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tv   Newscenter Five at Five- Thirty  ABC  February 2, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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austin police are still investigating what happened to the three-year-old on sunday. the boy died at boston medical center. >> all eyes are new hampshire. donald trump will reportedly be endorsed by former massachusetts senator tonight. he give up with a second-place finish in iowa last night. >> hillary clinton is, not as a razor thin win over bernie sanders. bernie sanders just told his team that his campaign is at the beginning of a political revolution. >> rain is coming our way. harvey: no snow this time for us. look at our satellite imagery. nothing to be concerned with. right now the temperatures are in the upper 30' s and low 40' s. we will drop off the first half of tonight with the clear skies. tomorrow, warm iron out the head of this storm, which is causing
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a little idea of the timeline for us. clouds will be in the morning commute, but by lunchtime it will be drive. -- dry. eventually, we will get rain into the boston area as well. we will give you an idea of how much rain to expect, and some additional storms down the road. >> police received a call that triggered a large response to a hoax call. >> the call is a hoax known as swatting. on the recording, a computer-generated voice claims to be from life alert. >> there have been shots fired
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this address. >> the address listed, the home of congresswoman katherine clark. police rushed to the scene and quickly realized it was some kind of prank. representative clark is sponsoring a bill that would make it a federal crime to call in a hoax in order to get a big police response. in a statement, clark said no mother should have to answer the door to the police in the middle of the night and fear for her family' s safety simply because an anonymous person disagrees with her. the call was made to the police station' s business line, not 911. it also came from a non-listed number. so, at this point, there' s no way to trace where it came from. ed: the former district attorney who chose not to prosecute bill cosby more than a decade ago was in court today as a key witness for the defense. s lawyers hope to s testimony to have the sexual assault charges filed against the comedian dismissed. >> bill cosby entering court today without answering questions from reporters is hoping to walk out of court free of sexual assault charges against him. a former da explained that there
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case, including the that the accuser first contacted police a year after the alleged assault. a deal was made, and oral agreement that says that cosby went not be charged if he testified in a civil it. but the current da maintains that because it is not binding. >> i find it a bit ironic that mr. cosby would speak to exclude evidence that he gave drugs to women when that was his testimony. >> it was last december that the embattled comedian was charged with driving and sexually assaulting a former university employee at his home in pennsylvania. the prosecutor saying that the charges stem from his own deposition, when he admitted he
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he said they were benadryl for her allergies. ed: of the dozens of women accusing cosby a sexual assault, this is the only criminal case filed against him. cosby has denied all the allegations. >> sam' s club members at three different locations were closed suddenly. customers can still pick up pharmacy items. we haven' t seen him around much this winter and now he' s on a wanted poster. take a look, police in auburn, maine have issued this bulletin for old man winter. the poster says he' s currently missing, was last seen in virginia heading east. he hails from the north, moves quickly and is known to drift about. usual hangouts include canada, siberia and all parts of maine. police warn not to approach old man winter because he is
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ed: i think we' re going to get bitten again before this ends. coming up, we will take you to our a+ student. and then the next generation of sunscreen. however breakthrough formula developed locally could boost your health. we will take effect of the situation. it has apparently been improving rapidly. that fedex box that have the acid issue has been cleaned up. they have been prepared to restore the area and movement
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ed: when you think of a student council president, the first thing that comes to mind is someone who' s popular and outgoing. j.c.: but this week' s a plus got the job even though she was shy and felt out of place after a traumatic experience as a child. ed: newscenter 5' s antoinette antonio introduces us to abby schofield of foxborough high school. >> at the podium, giving a speech, she exudes poise and confidence. but the senior says she was actually pretty shy before joining student council. >> that his been how i found my friends in high school. >> she found her calling in student government. class treasurer for all four
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high school was not t he easiest transition after a series boating crash when she was a child. >> i went to the hospital for four weeks and then rehab for three weeks. >> overcoming her injuries and the trauma has made her who she is. a leader to her peers. >> she makes our lives easier, and somehow always manages to feel completely under control even when there is a whole lot of stress having at once. she is willing to do the extra work that needs to be done. not simply so she can get a good grade, but so she can warren. >> struggling her presidency while taking ap classes and maintaining a 3.9 gpa. this is one reason she deserves this a+. j.c.: abby has already gotten into her dream school, b.u. she plans to double major in religion and classical studies and wants to be a museum curator. know an exceptional student
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submit a nomination right now at just click as seen on. harvey: way to go. that is great. ed: a reunion 80 years in the making. j.c.: a special moment when they came face-to-face. ed: the social media snare that could cost millions for a big tv star.
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j.c.: turning to the economy. bp is cutting 7,000 jobs after reporting huge losses in 2015. the oil giant posted an annual loss of $5 billion after earning $8 billion in the company cites 2014. charges related to the fallout from the 2010 gulf oil disaster but a steep decline in oil and gas prices also played a role. the naming rights to the verizon wireless arena in manchester, new hampshire have been bought by southern new hampshire university. the newly named snhu arena will continue to host the monarchs, concerts, and sporting events. the arena will reopen with the new name on september first. ed: now to a reunion 82 years in the making. a 96 euros woman -- a
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reunited with her long-lost daughter after being separated in 1933. lena pierce gave birth to eva old. the state of new york made pierce give up her baby for adoption. a family raised her as an only child, renaming her betty morrell, but she has been searching for her birth mother for fifty years. i was 21 years old. my father died a few years later. i have been on my own all this time. >> all this time has gone by. we will catch up. ed: one lives in pennsylvania, one lives in florida, but they will catch up and the relationship will continue. she just started walking not that long ago but she can shred with the best of them. this is 14-month-old sloan taking right to snowboarding. her parents started her out in their utah backyard, but these days she' s hitting the real
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j.c.: oh my gosh. i hope she has a helmet on. ed: i was about to say the same thing. j.c.: good for her. ed: she is not afraid at all. she is just snowboarding further than i ever have. harvey: me too. it reminds me of the great line from the karate kid. you must have balance. she has great balance. [laughter] last winter , we had four incredibly big snowstorms in boston. the first one was january 26 and seven, and it was the state a year ago that we were finishing up the second of the big four. at this point last year, this is
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53.4, on our way to more than double that by the time it was all over. look at where it is this winter season. the average would be 24. as far as worcester is concerned, now just 11.1. the average we 35.5. a snow producer around the upper great lakes and northern plains states. portions of northern iowa as well as the prescott, minnesota, where there are blizzard warnings in effect. here' s the deal, the storm has its cold side, and it has its warm side where there is severe weather going on. the track of the storm is to the west of us, which will form the warm air coming right at us.
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the warm air will be driven up later tomorrow night when we will rise through the 50' s, and some of us may actually jump of the degrees or a little higher during tomorrow night. that will be in that sector of the storm. these will be the height which is at the end of the day tomorrow. it still keeps going up even into the nighttime hours. we are mainly clear, it should be drive for the morning commute. -- dry for the morning commute. north and west. eventually some of that right comes through southeastern massachusetts as well. thursday, a little wave of low pressure may come and provide ray. in. we does not affect her tonight or earlier tomorrow, but as we get into tomorrow night for some
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coast could be 50 miles per hour. it will get windy, that is out of the south which will be driving warm air. i did want to mention to you that we have a second little storm which may cause a little bit of rain or mix around the cape. that would be on friday. it is a little bit colder there. tomorrow, windy later into the night. a mild, warm start thursday, and then cooling down a little bit. one final thing i do want to point out, that storm which may give a mix to the cave early on will come in for most of the weekend. once we get past the weekend, if one or two possible storms the ocean waters. we will have to see how those storms track. there is some potential roughly about a week from now.
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ed: boston police commissioner william evans featured in an article in runner' s world magazine, telling them what he has been telling us, that he hopes to run this year' s boston marathon which would be his 50th. evans says quote it' s going to be a marathon-time decision, i think, based on the events leading up to april. he just finished running the marathon in houston. he last ran the boston marathon at the finish line. marathon in 2013, the year of the attack at the finish line. j.c.: a popular professional dancer from dancing with the stars facing a social media lawsuit tonight. val chmerkovskiy is being sued for millions over something he shared on his facebook page. newscenter 5' s erika tarantal has the story. >> he is known for his saucy moves, and winning the mirror ball trophy. but now he is in legal hot water for sharing this with his
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the text reading, letting your kids become obese should be child abuse. trouble for humiliating a girl who has down syndrome. according to the lawsuit, the girl was eight years old and the photo was taken, unbeknownst to her, at a baseball game in 2008. the photographer also being sued . >> the older sister was surfing on her social media is made, and happened upon a site , where he had used this image of her little sister. she was shocked and surprised. >> the backlash on social media was swift. not cool.
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healthy eating, but you do not need to put down this child to do it. >> he was not aware the girl had down syndrome, and he took down the photo before he new there was any sort of legal action. he is try to start a conversation about what is legal and what is not. >> he says one day you will hear my side of the story, if anyone is listening. j.c.: lady gaga will honor legend david bowie at this year' s grammy awards. gaga will work with musical director nile rodgers to put together what they' re calling a quote experiential tribute. rodgers collaborated with bowie himself for years. gaga was known to be one of bowie' s biggest fans. the grammy' s will air on february 15. and it has been announced that lady gaga will sing the national
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getting benefits from the sun, without the burn. ed: up next, how this new sunscreen created right here in massachusetts could improve your health. heather: and i' m heather unruh, coming up at 6:00, breaking news . a three-year-old found with traumatic injuries has now died. the little boy rushed to the hospital from a home in roxbury over the weekend. we' re live with an update. plus, commitment 2016 coverage live from new hampshire as the presidential candidates descend on the granite state with a week until the primary. and a man convicted of killing his own son 30 years ago asking
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with the help of comfort keepers, i'm keeping my mom healthy! i'm keeping dad on schedule. i'm keeping my mom happy! comfort keepers in-home professional caregivers can provide meal planning and preparation, health and wellness services and personal care services through custom care plans that can change as needs change, so your aging loved ones can stay happy and healthy in their
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ed: anti-smoking laws went into effect today in italy. the sweeping changes carry large fines and make it illegal to smoke in a car carrying children or pregnant women. smokers caught doing that will be fined up to 500 euros, which is about 550 u.s. dollars. smoking will also be prohibited outdoors near schools and hospitals. throwing cigarette butts on the pavement could also carry a big fine. the legal blood alcohol level may become lower. the national transportation safety board is pushing for the change. the board is asking states to lower their legal limit from .08, 2.05. 0.05. they say it' s a way reduce alcohol-related road accidents. in the last 15-years, one-third of all highway deaths involved
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s not on the market yet, but a new sunscreen for sale this summer could offer more health benefits than just protection from sunburns. newscenter 5' s explains this breakthrough in sunblock. >> it goes on very smoothly. this new sunscreen, in short supply right now at the boston university school of medicine. but in australia, solar-d is changing the way people protect their skin and their health. >> most people on the planet are getting their vitamin d from sun exposure. and so if you get no sun exposure, you' re at extremely high risk for vitamin d deficiency. >> dr. michael holick says the number of people at risk is increasing, more people work indoors. and many of us are using excellent sunblock. >> ultraviolet light makes vitamin d in your skin. so if it absorbs 97% to 98%, that means it reduces your ability to make vitamin d by 97% to 98%. >> not enough vitamin d can lead to serious health problems, rickets or soft bones in children. osteoporosis in adults. it also can increase the risk of
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cancer and type 2 diabetes. >> and basically the list goes on. so every tissue and cell in your body is a vitamin d receptor. >> dr. holick and a team of researchers designed solar-d to be different, reducing some of the ingredients so people can still block the burn, but not the benefits. >> most of the ingredients are the same. it' s just that the ingredients have been changed in a clever way to take advantage of the ability for some of the ultraviolent light to make vitamin d in your skin. j.c.: the dr. expects to do cost just slightly more than what is on the market. ed: newscenter 5 at 6:00 starts right now. >> breaking news, the badly injured center -- little boy at the center of a mystery in roxbury has died. and donald trump explains his
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coverage. historic boston school. the incident that has activist looking for answers. mrs. wcvb newscenter 5 at 6:00 p.m. unconscious from traumatic injuries has now died. atwater' scene in roxbury tonight. that is where it happened. >> police are investigating this little boy' s death tonight. they know they have had prior involvement in this family. just last friday tcf officials say a social worker contacted one of the boys care providers who reported he was clean and well fed. then just to do later, he was traumatic injuries. today that three-year-old boy lost his life. while it is not clear why dcf
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family, five investigates have learned that they had opened an investigation. no one has been charged in this case, and police are calling it a death investigation right now. the voice sister also lived here. she is five months old. she was not hurt, and dcf is looking after her tonight. >> breaking news from boston right now. sky 5 is over a hazmat situation. this is near kenmore' s where. firefighters are using a neutralizing agent on a bottle of leaking hcl, which is very corrosive. everyone was being told to avoid that area. they are now working very quickly to get the area cleaned up and back open to traffic. ed: also breaking tonight, a person hit by a commuter rail train. it have been at endicott station
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