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tv   News Center 5 at Noon  ABC  February 4, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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and i approve this message. home. s caught on camera trying to rob a convenience store before escaping. erika: the republicans running for president crisscrossing new s primary as the war of
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ted cruz intensifies. emily: but first a winter storm watch posted for some areas as wintry weather moves in. once again it' s expected to impact the morning commute. erika: cindy is tracking who gets what and when it all starts. cindy: the fact we are talking about this, it is in the 50' s right now, it is incredible. bad timing for the morning commute. winter storm watches have been expanded, including parts of southern worcester county and connecticut. areas of south of boston will be look at the temperatures and wonder where the cold air is -- it is going to come down from the north. moisture moves that from the south. this area of low pressure rides along the frontal boundary. into this evening, we start out tonight, the rain returns from the south. it is warm enough for rain at midnight. after midnight, the cold air
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rain is changing to snow. by 5:00 tomorrow morning, it is snowing in boston. although it back to worcester, still raining on cape cod. the cold air is going to continue to collapse southward in the rain will change to snow. it will come down hard during the morning commute. afternoon, it will be exiting. the morning hours tomorrow, from 7:00 a.m. through 9:00 a.m., i expect big impacts. slow coverage and slippery roads. the snow could fall at rates of an inch per hour. we are talking about the potential of four to eight worcester into boston likely getting two to four inches of snow. we will take you through the storm threat after this, coming up in a bit. emily: track the winter weather you can get the latest storm team 5 forecasts, live radar and real-time closings and delays with our wcvb mobile app.
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investigating a man' in the charles river. the remains discovered near the longfellow bridge by a passerby at this point it' s not clear how the man died or whether the death is considered suspicious. emily: commitment 2016. all eyes on new hampshire. the republicans running for president fanning out across the state with less than one week until the first-in-the-nation primary. erika: and once again the spotlight is on donald trump and his intensifying feud with ted newscenter 5' s frank holland is tracking the campaigns live in portsmouth. frank? frank: we are live at the ted cruz event. he just wrapped up a short time ago. right now, speaking to supporters. for the majority of the time here, he focused on policy and attacking the democrats. he said the democrats have a failed economic agenda. after one question, he turned his attention to donald trump.
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frank ted cruz bragging about : his win in the iowa caucuses this morning. the texas senator speaking to supporters in portsmouth and answering questions about donald trump, who is leading the polls in the republican primary. >> he said how stupid could the people of iowa be . frank: a whirlwind of gop events this morning. >> we' re having a great time in new hampshire. frank marco rubio holding a town : hall meeting at 8:00 in portsmouth. chris christie meeting with elks in keene at 9:00. >> i want to give you some things to think about before you make your decision . >> jeb bush also speaking to workers in loudon at 10:00. before discussing trump, cruz primarily speaking about policy and taking shots at the democrats. >> we need to repeal every word of obamacare.
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agenda. frank: the event wrapped up a short time ago. ted cruz speaking to supporters. we will bring you the latest on air, online, and on our mobile app. emily: right now, both democratic candidates are getting ready for yet another debate later tonight. last night hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off at a cnn town hall. sanders questioned clinton, she fired back questioning his political effectiveness. mr. sanders: i do not recall a progress or who has a super back -- a progressive who has a super pac. emily: clinton, as you recall, by just a fraction of a point.
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ahead of clinton in the polls in new hampshire. tonight' s debate at unh kicks off at 9:00. the republicans meet for their final debate before the new hampshire primary night saturday night right here on channel 5. our coverage begins at 8:00. and keep it right here tuesday night. our reporters will have the candidates covered as primary results come in. and we' ll take you all the way until midnight. you can also watch on the wcvb mobile app. new this noon, brockton police investigating after a freshman is hit by a pickup truck outside brockton high school. it happened on belmont street we' re told the girl was taken to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries. the enterprise reports the driver did stop and stay at the scene. erika: new details about a roxbury boy who died after being newscenter 5' s antoinette antonio is live with the state' s involvement and what the police noon. antoinette?
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taken from this home sunday night with serious injuries. he died a couple days later. the police commissioner stopped short of calling this a homicide investigation. still so many questions about what happened inside this alpine street apartment in roxbury that boy' s death. the police commissioner says kenai whyte' s death a homicide investigation at this point. >> i just got off the phone with homicide detectives. obviously, we still have some interviews to do, some investigation. re going to wait for the m.e.' s determination of the cause of death. rushed to the hospital with traumatic injuries sunday night. he did not survive. so far, no one has been charged. s sad when a 3-year-old bottom of it, but we still have some work to do on what we' determined killed that little antoinette dcf has been involved "the herald" reports the state the boy when he was just six months old.
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lodged against his parents. it talks about a heated argument where, quote, mother says father hit her while she had reported child, kenai, in her arms. father reported he kind of grabbed her. the letter also says the social worker was concerned about a caretaker in the home. and we know just days before the death, a care provider for the boy reported he was well-fed, clean, and had no behavioral issues. but dcf won' t release any other information, including whether that may have been the same caretaker they were concerned about as the person who told them the boy was doing just fine. emily: right now, methuen police searching for this man caught on surveillance camera trying to steal an entire register from a convenience store. newscenter 5' s todd kazakiewich is live with the dramatic encounter and escape.
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todd: the suspect got away, but not before smashing his way out right now police are following up on several leads, including another robbery that succeeded, after this one failed. this one happened wednesday afternoon at the stop quick market on haverhill street. in the surveillance video, the hooded suspect is seen picking up the cash register and attempting to carry the whole thing away. the clerk grabs a golf club and starts swinging. the suspect backs off, then makes one final attempt, using ram because the clerk had locked the door. the men get into a brief shoving match before the suspect smashes through the glass and escapes in an suv. the cash register. the glass in the door is gone.
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no arrest at this point. police are following up a number of leads. a credit union and lawrence was robbed just after this one. kazakiewich, wcvb newscenter 5. today after being forced out of their home by fire. it happened after power was tucker road last night. the elderly homeowner tells on the garage door opener sparked as power returned. he ran for help, his wife was trapped briefly before she escaped. the couple is expected to be ok. firefighters are now looking into exactly what caused the fire to spread so quickly. emily: a group of protestors accused of blocking traffic on 93 in milton last january will be in court today. two of the protestors entered guilty pleas last month. prosecutors were calling for 90 days behind bars. however, they will not face any jail time. instead they were sentenced to probation and community service. the group said they were part of the black lives matter movement. new this noon, the state gaming
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agreement between boston and wynn casino ending a long, bitter feud. a new filing shows the $1.7 billion plan features a 26-story hotel tower, a floating dock for described as a harbor walk. the deal would also give $350 million in cash and commitments to the city of boston. erika: new this noon, the boston closing date. "the globe" reports vendors at the south end institution must be out by the end of the year. for more than $40 million. it' s still not clear who the new exchange' s 13 vendors are still unclear what their future will be. >> anthony. anthony. known line in a boston-based prince spaghetti commercial has died. s mother in the ad. following the 1960' s commercial. she died tuesday at the age of 88. new details about the alleged
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who he reportedly came to france with and where are they now? emily: more severe weather sweeping the state. residents picking up the pieces after a dozen twisters touch down. cindy: the winter weather is making a comeback. erika: mcdonald' new menu option. what one man claims those
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here's the truth -- some have proposed to cut social security for the elderly and disabled vets. tin fact, not only should we not cut benefits -- we should expand them. my plan for social security tincreases benefits p and raises minimum payments for low-income seniors. it will ensure that all seniors can retire with dignity and respect. i'm bernie sanders,
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>> right now, one person is dead and four children hurt following this school bus crash in new jersey. the bus was carrying special needs students ages 11 to 17 when it collided with an suv this morning. the driver of that suv was killed. it' s still not clear what caused the crash. one of the two virginia tech students charged in the murder of a 13-year-old is expected in court today for a bond hearing. natalie keepers is charged with being an accessory to the murder of nicole lovell. lovell vanished from her home only to be found stabbed to death. 18-year-old david eisenhauer is charged with her murder but keepers is accused of helping him dispose of the body.
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s deadly paris attacks. the woman who gave police the tip about the isis commander says he told her he entered the paris region with a group of 90 other extremists who are still in the area. 130 people were killed in coordinated attacks around paris. abdelhamid abaaoud reportedly told the woman he was proud of the attacks before he was killed in a shootout with police. that julian assange' s detention is unfair. the wikileaks founder has been holed up at the ecuadorean embassy in london since seeking refuge there in 2012. assange is fighting extradition to sweden where he' s accused of sexually assaulting two women , something he denies. today' s ruling won' t change anything. british and swedish police still plan to arrest assange if he leaves the embassy. emily: right now residents in the deep south picking up the pieces after several tornadoes touched down for the second day in a row. at least 12 twisters were reported from mississippi to tennessee to georgia.
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destruction. >> for the second day in a row, tornadoes hit parts of the south. the surveillance camera at a high school shows the moment a tornado came crashing through classrooms. the school day was over when the twister hit. around the school, houses are left with visible damage. >> mostly cosmetic, shingles and stuff like that. my shop is destroyed. the roof is gone, the doors are pretty much destroyed, soaking wet. >> despite the destruction, >> family was safe. >> a twister came through the base.
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houses. >> the military had to move 50 people to new homes. dozens of vehicles were destroyed. in thomasville, north carolina, jeff considers himself lucky. >> my mom told me she saw the tornado come through in the garage -- come through and the garage was gone and the porch fine. washington. erika: we are dealing with unexpected snow. cindy: it is winter and we have been in the 50' s the past several days. we have some catching up to do . only 10 inches in boston. you know the difference last
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the storm watch has been expanded. farther westward, the national weather service has gone and expanded the winter storm watch. closer into worcester and boston as well. we have stormy weather coming in tonight. the rest of the afternoon, it is on the quiet side. the rain from this morning is gone. it is still 54 degrees outside. temperature starting to cool off in the western part of the state, back into the 40' s. wind shifting to the west and northwest, ringing in dry air. that is shutting off the showers. associated with our frontal boundary, this wave of low pressure down the coast that will ride the front northward. temperatures towards ottawa
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6:00 tonight, it is going to be 60 degrees in boston. as we get into the overnight from the south. lower 40' s along the coastline. the rain is going to fill in. over to snow. not just at ground into snow. 5:00 tomorrow morning, it is still raining on the cape. the rain is going to change to snow. boston, 30 five degrees. initially, with the ground temperatures warm and considering how warm it has been lately, the roads will be wet. it will start to come down hard. as the snow comes down hard, it -- to become snow-covered.
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11:00 tomorrow morning, the intensity is letting up west of boston. in this area, it will continue to snow. quickly, everything will shift off shore. this is farther west. the amounts are higher. it is going to take longer for the rain to flip over to snow in nantucket. a little bit less there. the farther north and west you get, lesser amounts. one to two inches of snow. you will want to check back. this weekend, we get quieter saturday into sunday. we are watching storminess for next week. as we watch energy dive in from the west, it will be colder. there will be a storm trying to pivot off the coast from the
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we are latching onto the idea that there will be a storm of the area. repair a glitch that' s temporarily put refunds on hold. the tax-collecting agency says a hardware failure led to service disruptions impacting electronic tax filing. that means refund-seekers could see a brief delay in getting their money. the irs hopes to have it all fixed this week and says delays will be minimal. mcdonalds is facing a lawsuit over one if its newest menu additions. a california man is suing over what he says is fake cheese in mozzarella sticks. he wants his $1.27 back and is seeking damages for u.s. customers who he claims were misled. mcdonalds says it uses 100% real mozzarella but the lawsuit says it uses starch additives and filler ingredients.
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familiar face is coming to newscenter 5. maria stephanos joins the team. she' ll join ed harding to anchor newscenter 5 at 7:00 and 11:00, and our new 10:00 newscast coming to metv boston later this month. erika: a pretty incredible sighting here in the u.s. emily: next what experts say makes this jaguar so rare. the american people can't afford to wait for ideas thatr sound good on paper... but will never make itr in the real world. the grandmother who has tot choose between paying for mediciner and paying rent... t can't wait.
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t can't wait. the student with ap mountain of debt can't wait. we can make real progress, right now for people and families who need it. i'm hillary clinton and i
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s the day. the person who won that 63 million dollar lottery in to claim the prize or it' forfeited. the ticket was sold august 8 at a 7-eleven in los angeles. lotto officials say no one has claimed the prize although one man disagrees. he' s filed a lawsuit claiming he turned in the winning ticket, but it was rejected by lottery officials, who said it was too damaged. emily: an incredibly rare sighting in arizona. a wild jaguar, which, until now, were not known to be in the u.s. this one was spotted roaming the santa rita mountains outside tucson. the jaguar is native to north and south america, but hasn' t officially been spotted here, although a handful of photos have surfaced over the last few years. pretty incredible. i would not want to see that in
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cindy: that is not normal. also, 50 degrees in february is not normal. winter making a huge come back tonight. rain changes to snow after midnight. look at the totals south of boston. this will have a big impact. it should get out of here shortly afternoon tomorrow.
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