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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 2, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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today only learned police did his family. police are calling this a death investigation. no one right now has been charged. john atwater, wcvb newscenter 5. heather: new hampshire is next. the candidates hanging onto momentum in a seven-day primary. there are two clear front-runners -- bernie sanders and donald trump. live pictures from new hampshire tonight with the billionaire businessman is about to hold a rally. we have seen him since his second date -- a second-place finish in iowa last night. he said his experience in iowa was a great one. he went on to say the media has uncovered what he calls a long shot great finish in iowa. also in new hampshire today -- pam: call it a victory lap for
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a townhall stall meeting. mr. cruz: it will be decided by the men and women across this country. what we saw last night was we saw the old reagan coalition coming back together again. >> i was a little surprised last night. the results of iowa. i hope there is here. >> things he would do if he was president, ranging from immigration reform to abolishing the irs/ . he is campaigning in south carolina tonight.. heather: janet: family clinton has seven days to close the gap. she brought out the big gun -- her husband, say a he knows what the job entails and need told the supporters she is the right person for the job.
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are too extreme and politically impractical. >> he will have to explain his policies. i think there has been a lot of editorial comments and articles written about him. and the reality of what is being put forward. >> while they have the experience, bernie sanders has a following that may go to the polls with nothing but enthusiasm to get him there. janet wu, wcvb darryl sutter newscenter 5. ed: we seem to see a different hillary in new hampshire today. >> you did. nobody performs better on their backs against the wall as opposed to hillary clinton. about 2:00 this afternoon, hillary clinton has a huge deficit between her and bernie sanders to make up the difference to win this in a
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she almost did the same thing in 2008 with obama. we will see if she can do it again paired again. ed: how will she do it again? .> she has a campaign exactly the way she did toda>>< every single day every single minute for the next seven days. the greatest days in politics. she has the women on the ground that is very experienced at doing it. that is how you do it. can chain? we will see. it could be end up enough of the when. ed: ted cruz' s success transferring to new hampshire? >> two totally different states. he shares tradition of ellie is what evangelical voters. new hampshire is the middle of
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new hampshire will not punish you for being moderate as long as you are strong, strong immigration, strong and those pockets. i think new hampshire is famously concurrent. if you come out of iowa, you can expect an endorsement from the voters of new hampshire. they almost hold it against you. ed: they are endorsing donald trump. >> i don' t think you can view that is anything good for donald trump. the political figure in new england -- the last republican to win it in new hampshire. we know donald trump has had difficulties getting the support of party leaders. ' no current or former republican senator reporting them -- supporting them. that is commission for independent and conservatives in new hampshire. ed: will trump' s supporters vote for him?
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last night come we learned in iowa, he was leading in the polls going into the caucus but he just could not turn out his support. of think one of the lessons he might have learned from the experience is that an air war does not do the job. you need boots on the groundr. you have to turn them out. the final days and hours before the voting takes place. ed: is bernie sanders reach beyond new hampshire? >> in might look like 2008 depending on what happens. there are two big debates, andr clinton was the change the dynamic. if he goes on and hillary clinton does not have closingr -- it could be a war of attrition towards the spring. bernie sanders has raised $20 million, to $27 million at a time.
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the two candidates meet before the final debate. our coverage begins at 8:00 at night. heather: this is a pretty sight in boston. it is cool but harvey is tracking a warm-up. along with some rain. harvey: a few 20' skies clearing. temperatures will not change that much. i am watching all this warmth that will be going up the coast later tomorrow and tomorrow night. severe weather over the southeast. the cold side has snow around minneapolis. e we will be on the warmer side of the storm. tornado warnings right now; into parts of alabama. the clouds by the morning and by lunchtime, rain breaking out. even the worcester hills. the evening commute looks wet, windy and mild.
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maybe a thunderstorm or more to the north and west. i will let you know in a little while. ed: a hazmat scare in kent square. it was inside the fedex truck and this is a look inside the truck. hydrochloric acid was leaking. everyone was told to avoid the area nobody was hurt. it is cleaned up and opened to traffic there heather: this is new tonight -- a teenager was killed by a train in dedham. the district attorney is identifying the victim as a 13-year-old from denim. a violent attack on a cab driver being investigated. began when a red cab dispatch to the corner of the street and worcester appeared. he was met by a man that was covered. it was a robbery. there was a short struggle which
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police are looking for the suspect ed: melrose police triggered a huge response of a congressman katherine clark. >> there have been shots fired and multiple people wounded. active shooter situation. ed: he is sponsoring a bill that would make so wanting a federal crime. no mother should have to answer the door to police in the middle of the night because of an anonymous person disagreeing with her. heather: here are five things you need to know. when someone makes a hoax 911 call while discussing different number. the goal is to unleash a swat team on it on the spec a person. the fbi estimates 420 attacks occur every year. miley cyrus, justin bieber, they have all been spotted along with
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swatting episodes could turn tragic. they could appeal to terrorists who may be planning real attacks. the legislation proposed by legislative clark, 20 years if someone is seriously hurt. ed: black leaders are calling for change after several complaints of racial issues. students posted this video and all black lives to show solidarity. black leaders are out demanding anyone who appears raises should be disciplined. >> why weren' t there a higher response from the administration, the headmaster? what is the level of discipline coming forth? they are investigating. there is an investigation. how long will it take?
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invited community activists to continue what he calls a conversation on race and cultural citizenship. heather: prices for crude oil and natural gas to another tumble. the dow tumbled -- 295 points closing at 16,153. nasdaq gave up 103 points and the s&p gave up to undertake scared ed:/ / . heather: yahoo! is laying off about 700 employees which is about 15% of its your workforce. it is the latest attempt to turn on the company. revenue has been trending through most of it. ed: amazon will build 400 brook brick-and-mortar stores last fall. heather: an explosion rocks a plane.
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the injured come of the survivors in what investigators call of is a makeshift bomb on board. . >> the timeline on the rain and details on the rain. we will see the temperature changes. heather: in sports, assistance? pbuilding a better bank starts with looking at something old, like this... and saying, "really?" pso capital one built something new - caf\s. pwhere you can unwind with free wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. pfree checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. pand a top-rated banking app that lets you handle pyour financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined.
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[ cheering ] p i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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and down you are watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 7:00. heather: over east africa, it happened shortly after takeoff. there were 74 people on board and two were injured but the pilot was able to safely return to the somali capital. explosive residue but it is not clear if what bloom up. the airport is home to officers in the united nations and many diplomatic including the u.s. ed: the white house is looking for the more than $1 billion to address the open viewing crisis. there hoping it will go to increase medication which involved there. more americans die from drug overdoses than from car crashes
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legal pot is turning out to be a big cash crop. legal cannabis sales in the u.s. jumped 17% in 2015 to 5.4% . the first recreational accessory is open for business in two years. heather: a lot of people choose to wear a fit tbit. in oklahoma, all students must meet strict fitness goals for all freshmen. they should average 10,000 deaths in days -- and 150 minutes of intense activity week. it will help determine their physical education classes. place. ed: the weekend. i hear you.
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heather: i think there is something to it. >> more widespread. it is fit today in boston after hitting 65 yesterday. not too shabby for the first two days of february. look at the wind direction out of the south. by the time we' re done with tomorrow and tomorrow night, it will be incredibly above average. 20 degrees or more. we are drawn to the upper 20' s this time. by late tomorrow, we will be in these in the 50' s.
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the storm system is moving towards the great lakes and will take the warms to these co spared -- the warmth. that is the severe weather in the southeast and we have the snow on the so -- cold side. let us give you an idea him. more specifically, how it will break down. the chances for rain in the boston area are low. medium around midday. very high for tomorrow night. clouds in the morning and by midday, there is the chance for late morning commute rain around the worcester hills. north and west of boston, boston for the evening commute, that will be the cape and the island. happenings or more is likely for eastern massachusetts. downpours -- a rumble of thunder
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appeared over an inch is likely for the hills north and west. the winds will be building tomorrow in later tomorrow into tomorrow night, gusts around 35 miles per hour. driving the warmth and perhaps causing minor wind damage into thursday. he was a look at the next seven days. we have rain tomorrow afternoon and night with wind and wants. it starts out very mild thursday. one additional storm -- it will clip to keep within chile wearing which hit and as snowflakes . some action developing to the coast south of us. i will check it out and have an
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ed: sportscenter 5 now, one minute drill. >> tom brady received a letter from roger goodell inviting him and every other super bowl most aldo pelley are -- player to be invited. it is unclear if congress plans to attend. should brady showed up, i say positively yes. meanwhile comes super bowl 50 and roger goodell -- if you can believe this, the court of appeals in new york will hear the appeal of judge berman decision to have his four-game suspension. new rules in effect. proper pressure, proper placement of above. random checks throughout the season and the patriots had tennessee in december. no violations were followed. he said during the interview that the league has not touched any of the records. he called the new measures
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not a punitive measure. goodell was about to do to hammer down with $1 million of a fine, four-game suspension. any records of the check spared if he was so serious, eight months, now, it is going into february. see you in court. heather: wow. ed: that is not too bad. heather: that is the text right there. unbelievable. >> tens of millions of dollars. heather: he has not that anything. peyton manning, and the acquisition of doping. >> you will find it is clear. and clean. heather: let' s hope so. thank you. he has been called the sexiest man alive. many things and someone else.
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heather: david beckham' s made same on the soccer field but his heart of gold is claiming you new fans.
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that fell and there were waiting for an and militants. what did he do? he came back with coffee and tea. ed: cool. >> the red sox posted the clinics as part of the community service project. more than 160 volunteers purchase and participated in the area. donations for the date of service. a look of the stories we are following all night when we come back. heather: remember, we want to know what your business is. send us pictures and video of people making a difference in the community and we will share them. you can share them on her facebook page and e-mail them to
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agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. meet the new, 3rd generation nest learning thermostat. it's proven to save energy. and you could get a $100 rebate from your energy company. learn more at >> let' s go forward to what is happening at 11:00 we' re showing you live pictures. the senator is endorsing trunk right now. we are lie without a front runner is trying to rebound. heather: zika transmitted now through said the new challenges.
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we will hear from people that are on board when it happened and the questions that remain at this time. heather: also by 11 -- a teenager crashing through the ice and struggling to get out. the dangerous rescue fair coming up at 11:00. ed: it is so warm even though it is february. heather: especially after tomorrow. >> it will be in the 50' s tomorrow afternoon. heather: p with hood, cottage cheese can be
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