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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 2, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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victory. republican ted cruz pulling out a big win at last night' s iowa and today hillary clinton is s being called the closest democratic caucuses ever. good afternoon. i' thanks for joining us. the margins from the democratic re still too close to call at this hour. hillary clinton walked away with
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bernie sanders. and right now, a sanders spokesperson says the campaign is still assessing whether to ask for a recount as we await results from one final iowa precinct. on the republican side a huge victory for ted cruz beating out frontrunner donald trump by several%age points. and a strong third-place showing by senator marco rubio shows this is now a three-man race as the candidates focus on new hampshire. overnight several candidates on both sides landed in the granite state with just one week until the crucial first-in-the-nation 5' s kelley tuthill who' following the campaign trail through nashua this noon, kelley? kelly: chris christie too far -- initiative on money back in iowa morning. the race is on for those undecided voters in new hampshire. >> welcome to new hampshire. >> the candidates left iowa overnight and arrived in new
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week of campaigning before the nations first primary. >> 50% of the people, from what we' re hearing, are still undecided this week. i' ve got a case to make. you' re going to see me making that case everywhere for the next 7 days. ll be like gum on the bottom of your shoe : state wouldn' t have it any other way. clinton remain locked in a tight victory in iowa. bernie sanders: what this shows is that this campaign has started in a very forceful way, starting way, way back and coming to a virtual tie. and we are going to fight here in new hampshire. we look forward to winning here kelly on the republican side, : polls show donald trump leading a crowded republican field jeb bush you have to lay out the : plans of how you would change the country if you know it' s not going the right way and you have to give people a sense of how you' re going to do it and that'
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kelly: that is what all the candidates will be doing tried making their case and shaking a lot of hands in the prostate. -- in the brass states. erika: clinton supporters. college right now. her husband bill also addressing voters there a short time ago. the field is a bit smaller as race. martin o' malley calling it quits after getting less than a percentage in iowa. point and republican mike huckabee also ending his campaign after winning iowa in 2008. meantime the republicans will saturday, share the stage, again, in new hampshire. abc news and our sister station wmur are sponsoring the debate. it will be held at st. anselm college in manchester saturday night at 8:00. we turn now to the weather. live pictures of a sunny boston , chillier than yesterday.
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>> it is still not so bad. it is a beautiful day. danielle: yesterday was in a 11 at noon. we were at 63 degrees in boston, 57 and worcester. now, only at 47 in boston . we will take it. we are still running 10 degrees above where we should be this time of year. as you see, these temperatures in the mid-40' s. even 50 right now on the vineyard. as we go through the next 12 hours, notice what happens. we see more clouds increase through the overnight hours and temperatures bottom out in the 30' s. we are sunny out there with high-pressure dominating our weather. as you look off to the west, this big storm system, a cold
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nebraska. some rain showers out ahead of it. all of this is heading in our direction. the other thing with this is you notice the south and west. you see warm temperatures in knoxville, tennessee at 61 degrees per 68 in little rock. that warmer air is heading in our direction. we will talk about just how warm we get and also timeout that chance for heavy rain beginning tomorrow. erika: right now a cab driver is , recovering after being shot during an attempted robbery. newscenter 5' s sera congi is live in worcester where police are still searching for a suspect sera? sera: police don' t have a lot of information to go on. they are hoping the public will help. meanwhile, the victim is expected to be ok. >> a routine pickup suddenly turns violent for a veteran cabdriver. worcester police say the 72-year-old man was dispatched to stockton street around 10:00 last night. he was immediately approached by a masked man with a gun, who attempted to rob the cabbie, he tried to fight and during the
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witnesses say the ambulance arrived quickly. >> they took the guy and rushed him out of here as soon as possible. sera: the suspect took off, police scoured the area but could not find him. >> they were everywhere. they had this road backed off, this red backed off. sera: the victim is a part-time driver for root cap and worcester. company officials would not go on camera but told us their thoughts and prayers are were with her longtime coworker. the cap driver is in the hospital in stable condition. police hoping witnesses will come over, reminding any potential witnesses they can give up information anonymously. live in worcester, sera congi, wcvb news 5. erika: another bomb threat, a high school order to shelter after receiving some sort of threat area it' s not clear how that threat was received or what it said but school is still
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right now, police in melrose investigating a hoax threat that triggered a large response at a massachusetts congresswoman' s home. newscenter 5' s doug meehan is live with new details. doug? doug right now we' re awaiting : the release of a hoax call that came in on sunday. on it, a computer-generated link. there was also a claim that situation in town. katherine clark. they were also saying there was multiple injuries at the scene. once arriving at the clark home, police quickly realized this was some sort of prank. representative clark is a sponsor of a bill that would make it federal crime to call in a host in order to get a police presence like what happened on sunday. in a statement, he said no mother should have to answer the door to police in the middle of the night in for your her family' s safety simply because an anonymous person disagrees
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this call was made to the station, not on the police 911 line, but rather, the police stations business line. it was an unregistered number difficult to trace. we are live in melrose this afternoon. wcvb newscenter five. own son. today. and his daughter tells 5 investigates she hopes his stays behind bars. beating his 18-year-old son patrick to death with a propane tank and a hammer in 1986. he also bound and gagged his daughter paula and threatened to kill her and his wife. every five years. s pleaded his case for freedom. still fighting for his life in the hospital after suffering it' s still not clear what happed to him. 3-year-old kanai whyte was found unconscious sunday night. police spent yesterday combing through a second-floor apartment roxbury.
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the boy before this. he and his 5-month-old sister are now in state custody. a 21-year-old man is dead following this crash in we' re told a car crashed into a pole on cherry street around 11:15 last night. crews found the man trapped inside and rushed him to the hospital where he died. the cause of the crash is under investigation. right now, a sandwich woman faces charges, accused of dragging a woman three miles through boston, under her car. police say xaianying zhou hit a couple on kneeland street in a 48-year-old woman got trapped under the car getting dragged to dorchester. zhou' s lawyers say she got out to check why her car sounded strange and when she realized a woman was trapped tried to help. but witnesses say she got back in the car and drove away. the woman suffered serious injuries.
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i saw no head, no hands. >> that woman suffered serious injuries. her husband is expected to be ok. they' ll is set at prosecutors $5,000. want her tested for drugs and alcohol. new this noon, the state' s most wanted website is getting a makeover. it' s expanding to include new features to better help catch criminals. one is a new category, atm skimming, a crime that' s becoming more common in the state. since it' s launch 15 years ago, more than 7,000 criminals have 1700 of them have been captured thanks directly to the site. the zika virus now called a global health emergency. new plans put in place just today to help fight the threat. bill cosby back in court. his request as he faces a judge on criminal sex assault charges. sunny & cooler today but big changes on the way. timing the heavy rain and gusty winds and the temp drop that follows. resident
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erika: police and france say they have thwarted another potential terror plot. they arrested five people overnight who they say planned to stage attacks on nightspots before fleeing to syria. the group had already purchased bus tickets to join muslim extremists. at least some of them were already under surveillance by french intelligence. new revelations about the 12 marines killed in a helicopter crash in hawaii. the commander who was responsible for training them was fired just days before. the marines say they lost confidence in the commander' s ability to lead the group. all 12 marines including one from hingham died when two helicopters crashed near oahu last month. the search for them was called off after five days. also new, the fbi is now joining the criminal investigation into flint, michigan' s contaminated water crisis. last year, the town' s water became contaminated with lead
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switched in a cost-cutting measure. residents weren' t alerted until months later. michigan' s governor has repeatedly apologized. flint' s mayor refuses to resign despite increasing pressure to do so. the world health organization taking new steps to battle the explosive zika virus. today announcing it' s creating a global unit to help come up with a formal response. yesterday the group declared a public health emergency of international concern after a spike in cases. experts are under pressure to move quickly after admitting they were slow to respond to the ebola outbreak in africa. >> the need to coordinate international effort. to investigate and understand this relationship that her. response is needed. to minimize the threat ineffective companies. erika: infected mosquitoes. confirmed case of the zika virus here in massachusetts. bill cosby back in a pennsylvania courtroom today
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he' s accused of sexually assaulting a woman back in 2004. but as elizabeth hur reports he wants the charges thrown out, claiming the encounter was consenual. elizabeth: bill cosby back in court this morning. by the end of the day, he could learn it is the criminal -- if the criminal case with against them will proceed or the can avoid prosecution. his attorneys are fighting to have the case thrown out, arguing cosby had a deal that he would never be charged. last december, days before the statute of limitations was set to expire, the embattled comedian was charged with driving and simply assaulting former temple university employee and his pennsylvania home in 2004. of the dozens of women accusing cosby of sexual assault, this is the only criminal case filed against him. cosby has denied all of the allegations and in an interview with abc news last may, cosby reacted to the allegations pouring in.
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52 years, and i have never seen anything like this. >> the defense is now asking the judge to dismiss the case, saying the 78-year-old struck a bruce castor. in exchange for his testimony, no criminal charges could result from a testimony against cosby. in his deposition, cosby later admitted he had a number of affairs getting quaaludes to give two women he wanted to have sex with and gave pills at his benadryl. that testimony, released by a judge last year led to the criminal charges. the new district attorney said the deal is not as binding as it was never put in writing. today, the former da is expected to confirm that agreement existed. he has yet to enter a plea. he has set his encounter was consensual. he is currently out on $1 million bail.
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erika: turning to the economy. bp is cutting 7,000 jobs after reporting huge losses in 2015. the oil giant posted an annual loss off 5 billion dollars after earning 8 billion in 2014. the company cites charges related to the fallout from the 2010 gulf oil disaster but a steep decline in oil and gas prices also played a role. a big win for google' s new parent company. alphabet is beating apple as the world' s most valuable company for now. the pair went back and forth yesterday before alphabet surged ahead. it' s valued at 550 billion dollars. but that could change as apple is expected to be valued at 734 billion over the next 12 months. if you' re a fan of phil and spring you' ll like this prediction. this morning in pennsylvania, the country' s most famous groundhog, punxsatuwney phil, saw his shadow predicting spring will come early. and massachusetts' s resident groundhog, miss g, making the
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she also saw her shadow. but that doesn' t mean you should pack up your winter clothes just yet. the national oceanic and atmospheric administration says phil is accurate only 45% of the time. danielle: let' rodents. we kind of haven' t had had winter yet. danielle: it is just beginning to be february. if you are member when you go want to remember that? it was the snowiest month on record. picking february. snow.
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off, 2014, 2013. so far this year in terms of snow in boston, only about 10.4 inches of snow. last year, already at 37.2 inches of snow, the normal. 23.6 inches of snow. no snow in the forecast as of yet. we are talking about rain coming in. beginning tomorrow, around midday or so. through the afternoon, it will ramp up. by nighttime, heavy rain will be fine, it will wind down on thursday morning. there could be lingering showers on the cajun islands. this area of low pressure you see, a one front out ahead of it. we are on the warmer side of this one. we are just seeing rain. places to the north and west are seeing a lot of snow, especially in the midwest where they are action under a blizzard warning and some locations like parts of kansas, nebraska, iowa, up through even parts of minnesota. we are going to skirt by with some showers tomorrow and heavy rain. right now, we are not talking about rain outside. lots of sunshine, 47 degrees. our high average high temperature this time of year should be around 37.
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as we go through the next 12 hours, in and around the boston area, you will see temperatures near 50 degrees in some locations before we fall back into the 30' s through the overnight for a clouds will begin to crease as we had through the overnight hours into first thing tomorrow morning from our approaching system. we drop act into the 20' s for merrimack valley, 30' s in boston. upper 30' s on the cape. tomorrow, we have a southwest wind to start, offense returning to the north and west. bump into the mid-50' s tomorrow. what happens is this. high-pressure pulling away. tomorrow, we start out dry. the morning commute should be a dry one. towards lunchtime, when the rain comes on through, it continues to fall study for that ride home from work. until 11:00, heavy rail is and year -- read. i can be steady periods of heavy rain.
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the potential for flooding on the lower side from this one. to be? miles per hour out of the south at 1:00. as we go toward the evening, it miles or so. gusts. maybe the potential for wind damage and potentially a wind advisory from all of this. as we go through the next seven we bring in rain. i want to timeout one more time. dry. once we get towards lunchtime, showers entering into the berkshire. through the afternoon, they start to make their way toward boston by 6:00 or so and then they move further to the south and east through the overnight hours and linger on the cape and the islands for thursday morning. then we clear out on a day on thursday. the big story with this, we are turning much cooler by the weekend. temperatures falling back into the 30' s where we should be this time of year. erika: thanks so much. re welcoming a new member of
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maria stephanos is joining us this thursday. maria grew up in groveland watching channel 5, she says she started dreaming of a career in she' ll join ed harding anchoring newscenter 5 at 7:00 and 11:00 and our new 10:00 newscast coming to metv boston at the end of the month. welcome to maria. using eagles to battle drones. one country' s new way of downing those electronic devices. we are coming right back. the american people can't for ideas thatr but will never make itr in the real world. the grandmother who has tot choose between paying for mediciner and paying rent... t can't wait. the single mom whop t
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mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people p i'm hillary clinton and i
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erika: police in the netherlands have enlisted bald eagles to target drones. base will in and immediately dispose of the devices that many consider a nuisance. the company calls it a low-tech solution to a high-tech problem. by the way, a new milestone for secretary of state john kerry. he has hit the million mile mark into o-matic travel, reaching that mark during his current trip to europe. it' s a club with only one other member, former secretary of state condoleezza rice. she logged just over 1 million-miles in the air as america' s top diplomat. at this current rate kerry is
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spring. now, an important correction from daniel. danielle: about those groundhogs. they did not see the shadow. it is a quick spring. she went back in the hole and there are six more weeks of winter.
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