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tv   News Center 5 at 430  WCVB  February 4, 2016 4:30pm-5:00pm EST

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the deeper you get, e tougher things may get. cape cod will be experiencing rain during the morning commute. around 10:00 in the morning, it flips and there will be accumulating snow for several hours. so when all is said and done, right now it looks like the likelihood for our area is to get a minimum of four to a maximum of eight inches of snow. keep in mind with temperatures close to 32, it is going to be a wet, pasty snow. for power lines, this could be a problem. mike: harvey, watch as this unfolds. we are going to show you what we did. we started at 4:00 a.m. and as we head into that morning commute, look at that timeline here. at this point, we have 2.5 inches and worcester, three
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by 1:00, see what happens? this is when we have that main crush of snow. hyannis is a switching over at that point. not much going over towards worcester and boston, but more going over towards hyannis. harvey mentioned it is all going to be about that heavy moisture and how wet that snow is going to be. heather? heather: we will have you with -- have you covered with live team coverage tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m. here on channel 5 and on our wcvb mobile app. >> six people including a child have been found dead. you are looking live in chicago right now, obviously, it is 4:30 in our time and 5:30 in chicago.
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heather: and authorities are calling in for an investigation as to a three-year-old roxbury toddler died. >> that' s right, jack has more. jack? jack: this is the death of a three-year-old who was rushed from an alpine street home on sunday night. he reportedly suffered traumatic injuries at his house. earlier today, homicide detectives continue to say that this is a death investigation. the child' s day care provider says the child was fine as late as friday. >> it is way past disappointment. it is sadness. given the circumstances involved, at this point in time, we need to figure out and they need to figure out what happened.
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heather, back to you. hampshire. heather: the two good democratic candidates get ready for the debate and janet has more information for us tonight. janet? janet: this is going to be a two campaigns think they are in the race. bernie sanders could have as much of a 20 point lead and if slipping away. would like to walk away with a tonight is to show more personality without sacrificing her presidential demeanor and articulating exactly why sanders'
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their meeting is the last and can they avoid the acrimony that has been characterized in the republican debates? ed: let' s go straight to sera congi with more. sera: donald trump is calling this crunch time here in new hampshire. trump never mentioned ted cruz by name at a big rally this morning in exeter. mr. trump: we have politicians in charge of our country who are interest. sera: trump did take jabs at jeb bush and bernie sanders but he and immigration. leading another rally here and that begins at 7:00.
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heather: and ted cruz is also in portsmouth today. >> here is what i tell everyone tickers: -- ted cruz: he told everyone he was going to win and it didn' t happen. and his reaction is that he got very angry. he said, how stupid could the people of iowa be? i is in his next question is how stupid the people of new hampshire are? heather: trump is still leading in the polls and the latest one out of new hampshire shows the same. ed: marco rubio hit several topics including young people in education as well as the second amendment. he also turned his attention away from his other opponents and instead attacked the clinton administration. there was also a discussion on
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governor kasich said that his first 100 days in office, he would have a plan to rebuild the military. heather: here is the bottom line, the republicans will meet before the new hampshire primary night. that is saturday night right here on channel 5. our coverage begins at 8:00. ed: keep in mind that on tuesday night, our anchors will have this coverage covered. until midnight. you can watch this all on the wcvb mobile app. s body was found on the charles river. he was discovered near the longfellow bridge at around 8:15 this morning. it is not clear how the man died or whether his death is considered suspicious. and a south bridge man faces assault charges after the s body on
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police say albert henderson attacked hector luis ramos with a piece of concrete. blood on his clothing reportedly matched that of romolo' s and to his body. a mental evaluation. ed: brockton police investigated a freshman hit by a pickup truck outside of brockton high school. it happened on belmont street this morning. the girl was sick at the hospital with nonlife threatening injuries. our partners at the enterprise report that the driver did stop and did stay at the scene. a judge has denied bail for a virginia tech student charged in connection with a teenager' s murder. napoli keepers is accused of helping dispose of nicole lovell ' s body after she was kidnapped from home and stabbed to death.
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and a brazen robbery is caught on camera when a man tries to steal an entire cash register. it happened last nate -- last night at the stop quick market on haver hill. you can see he smashed through the locked last door and escapes through the suv. tonight, police are still looking for that guy. heather: this nasser atta, new hampshire woman -- this nashua, new hampshire woman is under arrest, accused of attacking a man with a knife. it happened yesterday morning. injuries. samantha: coffee -- samantha kulingoski hasn' t charged with second-degree assault at her bail was set at $75,000. >> your detailed knowledge about
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we have today, and i truly believe, i truly believe -- are you listening? martin: yes. ed: a tense moment on capitol hill when a pharmaceutical ceo is grilled by lawmakers. heather: newscenter 5' s phil lipof is here with more on a heated exchange. phil: that' s right. despite a growing from house lawmakers, martin shk reli refused to testify, pleading the fifth. the from a single sheep was question about price hikes to drugs sold by a company. they' re a life-saving drugs for cancer and hiv patients where prices were raised more than 5000%. he could not be seen smirking during questioning which infuriated lawmakers on the house oversight government reform committee.
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later, s jh -- shkreli tweeted that the lawmakers were morons. ed: police in germany rounded up terrorist raids. they say the men had contact suspected of planning an attack in germany. phones. a plan to analyze the evidence to determine the target. and heather: -- and wikileaks founder julian assange may surrender to a british police force. heather: that is only at the united nation ruled he was lawfully detained. julian assange has not left ecuador' s embassy in britain
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he is fighting extradition to sweden. and tonight, brand-new soccer fields have been vandalized. 18-year-old resident jarrod peterson' s charge with defacing the property. police launched an investigation after someone drove onto the fields, terror in them up after the city paid $300,000 to fix them up. damages $6,000. ed: dramatic video tonight -- damage is $6,000. ed: this was dramatic video tonight of a house fire in lawrence. this was certain street last night. firefighters tell us a tree limb brought on a power line and sparked flames. his home was destroyed. heather: and time now to flash you forward to 5:00. ed: as many of you question
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re asking at the tallest peak in the northeast. the new view we are getting from atop mount washington. heather: and a new move to help women civilly committed. the new treatment as 5 continues to focus on the opioid crisis. ed: government surveillance i above us. happened. harvey: as the storm rides up the close, it will start out as rain and end up in snow and for many of us, fairly significant amounts. heather: and six people in chicago including the child have been found dead on the city' s south side. all of the victims were stabbed. police went house to house after a coworker of a man who lives there called and said he had not
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t they're one of the wall street banks that triggered the financial meltdown -- goldman sachs. just settled with authorities for their part in the crisis that put seven million out of work and millions out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works because it's riggedt by wall street. as long as washington we can't build an economy that works for people. sanders: i'm bernie sanders, and i approve this message. [mother] yeah but this it's got a lot of what we were kinda talking about. we should definitely go see it. v[agent] hi. melanie. maggie. living room. p[dad]what about this? this looks good. [brendan] no.
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announcer: you are watching newscenter 5 at 4:30. ed: taking a look at first alert traffic, you are looking live at the southeast expressway. traffic is a little slow in go. there are problems going south and we are talking about a half hour.
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25 or 20 minutes or so. going down the pike, it is going to be slow, the mindful of that. on the section of 28, it is going to be slow. 22 minutes for the 495. pretty good ride on the 290. at a quarter of five in the evening, it is pretty busy. heather: when you have three meteorologists back here between aj and mike and harvey, something is brewing and something is definitely going. ed: well, what it means is we have three meteorologists were gainfully employed. [laughter] ed: is that our snow? harvey: the snow for us is in the form of rain down the coast. heather: so right now we have mild temperatures, but it is quite a come in. harvey: over the next week we will have a pattern change. ed: pattern change? harvey: that'
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heather: well, skiers are going to be happy. harvey: if you look towards the northwest horizon, the clouds are thin and there is colder and drier air. but that we' ve got the storm going up the coast and that is going to complicate matters quite a bit. here is the way it is going to set up. 54 in boston. you are tempted to say, i am going to really doubt what you are talking about here with the temperatures so mild. the wind is out of the northwest and it is not strong but it is cold and that air is going to ever so gradually going to filter in over the next 15 through 18 hours. it is the 40' s to the north and the west and if you wide now it a little bit more, you can see -- if you widen out a little that more coming you can see it is going to be cold enough to support the rain changing to snow.
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time. see how we dropped to the 40' s in boston around 11:00 tonight. in the morning it is raining a boston because it is 41. but then look at the temperature downward? it is going to get dental 33 and it will still be raining at the cape at 40, but the cold air continues to move southeastern direction. we will have snow falling and then it finishes up the snow follow. here is the storm that is eventually going to do it. we have a week cold front -- through front. as the cold air slowly filters and, it will bring in some snow. this is getting close to boston. then we earn some heavy rain through the morning. around 5:00 a.m., this is mixing with snow and it starts to
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eventually, that happens in boston as well. this is around 7:00 in the morning. it is snowing steadily and probably starting to accumulate in boston. still raining at a good clip down at the cape. snow gradually ends from west to east mid-to-late afternoon. so when all is said and done, our best estimate is that we will have a minimum of four and a maximum of eight possible inches of snow all around the re estimating three to five inches at the cape. when you get the of orange and beyond, smaller amounts. that is why there is a winter storm warning around most of our area and down in the cape, they are at a winter weather advisory. and -- whoa -- that was almost a trip! a stumble! that' s what you have to be
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it is cold but seasonably so but dry over the weekend. the next thing to watch is monday night and tuesday and i realized that the new hampshire primary is tuesday. it does look like there could possibly be snow. obviously we are too far away from that to really possibly know. we will keep you abreast of that and i will stay upright! [laughter] ed: nearly signed up for the state and federal exchanges in 2016. that is an increase of 4 million from 2015 figures. tonight the cdc is concerning that is confirming the first actually transmit a case of the u.s.. s right. the cdc issued this new warning to women tonight. re
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to or lives in an area with active zika virus transmission, you should abstain from sex or use condoms the right way for the duration of the pregnant. the -- prg egnancy." another airbag recall impacting cars already on the road. heather: we will tell you about the new problems and what you need to know about it. and your tax return at my not come as you would like. ed: before we go to break right now, let' s take a look at the numbers on wall street.
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heather: president obama hands his new federal budget to congress tomorrow. ed: and it looks like he wants to help young people get their careers off to a great start. the president is proposing $6 billion to help them get their first job in their chosen career. that money would go towards establishing a federal workplace databank, expanding existing programs that look to fill open jobs, and funding to double the number of apprentice and intern opportunities. and now some computer trouble from the irs is taking a toll on early tax returns. heather: the iris says it has stopped accepting electronically filed returns because of a hardware failure. the outage could affect refunds
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says it does not expect major disruptions. some systems may remain out of service today. and another round of airbag recalls tonight. ed: this time centered around a new issue with bags be manufactured by continental. moisture can get inside the bags and cause power supplies to corrode and fail. that could jeopardize how the bags deploy in the event of a crash. affecting vehicles date back to 2006 and include honda, fiat, chrysler, and mercedes. heather: apple ordered to pay up after a three-year legal battle. the company must pay six or $26 million to the company v irnetx. the company claims apple
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candidates] heather: another big milestone for facebook. it is 12 years old. the social media site was founded 12 years ago today by mark zuckerberg after he dropped out of harvard to start the website. facebook is focusing attention on its users tonight, naming today friends day, saying its mission is to give people the power to share and make the
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ed: and this sounds like the start of a joke. police say the driver of alexis careened down the driveway, hit another car, and somehow managed to get on top of a house. both the car and the roof of the house have an awful lot of damage and the driver of the car is hurt a little bit but not seriously and perhaps is somewhat embarrassed. heather: you think a little bit? [laughter] are there snowflakes flying behind us? ed: newscenter 5 at 5:00 starts right now. announcer: now newscenter 5. harvey: from 50' s tomorrow to snow tomorrow -- 50' s today to snow tomorrow, we will get you ready. >> taking aim at trump. the last-minute move by the republicans ahead of tuesday' s primary. heather: caught on camera, a store clerk under attack. what he used to fight back.
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