hoax emergency calls. >> next on newscenter 5. j.c.: the ice missile going through a new england driver's windshield. ed: a snowstorm out west, a different storm here. i have a timeline. j.c.: a live look in iowa at the ted cruz headquarters here as they await ted cruz to come out and speak to them declared the winner in the iowa caucus.
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j.c.: we continue to follow the breaking news in iowa. you can see the crowd getting revved up to see and hear ted cruz speak as he is declared the winner in the iowa caucus. second is donald trump, marco rubio a close their, most votes in the republican caucus have been tallied. ed: look at the latest numbers we have in the democratic race, each with 50%, hillary clinton and bernie sanders. there are still some votes to be tabulated. in. it is razor thin between the two democratic candidates. martin o'malley has stepped out of the race. let's get back to phil lipof live in iowa. j.c.: phil, things didn't go exactly as planned at the caucus you were at, right? phil: j.c., ed, you're absolutely right about that. this was about a two-hour process. i didn't think things were going as planned.
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people here at the end of the night, oh, no, this is how it always works in iowa. it was crazy for some time. in the end they boiled it down and they got a winner. hillary clinton, 362. phil: democracy in action here in iowa, they literally stood up for their candidates. martin o'malley supporters were 51 strong, not viable to be considered, the fight was on for their support, where would they go, clinton or sanders. they went to sanders. it didn't matter. some convincing hillary clinton emerged victorious in the 1,600 plus precincts. >> it's always like that. we talk to our neighbors and we work it out. phil: you're happy about the outcome. >> i'm thrilled, go hillary. >> i'm disappointed, very
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that bernie sanders is the only guy that is committed to restoring democracy. phil: just to let you know, the first ballot he ever cast, he was overseas and he voted for dwight eisenhower. they take this process very seriously here in iowa. everybody who come caught out to caucus in this precinct did. people. the precinct actually doubled this time around and there was some talk this may be very inside politics, but follow this for one second. there was some talk that hillary clinton's team might give some supporters over to martin o'malley's team so they could steal a delegate from bernie sanders team. this is how it works. it didn't happen in the end. hillary clinton took this precinct by quite a large amount. keep a close eye on it because it's way too close to call right now. back to you guys. ed: look at this dangerous scene, this is over the driver's side window.
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police call it an ice missile that went through the windshield. the chunk of ice flew off a tract o'er trailer and into the s.u.v. the 73-year-old driver has police are looking for the other driver. even if that driver is caught, there likely won't be any charges. there is no law in vermont and snow from their cars. lawmakers are looking to change that. a news reporter and a photographer both injured when they were knocked down by a falling tree while reporting in the field. the reporter in california and a photographer were preparing for a live weather report this morning in mira mesa, california, where toppled trees had damaged several cars. both have serious injuries tonight. j.c.: back to iowa, ted cruz just now making his way to the stage to accept the win in iowa at the caucus for the republican side, again, donald trump coming in second, marco rubio a very close third. you can see all of the
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phone up, that's the age, waiting to hear what he has to say as he pulled out a win over trump with trump with many people thinking that trump would be the winner in this one. ed: rubio was closer to trump than cruz. j.c.: that's why he was declared the victory. ed: harvey, i keep looking at the temperature wondering where winter is, 40 plus isn't that bad tonight. harvey: it isn't. we finished the december/january combo the warmest on record. look how we start february, amazing, we start it with a record breaker in providence at 66, almost a record in boston, 65, worcester 58, three of a record. these were all well into the 60's day. cooler air from the northeast and great lakes is moving into the region. it is turning cooler tonight, but not drasticcally show considering the time of the year.
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temperature in boston with the north to northwest wind. it's dropped below freezing in new hampshire, orange and springfield, the winds are there. it's in the 40's on the cape. a little bit of very light rain around parts of the cape and the islands that has exited. it will be chilly to start out the day tomorrow, still above average and we'll move into the temperatures. there is the rain just exiting nantucket at this time, clearing will follow. a big storm out west, this one is producing blizzard warnings for portions of iowa, it goes into effect at 3:00 a.m. this morning as well as a small part of south dakota, nebraska and minnesota. when it affects us, we're on the warm side of it so it means rain here when it comes in wednesday, primarily wednesday afternoon into wednesday night here. sunshine for your tuesday. then as we get into wednesday, the clouds thicken. we get into the rain for wednesday afternoon and wednesday night.
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get to thursday. clouds may linger especially in portions of massachusetts on thursday, but it will be an ok day. as you check out the next seven days, you will see the colder temperatures coming in for the weekend. back to normal by that point in time. j.c. and ed. ed: we want to take you back to iowa. let's listen in on ted cruz. ted cruz: will not be chosen by the media. [cheers and applause] ted cruz: will not be chosen by the washington establishment. [cheers and applause] ted cruz: will not be chosen by the lobbyists. [cheers and applause] ted cruz: but will be chosen by the most incredible powerful force where all sovereignty
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people, the american people. j.c.: you're listening to ted cruz as he accepts the win for the republican caucus in iowa. again, donald trump coming in
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000x in personal expenses onv a republican party x credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal pnand for five years rubio refused to releasep the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. he's just not ready to be president. right to rise usa is responsible
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ed: our wcvb newscenter 5 team is growing, a familiar face is joining us. maria stephanos is joining our team and will start on thursday. j.c.: she has seen and covered it all over her award winning career. she willed anchoring wcvb newscenter 5 at 7:00 and 11 and our 10:00 newscast coming to metv boston at the end of the month. we welcome her to the family. ed: if we were at san francisco, we would be at media day. mike l.: the broncos went to practice at stanford and a problem coming back. they went to media here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security
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and disabled vets. i disagree. tin fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security tincreases benefits and cost of living adjustments p and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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ed: mike's sports is coming up in just a second. live is hillary clinton, we are listening to what she is saying. the race was 50/50 the last time we looked at it with senator sanders. let's do mike's sports, if mrs. clinton says something, we'll bring it to you. >> now sportscenter 5 with mike lynch. mike l.: the finals are all set, it's b.u. and b.c. harvard gave it all could handle. let's start with the nightcap. two first period goals to set the tone. the first one by robbie, he scores and it's a 1-0 b.u. lead.
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charlie doubles that lead, northeastern cut it to 2-1 in the third. an empty neater made the final 3-1. b.u. goes to the finals. they will play against the eagles of boston college, but not after harvard gave them all they could handle. that is ryan, son of the head coach, i love you, you never had speed like that. 1-0 harvard. harvard, 2-0. second period, zach ties it up for boston college. we got ourselves a 2-2 hockey game. later in the second period, on the power play, 3-2 b.c. a lot of pressure in the late moments from harvard. 3-2, boston college wins, they play b.u. next monday night in the finals. jonas gustavsson put on injured reserve. he was taken out of the anaheim game and sent to mass general with a heart rate issue. he had an ablation in the past.
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this is the scene today in california. remember yesterday was raining. they halted the golf tournament three times. this is the damage on the golf course. san diego has some of the best weather on the planet. brandt snedeker didn't have the tee the ball up today. he wins and is the farmers insurance owe champion. in santa clara, california, the denver broncos buses, two of them smashed into one of them coming back from practice because a motorist caught off the police escort michael jordan indicated. in san jose, the home of the sharks, peyton manning was asked about that embrace and the chat he had with tom brady and bill belichick after the a.f.c. championship game. peyton: what i said is true, this could be it. i'm aware this could be it. i wanted to tell both of them, i really have enjoyed these games. it's been part of my football life and both those guys have
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and not so good for me. just take the time to tell them, hey, brady is going to play until he is 70. belichick is going to coach until he is 90, maybe i hit the fountain of youth and play another 10 years. maybe we play in 10 more championships against each other, but just in case we don't, i took the time to tell them both, man-to-man, looked them in the eye, shook their hands and i'm glad that i did it. mike l.: i hope i'm here when i'm 90 broadcasting, tell you all about it. j.c.: mike, we take you back to hillary clinton in iowa. she has yet to declare a win there as the race between clinton and sanders is razor thin, neck and neck. she is speaking to her supporters in iowa. ed: president clinton is behind her. she has inched ahead of bernie
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margin, 50 to 49%. the numbers will have to be tallied throughout the tonight. either way, it's important for her to have the victory in iowa tonight. she is coming to new hampshire where bernie sanders leads by a whopping 30%. likely he'll win the new hampshire primary, the next up.
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