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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 4, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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news. >> i would have taken the loss of internet connection as a sign. emily: good morning. it' s thursday february 4. i' m emily riemer. randy: i' m randy price. stories we' re following on the eye-opener right now. presidential politics heating up ahead of a key vote in new hampshire. the tough words from candidates this morning. emily: disturbing new details in the case of a boston child who died after being rushed from his home. the state' s involvement with the family early on. randy: a bizarre robbery attempt in methuen. the crook' s bold move. and the video police want you to see to help catch him. emily: cities and towns are cleaning up after damaging winds and rain. this is video overnight after a tree snapped on maverick street in east boston. several communities losing power during the storm.
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s another on the way. randy: cindy, good morning. what can we expect? cindy: the winds did reach close to 50 miles per hour. the winds are still active. not as strong as yesterday. close to 20 miles for our across the area. they are still coming from the southwest. look at these temperatures. low-to-mid 50' s out there right now. the bulk of the rain has shifted offshore. there are a couple of showers filling in. what we are watching is down here along this frontal boundary that is going be stalled off our coast line. this is an area of low pressure that will lift northward. that will bring back in some rain this evening. temperatures cool overnight. that rain is going to change to snow. went to storm watch through tomorrow here. -- winter storm watch through tomorrow here. spot shower this morning it
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temperatures hold steady today in the 50' s. mild weather changes on the way. olessa: good morning. here is the pike looking bright and good. let' s go to the maps and see what us is going on. fairly quiet start. 93 south by sullivan square and the expressway, some road wo in place. no issues south of town. and problem free start north of town. we are expecting the trains and buses to start the morning on schedule. emily? emily: stories we' re following right now, a norfolk couple is forced out of their home after power trouble sparks this fire. firefighters say it happened after power was restored on tucker road last night. neighbors say the elderly homeowner told them an electrical box on the garage door opener sparked as power returned. both he and his wife made it out safely. randy: arlington catholic' s principal is off the job over an alleged incident inside the
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an email to parents says a complaint was filed related to something that happened during sunday detention involving principal stephen biagioni. the allegations are not sexual. biagioni is on administrative leave during the investigation. emily: methuen police are searching for the man in this bizarre robbery attempt. the suspect who had a knife grabbed the entire cash register at stop quick convenience on haverhill street yesterday and tried to run away. the clerk was able to lock the door trapping the suspect. the man then smashed the glass with the register and escaped. the race for the white house nastiness. today donald trump and ted cruz will share the campaign trail the stakes couldn' t be higher just days before the new hampshire primary. randy: ted cruz is due to be enforcement. doubled up has an event a few towns over.
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s leading and that' s leading in the polls here but he' s still focused on the last presidential contest. trump talking about this email the cruz campaign sent to supporters in iowa suggesting ben carson might be dropping out. cruz defended his staffers saying that was based on a cnn report, but he also admitted they did not tell supporters carson' s camp immediately denied he was quitting. trump says that should trigger a new election. but last night the caucus winner dismissed all of that. cook' s donald told us every day for a year he was going to win iowa, when in big. then he said the people of i were stupid. [laughter] he skipped the iowa debates. emily: the republican candidates meet on saturday for their final debate before that primary. it happens right here on channel 5.
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randy: right now hillary clinton and bernie sanders are getting ready for their final showdown before the first votes are cast. this election fight turning into a battle to define the democratic party. the eyeopener' s erika tarantal is here with the final moves being made. erika: tonight clinton and sanders will share a stage and go head to head on the issues. last night they took turns taking questions during separate appearances at a cnn town hall. sanders continuing to question his rivals credentials to call -- his rival' s credentials to call herself a progressive. >> i do not know any progressive who has a super pack and takes a $50 million -- and takes' s -- and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i know what i have done. emily: sanders and clinton also spent a lot of time diving into the issues.
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>> we have to destroy isis, but we have to be smart. >> i' m looking for people who who know that part of the genius of our system, both economic and government, is this balance of power. clinton and sanders will debate tonight at unh. newscenter 5 will be there and have a full report tonight at 11:00. randy. randy: keep it right here on tuesday night for the primary. the candidates covered as the results come in. coverage begins at 4:30 in the afternoon. we' ll take you all the way until midnight. the complete reaction the next day. emily: new details right now about the state' s involvement with a little boy who died after being rushed from his roxbury home. the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is at the scene with new information. antoinette: that 3-year-old little boy was taken from this house sunday night with serious injuries. he did not survive.
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s involvement with the family. they were involved since he was just a few months old. officially boston police aren' t saying how whyte died. and no one has been charged. they will only call his injuries traumatic. the herald reports dcf first opened a case on kanai whyte when he was just six months old. in a letter filed in court a dcf worker says a complaint was lodged against his parents. it talks about a heated argument where "mother says father hit her while she had reported child kenai in her arms. father -- in her arms. father reported he ' kind of grabbed her." the letter also says the social worker was concerned about a caretaker in the home. just days before the boy' s death an unidentified caretaker told dcf on the phone he was fine. that is the latest. internet antonio, newscenter 5 -- antoinette antonio,
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randy: newscenter5 continues coverage on the opioid crisis. emily: the major step being taken today to help women struggling with addiction. turning the national spotlight on boston. the local reaction to a new abc series. cindy: it may be warm out there this morning with temperatures in the 50' s. it is going to cool down. we have a winter storm warning
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randy: abc going inside one of the country' s biggest ponzi schemes. a new mini-series bernie madoff started last night. emily: but for some people around boston it' s a real life story of ruin. george christin and his daughter audrey watched last night' s debut but they already know how it ends. george lost much of his retirement fund to madoff' s scheme. he says richard dreyfuss' character is spot on. >> absolutely ruthless. at the same time, very personable. that is what a sociopath is. emily: the christin' s say they also place the blame on the sec for allowing the multi billion dollar scheme to go on for 20 years. the miniseries airs again tonight at 8:00 right here on channel 5. 4:41 this morning.
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randy: the birth defect linked to that virus that' s impacting a family here. the clock is ticking for a big lottery winner. hmm hmm hmm-hmm-hmm-hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm-hmm p let us be lovers, we'll marry our fortunes together
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i've got some real estate here in my bag r counting the cars on the new jersey turnpike t they've all come to look for america [ cheers and applause ] v all come to look for america v all come to look for america all come to look for america i'm bernie sanders,
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randy: it is amazing to me that we are talking about a winter storm. when you step out this morning, is it spring or summer? emily: is it even february? it has been in the 50' s or 60' s. a lot of moisture lingering down the coast. it is going to come up tonight. even though it is warm now, the temperatures are going to drop. what starts out it rain is good to change to snow here it may come down hard at times. that is why we do have a winter storm watch. it goes into effect overnight until 3:00 tomorrow afternoon. we watched that rain change over to snow. you are thinking how could it possibly snow?
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as that storm goes offshore -- there is that area of low pressure down coast. we have clouds out there now and a couple of showers starting to fill in on the radar. these are lifting northward toward boston. a good idea to have an umbrella. there could be a spot shower this morning. winds 10 to 20 miles per hour. there' s a little bit of fog on the cape and also nantucket. look at these temperatures. it is so warm outside. 54 in boston. 53 in worcester. all the way up to poor stir, new hampshire. attempt is holding steady throughout the day. in the low to mid 50' s i this afternoon. the clouds try to break for a little bit of sunshine. here comes by midnight, a slug
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the temperature starts to drop. look at what is happening by 6:00 tomorrow morning. rain is changing to snow around boston. we may even get flicks all the way back to worcester. -- we may even get flicks all the way back to worcester. we see a rapid changeover in the -- changeover and the intensity ramped up . the snow is going to persist until lunchtime and shipped offshore into the afternoon. there is potential in this area here, parts of plymouth county all the way toward the u, there could be three to six inches of pasty wet snow. there could be power outages when you get that heavy snow. once you get to the west of this area, the amounts drop off.
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overnight. pretty marginal for snow. this is not good be sticky but eventually it will. -- this is not going to be sticky, but eventually it will. sunshine sunday. as we head toward early next week, it terms -- it turns stormy. monday, the potential for more significant snow. details to iron out. cannot stress enough the difference coming in the next 24 hours. 50' s now, snow tomorrow morning. emily: we are used to it. olessa: you can see the headlights out there here did not too much volume just yet. overnight conception in place. very little because of the weather last night. roadwork, 93 south by sullivan square. some roadwork clearing by 24
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you are in good shape as you travel north and make your way southbound out of new hampshire, 93 to the connector. buses and trains were expecting to start the morning on schedule. randy: newcenter 5 on the opioid crisis a groundbreaking new move in massachusetts today to help women struggling with addiction. lawmakers are going to unveil a new unit at taunton state hospital to help treat substance abuse. five investigates revealed that for years women committed because of their addiction were put in solitary at a correctional facility. many say it never helped. they will now be treated in a medical program in taunton. emily: a look at your health now. a new travel advisory over the zika virus. the centers for disease control added jamaica and tonga to the list of places where the virus has been transmitted by mosquitoes. pregnant women or women trying to get pregnant are urged to avoid travel to impacted countries. the zika virus is linked to a birth defect called microcephaly in which babies are born with unusually small heads.
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challenges very well. alainah is 15-months old. 24 weeks into pregnancy, melissa therrien says doctors noticed that alainah' s head was not growing. she was born prematurely. the cause of the condition is not known. >> i want to give them the foundation of having support, because of something i have not found. he is our own little unique baby -- she is our own little unique baby. would of never learned. emily: alainah' s pants are case her speech never fully develops. randy: your economy headlines. honda is tacking on another 2.2 million vehicles to its recall over takata airbags. the inflators can explode and honda' s latest recall includes older model honda and acura
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, 2015 and 2016 models. about 24 million vehicles have been recalled in the u.s. over the takata airbag issue. emily: most asian markets get a boost today as oil prices rebound. turnaround yesterday thanks to the surge. the dow gained 183 points to close at 16,336. right now stock futures are higher. randy: trending stories this morning. wikileaks founder julian assange may surrender to british police. but that' s only if the united nations rules he was lawfully detained. assange has not left ecuador' s embassy in britain since june 2012 after he was granted asylum. he' s fighting extradition to sweden where two women accused him of sexual assault which he denies. a u.n. decision is expected tomorrow. emily: reigning basketball mvp steph curry reminds fans how he got that title. the warriors' point guard lit up
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knocked down 51 points in last night' s win over the wizards. curry shot 13-for-14 in the first half and made 11-of-16 three pointers throughout the game. randy: the clock is ticking for a lottery winner in california. they have until today at 5:00 pacific time to claim a $63 million prize or it' s gone. the super-lotto ticket was bought at a 7/11 in chatsworth , california last august. if no one comes forward it would be the third largest unclaimed ticket in u.s. history. sitting in someone' s pocket somewhere. big surprise for a florida woman. we mean big. emily: the giant animal she stumbled across in her back yard. then new on the eyeopener at 5:00 caffeine just one threat to heart health. the foods that can cause trouble
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randy: good morning. time for your early news to go. emily: a sexual assault case against bill cosby moves forward. a judge yesterday rejected cosby' s claim that he has immunity. the comedian says a former prosecutor promised to never press charges in exchange for cosby' s testimony in a civil suit against him. but the judge disagreed. cosby could face 10 years if convicted of assaulting a woman in 2004. new information about the death of a 5-year-old fitchburg boy. nearly two years after jeremiah oliver' s body was found along a local highway his death is ruled a homicide. that' s according to a finalized death certificate released by the medical examiner' s office. the cause of death remains jeremiah' s mother elsa oliver and her boyfriend alberto sierra
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and assault. randy: the city of boston is combating racism at local schools. -- office. the office is investigating how boston headmaster dealt with racially charged tweets brought to his attention more than year ago. emily: the republican presidential field is smaller this morning. rick santorum is out. he made that announcement yesterday. the former pennsylvania senator is now throwing his support behind marco rubio. republicans can count rand paul out as well. the kentucky senator says he will focus on getting re-elected to that seat. the 53-year-old has not endorsed anyone else in the presidential race. randy: a go-to lightbulb choice for people looking to save money and energy is now coming off the shelves. general electric is phasing out compact fluorescent lights.
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s by the end of the year. instead customers will transition to led lights which have gotten cheaper over the years and more efficient. emily: the celtics come out firing against the pistons at the garden. they led by as many as 24 at one point last night holding on to a commanding lead in the first half. detroit fights back in the final quarter getting it to within 10. but the cs hang on for their 7th win in 8 games. 102-95 the final. pretty bizarre scene in california. an out-of-control cart lands on a rooftop. please still try to figure out how this happened. it appears the lexus careened -- police are still trying to figure out how it happened. it appears the lexus careened down a driveway hit another car and somehow got on top of the house. both the car and the roof of the house have a lot of damage. the driver of the car is hurt but not seriously. randy: a surprise of a lifetime for a florida woman. yeah, she found this, a nine foot anaconda in her yard. she says she let her two small dogs out monday morning when she noticed the snake basking.
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s someone' s escaped pet. emily: would' ve let the dogs out -- back in. cindy cook each and every day this month we have been above 50 degrees. each and every day this month we have been above 50 degrees. i' m to show you the big picture. was of the country is pretty quiet. and plume of moisture coming out of the gulf of mexico. this frontal boundary which is been in the process of pushing through is going to stall just off our coast line. one should to the south is going to be lifting northward. at the same time, there is cold air to our north that is going to pull down.
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meant to watch rain come in and it is going to change to snow. spot showers and in the 50' s. clouds break for a touch of sun as we get toward the late afternoon hours. it is pretty quiet today. as we get into this evening, here comes that rain through midnight. it is likely going to be warm enough for rain. once we get past midnight, the temperatures begin to drop. rain begins to change to snow. and initially from boston north worcester area. we will watch that changeover to snow continue to push down for hours. snow for many of us start during tomorrow' s commute. this all begins to push out in the afternoon. t want you to get caught off guard. south of boston, there is the
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