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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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you can see on your seven-day forecast temperatures are mild through thursday in the 50's so this next system coming in is rain. it will be with us off and on during the day on wednesday. not really clearing out until thursday. looks like any from a half an inch to an inch of rain will fall with this before we cool it down this weekend. we'll break down the forecast in detail right now as the "eyeopener" continues. >> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: a razor-thin victory for hillary clinton in iowa. her very slight edge in the caucus and the new tide in the republican race. emily: a sprint to new hampshire as candidates arrive overnight. their new focus with the first-in-the nation primary just one week away. randy: and a witness shares horrific new details on a grizzly scene in boston. what she says a driver did before dragging a woman for miles through the city. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener."
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and bernie sanders. razor-thin margins separate them in what's being called the closest democratic caucuses ever. republicans have a more clear coming out on top and earning the most delegates. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price. record voter turnout turn the results in this kickoff to commitment 2016. the eye's phil lipof is live in des moines this morning tracking the impact of the vote. emily: but first let's get to cindy fitzgibbon with the pretty mild today. cindy: you've got it. not quite as warm as yesterday. out the door this morning, it is 10 to up to 20 degrees colder than it was this time yesterday. so you want to dress for actually february out the door this morning. notice we're running near or below the freezing mark beverly to lawrence. worcester is at 31. orange is 24. plymouth in the 20's now. we've dropped to 39 degrees in boston. skies though are clearing out.
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showers on the cape overnight. high pressure now settling in so today. lots of sunshine. however, in the middle of the country there's a storm. this is going to bring us rain during the day tomorrow. so soak up the sun today. the sun is up just before 7:00 a.m. temperatures will be back up in the 40's by late morning. we'll hold in the mid 40's through the afternoon. winds today light out of the northwest 5-10 miles an hour. may touch 50 in a few spots south of town around taunton. otherwise 45 worcester. 46 the high today in boston. so sunshine. looks like we'll all be seeing our shadows on this ground hog day. let's get you out to the roads and see how we're looking out there. olessa: a live look outside here 93 in somerville looking good early this morning. barely any traffic out there. there's the southbound side. we're good both directions here. let's get to the maps and check the rest of your trip. all the overnight construction is gone. 93 southbound that roadwork on the zakim picking up nice and early. so is the project here on the northbound side of the expressway by the south bay mall. if you're heading 95 north by
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construction clearing for the morning rush. no problems on the pike. good to go north of town. trains and buses starting the morning on schedule. randy: two big headlines as the road to the white house heads to new hampshire. first this is now a three-man race on the republican side after a win for ted cruz and a strong showing for marco rubio. emily: hillary clinton's camp has just released a statement claiming victory. with less than one percent separating her from bernie sanders, many thinking this is too close to call. randy: our phil lipof is live in iowa this morning where there is still a lot to watch at this hour. phil: and i'll give you a third headline-- they're still counting in some places this morning. the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders still too close to call. both candidates addressed their supporters but neither claimed victory. sanders: while the results are still not known, it looks like we are in a virtual tie.
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really getting into the debate with senator sanders about the best way forward to fight for us and america. phil: on the republican side, marco rubio's strong third-place finish gives him a big push as he heads for new hampshire today. and ted cruz's win over donald trump triggered a more subdued tone from the business mogul. cruz: tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. trump: we finished second and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored. i'm really honored. i want to congratulate ted, and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates. phil: the frustration overnight actually came from election officials. a small number of precincts didn't report their results. in one case, someone had to go to one chairman's house and knock on the door.
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randy: phil, thank you. this morning, the field is smaller. two candidates are dropping out. democrat martin o'malley called it quits after getting less than a percentage point in iowa. and mike huckabee is doing the same on the republican side. the former arkansas governor won iowa in 2008 and finished in the basement last night. emily: for the rest of the field, it is on to new hampshire. the candidates not wasting any time. they were wheels up even as the caucus vote counting continued. the eyeopener's kelley tuthill is live in nashua where the first ballots will be cast one week from today. kelley: it happens quick at this point. chris christie will be here at this hotel this morning just one of many candidates pinning their hopes on the granite state. christie didn't even wait for the results in iowa. he arrived in new hampshire last night stumping for votes in hopkinton. jeb bush didn't even go to the hawkeye state. he's putting it all on the line here, turning the "live free or
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campaign stand. jeb bush: polls are really starting to be less relevant because now the people of new hampshire are going to decide how this plays out. kelley: one poll number might make a difference though. some 35% of repbulicans in this state are still undecided with just a week go to. and starting today they'll get the hard sell from lots of candidates looking to change that. live in nashua, kelley tuthill, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: this weekend the republicans will share the stage again in new hampshire. abc news and our sister station wmur are sponsoring a debate at saint answer helm college saturday night. randy: breaking news overnight. a serious crash is under investigation in plymouth. a car crashed into a pole on cherry street before midnight last night. no word on the driver's condition right now.
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held on bail accused of dragging a woman three miles through boston. but she tells police they've got it wrong. the eye's sera congi is live this morning with the suspect's side of the story. sera: randy, the driver is accused of striking a couple before the woman got caught under her car. but the driver says it's not her fault. in court yesterday. prosecutors say she struck a man and a woman on kneeland street in chinatown monday morning. a 48-year-old woman got trapped under the car and dragged to dorchester. lawyers for zhou say she got out to check why her car sounded strange and then realized a woman was trapped so she tried to help. but witnesses say zhou got back in and kept going. >> it was horrible. i was crying.
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i saw no head. i saw no hands. sera: the woman suffered serious her husband is expected to be okay. bail for is set at $5,000. prosecutors now want her blood tested for drugs and alcohol. she's expected back in court live in boston, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: a roxbury toddler remains what police describe as life-threatening trauma. but how it happened remains a mystery. police spent all day yesterday at this alpine street home combing through the second-floor apartment. three-year-old kanai whyte was unconcious when he was rushed to the hospital sunday night. he and his five-month-old sister are both in d.c.f. custody right now. >> it saddens me. i had no idea the child was that critical. it's a concern. randy: d.c.f. already had an open case on the three-year-old boy before police responded to
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emily: a judge says bridgewater state university must release records tied to a sexual abuse scandal at the school's day care. the judge blasting the state attorney general's office for trying to block the lawsuit saying they're looking out for their own interests rather than the safety of children. both the student accused of rape and the former director of the day care accused of covering up the abuse are facing charges. a weymouth firefighter suspended without pay right now over his controversial facebook post. veteran firefighter mark carron called narcan the worst drug ever created and suggested letting addicts die. he posted the comment on his personal facebook page over the weekend. he's now been suspended for ninety days. randy: right now police are searching for a man accused of shooting a cab driver during a robbery attempt. this happened in worcester at stockton and vernon streets last night. the cab driver told police he responded for a fare when a man tried to rob him at gunpoint. the driver resisted and was shot.
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emily: it is 5:09 this morning. a man convicted of beating his son to death makes his case for freedom today. randy: "5 investigates" with the plea to keep him behind bars. apple bumped from its spot as the world's most valuable company. the business taking its place. emily: a driver hurt by what police are calling an ice missile. why the person responsible might not face charges. a dead heat at the iowa caucuses. hillary clinton and bernie sanders separated by a handful of votes in a race that's too close to call. on the republican side, senator ted cruz won with donald trump and marco rubio taking second and third. cindy? cindy: and it is going to be another nice day today with sunshine, but there is rain on the way tomorrow. the timeline, whether it impacts your commute, that's all ahead. first take a look at the temperatures as you're getting ready to head out the door this morning. it is is colder than it was yesterday. in fact, a lot of spots, worcester, nashua, preliminary
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>> good morning, "eyeopener." randy: all right. this is good. loving that excitement from the 4th graders at the john a. bishop school in arlington. danielle getting them all fired up about the weather. cindy: jumpers in the back. they were jumping. emily: they can't stop. cindy: very excited. emily: we would love to see your wake-up call. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. olessa: not bad today but compared to yesterday. cindy: it was a tease yesterday. it was may. it was may weather in the month of february. you look around. there's like a little couple little patches snow. you hear birds. 4. olessa: you think we're confused, the poor birds are nor confused by all this. cindy: take a look at how warm it was yesterday.
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record high. you can see millis to beverly in the mid 60's. lawrence, fitchburg lower 60's. in boston we were 65. the record was 66. so we came so close. look at this. we're dropping 20 degrees today. in the mid 40's. that is still close to 10 degrees above average. look at the temperatures here right through thursday. we are running above average. so as our next storm system approaches, the temperatures in the 50's, clearly it will be rain and not snow but it is snowing from iowa all the way back here to eastern colorado. the storm is ramping up in this direction. it will head west of the chicago area. so anywhere west of chicago, that's where we're going to see the wintery weather with winter storm warnings in the pink and blizzard warnings here in the orange from western iowa up to southwestern minnesota. that storm is going to pull up a lot of this area. you can see it's in the mid 50's in atlanta right now. as that storm pulls toward us, it will drag up some of that warmer air. we'll get back into the 50's tomorrow. that's not happening today. you can see the temperatures out the door are quite a bit colder.
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february out the door this morning. it is only in the 20's. orange at 24. lawrence at 29. nashua, you're 27 degrees. norwood to taunton where it was so warm yesterday, mid 20's right now. 39 degrees currently in boston but the skies have been clearing out. we are going to see a lot of sunshine today with high pressure nosing in from the west. as this builds in, we're also going to see light winds. throughout the day winds no higher than about 10 miles an hour out of the northwest. light winds, sunshine, temperatures in the mid to upper 40's. it will be a really nice day. 46 in boston. 45 in worcester. we may be sneaking close to 50 around taunton but sunshine for you on this ground hog day. it looks like we're going to see our shadows today. tonight we're falling back into the upper 20's to around the freezing mark. notice we're going to stay in the mid 30's at the coastline as the winds turn to the eve. overnight, clouds are moving in. as our system approach its going to throw a slug of heavy rain in here with a gusty south-southwesterly wind during the afternoon as this cold front approaches. we'll see our temperatures ramp up in the low to mid 50's.
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slow climb with the temperatures tomorrow. notice by 8:00 a.m. the bulk of the morning commute looks okay. steady rain comes in mid to late morning and during the afternoon. notice how the downpours are coming in. these will be around for the evening commute. heavy downpours. can't rule out a rumble of thunder into the evening hours. this is slow to pull away. this is 3:00 a.m. on thursday. notice a couple lingering showers down here on the cape. slow clearing on thursday. temperatures still up near 50 degrees. it terms in how much of rain, i think about a half an inch near the coastline. as you get up into the hilly terrain through worcester county some spots may see more than an inch out that way. a good soaking rain coming in here. drying it out and cooling it down back into the 30 this is weekend. dry weather expected through the week. olessa: just rain. cindy: this week. we'll see what the next few weeks hold. olessa: so far a live look at route 1 in saugus. southbound side moving away light in both directions. it is a quiet start.
5:17 am
early. so did the project to expressway north by the south bay mall. looking good on 24, route 3 and the construction by neponset on 95 northbound also gone. west of town no problems on the pike or route 9. as well. the trains and buses are starting the morning on schedule. randy randy: "5 investigates" following a chilling case today as a convicted murderer goes before a parole board. the eye's erika tarantal is here as his daughter fights to keep him behind bars. erika: 30 years later this brutal case is still so fresh for that billerica woman. richard seymour was convicted of beating his 18-year-old son patrick to death with a propane tank and a hammer in the family's home in 1986. he bound and gagged his daughter, paula, and threatened to kill her, and cut his wife, regina, with a large kitchen knife. seymour will plead his case for freedom this afternoon before the state's parole board.
5:18 am
the ability to commit the atrocities that he has committed can be rehabilitated. i think that he's always going to be a monster. erika: seymour was sentenced to life behind bars after pleading guilty to assault, kidnapping, and second-degree murder. his family says they will behind bars and be a voice for patrick. randy: a dangerous scene in vermont. a chunk of ice flew off a tractor-trailer into this s.u.v. missile. the 73-year-old driver has severe injuries to her face. police are still looking for the other driver. but even if they are caught, there likely won't be any charges. there's no law in vermont requiring people to clear ice and snow from their cars. lawmakers are looking to change that. emily: a look at your economy now. asian stocks are mostly lower this morning, as investors keep an eye on changing oil prices. the dow closed slightly lower
5:19 am
sharp losses early on. right now stock futures are lower. google's new parent company alphabet is now the world's most valuable company. it topped apple yesterday after releasing fourth-quarter earnings highlighting its extended growth. investors helped push alphabet stock up 4.6% yesterday. those rankings could quickly change in trading today. major job cuts for yahoo. "the wall street journal" reports the company is expected to chop 15% of its workforce or about 1,600 jobs. yahoo has struggled to expand its internet business in the face of competition from google and facebook. a very close call in australia. randy: the lightning strike that sent men running in eyepoppers. then new at 5:30. a high-speed chase stopped with the help of two police chiefs. their moves to stop a car going more than 100 miles per hour. and a congresswoman becomes the victim of a hoax that brought
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r something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. cindy: it is 5:23 on your tuesday morning. the second day of february.
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day. here locally and all the way to pennsylvania, skies are mainly clear this morning. so ground hogs will be seeing their shadow this morning. look at these temperatures. it's colder than yesterday morning. 20's and 30's out the door this morning. we recover into the mid 40's under lots of sunshine this afternoon. so about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. 60's. tomorrow we have rain and coming in. temperatures back up into the 50's with clearing on thursday. randy. randy: cindy. you know her from a previous chapter. i know the family. we're welcoming a new member of the newscenter 5 team this week. maria stephanos is joining our team starting this thursday. maria grew up in groveland watching channel 5, and she has seen and covered it all over her award-winning career. she started dreaming of her career in tv journalism as a kid watching the eye. she'll join ed anchoring newscenter 5 at 7:00 and 11:00 and our new 10:00 newscast coming to metv boston at the end of the month. we welcome maria to the wcvb
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emily: it is just about 5:25 now. olessa is back with this morning's eyepoppers. olessa: dutch police have a new tool to take down what they call "hostile drones." eagles! these specially trained eagles are designed to hunt prey which in this case is a man-operated drone. pretty cool. dutch police have been looking for ways to disarm illegally operating drones. but a decision on this solution is still months away. emily: another tool in the tool box, as they say. olessa: a smart bird. pretty cool. you might call that one a shocking experience. those two men in australia terrified when a lightning bolt hit the water just feet away from them. they were in a boathouse watching the storm roll in when they caught the shock on camera. an extremely close call both saying they're lucky to be alive. you don't say. that could have ended very badly for most of them.
5:25 am
olessa: good thing they had that camera rolling. randy: thank you both. gauging the significance of the iowa causes. what a victory in the hawkeye state really means for the rest of the campaign. and police say a would-be burglar helped himself to some leftovers before making one big mistake. the move that made him easy to catch. underway this morning with new england's "eyeopener."
5:26 am
a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? in personal expenses onv a republican party credit card.
5:27 am
caused a scandal pnand for five years rubio refused to releasep the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. he's just not ready to be president.
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." cruz: god bless the great state of iowa. sanders: iowa, thank you! randy: big winners and big aftermath. kelley: but this morning it is on to new hampshire. the first candidate arriving overnight and what to watch with one week to go. doug: police swarm the home of a massachusetts congresswoman.
5:29 am
scare. emily: and weiner dogson the run. the super bowl ad already getting a lot of adorable attention. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." we look at the impact of the iowa caucuses. senator ted cruz is the clear republican winner. but it's a virtual tie between democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the eyeopener's phil lipoff is in iowa tracking the dead heat. but first, cindy has our local forecast. we're not going to be as warm as yesterday. cindy: no, no more 60's coming our way today. that was incredible with that near record warmth yesterday. 39 degrees though in boston. right now the skies have cleared out. the winds have shifted around to the west-northwest behind our frontal boundary. that is bringing in colder air right now. you can see we dropped into the 20's from lawrence to nashua.
5:30 am
to the north, orange, jaffrey keene all running into the 20's right now. south of boston as well. norwood, taunton plymouth all in the 20's. we're holding pretty close to the freezing mark on cape cod this morning. there you see the clouds exiting. clear skies building in along with high pressure. that means sunshine on this ground hog day. it also means light winds so it will be a nice day overall. we're talking about a storm in the middle of the country that will bring snow and blizzard conditions to parts of the midwest. that will mean rain for us tomorrow. no rain today. the sun is up at 6:57. we'll enjoy it all day long. temperatures topping out at 46 in boston this afternoon. 45 in worcester. maybe making a run for 40 degrees in a few spots. close to 20 degrees cooler than yesterday. let's get you out to the roads and see how we're looking out there. olessa: good morning, everyone. a live look outside here. it's a quiet start on route 1 in saugus. a little bit of volume starting to pick up on the southbound side. just a few brake lights up ahead. not too bad at this point.
5:31 am
trip as you head south. no problems here 24, 95, route 3 looking good out of weymouth. only 15 minutes 495 to 128. and 93 south a little bit of volume out of methuen. then you're in good shape all the way down into boston. trains and buses doing okay. randy? randy: new overnight. the candidates are now arriving in new hampshire as the race moves on with just one week before the first in the nation primary. but at this hour there is still a big story coming out of iowa. emily: our phil lipof is live in des moines where one race is still too close to call. phil: when it comes to these early voting states, it is all about momentum. and this morning, some campaigns are certainly cashing in on that. first to the republicans. ted cruz pulling out a big win here besting donald trump. but as big a story, the strong third-place finish for marco rubio. he all but tied the man known as the g.o.p. front-runner making it clear he's moving on. as for the democrats, they are
5:32 am
right now. hillary clinton's camp claimed victory over bernie sanders in a statement overnight. most media outlets not calling the race tonight. it is simply too close. and democratic analyst mary anne marsh says that means we are in this for the long haul. marsh: she's in the fight of her life now. she's going to be in a long dogged fight with bernie sanders who's raising gobs of money off of low donors. phil: the competition is a little thinner this morning. democrat martin o'malley and republican mike huckabee ended their campaigns after dismal showings here. for everyone else, it's on to new hampshire. randy? randy: phil, thank you. only three candidates have ever won the iowa caucuses and gone on to become president-- jimmy carter in 1976, george w. bush in 2000, and barack obama in 2008. emily: breaking overnight. police are investigating a serious crash in plymouth. a driver crashed into a pole on cherry street before midnight
5:33 am
injuries. randy: right now a sandwich woman is being held on bail accused of dragging a woman under her car through boston. xaianying zhou hid her face in court yesterday. she pleaded not guilty. police want her blood tested for alcohol and drugs in yesterday's crash. emily: a weymouth firefighter is suspended without pay over a facebook post about narcan. on his personal page, veteran firefighter mark carron called it the worst drug ever created and suggested letting addicts die. he's now been suspended for ninety days. right now police are investigating a hoax threat involving a massachusetts congresswoman. randy: the eye's doug meehan is live in melrose with the scare on her front lawn. doug: scare is right, randy. this is a strange one. police are still trying to figure out exactly how this happened. congresswoman katherine clark looks outside her window sunday night and saw police lights all around her home and also police with long guns out on her lawn.
5:34 am
whole thing out, clark says she was a victim of swatting. olice say they got a recorded active shooter at her house. the congresswoman is the sponsor federal crime to call in a hoax to get a big police response. the congresswoman is the sponsor of a bill that would make it a federal crime to call in a hoax to get a big police response. targeted saying, quote, "no mother should have to answer middle of the night and fear for her family's safety simply because an anonymous person disagrees with her." clark says she's just relieved no one was hurt. live in melrose this morning, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: doug, thank you. a new hunt proposed in new hampshire. emily: the animal getting eyed for trapping season. and a hundred-mile-per-hour chase down the highway ends with teamwork from two police chiefs. the quick action that stopped the speeding car. a reporter becomes the news in california.
5:35 am
twist for one crew. weeknights at 7:00, a brand new newscenter 5 at 7:00. local journalists going deeper into the big stories of the day
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olessa: good morning. welcome back to the "eyeopener." a live look outside at route 1 in saugus. southbound side moving away. starting to pick up a few more delays as the rush hour picks up. accident free and all the overnight construction is gone. not as nice as yesterday. cindy: you want to dress for
5:37 am
starting out in the 20's, 30's, 31 in worcester. boston at 39 but a lot of the suburbs are in the 20's. we're heading into the mid 40's with mostly sunny skies and light winds this afternoon. today. tomorrow. 50's. that's where we stay through thursday. randy? randy: a dramatic high-speed chase through southeastern massachusetts ends with the help of not one but two police chiefs. attleboro police say two men robbed a bank yesterday afternoon and took off down interstate-495 going more than 100 miles-per-hour. the chase ended in taunton where the taunton chief threw down spike strips to puncture the tires, and the attleboro chief also in pursuit rammed the car's bumper. >> as the vehicles were approaching, i stopped traffic.
5:38 am
i've ever been in. randy: two suspects are now facing several charges. emily: 5:39. live updates ahead from the iowa caucuses. the new momentum in the republican race. and looking ahead to next week's new hampshire primary. the ground game ramping up today. plus police say a would-be burglar had some pizza and then got comfortable. the decision landing him in handcuffs. it's ahead. and some live pictures here from punxsutawney, pennsylvania, where it is the 130th anniversary of ground hog day. a little later this morning, punxsutawney phil coming out to tell us whether or not there
5:39 am
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randy: good morning. the "eyeopener" team ready to go now. we have a jam-packed "news to go" with crews in iowa, new hampshire, boston, and melrose. emily: but first cindy has your forecast. i mean, 60's on the first day of february. can it possibly continue. cindy: we said that in december. 60's then too. and here we are. second day into february. it won't be as warm as the there's a big storm on the map right now producing a lot of snow through the middle of the country. that system is headed our way as rain. we do typically get some snow here in the month of february. close to a foot on average. you know how snowy it was last year. we had nearly 65 inches just in the month of february alone. 2014 we had close to two feet. we have close to three feet back
5:42 am
in the month of february. just not going to happen this go-round. as this storm will cut to our west. there will be some wintery weather with a lot of snow. blizzard conditions. a blizzard warning up here from nebraska into northwest iowa and up into southwest minnesota but here as that system approaches it drive up a lot of warm air from the south. we'll head back up into the 50's heading our way. it will bring in rain. and 30's out the door. 24 orange. 27 in plymouth. notice worcester 31. boston 39. a little colder out the door this morning but the skies are clear in the wake of this frontal boundary that pushed on through. high pressure nosing in with light winds, sunshine. it will be a really nice day. mid to upper 40's. about 46-47 degrees the high this afternoon in boston. we're in great shape today. rain and wind though coming in tomorrow. and it may linger into part of your thursday. here's a closer look at that timeline here. notice as we get into tomorrow morning first thing, there might be a little touch of some freezing rain through southern vermont in the northwest corner of massachusetts but that
5:43 am
rain spreading in mid to late morning. heaviest downpours coming in during the afternoon. this is the evening commute. the yellows, the oranges. heavy downpours. can't rule out a rumble of thunder especially here as we get deeper into the evening hours but this rain pulls away slowly by thursday morning with maybe a lingering shower on the cape. we're looking at about half an inch to up over an inch of rain with this system. so we've got dry roads out there now. that is a good thing on a tuesday morning. olessa, how are we doing out there. olessa: good shape. a live look outside at the expressway. it is heavy. typically normal for this time of the morning. this is the northbound side here. by morrisey boulevard you can see the volume picking up. south of the camera shot let's go to the maps. i'm watching one accident early this morning. right over at the braintree split. if you're traveling northbound route 3, you've got delays back into route 18 in weymouth. beyond that though you're in pretty good shape on the pike. about 15 minutes as you travel 495 to 128 and 93 south volume to spot pond. so far so good down to the leverett connector. trains and the buses doing okay. randy, emily.
5:44 am
new hampshire even with questions still to be answered in iowa. emily: we have team coverage from iowa to the granite state. we begin with phil lipof and the caucus debate. phil: razor-thin margins and historically large turnout and votes are still being counted here. on the republican side, ted cruz pulled out a big win over front-runner donald trump. but marco rubio is also marching on with new momentum after nearly tying trump to snag a strong third place finish. trump himself striking a more trump himself striking a more subdued note. trump: we finished second, and i want to tell you something. i'm just honored. i'm really honored. i want to congratulate ted, and i want to congratulate all of the incredible candidates. phil: as for the democrats, it is a virtual tie. the clinton camp sending out a statement claiming victory overnight, but it is a razor-thin margin in what's
5:45 am
neither abc news nor the associated press ready to call this race. in des moines, phil lipof, wcvb, newscenter 5. kelley: new hampshire becomes election central this morning. chris christie will be at this hotel in just a few hours. one of many candidates pinning their hopes on the granite state. >> i understand there are still undecided voters in this state. maybe undecided voters in this room. i hope there won be by the time i'm done tonight. kelley: polls show as many as 35% of republicans are undecided here in new hampshire. that's why chris christie didn't wait for results in iowa. he got right here to new hampshire stumping for votes in hopkinton. jeb bush didn't even go to the hawkeye state. he's putting it all on the line here trying to turn the "live free or die" state into a "do or die" campaign stand. starting today, you can expect very intense campaigning as the new hampshire primary gets underway officially with one week to go. live in nashua, new hampshire,
5:46 am
newscenter 5. sera: a driver accused of dragging a victim under a car for three miles claims it was not her fault. xaianying zhou covered up her face in court yesterday. prosecutors say she struck a couple in chinatown monday morning. a 48-year-old woman got trapped under the car and dragged to dorchester. zhou's lawyer says once she realized what happened, she tried to help but witnesses dispute that. the victim suffered serious injuries. her husband is expected to be okay. prosecutors want to test the driver for drugs and alcohol. live this morning in chinatown, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. doug: melrose police investigating a dangerous hoax that had them showing up to a congresswoman's home with guns drawn. u.s. representative katherine clark found police surrounding her home on sunday night after they were called for an active
5:47 am
however, that was not the case. she believes that she was a victim of swatting. congresswoman clark is sponsoring a bill that would make it a federal crime to phone in such a hoax. nobody was hurt in this incident. still no word on who may have called in this fake call. reporting live in melrose this morning, doug meehan, wcvb, newscenter 5. erika: a billerica man who murdered his son goes before a parole board today, and so his daughter tells "5 investigates" she'll be there too in an effort to keep him behind bars in honor of her brother. >> i'm not going to stop fighting for him because he deserved more. he deserved to have a life. erika: richard seymour was convicted of beating his 18-year-old son patrick to death with a propane tank and a hammer in 1986. he bound and gagged his daughter, paula, and threatened to kill her and his wife. since he's eligible for parole every five years, the family is forced to relive the horror again and again. but they say they won't stop
5:48 am
erik erik, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: some bay state voters are heading to the polls today. there's a special state primary election for state representative in the third worcester district. that's for representative stephen dinatale's seat. polls in fitchburg and lunenburg are open from 8:00 to 8:00 today. randy: the state senate is moving forward with a bill to help close the gender pay gap. senators passed the bill last week to encourage employers to offer equal pay to men and women. employers will also have to stop asking employees about their previous salaries during the interview process. and employees will be able to share their salaries with co-workers without any consequences. charges could come as early as this week in the deadly crash involving a jogger in hanson. amanda turner russell was training for the boston marathon when she was hit along winter street on december 23. police say the driver had crossed the center line, struck
5:49 am
is considering charges. emily: worcester schools are taking another look at starting the school day later. last night, a school committee researching the idea said recent studies have shown academic benefits of a later start time for teenagers. one suggestion is to move the start of the school back by 40 minutes for high school students. district administrators will now investigate the idea further, and findings will be discussed at a meeting in march. randy: lawmakers in new hampshire are considering a bobcat hunting and trapping season. they held a public meeting in concord last night. many people calling the proposal inhumane while supporters argued that there are enough bobcats to support a limited hunt. officials will vote on it in two weeks. if approved, the proposal would take effect in december. emily: new hampshire lawmakers are also considering increasing minimum wage for workers who depend on tips. right now, those workers are making just $3.27 an hour, the lowest in new england. if the proposal passes, it would raise the sub-minimum wage by a
5:50 am
four years. randy: a news reporter and photographer are hurt after being knocked down by a falling tree. the kgtv reporter and photographer were preparing for a live weather report yesterday in mira mesa, california, where toppled trees had damaged several cars. both have serious injuries. emily: the world health organization declares an emergency over the zika virus. that announcement came yesterday after a special meeting to assess the outbreak. zika is spread by infected mosquitoes. the last time an emergency was declared was for the ebola virus in 2014. there is at least one confirmed case of the zika virus in massachusetts. randy: bill cosby is expected back in a pennsylvania courtroom today. he'll ask a judge to dismiss a criminal charge alleging he sexually assaulted a woman in his montgomery county home in 2004. cosby says the encounter with ex-temple university employee
5:51 am
he also alleges that a former district attorney promised him more than a decade ago that he would never be charged for the complaint. emily: a georgia lawmaker facing criticism this morning for recent comments about the kkk. last week, representative tommy benton said that the group was not racist but was rather trying to keep law and order. he is now withdrawing bills honoring the confederacy. randy: a burglar in pennsylvania gets sleepy on the job. police say they found the man taking a nap on a pile of pillows inside the marketing agency he had busted into. next to him, an empty pizza box. the company had a pizza party on friday and kept the leftovers behind. the suspect is facing burglary charges. emily: a big addition and a familiar face coming to newscenter 5. maria stephanos is joining our team starting this thursday. maria grew up in groveland watching channel 5. she'll join ed harding to anchor
5:52 am
and our new 10:00 newscast coming to me-tv boston this month. randy: an eight-year-old rhode island boy with terminal cancer is one step closer to his biggest wish-- to be famous. dorian murray will get his own license plate from the rhode island d.m.v. the wakefield branch will host dorian and his family on wednesday giving him a special "hashtag d-strong" plate. his story has gone viral after dorian told his family he wanted to be famous. emily: a popular new advertisement is already making the rounds on social media, ahead of the super bowl. heinz trying to win the audience with its wiener dogs in hot dog buns. the spot is part of a new campaign called "meet the ketchups." a 30-second version will air during sunday's game. randy: i know you love animals dressed up in costumes. emily: i do. randy: even you have to admit it's cute.
5:53 am
dogs. there's a lot going on there. all right. weatherwise, yesterday mid 60's in boston. we got so close to the record for the day. dropping about 20 degrees today, back down into the mid 40's. which is is still above average for this time of year. that's the temperature trend right through thursday. we've government mainly clear skies in boston right now. we're down to 39. a little bit of a westerly breeze blowing in some colder air so there are 20's north and west of town. from lawrence back to orange. keene as well. worcester, you're below freezing. 20's south of town, the south shore in plymouth. down to 30 degrees hyannis. the skies mainly clear. high pressure nosing in from the north and west. this is going to give us lots of sunshine on this ground hog day. everybody should see their shadow today before a storm system in the middle of the cup try. it will bring blizzard conditions to western iowa today. this will approach tomorrow and bring in some rain as it dries up warmer air once again. 44-50 for high temperatures today.
5:54 am
winds light out of the northwest 5-10 miles per hour. we'll drop back down mostly in the low to mid 30's tonight with an easterly wind. the coastline never gets below the freezing mark. on the northwest corner of the state we'll start to see that moisture come in just before sunrise. there could be a touch of freezing rain. otherwise we'll wait to the mid to late morning hours to get into heavier rain. downpours for the afternoon. as this cold front approaches look what happens to the winds. they really ramp up tomorrow afternoon. could see some gusts 30 to even 40 miles per hour right along the coastline. so the rain is going to be wind-swept as it comes in here on wednesday. temperatures by late in the day are up into the lower 50's. notice that little bit of icing here on the northwest corner of the state early on. then it's all rain coming in here mid to late morning. some downpours midday right through the afternoon. that's your evening commute. it's about 5:00 or 6:00. yeah, it will be a wet one for sure. then that system slowly pulls out with lingering showers possible first thing on thursday morning on cape cod. and then we're drying it out, cooling it down back into the 30's right through next weekend. all right. let's get you out to the roads
5:55 am
olessa, how are we looking out there. olessa: pretty good shape. a live look at the expressway by the gas tank. northbound side normal volume at this time of the morning. let's see what else is going on. as we travel south we're still watching some of that delay there as you approach an accident by the braintree split. route 3 northbound, that's where the crash is blocking one lane. and route 3 slow back into weymouth. once you get past the crash scene it's about 25 minutes braintree to boston. the pike only about 15, 495 to 128. and so far so good on 93 south. some volume into andover. then again approaching spot pond. trains and buses doing okay. randy, emily. randy: thank you. another hour to come. we're in iowa this morning with
5:56 am
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