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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  WCVB  February 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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heather: donald trump back in new hampshire his new spin on his iowa loss. >> the promise he' s making and the support he' s picking up. ed: a little boy dies after being found unconscious in this home heather: the daring ice rescue to save a teen through the ice. harvey: how much when to expect. that' s rain to expect. ed: what doctors say you need to do before you take a drink. heather: breaking news involving several fallen marines one of them from massachusetts. traces of dna have identified some of those victims. the dna was found during the search and rescue operation that ended on january 19th. ed: 12 marines were killed when their two helicopters crashed off hawaii on january 14th. 23-year-old marine corporal christopher orlando of hingham was among them.
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which victims were identified. new tonight, donald trump picks up a big endorsement from a familiar face as he looks to rebound from a loss in iowa. good evening i' m ed harding. heather: and i' m heather unruh. trump is explaining why fell short last night. and how he plans to win in new hampshire next week. newscenter 5' s reid lamberty is live in milford new hampshire. reid: trump says he spent too little time and money there ahead of the caucus. new hampshire is the polar opposite where he is dumped many already and has a commanding lead. any hint of humiliation from a quickly assuaged by the endorsement of scott brown. >> washington needs, what i call, an agent of change. reid: the former bay state senator and moderate republican throwing his weight behind the business mogul a big boost for trump in a state where he already carries big lead. >> it' s a movement, we have a
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reid: pleased with the results in iowa trump energized the crowd of roughly 5000 addressing his core issues of supporting along mexico and strengthening >> wouldn' t you rather have trump as president if we' re attacked, oh we' ll beat the [beep] of them. reid: the rookie politician continued touting his self-funding campaign pointing out he spent less per vote in iowa than most of his gop opponents who he says are funded by wall street. little puppet they' re going to take care of those interests, with me i have nobody i just want to take care of you i just want to do the right thing. reid: trump also promising to bring jobs back to america and punish those companies that leave for foreign soil and cheaper labor. >> you know in the old days they used to talk about the silent majority it' s really the noisy majority people are angry their upset. reid: the expectations a big win for trump in the state. but supporters don'
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ed: senator ted cruz still celebrating his iowa victory tonight. but not in new hampshire. he held a rally tonight in south carolina after visiting the granite state earlier today. at a rally in windham he vowed to repeal obamacare. >> will pass commonsense health care reform that keeps between us and our doctors. ed: the center want stay -- won' t stay in south carolina for long he' s back in new hampshire for several events tomorrow. heather: on the democratic side hillary clinton is trying to dig out of a big hole to catch bernie sanders in new hampshire. newscenter 5' s jorge quiroga is here with the challenges she faces. jorge: both of them occurs tonight trying to turn a virtual tie in iowa, into a head wind in new hampshire. senator bernie sanders leading hillary clinton there by 20 points. at a packed auditorium in hampton, new hampshire, hillary clinton joined on stage by
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giffords and her husband retired austronaut mark kelly. >> i am awed by their courage and commitment to try what they to do what they can to help save lives. jorge: clinton aiming directly at bernie sander' perceived soft spot on gun control. >> please vote for me to send a message to the gun lobby. their days of intimidating america are drawing to a close applause. -- to a close. [applause] jorge: over in keene sanders, speaking to an enthusiastic crowd saying his razor thin loss in iowa is a virtual victory. >> we took on the most powerful political organization in this countery last night we came back from a 50 point deficit in the polls. jorge: sanders looking beyond the granite state. >> last night we began the political revolution not just in
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but all over this country. jorge: in 2008 hillary clinton made a huge comeback in new hampshire after losing iowa. clinton hoping she can do it again. heather: the republican candidates meet for their final debate before the new hampshire primary right here on channel 5 saturday night. our live coverage begins at 8pm. new tonight a tornado touches down during an outbreak of severe weather down south. this twister is blamed for damage at a community college in mississippi. several homes are damaged and trees are toppled. but nobody is hurt. looking live over boston right now. that same storm system causing problems down south is heading our way. we will feel the impact tomorrow. harvey leonard is tracking it here in the weather center. harvey: we will start feeling that impact tomorrow. if you look behind us, we saw tornado watches across portions.
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s the outline of the watch area. three clackum the morning is all due to this very warm area in the eastern united states. of the tornado, but the downpours are headed here. the snow is the cold side. feeling. the storm. your cloudy for the morning commute but we should be essentially dry. by the end of the morning committed bitter friend to breaking out around worcester. by the evening commute, rain has been into boston. the one area the mask in the evening commute could be the cape and the islands. these could even be the rumble of thunder. the temperatures up the much going to hold where they are overnight. and really spike up tomorrow. we get into the 40' s by early morning in the 50' s by late tomorrow afternoon. here comes the warm.
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maybe even a little bit of snow important of our area before this is all over. heather: 11:00, a local town is warning parents about whooping cough. three fifth graders in norwell have been diagnosed with whooping cough. those kids go to the town' s two different elementary schools. it is not recommended that classmates take antibiotics. but parents are urged to watch for symptoms including prolonged cough and vomiting. ed: there is a tragic turn in the case of a little roxbury boy found unconscious in a home. he has died days after being rushed to the hospital. now boston police are investigating how it happened. newscenter 5' s john atwater is live in roxbury with the clues police have right now. john: there are two investigations threat which have contacted this family two days before the little boy was rushed to the hospital. as police continue their investigation inside the second-floor apartment, there
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touch with a caretaker two days before the boy went to the hospital with traffic injuries. the agency said that caretaker was clean and well fed. hospital where today he died. five investigates have learned that a search warrant was looking into the toddler' s death. police are not revealing what they believe happened, or the circumstances surrounding dcs' s involvement with the family. continues tonight, no charges have been filed in this case. heather: sky 5 over a hazmat scare in kenmore square tonight. the problem was inside a fed-ex truck on beacon street and bay state road. a box with a bottle of hydrochloric acid was leaking. everyone was told to avoid the intersection while firefighters neutralized the spill. no one was hurt. a driver will learn his punishment tomorrow for this
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lives. 20-year-old nikolas papadopoulos faces two years in jail. he was convicted of negligent operation for the 2013 crash on the arborway. the driver of the other car kevin cellucci cannot walk, talk, or eat because of his injuries. a classmate in papadopoulos' car was also hurt. ed: a tearful plea for freedom from a billerica man convicted of murdering his son and terrorizing his family. his head. ed: richard seymour has been in prison for three decades for the beating death of his 18 year old son patrick back in 1986. seymour tied up his wife, his daughter, and her friend before he carried out the brutal crime. >> please, this man doesn' t deserve to walk on our street. >> i hope you take into account one night of violence. it was a lifetime.
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s fourth petition for parole he' s now seeking a step down to minimum security. worcester cabbies are looking over their shoulders after another attack. shot during a robbery attempt on stockton street last night. a man who called-in for a ride pulled out a gun. the cabbie is expected to be ok and police are looking for a suspect. this comes after the unsolved stabbing and possible tasing of another taxi driver in october. heather: some black leaders are calling for change at boston latin after several complaints the school. boston latin students posted a video on youtube and wore all black last week to show solidarity. black community leaders are out today demanding that anyone who even appears racist, be disciplined. >> why weren' t there a swifter and higher response from the administration, and the headmaster? what is the level of discipline
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they are investigating, we thank them that there is an investigation. heather: the superintendent said the investigation will take 2 weeks and invited the community activists to continue what he calls a conversation on race and cultural proficiency. ed: investigators say an online romance led to the brutal murder of a 13 year old cancer survivor in virginia. her parents say nicole lovell snuck out of her house last week. she was found stabbed to death on saturday her body dumped along a dirt road in north carolina. two standout virginia tech college students now facing charges in her murder. >> and the call was -- nicole was a very lovable person. ed: the seventh-grader told friends she would regularly sneak out to meet her boyfriend an 18-year-old she met through online social media. we could learn tomorrow if criminal charges against bill cosby will be thrown out. a pennsylvania judge is deciding if cosby has immunity in the sex crime case he is facing. today a former district attorney
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to prosecute cosby but the current da says no formal agreement was ever signed. cosby is accused of drugging and assaulting a temple university -- a woman back and 2004. heather: we now know when the new government center will open. mark your calendar for march 26th. the station has been closed for nearly two years for a major reconstruction. the main goal of the $82-million project was the make the station more accessible for people with disabilities. >> next on newscenter five. ed: heather: a mid-air scare. a hole blown in the side of a plane. the new clues that could reveal what caused it. ed: an alcohol alert aimed at women. what doctors say you need to do before you take a drink.
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. i disagree. tin fact, not only
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we should expand them. my plan for social security tincreases benefits and cost of living adjustments p and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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ed: put yourself on this plane a huge hole ripping open in the plane miles up. oxygen masks falling from the ceiling. the mid-air scare forcing an emergency landing in somalia. two people on board are hurt. now the question is how it happened. these are they terrifying moments after passengers reported a loud bang and smoke shortly after takeoff the cabin of the airbus a-321 depressurized. oxygen masks deployed some of the 74 passengers moving to the back of the jetliner as the emergency landing. passengers get to see the floor to ceiling hole in the fuselage. from the outside signs of what appear to the markings of an explosion the peeled back metal streaks of soot. >> which would suggest quite bomb of some kind, probably something about a hand grenade size that would have made this hole in the side of the airplane. ed: two passengers reportedly
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from mogadishu to djibouti even the pilot thinks it was a bomb but one aviation expert believes there should have been more interior damage. even if it was a bomb security experts believe it may have been an attempt by terrorists to see if can defeat seurity systems. and bring down a jetliner. somalia' s ambassador to the u-n was on the flight. he says he heard a loud noise, couldn' t see anything but smoke, then noticed a chunk missing from the plane. the flight landed about an hour later in japan. heather: an unusual warning tonight. it is for any woman under the age of 45. avoid alcohol if not using birth control. the guideline issued in an effort to reduce the number of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. about half of all pregnancies in the united states are unplanned so the risk of drinking in the first month is high. new at 11 the cdc closely
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of sexually transmitted zika. the patient is hospitalized in texas tonight. the virus is usually spread through mosquito bites and has been linked to birth defects. dallas county health and human services say the patient had sexual contact with an infected person in venezuela. ed: take a look at this incredible rescue in missouri a sixteen-year-old boy falls through the ice and tries to pull himself out. the whole thing was caught on camera. a police officer then tries to reach the teen with a branch. but then firefighters with the right equipment take over. they just had a refresher course on ice rescues last week. the photographer says the boy was lucky they did. >> should these rescue teams have not responded when they did, this young man would not have had much more time that he could indoor the frozen icy waters. ed: he was treated for hypothermia at the hospital but is expected to make a full recovery. heather: a blizzard sweeping the mid-west tonight. this video from south dakota a
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the whole sioux city area . visibility is down because of the blowing snow. a blizzard warning is in effect for the area. forecasters say they could get as much as fourteen inches of snow. if that' s not enough, winds are expected to gust as high as forty five miles per hour. ed: meanwhile, we have -- heather: solitude. we have some stuff coming up. tranquility. ed: they go. harvey: today, we had 50 in boston. could you have a warmer start to the month of february? just phenomenal stuff. it is to pretty mild out there, considering the time of year. the wind is absolutely calm, but it will be busy tomorrow. right now, temperatures a little above freezing depending on where you are.
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look at the high temperatures that it off to ourselves and the west. that is where our air is going to be coming from. they keep arising into tomorrow night. as a matter fact, before we get to midnight we may make a run at the high temperature for the day of a 59 in boston and 57 in worcester. keep this in mind, and watch us tomorrow. the temperature could get to 60 degrees in boston. let' s see how we do on that. weather that is tornadoes. the couple of tornadoes touched down as you can clearly see here all of this is storm damage. a lot of it is from the tornadoes. were affected. a.m.. across the dakotas, minnesota, heavy snow.
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in terms of a timetable tomorrow, for the morning commute the chances are low with eastern massachusetts. lunchtime, about medium. high for the evening commute, very high into tomorrow night. here is the overall view into tomorrow morning. by tomorrow evening, we get into the rain area. than the front have to slowly come through that is when the temperature will start to slide a little bit. thursday morning. by 1:00 we see some rain. some heavier bands coming through than the tries to slide just down to the cape. overnight into early friday. across southeastern mass. as it turns colder, it could turn the rain to a mix or even mass. can' t rule out a small
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clearing will then follow giving us a dry weekend. how much rain will be get? i would say a half an inch to an inch. there could be pockets that are higher than that. there could even be some minor wind damage that will not be as windy on thursday. let' s check it out for you, the next seven days raincoat and umbrellas will come in handy. not to start the day, but to finish it. it is still in the 50' s to start the day, stating that than cooling-off at night into friday morning. the cape could have a chilly wet snowmass or some slushy style. that would dry over the weekend. i wanted to point out a couple of things on friday morning, it comes a little bit closer and could be a mix of snow as far north as boston. not likely, but coming to keep in mind. early next week, somewhere in there the potential for an ocean
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the first from a past too far out. it could get active and went to reopen next week. tomorrow, warm, when you come and wet. ed: a local colleges and finds himself in a little bit of trouble. heather: why he claims the punishment goes too far. coming up at 11:35 on jimmy alright guys. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. you'd rather use newer technology? something to show you. r it uses extended range the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table. p
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r something delicious is happening at dunkin'. come in today to get any sandwich for $2.99 after 12:00 p.m. america runs on dunkin'. ed: tonight, an emerson college student says he' s facing disciplinary action after renting out his dorm room on airbnb. heather: sophomore jack worth tells the globe he rented the room in early january to three guests on three separate nights. the listing was online for two weeks before school officials asked him to remove it. no word on what worth' s
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ed: very good. harvey: i don' t know why i never try that. heather: you can' t have strangers in a dorm room. >> nothing like a trip to new york this time of year when you'
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seven of the next nine games on the road and the bruins played a two-goal third-period lead slip away faster than your vacation. bruins lose in overtime. we go to third, brad marchand puts the bruins on top 2-1 in the don' t waste much time building a 3-1 lead. the six seconds later, the bruins are rocking. but these days asking the bruins to hold a lead is like asking johnny mandel to hold a couple where party, it just doesn' t happen. -- tupperware party, it just doesn' t happen. in overtime, there' s your overtime, the leafs win it. the celtics kick of the month of february with a win down in new york. 97-89 the final. watch evan turner, around the
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you are an all-star, isaiah thomas had 20 points. back to turner again he saw that great ballhandling. once this past behind the back. and then this, the right place at the right time to bring it back home. they win 97-89. a month from tomorrow roger goodell will be in court for his relentless pursuit -- pursuit for punishment of tom brady. that' s when a new york court will hear his appeal of judge bermans decision to vacate brady' s four-game suspension. he said i have great admiration for tom. i know him personally. but i have to make sure that we continue to do the things that
11:31 pm
will do that without compromise. the nfl announced that lady gaga words going to sing at the super bowl. i said they should have tony bennett with her. his hears i -- heart is still i n san francisco. please add him to that event. heather: he will be singing it somewhere. mike: absolutely. ed: mike lynch with the little musical suggestion for the super bowl. heather: what is the timing of this stuff coming in? harvey: getting windy, also getting warmer. then we will be back to season the low temperatures. also watching early friday morning down towards southeastern mastectomy some snow.
11:32 pm
heather: is this going to be a storm or the umbrella is useless? harvey: potentially, that is a good point, so let' s emphasize the raincoats. ed: does the snow reach up into new hampshire? harvey: it could. we will potentially be watching that.
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