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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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theuestion right now, what happened to the little boy inside this roxbury home. five investigates has found that the police investigated a search warrant at the home. police are still investigating what happened here, and called it a death investigation. they said they do not have any prior contact with his family. they came here to outline street on sunday night, and he was unconscious when he was taken from the second floor apartment. he suffered severe trauma. dcf was involved with this family in some way, but the details of that involvement are not clear. that little boy had an infant sister that was also taken from this apartment. she was not injured. dcf has custody of a little girl while they continue their investigation. right now, no one as of now
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j.c.: a person has been hit and killed by a commuter rail train. this happened on the franklin line. delays are expected. >> now the caucuses are over, the battleground his shifted to new england. j.c.: all bets are off after donald trump lost to o ted cruz. we' re live in exeter, new hampshire. >> i am outside the town hall, marco rubio do here shortly. >> ted cruz took a short victory lap inside a windham new hampshire church. >> god bless the great state of new hampshire. >> he' d like a repeat of iowa in the granite state where donald trump is leading in republican polls, but cruz thinks he has momentum on his side.
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it will be decided by the men and women here in this room. it will be decided by the men and women across this country. who takes it seriously their responsibility of vetting the candidates. >> he claimed the iowa victory as part of the reagan coalition from the 1980' s reforming. >> we saw a conservative, evangelical, libertarians, all standing together saying what on earth are we doing. >> several republicans shifted base from iowa to new hampshire , including marco rubio who arrived bolstered by a strong third place showing. >> we need to unify the conservative movement. i can do that better than anyone else. we need to grow it. we need to be heller clinton and bernie sanders. i guess the best chance to do that. >> sen. cruz mentioned marco rubio and donald trump, but his toughest words today were for president obama. >> the first thing i intend to do is resend every single illegal and unconstitutional
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>> and by my count, that was the first of about 20 promises. we will hear a few more in 6:00 p.m. ed: donald trump will be campaigning in new hampshire after his second place finish in iowa. he was radio file on twitter for hours, and that he tweeted just before noon today, my experience in iowa was a great one. i started out with all the experts saying i could not do well there, and as it up in second place, nice. he followed that by tweeting because i was told i cannot do well, i did not spend as much time, and came in second. a great honor. j.c.: late this afternoon hillary clinton was officially declared the democratic winner of the iowa caucuses. newscenter 5' s janet wu is live
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>> on this first day of her iowa victory, heller clinton put no husband, entry prided herself politically on comparing herself to president obama. >> i urge you, new hampshire, i urge you, send a clear message to america and support the best change maker i have ever met. before the primary to put her husband on the same stage she was standing on. >> 20 points is a lot. >> there are lots of different numbers. case, and i was proud to make my case. to get the confidence and the votes of the people of going to do. >> her volunteers claimed there were more than a thousand in
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>> you have to ask yourself if it sounds good on paper or can be gotten done. >> but sanders says his lost by infraction is proof that his victory is within reach. >> we took on the most powerful political organization in this country. last night we came back from a 50 point deficit in the p olls. [applause] last night we began the political revolution, not just in iowa, not just in new country. door, enhance your democrats and independents who can vote next tuesday very well. but will his large number of
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game here in new hampshire? j.c.: bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face off in new hampshire on thursday night for a debate at unh. their final showdown before the primary on february 9. on saturday the republicans will share the stage again as well. can see it right here on channel 5. ed: take a look at this video. blizzard conditions right now in iowa. more than a foot of snow expected to be dropped when all is said and done. that system will then heard our way. harvey: we will not get snow from that. we will be completely on the other side of the storm. but right now, blizzard warnings, winter storm warnings, winter weather advisory' s. you can see that right up here. you can also see a line of severe weather moving through the southern states.
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mixing the warm air with the cold air. we are a little cooler than we were yesterday at this time, and the temperatures will fall this evening. then it will level off, and look what happens tomorrow. we start to warm up again as the participation -- precipitation approaches. it certainly means it will fall in the form of rain. not a problem here for tomorrow morning' s commute, the precipitation is still to our west. starting to get the first of the reagan and writer around the evening commute is when it starts to reach boston. then we start to get the rain tomorrow night. then we have more changes. we will see you in a little while. j.c.: new at 5:00 p.m., black leaders calling after several complaints of racial issues at the school.
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>> black leaders walked into the school department had a impromptu meeting with the superintendent. community leaders throwing the support behind the very bold move by boston last tin students for quality and inclusion. this is a videotape posted on youtube. the video launched a hashtag. students also wore black last week to show solidarity. the black community leaders appears racist be disciplined. >> why weren' a swifter and higher response from the ministration? -- from the administration? they are investigating, we thanked them that there is an
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>> there will told the investigation will take two weeks, and i have another week meeting -- they were told the investigation would take two weeks, and have another meeting with the superintendent in that time. ed: police in worcester tonight searching for a suspect in the violent robbery of a taxi driver. the cabbie was found shot inside his cab at stockton street near vernon last night. newscenter 5' s jack harper is live in worcester tonight with an update on the investigation. >> we are right in the end of stockton street. residents did not hear any shots, but they did see the cap driver doubled over. >> you can see him holding his side, and you can hear him saying is you see which way they went? and i said get in the house. >> it happened just outside her door. a red cab dispatched to pick up a fare met instead by a man with his face covered. a man who said it was a robbery. there was a quick struggle.
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was shot. >> the ambulance was here and that is how fast they were. they took that guy out of here. >> red cab says they were advised by police not to talk about the robbery. their thoughts are with the driver. police apparently don' t have much on the shooter and are asking for the public' s help. >> they were everywhere. they had the road blocked off. about five blocks. all these side streets they were looking for him. >> albalberto could see the scene from his window. he used to drive a cab. >> it' s scary. every night i worked for red cap. i was scared every night. >> police would like to hear their investigation. boston.
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they are focused on a truck in kenmore square. avoid this area. this is on beacon street. you can see all the fire trucks that are surrounding one truck right there. newscenter 5' s coverage of the opioid crisis continues tonight. ed: a big step in the fight against the growing epidemic. the new legislation introduced in washington. it would make available for addicts. j.c.: plus, new details revealed in court about the violent death of a young teen in virginia. the mother' s first look statement. then new at 5:30 p.m., ed: getting a boost from sunlight without the burn. how this new sunscreen could improve your health. i am not sure you can improve the commute right now, it is
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the drive times are still about a half-hour from mass after route three. the pike, a little bit slower. the tolls will slow you down.
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the american people can't afford to wait for ideas thatr sound good on paper... but will never make itr in the real world. the grandmother who has tot choose between paying for mediciner and paying rent... t can't wait. the single mom whop desperately needs a raise... t can't wait. the student with ap mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
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ed: back to the breaking news in boston right now. that fedex truck, and you can
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there is a tier three hazmat situation. that is the highest situation that they can offer right now. it concerns difficulty, hazardous material as well. evacuations would have to be considered according to the standards of tier three. the boston fire department tells us that firefighters are focusing on the fedex truck near kenmore square. sky 5 remains in the air, and we will bring you everything that happens tonight. j.c.: new dell almonds in the death of that virginia girl. facing new charges as the mother of the girl speaks out for the first time. >> the mother of 13-year-old nicole level is speaking publicly for the first time since her daughters body was found saturday, dumped along this north carolina road. >> nicole was very lovable. she touched many people throughout her short life and >>
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>> a very preliminary determination of the cause of death is stabbing. students had previously disposal of a dead body. she is now facing a new charge, accessory before the fact. the murder occurred last s of her bedroom window. her daughter had a liver transplant before the age of one, titled non-hodgkin' s lymphoma, and later p mersa. >> she had only a 1% chance of survival. >> her daughter was bullied online, and police think she met 18-year-old david eisenhower online. he is now charged with her murder. a high school track star, and a former intern for nasa both feel
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now both are in jail, without bond. she was in court yesterday on those charges. she will also be related this week. ed: the obama administration is proposing $1.1 billion in new funding to address the heroin epidemic. >> this disease is decimating our families. i will do thing i can to make sure that you have sure gets -- that new hampshire get the funds they need. >> president obama is urging all government buildings to be earthquake ready. the white house says the new
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safer and cut the cost of recovery. j.c.: this is a time lapse weather service. ed: that is pretty impressive. harvey: it is beautiful. it is really nice. it has been another nice day. so far, two days into february, way above the average. j.c.: i have a feeling you' re going to bring that average down. harvey: eventually. right now we look at these temperatures for today. we made it to 15 in providence and almost a 50 year in boston.
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cooler -- 15 degrees cooler than yesterday. the skies are mostly clear. for the first part of tonight, the dry air in the light wind, temperatures are starting to fall back. look at that, 39 in orange. 39 in falmouth. it will allow the injured to get down tonight. love temperatures will be reached at about midnight, and then begin to ensure by morning. but mid-to-late afternoon, or this time tomorrow, look at where the temperatures are going to be. they' re only going to continue to rest, so that tomorrow night the temperatures may move up to, or over 16 degrees with a strong southerly wind at that time. i will show you why that is the case.
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moving in that warm air down south will be moving in. that is causing all the wintry conditions across the plains states. and it is producing severe weather in the warm part of the storm, tornado watches in effect in this part of the so zone. here is a look at that direction. eventually we will get wet later tomorrow and tomorrow night. eventually we will start to turn somewhat colder. let me give you a breakdown as to how tomorrow is going to go around on these parts. earlier in the day, here comes the rain. notice, it comes through later tomorrow, overnight tomorrow night, into the wee hours of thursday morning. look at these temperatures at 3:00 a.m. on thursday. it is still well into the 50' s.
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thursday we will start to turn somewhat cooler. it will be a warm start. temperatures will fall through the 50' s into the 40' s. as to how much rain will fall from this whole deal, a little hard to say because there will be downpours involved. sometimes it is not always that widespread, but a half an inch or more on average. another thing to watch out for is that as we turn chillier there will be a little wave of low pressure. thursday night into the first part of friday, it could mix with a bit of what snow before. way. chillier weather will pull our way, and then after the weekend we will have to watch for some potential for one or two ocean storms to develop. i cannot tell you yet they will come close enough to do anything to us. but there is potential early next week of some storminess around here after a weekend that looks mainly dry with seasonable temperatures at that time.
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three-time breast cancer survivor. j.c.: but she may never have had cancer at all. the seattle woman well-known for raising hundreds of thousands of dollars now under scrutiny. j.c.: ed: he' s now a wanted man here in new england. old man winter. the new bulletin issued for him since he appears to missing this
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j.c.: we all know the dangers of drinking alcohol during pregnancy. many women choose not to, but many are still at risk. the nation' s top health officials say it' s a problem. now there is a solution. >> pregnancy changes everything,
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it is common knowledge that alcohol can be dangerous to developing babies, was pregnant all. but what about those who do know that they are pregnant yet? it is an issue that the cdc addressed today. releasing a report intending to warn the 3 million women who are of childbearing age, who drink alcohol that are not on birth control. according to the march of dimes, fetal alcohol syndrome affects an estimated 40,000 babies each year. the consequences can leading to a lifetime of disability. j.c.: so for women, a reminder to exercise caution. if pregnancy is possible, find out before you get that next drink. ed: a well known cancer survivor and advocate accused of lying her name is tracy. seattle and nationwide. she is now accused of lying about her 3 alleged bouts with
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a car dealer that helped raise money for team tracy says he still can' t believe it. a team member broke the news to him yesterday. >> the first words were, tracy doesn' t have cancer. shea, she is cured. now, she has never had cancer. it blew my mind. ed: several team tracy social media pages have recently disappeared. j.c.: a congresswoman becomes the victim of a hoax, that brought police to her door. re now hearing the 911 call. ,what respresentative katherine russell may have made her a -- was doing that may have made her a target. j.c.: this week' s a-plus takes us to foxborough. the high school senior that
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>> this wcvb newscenter 5 at 5:30 p.m. j.c.: a hazmat situation is happening right now near kenmore square. a fedex truck has a model of hydra close hcl that is leaking. everyone is being told to avoid this area. >> a little boy found
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