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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 3, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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"now on newscenter 5" cindy: donald trump picking up a key endorsement as new hampshire, turns into a gop battleground. the full-court press coming from a slew of candidates this morning. randy: democrats, looking for a tie-breaker. their efforts to pull ahead after a virtual dead heat in iowa. emily: a miraculous landing after a hole tears through the side a plane. one unsettling explanation for the scare, on the eye for this wednesday morning. >> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. randy: as you start your commute this morning, just be glad you' re not dealing with this. about one hundred thousand people in china were stranded on this platform, waiting for trains. the major event leading to this nightmare, ahead. good morning, i' m randy price. emily: and i'
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cindy fitzgibbon. they morning looks ok. cindy: before you leave your house, you want an umbrella. we have february rain on the way. you can see come off to the west, we have precipitation across new york state. we are dry and above freezing. we are to the 40' s on cape cod. mark. everything moves on in. by the noon time, we are in the mid 40' s. this afternoon with highs in the s. gusting higher by this evening. is working towards us. it is a little to the north. we will get heaviest rain as the cold front approaches.
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you will notice at 8:00 this morning, most of us are dry. by the lunchtime, if you showers around the worcester area. that steady rain will come in a law with your food -- evening commute. rain impacts are ramping up in time for the late afternoon and evening hours. the commute will be a wet one. we are watching a drive south this morning. olessa: we have a crash off the split. by the 11 connector we have a little bit of volume. south of town, there is the crash you just mentioned. one lane is closed. expect delays. we are moving into boston. no issues on the pike.
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as you travel here along 128, so far, it does not look bad. those delays are starting back . so far, trains and buses are ok. emily: thank you. it is a full court press in the granite state. candidates swarming new hampshire with just days before the first primary votes. randy: the eyeopener' s kelley tuthill is live in bow where things are starting early. kelly: marco rubio the man who shook things up in iowa is due here at 8:00 a.m, no rest for the weary with so much on the line. we can try -- tell you the trail , will be crowded. ted cruz, jeb bush, chris christie, john kasich, carly fiorina and jim gilmore all in new hampshire today. donald trump is headed south to arkansas. he left here with a parting gift. last night, trump picked up an endorsement from former massachuetts senator and now new hampshire resident scott brown. brown who has been hosting events for the gop candidates
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after a tough loss in iowa trump was back to is signature blunt style. -- his blunt style. >> wouldn' t you rather have trump if we are attacked? we will beat them. kelly: trump is heavily favored here in new hampshire according to recent polls. but, as iowa showed, the only numbers that matter are the ones tallied here next tuesday. live in new hampshire, kelley tuthill, newscenter 5. emily: thank you. the republican candidates meet for their final debate before happens right here on channel 5 saturday night. -- 8:00 p.m. the democrats are on a mission of their own, turn a virtual tie in iowa into a win in new the eye' s erika tarantal is here with how the candidates are erica: yes. the race in new hampshire is that much more important for sanders after clinton' s razor-thin victory in iowa. the democrat front-runner spoke to a packed auditorium in hampton last night. the latest polls give vermont
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lead here. but clinton has pulled out a surprise victory here before in 2008. >> sanders is a neighbor, we will have a good contest. results we can produce. >> and if we are victorious and south carolina. "now on newscenter 5" -- not only will we win the selection, we will transform our country. erica: both sanders and clinton have events around new hampshire today. former president bill clinton is stumping for his wife in south carolina. emily: thank you. bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face off in new hampshire tomorrow night for a debate at unh their final showdown before the primary next tuesday. randy: an update right now on the helicopter crash that killed
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massachusetts man. the marine corps says trace elements of dna were found during search and rescue operations off the coast of hawaii. the dna identified some of the victims but it' s not clear which ones. 23-year-old marine corporal christopher orlando of hingham was on one of the choppers that crashed last month. today the longtime girlfriend of convicted mobster james whitey bulger heads back to federal court. catherine greig is expected to plead guilty to contempt charges. she' s accused of refusing to give information about people who helped bulger during his 16 years on the run. greig is already serving 8 years for helping the boston mobster avoid capture. emily: right now the driver behind this tragic crash is preparing to learn his punishment. this case has been full of emotional twists and turns for everyone involved. the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is live at the courthouse in brighton with what we can expect today.
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high again today. so many lives shattered by that crash three years ago. 20-year-old nikolas papadopoulos was found guilty last month of negligent operation for causing the 2013 crash that injured five people. including the man in the car he hit on jamaica plain' s arborway. kevin cellucci was at the courthouse when the verdict came down. the father of three can' t walk, talk or eat because of his injuries. at the time, a family spokesperson described how their quirks he requires around-the-clock care. it is an awful situation. he has three young boys. antoinette: papadopoulos initially agreed to plead guilty. should spend a year in jail he he now faces up to two years re expected to hear from family members today at the
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latest. live in brighton, antoinette antonio, newscenter 5. emily: thank you. right now, two investigations are underway into the death of a roxbury boy after he was rushed to the hospital. boston police and the department of children and families are both looking into what happened, before 3-year-old kenai whyte was taken to the hospital sunday with traumatic injuries. dcf says they spoke with a caretaker two days before the incident that person claimed the boy was clean and well fed. so far, no charges have been filed. randy: this morning a local town is warning parents about whooping cough. three fifth graders in norwell have been diagnosed. those kids go to the town' s two different elementary schools. it is not recommended that classmates take antibiotics. but parents are urged to watch for symptoms, including prolonged cough and vomiting. prosecutors are dropping the case against three men linked to a case involving the shooting of a high school student because of a lack of evidence. police say the suspects were spotted leaving the roxbury apartment belonging to former
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harrison. harrison is charged with shooting the teenager in the head over drugs. the teen survived. harrison faces trial in may. randy: 6:09. a plane nearly coming apart in midflight. randy: what passengers heard before a hole forced an emergency landing. and a new warning for women and alcohol. the heads up for anyone who is not on birth control. emily: eggs and egg whites, the focus of just one health myth. the other misconceptions that could be holding up your diet. cindy? cindy: is a dry start. we have rain coming in later today. i have the timeline and what you can expect. look at the temperatures. we are above freezing.
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hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm
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p let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together [ cheering ] p i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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randy: yes indeed. good morning to everyone at keverian school in everett. the 5th grade delivering an awesome wake up call here. danielle found some budding meterologists in there, i think. emily: maybe an intern. cindy: that is how a lot of us start. randy: look at what she became. cindy: i know. we want to see your wake-up call. emily: uploaded to the u local section of our website. it will be quite busy. cindy: you want an umbrella if you head out the door. it' ll be warm. take a look at this store.
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we have had blizzard conditions. we will be on the warm side. we have a potent storm. it produced 12 tornadoes. so, a pretty active storm system. it is all to our west -- it is all moving westward. it is in boston and beverly. upper 30' s in the cage -- up in orange. we are warming temperatures. we have a southerly and southeasterly wind. it will not only turn what today, it will also be windy today. those are at or above 20 miles per hour this afternoon. this frontal boundary will approach us.
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that is the air mass driving in. by the days and do, we will be in the 50' s. we at record highs in the upper 50' s. late day highs the 50' s. the rain taking its time getting in here. this is at 8:00 this morning. we have a couple drops of the northwest corner of the state. even by lunchtime, we will get a few showers. the main rain is here to the west. that will commend in and towards the afternoon hours. it will happen smack dab in the middle of the commute. we have steady rainfall. we will get some thunder in southeastern massachusetts. iv morning, things are winding down. maybe a lingering shower before things push offshore. things will be half an inch to maybe over an inch.
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look how the temperatures hold close to 50 degrees. we will wake up tomorrow morning in the 50' s. hold there with a few late day breaks of sunshine. overall, we have a dry day. we cannot say that for everyone on friday. that area of low pressure will take the front closer to where we may get clipped by light rain or snow. early on friday, the afternoon time begins to dry out. southeastern massachusetts does not look like a big deal. we are dry this weekend. you' ll notice on tuesdays -- on tuesday we are in the 30' s. emily: i do not like that. a lot of people are excited. thank you. so far, on the roads, 93 south bend we are watching volume. olessa: we have no major issues to report. let' s see what else is going on. south of town, where watching
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95 starting to build and delays. we traveled towards 128. in the expressway we move into boston. eastbound on the pike, only about 15 minutes for 9528. 93 south looks good. that is right around concord street. we are down to the 11 connector. randy: thank you. authorities say one person has died after a plane ripped open a body was found in the somalia capital of mogadishu, where the plane departed. sources tell cnn the body likely fell from the plane, after a hole was blown into it. there' s no sign of criminal action. passengers on the flight to bang, and saw smoke, before the cabin de-pressurized. passengers getting a close look at a hole in the fuselage, with
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>> it would suggest this was some kind of bomb. maybe something the size of a hand grenade. randy: some aviation experts believe a bomb would have created more damage. but security leaders say it could be an attempt by terror groups to see what brings down a jetliner. emily your economy headlines : now. asian shares struggled overnight after another steep drop in oil prices. that' s after stocks plummeted on wall street yesterday. the dow lost 295 points yesterday to close at 16,153. right now, stock futures are higher. -- mixed. another blow for boston-based draftkings. the fantasy sports company says it will end operations in hawaii. last week, that state' s attorney general ruled the games offered by draftkings and rival, fanduel, are illegal gambling. in a statement, the company said they disagree with the ruling and hope to work with lawmakers in hawaii to return to the state. randy: a native american tribe hoping to set up a gambling hall on martha' s vineyard is taking
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the aquinnah wampanoag tribe is appealing a federal court' s ruling that blocked the proposal. the tribe wants to set up hundreds of betting machines in a community center on its land. the state and the town of aquinnah are trying to block the development. new trouble for chipotle. the company says a federal criminal probe linked to a food-safety incident at a california restaurant is now national. the expanded investigation will focus on what headquarters knew about conditions at restaurants around the country. chipotle shares dipped 7% yesterday after the announcement. an unusual warning for your health from the centers for disease control. they want any woman under age 45 to avoid alcohol if they' re not using birth control. the guideline were issued in an effort to reduce the number of babies born with fetal alcohol syndrome. the cdc says about half of all pregnancies in the united states are unplanned, and even if planned, most women won' t know they' re pregnant for the first month or so, when they might
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re eating healthy but some common myths may be , derailing your efforts. emily: first, you may think egg whites are healthier than the whole egg. but, don' t forget, the yolk contains 40% of the protein among other nutrients. next, fat free is always the way to go. that' s also called satisfaction-free.better to go for a healthy snack that will keep you full longer. and finally, coffee creamer is a healthy alternative to coffee add-ins. experts say reading the ingredient list will fix that belief. better to stick with real milk products or options like almond or soy milk. randy: reading that can be shocking. what is that word? typically you need proper attire to set foot in a store. emily: but one shopper in california is a notable exception. you' ll see the cool customer in eyepoppers. erika? erika: then new at 6:30: a girl makes a bold move to escape from a massive fire. the decision that has police calling her the bravest kid they' ve ever seen.
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an effect on schools in boston. the precaution that could leave some students disappointed. and a long-closed mbta station is reopening soon. when government center returns
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cindy: you will want an umbrella before you go out this morning. take a look at the heavy rain. we have snow off the canadian border. the rain is out across new york state. drive for your morning commute. we are mainly dry until about lunchtime. we turn windy with temperatures climbing up in the 50' s later in the day. winds pick up at the south to southeast. look at the gust in the wind. 30 to 40 miles per hour. we' re strongest on the coast today. we will have slow clearing tomorrow. temperatures hold close to 50 degrees. then, across the cape, you could see some rain and snow showers through the first part of the day. randy: tomorrow there a big
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maria stephanos joins the team. she' ll join ed harding to anchor newscenter 5 at 7 and 11. -- 7:00 and 11:00. and our new 10:00 newscast coming to metv boston later this month. randy: it is -- emily: it is just about and time 6:25. for your wednesday eyepoppers. olessa, talk about a bad commute. olessa: it' s almost impossible to imagine. massive delays in china, blamed on poor weather. this was the scene as 100,000 people were stranded at a train station on monday. rain and snow delayed several trains ahead of busy travel for the country' s lunar new year. by early tuesday, some 34,000 people remained at the station. it looks like a concert venue. unbelievable. emily: yes. olessa: and a sea lion in california heads out on a shopping spree. the animal was captured on surveillance at the cave store in la jolla. he entered from a beachside cave that acts as an entryway to the ocean. the images were posted to the store' s facebook page, and have since gone viral. during his trip the sea lion
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cream and other customers. he has good taste. emily: he does. olessa: i' m sure he was not picky with the flavor. randy: i noticed he did not use the puerile by the counter. rob gronkowski, making the most of his trademark move. why he' s spiking everything at a super bowl gift shop. and president barack obama, about to embark on a first in the united states. the visit he' s making today. we look live over the expressway.
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"now on newscenter 5" randy: new hampshire invasion.
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state. the boost here that donald trump hopes will help him put that iowa loss in the past. doug cover first line with zika : virus vids then him on cam. fears over the zika virus prompt a change in boston schools. the activity that will now be off limits. emily a little girl trapped by : flames and home alone. i heard someone say, this thing is on fire. her desperate choice and the heroes who helped her survive. on the eye. >> live from wcvb tv channel 5. this is a news center 5 update. emily: 6:30 wednesday morning as we look over a bright sky. i love seeing this. good morning, i' m emily riemer. randy: and i' m randy price with cindy and olessa. it is a nice start to the day. cindy: we had a mild storm earlier. we are moving in the right direction. today, the sun will set for the first time at 5:00 p.m.
6:28 am
off of the radar, you can see that out to the west, we have some rain. the northern edge of the system has some snow. rain will be moving on today. you want wet weather here with you. a little chilly, but trying to 30' s. reindeer is required as you get off the bus. we start out in the 30' s. mid-to-upper 30' s in the south. we have a couple of cold pockets of orange a 28 degrees. by the time the moisture is moving on in, we are in boston at 10:00 a.m. we are in the 50' s into the evening. we have a strong southeasterly wind. we have a cold front approaching. so, we will watch the rain coming slowly. by the lunchtime, if you showers around the area with heavy rain off to the west. in the afternoon , we have an evening commute.
6:29 am
the impact is here with the rain going up as the day wears on. it will be tough for the evening commute. fortunately, the weather is good for the commute. olessa: we are a little bit busy. here is a live look from sky 5. as you can see, to center lanes at shutting down the shoulder. we are backing things up this morning. let' s go to the maps and check out where this is going. expressway north has a crash. we have heavy delays approaching. 25 minutes into boston. the pike eastbound has one link closed. 93 southbound is stop and go through wilmington. the trains in the buses are running on schedule. emily: thank you. stories we' re following right now on the eye, a slew of candidates are campaigning in new hampshire today. including seven republicans. donald trump heads south after picking up the endorsement of former massachusetts senator scott brown. democrats hillary clinton and bernie sanders also have several
6:30 am
today. clinton was officially declared the winner of the iowa caucuses yesterday by a razor thin margin. right now boston police and dcf roxbury boy. 3-year-old kenai whyte died hospital with traumatic injuries. dcf says they spoke with a caretaker two days before the incident. no charges have been filed. randy new this morning, boston over a dangerous virus grow. the eyeopener' s doug meehan is in west roxbury with the decision impacting students. the city is now cancelling international field trips to countries impacted by the mosquito bourne illness. boston school leaders saying t risk the dangerous consequences. the zika virus has been america. just this week, the world health organization declared a global emergency in response to the illness which has been linked to
6:31 am
s assistant ll work with schools to cancel trips to any impacted re also warning all when they travel on their own especially with winter break coming up. a boston man who had traveled to an affected area was recently diagnosed with the zika virus. most people who get the virus do not show symptoms. we are live and roxbury. newscenter 5. randy: thank you. new concerns after a third case of the zika virus appears to have been spread through sex. the patient is hospitalized in texas. as we' ve reported, the virus is usually spread through mosquito bites. dallas county health officials say the patient had sexual contact with an infected person in venezuela. emily: new this morning, payroll figures just released show the number of state workers making six-figure salaries is up 25%. more than 13,000 employees made
6:32 am
s about 10% of all workers on the state pay roll according to the globe. the state' s highest paid employee is the umass men' s basketball coach who made over a million dollars in salary and other compensation last year. government center station is set to reopen next month. t riders mark your calendars for march 26. the station has been closed for nearly two years for major reconstruction. the main goal of the $82 million project was to make the station more accessible for people with disabilities. randy: a tearful plea for freedom from a billerica man convicted of murdering his son and terrorizing his family. >> i saw all the blood. randy: richard seymour has been in prison for 3 decades for the beating death of his 18-year-old son patrick back in 1986. seymour tied up his wife, his daughter, and her friend before he carried out the brutal crime. this is seymour'
6:33 am
petition for parole. he' s now seeking a ' step down' to minimum security. a daring ice rescue, forcing some quick thinking from a police officer. emily: the resourceful way he helped a teenager, before better equipment arrived. a little girl escapes this fire with one do-or-die move. the decision making first responders so proud of her. randy: and ahead in news to go, an emerson student is in trouble for what he did with his dorm room. the money-making enterprise not
6:34 am
car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000x in personal expenses onv a republican party x credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal pnand for five years rubio refused to releasep the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. he's just not ready to be president. right to rise usa is responsible
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olessa: welcome back. women act than on i-5. the center lane with two of them partially closed. off the braintree split we have a 30 minute ride. in boston factor in the crash. another accident eastbound on the pike. we' ll have all the details coming up. cindy, whether not a factor,. cindy: later, we' ll watch rain spread off to the west. that is deeper into the afternoon. your evening commute will likely see some wet weather. those winslow push temperatures into the 50' s today.
6:36 am
tomorrow come away of a dryer day. mild in the 50' s. we get colder on friday. we get cold and dry watching the storm system. perhaps snow by tuesday of next week. emily: thank you. these intense flames trapping a little girl. forcing to make a desperate choice. but, thankfully, she had some heroic help on her side. 9-ye-old sofya doroshenko was home alone in her new jersey apartment when the fire broke out. flames quickly consumed the building leaving her with one choice, the third floor balcony. so, with 3 police officers waiting below, she took a leap of faith. sofya' s family lost almost everything in the fire. >> i did not know what to do. i just listen to them. i just jumped. >> she was the was confident, break kid i' ve ever met. emily: they' re just thankful for the bravery that saved her life. randy: commitment 2016: with a primary push. the big campaign day ahead in new hampshire. and a police officer does double
6:37 am
traffic court. plus, gronk spike his way through a super bowl store. the reason for the
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emily: it is 6:43. the eyeopener team ready with
6:40 am
re following the candidates in new hampshire. and following stories in brighton and west roxbury. randy: but first take a look at this. we were dealing with the aftermath of a serious storm a week ago. but this is south dakota now. blizzard conditions there with up to fourteen inches of snow expected. cindy: we are talking rain today. we have a powerful storm moving across the country. we have blizzard conditions across the country. you can see this system is moving towards us. the strip of rain to the south is actually a cold front. we may flirt was some records around here. we did it on monday. we will actually see temperatures common to the 50' s. boston should actually reach 54 later in the day. 54. reverse the numbers. we should be in the lower 50' s later in the day. will be close to record highs as
6:41 am
this frontal boundary approaches with when speaking about the south. temperatures will climb later in the day. we are seeing some temperatures out of his mainline. we have a wintry mix. this is up to the champagne valley in vermont. we seeing a few rain showers. it will take some time before the start to shift east. 30' s now. by 10:00 we should be of the 40' s. by 2:00 this afternoon, over 50 degrees. when picking up out of the southeast and 20 miles per hour. we' re try here through the morning hours. you' ll notice by lunchtime we are moving on backwards with the rain coming in. it is eastward during the morning commute. for the evening she needed. we have rain within better downpours. see all this rain. those sorts 10:00 tonight we could get thunder associated with this.
6:42 am
a lingering shower possible. in terms of rain, we may get up to one inch of rain. heavy amounts will be focused in the southeast. 50' s tomorrow. study temperatures. we have a mix of light rain and snow. let' s go back to the roads. busy out there. olessa: we are starting off on the northbound side of the expressway. you can see the center lane is closed. let' s go to the maps. i will show you the backup getting up to those accidents. as you can see, that crash is moving up the center lane. as you travel the pike eastbound, we have an active by the crew. west of their, you' re in good shape. for in a to 128 and 93 southbound we delays picking up near wilmington.
6:43 am
emily: thank you. a battle in the granite state in the race for the white house. randy: the eyeopener' s kelley tuthill is live in bow, new hampshire where candidates are hitting the ground running this morning. kelly: absolutely. where expecting marco rubio for a town hall meeting. it is a busy day for all candidates. ted cruz, jeb bush, the carly fiorina, it and jim fillmore are all expected to have activity in the granite state. donald trump is moving to arkansas. >> those people are moving like a little puppet. with me, i have nobody. i just want to take care of you. kelly: touting his independence as trump except an endorsement from new hampshire resident scott brown. they went to a rally last night.
6:44 am
the crowd. live in new hampshire, kelly, cb newscenter 5. emily: the new hampshire primary has taken on new importance the democrats. both hillary clinton and bernie sanders determined to win in the granite state. >> the political revolution new hampshire. >> make no mistake, we are in a fight to the finish. emily the latest polls give : vermont senator bernie sanders a big lead in new hampshire but clinton has pulled out a surprise victory before beating out then senator barack obama in new hampshire in 2008. both clinton and sanders have events around the state today. today is sentencing day in a -- antoinette: today will be a emotional day in a devastating car crash 2 and a half years ago on the arborway in jamaica plain. 20-year-old nikolas papadopoulos was found guilty last month of negligent operation, for causing the 2013 crash that injured several people. that includes the man in the car he hit on jamaica plain'
6:45 am
kevin cellucci, a father of 3, can' t walk, talk or eat because of his injuries. a 14-year-old on pappadapolas' vehicle suffered a traumatic brain injury. papadopoulos initially agreed to plead guilty. but when a judge decided he should spend a year in jail he changed his mind. he now faces up to two years behind bars. antoinette antonio, newscenter 5. public schools canceling trips to countries affected by the virus. this action being taken after yesterday' s announcement by the world health organization that the virus outbreak is now a global emergency. school officials say they are canceling trips in order to safeguard students and the greater boston community. with up coming winter and spring school breaks many families and staff visit other countries and they are be asked to take any
6:46 am
measures. at this point there is no word on exactly how many school trips this will effect. live in west roxbury, doug meehan wcvb nc 5. emily: thank you. two bills that would have restricted abortions in new hampshire have been voted down by a split house. the first bill would have required physicians to attempt to revive an aborted fetus that showed signs of life. but opponents say that could subject doctors to criminal prosecution. a second bill would have outlawed the most common abortion procedure. randy: the victim, killed by a train in dedham, has been identified as a teenager. a 13-year-old was struck and killed yesterday during the evening commute. the teen is from dedham. foul play is not suspected. emily: right now billerica police are looking for the bank robber in this surveillance photo. the thief walked into enterprise bank yesterday with what appeared to be a gun and demanded cash. he was wearing a mask covering his face and gloves. police think the robbery may be related to other holdups in nearby communities. former attorney general martha coakley says she has no interest
6:47 am
in a statement obtained by the globe, coakley says she is not a candidate, as many trustees at the school had hoped. coakley says she looks forward to continuing work at the boston firm foley hoag. she also serves as a legal analyst for newscenter 5. randy: investigators say a 13-year-old virginia girl was in an online romance, before she was stabbed to death. nicole lovell allegedly snuck out of her house last week, before her body was found in north carolina. two virginia tech college students are now facing charges in her murder. the 7th-grader told friends she would regularly sneak out to meet her boyfriend,an 18-year-old she met online. emily: a decision to throw out criminal charges against bill cosby could come as early as today. the comedian is expected back in a pennsylvania courtroom, after arguing he has immunity. a former district attorney testified that he did agree not to prosecute cosby. but the current d.a. says no agreement was ever signed.
6:48 am
and assaulting a woman in 2004. randy president obama is about : to make his first visit to an american mosque during his presidency. mr. obama will visit the islamic society of baltimore today. he' s expected to speak there, and hold discussions with community members. the president has visited mosques overseas, but never one in the u.s. during his time in office. emily a daring rescue in : missouri after a 16-year-old boy falls through the ice. a police officer tried to reach the teen with a branch, before firefighters brought in equipment to help. they just had a refresher course on ice rescues last week. the photographer says the boy was lucky they did, the teen was treated for hypothermia. he' s expected to be ok. and emerson college student is facing repercussions after renting out his remote airbnb. emily: that' s randy: sophomore jack worth tells the globe he rented the
6:49 am
guests on three separate nights. the listing was online for two weeks before school officials asked him to remove it. no word on what the punishment will be. emily: the bruins struggle to hold onto a 2-goal lead in their first game back from the all star break. bs up 3-1 against the maple leafs early in the third period last night. but they let it slip. toronto scores 2 goals in a minute 1/2 span pushing it to overtime. the bs get a penalty and the maple leafs take advantage. 4-3 the final. the celtics fare better on the road against the knicks. isaiah thomas leading the way with 20 points, 8 assists last night in new york. 97-89 the final. the cs have won 6 of their last 7 games. they host the pistons tonight at 7:30. starting tomorrow, a familiar
6:50 am
emily: a utah police officer helps a father in need at the courthouse. the man was awaiting traffic court while his energetic daughter ran in circles. when the time came she wasn' t allowed in the courtroom. so officer kevin norris, sitting nearby, offered to baby-sit. and he worked some magic. 2-year-old abi took to the officer and was sleeping soundly when her father came to get her. magic. emily: he will be invited over for family gatherings. randy: he has a calming effect. emily: a patriots fan favorite makes a late-night appearance. randy: rob gronkowski showed off one of his better-known skills on conan. the tight-end wanted to get conan a gift that was gronk-worthy. and how better to test its everything this store had to offer. he finally found the perfect fit , a toy monkey. and the late night host happily accepted. emily: the only thing that could stand up to his spike. go figure.
6:51 am
cindy: they have a lot of cleaning up to do. cleanup going on behind me. olessa: we have a next leaving the scene. we have all lanes reopening. northbound side of the expressway, we are closed. we just reopened it. let' s go to the maps. this is the heavy volume because the accident that just picked up. it is a 30 minute ride braintree into boston. we are closed. west of there, we have volume starting to building. north of town is not too bad. 93 southbound is off 128. it' ll stay heavy to the 11 connector. everything else is running well. cindy: you know they say, the red sky in the morning. look at this beautiful sunrise. a lot coming in via twitter. this one is from cape cod.
6:52 am
we have some precipitation moving on in. we will have a few snowflakes. we will have temperatures flirting with the freezing mark. 36 in boston. we will climb quickly into the 40' s. 50' s by the late day as the winds pick up. we could get gus reaching nearly 40 miles per hour by this afternoon. this cold front will get closer to us. that' ll ramp up the rain. any changes with showers in the northwest corner of the state. by lunchtime, lister in manchester, this is a rain in the afternoon. downpours with maybe some thunder. by 5:00 tomorrow morning, we will shift offshore. we have an inch to an inch and a half of rain in southeastern massachusetts.
6:53 am
we are fairly steady. we are in the 50' s over the course of the day. it is colder in on friday. we have a light mix of rain and snow. otherwise, with a quiet weekend. dry, but colder. maybe some snow. emily: thank you.
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