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tv   Newscenter 5 at 7  ABC  February 3, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EST

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- somewhat heavy rain around the cape in the island. there is eventually going to be cool air coming in. right now it might even touch a 60. winds gusting over 30 miles an hour. but there is air that will work in late up tomorrow night. some additional moisture moves into southeastern mass. that is why there is a winter storm watch for those areas beginning very late tomorrow night in till early friday afternoon. ed: two big losses for bill cosby. a judge in pennsylvania rejecting his claims he was granted immunity by a former prosecutor. that same judge also ruling against of the defense request to kick the prosecutor off the case. the disgraced comedian and actor is charged with drugging and assaulting a woman in 2004. he could face a decade in jail for this case. heather: the stage is set in derry, new hampshire. less than two hours away from tonight' s democratic town hall.
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iowa. ed: while hillary clinton squeaked by with a win, she is on a much shakier ground and a granite state where she is trailing bernie sanders. reid lamberty is live in derry, new hampshire, with a starting-- herself rollerskating uphill. strides. on new hampshire. reid: clinton addressed supporters and over, her second event of the day ahead of tonight' s town hall. she will be joined by bernie sanders. each will field questions from voters. hand or -- sanders holds a commanding lead here clinton addressing a sanders jab that she is not progressive and appeared-- enough. mrs. clinton: it was a good day when a help to get health insurance for 8 million kids. reid: sand
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tonight with a far better than expected performance in iowa. the cloak is caucus -- the close is caucus in history. he took aim at trade policies and corporations that write them. senator sanders: the reason they wrote them was to be able to move to low-wage countries and bring their products back in. reid: remember, keep this in mind, in 2008, hillary clinton won the new hampshire primary beating then senator barack obama. but this year, she finds herself in the passenger seat. in less than two hours, she along with bernie sanders make their final pitches to voters. this was a three-person race but last night maryland governor martin o' malley dropped out of the race following a very poor showing in iowa. this get started and less than two hours. we have full coverage tonight starting at 11:00. live in derry, new hampshire. ed: joining us now is our democratic analyst.
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will the fireworks for tonight? >> they started the minute they go off the plane and each and every hour since that time the rhetoric has gone up and up. now we finally have the first forum where it is just sanders and clinton. i think what you' re going to see tonight as they have ratcheted up their arguments as they are going to ratchet it up some more between tonight and the town hall tomorrow night, the only two events we know of that will a game changer could happen. hillary clinton way behind bernie sanders has take full opportunity of both of them. ed: we heard that hillary clinton said she would not give up on new hampshire p ritchie is far behind in the polls. does it make more sense to pull out and campaign somewhere else? >> she is smart not to. everybody' s support someone who takes on a tough fight. if hillary clinton can pull up the upset, that would be big. even if she does not, she will be back in new hampshire in the fall just like i will.
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be a process-- a close presidential election. ed: so, therefore, coming close is good enough. >> in this case. if she is a nominee, new going to other states to take on she cannot win. even if she just comes up short, they respect that a lot because they feel she stood there and fought for them for this win. the next president. sander a s and clinton will face off tomorrow night for the debate. the final showdown before the primary next tuesday. heather: the number of republicans is a bit small. rick santorum ending his bid, expected to make the announcement tonight. he is also expected to endorse a candidate. rand paul announce this morning he is also suspending his campaign. and donald trump is in arkansas tonight. while most of the republican candidates are in new hampshire ahead of next tuesday'
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arkansas is part of the march 1 super tuesday round of primaries. you are looking at the gathering for him tonight. trump spent much of today lashing out at ted cruz, saying that cruz cheated. at one point, tweeting a demand for a new caucus vote or the cruz win to be nullified. cruz says his campaign did nothing wrong. ed: other front runnings are pounding the pavement in new hampshire. janet wu is live in manchester. janet: ted cruz and marco rubio each made about a half dozen stops across new hampshire today. they never ran into one another but they were clearly targeting each other. marco rubio told a town hall that a divisive party cannot win against hillary clinton and the quicker republicans settle on a candidate who can appeal to independents, the better their chances of winning. he was a close third in iowa
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>> i will unite the republican party. i will unite the conservative movement. we will have differences. we are walking to them right now. the we cannot win if we are divided. ed: >> rubio made it clear that he is not -- it' s not clear ted cruz will take over rand paul' s group. but ted cruz told his supporters at a grocery store that the future of the party and the country rests with the leader like ronald reagan. and he said he is the only one you can change the direction of the country. >> we' re tired of being burned. the reason the conservatives are uniting the heart are counting -- united behind our campaign as i have a proven record for standing and fighting for conservative principles and the voters do not want to listen to empty words.
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reporter: marco rubio also got some good news on the endorsement front. one poll claims he is head of jeb bush who had been the favorite among party leaders. ed: the republican candidates have their final debate right here on channel 5 saturday night. our live coverage begins at 8:00. do keep it here tuesday night. our team of reporters will have the candidates covered as a result come in in new hampshire. our coverage begins at:30 and we will take you through midnight or you can watch live on the wcvb mobile pp app. heather: stocks closing mostly higher after a surge in the price of crude oil. the dow rose 183 point. nasdaq dropped 12. the s&p 500 gained 9. the most active local stocks were mixed today. boston scientific down.
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in court today as the driver accused in the 2013 crash is sentenced to -- year in prison. he was convicted of speeding and crashing his car into a truck. the truck driver, father of three, is paralyzed. also paralyzed in that accident, 17-year-old mark delamere. >> it was his third day and night great. mark was taken to children' s hospital. injury. >> i can only begin to express how sorry i am for all of the pain that has been brought to these families. ed: he was ordered to do 2000 hours of community service after his prison sentence, assisting those with brain injuries. heather: whitey bulger' s girlfriend pleading guilty in federal court. here are the five things you need to know about the latest twist. it all has to do with the investigation into bulger and gr eg'
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prosecutors want to know if anyone helped them. of the grand jury. so, she was charged with contempt. today. she is already serving an 8 year sentence on charges of fraud, conspiracy and harboring a through that term but now she this new guilty plea. hearing held april 28. bulger is serving a life sentence for her' s in 19 murders when he was head of the boston mob. ed: a father is being credited with saving his three-year-old son trapped by fire in chelsea. the boy was stuck on the fourth floor. as firefighters were trying to region, the boys dad was able to walk him to safety. the firefighters say a maintenance worker using a plumbers torch accidentally touched off a fire in the third floor apartment.
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the five spread to that area. ed: the people who live in the apartments are being offered hotel rooms. two firefighters suffered minor injuries. heather: a uwest travel alerts for two more destinations. ed: a popular vacation spot. plus -- >> everybody thought she was a porcelain doll. she was so tiny. ed: as zika sp reads, we hear from a local family who' s little suffers from the same birth defect. harvey: all along is close. there will be a second storm late tomorrow night and friday morning as it gets chillier. that can get interesting. ed: have you been in california? did you buy a lottery ticket? someone pbuilding a better bank starts
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a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. t an america where after a lifetime of labor, t there is time for rest and grandchildren. r a nation that defends our people and our values, r but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. v i know we can create that america p if we listen to our conscience and our hearts r and not to the pundits and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message, and i ask for your vote. [mother] yeah but this neighborhood,i feel like it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. v[agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. p[dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no.
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p [announcer]redfin pays its agents based on your happiness... that's real estate, redefined. >> you are watching wcvb newscenter 5 at 7:00. heather: the cdc is adding jamaica and tonga to its travel advisory lists. a suspected link between zika virus and a troubling birth defect. florida' s governor declaring a health emergency in four counties new to this -- due tot
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nine cases have been detected. to have contracted the disease while effective -- while traveling to affected countries. mosquito spray. challenges babies born to moms with zika can face. the virus is linked to a birth defect which their daughter has. they tell john atwater what it >> hi. john: at first glance, elena, looks like a healthy toddler. >> would you like some more food? john: but her parents are teaching her sign language in case her speech never fully. to billups >> she says mama papa and a universal word. john: she' s doing well considering that doctors thought she could be born with severe disabilities. >> the ultrasound tech had a look on her face at every mother
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john: 24 weeks into her pregnancy, melissa said doctors noticed her head was not growing kitchen was born prematurely with microcephaly. the cause of their daughter' s condition is not known but as the zika virus rapidly spreads across latin america, accommodating thousands of pregnancies, melissa and her husband hope to somehow help families that are facing the struggles they know so well. >> i want to give them the foundation of having support, because that is one thing i have not found. emotionally. she is our own little unique baby. she teaches us things that if she wasn' t with microcephaly we would have never learned. heather: sweet little girl. if you want to know more about the zika virus and where those areas are that are having the concerns, you can find it on our website -- ed: you' ve very likely been outside. this is amazing.
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harvey: the first three days of this month are averaging 20 degrees above average. things are going to change. but so far just a 10th of an inch of rain in boston. over half anin inch in worcester. some of the heavy rain in orange movie into boston. not that much over southeastern mass. due to and shortly. let me show you radar. the heaviest bands, the brightest yellows from boston southie right on across to northwest rhode island. so, everything is moving from southwest to northeast. this is the heaviest corridor, but it' s headed for the cape. by 8:00 tonight, the heaviest rains will be down there. we have gotten a report or two of a rumble of thunder and lightning around. there can be in embedded thunderstorm with this very tropical air that' s invaded us
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heavier bands on the cake for 9:00 tonight. the heaviest or 10:00. still some rain around 11:00. for tomorrow morning, couple of scattered showers around boston. studies rain -- studies rain for the south coast and the cape. in terms of temperatures, ridiculous. 56. winds out of the south-southwest at 17. it is not impossible. our readings are 30 degrees warmer than last night. we are going to touch the two degrees between now and midnight or shortly after midnight. we may establish a new record high temperature. -- we' re going to touch 52 degrees. many -- a couple reports of a tree or two down in the kings borough air. there is another picture. that happened early. the temperatures are mild up and down the east coast. there is chillier air off to the north and west.
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ever so slowly, that will work in later tomorrow and tomorrow night and friday morning. at the same time, some additional moisture will start to work up probably affecting southeastern mass very late tomorrow night and friday morning. a winter storm watch has been posted for that area. it is a very narrow fit to get substantial snow to both get cold enough and get enough precipitation in their. but it is possible it could happen. here is the backing up to tomorrow morning. last the heavy rains around the cape. then it builds back again later at night and into friday morning. and as it gets colder, it could mix with or change to snow for southeastern mass and the cape. one model is indicating 1-3 inches. that is not a bad estimate. my best estimate attentional for 2-4 inches. if things come together, could be a little bit more. it is not quite get cold enough with the moisture just further east. so ther eyou go. beyond this, we are cold and try
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both days, and tuesday is the primary. one storm may be far out at sea but another may replace it monday night into tuesday. either snow or flurries are likely monday and/or tuesday and cold and dry weather looks like the pattern that will follow all of that. i will check it all of you later on tonight. >> now sports center 5, one minute drill. >> today is national signing day. when high school or sign letters of intent to play for a college next year. for many high schools, it is a method to recognize athletic achievement, whether it is football at lsu or soccer at lafayette. this day has gotten out of hand. today at the university of michigan, it was billed as signing of the stars. 3500 people filled an auditorium and pay homage to highschooler' s. or todd mcha sh brought int to
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18-year-olds to showcase the school. >> no one has one more. we believe in football. >> we did it! >> we. are. michigan. >> tom brady. >> they brought in tom brady and derek jeter and rick flair. the michigan coach jim harbaugh slept over t a recruit' s house on the floor. the recruit had committed to penn state. he helped and take down the penn state posters and convince the young men to play for him next year at michigan. it' s legal but it' s wrong. heather: oh, boy. >> that is so over-the-top. ed: that is the voice of james earl jones. >> another michigan grad. ed: his feet probably have not
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ed: if he were in california and you bought a lottery ticket last hours. there is a lottery player in
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to claim $63 million prize or that thing is gone. the super lottery ticket was august. if no one comes forward, it would be the third largest unclaimed ticket in u.s. history. and this happens more than you think. in 2015 alone, over 100 winners of $1 million or more never collected their winnings. heather: wow. set it on the counter somewhere and forgot about it. a shining a spotlight on a special young man we have introduced you to. his name is dorian murray. who has terminal cancer. take a look at the license plate. this is from the rhode island dmw. be strong. yes, we all know the o is missing. the 8-year-old does not mind. even though he is not old enough to drive, he is happy to have that license plate. as well as an honorary
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license. employees pitched in to make a donation to the american cancer society in his name. be strong. what a great kid. ed: be strong, brother. heather: tt0w!tw((i! %4@-2&t tt0w!tw((i! el@-8!8 tt0w!tw((i! ed@->#\ tt0w!tw((i% )8h-^] tt0w!tw((i% kzh-c2\
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tt0w!tw((i% 0ph-(
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ed: time to flash four to 11:00. hillary clinton and bernie sanders under the same roof in new hampshire.
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heather: we told you about the two big losses in court today for bill cosby. the next steps in his case. and why it is still not a slamdunk. ed: take a look at our radar. harvey, how long is this going to stick around? harvey: the next few hours will be the wettest, and especially the south shore in the cape. late tomorrow night and friday morning we have to watch i t t gets colder. heather: we can' t hang onto these 50' s?
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