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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  February 2, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EST

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>> good morning, america. upset in iowa. ted cruz scores a huge victory over donald trump. a major setback for the billionaire. >> tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives across iowa and all across this great nation. >> record turnout helps the senator soar. trump humbled in defeat. >> i'm just honored. i'm really honored. >> but still vowing to win the nomination. and marco rubio's late surge puts him within strike distance of trump. >> we are not waiting any long story take our country back. >> riding a wave of momentum into new hampshire. >> the democratic race too close to call. a virtual tie. but hillary clinton is declaring victory.
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breathing a big sigh of relief. thank you, iowa. >> bernie sanders not conceding defeat. >> i think that sont shows the american people this is a campaign that can win. >> it's on to new hampshire. candidates already on the ground there. this morning, who's in, who's out, and who are the big winners in the first stop on the road to the white house. and good morning, america. all eyes on the heartland last night, those iowa caucuses setting new records for turnout full of surprises, as well starting out with that big one for ted cruz, surging past donald trump in the final days, strong close for marco rubio too. >> a virtual dead heat on the democratic side, the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders still too close to call at this hour.
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so close at some of those caucus sites the night came down -- you saw it -- to a coin toss. >> at least three different times they had to toss the coin. luck in politics it takes and hillary and the iowa democratic party declared her the winner last night but we know that bernie sanders isn't conceding that loss right now at all. and he's got a big lead in new hampshire right now. this could be a long fight on both sides. big questions right now, can donald trump bounce back from a loss? who can prevail in what's been a pretty bitter feud between ted cruz and marco rubio and why can't hillary clinton put bernie sanders away. >> that's right. we'll talk to marco rubio live in a moment. the latest, team coverage as you can imagine of all the night's major developments and we're going to get right to abc's jon karl in iowa for us. good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, robin. ted cruz became the first republican to get into a brawl
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quite a brawl and to beat him. >> our next president. >> reporter: stunning finish for ted cruz in iowa. >> that is the most votes ever cast for any republican primary winner. >> reporter: we were there just after cruz heard the news that he had won. >> tremendous evening. i am very, very encouraged, very, very happy. what a victory for the grassroots. breathtaking. >> reporter: the senator from texas defied the odds handing donald trump his first loss with ads like these. >> how stupid are the people of iowa? >> donald trump, new york values, not ours. >> reporter: people that voted for you said you shared their values so the new york values attack worked. >> everyone know what is new york values are, i mean it's the values of the elite liberal politicians. >> reporter: cruz's victory was fueled by his appeal to evangelical christians. >> our rights come from our creator. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: donald trump called
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more than six months now has a new title, loser. loss gracefully. >> we finished second and i want honored. i'm really honored and i want to congratulate ted. >> reporter: the iowa loss is a big blow to trump but this was always his weakest state. he leads everywhere else. >> we will go on to get the republican nomination and we will go on to easily beat hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. iowa, we love you. we thank you. you're special. we will be back many, many times, in fact, i think i might come here and buy a farm. i love it, okay. >> reporter: but perhaps the biggest republican surprise of the night, florida senator marco rubio, who finished a stronger than expected third nearly beating out trump. >> they told me that we have no chance because my hair wasn't
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too high. >> reporter: there had been much speculation about how donald trump would ham defeat. would he go and not lash out or behave badly. he handled it with remarkable restraint as you heard, he thanked the voters of iowa. he congratulated ted cruz and perhaps most surprisingly, no angry tweets overnight. in fact, from donald trump overnight total twitter silence. >> yeah, he was pretty graceful in defeat last night but, jon, it did seem like the voters in iowa who made up their minds at the last minute had a real gut check about donald trump. >> reporter: they sure did. it was remarkable. if you looked at those that decided in the last three days, they overwhelmingly broke first for marco rubio actually most and then ted cruz. very few broke for donald trump. and i think a big factor there, george, was i know with a lot of iowans i talked to they were offended by his decision to skip that debate. >> yeah, they might have wanted him to be there. thanks very much. we turn to the democrats and
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it is hard to be any closer than this. look at that. 49.9 to 49.5 right there but iowa democratic party has declared clinton the winner, the clinton camp, as well but sanders did fight her to a virtual draw and has a big lead in new hampshire. cecilia vega has the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. there were cheers on the clinton plane when it touched down here in new hampshire not that long ago when staffers found out that the iowa democratic party had declared her the winner. the big question right now, though, if hillary clinton is the winner in iowa just how big of a win is it really? a democratic socialist from vermont putting a serious dent in the clinton armor. it had all the hallmarks of a victory speech. >> wow. what a night. an unbelievable night. >> reporter: the only thing missing the word "victory."
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breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> reporter: while the democratic winners still too close to call hillary clinton took to the stage in iowa, her family by her side but overnight her campaign going all the way declaring an outright win saying in a statement, after thorough reporting and analysis of results, there is no uncertainty and secretary clinton has clearly won the most national and state delegates. but that race so tight in some precincts a coin toss broke the tie. clinton winning at least three, her supporters cheering. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: this morning, senator bernie sanders not giving up. >> tonight while the results are still not known, it looks like we are in a virtual tie. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: sanders' campaign claiming victory too touting how
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his bid. >> what iowa has begun tonight is a political revolution. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: on his flight overnight into new hampshire where polls show the vermont senator has a strong lead, sanders sounding confident as he heads into this next battle in his own backyard. >> i think tonight shows the american people that this is a campaign that can win. >> reporter: and sanders is still not conceding. he says iowa shows he can compete at any state in this country. there was, however, one concession overnight, the third person in this race, former maryland governor martin out. you. we're going to turn now to the republican candidate who had a big night last night, marco rubio from -- joins us now from manchester, new hampshire. already made your way to new hampshire, senator rubio, thank you very much for joining us again this morning. >> thank you, robin.
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short time ago that showed that a big number of late undecided voters went your way. what do you think your message was that helped them make up their mind toward you? >> well, i think people realize on the republican side that we cannot afford this country cannot afford to lose this election and i give the party the best chance not just to unify the conservative movement but to grow it, to take our message to people that don't vote republican now, grow our party and movement and defeat hillary clinton or bernie sanders and so i feel that we felt that momentum in the last few days and got more votes than mitt romney or rick santorum when they won the caucuses four years ago so we feel great about what iowa did and thanked them and we're ready to go in new hampshire and excited about the momentum we're carrying in. >> there were a record number of gop caucusgoers in iowa and many thought a large turnout would defeated. what do you think that says?
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interest in this election, more than ever because republicans and americans understand that this election is the most important election in the generation. it's literally a referendum on our identity as a nation. we're either going to be greater than we've ever been or we're going to become a great nation in decline. that's expressed in the turnout you saw yesterday and particularly in our campaign the last seven to ten days, the surge of people including those not registered republican who rally around our campaign in a state where ted cruz, i congratulate him on his victory, this is the place the campaign was built in and he put all that infrastructure in there and worked it really hard and earned this victory but we feel so good about the growth we've had and what that will translate to in new hampshire and after that south carolina and we're just incredibly grateful and excited about all this. >> the road continues, it began there in iowa and when it comes to those who consider themselves very conservative, ted cruz overwhelmingly i think it was 41%, let me get this right, 44%
7:11 am
they said he was very conservative. that was almost three times as much as you with 15% and you said recent in an interview you talked about ted cruz and you said the lie his whole campaign is built on is that he's the only conservative. it's absurd. that's what you said. you care to elaborate on that? >> sure, i mean, ted's whole campaign is built on this notion that he's the only one that's a pure conservative and everyone else is a rhino or sellout. it's not accurate. his accurate is one of calculation. you see it on the issues whether on immigration where he favored legalizing people here illegally. now he claims he never did. whether it's on national defense where he talks tough on isis but ted cruz voted for a budget, the only budget he's ever voted for is a budget that brags about cutting defense spending. so it's on issue after issue. you know, he goes, he criticizes new york values but has raised millions of dollars from new york city. so these are the sorts of things that voters will start learning about and as they do i think a lot of these numbers will begin
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>> a lot of people, senator rubio, are commenting about your speech last night. how strong it was, how optimistic it was and how reminiscent it was of what barack obama said in iowa, in fact, his speech writer tweeted to that effect. what were you trying to convey in that speech last night? >> well, i mean we just began by reminding everybody that wasn't supposed to happen last night. they told us at the beginning of this race i shouldn't even run, that it wasn't my turn, i needed to wait in line. there were other people who had been around longer that we needed to wait in line behind and i think what you saw last night in the results, not just with us but with donald and, of course, with ted is the republican party is being very clear, the grassroots, this is no time for waiting or patience, this is a time for urgency. that's how i began last night, grateful to the people of iowa but i want people to be realistic about our challenges but optimistic about our future. if we do what needs to be done, the greatest days in american
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if we do not then we're going to have to explain to our children why they did not inherit the great country that was left for us. >> senator marco rubio, again, congratulations last night. we'll see you there in new hampshire. thank you for joining us, senator. >> thanks, robin. thank you. >> george. >> thank you, robin. let's talk about it now with matt dowd and donna brazile and talk about the republicans first, matthew dowd. coming into the first votes in iowa, donald trump dominating all the headlines, all the dialogue for so many months, gets beat by ted cruz and the big question is, he even said it himself if he doesn't win it's completely meaningless, once he loses can he recover? >> well, i think the great thing about this presidential process is we've known through the years is you're tested in it and can you meet the test or don't you meet the test? now is an opportunity but all a concern for donald trump. he has to meet the test. donald trump right now has to perform over the next week, he has to win new hampshire or the race for him is over if he doesn't win new hampshire. if he wins new hampshire and conducts himself during the
7:14 am
debate saturday winning in new hampshire will put him back up as the front-runner but he what is to win new hampshire. >> no question about that. meanwhile, if you look, donna brazile, at this republican party, donald trump, a businessman, you have two first-term latino senators. this is a brand-new republican party. the democrats will be facing it. >> absolutely right. look, donald trump made the sale but he couldn't close the deal. and i think going forward, donald trump is -- donald trump will be forced to run a more traditional campaign try to do more retail. not all these big rallies flying in and flying out. voters clearly would like to get to know donald trump a little better but when you look at what happened yesterday in iowa, it was really an exciting moment for first-time caucusgoers and came in the republican process endecided they wanted to stick with somebody who had more traditional values, ted cruz. the democratic race was a race of passion, the passion that bernie sanders is showing on the campaign trail versus practicality, electability.
7:15 am
believe at the end of the day i know nobody cares about delegates but those of us who are insiders but hillary clinton will probably get the most delegates, but bernie sanders has -- >> i think all three republicans right now have a problemic path ahead. donald trump has to win. he's now suffered his first loss. ted cruz has to show he can win outside of a small caucus state where evangelicals dominated the scene and marco rubio has to find his first victory. a series of thirds and seconds won't do it until you find your first win, so i think right now there's a troubled path for all three. >> all the other republicans out now? >> no, i think there's still an opportunity for somebody, probably john kasich in new hampshire to sort of supersede and move up, up ahead of marco rubio. there is a shot and he made a smart move. he didn't stay in iowa. he spent the whole weekend in new hampshire so there's ang outside shot john kasich. >> real quickly, you're right about the delegates and hillary clinton has a lead in the superdelegates but will face the
7:16 am
socialist? >> 68% of caucusgoers described themselves as liberal and bernie sanders had an edge with those who are very, very liberal. going forward, she has to reset her campaign to be more like a movement, not a traditional galvanizes young people and those who are still interested in change. very much. "your voice, your vote" including that big republican debate this saturday night at 8:00, 7:00 right here at abc. now let's go to amy with today's other top stories with the latest on the zika virus. >> reporter: the world health organization has now declared the zika virus a global health emergency and that will allow more money and research to focus on the outbreak which is linked now to thousands of brain damaged newborns. the cdc has added four countries to this map of areas where travelers risk being infected. they include coast ka ryka,
7:17 am
the pentagon is offering to relocate pregnant family members of service personnel in those affected areas. back at home bill cosby is due in court in pennsylvania today as his lawyers fight to get sexual assault charges against him dismissed. they say there was an agreement more than a decade ago with the district attorney not to prosecute but the current d.a. says that deal stemming from a civil case is not binding. well, hundreds of people near akron, ohio, had to evacuate their homes after a train derailed and then caught fire. officials say a butane tanker may have sparked that fire and the threat of an explosion for some residents to relocate to a local school. well, a milestone on wall street. google's parent company opens trading today as the world's most valuable company. it has surpassed apple thanks to recent growth in online ad sales. finally a new way to protect the skies from all those pesky drones flying around. police in europe are training eagles to view drones as prey.
7:18 am
the eagles will catch them and then carry them to a safe place. training will continue for a few months about of a final decision is made on whether or not to implement the idea. a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem. >> you should see all of our ex- expression expressions. >> some are worried about the propellers. >> that's what i thought too. you saw those talons. >> they say that they think the talons can handle it. >> really? >> yep. >> amy, thank you very much. we just came back from iowa where politics the big story but also there were concerns about this big storm, as well, rob. >> 12 hours later i think there would have been problems in iowa. colorado spring, yesterday they had trouble getting off the slopes. a foot of snow there. three feet in the southern rockies and still winter storm warnings but blizzard warnings from kansas all the way to southern minnesota and we're seeing blizzard conditions right now in through parts of nebraska. should see north of chicago but five to ten inches in places
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in sioux city. tuesday trivia brought to you by edward jones. cindy: good morning. sunshine on this -- light westerly wind. 27 in the suburbs to the north and the south. they will come up into the mid-to-upper 40' s this afternoon with sunshine all day long.
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randy: good morning. police are investigating a serious crash in plymouth. the 21-year-old driver crashed into a pole on cherry street before midnight last night. he was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. a sandwich woman is being held on bail, accused of dragging a woman under her car through boston. she hid her face in court yesterday as she pleaded not guilty. police want her blood tested for alcohol and drugs in yesterday' s crash. as we look out across the sky line, we' ve got the sunrise this morning. - cindy: a nice day for groundhog
7:26 am
day. sunshine and light winds today. 45-50 degrees. not as warm as though 60' s yesterday. rain coming in tomorrow with wind as well. that moisture will be heaviest during the afternoon and evening hours. an inch of rain in most areas. olessa: still pretty slow. a few problems north 93 south at 125 in wilmington and another on three south at cove road. still watching this accident am overturned truck on the ram from 128 south -- ramp from 128 south. expressway still heavy braintree
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don't touch it. >> yes. [ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "gma." that's how close it was in iowa last night. they actually needed coin tosses to determine some delegates on the democratic side. happened about three times. iowa democratic party says hillary clinton won by the tiniest of margins, look at it right there but bernie sanders is not conceding yet and we'll have the latest. >> they didn't decide to go with rock, paper, scissors, come on. they went high tech. also right now the zika outbreak declared a global health emergency by the world health organization. officials in brazil advising pregnant women to stay away from the rio olympics.
7:30 am
punxsutawney phil, the most watched rodent in the country reveals if we're looking at an early spring or six more weeks of winter. phil did not see his shadow. >> all right! >> spring is here. spring is on the way. >> breaking news. >> this little girl may not be so happy. look at this baby snowboarders right there, lara. >> absolutely. she's 14 months old named sloan and she is better than i am. she just learned to walk and then look at her go. we're going to have her parents on live to talk about how she shreds. >> that low center of gravity. >> i'd like to believe that's it. >> and no fear. when you're that age. first in this half hour we'll get the latest on the race for the white house, ted cruz coming away as you know the big winner last night, not everyone stuck around for the results in iowa. republican candidates chris christie and jeb bush in new hampshire where everyone is getting ready for a big showdown in the first primary. abc's tom llamas is already there, as well. good morning, tom.
7:31 am
to you. cruz, trump and rubio come to new hampshire a much different state and a much different race because as you mentioned, the pool of candidates betting on this state is much bigger. you have bush, christie and governor john castic who all were actually here as the iowa caucus was still under way over there in that state. they think the socially moderate republicans and independents campaigns. as for jeb bush he said that his campaign is hitting the reset button, some critics are saying that this one-time front-runner has hit the reset button more than once already and another smaller headline to come out of iowa that we have yet to mike huckabee dropping out of the race. his campaign could not catch fire like he did the first time he ran for president eight years ago and even though he's out of the race he may win first place for the best speech to end a campaign. let's take a listen. >> it's time to officially suspend the campaign but not because of the votes, it's because of illness.
7:32 am
me and i need to acknowledge that. >> reporter: ending with a little bit of humor. so, ending with a little bit of humor right there. dr. ben carson is taking a day off the campaign trail and some people are criticizing him but he's taking a day off the campaign trail to get fresh clothes in florida, to me that sounds like a great idea. i could use some fresh clothes right now. >> sure you could. >> maybe a little sun too. thank you, tom. we turn to that horrific murder of a 13-year-old girl in virginia. two virginia tech students are behind bars as new details emerge about how the victim may have known the person charged with the murder. abc's eva pilgrim has the latest from blacksburg, virginia. eva. >> reporter: two standout students facing charges in the death of a 13-year-old girl reported missing almost a week ago while police have found her body, the search for answers is just beginning. this morning two virginia tech students behind bars held without bond in connection to
7:33 am
from blacksburg, virginia. >> she was a typical little girl, talkative, friendly, looked out for a lot of the younger kids that came in on the bus and just sweet. >> reporter: 18-year-old david eisenhauer charged with kidnapping and premeditated murder. police say he knew the victim. >> eisenhauer used this relationship to his advantage to abduct and then kill her. >> reporter: nicole lovell's mom telling "the washington post" that the 13-year-old met eisenhauer online. authorities believe lovell active on kick, a messaging app that allows them anonymity and ability to send photos. eisenhauer, a track star, his principal reevacuate remembering him as goal driven and focused. >> i don't want to speculate because 's at this point. just very concerned. >> reporter: the second student, natalie keepers an engineering student who once interned at nasa accused of helping eisenhauer get rid of the girl's body.
7:34 am
her face as one of the suspects for the murder because i didn't know she was like -- she didn't seem like that type of person. >> reporter: her parents say lovell pushed a dresser up against her door before climbing out her window. thousands joining the search but police discovered her body 80 miles away in north carolina. neither student was charged with using a gun and neither entered a plea but eishauer making this statement, quote, i i believe the truth will set me free." george. >> more on this from dan abrams right here. such a sad and sick case and the evidence could lead in a lot of different direction sflz that's right. you have two arrested on different crime, him for murder, her for accessory after the fact. what's interesting to me is that they arrested him before they found the body. right, so that tells you that it wasn't evidence found at the scene that led them to him, it was almost certainly evidence
7:35 am
it was almost certainly evidence that they found online that led him -- that led them to him which is why they also are now saying they believed that he knew her beforehand. what's going to be really interesting when you talk about this from the social media perspective do they now investigate because there were allegations that this girl was bullied online separately. do some of those people now get investigated even though they had nothing to do with this young girl's death, are people now going to say, you know, this is another one of those cases where we need to end bullying and need to send a strong message. >> i bet they will. dan abrams, thanks very much. >> all right, george. now to a stunning twist in that alleged terror case in north carolina. a then 18-year-old charged last year with plotting attacks in support of isis. now the fbi uncovering new evidence that may link him to an unsolved murder. pierre thomas has the story. >> reporter: he is the accused isis sympathizer whose own father turned him in. >> i don't know if it's isis or what.
7:36 am
>> reporter: the fbi swooping down on justin sullivan last year accusing him of trying to have his parents killed and plotting mass murder. now in a stunning twist the fbi claims sullivan wasn't just planning murder he already committed one, allegedly killing an elderly neighbor. in this newly released indictment, the fbi says sullivan fatally shot john clark, 74, and stole $689 to finance his alleged killing spree. the fbi began tracking sullivan who's pled not guilty after his father frantically dialed 911 last april concerned his son was becoming a terrorist. >> i come home and he's destroying and burning stuff in the house. >> reporter: sullivan then only 18 can be heard in the background. >> why are you trying to -- you're going to throw me in jail my whole life and kill me. >> reporter: they sent in an undercover agent posing as an isis sympathizer and laid out a plot to kill as many as 1,000
7:37 am
rifle at a bar or concert and graduating to a truck bomb. when his parents became suspicious, he tried to pay the undercover agent to kill them. his father devastated came to court soon after the charges. >> did you know any of this was going on? >> no. >> reporter: now evidence that his troubled son stole his rifle, killed his neighbor and buried the victim in his backyard. for "good morning america," pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> so hard to hear. coming up we're counting down to the super bowl. we've got the latest on the bronco team bus caught in a crash. plus what peyton manning is saying about those words he whispered. will this game be his last rodeo? check out this toddler on a snowboard. how does she do it? amy's got a theory. we'll hear from her and her family in just a minute. >> nice job, sloan. ds. like a bunch of space cadets. huh? what? r i've drawn a blank. what's my line? [director]: reset!
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isn't a sign for the broncos. their team bus in a crash after practice at stanford stadium. a close call, no one thankfully was hurt. both teams also participated in the nfl's first ever opening night and now both quarterbacks are speaking out about each other. abc's ryan smith has it all. >> the carolina panthers are nfc champions. >> reporter: let the games begin. >> denver wins it. heading to super bowl 50. >> reporter: super bowl 50, just days away and star quarterbacks peyton manning of the broncos and cam newton of the panthers ready to roll. >> well, we got a great football team. i want to win just one, just this one. >> reporter: at the super bowl's annual pregame circus, known as opening night, both players heaping praise on each other. >> you don't go 17-1 as a starting quarterback without being awesome. >> peyton manning will always be an all-time great. >> reporter: the 39-year-old manning one of the best
7:43 am
five-time mvp and san bernardino champion playing in a game that according to this exchange caught by showtime's "inside the nfl" at the championships could be his last. >> listen, this may be my last rodeo so sure has been a pleasure. >> this could be it. i'm aware this could be it. >> reporter: taking on newton, a 26-year-old dabbing, dancing dual threat passing with accuracy. running with ease. making big plays and big fashion trends like those vibrant versace pants going for around 850 bucks but he's also known for his big heart. remember michael oher from "the blind side." >> team is your family. >> reporter: he found himself without a team and newton texted him saying he needed him to field. >> he wanted me here and you know that meant a lot. >> reporter: the success of the broncos and panthers hinging on their big-time quarterbacks in the biggest game of all. for "good morning america," ryan smith, abc news, new york. >> it is, it's going to be
7:44 am
coming up on "good morning america," she is the toddler wowing the internet, so how does she do it? the family behind this little skiing phenom is joining us next live on "gma." eat up, buddy. you'll get it this time. yeah ok not too quick don't let go until i say so. i got you... start strong with the lasting energy of 100% you're doing it! and off you go. soil is the foundation... for healthy plants.
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7:48 am
te all right, we are back now with the baby boarder amazingle internet. sloan henderson hitting the slopes like a pro. her parents zach and katie couldn't be prouder joining us via skype from north salt lake, utah. good morning, everybody. >> good morning, how are you? >> we're doing great. so, katie, i understand sloan had just learned to walk. who had the idea to then put her on a snowboard? you practiced on the carpet there in your house at first, correct? >> yeah, we got her a snowboard for christmas and it's called a burt and riglet and has a rig and you can pull them around on the carpet so pulled her around inside for awhile and she got good at it. >> you decided to put her on the slopes. she's so little she's only 14 months old there isn't even a helmet that fits her because her
7:49 am
>> yes, unfortunately, we bought her the smallest helmet we could find and still is so big it covers her eyes. >> because she has no hair. >> yes. hair proposes a problem. >> what was the reaction on the slopes when they saw little sloan there? i mean really holding her own there on the snow. >> yeah, so when we actually took her up to the resort when we were walking up there, a lot of people, you know, stopped us and told us how cute she was and also said, you know, she's really going to be snowboarding? but when we actually went down the slopes people were really impressed at how good she was. >> she wants to snowboard. >> she's like give me my snowboard, daddy. >> she's not in the action. she's not happy. >> well, she is adorable. zach, katie and sloan, thank you for joining us. we'll be looking for her in, what, a decade? >> a couple --
7:50 am
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, this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. randy: sunshine on this early morning. cindy: and sunshine all day long on groundhog day. worcester. high-pressure nosing in today. sunshine and light wind. mid 40' s this afternoon. nearly as warm as it was yesterday. rain coming in tomorrow, evening hours.
7:56 am
olessa: still pretty slow. highland at 128 southbound, that truck overturned earlier this morning. the ramp is still closed. aside from that, watching heavy delays 93 southbound. still dealing with an earlier accident by 125 and wilmington and another crash cleared at 16. randy: a weymouth firefighter is suspended without pay over a facebook post about narcan. on his personal page, veteran firefighter mark carron called it the worst drug ever created and suggested letting addicts he' s now been suspended for 90 days. wasting any time. were being counted.
7:57 am
sway undecided voters starti
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. the votes are in. cruz with an upset win over trump. rubio in a close third. >> we feel so good about the growth we've had. >> sanders and clinton in a dead heat as it heads to new hampshire. also this morning the surprising lawsuit against val. why he's been sued for millions over a meme he posted. could anyone be at risk for what they repost? never been in love before get ready for 10 dates in 10 states launching this morning. we follow one young woman who puts every method to the test and has just ten days to do it.
8:00 am
to finding the one you want. it's a girl power kind of morning from the wrestling ring with the most powerful woman in the wwe. >> i'm showing my daughters that a woman can do anything. >> to our kid correspondent tackling cam newton with the big question overnight. shut up and dance with me all that and john travolta and courtney b. vance here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. >> don't you love that little laugh from courtney b. vance along with john travolta. they are starring in a new miniseries about the o.j. simpson trial. it premieres tonight. they sent us some advance screeners, i've watched about wow. >> i've heard is -- whoa. >> uncanny performances. we have a milestone to celebrate this morning. turns out that more than 5 million of you have liked us on
8:01 am
>> they like us, george. >> they really like us. >> the number keeps on going up and we want to say thank you to everyone who joined us around the clock on facebook. >> so many videos and posts widely shared. this one has over 30 million views. it is our most popular so far, comes from the lowell, michigan, police department paying it forward. a cop giving out hard to get presents while faking traffic stops. really great. take a look. >> something your little boy might like. >> this just turned my bad day into a good one. >> really great. great moment. don't forget please like us on facebook so you can get updates on -- we sound desperate. >> we'll stop begging. >> it sounds so mean. thank you. right to that big story. race for president, "your voice, your vote." and we've got that dead heat in the race. big surprises on the republican side. right to abc's jon karl in des
8:02 am
good morning, jon. >> reporter: good morning, george. quite a night. bernie sanders gave hillary clinton a real jolt and on the republican side, ted cruz did what no other republican has been able to do yet, he got in a big fight with donald trump and he beat him. >> god bless the great state of iowa. >> in the end high turnout and high drama as the first votes were cast in the 2016 presidential race. >> iowa has sent notice that the republican nominee and the next president of the united states will be chosen by we the people, the american people. >> reporter: ted cruz trumping trump who had led polls in iowa, the brash billionaire was gracious in defeat. >> i want to congratulate ted. i think i might come here and buy a farm. >> reporter: trump who insists he always wins now handed his first loss. >> thank you very much. on to new hampshire. >> reporter: but he still leads polls in every other state.
8:03 am
hillary or bernie or whoever the hell they throw up there. >> reporter: the iowa surprise, marco rubio, finishing in a strong third place and telling robin this morning -- >> i give the party the best chance not just to unify the conservative movement but to grow it. >> reporter: and on the democratic side, a nail biter. >> so as i stand here tonight, breathing a big sigh of relief, thank you, iowa. >> reporter: hillary clinton declared victory but bernie sanders is certainly not conceding defeat. >> it looks like we are in a virtual tie. >> reporter: nine months ago clinton held a 40-point lead over sanders in iowa. sanders is not even officially a member of the democratic party. the democratic race was so tight that in some precincts, tiebreakers had to be conducted by a coin flip. >> yes! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: and we have our first political casualties coming out of the results. martin o'malley who barely registered on the democratic
8:04 am
and on the republican side, mike huckabee who was the big winner here eight years ago has suspended his campaign. george, robin. makes. mike huckabee won in 2008, he's out. rick santorum came in last place. amy with the morning rundown. we begin with a travel nightmare. flights canceled and highways closed from colorado to minnesota because of possible blizzard conditions. up to two feet expected in some areas and south of that storm possible tornadoes, rob has much more on that forecast coming up. five suspects are in custody in france this morning accused of planning a potential attack on nightclubs and bars. police say the four men and one woman in custody near lyon trying to obtain weapons and had already bought bus tickets to join fighters traveling to syria. the cdc has added more countries to the list of those
8:05 am
the world health organization declared it's global emergency because of its link to birth defects. the latest include costa rica and nicaragua and now brazil is warning pregnant women not to travel to the olympics because of this risk. you can logon to our website for the complete list of all countries affected. in northern california a hoverboard is blamed for sparking a house fire leaving a family homeless. investigators say it was charging in a room downstairs when the fire started. at least 50 fires in 20 states hoverboards. and record profits made by the airlines may finally be trickling down to passengers. american is the latest airline to announce the return of free snacks in coach. pretzels and cookies should be available by april. yay says the crowd. the airline posted a record $6 billion profit last year. and finally, we want to briefly mention a big honor for robin.
8:06 am
the annual gala that raises upon for the v foundation for cancer research. it is named after college basketball coach jill valvano. robin is on the board and they have helped raise for than $150 million for cancer research. go, robin. >> wow, 150 million. >> and dick vitale, longtime friend and he personally raised with his gala 15 million fox for pediatric cancer so bill ryan and urban meyerer are the other honorees and can't wait to be there in may with you. >> congratulations. great news. to lara with the "morning menu." >> congratulations, robin. here's what's coming up. "dancing with the stars" pro val sharing a major lawsuit with something he shared online. dream on, what do steven tyler and skittles have in common? they're in a big new super bowl ad. very funny. we'll show you coming up and
8:07 am
dates, this young woman putting the latest research to the test of the her name is erica and we'll find her love in america. all coming up live from times square. don't go anywhere. are you ready? >> yeah. let's do it. "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by advil. relief doesn't get any better than this. very open heart... is a story. t a story about finishing the race... t no matter what the obstacles. p about rebuilding the bond between a mother and a daughter. tor about helping build homes for others... r because you remember what it felt like... when you keep an open heart, that's what the open at kay jewelers right now, on select open hearts jewelry at kay. r...and love will always
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hey! this is lloyd. to prove to you that the better choice for him is aleve. he's agreed to give it up. ok, but i have 30 acres to cover by sundown. we'll be with him all day as he goes back to taking tylenol. yeah, i was ok, but after lunch my knee started hurting again so... more pills. yep... another pill stop. can i get my aleve back yet? for my pain... i want my aleve. get all day minor arthritis pain relief with an easy open cap. we welcome you back to "gma" on this tuesday morning and now to that social media lawsuit that's reminding us to think before we post. "dancing with the stars" pro val chmerkovskiy is being sued for $6 million over a meme he shared online. "nightline's" juju chang is here with all that. good morning, juju. >> good morning, robin.
8:11 am
mother always says it's not what you say, it's how you say it. val is known for tough lovepartners but he's being sued for defamation and emotional injury reminding us a quick meme can have lasting impact. can you come out tonight >> reporter: he's known for his saucy moves and once winning the mirror ball with rumer willis on "dancing with the stars" but this morning, val chmerkovskiy is in legal hot water for sharing this meme with his 300,000 plus fans on facebook. the text reading, letting your kid become obese should be considered child abuse. the girl's family now suing chmerkovskiy for $6 million saying he humiliated a girl with down syndrome who's at much higher rick for obesity. >> and since then over -- close to half a million followers of this credit have apparently viewed this same image. >> reporter: according to the
8:12 am
old when the photo was taken unbeknownst to her at a baseball game. the photographer also being sued by the family posting it to flickr with the caption, everything that's wrong with america back in 2008. >> skylar's older sister was surfing on her social media facebook page and happened upon a site by valentin chmerkovskiy where he had used this image of her little sister and she was shocked and surprised. >> reporter: the backlash on social media against chmerkovskiy was swift. one person writing, not cool. i agree with the fact that parents need to encourage healthing eating but you don't have to put down this child to do it. >> reporter: while others are standing by the dance pro using #isupportval. >> he was not aware the girl had down's syndrome and took it down action. he never meant to offend anyone. he was trying to start a conversation about what's healthy and not.
8:13 am
twitter to plead his case. one day you'll hear my side of the story, if anyone will still be listening. the family is not only suing the photographer but for reposting it. now val who is known for visiting sick kids in the hospital has a lot of supporters online. he later posted i have no decide to discriminate or shame. he says he just wanted to spark a conversation about childhood obesity and that is something he very much did. guys. >> he just sparked another conversation. all right, juju, thank you. going to bring back dan abrams. so heard about the lawsuit. does the family have a case. >> it's not easy. first of all this picture was taken allegedly at a game, right, so she doesn't have an expectation of privacy at the game. it's a public place. you can take pictures of people in a public place without them having an expectation of privacy. he's also allowed to express his opinion about things even if it isn't nice. the question is as a legal matter in my view, deaf famation doesn't work, i don't think.
8:14 am
real shot with regard to invasion of privacy. they will but the question is, intentional infliction of emotional distress is one of the allegations here. >> how do you prove damages to the amount of $6 million. >> first of all the conduct to win on that kind of claim has to be so outrageous, because it's not -- you could always claim something is intentional infliction of emotional distress because it's mean and because i didn't like it and it made me unhappy. it has to go to another level to be able to be that tort. damages are really interesting questions because when you're talking about a child you are "you're so vain" vain"'s not talking about someone who has lost wages or opportunities for jobs, et cetera, it's really just the mew millation factor. even if they were to win what is a difficult lawsuit damages would also be a tough thing for them to prove. >> as i said val is sparking a conversation about can you ever be sued for reposting something?
8:15 am
that could get you into a lot of trouble. >> yes, you got to remember that on social media you're effective effectively a publisher now. you are now publishing the same way anyone else is publishing information out there. so if you say something that is liable louse or slapdzerrous your defense can't be, well, it's my facebook page, i can say whatever i want. you can say whatever you want and someone can sue you for what you said on there. same thing goes with regard to sharing something. if you are sending it out, you are publishing it, you can be held responsible for what is in that -- >> even if you're reposting it. >> even if you're reposting, you're still the publisher. >> all right. just pause before you hit that send button. >> you got to think about it. this is serious stuff although i don't think they'll have a particularly strong lawsuit here. >> thank you, lara. thank you. now to the game on everybody's minds, super bowl 5-0. all this week we're showing you exclusive sneak peeks at the ads that will make as many headlines
8:16 am
we showed you ryan reynolds. getting almost half a million views and now a first look at the eagerly anticipated ad that will have you tasting the rainbow with the one and only steven tyler. take a look. >> all right, let's do this. i got minds to twist and values to warp. >> mr. tyler, your skittles portrait. >> that is e to the z or twiddly dee disgusting. >> you haven't heard me sing yet. dream on dream on >> i think a little higher. dream on dream on >> rock the rainbow. taste the rainbow. >> so, george? >> i liked it. robin. >> so do you have a favorite between that and ryan reynolds? i don't know if you saw it. you were in iowa.
8:17 am
>> i want to wait until the super bowl to see these ads. i don't want to see them now. >> don't give them all away. there's lots to see, believe me. lots of people buying ads. we're all excited about them but, of course, we also are excited about the actual game, the nfl kid correspondent who went behind-the-scenes for "gma" at opening night and asked all the tough questions even going one-on-one with who? peyton manning and cam newton. take a look. it's opening night for super bowl 50, the kickoff to a week of excitement. all leading up to the big game sunday between the denver broncos and the carolina panthers. and to help us cover this huge event, we have a very special correspondent. >> hi, hi, hi, i'm marlo mostly and this is awesome. >> reporter: 11-year-old marlo mostly was chosen by the nfl from thousands of young football fans to have a whirlwind week leading up to the big game. >> let's go talk to soum of the
8:18 am
assignment of a lifetime for this super fan, marlo rubbing elbows with some of football's biggest stars. >> what do you mean by your last rodeo. >> i don't really know what that means. what do you think that meant? that you're probably going to retire. >> you totally missed the point. i am going to go participate in rodeos. >> reporter: even the panthers offensive lineman michael oher portrayed in "the behindside." >> do you like being a movie star better or football player. >> definitely football. >> reporter: picking their brains and getting some game. >> how do you train to be a great quarterback? >> just like you train to be great in anything else. you have to put your mind to it. >> catch as many footballs as you can, run a lot and eat good. >> when i grow older i want to be a head coach just like you in the nfl. so i was wondering what advice you would give me. cannot grow up to be a head coach in the nfl. >> reporter: but it wasn't all business for this young correspondent.
8:19 am
when i'm in the end zone i do the dab just like you. >> no, you don't. >> yeah, i do. >> what. >> for "good morning america," i'm marlo moseley here in san jose, back to you. >> marlo. >> she's got it. >> our jobs are in jeopardy. >> asking really great questions. >> thoughtful. 11 years old and a rock star. right now out to another star, rob, with a check on the weather. >> lara, these guys have been out here since 4 a.m. where are you from? >> houston, texas. >> a little chilly here. >> houston, texas. >> naples, florida. >> somebody from florida. and everybody from warm weather climates. where it's summer right now outside sydney, australia. listen and look at this lightning. oh, my goodness. that was too close for comfort for sure and we have a severe weather threat in the states. plenty of that from memphis to baton rouge around noontime and really expanding to louisville,
8:20 am
that blizzard warning from northern kansas all the way to southern minnesota. look at kearney, 52 miles an hour with blowing snow. cindy: good morning. 39 degrees with sunshine on this groundhog day. beverly in the 20' s. we will climb into the mid-to-upper 40' s, close to 50 today. lots of sunshine and some wind. rain tomorrow heaviest in the afternoon and ev >> they almost bailed on me getting cold out here. lara, back to you inside. >> thank you, rob. we begin with pope news. >> oh. >> yeah. there you go. nobody? just months after the pontiff
8:21 am
pope francis is now going hollywood. preparing to play himself in the upcoming film "beyond the sun" filming takes place in italy. the story line focusing on children from different cultures learning about jesus' teachings, this is not surprisingly the first time in the history of the church which by the way was founded in the first century that any pope has become a movie star. proceeds will go to two argentinean charity that is help at risk children and wondering what his rider might look like. only white candles. maybe bottled water that could of course turn to wine. >> wow. >> thought that out as well. >> truly pope news. >> now we switch gears back to "pop news." selena gomez's fans know the heart wants what its wants and the world wants 7-year-old audrey to keep singing her heart out. take a listen. i want you to know baby i love
8:22 am
baby >> robin we could learn a thing or two from audrey. >> she has moves. jazz hands. it's audrey hands. >> go, audrey. >> roll back so i can tell everybody about little -- thank you, prompter. audrey's word perfect rendition of "love you like a love song" has 14 million views. it's on facebook. anemia. a rare bone marrow disorder. it is a tough disease, you guys, but as you can see she has the right attitude and the spirit to fight it. selena even felt her energy writing audrey, you are an amazing performer. call me if you ever need a duet partner. >> yes, ma'am. >> i love her spirit. i love you like a love song baby somehow not so cute when a a-year-old does it. audrey, we love you. also in "pop news" this
8:23 am
petitioning for snoop dogg to narrate a full season of the animal planet network series "planet earth." the rapper has proven he has his own style of commentary styles on "jimmy kimmel live" in a recurring segment called planet earth. take a look. >> mongooses? oh. wow. it's about 12 of them. they backed the gator up. never saw a gator get punked by a mongoose. >> snoop has tweeted his support for the idea. we say animal planet, give it a shot. if the show's ratings are not through the roof you can always drop it like it's hot. >> oh. >> thank you. >> why did you -- >> did you say for shizzle. is that four decades old? >> so out of touch. >> old school. >> wow. >> and then finally, guys, just a quickie, it's tuesday. who doesn't like tuesdays here.
8:24 am
i mean i tell you this guy -- look at that face. he is mad. he's a mad monkey. he ain't going to take it anymore. he's done, robin with your monkey business? he's like grumpy monkey. >> thank you. i ran out of clever lines so that was grumpy monkey on this grumpy tuesday. >> who are you calling a grumpy monkey. >> we all are a little bit. that's "pop news." >> john travolta and courtney b. vance are here. also blythe danner. counting down to valentine's day with the ultimate adventure. ten dates, ten states. >> a lot of kissing. tt0w!tw((i! %4 ($^( tt0w!tw((i! el (.yd tt0w!tw((i! ed (([
8:25 am
tt0w!tw((i% kzx-b+h tt0w!tw((i% n-x-7bd >> live from wcvb, this is a newscenter 5 eyeopener update. emily: good morning. police are investigating a serious crash in plymouth. the 21-year-old driver crashed into a tree on cherry street before midnight last night. he was taken to the hospital , where he was pronounced dead. a sandwich woman is being held on bail, accused of dragging a woman under her car through boston. xaianying zhou hid her face in court yesterday as she pleaded not guilty. police want her blood tested for alcohol and drugs in yesterday' s crash. take a live look outside. sunshine looks great. not quite as warm as yesterday. cindy: looking at temperatures still in the 20' s to around the freezing mark in a lot of the
8:26 am
high-pressure nosing in. the sun is sticking around, the wins will be light. mid and upper 40' s this afternoon. rain coming in tomorrow. heavy downpours. about an inch of rain. olessa: we are still watching heavy delays north -- heavy volume back to 495. accident route 1 southbound by lynn street. 93 heavy as well down to the leverett connector. finally reopening this ramp on 128 southbound to highland avenue.
8:27 am
why? >> why what? >> seriously. don't tell me you just got in over your head. i want to know why, bernie. why? >> a scene from the upcoming "madoff" miniseries with richard dreyfuss and blythe danner premiering tomorrow night on abc. >> playing ruth madoff. blithe is joining us to tell us all about it in just a minute. first we are counting down to valentine's day and about to launch our big ten dates, ten states experiment. a third of all adults in the u.s. are single and looking for love. an inside look at the way so many are fining love today online. a $2 billion industry and then
8:28 am
score that second date. >> i've used tinder. >> badoo. >> one-third of couples getting married meet online. one of the hottest apps, hinge. >> hinge introduces you to friends of friends on facebook and the types of people you'd meet at a house party or wedding or dinner but we happen to meet them together. >> reporter: 23-year-old abc news producer erica scott is undertaking ten dates in ten states in just ten days. dr. helen fisher, author of "anatomy of love" conducted a survey of 5,000 singles from match and told her patience pays. >> 59% of them think that they might begin to fall in love on the second date and that's smart. >> reporter: but bizarrely the most likely predictor sushi boosting your chances by 170%. >> the simple reason it's unusual says they're willing to try something different, new, interesting and maybe even try
8:29 am
>> reporter: erica's crash course in the modern state of the first date stars today. ice skating in new york with date number one, josh. flirting with jet lag date number two is tomorrow in honolulu, from there she dates her way back to times square skiing in colorado, two-stepping in texas and cooking in chicago all in time for valentine's day. all right. and our very brave abc producer erica scott joins us now. bags are packed. >> bags are all packed. >> why did you agree to take on this very grueling and interesting assignment? >> yeah, it's definitely going to be an adventure for sure. you know, i'm kind of new to the dating scene and i thought, it sounded like a little bit of fun will happen. i mean i'm going to hawaii today. you can't fight that. >> touche. any concerns though? >> mostly like missing a flight.
8:30 am
we get off schedule. >> it's that tight? >> yes. >> is there a strategy for maximizing your time in each state. >> having everything planned out, all the dates are set and ready to go. hopefully i don't get stood up. >> in fact, speak of that you actually have your first date just around the corner from here. >> like ten minutes from now i'm going over to bryant park. >> can we follow you. >> yeah, please, come along with. >> there's josh. there he is. >> waiting for you right now, erica. >> i haven't met him yet. i shouldn't look. >> his name is josh. >> yes, his name is josh. >> and he knows the cameras will be following him. >> i don't know why anybody would agree to it. >> he's cute. look at him. he's 23 in finance, likes hip-hop music and cooking, long walks on the beach and rainbows. >> perfect. >> do you have any expectations heading into this, erica? >> expectation, just have a lot of fun. oh, my gosh, it sounds like a really good time but, no, just see where everything goes. >> all right, all right. we are looking forward to you -- you probably ought to leave now
8:31 am
>> don't want to stand him up. >> we'll check back in with you in a bit. you can follow her journey and get a behind-the-scenes look at on yahoo! so don't miss any planes, erica. >> i'll do my best. over here with blythe danner, she has a juicy new role in "madoff" and plays ruth madoff, the wife of bernie, one of the most epic financial con men in all time. take a look. >> i told her it's because you know the future. you always have. that's how your business does well even in bad times. >> and that's why you and i are going to be okay. >> tell me again. >> what? >> do you love me? >> welcome back to blythe danner. >> poor ruth. thank. >> you is it a love story? >> well, i don't -- the overall whole thing, i don't know that it's a love story.
8:32 am
understand how this woman was duped by a sociopath, you know, that this man who she loved from the time she met him when she was 16 just completely allowed him to take over her life. >> he duped everyone. his sons, his wife. >> yeah. >> so that's where you come down. a lot think maybe she was an accomplice. >> i don't believe she was. i think, you know, and as i say when you're with someone for that many years and he really, he really did rule the roost. i mean there was no question about it. everyone that i talked to that knew them both said that she behaved quite differently when she was with her friends and having some wine and a good time and the minute bernie appeared she was much more formal and really cared, watched him, cared for him, made sure he ate, you know, the properly -- i mean, it was a very motherly i think -- >> hard to wrap your arms around the whole scandal. $65 billion at stake in the end,
8:33 am
she had to endure so much. you did have a chance to talk to her. >> i did. >> what was that like? >> well, she was fragile. you know, i mean how could you not be? you've weathered this unbelievable storm. i was impressed, though, that she was able to walk around and, you know, be present because she was -- she wanted me i think to realize, to see that she was a mother, a grandmother who is very, very much loved about i her family. i could see the support she had around her side. i felt good about that for her. >> it's going to be such a revealing series for so many people to see. before you go, though, i also want to ask your husband bruce paltrow died many years ago from throat cancer and that inspired you to work with the oral cancer foundation. tell us about that. >> yeah, my daughter through stand-up for cancer has raised great funds for oral cancer foundation, oral cancer which i urge people to visit because it's really become an epidemic.
8:34 am
dies every hour of every day of every year in our country from cancer. throat cancer and i don't think many people know that. >> i didn't know is that. >> no, it's becoming, as i say much more prevalent among young people so urge them to get the prepubescent children boys and girls to get the inoculation against hpv. very important and so a lot to go into so that's why we really urge people to go on to the website and look into it. >> and the miniseries "madoff" airs tomorrow on abc. thanks very much for coming in, blithe. outside to rob. >> all bundled up from iowa. you got the jacket open. this is nothing for you. >> no, it's not, it was like negative 20 a few weeks ago so we're good. >> her birthday was yesterday. she spent it in new york. let's talk about the weather coming into the east coast with the blood watch in effect for
8:35 am
jersey, the big snow zone there with the rain coming in that could create some melting and flooding issues i think tomorrow. watching the severe weather and the blizzard and showers out in san francisco. cindy: good morning to you. we' ve got mostly sunny skies on this groundhog day. not as warm as the 60' s we had yesterday. clouds come in tonight. rain on the way tomorrow. >> this weather report is brought to you by rent a center. your mom and mom-in-law's birthday if and my sister's birthday. happy birthday. >> back to you inside? thank you, coming up, john travolta, courtney b. vance, they're here live opening up about starring in the new o.j. simpson series. r something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m.
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the o.j. simpson case captivated the nation. that was more than two decades ago. now it's about to do it again with the new series "the people v. o.j. simpson: american crime story." here with us now john travolta and courtney b. vance who stars as attorneys johnnie cochran and robert shapiro. welcome. showing you some love. you're a newbie to "gma." >> i'm an oldie. >> we go back. >> i told you that i've been able to watch the first two.
8:39 am
allowed us to see it ahead of time. my goodness. it's one of those that you remember where you were when, especially the white bronco. john. >> yeah, i was in caramel, month ray, california. my dad was glued to the television. i was in my celebrating my rebirth of my career with "pulp fiction" and just won at the film festival and i was celebrating my career but experiencing this american tragedy, it was a real dichotomy. >> i bet it was. how about you? >> i was in sacramento. we were doing "panther" and the preempted -- bronco chase preempted the finals, nba finals. >> i remember that. >> and i was -- what is going on here? i want to see my teams play and then all of a sudden i realized what was going on and i'm -- i was a huge o.j. simpson fan.
8:40 am
>> from the usc days and buffalo bills and so i was really in a state of shock that this is happening and because it was so new, we had never seen something where the whole world was captivated since the kennedy assassination. it really took me -- so that's why i really couldn't -- i didn't engage in the trial during the middle porras of it, the year-long trial. >> my dad was a football player and coach and he was compelled by this and kept us informed every day. >> i wish i had that. >> you and i'm telling you, both of you and the entire cast, you just really captured that moment. recaptured it. >> thank you. >> i want to play a bit. your character, bob shapiro going up against marcia clark play . >> where is your client. >> i'm sorry. he's with a few doctors. he's very depressed. >> yeah, well, he should be depressed. he killed two people.
8:41 am
your location. >> here's one of the doctors now. >> you had to be -- i don't want to say talked into this but you were reluctant to take the role initially. >> well, initially, you know, i thought, well, why are they doing this and is it a guilty pleasure? is it going to be sensational and it was anything but and i was even offered, you know, a position as a producer to ensure the quality of the project if i wanted to and then with ryan murphy and nina jacobson they only do high end things. i did take a while and surveyed a lot of my top friends in the industry to see what they felt and they felt like tv was really coming around to be, you know, the place where adults go to watch things and more kids for movies and adults for tv and so and it was multilayered. this is about racism, about classism, the legal and judicial system being broken, you know,
8:42 am
>> all of it. >> and when i saw that it was hitting so many subject matters so brilliantly then it was why wouldn't you do this? >> checks off a lot of the boxes like that. >> it does. >> you were able to meet johnnie cochran. >> yes. >> before he passed. >> years ago at a party. >> what did you -- you were willing to take on this role. >> oh, i was -- i did a couple of meetings with ryan and brad and all and had no problem. >> good wig. >> yes. kind of shocking that -- i didn't know i looked that much like him until i put that wig on. >> you said you didn't want to -- you didn't want to mimic him. you studied him. >> you know, he's iconic. i said, i'm not him. if i can suggest and let the audience enter into the story i know i will have done my job so -- >> what is your hope when people watch. do you think people will change their mind? i know that's not what you want. >> all we can hope for from my
8:43 am
to discuss and talk. i think it was so fresh back then, people were so polarized because they were watching it every day. they couldn't step back enough to be able to say, wow, you feel that way? i feel this way. well, let's talk about it. we need to talk. we need to talk. >> you know, each episode surprised the actors. we learned something every new script we were amazed and enlightened and i think at the end of the ten episodes you'll understand why the verdict was what it was and you will be enlightened by all the small things that were happening that you never could have had access miserable into court. the furman tapes, the bickering between the lawyers, the fight for fame, you know, the legal system being challenged, i mean, a lot of it. >> a little bit of bickering.
8:44 am
>> well, and courtney if you don't mind i'll ask "grease!" "grease live." >> i didn't get to see it. i was flying to be with you. so i didn't get a chance to see it but i'll watch it. >> it was beautiful. it was beautifully done and it originals. >> so cool. i got chis >> three we go. they couldn't re-create that, john. we love you. thank you. love to both your beautiful talented wife, as well. >> will do. >> hope you come back, both of you. you've got to see this. "the people v. o.j. simpson" premieres tonight on fx. coming up, the powerhouse behind the wwe goes one-on-one with amy next.
8:45 am
(group chatter) dude, dude, dude. this is bad. zi think we're going to have to talk to each other or something. x r and laughter) how did that feel? was it fun being stuck? so, the nissan leaf s only gets 84 miles on a charge. but the 2016 chevy volt gets an estimated 400 miles or more r on a full charge and a full tank of gas. woah! how's that for
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man: my kids have taught me how to live in the now. you know, life gets so busy with work and responsibilities and things you want to check off your list. it's really hard to just kind of put that all aside and sort of focus on having fun or playing, even. and kids have sort of taught me that. it's like, "hey, playing is a lot of fun." cc1 test message test text1 italics test text1 plain we're black with the latest installment of girl power and look at the powerhouse behind one of the most popular
8:47 am
homes across the globe and nearly half of its viewers were women and running the show from stephanie mcmahon. here's her story. it's no secret that when it comes to professional wrestling it's a male dominated world. so what may surprise some of you to learn that a woman is behind it all. >> stephanie mcmahon. >> fighting both inside the ring and out. for over 50 years stephanie mcmahon daughter of vince mcmahon is at the helm of transforming the network as the company's chief brand officer. in a field that has been dominated by men what do you as a woman bring to the table? >> i think what women bring to the table is perspective and oftentimes women feel insecure like they don't belong at the table with men and why? is your opinion any less valuable than anybody else's? no. and i think that the best way to really come to the best decision
8:48 am
>> wwe's mission -- >> reporter: she earned it in the boardroom. >> i would get the food and the coffee. >> reporter: working her way up from a receptionist. is there something you felt you had to fight for that wasn't just given to you if perhaps would if you were a man. >> because i'm the boss' daughter there is a perspective that everything has been handed to me so ha makes me have to work and fight that much harder to prove why i belong. >> reporter: she brings that same vigor and fight into the ring playing a character people love to hate. >> you are nothing more than a wanna-be reality star. >> how fun is it to play the role you play in front of the cameras while also being, can i say badass, a badass behind the scenes as well. >> i'm mean. i'm really hateful but behind the scenes to be able to represent this brand that i care so much about is an amazing opportunity and i'm truly privileged. >> and she's using that
8:49 am
it's no coincidence that under her leadership over 40% of wwe viewers are now women and as a mom of three daughters, she's proving that women can do it all and then some. how do you balance both worlds? >> i'm showing my daughters that a woman can do anything. it's never going to be perfect. sacrifices have to happen along the way whether it's a sacrifice at work or a sacrifice, you know, at home. but where i think women can be better at home is allowing our husbands to do more. >> reporter: and it is with her husband, fan favorite triple h she's paving a new way for women in wrestling, fighting against gender stereotypes with the divas revolution. >> our fans asked us to do more and feature them as athletes and give them more meaningful characters. their not just eye candy. we want more and we're doing everything we can to super serve that need. >> what is girl power to you. >> i think that girl power is
8:50 am
it's about confidence, it's about standing up for yourself and not taking no for an answer. even when we aren't aware that we're having an impact, we are. little girls who see, you know, women in the ring or see strong female characters, that's just the way it is. there's no reason why they can't be like that. you know, i think that us just having that presence means more than we even realize. >> and stephanie mcmahon, you the american people can't afford to wait for ideas thatr sound good on paper... but will never make itr in the real world. the grandmother who has tot choose between paying for mediciner and paying rent... t can't wait. the single mom whop desperately needs a raise... t can't wait. the student with ap mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
8:51 am
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cc1 test "good morning america" is brought to you by aleve. all day strong, all day long with 12 hours' strength. >> and before we go. there's erica scott getting started on her first date. not awkward at all that we have our cameras there. >> good luck, guys. >> we'll check in tomorrow. have a good day. >> have a good day. >> live from wcvb, this is a
8:53 am
emily: good morning. looking live over the boston skyline, blue skies. a little milder today. cindy: we just jumped into the low 40' s in boston. otherwise, high 30' s. high-pressure moving in. the sun is with us all day long and the wins will stay light out of the northwest at 5-10. tomorrow. heaviest during the afternoon and evening hours. gusty winds as well. olessa: a bit better now. still volume traveling from 128 to the leverett connector. crash on route one south by lynn street. typical volume. that accident from 128 south to highland avenue is gone. randy: emily: a weymouth firefighter is suspended without pay over a
8:54 am
on his personal page, veteran firefighter mark carron called it the worst drug ever created and suggested letting addicts die. he' s now been suspended for 90 days. on to new hampshire, presidential candidates not wasting any time. even as the iowa caucus votes were being counted. the candidates are hoping to sway undecided voters starting today. the first ballots will be cast one week from today. join us for newscenter 5 at noon. if you are heading out, you can
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