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tv   News Center 5 at 430  ABC  February 3, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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accumulatingw in the area. we'll talk much more about that xhaup in few minutes. >> the driver convicted in this crash sentenced but not before some motional testimony on the stand. pam is live in brighton right now with a message from those whose lives changed forever because of the crash. pam? >> there is an agreement on only one thing. some were affected more than others a father of three suffered a brain injury. he's unable to talk, eat or himself. he was in court. 20-year-old nicholas was sentenced to a year in prison, service. the accident was on the arbor way in 2013. the man was speeding. a 14-year-old passenger in his car suffered a brain injury. >> he did chose to drive in an excessive speed and there should be responsibility and consequences.
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sorry i am for all the pain that's been family. >> at 5:00 we'll hear just a bit court. in brighton, to you. >> new at 4:30, the long time girlfriend of bulger making it official. pleading guilty to contempt charges. here's what's next for catherine. jack? >> less than halfway through that eight-year sentence for harboring bulger, she's now facing the possibilities of more time and that could mean a lot more time. guilty. that's what she said when she was asked today, to plead to contempt charges. the issue is, she refuses to testify about whether anyone helped her and bulger when they were on the run. there is no maximum sentencing guidelines, so theoretically, it would never happen, probably, she could be looking at a life sentence. her attorney says no matter what the sentence is she won't be
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sentencing planned for april 28. up. >> commitment 2016 right now, a presidential smaller. janet is live in manchester right now to begin our live coverage. janet? >> well, then there were nine. kentucky senator rand paul dropped out and a few hours later, rick santorum joined him. the focus was on three candidates, one of whom didn't even come to new hampshire but once again is making news. donald trump is in arc kansas. he accused him of voter fraud because his supporters told people ben carson was dropping out. >> he ignored the controversy telling voters he lays clean to the ronald reagan man hold. >> everyone says they support the second amendment in the
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liberal republicans who favor gun control. even they say they will support the second amendment. so don't listen to them. >> that was a direct hit on rubio who was campaigning in new hampshire telling voters there he's the g.o.p.'s best option to beat hillary clinton. meanwhile, ohio governor john kasich told voters today that if he gets "smoked in new hampshire," he'll go home. >> a full day of campaigning for hillary clinton. stevens continues our commitment 2016 team coverage, and he's live in dover. >> secretary clinton spoke for about an hour today here at this former place. she spent the last 20 minutes take questions and she made it clear, even though she's behind in the polls a few days before the primary she's not giving up on new hampshire. >> among the things i've heard in the past few days about the contest between senator sanders
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you have to either vote with your heart or with your head. all i can tell you is, i hope you use both. >> secretary clinton now heading back to dairy for the towel hall tonight. at 5:00 and 6:00 what she says to criticism from senator sanders, that she's not progressive enough. ed? >> the republican candidates meet for their final debate before the new hampshire primary. that happens right here on channel 5, saturday night. our live coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. right here on channel 5. a 3-year-old boy rescued today after a fire breaks out at an apartment building in chelsea, four-alarm fire broke out around 10:00 this morning. firefighters say it started on the third floor. it spread quickly. two firefighters were also hurt and so far there is no word on a cause. right now boston police in dcf continue to investigate the death of a boy. he died after being rushed to the hospital on sunday with traumatic injuries. at this time, no charges have been filed.
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man convicted in the death of a 10-year-old boy two decades ago is asking the federal appeals court for a new trial. charles james and another man are accused of abducting, raping and smothering him back in 1997. his lawyer says he deserves a new trial because the public was wrongfully barred from jury selection, and the lawyer was in his first trial and was ineffective. right now a man is accused of possessing child porn. 53-year-old michael was arrested yesterday. investigators say the child porn was found on his personal computer and on his computer at the administrative office of juvenile court. he's pled not guilty. a milton man is now charged with rape after an alleged assault on the bridgewater state university campus. the d.a.'s office says a grand jury indicted him on one count of rape today. the female tim says he assaulted her in an apartment back in october. she's free on bond tonight. >> an apology from the man who
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week long manhunt in upstate new york. >> i want to apologize to the community and the people who felt fear and felt it necessary to leave their homes. their community, because of the escape. that was never my intent. >> they broke out from the clinton county correctional facility last summer. sweat, who was already serving a life sentence, got more time and was ordered to pay $79,000 to pay for recerses used in the search. matt was killed by authorities. crosby is in a pennsylvania court for a second day trying to get that criminal sex assault case against him thrown out. lawyers for cosby argue he has immunity due to an agreement with a previous d.a. that former d.a. testified on tuesday that he did agree not to prosecute cosby in exchange for testimony but never put it in writing. cosby fears it would make him look bad. the current d.a. argues any past
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writing for those charges to be dismissed. leaders in france want to extend a state of emergency declared after the november terror attacks in paris. a measure proposed by the cabinet would extend the order for another three months. it goes to the parliament for a vote. the state of emergency expands police hours to carry out arrests and searches. >> they got real intense. we could hear the house shaking and as soon as -- as quick as it came, it just stopped. >> you can tell by looking at the video he's talking about tornados. they ripped through parts of the south. this is just some of the damage in the state of mississippi. the national weather service is saying six tornados touched down in that state and bam. this all happening last night. new at 4:30, today a house committee expressing outrage over the water crisis in flint, michigan. listen to this. >> we simply do not have the right to remain silent. we do not have the right not to act. government broke it.
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>> today the acting chief of the epa's water office said that the issues with lead in drinking water could have been avoided. he also said that officials in michigan resisted calls to deal with it. pilots of plane bound for rhode island say they were briefly blinded by a laser. this happened on monday after it departed newark airport in new jersey. there was this sweep in the area where it's believed to be the green beam came from. the f.b.i. continues to investigate tonight. the red sox confirm that poop lar bar across the street from fenway park will not reopen. it's been closed since a conductor was shot and killed outside the bar thanksgiving morning. prosecutors say that the alleged shooter and another man got into a fight and started firing weapons at each other. 29-year-old man was struck and killed. two people are in jail after more than $19,000 in drugs were
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according to police they were investigating a delivery service. police seized nearly 200 grams of heroin and more than 50 grams of marijuana. prosecutors are dropping the case against three men linked to the shooting of a high school student because of lack of evidence. according to police they responded leaving the apartment belonging to a former english high school dean. he's charged with shooting the teenager in the head over drugs. the teen survived. the case against harrison goes to trial in may. right now police are looking for the bank robber in this surveillance photo. police say that the thief walked into the enterprise bank yesterday with what appeared to be a gun and demanded cash. police think that the robbery may be related to other hold ups that had been going on in make communities. it's time to flash board to 5:00. we have new details surrounding child abuse accusations at a private school in western massachusetts. the message from school leaders. a priest arrested in connecticut, discovery made by police and
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disturbing case here in massachusetts. >> new at 7:00, we hear from a local family whose little girl suffers from the birth defect now being linked to that virus. >> we have the rains, wind and warmth for now. yes, a part of our area actually is under a winter storm watch.
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>> take a live look at traffic. trying to get out from boston along the turnpike. boston is at the top of the screen and newton is at the bottom. newton is at the bottom and obviously, the taylor lights going into the city are going slowly the rain is building up so traffic will get worse. where it's red it's slow. all you have to do is add a little water and you'll have commute times. we're talking a half an hour already. like we're talking 25 minutes upper deck to 128. the first leg of the pike. 93 to newton corner. we're talking 18 minutes but you saw that stretch. it's thinning quickly. about halfway to 495, you can still get there in about 21 to 25 minutes. 495 south is a little slow. harvey leonard is here with us, and harvey, i'm take a look at this. this is impressive.
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it isn't raining. >> how far back do we have to worry about? >> it goes way back. >> we won't get all of that will we? >> we won't get all of it once but the bottom part may get on the southeastern mass and cape tomorrow morning. that's when it will turn colder. a little more interesting at that point. >> as always, there is a lot to tell you. let's start. you see some of the darker greens and yellows across the southern half of connecticut, southern rhode island, around new bedford. soon to be moving into the cape and islands. >> we also have another area showing moderate rains between worcester and orange and then there are gaps. where it isn't even raining at ought at this particular time. >> everything is moving west to east but it looks like some of the heaviest rains will be lined up from worcester to boston through the first part of tonight based on how radar trends are. it's been off and on rain. it's been warming and warming. we're at 52 degrees and
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hour wind out of the south, which is a warm weather wind direction. these temperatures will continue to rise into, if not through the 50s, as we go deeper into this night. we're seeing some wind gusts up to around 30 miles per hour in pitsfield. 25 to 30 in boston to province. to block island. the south coast and the cape, there is room for those gusts to get up to 30 to 40. this is a projection. sometimes it's a computer model that's a little bit overdone. you reduce it by about five to 10 and you get the idea of the kind of wind we're going to have. there can be gusts up to 40. as we get to tomorrow. the last of the gusty winds early in the day will be around the cape and islands and then the winds will be much lighter. won't be much of a factor during the course of the day. as we go foeshgsd rward, down toward the cape and the islands later tonight, early tomorrow, the wettest weather will be on the cape and the islands. light rain could still be up in the boston area for the start of the morning commute. then we'll see everything move west to east. clearly the
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the cape and the islands. it looks like everything will move off. skies may try to brighten north and west of boston but then look at what happens tomorrow night. precipitation comes back as a wave of low pressure approaches and that's what could bring rain which could then turn to a mix or even into some snow over southeastern mass and the cape. very, very late tomorrow night and friday morning. before it moves out to sea. that's your best chance of getting some accumulating snow as it stands now. southeastern mass and the cape. the weather service is calling for a winter storm watch which usually implies four to six inches or more of snow. to me there is a small chance that could happen but the more sensible forecast at this time would be a little more conservative. potential of two to four inches. it would have to work out just right because so it's warm to start. it will turn cooler if precipitation is light, it will only mix with wet snow. it has to come down heavy to produce that let's give you the next seven days. so tomorrow, if you're down
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otherwise, boston north and west starts mild. then late tomorrow night and friday morning, especially southeastern mass and the cape, rain could turn over to snow, with some accumulation before it ends. seasonable temperatures over the weekend. it does get interesting in the monday and tuesday time frame. snow or flurries are possible on monday. snow is possible on tuesday. i do realize that's the primary in new hampshire. we'll be following that very carefully. >> speaking of weather, massive delays in china blamed on poor weather. this is the scene as a hundred thousand people were stranded at a train station on monday. rain, snow, delayed service trains ahead of busy travel for china's lunar new year. by early tuesday some 34,000 people were still at that station. a daring rescue in missouri after a 16-year-old boy falls through ice. a police officer tried to reach the teen with a branch before firefighters actually brought in equipment to help.
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last week, it worked. the boy was lucky they had it because the teen was treated for hypothermia and pulled out. he's expected to be okay. our unusual winter is being blamed for this. crews worked all day to get it out of the water and game officials are using this as an example of the dangers of thin ice. this time of year given the winter that we've had so far. >> the nfl is turning its attention to concussions after an alarming increase in the number of those injuries in the 2015 season. the league saw a 58% increase, even after cracking down on helmet-to-helmet hits in the league. the nfl is now developing new equipment and that includes helmets, that includes turf designed to reduce head injuries. some experts believe as many as 90% of players will suffer from the degenerative disorder cte, which is caused by repetitive brain trauma. speaking of cte, there is new evidence tonight that this man, number 12 in black, oakland
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tapebler had cte. researchers confirmed that today. of complications from colon cancer. doctors say they found severe damage to areas of his brain involving learning, memory, and regulation of emotion. stabler is a nominee for the pro football hall of fame. >> let's take a look at your health. brain research, tops our look. researchers are using brain imaging to identify children at a high-risk of developing depression. they looked at two groups of kids, those with a family history of depression and those with a low risk. researchers say the goal now is to follow these children as they grow up and then track changes, if any, in brain function. breaking at 4:30, florida's governor has declared a health emergency. there are now at least nine cases of zika virus in four florida counties. those people who have the virus eventually visited countries that are affected by the outbreak.
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surrounding a case of the zika virus that was reportedly sexually transmitted. it was reported this week in dallas, the organization says the claim needs to be further investigated. in the meantime, u.s. scientists will go to brazil next week to study the zika virus in an effort to accelerate work in making a vaccine. new reports show a lot of state employees are getting a big pay raise. the breakdown of those making six figures and higher and more follow up for chipotle. the federal investigation expanding. as we go to break let's take a
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>> starting tomorrow, maria joins the newscenter 5 team. she'll join us at 7:00 and 11:00. coming to me tv in boston later this month but she'll be on tomorrow at 7:00 and 11:00. new payroll figures show the number of state workers making a six figure salary is up 25%. more than 13,000 employees made 100,000 or more last year. that's about 10% of all workers on the state payroll. the state's highest paid employee is the u.s. men's basketball coach derek kellogg who makes over a million. the football coach makes just under a tick of a million. the other compensation is added to kellogg's total salary . home depot is hiring 80,000
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1,800 here in boston. home depot says these are full time, part time, and seasonal positions that they are looking for. a naturetive american tribe hoping to set up a gambling hall in martha's vineyard is taking their fight back to court. the tribe is appealing a federal court's ruling that blocked the proposal. the tribe wants to set up hundreds of betting machines in a community center on its land. the state and the town are trying to block the development. >> another blow for boston base draft kings. the daily fantasy sports company says it will halt operations in hawaii. last week that state's attorney general ruled the games offered by draft kings and fan duel are illegal gambling. in a statement, the company says they disagree with the ruling and they hope to work with lawmakers in hawaii to return to action in that state. new trouble for chipotle. a federal criminal probe linked to a food safety incident at a california restaurant is expanding. the investigation will focus on what chipotle knew about conditions at its restaurants around the country.
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p [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. >> a utah police officer helps a father in need. he was energetic daughter running around in circles so when time came, she wasn't allowed in the courtroom so the officer sitting nearby offered to baby-sit and he worked some magic. the little girl took to the officer and was sleeping soundly when her father finally came back and got her. >> now a sea lion in california. the gar begins were too irresistible, so he goes on a shopping spree. the animal was captured at a store. he entered from a beach side
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he seemed most interested in ice cream and other customers. >> that's what i'm most interested when i go shopping. >> that's a little inside television. we'll see you on newscenter 5 at 5:00 right now. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> rain, wind and warmth. donald trump's newest accusation. why he wants the iowa results thrown out. >> a burning. >> a 3-year-old boy trapped. a lucky break that helped firefighters find him. >> losing weight by eating pizza every day? it's true. the secret behind this mouth-watering diet. >> from boston's news leader, wcvb at 5:00. >> you can see by the radar behind us, most of the state right now is getting soaked. >> rain, gusty winds moving through and there could be some snow. let's get
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>> thanks a lot


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