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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  February 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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[captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> now on eyeopener -- randy: republican rancor as the democrats debate. the accusations lighting up the campaign trail, just days ahead of the new hampshire primary. emily: a huge fire, linked to power trouble. the desperate escape and the device causing concern when the lights came back. randy: new details on a boy who died, after being rushed from this house. the report suggesting trouble at home, on the eye for this thursday morning. >> wcvb you are watching wcvb , boston' s news later, good morning, this is newscenter5 eyeopener. emily: overnight winds, knocking down trees in east boston and new hampshire, and bringing in warm air. it' s close to 60 degrees now,
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good morning, i' m randy price with cindy fitzgibbon. s an amazing change. it' s the fourth morning of the month of february and we s out there. it' s a pretty abrupt change coming tomorrow morning with snow. the temperatures are incompatible. the wind that was strong last night brought in this warmth. temperatures running in the mid-50' s in beverly. boston is 55 and worcester is 53. it' s a warm start but there is some fog. you can see the wins are not as strong as they were last night but there is still a breeze to the south and west.
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they are very light so it' s good to have an umbrella with you. the shower activity is poised to move in this morning. it should end by 10:00 and then clouds through lunchtime and some breaks of sunshine this afternoon but temperatures will hold steady in the 50' s today. overnight, this area of low pressure will go north and temperatures will drop and rain were untrue snow after midnight. that will accumulate possibly around six inches south of boston. we have a winter storm watch in effect and we will break that down coming up. olessa: good morning, the roads are fairly quiet. route one is moving to the bottom of the screen with some volume. north of town, 90 south looks ok. there is a crash blocking a lane
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minutes. doing ok 95 somebody in approaching 95 and 23 north looks ok and the expressway is boston. randy: the race for the white house getting nasty. today donald trump and ted cruz will share the campaign trail after trading angry accusations. the stakes couldn' t be higher with just days before the new hampshire primary. emily: the eyeopener reporters arbringing you the stories. erika tarantal is covering the and frank holland is in portsmouth where things are really heating up on the republican side. frank: and you can be sure today will be no different. ted cruz is due here this morning. donald trump has an event just a few towns over. trump is leading in the polls s still focused on the last presidential contest.
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>> this political stuff is dangerous and these political people are dishonest. >> trump talking about this email the cruz campaign sent to supporters in iowa suggesting ben carson might be dropping out. cruz defended his staffers saying that was based on a cnn report but he also admitted they did not tell supporters carson' s camp immediately denied he was quitting. trump says that should trigger a new election. but last night, the caucus winner dismissed all of that. >> donald told as every day for a year that he was going to win iowa and when it big and when a huge. then he said well the people of iowa stupid -- were stupid. he skipped the iowa debate. >> with the primary less than a week away, you can be sure the
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sharper. ted cruz has an event after 10:00 a.m. this morning. frank holland, news channel 5. randy: two candidates are out this morning. rick santorum threw his support to marco rubio. rand paul also ended his run but did not endorse any of his former rivals. the republican candidates meet for their final debate before the new hampshire primary. it happens right here on channel 5 saturday night. our coverage begins at 8:00 p.m. right now hillary clinton and bernie sanders are getting ready for their final showdown before the first votes are cast. emily: this election fight really turning into a battle to define the democratic party. the eyeopener' s erika tarantal is here with the final moves being made. erika: tonight clinton and sanders will share a stage and go head to head on the issues. last night, they took turns taking questions during separate appearances at a cnn town hall. sanders continuing to question his rival' s credentials to call herself a progressive.
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a super pack and takes $15 million from wall street. >> i' m not going to let that bother me. i know where i stand for it i know he stands with me. i know what i have done. >> sanders and clinton also spent a lot of time diving into the issues including fighting isis and picking the next supreme court justices. clinton and sanders will debate tonight at unh. >> we have to destroy isis that we have to be not just tough, we have to be smart. >> i' m looking for people who are rooted in the real world, who know that part of the genius of our system economic and government is this balance of power. >> clinton and sanders will debate tonight at unh. newscenter 5 will be there and have a full report tonight at 11:00 p.m. emily: and keep it right here tuesday night our reporters will have the candidates covered as results come in our coverage begins at 4:30 p.m. and we' ll take you all the way until midnight. you can also watch on the wcvb mobile app. the eyeopener with a complete
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wednesday morning. randy: right now, a norfolk couple is forced out of their home after power trouble sparks this fire. firefighters say it happened after power was restored to the neighborhood on tucker road. neighbors believe flames started in the garage last night. the elderly homeowner tells them an electrical box on the garage door opener sparked as power returned. the man then ran for help. his wife was trapped inside before she was able to escape herself. the couple is expected to be ok. >> rapping on the door loudly and screaming. he' s at my wife is inside. randy: the couple is expected to be ok. firefighters are now looking into exactly what caused the fire to spread so quickly. a 12-year-old lowell boy is facing charges, accused of pulling a knife on a teacher. police say it happened at the cardinal o' connell school after other students had been
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no one was hurt and "the lowell sun" reports the boy ran away before being arrested a short he' s not being identified because of his age. catholic' s principal is off the job over an alleged incident inside the school. an email to parents says a complaint has been filed related to something that happened during sunday detention involving principal stephen biagioni. the allegations are not sexual in nature. biagioni is on administrative leave during the investigation. we are getting new details right now about the state' s involvement with a little boy who died after being rushed from his roxbury home. the eyeopener' s antoinette antonio is live at the scene with the new information. antoinette: that 3-year-old little boy was taken from this house sunday night with serious injuries. he didn' t survive and now we' re learning dcf has been in kanai whyte' s life since just months after he was born.
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saying how whyte died and no one has been charged. they will only call his injuries traumatic. no one has been charged. "the herald" reports dcf first opened a case on kanai whyte when he was just six months old. in a letter filed in court, a dcf worker says a complaint was lodged against his parents. it talks about a heated argument where, quote, mother says father hit her while she had reported child, kenai in her arms. father reported he ' kind of grabbed her.' the letter also says the social worker was concerned about a caretaker in the home. just days before the boy' s death, an unidentified caretaker told dcf on the phone he was fine. antoinette antonio, news channel 5. in roxbury. randy: a new mini-series is taking a closer look at how bernie madoff cheated so many americans. emily: the unsettling quality local victims say the show, really captures. certain coffee drinks can cause
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common artery-cloggers, ahead. randy: turning the tables on telemarketers. the invention wasting their time. cindy? cindy: another warm start this morning but a big change could be in store for the southeastern part of the state. the chance for snow, ahead. all the details are ahead. first here' s what to expect when you head out the door , it is in the 50' s
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randy: good morning, yes indeed, great job. good morning to everyone. they' ve got school spirit to spare. emily: they look great. randy: especially this morning. emily: we would love to see how you say good morning. you can go to the ulocal section of our website, you are waking up in florida this morning? cindy: it' s 24 hours for the big changes so is warm out there but tomorrow morning, it will be snowing. we' ve got a winter storm watch in southeastern massachusetts and will watch rain coming tonight and change over to us know by tomorrow morning. it' s quite a change coming. while you were sleeping, the temperatures have not moved. we have been in the 50' s all
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the average high temperature this time of year is 37 degrees so it is a warm start. it feels like may instead of february. there is a little bit of fog in the cape and nantucket. a lot of clouds and it' s probably a good idea to have an on bella with a cluster of showers starting to get more energetic out of eastern connecticut. this is working in our direction so there has been spotty, light showers around plymouth in the net -- in the last 30 minutes. this areas more persistence of a good idea to have an umbrella this morning. we will dry out and cloudy around lunchtime but some breaks of sunshine. 50' s pretty much all day long.
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day. we' ve got our frontal boundary offshore and another wave of low pressure to the south. this will travel north along the frontal boundary and the flow around it will pull down some colder air to the north. it' s 50 in bangor, maine. there is colder air and that will start to work in overnight. initially it' s try this evening and rain will come in by midnight. after midnight, the temperature starts to drop and the rain will change over to snow. the package of this snow may briefly get at worcester. it will collapse eased a little bit but by 9:00 tomorrow morning, rain has snow in southeastern massachusetts and it will likely snow hard for a few hours until lunchtime and it will shift offshore it the
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of wet snow in this area out to the upper cape and there is the potential that there could be isolated power outages. 1-3 inches of snow in boston and further west the amounts drop-off. 30' s tomorrow afternoon, quiet over the weekend but monday into tuesday, there was a potential for storminess as energy comes out of the great lakes with cold air in place. it will track in our direction. the model is hinting that a in place and there could be some snow but it' s still uncertain. week. emily: we will get it out of here. olessa: a live look at route one with the southbound side and a little bit of a delay starting to build for the morning rush.
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out of methuen. re in good shape. and accident just cleared by mystic avenue near route 28. back to route one, west of town, the pike is about 15 minutes. the express rate north so far is 25 minutes per inch of the into boston and buses are running on schedule. emily: abc is going inside the mind of bernie madoff, the man behind the biggest ponzi scheme in america. for many in boston, this is more than a tv movie. randy: it' s personal and we have more on how it' s hitting close to home. >> for many around boston, this is a real-life story of riches to ruin. george and his daughter were compelled to watch the debut but they know all too well how it ends. george lost much of his retirement money to the bernie madoff scheme and he said the richard dreyfuss character is spot on.
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at the same time, very personable but that' s what associate at this. >> they say they place the blame on the sec for allowing bernie madoff' s multibillion-dollar scheme to go on for 20 years. the miniseries continues tonight at 8:00 channel 5. emily: most asian stocks are getting opposed overnight as oil prices rebound and u.s. stocks saw a late turnaround yesterday thanks to that surge. the dow gained 183 points. right now, stock futures are higher. honda is adding another 2.2 million vehicles to its recall over takata airbags. they can explode and hurl shrapnel into the cabin on the latest recall recalls over model hondas. about 24 million vehicles have been recalled in the u.s. over the airbag issue.
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drugstore train -- jane has a new market. cvs opened its first pharmacy inside a target store in charlotte, north carolina. it agree to pay $1.9 billion to a cry that acquire the target pharmacy business. they are being in the process of being rebranded. many people will be wearing red borrow. emily: it is hard help mod. emily:there are some photos you might want to cross off your list when it comes to hit and salt. canned vegetables and jarred tomato sauce make that list. it raises your broad death blood pressure and then there are the few -- foods that spike your cholesterol. coffee creamers are a high source of cholesterol and foods that message your blood sugar like white rice or blended coffee drinks. a keep your blood sugar randy: in check and can keep you
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to explain one bizarre citing on a roof. emily: you have to see this to believe it and we will show you that just ahead. >> a father saves his son from a birmingham -- from a burning home. it while robbery caught on camera in methuen after this man reaches for the register. also, a brewster baby living
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emily: it is 60 4 a.m. and it' s a balmy start for the month of february. cindy: it is in the 50' s out the door this morning. it' s good to have an on balloch with you. a couple of spotty showers around plymouth and some rain is looking into rhode island and that is moving closer to boston. otherwise, clouds break this afternoon and we hold in the 50' s all day long. a sharp contrast to tonight. a winter storm watch in areas of south of boston with rain coming back in overnight and change to snow by tomorrow morning. we will talk about that coming up but it'
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emily: thank you. starting today, a familiar face is coming to newscenter 5. maria stefanos joins the team. the new 10:00 newscast will go to meet tv boston later this month. randy: i pop her time -- we are starting on the bizarre side. emily: you have to see this to believe it. this is a car on a roof in california. police are trying to figure out how this happened. it appears it went down the driveway and hit another car and somehow got on top of this house. luckily, there were no serious injuries and i don' t understand how this happened. randy: some crazy driving there. emily: everyone is ok except for the roof, >> good afternoon, my name is william. how are you doing?
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emily: this might be the ultimate foil to telemarketers. there is a robot voice that takes over when the call comes in and then keep telling the scene hang on. sometimes it muttersyeah, ok. the jolly roger telephone company says some telemarketers catch on quickly than others. randy: you will enjoy the moment. emily: i feel bad. i feel bad hanging up on those people. randy: i don' t. >> early in the filing season, the irs made a mistake that could affect refunds and
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the american people can't afford to wait for ideas thatr sound good on paper... but will never make itr in the real world. the grandmother who has tot choose between paying for mediciner and paying rent... t can't wait. the single mom whop desperately needs a raise... t can't wait. the student with ap mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress,
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and families who need it. p i'm hillary clinton and i
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randy: the democrats get ready to share a new hampshire state of days to go. >> the road publicans share the campaign trail in the granite state that has donald trump all worked up. emily: new details and the death of a little boy in boston and the revelations about the involvement in his life. >> while the video as a robbery suspect tries to grab cash but the clerk does not let this guy off easy. >> wcvb you are watching wcvb , boston' s news leader. this is newscenter2 5 eyeopener. randy: looking into cambridge and it is a warm start on february 4. good morning. emily: good morning and things are quiet but you are tracking
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cindy: we will tomorrow. it' will be snowing tomorrow morning. it' s crazy, this is new england. now. boston is 55 and it' s 57 and beverly, 57 in plymouth upped smith, new hampshire. at the bus stop this is warm and there could be a spot shower. the kids getting off the bus s. these other showers i am tracking. across eastern connecticut and rhode island, showers are lifting the city of boston. a good idea to have an umbrella with you. nothing heavy right now but the rain is heavier rhode island. i risk of a spot shower but otherwise cloud cover and we will hang onto that lunchtime with brightening possible this afternoon.
6:29 am
this area of low pressure is down the coast and will lift him and bring more rain early tonight. after midnight, the temperatures will drop and ring will change to snow and south of boston, as there is the potential for 3-6 inches of snow. we will give you the timeline coming up. let' s get you out to the roads. olessa: the roads are wet but we are in good shape. volume is stunning to build. you can see delays getting into north of town on 90 southbound, a delay into and over and from wilmington to the leverett connector, the accident was cleared away at mystic avenue. eastbound on the play, to two minutes, 495 to 128. the trains and buses are still doing ok. emily:
6:30 am
donald trump and ted cruz are trading accusations over whether ted cruz unfairly influenced voters in the iowa caucuses. democrat bernie sanders and hillary clinton are getting ready to go head to head in their final debate today' s primary night at unh. a norfolk couple is recovering after escaping this raging fire at this home. an electrical spark after a power outage may have started that fire on tucker road. randy: police are searching for this bold robbery suspect. he is going to try to take that entire cash register. we are in methuen with a dramatic video. >> good morning, the clerk was not letting the suspect get away without a fight. see if you recognize this suspect.
6:31 am
grabs the whole register off the counter. the clerk pulls out a golf club and goes after him. the suspect was startled and passes the door with the pressure but cannot get out. the doors locked and he tried to get out but makes a history retreat. police say he dropped a knife and got into a blue suv and took off. the story -- the stores back opened this morning but this whole thing happened at 4:00 in the afternoon yesterday. there were other customers in the store. suspect. call them if you have any tips. emily: thank you. a chelsea father is credited with saving his three-year-old son from a burning apartment. s torches blame for starting the fire on the third floor of the owner street building. the little boy was stuck on the fourth floor balcony. firefighters carefully set up the letters in the boy father guided him to safety. >> they took him out through the interior before the fire spread
6:32 am
emily: two firefighters were hurt but not seriously. the fire forced residents out of 24 apartments and they were offered hotel rooms for the night. we are expecting the details today on the casino resort plan in everett. the state gaming commission will hold a hearing this morning. a new filing shows the $1.7 billion plan features a 26 tory hotel tower, a floating dock, and what' s described as a harbor walk. randy: a group of protesters accused of blocking traffic and interstate 93 milton last january will be in court today. the protesters entered guilty pleas last month. prosecutors were calling for 90 days behind bars. they will not face any jail time. they will be sentenced to probation and community service. the group says they were part of the black lives matter movement. the city of boston is taking a new approach to combat racism concerns at the boston latin school. they are telling parents to
6:33 am
administration and bring their racial sensitivity complaints. directly to the district office the office is investigating help how the headmaster treated the children. emily: a local pd is helping doctors learn more about a birth defect. randy: the irs is already dealing with double this tax season and the error that could cause issues for some returns. emily: pretty unpleasant
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olessa: good morning. so far, we are doing ok in both directions on the roads are a little wet this morning but we are in good shape with no accidents. cindy: we' ve got some big weather changes coming. it' s in the 50' s right now and we will stay there throughout the day. a little spot shower this morning so have an on bella with you. it' s skies will brighten this afternoon and another batch of rain comes in tonight and as the temperatures drop, it will change to snow after midnight. snow tomorrow morning and the
6:37 am
emily: the florida governor declared a health emergency due to busy go virus. at least nine cases have been detected in that state and the patients are believed to have contracted the disease but traveling to affected countries. the order allows the state to use mosquito spray in the counties where the zika patients live. it has been tightly birth defect called microcephaly. the babies born under this condition are born with unusually small heads. a local baby , doctors noticed her head was not growing. the cause of her condition is not known. >> i want to give them the foundation of having support. that' s one thing i have not found. emotionally. she is our unique baby and
6:38 am
was not with microcephaly, we would never have learned. emily: her parents are teaching her sign language in case her speech never develops. randy: i last-minute rush for primary votes, the claims republicans are making against each other and the helix founder could be arrested but there is one condition we will tell you about that. -- and the wikileaks founder
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there are those who say we cannot defeat a corrupt political system and fix a rigged economy. but i believe we need to lift our vision above the obstacles in place v and look to the american horizon. to a nation where every child can not only dream of going to college, but attend one. where quality healthcare will be a birthright of every citizen. where a good job is not a wish, but a reality. where women receive equal pay and a living wage is paid to all. t an america where after a lifetime of labor, t there is time for rest and grandchildren. r a nation that defends our people and our values, r but no longer carries so much of that burden alone. v i know we can create that america p if we listen to our conscience and our hearts r
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and the naysayers. i'm bernie sanders. i approve this message,
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randy:randy: good morning. we have your news to go. we are covering the final days rash. emily: what are also tracking stories in roxbury and methuen first. s 55 and february in the morning. that' s like may this morning. a big changes coming by tomorrow morning. it' s not just in boston, worcester is in the lower 50' s. it is a warm start with temperatures holding steady today in the 50' s. a spot shower will be around this morning but otherwise, mostly cloudy with some sun brightening this afternoon.
6:42 am
rhode island trying to lift toward boston. have the umbrella with you this morning. things are quiet this afternoon but this evening, this area of moisture down the coast will rise north and that will spill rain back into the area. there was cold air to the north so overnight, the cold air will start to come down. the rain will change to snow. this is the timeline -- once we get beyond midnight, the rain will change over to snow. 6:00 tomorrow morning, all the way back to worcester and down for plymouth, it is snowing. rain on the cape but we see that changeover. i 9:00 in the morning, snow across a good portion of the area. that may come down hard for a time from plymouth all the way
6:43 am
to hyannis and during the early afternoon hours it will shift offshore. the potential is there for several inches of wet snow. about 3-6 inches possible on the south shore. once you get around boston, probably 1-3 inches and the amounts drop off the further west you go. things will quiet down as we dry out tomorrow afternoon. it looks nice on saturday, around 40 degrees. olessa: lots of delays of this morning. no major accidents to tell you about. this is the expressway by the gas tank. across the rest of the area, heading south, there is a disabled car a 95 northbound. 24 looks good with just a bit of volume.
6:44 am
morning and 495 to 128. 93 south looks good out of and but the delays kick in near 125. trains and buses are running on schedule. randy: the fight to take new hampshire is heating up this morning. emily: the gop race is taking a nasty tyrant and we begin our coverage alive and smith. >> ted cruz will appear in portsmouth this morning. he is likely to address donald trump calling his iowa caucus victory fraud. ted cruz fireback calling that attacker a jump tantrum. >> he said the people of >> iowa were stupid and skipped the debate. these political people are really, really dishonest. >> donald trump is referring to an e-mail from the ted cruz campaign suggesting ben carson might up out of the campaign and
6:45 am
but admitted his staff did not tell supporters that the carson campaign denied he is quitting. trump says the iowa victory should be thrown out at trump as an event later today a few towns over and the show donald trump leading in the granite state. emily: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are gearing up to debate tonight. they are in a fierce fight for new hampshire and sparred last night at a town hall meeting. sanders question:ed clinton calling yourself a progressive. >> i do not know any aggressive has a super pack. s hard to see how any of his proposals could ever be achievable. emily: coming off that tie in iowa, the vermont senator is ahead in his neighboring state. the debate at unh starts at 9:00 p.m..
6:46 am
kate at right here tuesday night. our team of reporters will have the candidates covered as results come in. our coverage begins at 4:30 p.m. and we will take you until >> midnight and you can watch it live on the mobile app. >> a three-year-old roxbury boy died earlier this week. boston police are not officially saying what caused kanai why te to die but his injuries were traumatic. they opened a case on him when he was six months old. in the letter filed in court, a dcf worker says a complaint was talked about a heated argument. of grabbed her. that letter says the social caretaker inside the home. we know that an unidentified before the little boy died that
6:47 am
>> police and methuen are looking for the suspect who held up this convenient store but ended up returning when the clerk fought back. take a good look at his video from yesterday afternoon. surveillance video shows that it suspect being up the entire cash register and attempting to carry it away but the clerk grabs a golf club he starts swinging. the suspect backs up and makes a final attempt. the door was locked mm men get into a shoving match before the suspect right through the glass and escapes. call police if you recognize that suspect. emily: thank you, a groundbreaking new move in massachusetts to help women struggling with addiction.
6:48 am
at the hospital to treat substance abuse. for years, women committed because of their addiction were in solitary at a correctional facility. many say that never helped. they will now be treated in a medical program. a sexual assault case against polk osby is moving forward. a judge rejected his claim that he had immunity. the comedian says a prosecutor promised to never press charges exchange for his testimony in a civil suit. the judge disagreed. boko osby could face 10 years of convicted of assaulting a woman in thousand four at randy: the wikileaks founder could surrender to british police of the united nations rules he was lawfully detained he has not left the ecuador embassy in great britain since 2000 of after he was granted asylum. he is fighting extradition to sweden where women accused of them sexual assault.
6:49 am
emily: computer trouble for the irs is taking eight: early tax returns.the irs says it stopped accepting electronically filed returns because of a hardware failure and it could affect refunds already submitted. the agency does not expect major disruptions. .some systems may read -- may remain out of service today. a lightbulb chvre eyes looking to save money and energy is now coming off the shelves general electric is phasing out compact fluorescent lights. it' cfl' s by the end of the year and customers will transfer randy: to led lights. randy:the stalled six come out firing against the pistons at the garden. they led by as many -- the celtics came out firing against the pistons at the garden. they got to within 10 points but the celtics hang on for their seventh win in eight games.
6:50 am
how he got m.v.p.. he let up the court and social media as he knocked down 51 point in last night' s win over the wizards. he shot 13 to 14 in the first half and made 11 3-pointers. randy: dennis weidman gets slapped with a 13 game suspension for his shot on a referee. the national hockey league came down with a punishment yesterday. he says he did not see the linesman and will appeal the suspension. >> anthony! randy: that woman behind the well-known in a boston-based prince spaghetti commercial has died. mary fumara plays anthony' s mother in that advertising and became an icon following the 19 safeties commercial. she died tuesday at the age of 88.
6:51 am
familiar face the unknown center 5. mariastephanos will be with us at 7:00 p.m. and 11:00 p.m. tonight. randy: this will be the supplies at your back door. a florida woman found this nine foot anaconda in her yard. she says she let a small bugs out monday morning and noticed the snake in the sun. animal control is thing in a microchip and they want identify the owner of this escaped it. emily: you' pet? cindy: no thank you. randy: we need to give them their pet back. dogs and bunnies. getting busier. this is the track of the
6:52 am
looking at the maps, 24 is slow out of avon and 95 from sharon to braintree and the disabled or -- car. range for to de-25 minutes. not bad out of 495. and wilmington, it will get heavy toward 125. trains and buses are running on schedule. there is a little bit of dampness on the roads. cindy: we' ve got some big weather changes coming. looking at the skyline, we got clouds over boston and its warm, 55 degrees and the wind has settled down. the southwest wind brought in this warm air. we are running in the mid-50' s up to the north shore. lower 50' s on the cape could
6:53 am
the showers are targeting the showers south of boston. a threat of a couple of showers for the next few hours and we dry out with clouds around lunchtime. in the 50' s all day long. this area of low pressure to the south will ride the north as cold air drains overnight and that will change incoming range to snow. boston. warm enough before the rain through midnight. it will change to snow after that and rain for the morning commute and heavier snow through midday. there could be 3-6 inches of snow to the south of boston. a quick hitting system coming in and exiting in the afternoon and the weekend is quiet. early next week, it is pointing
6:54 am
monday night into tuesday is the best chance of seeing more accumulating snow but it will not be a lot. emily: thank you. thank you so much for joining us. have our wcvb mobile app with you.
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