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tv   Newscenter 5 at Five  ABC  February 3, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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>> thanks a lot there is o little hole right now where it's not raining and that's basically around boston. as you can see but if we look off to the west, we look off to the south, we look off to the southwest, basically the southern half of connecticut where there is heavy rain going on, this is the motion. it looks like the heaviest part will be moving across the southern portion of the area but if we take a look, we do se some moderate bands of rain just -- up to about groton. we also have some decent rain to the south of boston right around scituate at this time and further south there is a element of heavy rain. as we take you out in time notice the deepest greens are staying to the south of boston. although it will get wet in boston during the course of tonight. as we get to very late tonight, the rain is more restricted to southeastern mass and the cape. you start tomorrow morning's commute off wet. damp around boston. then everything starts to progress to the southeast and by evening, it
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of it but there will be another storm for late tomorrow night and friday morning. at least for southeastern mass and the cape. that's prompted a winter storm watch for plymouth county and cape cod. we'll talk more about that coming up in a little while. >> an emotional day in court. as one of the people severely hurt in a 2013 crash on the arbor way was there to see the driver sentenced. now 20-year-old will serve one year in prison. >> newscenter 5's pam was in court for his apology and she's live in brighton. reporter: he expressed remorse. so many in the courthouse were crying he told the court he doesn't remember the accident. reporter: this was a courtroom divided. the only thing they shared was pain nicholas, now 20, was sentenced to serve a year in prison in a horrible crash that left two people with life assault
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>> that's the voice of kevin's wife. he can no longer dress himself or speak to their three young boys. >> video of happier times played in court. the mother of the teen spoke of how his once bright future changed. >> it was his third day in ninth grade. mark was taken to children's hospital. he sustained a traumatic brain injury and a spinal cord injury. >> the september in september 2013 occurred when his car, speeding, crossed the center of the arbor way and crashed into a pickup. he was a passenger in the car, kevin was driving the truck. >> i think the thing that gets lost in the shuffle of three boys, everybody has moved on, but those boys will never be able to. >> i must accept responsibility for my role in this, the that day. my life. >> so many people talking about those three little boys, kevin's brother, we'll hear from him at
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in brighton, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> commitment 2016 tonight, a new controversy on the campaign trail in new hampshire. donald trump now accusing a republican rival of cheating. we have team coverage of all the candidates tonight. let's begin live in manchester. janet? reporter: lots of movement today. lots of positioning in the republican race. two dropped out. rand paul and pennsylvania's rick santorum, both did poorly in iowa. so now there are nine. >> donald trump once again stirred the pot and he wasn't even in new hampshire today. speaking in arkansas tonight, he accused ted cruz of voter fraud and that the results should be nullified. he tweeted ted cruz didn't win iowa. he stole it, that's why all the polls were so wrong. >> senator, what's your response to mr. touch? >> cruz didn't address the issue of his campaign workers telling ben carson voters their candidate was dropping out. cruz apologized and said he's
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instead, cruz set his attacks on rubio. >> we're tired of being burned and the reason that the conservatives are uniting behind our campaign is that i have a proven record of standing and fighting for the constitution, for the bill of rights, for conservative prirngs and the voters don't want to listen to empty words. they want a man -- >> but rubio campaigning in both said divisive voices don't win in november. >> if i'm the nominee i'll unite the republican party. i will unite the conservative movement. we'll have differences, we're walking through them right now in this primary. but we cannot win if we're divided. >> meanwhile, john kasich told voters if he gets smoked in new hampshire he'll go home. and chris christie raised eyebrow when is he said if he's the party nominee and gets to debate hillary clinton i'll beat her rear-end on that stage and afterwards she'll be relieved that i didn't serve her a subpoena. >> now the other republicans whose survival depends on how
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in new hampshire this next week include jeb bush and karla, as well as ben carson and jim. carson and gilmore did not campaign in new hampshire today. reporting live from manchester, new hampshire, newscenter 5 >> a live look right now at bernie sanders holding a press conference, right now, concord, new hampshire, his focus today in the granite state is how he'll fix the economy. newscenter 5 continues our campaign coverage tonight live from dover. todd? todd: secretary clinton spoke for over an hour here at this hampshire. she brought up, her poll numbers. she brought it up herself, the fact that she's lag behind her opponent. she also talked to the crowd about the so-called advice she's pundits and why she's ignoring it. >> maybe she should just skip new hampshire and go on to the states that come later. all of that. i saw, you know, all the pundits
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and not on your life. i would never quit on new hampshire. >> today hillary clinton made it clear she's more focused on people than polls. her second rally of the day took her campaign to dover, new hampshire, where she spoke for over an hour to a friendly audience, touching on the recurring themes of the economy, healthcare and what it will take to defeat the republicans and her democratic opponent bernie sanders. >> senator sanders was asked a question, and he was asked whether he thought i was a progressive and he said something to the effect of, well, maybe on a good day. i thought to myself, well, it was a good day when i helped to get healthcare insurance for eight million kids in the children's health insurance program. [applause] >> i think it was a good day when i teamed up with some of my colleagues in the senate to stop george w. bush from privatizing social security in 2005. >> and that's pretty much as
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clinton toward her opponent bernie sanders but she did have much harsher words for and about republicans, especially wall street republicans. we'll hear that tonight at 6:00. for now we're live in dover, new hampshire, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> bernie sanders and hillary clinton will face off in new hampshire tomorrow night for a debate. their final showdown before the primary next tuesday. cnn reports they have also agreed to three more debates in march, april, and may. as for the republican candidates, they meet for their final debate before the new hampshire primary. it happens right here on channel 5 saturday night. our live coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. >> new at 5:00, a little boy rescued from a burning apartment building in chelsea. the 3-year-old spotted just in the nick of time and saved by a neighbor. newscenter 5's rhondella richardson is live in chelsea right now to tell us how it went down. rhondella? reporter: some scary moments. i just spoke with the lead investigator who said the fire was accidental caused by maintenance workers in the
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using a plumber's torch in a vacant apartment. everybody had a big sigh of relief when the little one walked out the front door. >> they said to get out. >> residents had no time. it was a race against a fast moving four-alarm fire this morning, anxiety heightened as neighbors spot a 3-year-old boy trapped on a balcony. >> >> everyone made it out but dozens of chelsea residents need shelter tonight. >> stay a long time. >> nothing. did the third floor fire in the eleanor street apartment complex spread to the fourth floor damaging several apartments. >> that's where they were doing construction. >> it took hours to locate several missing cats. >> that was one of the scarier things that have happened. my girlfriend was really upset
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of the cats. >> an incredible story. talking to the maintenance workers, though they were not plumbers, two firefighters were also injured, a shoulder and back injury. rhondella richardson, wcvb, newscenter 5. >> boston police officers made a drug bust in the middle of a busy street. officers on patrol near state street tuesday arrested a known offender carrying a package with 105 bags of heroin. police say peter first tried to cause a scene and run away but they stopped him after a brief struggle. they later recovered $330 and a brass knuckle style knife from his backpack. he now faces several charges. the threat of the zika virus is now forcing the cancellation of some school field trips. boston public schools are dropping a small number of international trips to countries impacted by the mosquito spread disease. the virus, which has led to birth defects, is most common right now in south america and central america.
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safety is a top priority. in a statement, school district said it's working to find alternative destinations where possible, and to ensure students and fall list who need refunds receive them. >> as we continue, boys with autism on the defensive tonight. >> this after claims of misconduct. school officials speak publicly for the first time about the arrest of five staffers. >> caught on camera. the plane forced to make an emergency landing on the water in hawaii. >> new at 5:30 exclusive details about the death of jeer remiah oliver. new details. >> the pike is stopped. not good. leaving town very slowly. taillights are going back in, and they are moving okay. we're going to go through the map. we'll hit the update button. hit it again and we'll run you through. hit it one more time. >> there we go. through the lower area. there is a lot of red in the area.
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fly down. >> we're going to move through all of. this don't worry about it. the drive time from mass ab to route 3 is 26 minutes. that's number one. hit it again.
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right now for people and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i approve this message. p new england's energy comes from a pool of energy producers. r eversource buys it at a set market price and delivers it to you. but that pool is shrinking, causing energy supply rates to go up and down. so we're working with partners across the region to increase our natural gas supply and bring in affordable, clean hydropower from canada. we're leading the way toward the solution... p because more energy means lower energy supply rates for you. r ever new england. eversource. >> president obama today makes his first visit to a mosque inside the united states. the president said he wanted to correct what he called a hugely distorted impression of muslim americans.
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of baltimore, a 47-year-old mosque with thousands of attendees. he told the gathering than you equal treatment for groups in certain society tears at the nation's fabric. he's visited mosques in the past but never inside the united states. >> a lawyer for berkshire county school for special needs students is defending that school after five of its employees were arrested. heather is here with the latest on abuse and obstruction allegations. >> very serious the lawyer says despite the arrests and the charges there is no systemic abuse at the school. the suspects work at a private stugts for boys and young men with autism and other disorders. four men and a woman who work at eagleton were arrested last saturday. the men are charged with assault and battery on a dislabeled person -- disabled person. no other details have been released. all pled not guilty. they are ordered to stay away from the school. the lawyer wouldn't comment on the allegations but says all
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in their regular programs. >> a new hampshire man is sentenced to 22 to 45 years in prison for sexually assaulting a child, he's asking for a sentence reduction. lawrence cook has been behind bars since 2000. at today's hearing he spoke for himself. prosecutors read a led from the victim's mother. >> from the bottom of my heart, i pray that they can find strength and comfort knowing that i will never hurt anyone again. >> i want to be a voice for my daughter and so many victims like her. it's amazing that he, meaning mr. cook, gates chance to potentially be released early which technically equates to a reduced sentence. >> the judge took the case and you advice. and will issue his ruling next week. >> his client will no longer speak publicly about the fraud charges he's facing. his lawyer told reporters outside the new york city courthouse his client will remain silent until the
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the infamous pharmaceutical c.e.o. is accused of defrauding clients. he's denied the charges. >> caught on camera, a plane landing in hawaiian waters. this happened off lagoon drive in honolulu. take a look. the cessna had landing gear issued and intentionally landed in the section of water known for sea landings. the cessna is not meant to listened on water. the pilot, though, was not hurt. >> harvey leonard and i are looking at the radar. right over boston it's clear. >> do you like that? >> everywhere else, it's just raining. >> of course, rain will be turning to boston and some areas are getting heavier rain than others. we'll let everybody know where all the action is. check it out. you do see that little dry slot, so to speak, right around boston. a short distance north, south and west. rain is turning to worcester. if you look at connecticut there is a lot of heavy rain in eastern connecticut at this time. parts of rhode island and
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bedford across to the cape it's pretty wet at this particular time. here's how everything is moving. so this band right in here, in fact, i looked carefully because it almost looks like a storms. this is a very warm and humid air mass. no lightning that i can detect at this time. they are moving east. more moving into the springfield area. in boston, here's what you would like to know. that the sunsets are getting later every day. you didn't really see it but it was 5:00, finally made it to 5:00, by the time we get to the first day of spring, 6:57, the first day of summer president isn't that great for late sunsets? love it. overcast in boston but without the rain falling but the temperature keeps inching up and up and up. we're at 5 1, even though we're entering the nighttime hours we'll keep climbing up in the temperature department.
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look at hartford, jumped to 57. berkshires, pittfield, 55 degrees. we may have a record before midnight. the record for today is 59. predicting 58 but it's possible we could get to 59 or 60. worcester's record is 57. predicting about a 54 as we climb but they could break a record, too. the wind gusts are picking up 30. in worcester. look at providence, gusting to 36 miles per hour. so raincoats more than umbrellas will probably help you. see the temperature rise as we get to about 10:00. even rising into the wee hours of the morning. then that front kind of gets close and then the temperatures ample down but very, very slowly. very warm start to your day tomorrow. temperatures will be pretty steady in eastern mass during the day, in the 50s. it will be another very mild day before chilly air moves in. the chilly air that moves in overnight tomorrow night and friday morning, is going to coincide with a second storm that will bring moisture, especially in southeastern mass
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it may get cold enough for the rain to flip over to snow. temperatures will stay in the 30's for the rest of friday. let's back up. the heaviest rain for the first part tonight looks like it will be, for the most part south of the mass pike. another break could occur late tonight. as for tomorrow morning's commute, the front will be settling down near the cape so that's where the heaviest bands of rain should be, as the front starts to move offshore after the morning commute, those heavy bands of rain will also move offshore so at this point say, we're safe. but no, because then that second storm starts to ride up that front. the precipitation will start to pivot back, and that's when we can wind up with a winter storm watch for very late tomorrow night and especially for friday morning, and that would be for plymouth county and cape cod. here's one computer model suggesting maybe about 1 to 3 inches of snow. others suggest more, others less. usually this type of setup has the potential for about two to four inches of snow if it works out just right, around southeastern mass and the cape that would be centered around
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as for the next seven days, there you have your story with tomorrow. just wanted to point out more on that timeline for the temperatures. see how it's in the 50s. the last of the rains around southeastern mass and the cape. then they move offshore and the temperatures slowly descend at that point. with that friday situation, especially in the morning, here's that wave of low pressure, which can create that rain changing to a mix or snow, for southeastern mass and the cape before it moves off. potential of some accumulation in that area. there actually is a winter storm watch out in the upper range. it could be like four to six inches or more for that area but i think that's a long shot to be that much but that has to be followed. a colder weekend. we have to watch both monday and tuesday. in that time period, we do have a chance of certainly at least flurries if not accumulating snow. we'll stay on top of that too. >> tonight we have more good health news for former president jimmy carter. he remains cancer-free. the scan of his torso last week
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that's the type of cancer that doctors discovered last summer in his liver and brain. a scan two months ago found no evidence of new cancer cells. the 39th president says despite the positive report he'll resume cancer treatment that will happen next week. >> americans consume more than three billion of them a year, and i take part in a lot of that. >> what are we talking about? this. pizza. >> you think they could be part of your weight-loss plan? do you ever put the two together? the chef that says it's part of his daily diet and he's lost a lot of weight. another special honor for that little rhode island boy with a terminal cancer. the license to drive for dorian. >> coming up at 6:00, what's next for the woman who was on the run, after returning to
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car repairs, home improvements, a family trip's not easy to afford them. what did marco rubio do? he put $22,000x in personal expenses onv a republican party x credit card. rubio's bad judgment caused a scandal pnand for five years rubio refused to releasep the credit card records. marco rubio: skipping major votes... all over the place on immigration... bad judgment. he's just not ready to be president.
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. >> for the first time in more than a decade budweiser is airing an ad against drunk driving during super bowl. it features helen -- >> take a look. >> if you drive drunk you, simply put, are a shortsighted, utterly useless oxygen wasting human form of pollution. >> that's pretty straightforward, isn't it? the actress goes on to throw out insults for people who drive drunk, as if what you just heard wasn't an insult. it ends with her just about to take a sip of budweiser. this isn't their only spot. they also plan to run a spot featuring the clydesdales. >> pizza diet. a popular new york chef it can be done without packing on pounds. here's the story. >> he's a master in the kitchen. cooking exquisite meals but four
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from italy, his weight on a 6'6" frame ballooned to more than 370 pounds. >> or >> oreos, soda and fried foods. >> he was so heavy he couldn't play with his son at the park w. his doctor warning of heart attack, he needed to act fast. >> so he turned to what he knew best. food from his motherland a mediterranean diet, and in italy, staple. >> it gave me an opportunity. >> every day for lunch, he eats a home made pizza margarita with just four ingredients. might be something that comes -- figured he could drop weight by cutting down to 2,700 calories a day. the pizza has less than 600 calories. that means he has about 2,100 with a healthy balance of protein,
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in fact, at night, he doesn't even touch carbs. the result, an incredible seven-month drop in weight of 101 pounds. the secret, he says, natural ingredients. >> i can tell you something. when i go to the grocery store, i always read the label. if it has more than 10 ingredients, i give up. >> wcvb, newscenter 5. >> if it has more than 10 ingredients. >> if you can't pronounce it, can't say it. >> what did he say, pizza, 600 calories? >> that's less than my salad had. >> now i want a pizza. >> follow up from the water crisis in flint michigan. >> congressional hearings begin. new 59:30 -- new at 5:30, outrage over who was not there. >> another reason to get up and get out of that chair and get moving. the added health risk of living
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>> right now at 5:30, cruz and trump are taking swipes at each other. trump is accusing cruz's campaign of fraud and demanding a do-over in iowa. >> this driver is starting a one-year prison sentence for a horrific crash.
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before being led away in
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